Astrological Chart of Exoteric and Esoteric Cosmogony
  • Based on Mundane Personality
  • and the Reverse Wheel
    Constellations *Sacred Signs Path of Discipleship Elemental Qualities Soul Rays Ruling Decans Personality Types Popular Places Houses *Ruling Planets, Rays and Exaltations
    1. Aries the Ram

    (March 21 - April 19)

    1. Uranus via Mercury 7th  Cardinal (fire) 6th Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Masculine Nonhuman,  Primordial Sub (Pos)Cautious  Florence, Poland, Manitoba, Germany, Swaziland, Micronesia, Sweden, Switzerland, parts of England, Middle-East, Israel House of Self
    {Let form again be sought}
    1st&7th ray Mars, Sun, Jupiter


    2. Taurus the Bull

    (April 20 - May 20)

    12. Vulcan via Vulcan 1st Fixed (earth) 5th Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Masculine Nonhuman, Primordial Sub (Neg)Cautious Ireland, Caucus Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Sweden, Grecian Islands House of Value
    {Let struggle be undismayed}
    4rth ray Venus, Mercury, Saturn


    3. Gemini  the Twins

    (May 21 - June 20)

    11. Earth via Venus 3rd Mutable (air) 4rth Gemini, Aquarius-Libra-Aquarius Masculine Nonhuman, Primordial Sub (Pos)Moderate  USA, San Francisco, Belgium, Egypt, England, London, Spain, Melbourne, Florida, Mid-West, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Key West House of Communication
    {Let instability do its work}
    2nd ray Mercury, Venus, Saturn

    Jupiter as access to the North Node, future Saturn

    4. Cancer  the Crab

    (June 21 - July 22)

    10. Neptune via Neptune 6th Cardinal (water) 4rth Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Masculine Human, Primordial Sub (Neg)Cautious New York City, Italian Coast and East Coast America, Scotland, Australia, Carthage, Tokyo, Holland House of Family
    {Let isolation be the rule yet the crowd still exists}
    3rd&7th ray Moon, Mars, Jupiter

    Jupiter or Orion

    5. Leo the Lion

    (July 23 - August 22)

    9. Sun via Sun 2nd Fixed (fire) 2nd Leo, Sagittarius, Aries Masculine Human, Individual Sub (Pos)Moderate  Chicago, LA, Japan, France, Czech Rep., Italy, Antarctica, Zanzibar, Geneva House of Pleasure
    {Let form exist whence I rule}
    1st&5th ray Sun, Neptune (past-future),  Jupiter, Mars

    Aries, future Moon

    6. Virgo  the Virgin

    (August 23 - Sept 22)

    8. Jupiter via Moon 2nd    Mutable (earth) 4rth Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus Feminine Human, Individual Sub (Neg) Dangerous  Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Greece, Palestine, Russia, Paris, West Indies, South Korea, parts of South Africa, Indian Ocean House of Health
    {Let matter reign}
    2nd&6th ray Mercury, Jupiter (past), Vulcan (future), Saturn, Venus  


    7. Libra  the Scales

    (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

    7. Saturn via Uranus 3rd   Cardinal (air) 5th Libra, Gemini-Aquarius, Aquarius-Gemini Masculine Human, Individual Ob (Pos)Moderate  China, Austria, Vienna, Tibet, East Asia, Japan, Siberia, Burma House of Partnerships
    {Let choice be made}
    3rd ray Venus, Saturn, Mercury


    8. Scorpio  the Scorpion

    (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

    6. Mercury via Mars 4rth Fixed (water) 6th Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer Masculine Human, Individual Ob (Neg) Dangerous Washington DC, Darjeeling, Bavaria, Norway, Baja Coast, Korea, Algeria, Morocco House of Death
    {Let maya flourish and deception rule} 
    Pluto (current), 4rth ray Mars (past), Jupiter, Moon (future)


    9. Sagittarius  the Archer

    (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

    5  Mars via Earth 6th  Mutable (fire) 2nd Sagittarius, Leo, Aries Masculine Nonhuman, Universal Ob (Pos)Moderate  South Africa, Naples, Mongolia, Portugal, Arabia, N. Africa, outlying South America House of Philosophy
    {Let food be sought}
    4rth&6th ray Jupiter, Mars, Sun

    Neptune or the South Node

    10. Capricorn  the Goat

    (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

    4. Venus via Saturn 5th  Cardinal (earth) 3rd Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo Masculine Nonhuman, Universal Ob (Neg)Cautious India, Serbia, Yugoslavia, UK, Mexico, Brussels, Cuba, Albania, Bosnia House of Society
    {Let ambition rule and the door stand wide}
    1st&7th ray Saturn, Venus, Mercury


    11. Aquarius  the Water-bearer

    (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

    3  Moon via Jupiter 4rth  Fixed (air) 7th Aquarius, Libra-Gemini  Masculine Nonhuman, Universal Ob (Pos)Moderate     Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Moscow, Finland, Persia, Norway, Canada, Ethiopia House of Friendship
    {Let desire in form be ruler}
    5th ray Uranus and Mercury, Saturn (future), Neptune (past), Mercury, Venus 


    12. Pisces the Fish

    (Feb 20 - March 20)

    2. Pluto via Pluto 1st   Mutable (water) 2nd Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer Masculine Nonhuman, Universal Ob (Neg)Moderate    Cities in France and Germany, Alexandria, Asia Minor, Scandinavia, Russia House of Mysticism
    {Go forth into matter}
    Neptune (future), 6th ray Jupiter, Mars, Moon

    Venus, past moon

    ++Table Key
     * Exemplifies Natal Chart Services eg Leap years and/or planetary alignment
    * Ruling Planets labeled as 'current' correlate to yiddish personalities
    + chart key symbols for below: ~ short lines - additions * long paragraphs and/or **short adds
    Key Notes 
    RAYS for Aspirants and Disciples
    *1st Ray-Will (Power), 2nd Ray-Soul (Love), 3rd Ray-Manifestation (Creation) , 4rth Ray-Sacrifice (Initiation), 5th Ray-Manas (Mind) , 6th Ray-Matter (Individual Life), 7th Ray-Masslife (Ceremonial Order)
    Speculated pattern through Discipleship
      Cardinal - Future, Spirit form, Initiation, Father as Masculinity, formlessness, brama-ascension, fire, electric/spiritual fire, astral or soul, tropical/heaven, july | april | oct | jan, Creator, next solar system
    death of form rise of the spirit in Aries
    life builders through balance in Libra
    transfiguration or transcendence to the soul in Capricorn {present solar system}
    evolution of the form in Cancer 
      Fixed - Present, Soul form, Crucifixion, Mother as Femininity, matter, visnu-life, earth/water, solar fire/soul flame, zodiacal or galactical, equatorial/earth, august | may | nov | feb, Preserver, current solar system
    death through sacrifice by initiation in Scorpio
    masslife through movement in Aquarius
    individual transfiguration through initiation in Leo {present solar system}
    transmutation into the soul form through crucifixion in Taurus
      Mutable - Past, Physical form, Reincarnation, Son as Androgyny, third-eye, siva-death, air, natural/astral/etheric fire by friction, stellar or material, sidereal/universe, sep | june | dec | march, Regenerator, last solar system
    transfiguration through initiation in Gemini
    transmutation of the consciousness into the collective in Virgo
    death through conflict in Pisces {present solar system}
    life transformation through Sagittarius
    Notes from Study  (facts)
    *Sacred Non-Sacred
     *Constellations of agrarians from the ancients or Lunar Zodiac are as follows: (Pisces-Aries) beg. and end - Taurus,Gemini,[Cancer,(Leo-Virgo, Libra), Scorpio, Oph], Sag, (Capricorn-Aquarius). The lotus acts as hidden four then the ten which is really 7 and finally the closest and newer human 3 (Cancer, Leo-Virgo-Libra, Scorpio or the 5 kumaras in human form in Cancer).  Draco of Draconis was a Northern pole star during an 18 million year old Atlantis connected to Libra, its twin north (Rastaban or Eltanin in science is the Zenith Star connected to Libra however XI Draconus is Aries aka the Mother Camels or celestial end as a cosmic event) was Rama's head or island aligned only 1.7 million years ago at the end of the Treta.  The northern stars left ursa major 306 million years ago (here we presume to give you the virgo cluster and why the occult has to be taken into consideration, hence we see ursa major in taurus, the milky way in cancer, the triangulum in aries, the sagitti dwarf galaxy in sagittarius and andromeda in pisces).  Only in the occult doctrine does an elemental become a god.  Actually, there may be no dwarf galaxies or exploded stars in the occult, it is not verified.  It can not be seen in any scientifically researched photos.  Cancer is the northern tip of the zodiacal ring or halo therefore the most experienced or farthest north (7 demons or zodiacal spirits are below him eg the true origin of the breath of brahma whilst they lie under the zodiacal belt  or true nakedness).  Libra was inbetween Sag and Scorpio in days of old, therefore invented for about a week in its correct place via the human sidereal.  Above is the Solar Zodiac (see chart) with the former as the Hindu Sidereal order.  The known galaxy born of Cancer is Asgard hence unchanged under Gemini or a greater monad.  The background star gains quick life and loses it, therefore magnetic centers or auras are found on the rock itself.  The Atlanteans use 12 stars and 12 or 13 planets as after 7 and before 10 which was still aligned around the exoteric slant of 13 constellations (not 12) was used and where 6 is a humanistic factor in or as the developed prehistoric age of Cancer.  Exo is neg whilst eso is pos hence sound bounces back, god does not.  So is the correct definition for the Right and Left.  The Solar Zodiac where our solar system is part of the 8 star lotus (8 solar systems). These stars aligned around the milky way are impossible to find unless civilization or the spirit becomes godly.  The milky way itself is a larger parent of a sagittarian galaxy of which it consumed to get bigger.  There are no ray or solar decans as energy before the movements of the stars, or before it when 10 became 12 once more.  Universally, Exoterically or Cyclically, 7 was before 8, 9 (creation) becomes 13 (prehistory@around 18m yrs of age) afterwards 10 (sidereal|vertical movements 85-100,000 bc) becomes 12 (9,000 bc to est. of 11,000 yrs ago to a greater event which transpired @least 20,000 years ago), the four great movements are 7-to-12, 13, 10, 12, (10, 9, 11) or to be more concise the 85k shift is avoided as a chain reaction from rama's time during the fourth age (360 12 f, 47 13 m, 18 10 f, 1 12 m; m is pos whilst f is neg).  Buddhism fails before Ram's time yet prevails thousands of years later in karma or a violent polar shift of greenland.  It is possible at 12,000-7,000 that cosmic asteroids were aloud to strike the earth by this event, therefore time is great upon its so called 'healing' or turning afterwards (hence the 7 star before 250 million yrs and 12 star afterwards, followed by the 13 native star 5 m yrs even before it whilst it is of a 250 mil year old origin on earth its 13 star is 1m yrs of age, whilst the sephir is known to be 75,000 yrs of age when it ended. The 17,000 yr old 10-star sidereal is our present 12-star or soon to be fifth-age).  First comes 7&12 (ending 18 million yrs ago), then 13 (starting possibly 18m yrs ago even, aka the first sidereal ended 1m yrs ago), then 10 (ended 85k), now its current is 12 again..however this is an illusion where it will be 10 again within the fifth-age.  Soon it will be presumably 10 again.  500m yrs is this rounds garden of eden.  To comprehend this fully a conscious must literally go to other worlds.  Long Before the year 13,000 ce, where vega is once again the pole star, a great catastrophe will have turned the earth once again marking the end of the fifth race (7tr>=7m>250m 12>5m 13>75k 10>17k 12>6k until present-day is as well probable or presumably unverified). Leo and Pisces (these constellations are the youngests') were lacking since the old constellations of the 'Tau'. To elaborate further, Leo, Pisces and Scorpius are amongst the youngest of the zodiac, only then comes Cancer.  Where Scorpius dominates Tau.  Hence the Milky Way Galaxy is infact on the edge of cancer, near Pisces.  A portion of the 311 trillion years in the yugas or life of our solar system.
  • Virgo represents three of where Pleiades aligned itself with it and Alcyone, the spiral or the Photonic Belt. Long ago, Virgo aligned itself with Aquarius when a great devastation occurred, eg When Ganymedes (aquarius) was North, Zeus knocks Astraea off the South-Pole (They say it is virgo who enforces the will of the Pleiades and aquarius is that of a libran evolutionary Sirius hence the head of hydra as a stellar location above or near cancer whilst Canis moves towards libra or esoterically gemini). They say the skygod siva tricks the world as brahma under gemini, and the tropical under virgo. Hence a streak of light hits earth slightly horizontal at dawn, creating an orange hue in cancer upon the north, yet a deep red sky vertically in virgo. Yet Libra has defeated Aquarius. It is the first (not last) form of siva (see also Nemesis as a planetary moon whom accompanies Nibiru in tau, in greek mythology Nemesis is the builder of Zeus or its daughter and/or mate in Virgo). Most incarnations of Zeus are Cancer as beezlebub (aquarius as beezlebub and ba'al or some sort of masquerade in Christianity ie buddhism at its fullest form), rarity speaks of Jupiter as Sagittarius whom ousts its father in Kronos. The past of Cancer arrive in Centaurus. Virgo-Leo thru Scorpio was one constellation as ten or turned human during the sidereal. The 7 rishis and 7 sisters where spirit marries matter. The 7 Rays are 3 or head, heart and throat, the Triad and the Quaternary. 7 solar systems around its center. Vulcan (exo sun), Venus, Mars, Earth, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are the 7 schemes whilst Saturn(discipleship), Uranus, and Neptune are synthesizing (in the process of growing) planets. If Scorpio is the ultimate deception in maya, then Cancer would be the ultimate truth as indra (Some state the vishnic signs as indra, or scorpio as the ultimate form of indra). Scorpio is the strongest of all lights or closest to the sun however in terms of foreign light it may be cancer, yet Sag is closer to the sun itself as a globe. Saturn is but yet a Capricious elemental in terms of consciousness. Temporal eternity or the cloak as the planet, polar opposites as allies. If the earth is gemini, then the magnetic moon is cancer and its previous sun, sirius is libra. The occult knows there is an invisible star around sirius which is under the leo spirit. The 35 buddhi and 3 kumaras are divisions of the heavenly man. Where The Mahamaya of Absolute IS the Trinity. The darkness is filled. Maha as supreme intellect and Upadana the physical cause. The elders in Libra inbetween Harmony through conflict as the 1st, fourth and 6th evolutionary rays in initiatory response. Libra is the astral or one whom can stand up to and with siva, however the astral plane is just the astral plane. Libra started by the Dragon or the Karmic Lords in Libra enact their stance or position (hence this sign is subjector to or commander of the djinn). The sidereal planets really began 18 million years ago, however occultly it began 75,000 with the Sephira. We presume it takes 100 years for the rays to hit a globe after a cosmic event of misalignment into the sidereal or one god ie 2012 is 2087& the aura/ether is once again read correctly via the tropical. A 'Christianized' Hercules (Orion) is tested via Scorpio hence libra is not muslimhood but Buddhism. Oph as the 1st and 7th ray! This constellation is occultly named Capricorn or sidereal Scorpius therefore not a part of the zodiac. Inbetween Aquarius and Pisces must have been Capricorn last, most recently during the sidereal, therefore Aquarius most recently realigned itself and was aligned or not absent before it. The effects of the Great Bear in Aquarius and 12 star effort of savior in Pisces (where response is blind or deadly). The andromeda neighbor system must have or know of the ring. They must at least have a seven solar zodiacal star system, with three of the biggest mentioned as Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn. Seven is an important number in the occult, and connected to the piscean leap year. When the year enters pisces it is split by 7 hours upon every leap year. They must be nearest to Pisces yet in Virgo and Gem also as their greater forms. Even though their galaxy must be a little more advanced or older then ours. It may be positioned in Pisces, yet Virgo is the line of sivic galaxies it is in (although virgo has the most monadic galaxies visible, aquarius has the most galaxies overall residing in its zodiacal sign, and is the closest of all signs to a super-conscious or a psychic thought and/or cause hence it can take dozens of million of years to reach a visible galaxy through lightspeed alone). Our position of the soul are in Leo, Capricorn, and Pisces as the bramic, vishnic and sivic alignments and also the largest of the zodiacal star system therefore closest as well. Our position of the galaxy, once again is Cancer. Libra as the most upper astral plane or good action, however the astral plane after one's death will appear pink, as said from the masters themselves. Libra discerns itself with Aquarius as does Aquarius with Sagitti and Aries with Libra/ Capri or Capri with Scorpio& Scorpio with Aries. The nature of aquarius is color, there are even green stars and galaxies within this constellation. Ursa Major below leo is connected to taurus and aquarius (via a split, or ursa minor) in the past, however it is connected to gemini and aries upon the next system. Hence under Gemini, one makes sure one does not truly know the origins of the father. The 9 stars are 19 gateways in the libra constellation. The earth itself is a primitive cell or lifeless body hence its form is infact an oval sideways or on its back where sumeru (in sumatra) once indicated a north of the oval. The globe of earth is not blue and simple yet it is etheric, crystallized and translucent. If one were to look at the earth from space, one would see clouds the same, however their shadows are upside down, as well because of the cold vacuum of space, the clouds appear metallic and also upside down or flat (clouds are volumetric to the eye yet would appear flat from space, they are a form of carbon dioxide similar to dry-ice eg oil and water as smoke iced in the atmosphere), invisible or gaseous and irrelevant in the lower planes of a soul (however only super beings can see the 7 or 12 polar regions they cycle around). The earth is infact a vacuum, neither flat nor round but like a star a dying sphere or rock whom sucks the heat to the core. Ether as purely elemental or elements in nature (eg water/magnetism, carbon/waste, electricity/fire, air/gas) or feeling, touch, smell, taste, sensation and/or thoughtform via experience or short-lasting. Ether in science is called ohms, or faint electrical signals in the air such as radiowaves. One is not or cannot become a planet, let alone a star without the material memory to do so, yet in the occult giants may infact exist. Clouds can never repeat the same pattern in the same way. The heart of the Universe is the same however the zodiac is what god is. There were 4 elemental suns whom represented the 4 kumaras in the great past (pisces, aries, tau, gem) part of the 7 suns or sacred signs, ntb confused with the the creation of the 4rth race & its rays upon earth & of a material nature or upon our milky way galaxy where cancer was the 5th and only earthly kumara or human god of brama in its great past. The true center or north point of the universe is not polaris but yet dead light from your globe or to the visible naked eye, it is not seen or heard (on the edge of the rays of polaris, we will prove to science any atom can become true north). The Center of the Milky way is a super-soul in Cancer and another in Scorpius (a good spirit if materially misinterpreted). The non-aquarian pleiades in the constellation of the tau is simply a premature nova from a born star broke into many parts aka a 'super-soul'. Too small to be galactical, yet big enough to hold its spheres of influence as a divine presence. The planet is magnetically polarized under aries in brahma or Aries is infact Capricorn hence the night sky in the winter holds the constellation itself through january. North is the magnetic north pole, whilst south is the south pole, the darkness and light is aligned perfectly when the globe enters the first week of its decans. Yet one can not trap light, it is an element one can not obtain. The masters are to be regarded as the individual planets and their life cycles upon our solar logoi, and not the bodies they possessed at one time or another on earth or even upon maya in brahma ie the four corners of earth are brahmic and its curves in order from vishnic to sivic upon each zodiac sign. Earthly Spirit and its origin. 'The Seventh sister remains hidden'
  • -To be more concise, the oldest ray or the sixth ray is dying out in favor of the 4rth and 7th ones. eg Love-Wisdom as the 2nd ray, the 3rd as evolution where Leo (achievement of collective perfection) is the transmitter of energy via Saturn (AAB).  Kali Yuga commences about 5000 years ago (3100 bce, 3102 bc to be exact) hence the dark mother under virgo is inactuality darkness itself or a being with no face (the collective, hence an experienced soul has memory or an awareness that of which an inexperienced soul will lack, this is how masters truly see through the occult, via lies and honesty or good vs evil).  Evil is infact one whom is aware of their actions being wrong, therefore a young soul is infact evil.  One of Four will last for 432,000 years of which we are in. To be more precise, we are on this round or in the age of darkness ie the dark mother or Virgo is the Sirius gene whilst Libra is Sirius itself.  Hence the star sirius is the true form of the lotus or a lotus greater than our sun.  Virgo infact lies in Heaven or Nirvana as the first true form of siva or the one whom does not return.  Sirius however is known as the greater lotus, a lotus in a foreign system under the spirit guide of Libra.  The number four is important because it represents four sacred planets (jupiter, neptune, uranus and saturn) as the fourth age of Sagittarius (Sagittarius must colerate to some sort of heavenly fued or be the basis of heaven and hell), Pisces, Aries and Capricorn, not in order.  We or our planet is in the last of the four phases. The great cleansing is already upon us.  13,000 years is supposedly the precession of life and path of the sun in Hinduism.  2300 years passes through each zodiacal sign, however it may be 2500 years if the zodiac started at exactly 0 bce in pisces. The sun basically has a silent position of which scientists don't know about.  It spins on its poles silently very rapidly every 2000 years to line up with the zodiac yet the planets remain in their centrifugal force.  We want to achieve the form of The sun as a white dwarf or the one amidst many in the far distant future.  The planets are simply not atomic or do not have an atomic motion.  The knowledge of Sirius through Gemini. The sun, the star our sun is in Leo from a Christian Hercules (one god or monadic) connected to the first Ray.  It's one god yet that one god can supersede christianity.  Leo was the number 7 as the planet neptune (a star hence the ray) in another solar system hence Neptune was first under leo then it transmuted into Aries as Union or the same path under the sun of the same sign.  Earth is traveling faster, relatively speaking, or away from the sun.  Flowers are the sun, they are the moon, they represent everything terrestrial and are even the proof one needs of the zodiac.  The biblical realignment of the 12 star occurred in 600-424 bc if we can recall.  When the universe (galaxy upon creation ala big bang theory conjectured or criticized due to simultaneous impacts found earlier than billions of years in our universe) expanded it did not have the spiritual ether of its stars found from its creation.  Its path towards or away from the north star and below the ring (see fish diagram), or direct position uncertain to us.  Cancer is in opposition to Pisces the youngest (see also cepheus&cassiopeia as a typhoon off the coast of africa, perseus in cancer or the milky way in general in its body frees andromeda in pisces) in nature.  4 becomes 7 then 12 monads around the atom or christ child (the atom eg love is intangible and it even develops into a cell see also the four kingdoms of man), repeated in creation of galaxies as light since the big bang, or in the occult light from an unknown source and previous universe or dimension (hence only 1 day of the year in brama ends when earth is created, 311 trillion yrs since the known universe began).  An atom is an atom which can not change, yet it is susceptible to create through a greater being.  A higher christ is not dependent on our sun, a higher christ is dependent on a past monad or star, possibly from the north of the earth, whom is unseen but for the zodiac sign it is under hence dissension is ascension first or the past never changes in movement to an angelic being.  The Globe turns.  Realization of Brahma can last a day or even a few moments, however its weather patterns are infact witnessed via the beg of each zodiacal month, yearly.  The Universe is a clone of the monads (hence a monad is the sign of implosion and explosion), therefore with light all of creation is repeated in galaxies through the dimensional doors of the zodiac.  If stars navigate around a dark rift or black hole, they break up to create smaller stars, this is the nature of the birth of stars.  Light does not get absorbed within the blackhole, however it simply revolves around the disc.  If it does it will go through a tunnel and appear elsewhere possibly, like a great breath going inwards and outwards, except much slower.  Due to the mass of the stars, it will not absorb stars or light into a vacuum but create new stars.  Saturn has a powerful aura in space, however it is not seen.  A vacuum can only absorb matter or atomic particles of light within its size due to quantum mechanics. This might be of some occultly significance, Libra was an invisible constellation when not conjoined to the zodiac or holds an unknown 7th ray (tau holds the sixth ray esp on mars via elements of another galaxy or previous zodiac it seems).  It was inbetween Virgo and Leo some 80 million years ago or during prehistoric times as number six hence the scales move.  Merope, aligned with its sister star Alcor, the eighth sister whom comes to earth is also known as the constellation of Libra (see also the Aquarius-Polaris union on reincarnation).  Bifröst is the bridge to atlantis located near the new zemlyan chain and norway whom's fate lied against Ragnarök (the reader can interpret this as a poleshift or movement of Greenland into the north-pole or being an energy gateway known in science as the aurora borealis).  In fact this is Bifrost, aka known as the rainbow bridge to atantlis whom lead ice-age vikings across north america on foot via glacier, however its rainbow like attributes are now wavey due to a poleshift via 85kbce, and did once lead to asgard.  America where Mexico meets Greenland (asgard) and south america broke in three as an ice sheet which became earth before the atlantean map of 47m bce or during the ice ages of earth's fermentation process.  Atla (Greenland) must have released a primodial germ unto europe somehow, proof is the underwater indentations in the north also mark the norway and ireland areas.
    Quasars are radiation or aether (ether in the occult) therefore invisible and the weakest source of energy in the universe, with enough radiation one gets electricity or stellar birth.  Sound is vibration of the planets which affiliates itself with time travel and conscious as well as cloud or tone.  Aries in the distant past was orion, yet this being turns to hercules or christianity as does scorpio to some respect (the t-herculids are taurian, so are the pleaides and orion itself to some 12 star archetypical or zodiacal retrospect).  Taranis the wheel god as Sagitti or Zeus.  Hercules defies death yet only once.  If hercules were to defeat leo through movement we can honestly say it's father is aries so its younger counter-part of hercules is leo whom is the youngest in this family of smaller monads (however aries is in no way connected to leo but for this galaxy or the past universe is like a great connection by 2 zodiac signs, oph as scorpio and sagitti as its male counterpart somehow). Hercules is defined by its bordering constellations of Sagitti, the Southern Triangulum, Centaurus and the Southern cross, whilst Orion is Lepus, etc.  Orion is confined to Tau, Gem, and Leo.  However its great past is Aries and Libra as Canis Major and Monocretos.  Hercules is also Libra or Lyra in the great past ie Procylon is Cancer whilst Sirius is Libra.  The Cancer sign is a material marriage or wedding by the spirit of sorts where the summer is wed by lower-nature for survival or for union and loyalty.  The noblest sign of the zodiac infact inhabites the whole of the milky way galaxy.  With the jewish homeworld defeated, some may say capricorn is somehow connected to Hercules in its past as was Aquarius connected to Zeus (aquarius is regarded as the ultimate form of zeus or buddhism comeforth from muslimhood {beezlebub, the human germ failing, the human race as the majority 4rth} and at times connected to the external pegasus constellation eg scorpii as bootes) in its great distant past, however like how monads are born from each other this is speculated eg monads are born from nothing or the atoms of their own universe, however other zodiac signs may have influenced them or there is no real father and son of the zodiac, esp of the past universe but of for maybe its light [in example nothingness during coexistence but for the germ and the form related to cosmic space or the unreachable being reachable via influence and energy creation ie worship of brama]).  An Occult secret tells of Lilith or the sin of libra accumulating to a certain extent, Hercules may inactuallity become Zeus or an archetype of lower-nature and 12 god clone of the zodiac.  Capricorn is the one whom reincarnates many times eg your true father will not really be your father.  If Aquarius is eve, then Pisces is lilith however against nature all is futile.  If Oph is Scorpio there were in fact 4 constellations in the last universe (aries, sag, oph and cap where two created this universe).  The eldest brother of leo is capricorn as a teacher or christ-like spirit or one whom shows or reveals the truth.  Virgo aka light of the zodiac and/or protectorate is simply angled light or dead matter (see also Muspelheim's winds from heaven turn into fire) whom becomes father to Sag in this universe {once again not through form, but light mixing with each other or alchemy}.  Whilst christ is good or one whom dies (unlimited), satan is evil or one whom lives (limited) or infact a post-mortem example of a continued spirit so to speak hence in the occult christ is the masc whilst satan infact the feminine or a masc trait protecting or even morphing into a feminine germ so to speak, hence gemini is the oldest form changing into the newest one.  The moon's light is always facing the sun, the rotation always faces the earth.   The moon doesn't have a gyroscopic rotation, it goes up and down like a disc where one point is the same.  It doesnt have energy. Its like a slingshot that was hurled. It goes up and down like a disk, just like the earth goes up and down.  However, this occurs every 100 years or so, and in doing so it creates catastrophic changes on earth to even major weather patterns.  The elemental god is leo, however the elemental mind is gemini or the archangel without wings, the ten star sephir of the moon as ten year tilts upon the solar disc or light, satan fallen to earth.  The one whom always loses.  Hence the Charabis is satan or a marsupial turned into an insect of some sort.  Whilst Libra lies near the center of our galaxy, cancer lies in the edge.  Galactically speaking this is far or deep north, however in the occult or to a greater body it is regarded as south, zodiacally.  Only Gemini is with the human signs or in the south as lower-nature (the south of the milky way is in actuality north).  The severe jealousy of Gemini must lead the human race into mischief.  Hence we all know lord siva and its decans are indeed a Satan or Satanic figure as an invincible entity.  Siva is like a bullet from a gun which fires into the air and misses you.  Hence a secret of the reincarnation aspect here is eliminated into heat and emotion (reincarnation itself is not possible, or not yet proven).  Hence the masters say reincarnation is like a brief spark before rebirth, possibly connected to the planet venus and mars.  Mars infact rotates in a perfect sphere but is minutely angled whilst earth is in a perfect circle.  It (mars) was under Vulcan as first like how mercury is under earth as first.  From the birds above the sky to the ants inside the ground.  Angels are Libran.  Virgo is highest in its form via the galactical plane, however through the zodiacal ring itself or nonhuman form, it is Aquarius whom is highest or farthest north.  The constellation of Libra itself is a supposed Grecian invention, albeit the monad (god, connected to a formless being or being in non-human form) is not.
    *There was a Hindu perception or understanding of 27 Nakshatras or sidereal constellations in totality, as opposed to the 12 Jewish monads, little is comprehended of or known from this because it was studied by the posi of the moon to the section or degree of stars it was in more than 5000 years ago (eg third decan aries as the piscean-virgo cross or the stars in its immovable zodiac formation of tropical-to-sidereal and back).  27 means the sivic pitris of the moon or a tilted form of the moon (presumed to be est at a recent 6 degree tilt by the moon which occurred during 3102-85kbce).  They are infact worshipers of the lunar moon as the natal chart cycling to earth ie if the sun is in aquarius, the moon will cycle through each zodiac sign every 48 hours and this is a given to all 12 of the signs from tropical to sidereal, the true power of the sidereal is this with a postmortem number of the cancerian 15 (30/2=15 so the moon cycles through 15 zodiac signs where each sign is 2 days, however a year is still 12 or non-repetitive).  Connected to actual stars instead of monads, these tell of the personality and life of an individual.  The occult believes this to be more accurate or precise.  It is also told via the christ equation, that jesus was born .54 which means 0 bce at exactly 5 months and 4 days before 1 bce. The bce calendar was born in September under virgo as 0, or a number which doesn't exist.  The occult believes he died under his own logoi (sagitti) or returned to a star infact.  A means of prophecy, or foretelling the future is also incorporated by renowned psychics or psychic mind readings this way.  Its true origin unknown, derived from after the 12 or directly from stars (a ultimate science if you will, an area where stars are located).  The tomb of jesus must have been moved 200 feet away from the burial sight, and placed alongside his family (if not his bones, then the cloth or shroud itself inside a tomb).  If the human mind can not see or read animal auras, we must be limited in consciousness or evolution somehow.  Heaven is within or not with the external mind.  To an initiate it is much greater or unknown.  The earth is moving slower by five days now from the most recent hindu age.  However, Daitya has turned their christ into shear dust.  The solar system acts like a human body, where it sleeps, gets sick and dies periodically yet it never repeats an action or so-called 'act of god'.  When one sleeps its an act of dharma, therefore it gives the body time to heal under any state of bad karma.  Where as because of cosmic events, the zodiac does not exist between the Virgo-Leo cusp or decans (the sign of the sidereal, or to take away the last decan). The sisters of Virgo and Scorpio reunite under brahma or a great past.  Leo goes forth towards Pisces. Therefore it is suggested that Leo must have been a past son of Capricorn (once again, father-son-etc means radiation or light crossing paths for atoms to ignite).  Here lies significance in occultic personality of where Capricorn follows Aquarius or good.  The Tau is of the oldest fixed present or native form in space.  Not like Religion, The cosmic son (kosmos) is indeed Siva born of breath whilst father and mother is first good thought.  Prajapati, lord of all creatures, is true creator of the universe, brahmans simply create thought which is of (from) a greater being.  Great beings leave their place as an etheric hell from their present phallic one (hence greater civilizations or descent herethereof.  Hence Hell must simply mean sleep or a time to heal.  The brahmans are simply fools, they create something which is of a sumerian lineage, or something which is not there (here we slightly reveal they are the dumb race, as there are intelligent races there are also dumb races, and races whom follow dumb races..the hunnic hungarian race of hindi whom pervarded europe from siberia, and once the middle-east simply illogically dumb).  Elementals are minerals or non-thought.  Elemental or solar wind is fairly apparent in the day time.  Much like current alignments, it is questionably a subject of precision, age and science).  The Occult however ignores the sidereal for the tropical for the simple fact that the Lunar Zodiac is in actuality the Solar zodiac or greater logos upon creation in the heavens.  Christ is born as two monads revolve around its center atom when the galaxy was created, a taurian and arien one.  Then others come which make up the seven.  Satan however is a time traveller from atlantis or regarded as atlantean therefore an unknown or fallen angel whom unknowingly remembers the continent&even the past order of the solar logos themselves.  The Orion father of its mother exoterically in alien form is not taurus but once again the egoistic Aries (see creation of the sun-star eg orion defeats cancer or kingu, the moon).  Love or infatuation is the ability to acknowledge light from different zodiacal trees (only within brahma) yet the atom stays the same.  It can be a lifetime or a mere few moments.  The enemy of the kumaras is sought (an ashura), Taurus instigates karma whilst aries disappears from it (Tarakasura is an ashura under taurus or libra eg siva's second wife kamdeva is a goddess of love whom is granted booms by brahma to destroy siva as pisces-gemini-virgo-sag&to finally reside in karma under 7 heavens, nations or suns awaiting to be reborn etc hence Kartikeya is the supposed aries sign as rudra-siva, Kartikeya simply means son of the pleaides or Kṛttikā affiliated with aries and adam or a rooster as under the sidereal. The 7th sun in the direction of the solar logoi and onto the pleiades then to gemini).  Hence growth of plants appear to grow greener in May, whilst oil is yet still found in fractured condition like brief continents on the surface of creekbeds from decaying organisms (plants and animal).  Yet one must also convince the matter of implosion, stars to galaxies to monads whom were stars implode, not explode eg stars retain their position in the center of galaxies (implode upon destruction, explode upon creation).  However, stars themselves can merely die or turn into comets, planets etc.  Siva must be a Yogi of the Taurus mts in turkey, however the legends spawn since the reemergence of iceland or as far back as the end of the ramayana or the war of taraka.  Kailash means kali yuga or the start of the particular age 13 to 11 thousand years ago so this Sati figure under Leo is Durga and his reincarnated wife is Parvati in Pisces.  Siva is infact a Geminian being or an unknown via unknown history in india around 3102 bce it is presumed.  This legend speaks of the bull and the lion in greek myths.  The cancer sign tricks lower-nature into war via saturn as the lotus or death by reincarnation instead of true death (hence boons by brahma, however tarakasura is not cancerian but yet tau since his god is chandra as durga or the chariot of the moon).  Aries as Sun, Neptune and Death in its decans.  We will make a final conclusion of kritika, the son of the pleiades can only be the pleiades itself, a figure of rudra-siva from another continent.  We can only say both Tarakasura in the state of karna under 7 planes, 7 cycles and 7 stars to kritika, son of pisces and gemini or siva.  Rudra means the Gemini sign or god of storms under brahma (the creator or Prajapati whom grants a boom to taurus).  The kumaras come after brahma and before the christ-like avatars for the human race.  The gods of the zodiac are as follows: agni {cosmic fire}-aries, chandra-tau, rudra-gem, shani or saturn as buddha-cancer {as the true form of the lotus itself}, pitris-leo, mars {cosmic wind}-virgo, vayu {wind}-libra, indra-scorpio, apah {water}-sag, vishnu-capri, varuna {cosmic water}-aquarius, pusham {fish or protector}-pisces.  Leo worships the pitris of the moon, whilst sagitti worships the elements (elementals or unborn pitris) of the earth.  Aries weds Leo in the great past via stars (in its galaxy).   The eldest brother is also the son.  Hades is the eldest child of kronos, therefore scorpius is the wise one whom stands alone.   The Nebula Dorado collides with Scorpius (one of the 3 most magnetic signs in scorpio, cancer and aries then tau/capri etc).  A dead star must be located in scorpio (Dorado or Mensa is a black magician's rebirth via 411 trillion years, the universe must be at least 111 trillion years of age, it is affiliated with the monad of cancer and scorpius upon creation of this milky way galaxy, however, it is truly affiliated with sagittarius and scorpio via a collision of those two monads prior to this event, to as far back as the previous universe; It is a memory basically, it is remanence of a cancerian body which created the milky way galaxy; scorpio survives this collision unscaved and enters virgo in brahma, however it is sagittarian because of black magicians, or a memory or departure from scorpius...or it could be a collision between sagittarius and cancer much research&meditation is needed here).  A powerful monad which created the black hole is actually remnance of a dead star albeit this originally occurred in Cancer.  Once long ago before life on your planet there was a dead star or monad in cancer as the black hole whom created smaller stars as sparks (information in this section is speculated for older souls here not young souls).  Young souls tend to be yearning more hence an emotion.  The immense distance or life cycle of our galaxy is compared with creation itself (in the trillions).  Before the Kali cycle ended a death process new-age theorists this may seem to be a birth process, but it is indeed the earth dying or all is susceptible to karma in the universe, elemental forces or no memory, hence a universal being whom god looks after is god or themselves.  The fact is our sun has an aura in the shape of a lotus which is invisible, however this is how it is traveling in a slanted upwards position through our galaxy.  The lotus is not confined to just the magnetic field of the earth but the magnetic field of the sun or an invisible shield of a great fixed comet or star which appears outside of the heliosphere (animals are attracted to a weaker magnetic field it seems, hence they create a fear of flying perhaps).  There is infact a giant pulse current far above our atmosphere.  The creation of water (2) is indeed waste or gas as hydrogen (1), then comes air (0 or 8 as the atomic number in academic sciences) so a world flood is provable.  A deluge, floods etc all swept the globe, a typhoon is felt.  Actually, its not present anywhere but for outside our solar system.  In space through matter, water like veins draws itself away from the center of a heated body and crystallizes.  If the environment in space is confined to gases at certain tempartures, water can be born as a form of liquid fire (hence helium is colder than hydrogen, or first comes water as old blood than comes air, yet for hydrogen to turn into liquid from gas it must need the right tempature ie to be trapped by dull matter as carbon or collapsed stars persay...or the secrets of siva are if one forgets a passcode to an autodestruct sequence not even god can break the lock or prevent it from imploding and causing a chain reaction of sorts).  Carbon is infact waste or a black sulfur which purifies waste.  The earth is infact the number 8 whom enter a core (basically a soleid core as a shield where electrons gain speed).  Land is uplifted or risen from the great ocean.  The east coast americas in particular, will be under the age of kali full swing.  The environment drives upon, goes against or moves the soul.
    The Past, Present and Future Solar systems are paths of involution at this current stage where devas vibrate posi.  Involution is the left hand path, it means devolution.  Reaching the atomic subplane fivefold, is evolution or Creative Heirachy.  Therefore the great divine mystery is simply capricornian.  Reaching vibrations of sound as breath.  One thing is known, Involution is left and evolution is right or the right hand path.  The zodiac is past (muslim), vulcan (buddhism) present and sun future (christianity).  Evolution of conscious psyche, There are 3 systems where our second system is negative and the 3rd unknown.  Hence Cancer was a past system, Virgo the next and Aries is a future one.  This system is Feminine, of the 3 largest logoi (see Key Notes Above).  The great building of matter where devas will remain negative.  The fifth is the 4rth root race of those divine egos.  Form of energy, construction and function, where The Holy Mother reproduces by heat and substance.  The last system was where the lowest ruled (physical, astral), the future one will add upon vibrations.  We are currently in the sidereal scheme, slowly reverting naturally back once again to its dendera or so-called tropical rebirth and counterpart.  Christ (his name still propagandized even yet today with severe jealousy and scorn) speaks of the destruction of planets under Pisces.  There was a precursor zodiac in prehistory as well.  We are now entering the sidereal, upon which 2 years before this one, in 2006 we were, the planets of the system, in the standard tropical.  Actual change, the age of Kali is of tiny gradual shifts (small tilts) from one large one, and the yugas are the only time for it to cycle once upon earth or at least to exceed its lifespan greatly. This means only one thing, the zodiac seizes to exist, no more will changes between cycles in heaven occur, under the tropical the movements are literally different cloud formations on earth do to an ecliptic tilt (ecliptic is the sidereal), the sidereal eliminates this because the atmosphere starts to condense.  The atom does not change but yet it tries to.  The solar pralaya is simply an elemental sleep, dissolution or awakening.  The great Typhoon was a capricious ufo.  Kali must have begun under L8 aquarius and the first day of Pisces and dropped the earth into darkness with a two hour day and 2 day night or experienced a day with no daylight or sunrise.  The lotus must be twelve then 7 then 4.  Four is the zodiac or Cancer, Leo, Capricorn and Pisces.  4 need return to the elementals hence a soul grows old and expands into space.  If Cancerian stars were born in the milky way upon a creation, only one thing can this mean, we, the occultists have won where know matter how much lower-nature tries, it will not be able to even make a scratch on the surface visible enough upon infinite time, only to await for more karma.  Albeit the stars of Aquarius go downwards from left to right exoterically, or via the earth they go upwards in the vacuum of space, or esoterically.  The earth is large, It goes south exoterically (from earth), but north esoterically (via the globe's path).  The continents appear crystallized to us, they do not form or move as would they not on other worlds but only by water and air.  Land must have reappeared on earth a mere One billion years ago during the moon's fertilization.  The moon must have had an oblonge or oval path upon creation.  The legends speak of Asterope in the pleiades whom goes to Tau, an Arien being and mother of Ares or the reincarnating feminine germ as a holy spirit.  The earth is regarded as the native heart, however the alien heart connected to virgo is vulcan, and we may presume the white lotus is even higher than it for it is regarded as a brain or crown chakra.  The chakra is polarized whilst the atom is in constant movement.  In truth the chakras are 49 nerves all connected from organs to the spine in order to create some type of ascension with a cosmic body.  The Anahata chakra is the heart yet Sahasrara is the lotus it seems.  The kundalini chakra must indubitably be the black magicians chakra or the waver of atoms via the holy spirit aka the red chakra, this chakra is above nirvana even.  Black magic is infact always victory, however it is an ashura or naked one whom does not appear naked or is not aware of its nakedness ie an ashura trying to reach heaven or to become a Sura or pure being.  Science however must be known first, hence ne must know science before divulging in magi.  Here we will inform the reader of the astral body, it is infact a form derived from the brahmic world of Hod or world of intellectualism and slavery (connected to Alioth the dark horse also in scorpio within ursa major?) where one can not be greater than a christ or the sun and is infact truly limited to the body by becoming a star.  He is the lotus that is the present asteroid belt, the tilt that is the outer planetary ring of alignment and the tilted halo that is the outer ring due to vulcan.  Or the ultimate comprehension of christianity.  Black magic resides alongside the 'dark' Magellanic clouds, where they wait to be reborn in 311 trillion years, or until a new sun is born (in cancer ie mensa and dorado).  However, they are not evil, they are merely misunderstood or what some would say have suffered to an extremity.  Here we will reveal the true nature of mankind and its material world, all of its sciences and progress, all of its inventions, everything (all physical or atomic matter) resides upon the red chakra or the kundalini spine and therefore is immaterial towards the occult.  All is Hod from the archangels to the sun itself therefore death.  The archangels as rays, saint michael is the rays of our logoi (a saint from another system in Libra to represent Christianity of a deep past is infact hated by the human race or rather hates his race to own hence it took true adam 18 million years to fall rather than a mere one million), however Uriel is the rays of Hod in andromeda etc.  The most popular archangel is michael, however, unlike jewish scripture there are not 4 archangels but 7 where 3 lay hidden.  If the non-human signs are accredited (human signs discounted) once more, and the planets shown to enoch, there would be 7 archangels as sacred planets to signs (rapheal as aquarius, michael as aries, uriel as capricorn, gabriel is pisces, Jehudiel/raguel or suryan is sag,  Barachiel as Pisces/Scorpio or speculated to be Tau and Selaphiel (see also Serephiel) as Satan or the last sign Gemini, signs as the 7 planets such as Aries as Uranus&mars (or Aquarius?!), Capricorn as Saturn, Sag as Jupiter, Aquarius/Gemini (or Aries) as Mercury, Pisces as Neptune (&pluto) and Taurus as Venus..if Earth becomes sacred it will be the 7th or Gemini).  They say St Michael will be reborn or was born as Gemini.  Judging by the rays this should be correct.  Yet for the universe to change is impossible.  Samuel is Malkuth, Uriel is Hod or god of lightning and volcanos.  However Michael is the Yellow sun chakra, or the sun itself whilst Samuel is the dead elemental kingdom.  Gabriel is our moon or that which is below Hod as the astral or heart.  Gabriel is infact either Yesod or Chesed (venus), however it could be the third eye as Jupiter even and equates itself to Gevurah (mars).  Mars was a comet whom gained velocity to enter vulcan from neptune&resembled our sun star, therefore like the sun, is non-sacred (atomic or lotus with its heaven as the 7 rays become 12).  The Shadows or spirits on mars are infact chaotic, like electricity ones shadow if on mars would be at different places, hence refracted light without atmosphere.  Hence Mars waits for the return or reawakening of venus (venus was an iced globe, whilst the moon an iced diamond, the moon's atomosphere must have collapsed instanteously for crstal shards to reach the upper atomosphere).  Their oceans were once shallow like the Mediterranean, we presume the atmosphere of mars to be with light winds.  Depending on the consciousness, really.  Raphael is the spirit of earth itself to the Sephir at times.  Above it is the organic kingdom or animal kingdom so to say, it is the orange chakra yesod.  There is also a heart and throat chakra as Uriel and Raphael.  The third eye chakra is usually affiliated with gabriel.  Yet even then, the 7 lords are above them in all sephiras or chakras.  These highest chakras must be interplanetary or above the nirvana chakras (bliss or a sleep), astral plane and finally physical plane (49 premature layers within the form).  Those are the divine 7 solar logoi before reaching earth, or the closest form to them.  They are the Divine chakras on the spirit level, therefore most likely unreachable.  Hence the Divine plane is 7 layers, then comes the monadic, spiritual and intuitional, mental and emotion to the final physical plane which is elemental energy and its elements.  All of these are etheric cosmic planes eg gas states etc except for the 7 highest logoi.  They are all atomic yet the divine plane is solar, whilst the lowest is elemental or liquid dense states of matter.  Nirvana is just below the divine plane or monadic ie anupadaka (then comes atmic, buddhic, manasic etc).  This much is known Divinity or the Divine plane is above Nirvana.  Even Malkuth or the red chakra of the divine hierarchy would be above nirvana.  Even the mighty Vulcan whom spurned nature would be regarded as nirvanic or the anti-lotus, only second to our sun.  The earth, now and then, sheds its skin for new skin. 
    *Here is a brief concise explanation of the creation or origin of the solar system, where Neptune and Uranus were brothers (brother and sister exo).  The eye of neptune is heat from the sun therefore it was never first in speed to its big brother Uranos, however they did touch.  They briefly skirmished near its source only to spread.  Neptune's rotation is hidden with the number 7.  Neptune must have come first only have come first only after vulcan as an alien star system (planets were once star systems).  Vulcan was a star of hot-iron whom ran into the sun.  It is the reason for all.  It drew Jupiter last and (it) vulcan departed for its cycles.  At that time Saturn was drawn as well where it (the sun) had created its eye (a small round eye, or possibly none eg illusion, thoughtform or a cloud formation).   Jupiter than overtook Saturn in a race for first position.  Saturn became one with the sun, or aligned on oneside because of it (spun or gyrated out of control).  Saturn skirmishes with Neptune and runs into Uranos.  First it merges than barely misses and sinks Neptune with a second pass.  The gyrations of the moons stopped or are perfect circular alignments.  Saturn dies.  Vulcan cycled our solar system since the dawn of time every 36,000 years.  Mercury was a moon whom crossed the asteroid belt and caused devastation 85k bc (was loose by saturn 1.7m arrived around 87k bce, destroyed civilization 1.2m), it turned into a comet again 36k bce, became the petals of a chaotic lotus in our system, and may have had to do with the warming periods of 37k (it briefly turned back into vulcan basically in an oblong fashion give or take one thousand years from our present time), but had not caused earth any notable contact.  Vulcan caused all the unformed and unchanged planets to change, move or still by its will.  However, it diminished into a hot core now known as mercury to reinstitute Saturn's life and revolution.  Hence it is possible for the core of a star to diminish greatly whilst leaving its rays in tact, hence jesus does not truly die for the sun has not died.  Saturn is responsible for giving us spiritual life.  For Saturn ran into Uranus and Vulcan started the clock once more.  The planet earth and venus are soon born.  Venus, the only known inner-planetary moons (moons are planets in the occult) to have come through Jupiter.  Jupiter is now a vacuum or dead star from Orion, a reincarnating spirit is born.  If Galaxies are great monads of the zodiac, Andromeda is Pisces.  Savants are simply a psychic with photographic memories or unknown powers whom attained a consciousness from a higher being or can tap into divine space (the akashic records) somehow.  The Sun is traveling slanted upwards via a lotus shield protecting it through space whilst the earth and planets travel around it horizontal to the galactic plane.  The Brahma consciousness is the universe itself or memory of a great past outside the confines of light.  Here reveals the key or heart of Aquarius hidden by Virgo, albeit Virgo (virgo is born under tau in this universe whom rebores sag and may be directly connected to capri of the last universe as a stellar monad or star) is a monad of Capricorn born in this universe from the past universe, Aquarius is the monad under Gemini and not directly under Capricorn of the past universe ie the weirdness of aquarius.  
    The brahma consciousness is one traveling onto death whether it be earth, or from earth eg Fohat the divine energy source of the known universe.  If Aries and Taurus were a great monad in space, aries would be the Triangulum (the dark lotus) and Taurus would be the squar or 4 elements better known as orion itself.  Taurus goes to Sagittarius, however it assumes the responsibility of virgo as Hanuman in reincarnation.  As is sag the father of aries, occultly the monads of capricorn and leo (a hebrew christ) are its son.  Brahma is not deadly, the lotus bud is against what is auspicious though, the sudarshana chakra is a spinning circle or disc which perpetuates this factor as an actual material galaxy, however to defy lower nature is to defy god.  It is infact a supernova of infinite calibur which is why it is regarded as the greatest of all weapons.  The monads of gemini could be considered the son of cancer in this universe or in form (matter...possibly in the future) however it is in actuality the son of capricorn 85k years ago of when capricorn is crucified and repeats its step to defeat its son as siva (rarely if not ever can an event occur where siva is defeated ie early worlds upon the milky way as life were defeated and loki was humiliated, see also jupiter as jotenheim or a planet from orion and pegasus without the third eye whom fell with a feud of the stars mizor and alcor).  He befriends an old lady, a wolf and a cobra in isolation (countries on hod?).  We presume Jupiter is Jotunheim or a spirit from Andromeda as a larger planet, now defunct.  The spirit of andromeda is also companion to the planet Hod, and had its own history of Giants (see also the mother of loki as a peasant farmer).  How it came to this system is an unknown, however if Hod could come from andromeda to become dust in Fohat, we conjur that Jotunheim can also follow a path of stars.  Something connects it to Castor and Pollux at the beg of creation, yet Vulcan is the cause for the first planet to become the last in our system as is it the cause for all the outer planets to arrive here with Uranus and Saturn being its native alien ones.  A half-hybrid human or semi-giant in asgard.  Cancer defeats Sag in spirit.  Death after life is just light, your body will exist in a different form or in reverse on the heavenly and earthly plain if you are to evolve your consciousness far enough where the beg is the end and the end is the beg or the zodiac goes in reverse (from siva to brama).  Menokin is a star whom took apart the heavens or the capellan grouping under sagitti, therefore a pure light or hierarchy destroys this world.  Saturn and Sirius itself is connected to the libra consciousness.  Andromeda must have created the milky way galaxy or destroyed a sphere, however it is made via el dorado (in cancer) whom ran into scorpio which entered the virgo monad and lived.  Our Galaxy has seven spiral arms connected to the 7 monads and 7 sacred planets (mercury-aquarius or gemini, earth-gem, venus-taurus, mars-aries, uranus-aries or aquarius, saturn-capricorn, jupiter-sag).  Capricorn's spirit is Saturn ie the 12 moons are zodiacal towards the human race or Osiris, Mars and Uranus is Aries as Ra and Seth or Lupus, Taurus is Venus (as the bull whom formed to gain second position of the sun aka hera or isis, wife of cronos) (velikovsky ref), Aquarius is Mercury (as an initiated being) and Sag is Jupiter (as Zeus whom fights his father cronos) with finally Pisces as Neptune and Pluto (as horus).  Gemini (as thoth) is somehow connected to Earth with the human non-sacred signs of Cancer as the moon and Leo as the sun (discluded).  Tau is often regarded as the father of the virgo sign, as sag is the unknown father of its counterpart, aries.  The male side of the moon is sometimes included as Scorpio whilst the Libra sign connects itself with Venus and Sirius outside our system as does Virgo with Vulcan in the great past.  These are the 7 holy monads as planets in our system with affiliation of the 10 to 12.   There must be no center to a galactical universe (through light ie before there was light in the world there was darkness or total emptiness), only the collision of a monad.  This is the origin of your galaxy.  
    Your sun is part of the lotus, therefore sideways, it was created because it went south in the solar loop of the galaxy however it is not sinking.  Even Neptune had gradually sunk under Saturn.  If anything Neptune is the blinded Serpent or 'head' of our solar system not Saturn in the great past.  It was in Aries then gained movement and became Leo once more to later Pisces.  However before this, it was leo in orion or uranus and neptune aligned its poles as one under the sun and under the same path therefore Neptune truly dies here as a mate to aries or the holy spirit combined and its pole tilts once more to leo via equilibrium or a fairly silent touch or skirmish.  It moves its poles basically.  The reason why scientists can not tell if the sun rotates on its poles is because the liquid fire moves chaotically.  We think it rotates opposite of planets but for venus if the milky way is the human zodiac as the north.  However for it to move in this fashion it must be carried or drawn like an ocean current up and down as well as left and right, otherwise it would only go left and right, as the earth currents do.  Here dillusion is dispelled and truth given.  Here the zodiac becomes matter, or your body as one where change is not made eg cap can be aries, more black magic etc.  Jinn merely means light (false spirit or some sort of evil, a being without a mother and without a father born of the earth in fire instead of light) however they are often regarded as lower than elemental or elemental properties.  Aquarius is the moon and saturn union.  Therefore it (the sun) was named or reborn in the time of Orion. One movement, One God under All.  The occult worships the light of the atom as a lotus rather than illusion.  Here reveals the controversy over the divine lotus inside the solar logoi, it only mimicks creation of the planetary rings (formation or alignment of the planets in space to the position they are in now eg a 12 star leaf becomes a perfect circle) therefore each petal is made when the planets changed formation eg mercury are the narrow petals.  However, to eliminate confusion, the petals (note check inconsistency with some words pedal=petal) whom sparked life do not rotate like that, if it were to no life would be existant on the planets let alone any type of matter upon a great metamorphosis would be impossible.  Materialism is ultimately destroyed forever eg a sign or symbol permanent in one's mind will not be in matter or an object.  Yet even the collapsed stars aka planets are but a brief intervention to its sun in the galaxy (Read Carefully for broad concepts: heavy editing throughout this doctrine must be devised later).  The way galaxies are formed is not atomic or light driven however, when the atom combusts or explodes via the center lotus mimicking an alien creation, it turns into a cloud and light becomes liquid.  The Pleiades is young therefore going backwards away from the sun, the inner stream of our galaxy goes backwards, the outer stream goes forwards, therefore our sun is going forwards and surpassed (went below-to-above) the Pleiades from the inner south region of the galaxy.  If the Sun were to have a north star as earth does, it would be near Draco 7 at 66 degrees south.  The rejected sun is considered a part of this grouping and not Auriga's (of capella, & the aurons etc hence there is a star which mimicks personality in pisces called piscium, and a star which mimicks the sun in aries named hamal or the star of gold yet the sun resides as a child lost in the center of these star groupings where Altair and a grouping of Aurons within the summer triangle leads, below it in the south lies sagittarian stars where greek folkore represents the northern boundaries and this is known as the hierarchy) because it is infact of orion and therefore it is regarded as an abandoned child whom is non-sacred or a non-sacred star.   Stars infact are a lot hotter in its core than in the cold depth of space, due to space itself being cold.  Altair must be Aquarian or the Aquarian ghost, hence the eagle or Aquila itself is connected to this constellation.  Hence a sacred grouping of stars in leo forms a chain to our sun inparticular Regulus, Denebola, and Leonis is named to represent the true holy spirit under Leo.  It (the sun) is a decentralized star within a quadrant of light or group of 100s of stars on orion's arm therefore fairly hard to find, prove of existence or notice even.  An alien star in its (the Pleiades cluster's) vicinity but not of its origin.  It is regarded as the eighth sister, the sun's figure 8 is a path whom resembles a fish...therefore 8 is also a christ or a number of importance for future events ie venus gives chase to earth in its future.  If the sons of god from a previous universe were to be the leaves of the lotus as an entry point, the sons of god entering it to sink and be reborn would be the smaller petals surrounding (mimicking the radiation of quasars) the center of the lotus.
    Union of the sun star is realization that it travels through the zodiac, in order for the sun to travel through the zodiac it needs to do so horizontally.  If it travels horizontally, then it will be traveling atomically.  Therefore it makes atomic cycles or spins atomically to travel in the periodic tropical days of 26,000 years (est 25k some years tbp).  Every 2,000 years the equator of the sun lines with its zodiac like a dial on a clock it turns each hour or 2,000 years, the planets line up helically.  In the Winter the sun hits the equator (indian ocean), therefore it is nearest to the earth.  In the Summer it goes far above the equator therefore it is farthest.  However, the sun and earth is completely centrifugal or a perfect circle.  The South must have been the northstar in prehistoric times if this is the case yet it is not.  Due to the mass of the star, it does not effect the zodiac or does so silently, the planets find their center silently this way via minor quakes, etc.  Every 26,000 years it completes one full rotation and the magnetic field flips, causing major earthquakes (ex 1970-2012) therefore it is in fact the galaxy whom is moving the zodiac backwards in a complete circle or sections of a circle to return to a corresponding sign.  The Precession of the Equinoxes or end of these 25,000k (26k in science) cycles are the start of a new age (aquarius).  The 25k yr tick may infact be non-polar and equatorial for the sun.  One thing is known about the earth, the more aligned it is with the equator the less it tips, ie it was in greenland or the north pole was towards the sun in the great past, via the equinox it is now away from it.  If the Magnetic North pole started in alaska it would be facing the sun, via the sidereal over time it(s) North would tip away from the sun.  This is given with the earth's atmosphere fully intact after the collision and rotation of Meru or true north.  Earth is an oval on its side within an true oval.  The sky never changes only the land did.  Proof is Mt Meru in indonesia was true north.  Basically the earth moves one degree backwards every 2,000 years and takes 25,000 years for a full cycle.  The earth moves away from the sun by 15 cms a year, its insignificant like how the moon is farther away than the earth at times or how the earth rotates around the sun at an oval, these signs are insignificant compared to the rotation of other planets or by the moon itself even.  The earth mimicks the sun's 2,000 year polar rotation.  The pole-star line is zig-zag where stars truly do define the time you are in, however always stays in the same position unless due to climate or the magnetic flip.  So the sun not only rotates but it spins through our galaxy.  Therefore the sun does not actually make a cycle or full wheel around our galaxy but turns towards a corresponding zodiac.  What is more unusual since the alignment by venus is today in the year 2000-2012 ad, the jetstream veers towards the north, where before the year 2012 it was in the south near florida (more proof the magnetic pole is going towards russia at an astonishing rate).  The sun travels and rotates to the left. The galaxy is moving faster than the sun.  The Galaxy's speed is great.  Say if in the past it was Aries, in its future is Capricorn therefore only the galaxy turns at great speeds albeit the sun star's fixed path or position for life was a simple curve ie alchemy can present a collision of past and future universes or different zodiacs.  That's why the ages travel backwards in otherwards the zodiac can collide with taurus etc.  The sidereal simply means earth.  Although Pisces and Capricorn are the most distant constellations of the zodiac in Andromeda, it is closer to pisces therefore the largest constellations or soul signs are Virgo (siva), Aquarius (vishnu) and Capricorn (pisces).  Pisces and Aries naturally defeat the Cancerian sign, esoterically & exoterically.  There is a legend which says the Zephyr or west wind kicks Apollo's mate in deva form, Apollo is furious, yet Eros in Capricorn protects her.  Hyacinth or the Hybridism (a greek word of a mythical bird-like creature or hybridis and iranian flower) is infact Gabriel and the Zephyr Michael.  However, we think its a simple term referring to spinning discs where infact greek legends are dumbed down for comprehension.  Hence Doria in Greece is a province repopulated from Daitya.  This seems to be an elemental legend or feud of some sort, however all are under Adonis or the fields of Elysium (wheat? as human souls..a field of flowers most likely).  Future apollo is the earth under a different sun in gemini not leo. 
    The Sea monster in the legend of cancerian perseus is indeed Virgo/Aquarian or a great storm off the coast of africa upon its horn, proof is the idea of which the gorgon medusa holds...poseidon, a figure connected to aquarius and an unknown zeus as odin (zeus is usually affiliated with the cancerian& sag signs on this globe) as well pre-85k bce.  There are two galaxies, one in aptly named the eye in Ursa Major and another in Gemini.  Medusa as Gemini defeats Sagittarius and is defeated by Cancer.  Virgo as Orion then tau.  Only Odin can manifest the one god.  If Alcyone is below Perseus the pleaides must be taurus and cancerian in design or not really taurus yet holds the christ stars of tau up via the 12 star zodiac in the pleaides themselves (rarely do other stars intervene in different zodiacal signs but for the pleaides, fohat and maybe our sun even where the sun is a part of this group in leo or 'all is know longer cancer' basically but at least 7 of the 12 are alien in design&origin of its own divine space ie traveled from afar or collided within the milky way to get there).  Fohat is light of aquarius-aries-pisces, it means it was aquarius on asgard or a previous globe, which is why the third decan of aquarius via the semites is so strongly influenced by the appearance of death.  Thiruvalluvar is Leo in the zodiac, or possibly cancer, an initiate at  best.  Brama-vishnu-siva (the months on earth through space as seasonal eg cancer as july-brama, leo as august-vishnu, september as virgo-siva, libra, scorpio, sag etc) are these signs under the formentioned, however in the beg their were four material globes or so of which created matter or the physical universe.  The power of Eve is an interstellar one told to teach its race, far greater than lilith in mind.  12 Cosmic christs in Taurus verify the eligibility of the zodiac and the ability to see the aura hence if a christ or higher nature exists (had existed) it was born in taurus, not cancer or pisces (a lamb of god, capella etc are all connected to taurus).  A legend directly affiliated with future events or Aries-Gemini as Cassiopeia and Cepheus (Artemis in pisces gives instruction to block the seaports of great invading armies within the blacksea via sinking battleships during the incoming invasion of troy,  Agamemnon against the taurids or tauri peoples in present day ukraine) or the movements of Hanuman as siva.  Andromeda as Lilith in Libra in our solar system is infact piscean.  The shadow will become cast down into the fires if it were to reside with form.  Cancer saves Pisces therefore reason can say one of the pleaides below perseus is maia in a piscean state or veils leo if our sun is already leo.  Is andromeda piscean?  maia is leo or pisces since its directly under perseus some speculate pisces as its savior in andromeda whom is also pisces veiling libra.  Hence Maia warns of upcoming events?The venusian galaxy itself must be more advanced and ahead of us somehow.  This means sagitti is mekonin or the star above capella whom reigned into the heavens.  So a cancerian Perseus saves a piscean andromeda in the great past.  NTB confused with libra in the milkyway.  The sun is connected to aries only via hercules (We are simply stating here basically that a star whom holds life is both masc and feminine in the occult ie androgynous), not the constellation of aries itself...this is proven via the birth of a masc being under the sidereal of earth or in an incorrect fashion.  Aries has no masc clone.  Like how a water drop in a lake or etheric reflection of one, the galaxy turns into clouds of infinite stars therefore another smaller galaxy is born within the larger one and your sun turns within the wheel.  An atom travels to another place via hercules to the sun.  The legends of gaia and uranus may indeed be taurus and aries as two kumaras since the beg of the milky way, however gaia on earth or its soul is tau, its spirit is cancer and its super-soul is leo, therefore the term itself is hidden.  Uranus bores 12 moons similar to the 12 titans of ancient greece yet remotely different hence Rhea is born as Virgo not Capri via Oceanus (Aqua), Crius (Leo), Iapetus (Libra), Rhea (Virgo), Mnemosyne (Pisces), Tethys (Aries), Coeus (Cancer), Hyperion (Scorpio), Theia (Tau), Themis (Gemini), Phoebe (Sag), Cronus (Capricorn).  These unfertilized beings bore the 12 children (moons) of which titans on earth bore 12 olympiads by reincarnated beings named Cronos and Rhea therefore the moons, their creation and origin are far more important.  The term means that this star grouping called the pleiades is in tau, however the true spirit of the sun is in leo whilst the galaxy in cancer.  This also means the milky way itself is in cancer with groupings or star groupings from the sacred 7 if not non-sacred 12 zodiacal signs, and the pleiades is just merely near the taurus sign, as is all the signs near each other.  Hence there is a rule in the occult where one shalt not pass psychologically, only the '7' are often mentioned.  28 days, 28.9tbp x12+19=365 or the equivalent of the days on earth, somewhere along that decimal point.  We note that Gaia on earth is Tau or an alien being and 'Gaea' of the sun is Leo, however Gaea of the pleiades should be used here as the sun as well, so infact once more the rama story is not repeated or feminized (glamorized).  The pleiades is young and the sun traveled to it.  There are also stories of sumerian kings whom were tau and aries as well as grecian or more human ones.   This milky way must be a mere background image or a speck of dust compared to sacred constellations.
    -The true origin of good and evil are of the most recent Zodiac where Libra is six becomes seven in this order (libra being the most strong, delusively to the alien mind).  Karma is infact Cause and effect, ego is sound.  Where Divinity is a Christ or a Planet, Unity is purely human or strictly physical.  The ten-star esoteric wheel of Ezekiel becomes nine before 12.  Thus Ophios and Ophiomorphos (Ophiuchus is sagitti or scorpio in sagitti hence stellar death, clouds or shadows of light exist in this constellation), Apollo and Python, Osiris and Typhon, Christos and the Serpent correlating with the logos scheme.  However, we regard the serpent itself as a staff in Libra.  Oph is infact Serpentarius, or a christ spirit whom wields magic. At the same time, we think its the general earth within the milky way, and within its (the brahman's) internal body.  Leo as a Solar Phallic God, Libra as Half-Human Enoch of the Nephilim whom represents Metatron.  Dayus the Unrevealed God.  Geminian knowledge deep within the occult via science, Aquarius must be a cloud of some sort.  The Virgo-Libra cusp is broken(Libra is hidden) where it is Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo-Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, Aquarius, and Pisces.  The human as Scorpio and Capricorn as the same.  Virgo actually being the sister of Scorpio, is mother of gem.  The largest constellations in the occult are Leo, Pisces and Capricorn therefore responsible for great catastrophes such as war, turmoil and plague or what effect the earth greatly (see the inner 3-fold lotus scheme where 7 petals is sacred with 4 outer rims, and the three which reveal that represents either or human row, scheme size or other).  The logos as a slant (to galaxies) as opposed to the solar tilt (halo) as the lotus (to solar systems). 5 non-sacred solar logoi will not cycle the center of the galaxy whilst 7 sacred ones shall.  4 Came before 7 (Gem, Tau, Aries, Pisces.  Then comes Capricorn, Sag, Aqua). Aries and Tau arrive first around the atom of the center of the Galaxy (Christ child).  Capricorn must have bore scorpio in this system or universe (gem bore cancer, sag bore aries in this system whom bore cap which bore aqua, in the last system.  Tau bore Virgo whom bore Sag, Sag bore Cap in the last system, Aries was born from atomic matter or sound after Sag in the first universe.  Leo created Taurus in this system, a monad whom was born from Aries, Libra bore Pisces, also created by sound most recently in this system).  Pisces was last born of the prev universe.  Taurus bore the Pisces monad last which then rebore virgo (or presumed virgo then pisces in this universe).  Hence Tau is Muslimhood whom bore christianity, not buddhism.  Aries or hercules collided with a leo monad, scorpio collided with cancer which is why this milky way is created.  One thing is known, Scorpio is Ophiuchus of the last universe or wife of sagitti or the one whom dies (christ child).  War on earth or elsewhere is infact, returning to the spirit or purity, hence true goodness is infact sacrifice.  Materialism is finite, one can not see through walls yet can sense reality or materialism to the extent of even being born on other planets.  The atom is merely mutated after it passes from one star to the next, at one time to the next.  We or our solar system is part of the 5 (which includes Cancer as nature and its human constellations of Leo-Virgo, Libra, Scorpio-Oph in order).  2012 is the great division between good and evil.  Something tells us aquarius will be under pegasus and pisces under andromeda in the near or far future.  One must have returned to matter to become stupid.  The objective universe and the subjective (old and unknown) mind or only able to sense thought in time. Pisces must mean the apocalypse of this galaxy or system, eg the star as a galaxy moving downwards in space where all is spirit.  If the Milky way dies in Pisces it does so micro-cosmically via microcosmic time or simply slow time due to its revolution in a circle.  The Milky way is in Scorpio, it will travel via the zodiac next towards Pisces, therefore the alpha is the omega exoterically speaking of course and religion is defined.  Rama is also Cain as a figure whom weds leo (see uranus and gaia as our sun and the logos head as gas or sky), Sir lanka is connected to the masc rama sign of aries. It seems eden was sumatra and java just below sir lanka.  Sagitti is true sky, or siva cometh via the Lysergic fungi (lsd, currently chosen to be the most powerful drug on earth whom effects our brain) is death or being awake whilst trapped in a shell and known as true hell whom outperforms nature or the lotus itself, is indeed death.  When the world split java attached to Madagascar, the simian germ was there and moved upon the world from large land mass, where all is the same.  The body itself is fungi or turns into it hence once cells break down they regrow.  To defy the zodiac is black magic.  The brahmic equinox moves forward so slowly that aries was march 1st (today) billions of years ago.  The siddhas or sikhas are afraid of brahma, they must not want brahma to come.  The One divine movement or great act by god of which left earth untouched to create.
    Between Scorpio and Sagittarius below Hercules represents Ophiuchus, an older constellation connected to the ancient Zodiac and Capricorn (Christ overcame death in Pisces).  Jupiter fixed, injunction with Orion, Pegasus (via Pisces) and Sagittarius with Vulcan(virgo) and Aquarian oppositions. Serpens or The Serpent holder, is the serpent to Libra.  Capricorn and Libra represent Ophiuchus in mid-late december during the sidereal or union of the 1st and 7th ray!  To initiate it goes through the 2nd&3rd via the sun to the moon and finally earth eg 2nd ray moon>3rd earth>1st&7th sun in order. Capricorn must have been in the position of Ophiuchus upon creation.  Its past in prehistory must have been something like 2nd lunar>1st earth>7th sun.  It is Connected to these two distant constellations.  Now in an ecliptic tilt, Occult Secrets of immortality and healing were connected through the tale of this star towards human the race (66 degrees N and -66 S is true north or the north of the sun).  The Seven Portals.  The Lunar Zodiac is of where the four seasons are derived.  The Current Zodiac and the planet in study, change upon seasons and weather for example the Winds of Gemini, the hurricanes of Virgo or thunder and rains of Leo.  Hence Virgo is allergy season yet leo-virgo is hurricane season ie hurricanes are created by solar flares which hit a maxim when the allies with the sun's north, cools and curves.  Here we will reveal the secret to the magic ego of Oph.  The constellation itself is in reality, chronos of Capricorn.  The solar system(s) of all worlds itself is a dead body. Here we will reveal a note about brahmic dial turns upon the great globe, and non-bramic ones.  The non-bramic turns are a cause for weather patterns that are severe, ie gained winds in scorpio, or hurricanes in leo-virgo ie The bramic turns (cancer, aries, libra, capricorn) are not severe.  In pisces winter blizzards with heavy winds arise frequently, in taurus rainstorms, in gemini tornados, in sagittarius&aquarius death of lower-nature eg great freezes from the north.  If every cycle of the zodiac is 26,000 years (2,000 years or a day in humanity's age is a minute, the 14 manus are months in the great year eg; a day of brama becomes a caraṇan hour to a minute or smaller portion of time), our sun must be in Pisces-Leo-Capricorn because those are the largest constellations and they must also be the closest (see soul signs).  However, we still maintain our stance that it is from the Leo constellation, coincidentally we are also in a leo age so to speak (largest always means closest).  Capricorn and Cancer represent true evil or the evil empires (civilizations as empires of black magic or mere jinn) gained on earth, where lower nature ousts a divine or mystical unknown.  Cronos is told to oust its divine son, the eldest brother and clone of scorpius.  This much is known, the earth and its magnetism under scorpio become unusually strong outdoing even the aries sign and is the true reason why this sign is regarded the most dangerous of all the signs (proof is instruments with magnets tend to go berserk or haywire under this sign).  Orion is indubitably none other than leo, therefore leo and the scorpion die in a feud which represents civilizations remade upon civilizations or a great past.  However some mistaken orion for hercules yet hercules is an orion of previous worlds or unknown movements.  A past life is where your soul is a part of a race connected to the zodiac, even if your natal chart and sign is not eg say if your sign is scorpio, yet you are of the aquarian race of atla, a race of aquarius is atlantean, yet the remnant dna of a great body or clone in a higher plane is transmuted to form scorpio even if you are connected to that race of atla, your body is under a star in scorpio therefore you are truly not.  Natal charts are so precise as to give one the UTC time on a date of birth, eg the actual world clock overlaps into other countries, the UTC time does not.  UTC is 24 divided by 12 on both ends of the earth where 0 is significant as the number 12 or tropical zodiac.  UTC means GMT or Solar time zone of earth (minor note: a jew born of 3102 bce-0 bce after which the planetary germ becomes tropical under the sun or its polar rays hit earth after a few hundred years ie 2012 is infact 2060 or 3102 is 3123 to possibly 2040 bce).  If say you are a sidereal jew, your natal chart will be different on earth, yet if you are a semite it will be accurate.  Natal charts are infact evolution from other worlds, if a world is destroyed recently, that natal chart will effect your spirit which of course is the sad case of ascension from the body.  The body itself is like a flower or soft matter whether alien or not.  Even ice water can kill the body.  The feuds of being reborn via a star or the kronus effect as chaos or light in other zodiacs in particular sagitti and pisces is considered a jewish 'sidereal' effect or consciousness on another heavenly (lower?) plane where old blood remains as old, unnecessary or unwanted.  Besides for the Sivic Jews, only Capricorn is a tropical sign in the sidereal or a part of the physical plane.  Your body and soul is not another's soul, basically.  The illusion is Capricorn was once a part of Oph, (where Libra was one week) amongst the tropical zodiac long ago in prehistory before the sidereal when 10 was 13 yet after 12. 306 million years ago equates to the end of a day of brahma or beg of the next day, therefore brahma begins for another 4 billion years as 1 day of the universe. 
    -A sagittarian Thor's hammer (nuclear bomb or an advanced unworldly weapon) was unleashed in india against africa (see norse gods eg gemini as loki or sakan giants of india whom rebelled).  The Nordes helped India in creating a weapon which could destroy mountains to defeat africa (85k years ago, africa was a great cause of dismay and was planning to invade india because of the pole-shift).  Loki is literally able to possess beings straight from its or his hell it seems (transmute consciousness effectively or through purity & burned up karma).  The reason why the africans are truly regarded as young souls or inexperienced is because of the planet Yesod, Yesod represents all of lower nature on earth and off of it.  Yesod is infact the orange chakra, yet it is regarded as a union of matter or experience...hence lower nature tries to decieve higher nature or the hiearchy, it, or young souls in lower nature prevents this.  However, only the masters seem to understand that even the red root chakra is the highest above a monad or nirvana (anupadaka or 49 layers as 49 levels) in the astral plane.  The Eddas or Vedas of Asgard and the 9 worlds is 9 known worlds which the aryans conquered and ruled, one of these worlds, the world of the elves is in the pleiades (dwarves are aliens, elves are human).  Midearth or earth is considered a primitive insignificant world to these 9 levels of heaven and the tree of life ( we assume the 9 worlds are a heirachy in space, eg world of fire is the known universe, world of asgard (africans are from cities in asgard whom navigated into new asgard or morocco, however they are evolved in africa, they are unworldly and native ie cheribs connected to beezlebub&the sumerians (hence the majority of the human race are sumerian or genetics are hindi sumerian&middle-eastern derived).  They or their skin comes from the planet mars and india though, as do the nordes have blonde skin because of lacking sunlight, where the age is truly great) is andromeda or sirius is a past world whom degenerated etc).  The red cherib-like sumerians of orion and their weak star seems to have caught up with our sun via the hierarchy only to defeat it.  The deadly aspects of karma or a true defeat by god's hand.  The arya are cosmically experienced, however the africans are inexperienced because they come after the 4rth and 2nd race.  The only reason why their land is untamed is because its population is barely a billion whilst china whom is 3 times its size is more populated.  There simply isn't enough humans to populate and tame africa's untamed nature.  If a small pebble is fast enough it can destroy a large object in the vacuum of space and leave a large crater, however usually elemental forces slow it down.  They are the ones of race whom lived with enoch and comprehended the 7 solar monads completely, however to defeat them requires knowledge of the sign of scorpio.  The craters on earth are due to large objects.  Valhalla is a hall of the giants therefore a giant city or satellite in space, where mankind did achieve greatness (a taurian star named Sleipnir, an 8 legged horse whom lost its master held asgard under aquarius whom's father and mother were born under Gemini like how Urania and Gaia bore the logoi. However, the occult attributes the star's name to Vallaha, hence asgard is lost in space within the pleaides itself).  Sleipnir is sometimes aquated to valhalla to the nords.  These beings traveled from its star to earth at times.  It is infact a capital building in the golden city or great hall similar to the world government capital cities of today.  For the doctrine sites that Germania came before Greece and world depopulation brings declination and stagnate progress.  The Sky never changes. Zeus comes before Hercules whom comes before Odin.  Jehovah must mean non-initiate or inexperienced being unless a christ or holy person.  Ho, the belated sagittarian sign! Lest it be Leo or Cancer in its present form.  Therefore Baal is a Jehovah in the guise of a christ whom both jews, sumerians and greeks worshiped (the greeks are not sumerian, they are infact liers whom are not cursed, their consciousness truly falls under but a few thousand years, they&their mannerism are similar to the ultimate glorification of a false god or false teaching under the cancer sign itself...their family lineage is often miscounted for).  The Greeks themselves would severely demoralize or slain children in worship of not virgo but yet the capricious feminine germs as venus itself (children are in nature the ultimate form of elemental, because they lack experience that non-human germs derive or represent the inexperienced germ in nature as old and worn ie they are easily possessed by elementals or some passform early on in their life or many lives).  The Jews and Greeks of this earth are speculated to be Muslim rather than Christian or Buddhistic.  However, they do not lie for they are of a northern star system. The Aryans or Aryan Daka are not interested in earth, however they know brahma as a cosmic conscious fairly well.  Phaeton (venus) pierces the top corner (and equator) of the globe or orb-like sphere by striking it hence to strike the heavens.
    Difference was before this in position of the Sun and Earth, temperance or the weaker becomes stronger and vice versa.  Permanent Phases of weather were or must have once been infinitely correlated with the zodiac because of alignment of the sphere in stages of prehistory.  The hindu year marks the precession of life under brahma every 13,000 years (26,000 to the alien form) containing four cycles for a complete revolution.  The realization in Aquarius (subjective latent consciousness in aries, duality in gemini, mass in cancer, individualism in leo; eg the perfect son, equilibrium in libra, group in aquarius).  The sun will die in the leo constellation.  A master's life is equivalent to 3,000 human or reincarnated lives.  So powerful is he as to have the ability to traverse lifetimes, and even remember them within the cosmos of another globe.  What islam teaches is for people to enter cosmic pralaya or nitya the great night (and day) of brama (the cosmos, a cosmic branch of space or tree of life).  To lose your soul is to be reborn in the next system.  Hence Islam must hide a form of Christianity or a total death of the form.  Minor note: Greek legends say Cepheus will wed Andromeda in the future, therefore your sun will die silently and other stars will be devourered (sliced or cut open) by Andromeda.   Andromeda weds or is saved by Perseus means she prevails over matter.  Perseus is the one whom enters leo and defeats the dragon medusa (veiling virgo/aries prob scorpio or leo in maya equates to Gemini) or the seventh ray.  Something tells us this background galaxy is much smaller than Andromeda.  A few stars enter it, all die.  Good will finally prevail over evil.  The death of the milky way.  A great evil awakened inside us on Dec 21st 2012 which signifies a movement or a poleshift in the far future.  Hercules (triangulum is similar to M33? M83 is a connection to virgo with its own alien form of Hercules? who knows..) collides first with the milky way, the secret of aries is revealed.  Exoterically it must have passed right above us to unleash venus from its grasp, M33 below it hence andromeda is left or comes unscaved.  Under Libra, the axis of earth's shadow and the sun's light hit venus as well.  Galaxies near the zodiac must be full of life or a part of the zodiacal constellations themselves.  There must only be lifeless galaxies in the non-zodiacal spheres with the exception of Ursa Major giving life to earth. Here we will reveal the true form of the universe, the universe is a flat horizontal plane or galactic ring via the zodiac.  This ring is in turn a germ whom resides in its center.  Beyond the flat plane are more flat planes whom make up leaves.  These leaves resemble a lotus flower with sharp points  where light spreads to nothingness or dead space at the end points.  There resides 7 suns of god, whom were derived from left-over radiation (quasars in science) or enormous black holes traveling far beyond the speed of light.  Here the material universe itself is the lotus form separate from the immaterial one.  The distance is great, and here also reveals where their power or sorcery is taken from in order to manipulate matter.  Hence sorcery must mean to manipulate matter, however we may even equate it to misfortunes and evil deeds.  The sphere one sees in science with their technology or telescopic light sensors is in actuality a flat circle of light eg the ring of the zodiac. The suns of god or their spirits do indeed sink into an astral form of a star therefore they are regarded as part of the zodiac themselves.  However if one were to look at the light as the germ from that distance one would not see a circle, but yet a random germ or seed with no center.  The quasars themselves are the 7 dead monads from the previous universe and are enormous.  The previous universe must not have had water present, therefore devoid of organic form and life eg non-human. The universe can simply not create dead radiation therefore we are not looking at a form of creation or a younger universe but yet an older one.  More proof is a younger universe would need to be born via explosion of violent energy.  Quasars are not explosions but black holes, or remnance of explosions which represent the tiny leaves surrounding the center of the lotus in the occult. God or the zodiac must be an equatorial region for life in our present universe.  Siva is Sagitti, the bow or the sun path as the X in space.  The atoms themselves are dead space and elements of which is not breathing or moving.  The Sun may very well turn into a dwarf star or comet after the elemental energies depart from it or it turns into some type of nebula because the sun will get to cold therefore it will have to get smaller and release energy.  Electricity is made from water which turns into ether hence electricity is the great purifier whilst water is a polluter of sorts.  To predict these events, brahma-vishnu-shiva is put into effect with its zodiac, as all appear the same.
    *The relevance of Darwin, or where Darwinism comes to being, the Desert Dimetrodon still active or alive in small islands as an island tree lizard (see also the phillipino sail-fin lizard), the first birds (bats) such as the archeopteryx and once large velociraptor of Northern Asia, the dead species of the ice age.  The power of evolution or devolution.  The komodo lives on land and resembles a four-legged allosaur.  Yet still there is documented evidence of the austrailian Megalania, a giant monitor lizard eating humans, still living in regions of austrailia.  The Galapagos islands were isolated since the dawn of time, as a part of the dinosaurian yucatan which is the reason for its awkward genetics (the dimetrodon is from this particular continent, and the fin is evident on some lizards on these particular isles).  The Iguana and smaller lizards come from this family, however the komodo of the east indies and indonesia is possibly related to the two legged dinosaurs (see also Xuanhanosaurus).  Hence proof large dinosaurs whom ruled the land were dull in appearance, whilst the smaller ones gained color from the environment.  The prehistoric tuna is left unchanged for millions of years. Therefore we are like mites to these creatures.  Mammoths evolved into elephants via the elephant family, the evolutionary steps of the ice ages.  The Geminian parakeets or breeds of cats.  The intelligent Cancerian Pig or Demonic Bison.  Scorpioness or libran Cicadas are an intrusive species of this earth whom represent 13 and 7, however like the atlanteans they are alien in design with hidden gene traits.  As is the june beetle cancer, so is the cicada capricious.  True origins of the reptilian fish-eating Birds (2 legged lizards or lizard-like amphibians hence today's reptiles or reptilian skulls on earth mirror not the tectonic plates) are from southern continents such as Lemuria therefore unknown to us eg feathers were before fur yet genetically are the same.  The squirrel is lemurian or capricious ie the what seems to be overly buddhaic virgo sign.  Tropical fish are transexual and feminine, hence if a female of its species dies the males turn their organs female.  We may go as far as the gorilla species being connected to the zodiac or cancer sign.  Mammals are lizards whom could not fly (proof is in the unknown evolution of the beak), for them to grow so large on small islands is but an illusion for they evolved large on the continents as of late prior to 18 million years ago.   Proof the polar months were hot or temperate (around 60 degrees f) in prehistoric times is that the duck-billed dinosaurs occupied Alaska (Antarctica and Greenland were forests that are isolated, however even if the duck-billed dinosaurs could swim, they could not do so across vast oceans, or were driven by the extinction event up north hence bones of the domed head Pachycephalosaurus is found in upper newfoundland, also coincidentally near the ocean instead of deep within its hilly terrain).  These lizards were small in south african antarctica, however the land mass grew, so they naturally grew with its size (where not even the weather&water of the southern tip, but the ozone itself is silent and stagnate with adherence to cosmic force).  The Ankylosaurus is present in the east coast however the Appalachian mts were present during adonis and a fossilized foot print can go far.  The rockies were infact the eastern coast shore without the east coast itself risen, is why a rare find of a footprint can turn up in say Bethesda, maryland or what not (and it has been identified by the masters that a small portion of maryland which splits off via the potamic is not infact the eastern block but a split from a merger hence from maryland-to philadelphia-to albany ny is a slab or division from adonis which follows the potomac or its slab actually fell out of place).  The Leviathan is a recently extinct flying lizard or dinosaur whom resembles a dragon of the middle-east.  The Wanderoo is the species of the mythical figure 'Hanuman', closest related to virgo as the great sacrifice.  The aquarian hippopotamus hunted by libran egyptians for sport.  The giraffe under Leo and/or Gemini sleeps half an hour a day, and could be piscean yet is cancer.  The Platypus is a south antarctic creature (as is the fern plant), therefore cold-blooded where the thumb nail attributes of herbivores (as opposed to claw) prove man-kinds true evolution or rapid, well slow, expense of energy (when one's eyes redden, this indicates emotion or discomfort).  One thing is known about the animal/mineral&vegetable kingdoms, there is a genetic link from the cosmos to the form or its physical plane via the logoi.  Numerous species within size genetics combined with beak evolution in small islands.  North Asia is as old as the second race.  The whale was once a mighty carnivore, now retributing for past karma.  Oceanic Migrations of sea life now die off the coast of Africa in confusion, whilst the Camel originally came from the Americas was introduced to the new continent.  Florida is a coral reef proof is the movement of the east coast 47 to 85 yrs ago.  So it seems the east coast slid and collapsed from a square formation via pushed by water or the peninsula of florida was risen from under water.  The James bay fills via the hudson or great lakes, It must have not been directly in the james bay but over nova scotia..the reason its formed like that is the land was let loose or water turns into land, and floats basically.  Even Sumerian drinks such as scandinavian whiskey has prehistoric roots from organisms whom died collectively millions of years ago.  Land is created.  A great circle comes into play.  Nature and its organisms against its environment.  More recent the Caledonian Bears and the Eastern (East Coast) Americas have changed or became smaller.   The moose is arabic.  In the vedas, 1989 will be 2046, the american sakas of the fifth race will occupy northern brasil, cities will rise with great populations amidst nature will give way to commerce.  They sometimes mention new york as the city of giants, however this city is cut off by new jersey.  A city like new york will arise, not near brasilia but in the vicinity of chile and brasil (Rondonia).  There must have been a great continent in the pacific or one volcanic land mass in prehistoric times, where oceans were small (one in the pacific and another smaller southern 'atlantic' one where the eastern american coast is new and europe, the north-pole).  It is plausible the plesiosaur exists in the scottish lochness highlands or great lakes, if dinosaurs were cold-blooded creatures whom lived in the arctic, many sea bearing ones could still be in existence if isolated.  Dinosaurs on land and sea are known to be arctic animals due to their size, therefore their skin on land is most likely varies from tropical to dull without pattern.  Proof is the fossilized remains in the highlands of the north.  The Simian, a marsupial or product of Madagascar whom was once Australia from Antarctica turned into africa.  A land flipping, changing and turning like a ship similar to the theory of england's creation.
      Hence Eco-systems on small islands and birth of lower nature are given consideration via Darwin's theory.  Like the raptor, birds hugged the bark on the trees of the forest steppe against the hilly mud-like terrain, watery swamps, lakes and beached mountain ranges.  The white leg-spotted Sabre-tooth cat must have been connected to the Lion family, where it is evident in the cubs.  The Virgoan Arabic European race horse and its lemurian third-race ice age counterparts (hence the vampirical carpathian mountains in romania are virgoan).  3-eyed Triops are the evolutionary product of the famed tripods or trilobytes of the Triassic period.  The common gold fish is from the Pacific ocean, once a giant like the prehistoric sun fish, however split into ponds via the gobi (the creature itself can outlive the human form at times, spanning a mere 30 years in its life-cycle in the wild, during a captive environment or in captivity).  The american pig is an animal from sumeria created by black magic (human genes and a wild boar) via an unknown higher nature or advanced man hence the cyclopian traits and pure bred human colored flesh and skin.  The salamander or its relative fish on land is man and animal.  What is interesting about the monkey species is they are like a breed of flower grown in various forms, on one area of the earth eg Madagascar.  The unseen Dog to whale transition takes millions of years as does its various domesticated imbred species take less than a few thousand. The Cat has had to be an arabic wild kaffir cat, whom survived great winters therefore their species regards fur with high value yet the origin is unknown for Reptillian or draconian cats seem to 'lie' alot.  Asian Indian hindu Cats must not like or understand humans for karmic reasons and a fighting for habitats.  They are exotic yet nomadic and private animals.  The Billion strong recently extinct Passenger Pigeon of the bible.  The barbarians whom kill whales in the atlantic do so because they know not the intelligence of the species.  Whales are of the second race, they are superior.  They were once marsupials, or dog-like marsupials from India which was once the tethys sea and had survived because of 'superior hearing'.  What the humans are doing is collecting karma for their ego.  The fact is that the Faroe islands has channels which resemble those of atlantis because it is a small remnant of it.  The whole panhandle of the east coast was dettached from the gulf of mexico, it rose in the mid-atlantic after it detached from south america itself (see also Worldmap for the creation of New York from a block formation).  Shetland is a viking colony of europa or modern day europe, however this piece of land came directly from the coast of diatya's northern tip (faroe isles) or was never truly attached.  Although it broke away from the tip of Atlantis (Daitya), it did so upon the great pole-shift.  The island that broke away and diminished into an island was the copperhead's horn or spike basically.  It sank under the waters near where South Carolina is today.  At this time the isle was as large as rhode island and remains this large til this day in venezuala.  The east coast had moved into the atlantic to fall into place, however the Copperhead isle (at this time known as Udal) by between 85kbce-today became Venezuala (see in detail waterway map).  Udal was infact relevant to the atlanteans because the continent diminished to a certain size from a great one.  The faroe isles are not, they are simply a tip of a lead pencil whom broke off.  The whales are but trying to navigate the channels for feeding on plankton.  They find these islands on purpose to be 'massacred.'  The atlanteans knew of elemental sciences, although they practiced sorcery they were infact not capricious.  The magic involved was more of an ending rather than a beginning or an adult whom notices what a child sees and denies the spoiled child's thoughtforms.  If tau is maya then leo is absolute maya and scorpio the ultimate form.  Hence a magician makes a car float from unearthly principles in maya, yet a civilization makes the car run through earthly principles such as science or magic is simply a temporary way of entertaining the naive mind through technology even.  Once again, the atlanteans were vegetarians.  In the future the small-eyed asiatic scythians or asians cousins will be low in number like their Japanese cousins are today.  The muscle expression or smile of the facial features is a simian lower degenerate trait as is the capricious aquarian hummingbird 5 year cycle a advanced trait.  Age and time does not matter in the occult.  A 100 yr lifespan is equivalent to a five year one and unworldly traits or spans of time are akin to other worlds even.  Simple traits of the island pacific marsupial tell us this natural course. Something tells us mammalian organisms were on earth since prehistoric ages yet the larger ones coincided with dinosaurs via the Pleistocene or a lemurian ice-age prior to the pole-shift where the poles were even, the land was one, yet the earth was cooling.  However, the fossilized prehistoric fish such as the Dunkleosteus are still alive today, caught off the coastal waters of australia! Note to the reader, the ice-age is shear death, a deep freeze in space, and alien environment to earth, the result of black magic.  Madagascar must be a floating island or ship in infinite time.  The lunar spirit is cancerian, every molecule and branch of the microcosm becomes the same, a dead body born into a new one where a christ and a child or a cat can very well be the same in conscioussness where nests of mushrooms and fungi once grew.  The key to the sephiroth is the cancerian form itself as the ultimate truth or white magic (the sephir attributes alien aspects to worlds itself, the 9 worlds are more native to the milky way galaxy).  Could the lunar zodiac have been a 10 star zodiac under Sirius in Libra and Binah in Cancer?  The moon has a dead or frozen core.  It travels through space like a disc or halo which goes to the equator and downwards in a tilt or near perfect circle (an oval) every year.  From earth it appears to do this every 11-to-15 days due to the gyrations of the moon moving on this path.  The moon's birth or mating and union occurred near the equator where no significant damage but for on the atmosphere, did the womb give birth to the virgin egg, whilst some mistaken it for vulcan whom struck the Australian lower belt where a giant scar resides.  Lizards, mammals and birds evolve their size in their respected ecosystems. 
    The Mayan calendar dates each Zodiacal year as 26,000 years or an unknown alignment, and significant event which dates well into the hindu age with parts of the indo-chinese or indigenous age as the latest round before the most recent periodic ice age. The sun spins via the equator in circles or atomically while in rotation each day of the zodiac.  Its horizon is aligned with the body of the zodiac.  The rocks of Capricorn crystallize upon the caves of virgo. The vulcanized peoples of the world. The occult does not believe in this.  The age is so great its true significance is unknown eg 40 zodiacal years is One Million earth years which leads to no significance with the great catastrophes upon humanity circa 20000-5000 BC or the Earth healing and man reemerging (in 3102-3142 bce to be precise, the mean motion or rotation of the moon is calculated from India ... 9d 7h 45m 1s instead of 7days therefore 21 becomes 27, here it is a given because the moon is slowing from its original 6 hour-to-day orbital cycle) upon 3114 bc in the Mayan Calendar.  The lunar rotation is a disc that forms in space every 10 years via a lotus-like spin.   If anything a cleansing or evolutionary expectation.  Insignificant sunspots, or minor shifts.  2012 may (march.8.2011 tbp) as well occur in 20,000 AD (a sign now of the rise of hurricanes and weather related events).  If south western russia and europe has climates of 110 degrees Fahrenheit during summer and neg zero degrees in their winters, this can only mean one thing.  Air creates heat, and air from the middle-east is driven up north during the winters.  This must def be the case seeing how the latitude of these countries are positioned at the same coordinates as upper regions of canada.  The earth much larger than it seems, the sun's path is great in time through the slow moving zodiac.  Much like how comets deter certain species, its of no importance.  Like the solar and lunar eclipse, This could be a repetitive or regenerative occurrence which happens yearly.  Knowledge attained, The 2012 cosmic wave from the darkrift is set to reach here by 2060 in its age of Pisces (somehow connected to rudra-siva, the 'drunk god' connected to Michael or the one whom is drunk whilst sober and sober whilst drunk or the third decan under the sidereal, bringer of diseases&death) eg since 2007 the stars (planets) are now one month back or in their (a) sidereal position from their respected tropical zodiac, of which last it occurred or finished the 12 star alignment was 500 bc-0bce.  We do not know the precision of the great realignment because it took hundreds of years to realign to the tropical once more in 3000-400 bc, where as the few 100 years ago earthquakes in Kali within mankind, was heightened instantaneously into the sidereal, notably started on 1998 and most recently around 2008 due to its path for the last 300 years.  The year 2005 alone was an immense sun flare (light from Aldebaran? A final change in the sun's path from pisces to aquarius?) whom heated the clouds slightly in late august. The dangers of virgo mean the maha yugas repeating themselves it seems. Kali, etc was repeated 71 times. It is on its 72nd cycle or the end of days.  306m yrs ago life began on earth at least on the land, where land appeared.  Usually under the pole star of aquarius the east coast is hit by cold winters or air from the siberias unto the americas.  The yuga was repeated 71 times. Before 306 was the satya yuga ending.  The satya yuga was 4.32 billion years long or 1 day of brahma.  Also it was when the earth left Ursa Major as a group of the north stars.  The Jetstream is a magnetic bend, however we noted it is going more north eastwards from north america, hence the magnetic pole is going to siberia.  The end of days is noted.  Thus Kali was prepared for the coming thousands of years.
    *The unseen sign of the start of kali started in macara as capricorn on the 13th sign of the 13th degree known as the Night of Brahma.  The sun will sink under the 13th degree and 11th parallel. Comprehension of the Naimittika or end of solar system.  Their is a Nitya pralaya afterwards of the creation and so on (4rth change constant, birth and death).  The Pleiades worshiped by the sidereal, is a new constellation or a seed yet to make a revolution around the galaxy.  Vulcan strikes the earth 26k years (in cometary to planetary phase hence it gashes the earth as a comet during 47m bce and strangles the sun as a star during an unknown number or cycle of as far as 10 billion years ago), the poles invert or turn around completely in a 360 motion 3 times changing land mass via water as weight or skin (only water turned, ie only water can travel under great mass).  The human zodiac is created from nothing, another zodiacal pralaya or shared by the non-human in existence.  What appears north and south is simply the earth's awkward alignment and the sun's path curving into a straight one.  If Altair represents future consciousness and Arcturus present (arcturus is indirectly connected to scorpius&Alcyone is Libra, whilst Altair is Aquarius/Leo), then Alcyone teamed with Sirius is the past.  The blind sister of the Pleaides named Merope is also Libra in cohorts with alcor becomes the sign of the angels as elemental beings.  The Pleiades is its thradle or throne.  Therefore the Sun moves towards the summer, away from birth or over the Pleiades (science must be looking at the galaxy upside-down basically, naturally a simian born from the germ of the southern islands would have to) or more concisely over the shoulder of Orion and taurus basically.  The milky way is on the shoulder of Cancer's body bordering pisces in Andromeda and the earth is in orion's arm.  A group of stars which science says formed 100 million years ago. If 994 maha yugas is the age of the earth, then it is repeated 72 times.  Seventy one of those times are the maha yuga without the satya yuga.  The satya yuga came before it, it continued in the other yugas and was repeated 72 times to its present day and age. 71 manus must have occurred yet 994 or 14 manus was an invented number as part of the Satya yuga.  So the illusion here is 306 million years + 71 yugas.  The 71 yugas represent lower nature in a human or evolutionary state.  The 306 represents the beg of life on earth.  The third eye is naturally incomplete. Leviathon is not simply a sea monster but yet stars in sagitti as dust or cycling angels of light in its immense magnitude and dwarfed light spectrum aka cosmic fire or the massive and small.  Some say Capella was a star of the North 220 million years ago, this may be correct for the rays mimick the pupil and fish have human eyes.  However, the star that precedes it was connected to Libra in Draco, the atlantean star is even older!  The 7 rishis in Ursa Major are sacred non-human signs, ie alkaid in capricorn, Mizar A&B along with Alcor in Aries, Merak in Taurus, Alioth in Aquarius, Megrez in Pisces, Dubhe in Sag and Phad in Gemini.  However, the occult states Vulcan and the outer planets are responsible for the outer rings where as Mizar's planet Malkuth are responsible for the inner rings.  Our sun is the fallen angel of Malkuth or old earth, however it is regarded as a shield or protectorate, a reincarnating spirit that did not die.  When Ursa Major left as the northern stars, the star in draco was its north 360 million years ago (306 eso speaking).  When the jews arrived on earth they came via an ark or space capsule which could go through some sort of time flux from their home world, but if they were to arrive here consciously it would only be with their est of 220 million years.  The fem ages or odd means evolution via the left or neg, the masc ages or even numbers mean devolution via the right or pos (see also 1st, 3rd and 5th ages as fem, 2nd, 4rth and 6th ages as masc under the globe or sphere with water or fermentation).  It takes thousands of years for a transition of an age on earth to occur and hundreds of years for a pole shift to finish.  We presume the notch or tick moves back in sagitti under its epsilon point or farthest point from the earth in winter to reset every 4 years.  Yet these time frames or intervals quicken due to the life-cycle of the planet.  Nature as Cancer in opposition to Libra in personality and past eg the wives of hercules as zodiacal or Pisces-Virgo-Libra. For months the waters dried up the lands, ending in Pisces. 
    -Here reveals the secret upon the destruction of Atlantis  (brahma is younger than siva of which is more primitive than the beauty or sensation of vishnu and creative powers of brahma combined), the great fires reigned under Aries and the Great Waters as well, (possibly started under Pisces in the Hindu Age albeit Pisces is Aries in the Sidereal).  The Vishnic signs mimick brahma and their cities get buried.  1000 ages constitute to one day of brahma in Atlantida.  The evil masses will be revealed from the good.  If Ares is Mars in aries personality or non-initiation, then aphrodite is capricorn or actually pisces veiling capricorn (eros) in this system as a human libra as eve.  However, the false lover of adonis can only be a star under libra against this geminian sivic being.  Capricorn must have turned into Pisces via the Typhoon Set.  Capricorn is Ausur or a Pacific rift valley typhoon whom was larger but died out more quickly than its companion typhoon set.  Set went across land well into asia.  Therefore Capricorn turns into Pisces (lower-nature).  A hidden occult meaning lies in the following where in fact Aries follows Gemini as opposed to the personality's opposite or opposition.  A Great Comet passes near earth (Zeus, connected to the alien creation of the jewish homeworld). Meteors were under Gemini, where the cosmic destruction is the odd numbers of the zodiac upon earth, hence this personality's fear of which is revealed by scorpio.  Planets moved against us under Sagittarius.  Death in Aquarius.  Hence, lower life is controlled.  The start of Kali Yuga in Virgo was a time of the great rains on earth which swallowed the lands(most probably started in September or Hurricane season in a time with its closeness of galaxies like cancer is to stars, etc.) eg the seven rays become the 7 suns, the brahmic use of shiva in the third pralaya of individualism (to control the animals on the lower plane) at its first time since the last system, turns the solar planets.  The last or third pole-shift occurred through or by black magic prevailing.  Life on the sphere will soon burn in cancer and quake in capricorn. The warm waters from the south pacific must have rushed northwards onto Atlantis via the north alaskan break and Europe as well pushing its frozen waters over the continental cities.  Basically before Atlantis the atlantic ridge was tilted or slanted (towards russia) and not as perpendicular as one may have thought. The bowels of the earth heal its northern tip or head covering the remaining islands completely.  The atlantic ocean, whom's tectonic scar never moved must be a river of some sort.  There must have been 4 continents.  Greenland is Asgard (whom becomes Africa to lower nature or the sumerians) whom splits into or resides over Ruta (iceland), Daitya (sunken), and Atla (greenland isle).  Hence Greenland never really flipped, but reformed, it tried to flip and failed in other words or went back to its original position by crashing against russia and northern europe then later siberia and alaska hence it rocked forward then back but never actually flipped persay.  Briton itself is told to flip or pull a Madagascar so to speak (turn slightly or simply go up).  Whilst Daitya and Greenland were primarily buddhaic in religion, Rudra-siva aka ruta (the aryan continent of ruta) and its silver cities was muslim.  Rudra-siva is an aspect or god of every sign in the third decan, however most apparent under the Michael signs.  Atla actually did flip, it is the only continent to do so.  It resided above the hudson river so to speak or in glamorized lingo, on top of the world.  Land never flips unless water is able to travel in a 360 degree motion, and the mass is small enough.  Briton never flipped, persay, for it is impossible to do so next to a continent with large mass such as europe and norway.  The Universal spirit slumbers upon its wake.  Some esoteric significance will be mentioned here for the masters.  Here is some facts about the first age earth.  If Papua Guinea is connected to the island in China whom separated, this can only mean one thing.  Sir Lanka (now the middle-east) is connected to Japan upon the first age of earth.  The fourth is simply atomic change.
    The causal body is the body which draws upon that which is white on the mental plane.  The lowest abstract plane where the cloaked white being is portrayed to upset balances and where Gemini brings the necessary light for construction when coordinated by lords of the flame.  Vibrant colors become a new when defeated.  This manifests a new ego, and a transition or moving forward for higher beings to incarnate and lower ones left behind. 9 vibrations of the third subplane.  The triangle of fire on the mental plane via innate instincts of the fourth, or distant past. Antaskarana, a healing symbol to reverse the triangle.  To reduce the center of flames into unity by heavenly man.  Keys to work with the lower personal self (It is wise to note some jewish beings, of certain races actually, explain manvantara as a place of absolute hell, or a loss of one's soul...this is true for only those who rebel against consciousness may enter the great sleep, or not to heal).  The display of work via the 9 and 3 hidden petal lotus which appear as 12 and reveal the diamond into 3 permanent atoms.  There is an astral and physical permanent atom.  The father in heaven, and his holy ghost is then revealed.  The 10 directions of his holy car is the Dsaratha or Solar King, 9 becomes 10. The Maya, Reality and Illusion aspect of the three (brahma, vishnu, shiva). Rare works occur, siva works with vishnu and destroys, when with brahma it changes.  It is possible the cosmic christ is the son of Aries of whom turns into a Sphere of light, therefore Siva is made so it can die but does not.  To pinpoint the light in the spiral through darkness is truly difficult.  The Siva uses of Vishnu.  Siva represents a great tree who grew up in the past and died, whilst Siva's son represents a tree whom spawned from that great tree to be later struck by lightning.  Hence siva is the regenerator as well.  The lemurian scientist under Gemini within the inner-rings.  However, Siva himself is still the son or does not fully know the father (space, the shadow).  If mt meru (star meru in aquarius aka fomalhaut will go through pisces into aries upon death of our milky way galaxy) is the top of the world, as the earth turned the friction of the planet caused the atlantic sheet to crack and collapse the moon must have been a major factor in changing or carrying the earth's pole from north to south atomically.  The Sun never changes, however those whom reach heaven or the heavenly planets do so limited due to karma, therefore the buddha was elevated into heaven far above the rest.  The earth must have been rotating very quickly like a grinder (the earth turns however the ice sheet must not have at the same pace).  This is also how the ice-plate collapsed, or cooled (warmed then collapsed).  Greece defiles india or is the one whom has intercourse with india in this round, however the germ remains in its race or its body not yet defiled.  Rudra has the prototypes of Kumura the virgin god, and St. Michael.  Here explains the Son of Zeus as civilization is indeed Israel as a piscean false god or prophet of so-called 'divine' nature (a personality or elementals as god eg a thrown as the body or form).  The island of Ruta or Greenland itself is suggested of a mountain siva-like baboon animal of the cold.  Mt hermon is a non-initiating mountain or a mountain whom was cut down to size by seth therefore affiliated with non-intiation or man reduced in its abilities to reach god via personality.  The Sumerians and Israelites must be a type of non-initiating race of some sort.  However, one notes similarities with the atlantean city nuuk, and its affiliation with the same god 'Baal' in a similar manner as lower or next of kin to only Zeus eg the false god or prophet is a non-initiate similar to Baal (a cancerian entity, first form of siva under brahma or mimicker of zeus eg lower-nature in its ultimate glory) or an elemental body with mere elemental mind tricks regarding itself higher then the collective during these times of atlantis.  Therefore Mt Hermon is in actuality a worship of Baal and not Seth as scripture may presume (siva-rudra>kumaras&its sons>zeus>sons of zeus as races eg it is a dead child or the seeds of humanity, winning or competition is not really a factor in the occult, like holding one's breath for a long time..elemental forces would give rise and break the form).  What happened was during the times of atlantis ashuras were mimicking the divine races when in fact they were but mimicking a fallen or dead star, due to their sin they could not retrieve good karma (karma is a wrong move on both sides, dharma is a move on oneside).  Those whom sin upon a greater sin will eat their own brains so to speak, they will return to the nether regions of hell as a microbial lifeform.  Africans tend to mimick the ashura race best, a race upon the great fall, as well to the fact that they also mimick the cancer sign or an archetype of false light from the heavens, a worship of a child or children.  The races whom fear seth are indeed seth or the african races of alcor (cheribs of alcor&mizar tbp all under twin suns in aries) hidden or veiled within the logos themselves, not their illusive or falsely hidden past lives. Burmese and Thai races are regarded no different than the germanic at times (nordic arya or norwegian is caucus, thai is japanese turk).  The asians truly are unique or native to this world. The first decan in siva, specifically gemini, must not be fully integrated. Hence the Brahma orifice.
    Besides for the devas unknown to man, these sections will show levels of devas. There are devas who control the physical and astral planes.  The liquid devas of matter or planetary logos (second), the atomic devas of the monads (first level), animal devas, the heaven and hell devas, astral or thoughtform devas, and the passionate devas affiliated with fire elementals.  The devotees of various fates such as the master Jesus is of higher forms. Perhaps he was controlled by a greater ghost in some respects.  Ray, Zodiacal and Solar stimulation from the heart of the Sun. Initiates are adapted by the central tier of the lotus and is the transition from the astral to the buddhi.  The fire devas of essence, incense transmutation melting purifications (the water and blood aspect) and so on.  Electric, Solar, and Friction (see above) is in essence the diamond bud, petals and lower planes of the lotus.  The lord of life prevails over all, which consumes both solar and lunar pitris.  Lunar dominates until its power wanes for its maker.  The Lunar Phases or rotations are every 10 years a 23 degree tilt and every 8.88 years a full lotus cycle of the oval form with a constant 5 degree wobble up then down every 11 days or gyrations that occur precisely in a month at a sidereal position angle of 2.61 degrees north away from the earth (a non-rotational female face of 27 days or 15 zodiacal stars precisely).  It is precisely 25.1 degrees with 2.61 sidereal north added and has a constant up and down wobble of 5.21 degrees.  All is left in darkness (in darkness the atom changes, in Light it does not).  The commencement of the first of 2 Kalis in the eye of Taurus and wheat year of Virgo.  Age of Man rising from barbarism began in kali-yuga under the age of taurus 3102 bce.  The degeneration of life, where the sign Taurus connects itself to the lowest red-root chakra.  Earth has had five Polar stars or movements (see greatbear, polaris, thuban, hercules and vega ref).  The germ does not move from location to location but dies.  A Proven Atlantis of Mankind as the Sagittarian strong arm in reality.  They say Capricorn is the younger brother of cancer whilst aries is its elder.  The father of Remus or rome must indeed be capricious if they are to progress so fast in this round (Romulus and Remus were given birth in Capricorn by beings of troy, Ares and Rhea in Aries and Capricorn hence Rome never ventures east).  Due to lack of knowledge, it may be Aries-Capricorn which Uranus fell over Capricorn and Neptune under as well albeit it may be Aries as a given alone, in Spring or Illusion for which lower nature breeds or spawns.  The sun enters from the perihelion or epsilon in mathematics therefore aquarius is considered an elemental god or a god of the elements.  The one ocean, Triton or the Great Sea in Leo, Poseidon in Aquarius.  The link between Capricorn and Leo.  However it is libra whom admires capricorn and falls under such sign accidentally via Gemini. The current Hindu Zodiac started in Libra was defined during or after this event or epoch.  Andromeda as Aquarius-Pisces-Virgo for its large constellations or defined ring (all we know is its zodiacal ring and galaxy defines the 'X' sign or was born in the same level as our 7 system ring).  Libra is perfection incarnate.  In 5026 AD will the kali yuga be full swing, the east coast americas will sink into the ocean during the age of Capricorn will air become a wild hostile environment where life will be hard to live.  The earth will become unchanged by the seasons of the zodiac.  What creates light or life on another planet is a star's equator being close to a planetary body.  If one is casted upon the fire, sent to war or has been abducted if you will, one will assume they are being punished for their pain or anguish of the unknown (or for their karma of a previous life).  If the Sakas rose in 1911, we may presume such devastations will occur.  We may presume the scorpio-libra-gemini chain will be reborn to die or loose its soul in the next system or universe however great the monad or scheme has become. 
    Purificational fires, the heart of a mother is the dull red glow (vulcan).  The Sons of God illuminate the glow, looked down upon the fires. They thought upon her, where aeons glow, spheres dissipate inside her womb.  The third caught fire.  As aeons pass the glow increased.  They leave, the lhas call upon elementals to feed the fire from their own upper heaven by meditation. The 3rd and 4rth, the alter is made, the fourth spurns.  The core of a star is only sound, hence in the occult stars rotate with sound ie they have sound or a sort of music.  The fire flames, and so remains the square and 3 (vulcan holding sacred planets, most likely saturn, jupiter and uranus) become six (our sun adapting the sacred planets where neptune is an unknown).  The altar glows at the center.  The hour of sacrifice, the sons of god warm themselves, as a great breath is lastly then called upon by the solar lords via the ray and broken altar.  Krisna leaves earth under the bramic capricorn decan.  Failed planets for life went into the sun and some created the asteroid belt.  The Four Kumaras are representing 4 heavenly monads or Super-suns whom came first around the galaxy.  Gemini, Aries, Taurus and Pisces.  The poles must be currently tilting from our position albeit insignificantly and slowly.  The third and final ice-age is the great sleep of which the builders know.  The sivic eye becomes an oval form to finally realign itself and the seed a saving grace.  The world will be plunged into an ice-age of darkness for one million years upon the next and most devastating pole-shift in the planet's life-cycle.  A total metamorphosis or circle will reform the continents to never return.  The figure or constellation of Orion is affiliated with all the signs (most notably tau, capri& a leo/aries), yet it is mainly Gemini whom falls under Scorpius hence the tiger fears the scorpion.  Capricorn is the clone of Gemini or a Satan as shadow if be correct.  Sagittarius must be esoterically moving into Scorpius.  The sun must become a dwarf star or comet of somesort in the distant future.  A christ or cancerian child is born this way.  After many attempts, the altar is destroyed and the flame is fanned.  Vulcan must have brought all of the planets via one pass as a solar system.  However, the planets it brought was none other than Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter whom was let go to arrive.  Hence Saturn is its seed or spawn.  Saturn, Uranus and Jupiter was brought by Vulcan yet belongs to it last, it was let go upon contact of the sun to arrive as its host.  As does water turn into atoms by sand, do planets need stars to travel a long distance or it is merely confined in space.  Neptune is an exception, for it is the unknown seed from Orion.  The sun is the star of science whilst vulcan is its detriment (a star of nature, perhaps).  The speed of Stars are too fast for planets to simply be caught in their orbit.  Divine intervention must have placed them there.  The Sun must have been around the outer edge of the galaxy to become a fixed star.  However, we presume it went from the north of the galactic plane to the south via heavy matter (hence the lion leaps over or overtakes the pleiades).  We think even though it is going upwards, the fish path is south to even further south, due to weight and movement of the galaxy against or with it.  All the other planet(s) are indubitably foreign to this star, especially Neptune.  The Key is this, anything beyond the Pacific rim is where light enters earth first via the zodiac, so Gemini at precisely 0 degrees is in fact light of gemini hitting earth in california first where none is truly beyond the christ or known as the sun or 'son'. Unlike in science, the sun does not effect the planets motion, or so-called 'gravity' it does not line with the equators of the planetary regions.  Hence in the occult gravity is a form of magnetism.  With elements such as air and water it becomes a form of weight or mass.  The occult is different from science because it lacks elementary principles or adheres to the macrocosm hence gravity does not exist in the occult, only a centrifugal force.  However earth is infact slowing down and will never stop slowing.  Hence it is the South American Juncture point or its tail from across the whole of the ocean.  All of earth must have been shallow for plates to slide and freeze as an unknown christ spirit so-to-speak.  Earth's oceans must have been fairly cleansed before mountains could rise or its terrain mutated.  In the occult, stars are as water molecules where all appear the same or spread apart from its center until a new system or sun is reborn.  Titan is infact not only a moon but the egyptian country of Aethopia in Africa.  Urantia is wife of Uranus therefore its moons are a 'gift' to Saturn.  Leo is Adonai or the first of all the Adams whom hail from the continent Adonis itself.  If Uranus was transmuted into Aries in this system via the poles and equator or path from Aquarius, then Neptune was Aries of Orion transmuted into leo via a metamorphic change with the sun.  When Neptune entered our sun it was still Aries and it transmuted into Leo then finally Pisces.  However when it was a star without moons or moons as planets it must have been Leo.  There you have it, Neptune was the first star drawn by the sun and exclusive to it (it may indeed have been first, until Uranus beat it as first place via the intrusion of the outer heliosphere by vulcan).  When Stars are created, they draw atoms as planets, unfortunately Neptune had not arrived in peace.  Universal Creation of the atomic atom or smallest atom.
    -As with Mars (Indra or a larger red divine planet near the center of the universe is scorpio on mars and cancer on earth aka Taurian Ohm) once being a sacred planet not of this system, the sun will dissipate Uranus after which it (Uranus) grows, being closer to the sun (the human head becomes animal in nature) and leave saturn behind to diminish it in sacred qualities slightly much like Jupiter is now.  The former will fall under leo. Indra or its river is the same as lord siva therefore paradise. Etherically or Esoterically, Saturn will stay.  Indra holds an occultic secret where the sign cancer is this form.  Mars was stricken by lightning (zeus) under aquarius&capricorn, a planet succumbed to plague, outside forces or a virus atomically arriving in our solar system as the first of its inner moons towards its center via neptune.  Hence if the planets have great spirits they are zodiac signs.  Mars is Aries, Neptune is Cancer (from leo, to pisces or was leo yet now holds Cancerian traits in Uranos&Neptune), Earth is Gemini, Mercury is Virgo (to gemini), Venus is Taurus (to capri), Saturn is Capricorn (to libra), Pluto is Pisces, Jupiter is Sag, Uranus is Aqua (Aqua to Aries or its moons hold aquarian traits of the spirit), the Moon is Cancer (speculated cancer to libra or Libra are the outside spheres, the stars vega, sirius etc), the Sun Leo&Scorpio the center of the milky way galaxy or child of many suns.  All speculated soul wise via vishnu, however spiritual qualities differ slightly.  If one visits the earth one does so via form and evolution or growth, not spirit alone.  Venus is a perfect sphere.  Occultly Aquarius in the night is elementally before Aries.  These must be the past spirits or invisible forces of the planets forever locked in time with some archetypical godly influence to the physical plane.  Remanence of Earth will go to Hod or Fohat, however its core goes to gemini where it is speculated that the moon will be lost.  The exoteric or forgotten son is indeed cancer as a sin or unsubstantial movement whom repeats itself eg the sin of mankind is continuation of the original sin or to be a part of the world of sharks so to speak.  As near as 6000 bce was when Venus traversing inwards causes a lightning bolt to shock the planet (many bolts and one giant gash similar to static electricity) mars.  Man is merely poor at its skills and abilities like an untrained seer or unwelcomed lapdog.  Neptune, The first planet of constant weather or one seasoned is consciousness.  Mars however is The world which admits failure and will be the first to leave this system and become orion bound (eg be tossed in that direction), after which much later chronos or capricorn devourers jupiter.  Once again, earth into gemini, Venus will fall into the sun to leave mars behind where it (mars) will return to orion.  An occultly secret sign behind true extinction, sadly the 2nd ray 'devotees' will also perish and not reach third initiation of the human stage let alone the required fourth.  Much like wind and dust, animals and humans of this form and nature will be gone like the wind never to return in this particular system, which is why the first hierarchy of soul is impossible to achieve for Leo, exoterically speaking (for it is not one of the four kumaras, or hierarchies not of this earth, let alone the fourth hierarchy of Scorpio).  A crack or shift among great deserts and mountains (present day iraq) created life as eden and spawned the fifth race.  Prometheus (a cursed being to be the slave of its own faults, humanity) is on the planet of IO where inexperience becomes experience or nature becomes bountiful to a limit and the muslim religion to recreate something which is dead.  However israel will never prosper as egypt does for it is regarded as a part of egypt except for its sin where Mesopotamia is the heart of the fifth race and hundreds of thousands amongst each city realized.  Israel or its name is Jeshurun.  Let them know it (Judea or present day egypt) is literally cracked in two.  Is it possible Gemini thought or was the mind once in its last universe?  Capricorn and Cancer know of much which has been said and thought or invoke a bramic light&pattern from the north and south spheres of the earth.  288 sparks line up against gevurah in aquarius, or virgo-aquarius.  72 virgins prevail against the might of vishnu or 33 fallen angels.  Muslim is the non-material universe.  A war of the heavens or true coming of the messiah under leo is revealed here or repetition of the stars or a pole-shift of the past (mars falls under aquarius in the great past).  Christ must be arabic if not a persian moor hence the rephaim were arabic giants or half-jews whom descended from the Emim or Gallic race of Troy.  Leo is considered to be the past messiah of the jews, whilst Aries is considered to be the present one.
     For mankind to destroy the earth is unfathomable, unthinkable and ridiculous because not only is he not a god, but the earth is much greater than he and thought of as such.  Light becomes a destroying factor or destroyer of matter in the occult.  The faint winds still whistle faintly upon its atmosphere.  The heart of vishnu-siva as a Circle or great cycle.  Indra is Vishnu.  If ares was the mate of virgo, a non-initiate of its race or the same entity as hercules whom he frees from captivity or karma, kronus was the father or an entity whom was awake while asleep and asleep while awake.  Muspelheim or a previous world under virgo must have been consumed by fire and the muslim religion is born.  Virgo helps Cancer eg Zeus, however Cancer represents a gabriel or the human race so it is possibly a sagittarian hero (a feud with chronos, see also reason why jesus dies) is born.  The fact is when Christ was alive, there was maybe 100 years of peace or fairly small amounts of conflict on earth.  Hence, the younger brother of peter (or older), saint andrew in cancer did not walk with christ nor did he recognize him...yet christ walked with him, most notably after his (the christ's) physical death.  Poseidon however is Aquarius aka the father of the mind and Demeter, whom thought was a Pisces personality is Scorpio vieling a form of glamor and illusion.  The Ocean swallows up the land after which osirus is killed.  Persephone or its daughter however is once again a scorpio-virgo union or the virgo entity whom meets scorpius with its wisdom.  Hence this monad enters virgo in the beg of creation as our sun is in cancer, so is the map of the logoi the same in deep space or a chain under the pleiades in brama.  Leo as our sun is a non-sacred star or not a part of the pleaidian young star chain but yet an intruder to the kingdom of light therefore an old being whom turns young or into a dwarf star to break free from this magnetic chain complexly.  A powerful typhoon awakens itself in the pacific (unrelated to Typhoon set and Osirus).  The Mountains of Greece along with atlantis is swallowed up or washed away by poseidon around 85,000 years ago (100k tbp before a pole shift of the earth caused by heating sun flares, glacier melting and warming eg 85k-now is the warming of the ice-age).  The north pole was located at 63° N 135° W.  The leo-virgo, libra, scorp human stars must be karmic inhibitors without contact with matter.  The daughters of Atlas or a archetype of a leo figure are a race of human giants ie the Pleiades are Tau, whilst Calypso is Capricorn ie atlas is the possessed elemental god (in leo or tau).  The North pole before 85k was infact the tip of asgard therefore situated a little to the east near russia currently.  We made these calculations through Diatya condensing from an uncondensed form, it has to be leveled through the 47m yr old map combined with tectonic formations.  Africa is only affiliated with Aries because of Set or hercules.  We must be in a collapsing process of the fourth age due to the fact continents are in tilted positions.  Poleshifts are new locations thousands of miles in difference yet always situated in the north.  There is knowledge unconfound of libra, gemini, scorpio, pisces against capricorn, virgo, aries yet we must not reveal it.  We're like beads of sweat whom are born from the skin pores of a great being, but sometimes we are like the rain and thunder.  In a more positive note, we will all be masters by then.
    Some correlations include: Pisces is Alpha, Aries is Omega, Taurus creates, Gemini instructs, (Cancer becomes, Leo represents, Virgo is, Scorpio desires), Sag follows, Capricorn achieves, Aquarius does. As for the Cardinal Points of Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, Libra, it does follow the ages. Cancer was its head where the Sun was once South instead of North before Atlantis or a pole-shift.  There is 25,000 years to the great year of the tropical zodiac.  The Sun of the Galaxy is in Scorpio before it was in Cancer in the future it will pass another sign, the sign of Pisces, none in physical form have direct knowledge of this long cycle or interval as of yet.  The Six-pointed star in the Book of Enoch.  Of which the Atlanteans are spoken of.  The Sons of the 'Dragon' or 'Serpent' god refer to as 'stars.'  The aditi follows the divine, or mother nature and finally the mundane 4 elements.  Eventually, for masters and initiates, the body becomes useless (the initiates die under virgo or the true sophias christos).  What is 100,000 to 1000 to 100 human years will become 20 under the Yugas, where as 7 meters become 5 feet and so on.  Black magicians will find fault with lower-nature by a yearning to survive in favor of evolution, or survival of the fittest regardless if they feel threatened or not, therefore they favor dissension into physical matter over ascension into cosmic ether (they can't breath in cosmic space or create from it, basically).  They are not first but last therefore judgemental upon the form and its appearance.  They are neither white nor black in magic, appearance or alien race specifically, yet have done great evil in their life's past, to feed off the energy of the source so to speak (entropy as evil).  To incite fear upon lower nature is misguidance.  70 is a number of stars in capricorn, whilst 80 is an even number in aquarius where the odd numbers are a cause for karma against lower-nature, but the even numbers a start of that karma.  If neptune and uranus ran into saturn, saturn must have created karma somehow most recently.  Vulcan dragged saturn into the logoi for it to destroy worlds so to speak.  Saturn must have let moons loose most recently around 18million years to 85k-11k bce.  The curse of capricorn before its betrayal of isis in tau. Capricorn under saturn weds Neptune under aries upon collision (tries to destroy it), after its betrayal via collision (uranus). Vulcan releases these planets in our system.  Some would say Cancer is Mars eg aries or spring time because Mar's spring is now in the summer yet the zodiac never moves and the true fact is mars is a dead planet.  Currently, it has no seasons which is why Capricorn enjoys the astral so much is because it went from Winter to Fall.  However the illusion is that the rock that killed all life just moved the planet a season backwards, like halted it almost.  Once a long time ago, the lords of light tell us Mars had 4 seasons just like earth.  Therefore Aries is still Spring via the epsilon or equinox.  Seasons also hold matter of the zodiac eg multi-colored blossoms and pollen bloom under the taurus sun, as does larva form under gemini or multi-colored lotuses and white blossums of an alien nature form in cancer.  What's interesting about trees is they change form via the zodiac, ie they blossom white flowers in cancer whom turn into small pollinated pink ones in virgo hence they automatically conform to the zodiac.  However under Virgo there is the season of pollination, and fertilization or when flowers become buds.  We will even mention the rest, Aries forms seeds and sunflowers, esp the lotus, leo also sunflowers (spec to be libra), tall stalks and high grass.  Apple orchards fall under Libra and the harvest season begins in scorpius of which signifies the truth or life and death of humanity& human nature.  Hence the occult holds true that of which Virgo follows as the next sign into Libra.  Virgo forms small lilys and lotus-like orchids, pollen and red roses, libra tends to match the sun with pink flowers in trees (where trees grow really large and stop growing), scorpio is autumn or the deadly purple lily where all fall, and lilys spring...sag is death (a bramic body whom chooses death over ascension to the giant form) where poppys and virgoan orchids take notice, and capricorn is illusive maya or thick elysium (elysium in greece means the afterlife, however it truly means fields of a rare thick large lotus flower whom can hold out its seed until winter) in the flower kingdom, aquarius is morphology in the flower kingdom, whilst Pisces is finally a microbial branch such as the bud of the daisy flower (in libra or a smaller version of the sunflower, Libra has the most largest variety of the microbial branches).  However, 30 species of rare flowers can kill the body by the touch.  In the occult all flowers are of the lotus branch or stem from the same tree so-to-speak.  Adonis Linnaeus (a form of sunflower in leo or first true mimicker of atlas) forms across canada in a large portion of north america (which aptly gives the correct name of this ancient continent that matches adam as the first born son).  The continent itself had a city which the american government has hidden via atomic tests called the nevada test site.  However, Adonis is real, proof is the juncture or monkey's tail (see atlantean map) fits the silicon valley in perfect place.  A floridian pennisular or flat plane in the ocean of the pacific.  California split northwards as early as 74k bce.  With the silicon valley gone, one goes to the formation of the grand canyon 18 million years ago.  It must have been connected to the del rio river which splits texas from mexico where Nevada was mountains created by mountains (see esoteric map this website is based on).  The Canyon iself runs off of lake mead which situates itself straight from the mountains of nevada.  The Rio grande had finally split into the ocean and settled on the white sands in new mexico whilst lake havastu runs off into the ocean from this giant american ice plate and where some viens were so great they became mountains themselves.  What was one body of water near the salt lake turned into many and drained eventually into the silicon valley via 47 million years.  However, the monkey's tail was once alaska and became naturally formed via south america.  The grand canyon is formed via the salt lakes which riddled a high plane in the state of Nevada with fresh water lakes and a flourished environment.  There was an arab city of giants over what is now a test site for nuclear weapons, however most of the craters are infact ancient as well or hidden from the public eye.  This is known via psychic grooves on the ancient map matching the landscape of north america (see rock map).  This planet also holds the secrets to the braman signs.  The Himachain are so large as to become a mountain from a great river or sea bed, so great is this event to transpire, we can slightly sense it and call it flooded earth, where the gobi water drained into its basin, it is also a sea akin to the red sea whom created these gods or giant mountains on earth.  Saturn is the direct cause for the ice age.  Actually we may go as far as Jupiter having to protect earth by deflecting asteroid moons unleashed from it's sphere of power, gravity, or aura of influence.  The Pleiades represents invisible spirit or no spirit wind.  The Pleiades represents the pupil of these logos.  Guidance from the good spirits of Lemuria tell us this.
    Behold the personality of a non-initiated Aries fails to betrove Sagittarius exoterically therefore a non-born being tries to merge with matter, the omega as 1st is in union with the snake and the hunter or the seventh ray!  Ophiuchus as an initiate or master.  Non-human good prevails over human evil or the continuation of matter and sin fail cosmically.   Neptune must be the eye of horus (Nephthys) or 7-year cycle around the sun representing Nitrogen or a poisonous gas.  It is indeed the fallen holy spirit, however we say this much.  Its tilt is 47 degrees in science.  Vulcan or God must have brought Saturn (Osirus) back to life via the Sun with Uranus (Seth) killing it. Saturn must have killed Uranos and blinded Neptune.  God must represent the Sun (Ra) and Vulcan, therefore sin to kill is comprehended as wrong. Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn must have crossed paths as the sacred trinity.  Some Gnostic Skeptics(or Agnostics if you will) say when Jupiter arrived Saturn was thrown off course to run into Neptune out of jealousy but Uranus got in the way. Therefore Neptune survives a great direct impact by sinking. This may be indeed true.  Saturn's moons are in Uranus now.  Neptune's Moons in Saturn.  However, they (its own moons) go in an opposite direction from which the other planets do not.  Neptune becomes the silent watcher aka the alien star or solar system.  An occult secret lies between Neptune and Saturn, Saturn must have slightly merged or passed neptune when aligned then collided with Uranus whom protects neptune from a direct collision.  Therefore the planets spur atomically from an extra-terrestrial contact.  Uranus is older than Saturn yet Saturn will live longer therefore will be older.  For Mercury to become vulcan again (36k bce) after it becomes a moon of saturn, it must be let loose upon the inner rings to become a cycling comet.  Venus enters Saturn's orbit.  Isis is known to be Taurus or the signs of the mother eg the soul signs.  Jupiter or Zeus strikes the earth (starts a chain reaction) with true collective karma.  Isis betroves Capricorn and Horus (fish or man) fights for survival.  A precession in the occult via earth is 6000 years since the beg of creation and increases to 26,000 year cycles, as a permanent phase of earth. 
    To Clarify the above, Osiris must represent Saturn whom battles its son Uranus, a younger brother of Ra and a water planet at that time is possibly younger in origin or age as well (here once again, the father is the son and female a grandmother, unimportant matter and form, or old gene).  Vulcan defeats the Sun whom lets enter Saturn of which Jupiter overtakes or defeats (Horus races or eso is born).  Saturn turns loose, it is tricked into merging with Neptune and Uranus, a cross in space turning into position for a long time is the sun's future and past.  Here the intruder of Osirus (Nephthys or its Exhalation) betrays Cronus, its heart sinks and creates matter.  Saturn is frozen then comes to life once more (is abused).  Icarus is an angelic bird whom flies too close to the sun therefore virgo dies and sagitti gains fruition.  Vulcan as Taurus enters the Solar logos and Thor's hammer, the cult of Aries, as Buddha is born.  This event could have transpired 18 million years ago rather than 870 thousand to a well trained initiate or within his/her mind albeit it is creation inspired, however we say 47million years ago!  Mercury is the evil god Apophis or serpant around the sun aka Vulcan!  The future life union of Aries and Gemini, failed matter or hell on earth.  Here Aries betrays itself or protects the alien Neptune as his twin sister or the holy spirit of a species, Nephthys whom betrays Isis (eve, the second wife) for Osirus.  As well Pisces as Horus, the youngest is born.  The four planets as the four devils must be Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Jupiter (from oldest to youngest) yet Saturn is still young and elemental in its life cycle.  Uranus must be connected to the sons of god, inventor of ego, there must be four karmic stars of the sacred 7 in our galaxy as well (scorp/oph, sag, cap, and aquarius in order).  The older 3 must be pisces/aries, tau, gem.  They must have to do with the planetary life-cycle gone backwards with neptune substituted by taurus/venus and creation of lower nature.  Neptune in Sag must be the inventor of cosmic intervention, the shadow pitris as planets and comprehension.
    *A brief collision of the 7 planets here turns into aeons.  Capricorn represents 12 zodiacal signs and 12 moons.  Cain is Adam (Aries) rejected from a Taurian Eden for killing his father (Capricorn), a simple start of karma or coming into contact with lower nature.  A Kronus of Orion is a sumerian god of mythology whom walked the earth upon its summer months (prehistory) therefore the zodiacal figures are gods and we are clones of those gods, yet not really gods or part of the dead zodiac.  He is truly dead winter, or the cold soul whom helps race evolve by making an example of lower-nature.  We will estimate the inner globes such as venus and mercury started its revolution from a polar-shift 18 million years ago within the outer rings, and another 85k event or revolution via the lotus once more or within the inner rings.  Therefore the Rama epic or event is not actually a pole-shift but start of an ice-age or not counted as such (a 1million year old event which transpired via great floods yet not on a global scale etc).  Nephthys must have been a Poseidon or an Aquarian twin, an unknown intrusion of the logos as Krishna, possibly Leo, the actual sun or lower nature as ?a finite human invention or intervention? whom was disloyal with the Capricorn-Taurian union.  Venus enters Jupiter.  Christianity is born.  The adulteress here is a hero or villain as divine movement when no-life or the vacuum of space is concerned.  Nephthys must have been Sag turned into an evil Taurus (Neptune turns introduces Venus).  The spirit of horus or pisces must be Jupiter, yet infact it is venus and Neptune intermingling.  Could a taurus as venus or a re-instituted germ from Orion be the good or eve of the non-human solar logos?  Could Sag be Nephthys or Neptune in personality?  A past ocean god or zeus whom created triton via Sag Poseidon.  The pitris must be born.  Sex is a form of heat or infact a sivic weapon of some sort however it is also considered sorcery in the occult, even on a planetary scale.  Therefore unlike other senses (tastes, feelings, emotion, sound) it can not be abused or can only be used once therefore only for reproduction, hence the veins of the earth either prevail and change something new, or fail in doing so.  Cancer may be the most active sign, sexually, however one presumes its nature itself which is active in this regard.  Personality itself is a misconception.  Here Aquarius is understood as alien or newly purity and goodness.  Aries must have inhabited the body or transmutated consciousnesses to Sag (Abraham's wife) to betray itself via Gemini (Abraham) and become hell or future hell on earth and in matter. Taurus is intrusion, nothingness, wife of cap loose by Saturn into something not born.  Aquarius must be jewish.  The four kumaras must be non-human (pisces, aries, taurus, gemini in order) to the fifth excluded cancerian one.  Capricorn becomes one race. This much is known, scorpio is the eldest brother, son of kronos or capricorn. Therefore regarded as a false son or anti-christ.  Gem as the future serpent, betrayer/master or continuation in this failed world.  The Dragon as Aries accidentally unleashed into matter.  The big bang itself are 7 stellar explosions from the previous universe as the lotus form.  Light or the stars however may not actually form a lotus, therefore the universe is simply too massive to comprehend.  Here explains the sex of the planets, or the union of the 7 sacred solar logos from planets to stars in non-matter.
     An 'ares' being is born and massacres the martian landscapes through its union with matter.   A childish aries, an evil being or play 'toy' pursues pisces on earth, karmically understood.  Evil or Cain on earth, becomes an enemy and the christ is martyred.  Nephthys must be Neptune as the head of the ancient solar system.  Either that, or the Summer and Wife of Aries (Seth) of whom Osiris or Capricorn accidentally betrays.  Seth (Cain or Summer months) must have married himself or the personality of Leo secretively injunction with Orion.  Abel or the farmer, is abused by higher nature where as Aquarius is not fully part of the last solar system (the precursor Solar alignment before the 870,000 ps or flood).  The experienced soul becomes a spirit.  A Typhoon is unleashed on earth and creates africa during the 18 million yr pole-shift, 870,000 yrs ago a human world and its form is born (2 typhoons, one large stagnate one called Osirus in the pacific and the other is Set of the Bermuda are unleashed).  The cult of Aries, as Ra and the Bull, Thor's hammer is Sagittarian in nature.  Uranus must be the first planet to have entered the logos.  A brief god on earth.  The non-human signs must be a continuation of higher nature and at the same time not belonging here unless one of the kumaras in matter.  Vulcan or creation as mercury must have made or been responsible for the magnetic poleshifts.  Eros son of Ares, Himeros creates the red rose.  Eros son of Ares almost extinguishes life on earth via the asteroid Levy 9 (millions of times greater than our planet, its remnance which hit jupiter in 1998 are a mars crosser asteroid).  Ares means red rose, a hybrid of the white lotus therefore connected to the enemies of the sun or the secret cults of vulcan.  Zeus or Jupiter must be a shadow planet of black magic or dead seed, Saturn must be dust.  The white rose of Mars is its head for it resembles the primeval spiral.  The earth and its atmosphere must have been cleaner once.  If the earth was created in 7 days it must be the zodiac as 7 and the earth as 1.  Earth must have exploded lava briefly to have had created the outer asteroid shell.  Upon the zodiac, all races have features of their corresponding zodiac but for in the end when in union with the soul, they are masquerading in godly garb and are revealed their true mutations.  They are in fact all confined to their zodiac, even then, when races are born in the globe or populate the land under a certain zodiacal sign.  Love is still an unknown if you will.  If Earth was created, it must have died instantaneously before the moon arrived.  Sorcery is infact a role in society, whilst science does not take that role, it is a background character or admission of something which is infact greater than you, even through years of perseverance which is the main root cause of why sorcery is misunderstood or discriminated against, inequality or a miscomprehension of things.  If the christ was a star whom descended from the heavens, we may assume Pisces dominates Sagittarius somehow, evolutionarily speaking.  In reality there is no evil spirit yet comprehending the spirit itself is evil.  Hence a day on Mars is a day on earth, therefore zodiacal and invincible, yet only mars represents god as the 12, occultly speaking. Sin is left on Earth
    -Mars is actually the flower of life, and heart of the lotus esoterically speaking therefore it is war in nature for beauty via the third initiation but not the fourth where all is known.  The Moon, Vulcan, Venus, then Mars again.  Vulcan however is a cyclical star turned comet turned planet or foreign solar system whom broke through the sun's heliosphere to create our own.  It carried Mars as a moon of Neptune, then Jupiter.  Both of Orion.  However the true descendants of the Piscean Nephilium (amphibians from Mars) are not the Giants of Indra, but long necked reptilian Martian giants with narrow skulls. These beings have nothing in common with the human race whats so-ever, and do not affiliate themselves with matter. Mars made one pass in killing life, once life perished under aquarius (1 billion yrs ago) and later on earth it neared its equator (900bce), therefore the earth does not adhere to it spiritually speaking.  A dead body or rare beauty dies and dries, alien life or evil germs on mars comes to earth.  The result of millions of years are a gap of infinite time in silence.  If the earth tips on its side via the pacific (it must have also been fertilized in the equator actually via the moon as well), a typhoon in the north will be the result.  The cause is vulcan, or divine movement will have created africa (evil).  The second race map is risen by water, the fourth and third worlds however look almost continental and mountainous as if reborn of evil, fleas or dry life.  This moon planet mars however died by a giant lightning bolt from jupiter whom let it loose and this caused it to rotate into the asteroid belt with earth at its side.  Its mother kills its son (see athena, zeus kills ares and aphrodite or an aqua/sag as mother and father kills capricorn {or a human libra} and aries or cancer veiling it).  A Capricious greece is created under Virgo.  Indra is turned into libra (3rd to 5th) as the fifth race germ (see the aries-scorpio union in the past).  Basically, when a large comet enters our logos, planets are flung out of portion but return however mars came to our logos much earlier via lunar cycles by vulcan, neptune and jupiter.  It was a planet of supreme life or androgynous god planet of orion once.  Mars is to blame for ravaging the earth with storms and Vulcan of the pacific with a mighty gash or wound.  Mars was a casualty of war and venus is on its course to arrive or kill the earth and its human race due to karma.  It (Mars) helped to created the third world life on earth.  However mars was earth-like and had a rich atmosphere with trees and lakes.  Earth was unscathed before the incident, but only by vulcan did it pierce its side. Therefore our germ does not remember mars (the inner asteroid belt must have shrunk and created this catastrophe via the lotus).  It must have wobbled the planets chaotically.  Africa is connected to Mars or rejuvenation of lower nature (New Asgard is destroyed).  He is the King of Gods. He is king of Summer.  It is also the first ray or will in the great past via Capricorn, Aries and Leo yet it is known to be connected to the 3 past Kumaras (tau, can, ar) and also the useless astral form of nightmarish death or dream in adherence to Neptune. It is Indra or the sign of the Tau cometh after the Satya Yuga.  The divine kings of Sumer or Orion.  A righteous cause for war is beauty and life fading by submission of the useless form in nature upon the all-known where all is known and sacrifice into the great beyond takes place.  Mars is hated by all but for Ra.  Once again we are nothing, finite, or not found in the occult.
    *Albeit it is mentioned earth was created 870,000k years ago in the bible (and even in this doctrine) Africa rose 18 million years ago.  The bible simply means brahma's time.  Africa rose inface 47mbc by vulcan itself, however 18m it was desolate, in enochian language this figure is more than 306 million years of age or undecipherable.  In this doctrine, 870k can equate to 18 million years when the typhoon set was unleashed by vulcan and mars (the first planet under the sun, whom is connected to an asteroid bombardment by Aquarius before all else, including the clashes of the inner asteroid belt 1bi bce) via the pacific due to the enormous amount of time in matter for non-initiates.  Mars must have run into the asteroid belt 1 billion years ago and Vulcan must have gashed earth 47 million years ago (an enochian figure of more than 306 million years, or the first age as a germ is 4billion years ago to 306).  Two typhoons were created around this time.  Saturn feuded with the planets at 18m bc and split daitya in two.  First vulcan causes Jupiter to destroy it, then venus transits 3102 bce recently via that great cycle of planets to moons.  Therefore Venus must have returned upon a second pass or position and was the result of a greater scheme or chain reaction recently@3102bce.  A fish is born of the Zodiac.  The Sun star has a companion or Mate, Neptune whom's moon is none other than Mars, a foreign entity, whom arrives must be exclusive in another reality.  Venus passed our earth recently causing mars to unleash storms of fiery however mars is the culprit to the sons of gods and cleanser of sin.  Mars ran into the asteroid belt (asteroid belt or small objects moved backwards into Jupiter due to vulcan) violently 1 billion years ago and created the third world on earth.  It (Vulcan) must have sliced the pacific ocean by tipping the earth's head in the past via Vulcan.  At that time Vulcan was a large comet whom strangled the sun, it was mercury turned into a planet.  However when it strangled the sun it was predawn, or before the solar logoi (our planets) came into being (were drawn by vulcan).  Mars, however, was attacked from behind by Jupiter and the asteroid belt (went into it).  Only a large slow body can carry a planet once more.  Mars was carried by Venus between 3102bce (venus came to the inner rings maybe 6000 or 11000 bce to much earlier is when venus left its position, we may even presume it left saturn 85k and entered it as a comet to moon 18m years ago, hence all the worlds religions connect venus to jupiter not saturn where it still resides in the far north) and 900bc.  The Martian moon rises after its death 1 billion years ago by none other than Jupiter.  The galaxies themselves are center of the universe, they act as atoms to a giant body.  They are center because they are dying stars.  If a galaxy were to not be center then it would sink.  It is not sinking yet, but revolves around an invisible center.  The galaxies are the heart of the lotus so to speak.  The stars merge into the center to close via the 7 holy monads.  The bottom of the spiral, or the rays of false light, so to speak, is dense light.
    The esoteric 47million year map shows no movement or tilt in the pacific continents so something hit its southern side, violently.  One may presume, planets can not go forward without a divine movement by god or vulcan.  It only grazed the earth slightly or went in front of it recently though@around 900bce (out-raced it).  Mars takes position as first place at this time with its children of the asteroid belt.  Therefore ambrosia or the war of the flowers takes place much earlier then venus and is remembered but yet only in religion, alien-life and secretively (see aquarius, the wrath of Zeus or lightning unleashed upon mars est@1billion yrs ago).  Venus nears or tips the earth once, but stops it slightly a second time via mars however there are only three great planetary bodies whom merge with earth to destroy it.  It were first the moon (4 billion years ago), then Vulcan and mars (26 million-to-18 million years ago and 900bce). Then Vulcan as Mercury (85k bce) then venus (3102 bce).  Venus represents capricorn at this time and the golden calve whom lit the night sky up for 3 days to create the leap year.  An eclipse occurred (see also nebra skydisk) and the day became night for a moment to reveal that the planet was a deep red with horns.  Mars was not pushed by Venus but as Velikovsky says, follows it somehow (just comes close or reveals itself as is the nature of magnetic pulls).  Was mars a death planet?  Did it hail from Jupiter?  A sacred planet has the power to change moons back into comets (see mercury, venus path).  The north of mars resembles a centrifugal force or collection of moisture as a spiral, which looks older than the vulcan past even therefore Venus must have carried Mars without touching it somehow.  The Venusian path was too high for it to intervene with Mars however Venus may have briefly dragged Mars somehow via poles (earths antarctic pole after vulcan resembles mars' north pole a sign of a pole-shift wound or tipping).  This conclusion means Mars was killed and naturally came close and was naturally deflected by the earth.  However, Venus brought it back to life.  The inner asteroid belt or heart of the lotus tells us this.  Rain drops seem to not be linear currently ie they travel as if they were high in the atmosphere due to the magnetic flux, this is evidence of a quake or polar shift coming.  The fifth pole-shift must be inprogress.  Only four large heavenly bodies or planets contacted earth in its life cycle.  
    In Babylonia of the Iron-Age, commonly known as the Chaldean Zodiac is part of the sidereal scheme, Hinduism and the star in Pleiades.  It is center of the great breath or accelerated motion.  Death of Gods, false worship, feminism, the age is much greater than their system, therefore we are not subject to it.  It is Devolution, disruption of prayer and truth.  To disconnect from the proven infinite and immortal soul.  The occult believes in time as the Maha Yug yet does not adhere to it or fully comprehend the kalpa for that matter for it is the Great Day beyond the Ring, hence a universe is drawn to light as does the atom friction, the layer of white spheres or ethereal complexity.  No more do jupiterian rings bear its mark or the many stars' light not change today upon the great cleansing.  Intuitively speaking, the galaxy must be moving faster in its opposite direction because its so far away from its center where the sun is.  Albeit the Sun is going with the galaxy in a spiral pattern away from the pleiades or summer ring, the galaxy itself is going towards the Pleiades.  The sun must not be able to catch up, the sun must be cooling in this fashion (see chart on galactical positions).  When the sun is in comet status it will be able to achieve higher speeds though.  It will follow its fish formation this way.  The solar particles or galactical wind eg christ spirit whom are cooling rapidly are not enough to sustain stars which die into comets and speed away.  Without the aura or planets to bind them, solar systems travel much faster.  If Jupiter were to destroy Sodom, Saturn after it creates the deluge with Neptune by turning into dust or simply metamorphosing into a proto-state via the deluge 85k-11k bce (Saturn turns and dies a little, its third eye is vanquished, earth gets smaller).  The Pole-shift causes are 4billion yrs-360m - moon, 47m - vulcan, 18m - vulcan, 1m - now Saturn and the inner planets.  Neptune is an indirect past future psychic cause.  Uranus and Neptune scar saturn before life on earth.  Jupiter is a direct cause.  Saturn is an alien unknown one.  Vulcan is an example.  If the atmosphere of earth were to get billions of tons smaller, it must have condensed to flood the planet 11k bce for 40 yrs.  The elemental spirit goes the opposite direction from the pleiades.  Hence gemini holds the hand of or protects lower-nature aka cancerian beings whom mimick the zodiac.  It was told virgo did so, yet virgo protects the zodiac itself.  Upon creation the ice sheet collapsed not 2 but three times (an unseen collapse at the antarctic is noted but not for land creation), however there are only 2 twins whom created land, the third deformed one simply created the south ocean upon the plate slide, collapse and melt.  Solar logoi and Cosmic Logoi while its origin incomprehensible.
    -Meaning Egypt predates it, and subjects the Zodiac to parts of the body as does Chaldea represent the body as a whole. The terrible sidereal force by Aryan Rishis known as the 'coming race' also tells us of a hidden name.  The Mashkah of Atlantis is 'Kapila's Eye' the flying vessel Agni-rath, destroyer of a Mountain.  The extinct world of men, Samaddi in India is the highest world a man can achieve which is of converting old age into youth or rejected fatalism.  The tribes of Caledonia and the most recent Atlantis submergence knows or believes of its sidereal scheme.  The rat followed man throughout the jungles of Sumatra (Lemuria) to the civilized world via evolution, now blackened with sin (Black Magic) as the fifth race now is.  Only intuition can reveal some of the hidden aspects of previous worlds.  If stars are the same, their planetary life is the same.  During the days of orion, their logos must have had two suns which created their world (materialism and change is irrelevant in the occult).  The suns were companion stars which inter-revolved around each other for a long time.  During this revolution day became night and night became day.  Their skies streaked with clouds unlike our own.  The clouds were stream-lined and their atmosphere thin of which two worlds were created after the suns separated, good and evil were made in the universe or our galaxy.  The oceans must have been deep and violent, unlike the rays of the jewish homeworld where supreme light as the deva-force was a factor.  Albeit, The occult under buddhism only understands the lotus as the previous moon world to earth.  There were many worlds.  The Martians are aliens whom worshiped the cult of Orion and regarded to be dinosaur-like humans.  The Olmecs (daityan giants or mixed cultures of 4rth race beings, in particular african, asian and indian, the only race with a valid proof of cause for large humans) seem to be archetypical atlanteans situated in maya, where 4rth race beings had ruled the earth and its lands in a similar fashion to the greek legends of troy, in particular the slavic states of Ares and Aphrodite prior 3000 bce (like the trojan swords and their mantles, their golden-braced caps are often seen as a soldier-like fashion, foreign to this world).  One thing is known, mayan civilization was literally buried by the martian rains and constant thunder via 900bce.  Unlike what the fantasists think, Mayan civilization was created by an African black race not of the asian or indo-aryan root one. Hinduism, Religion, and basic exotericism, like the dinosaurs, must eventually come to pass.
    *30 days as the Egyptian year, the Mother IO and her feminine race, before savagery was reclaimed (the planetary moon IO under virgo).  The secret of the stars taught to children of Egypt by tongue.  So has a 'Atlantean God' Ra spoken, or a physiological mind derivative in the form of a mother.  Atlantean time was established as two day cycles of 24 made equal to one month.  Krishna as Virgo, where its true incarnation to the sun is a month's 'year' before as Leo upon the direction of whence he came to strike the heavens.  Aquarius becomes forever crowned with being the burden of mankind.  The altar of Pleiades.  There is hidden suggestion of evidence or indication that Scorpio is the future son of Capricorn whom fell to earth therefore its cloned self is achieved where love is the material world and self-sacrifice alone.  One simply can not progress spiritually with hate or emotion, esp violence.  Therefore the so-called 'sinners' stay on earth after death for a period or process of reincarnation depending on their deeds and purity of spirit they tried to achieve.  The island of Poseidon must have been a stretched sideways star-shape early on in the fourth world, its sister island the white island, almost diamond-like.   Giza is the father cross or apocalypse where Taurus (Bull), Leo (Lion), Scorpio (Eagle), Aquarius (Angel) aligns or turns with the sphinx every 26k years, it is also an astronomical clock of the Sphinx.  Here is the secret of the reverse swastika or soul.  It is the Super-sun in Leo, whilst many hindi legends distort this fact as being Vulcan, yet mercury aka vulcan in virgo spins counter-clockwise too slowly as if already dead.  It is connected to the creation of our sun, and hercules.  It is not the herculean super-sun though, it is the one whom collided with hercules.  Evidence proves vulcan and the sun spin clockwise around the milky-way.  Hence the power of hercules remains an unknown.  In Tau holds 7 stars which are non-human or a total of 12 divine christs ie maia in leo, or menope in libra...akin to rama and sita is uranus and gaia or our sun, where as electra is synonymous with scorpius.  Libra as Circe or a divine being of magi.  The moon infact rotates exoterically to the earth whom rotates esoterically or counter-clockwise.  The moon travels every 2.5 days (x12 is 28 days total or about a month) through a zodiacal sign exoterically meaning although it travels with the earth esoterically, it travels through the zodiac exoterically.  Gods refer to it as the blue sun (the ancients regarded stars with color ie purple, blue, green etc of where magi truly is, our sun's rays may be blue (purple) but yet infact its sphere is white in outerspace or to a consciousness whom has yet to arrive. This blue sun of binah must be binah itself or a star of the sirian chain, the sun from its external shell or heliosphere is still white in color, internally as well...however it has purple rays or light whom travels around the sun. It is infact not blue like the pleiadian chain is, does not have blue rays but yet it remains white from outside its aura or heliosphere.  It rises in the east and sets in the west. It is orbiting from west to east, though. So it will rise about 50 minutes later every day.  This young civilization as lower-nature fails to understand simple concepts of astral physics such as the moon's path once could have been rotating or traveling in an opposite direction from the earth after the venusian collision (venus rotates in an opposite direction than earth).  Albeit even though the swastika means karma, the reverse swasi means anti-karma if comprehended accurately, can rid oneself of karma.  If the body of christ dies (or the christ itself become realized to not exist) through spirit, the sign of gemini must have followed leo via the zodiac esoterically, whilst leo goes to his father's house or falls into spirit (via capricorn).  They will heal and dry then enter the ocean.  The winner is sought.  Herculium or Herculaneum, the major large planets of our solar system, except for the sirian saturn & uranus chain, is deemed from Orion in origin.
    True feminism is, the fallen divine, Sophia is Aeon (Sephira as the feminine Chaldean scheme or female eve first in matter, the earth born of water), a creator of this world and all its achievements in imagination.  Originator of truth, deviator of the Demiurge, father of Christ, Jehovah.  Sabaoth, New Sun, aligns on her side.  Pleroma, the savior of humanity by metamorphosis and manifestation on earth into possible sacricity (sacredness) of the Anthropos condemns the Archons (kings).  The Great Sophia Christos is told to be Cancerian yet the entity itself is Tau hence it is a combination of the Sirian/ Pleiadien chain of stars to the earth.  Her emotions turn the elements.  She is alive to us in the Dreamstate as the biosphere of chaotic matter.  Nature's child as the immortal casual body.  Every 2100 years does the sun change its equatorial direction via the path of the zodiac. This alignment probably takes 2100-2600 years.  The Plejarans believe it is not the ring that is tilted on earth.  The halo is perfect, they believe it is the sun's direction that is risen so that the light does not hit the earth perfectly during the winter months.  The angle of light is not as strong in front of the sun because that is the direction it is traveling in. The space on the earth is simply perfect to harbor life hence its farthest in winter from its (the sun's) equatorial region&because of the direction it (the sun) is going.  Gemini is the combined light of a thousand galaxies come to earth from the last universe (as is virgo the same light from this one, which is why virgo is so emphasized in the occult, because of its shear visible size in space eg divine space where one can see galaxies in virgo, leo, aries, taurus, pisces etc).  There is a gold spiral galaxy in aries whom stars are gold and resemble hercules, also a milky way galaxy which mimicks your own however its fog resembles a virgoan entity or stars not yet born as galaxies.  No life is witnessed on these planes, yet if there is life it is in the form of invisibility.  Hence the Aries sign or 'angel killer' denotes the angelic sign of cancer.  However, the cancerian milky way is silver or has the qualities of scorpio now.  Da'at as 'The Supreme world of light' of Capewa is considered the closest one will get to heaven though.  The ultimate personality of the zodiac is undoubtedly under the gemini sun albeit personality is just a link or a union towards a greater soul, hence when planets revolve in their sphere from earth, they get there through the influence or the revolution of the sun, in other words they mimick a christ child or false personality.  Leo dominates taurus as does gemini secretively dominate leo.  Key note, the galactic zodiac may indeed be invisible due to the galaxy itself blocking it, therefore an unknown always with room to progress into the infinite.  The cosmic matrix of infinite potential was here before all else and remains for her unborn child.
    -This alien being destroys initiates like fleas unrelentlessly.  The power of illusion is brought upon its conscience.  It is the alien mind comeforth into fruition against Draconian lizards.  In essence man are fleas on the back of the world.  The Zodiacal trinity scheme, or motion of the Heavens in Cosmic Eternity.  The eight feet, 7 meter, and 27 feet tall atlantean beings.  The High-initiate Iao or the grand scheme where illusion is a weakness. The 7th spectrum of light in the Tetragrammaton.  The Secret lies hidden of the Capricious goat or where the One becomes 10 eg origin of electricity, fire, etc..  Capricorn goes through Gemini exoterically whilst the Cosmic Christ does so esoterically.  Aquarius lacks or fails to understand the Cancer sign.  Hence Cancer is indubitably the bullying sign of the zodiac.  Like how some flowers blossom in May such as the tulip, a true eve is usually regarded as taurus under the zodiac signs and so is unborn qualities of the constellation of Orion itself as refracted light or phases of light.  Realization of god or grey matter is confined to gods, eg isis via taurus traveled with her spirit from Sirius, to the Pleiades and finally to earth.  The planet must be going against a great force of the galaxy, yet with an etherically invisible or elemental spirit wind of the pleiades.  The spiral's arm has a speed so great that it's outer edges or flames are traveling backwards causing a cooling effect and resistance, however the speed of the star is traveling forwards against it.  The star itself is traveling with an etheric spirit wind of the pleiades however the force or branch traveling against it is visible as light.  The force going against us must be known as a type of silent death wind or waste whom is at a speed far greater than the sun.  As does carbon cool quickly do you die organically.  Even the buddha mentions to a large crowd or audience for an hour (via the lotus sutra) in his prayer that he saw nothing ie the lotus sutra is only temp, so one has the ability to get energy from the logoi, or use its powers but be warned it is only temp and the logoi is not.  One is born of the morning and evening light via invisibility, in darkness or no feeling.  Whence the sun breaks free or goes up enough it will enter the spiral's direction and increase in speed.  Christ's body was left there and so wills her son.
    The perfect personality, for instance lined in the cross is once again 4.  A testing ground for the christ child...Capricorn is the Forgotten Son, whilst the opposite pole is in Cancer as the Great Mother or 'ego-driven' child of Pride, Libra the perfect son or one, below them lies Aries (see section below or Ares, a possible cloak of the discontent lower being in nature).  Aries merges(is the great merger) or the one ready for death, exo is the unshaven one whom eats tainted rotten or raw meat.  Scorpio in disloyalty.  Metaphorically speaking, Sagittarius, the disrespectful son is truth.  Leo, the rejected son is tested.  The occult teaches us of a sort of union or marriage of primordial matter through space, in a time before.  Contrary to popular belief, we are all young souls, easily destroyed (or destructive) and fragile.  Avoidance of the foul traits such as Taurus as light of the earth.  A warning cancer (3rd decan siva) is matter from the previous system, universe or unknown atom reincarnate, god (capricorn set or great hurricane, fearer of death) sent heavy rains upon its organisms to drown and flood them.  Much is unknown here as to where it came from or what the alien germ is.  Angels are forces of light, a presence or the past dead army's whom come to earth to inherit bodies and follow or find a rare goodness eg conscious or a good amidst great evil; devils are matter, the present, ashuras or on the physical plane therefore their ego inhibits them to progress.  The Ashuras themselves may infact be the brahmic signs of Demons if the suras truly were magi or something truly unknown.  The germ itself must be sin.  There is something hidden here about Taurus and the four horsemen of the apocalypse (see sphinx & four soul signs).  The Winged bull is Venus.  Taurus goes to Aries whom initiates in Gemini via the reverse swasi eg virgo defeats gem, taurus defeats pisces yet pisces bests aries.  The Aquarius personality enters Pisces or the fixed cross of the apocalypse to align with Virgo, it is known as the star Meru to the Atlanteans or Fomalhaut in science of today.  Man's behavior is not the cause for their doom.  The zodiac is personality, see the movement of the crystallized zodiac eg leo minor is in orion currently.  Albeit the world is in Cancer and all its lower forms on earth regarded as such, the human race is born under libra therefore the body is simply put, materialism able to be discarded.  The Jinn are not god but elementals.  The brahmans are masters to non-initiates, however to the occult or initiates they are but beings whom have not gone through the correct trials to prove themselves or past masters in illusion (clones of masters), ie an disciple or someone lower than a master as high as jesus or a figure of great importance transfers light to the heirachy.  Brahmans are known to be the brahmic signs of libra, aries, cancer&capri as well hence the 'middle way'.  Everything is the same, or as the mind yet the soul is corruptible therefore different.  The Reverse swasi is evolution or consciousness cometh as the right hand path, via the sun's rotation to the right every 2000 years (a 2000 year rotation or 26k yr tick, however this means polar rotation, so it rotates to the right via the equator every 360 days or one given human year) with the center of the galaxy.  It is a positive energy of buddhism not affiliated with vulcan nor hercules but a star whom collided with it in Leo.  If not, then the reverse swazi is the earth's rotation itself going counter-clockwise to its sun.  Hence it is also the christ's star of mercury going counter-clockwise aka vulcan.  How can a star rotate to the right and left on its equator?  We presume the sun does this via the core.  However, we will leave this hidden movement to the skeptics, and say it only rotates left or once every given month of the year.  The inner core goes to the right, whilst the external fire goes left.  However, involution is the left hand path or the swasi turning with the sun every month (28 days) to the left.  Facing left the swazi is involution where as right it is orthodox evolution of the universe.  Lower nature is once again afraid of or fears nothingness or emptiness after death.  Expansion of the mind is revered in the occult.
    *The Great Age of the Universe is over 7 billion years old (311 trillion) or Infinite space.  The ancient reverse swastika hidden or meaning two ie the sun as a soul, and a super soul as a star to the body. The hindu swastika as a holy symbol. The Alpha-Omega. Told to be Vishnu, Lotus or space not time of which has 7 wheels; The Rig Veda of the 7 regions or Great Breaths. Each pedal 26,000 years in the age of man. Where one day equates to One year for an initiate.  No Substance. Primarily made up of Hydrogen, where matter is created by certain vibrations of Carbon and Hydrogen. The house of Indra is that of 1000 suns and Siva (baal) that of Saturn.  The bowels of our galaxy (our sun's location of where earth is its bowels) is indeed cold and lifeless, on the brief ecliptic edge is where life is made to our star upon billions of other stars in white silvery light as a drop upon many great germs in different perspectives according to its respected zodiacal sign.  The advanced spirit travels far to get here. This is true.  The Great monads of this system must be many in the past however the greatest are Cancer or the collapse star of this system, Leo and Hercules.  Both being collapsed stars.  The greatest stars are Scorpio however they are of the 7 monads whom bore the Cancerian system and were too small to turn into its own galaxy or nebula.  Sagittarius may be presently the most recent collapse star harassing the milky way (found out via science, may or may not be true), yet is not inside the system but next to it or in its south.  The Galaxy must have been light and water in the great past where now it is wind or death.  Vulcan must have created the Kuiper belt or outer ring but not the inner ring.  The inner ring must have been from the dead world(s) or systems above our solar logoi and within it eg Orion or alien in origin.  The sun does not flip and turn persay, yet the magnetic field does every 2000 years.  However the sun eventually does a natural flip or turn with the planets every 26,000 years.  A sidereal day is 4 minutes longer than a solar day in the tropical therefore those 4 minutes gained took billions of years and the earth was larger.  It must have spun 361 degrees instead of 360 degrees where the sun does indeed journey 1 degree every year through space.  A magnetic field is the aura or future life cycle of a spiritual body and planet.  The rishis speak of the sun's path or movement.  It moves through the zodiac every 26,000 years.  Although this is true,  we will divulge the reason as to how.  It moved through 4 zodiacal constellations in its life cycle in reverse order.  1 zodiacal constellation is one backwards movement or hand.  The swasi itself is a forward movement, mimicking the 4 zodiacal signs it moved through since the beg of time.  These four signs are capricorn, pisces, leo and taurus and is affiliated with the swasi as well as the reverse swasi because of the alignments made by man. The swastika must be false and must be a false god unless it is affiliated with the equinox or tropical of brama (aries, libra, cap, cancer).  The kumaras represent the known material universe.  The Spectrum of 7 lights tells us light travels, condenses and vibrates at a universal tone and unknown speed.  
    The final Pralaya where flesh conquers spirit.  Indra, the ego fell into Kali Yuga. 14 Manus is Manvantara of the 7 rishis Devachan Egos who remain on Earth called Maruts of Malkuth.  Indus or 'The Nile of 7 crystal rivers created life' as visitors used the sun and implanted the gene in the 7 great lakes of Africa, the asteroid of climate change.  Nirvana is simply entering Jupiter.  The Sun tilts or travels into an upper ecliptic path via aries.  The Elohim has hosts, as clones or couples (sons of god or jehovahs had wives) therefore a race from earth and its great past must be dying or have gone through some type of unknown catastrophic experience.  Was there a previous universe and identical galaxy to this one with 12 monads at its core?  Is this a cancerian remnant of that particular monad?  Albeit stars come from different zodiac signs, all do not come from empty space.  The space which they come from are remnance of a previous universe.  Cancer itself is a remnant group or grouping of stars from the past or constellation which survived a black hole, once center of our milky way, therefore inhibits the continuation of lower life and its reincarnating cycles.  Once again Scorpius currently resides at the center of time and space.  This is hinted upon by the great threshold of karma or cosmic fire.  The key is that the star of Aries does not belong to the sun or Capricorn for that matter, know matter what it be so yet Capricorn is presumed to be such.  Indra's secret, the entirety of the human race must be of mixed japanese origin (indo-china was once part of the african or atlantic plate upon the first age of earth) but for the Aryans and Jews whom harbor a venusian germ of some unknown cosmic purity or foreign substance. If Mizar is infact a star under Aries which bore Malkuth, then malkuth's spirit of 4 is Gemini as is this earth's spirit of 7.  Mizar itself moves faster (20 days as a month ie 23x20=460 slightly longer years in the same 12 star different zodiac or the zodiac is the same, yet is closer and rotates through 2 months instead of one..both are nearly twice the size of the sun ie 2x {mizar} and 1.7x {alcor} greater) than the sun yet is fairly larger (23x20 or 20 day months from 276 or 23x12 is a star's rotation divided by 12 to equal the day of month).  Alcor is known as the forgotten or neglected one.  However, this earth's pole star is aquarius whilst Malkuth's pole-star is also namely gemini.  This can only mean one thing.  The earth's sun star is leo and not aries like Malkuth's star was.  Could Malkuth's spirit be not Gemini?  But Yet Capricious?  One speculated this much, however all signs point to these signs (gemini&capricorn) as the sign of dominion over this planet and its second transmuted phase of asian earth through its nine gates of death where Cancer's spirit reigns even in that world as with the next (matter is in cancer).  If Andromeda revolves around 3 holy monads, their spirit is three, while ours is still the complete 12.  They are considered incomplete.  However their galaxy is comprised of magi whilst ours is light.  
    Our galaxy only has 12 fields of light, and 12 areas of stars.  The known universe has 12 cosmic beings.  The interplay between light and stars has always been 12.  The stars not part of the zodiac is dead remnance of a dead universe.  These stars must be dead cosmic beings, actually and not zodiacal.  Greek fruition or intuition upon its myths comes from this practice however we still lack memory of higher nature or are conjoined with the animal kingdom.  The previous universe(s) must be a gateway to ours hence, to step through that gate can lead to death in reality.  However, it must not be of 12 monads but possibly the seven non-human ones were connected or conjoined to it.  The Milky way was created via one smaller broken-off monad or one god, however the stars in it are not all of that particular monad.  Here lies some truth, the stars not part of the zodiac are fallen angels of the previous system.  Cursed gods whom fell due to sin (once again, it equates to actions and/or evil nature, not evil entities) and were reborn in this plane of reality.  1 day=26,000 years or a turn of the sphere. Every 26,000 years the sun turns a little in its destined path.  On around 2012 it turned a little. Every 26,000 years it's path turns in a complete circle however, every 2,000 years it ticks or turns into a different path to make that complete rotation, it will go into the spiral current of the galaxy which does not cause resistance.  The sun must have recently turned.  This turn can constitute a 567-2012 ad figure.  The age and distance is so great, the earth and planets most likely do not feel the turn (unless it goes up a little, see the cause of the haiti, sumatran, and medieval earthquakes etc).  Only the occult knows the truth.  We found a god, and decided to kill him for he exists outside of our reality (jesus is Sagittarius, he whom came down from the heavens and he whom will continue upon the next universe, see 8 monads libra, sag, gem, taurus, scorpio, pisces, cap, leo).  The sun appears to mask gold, however under 200 billion stars it is not eg a particle will appear to be a limited thoughtform to most however to an alien intervener it will become a 3dimensional object.  Theorized Alien races or hybrids of Egypt are made from the stars eg nature alone can not create the gene, nucleus and cell hence 'the cat is smarter than the tiger.'
    If the zodiac were the center of the universe, astrologically speaking the true cosmic age would be determined by the way the earth's equator tilts eg in its sidereal form it is virgo-aquarius to the north star polaris.  Here tells of the Pole stars and their true significance with the zodiac in the non-human ages.  In Rama's time 1.2 million years ago it was tropical with a pole-star in Draco called the Ram's Island aligned with the atlantean Camel star in libra called Draconis.  The equator or age was Libra-Aries.  Before this, the earth's pole-star's equator was probably Cancer-Capricorn, however this atomic rotation would be impossible for the earth was more fixed before.  The Orinids of Mizar can see earth up to a trillion years in its past and future via the brahmic consciousness.  However, masters are karmic figures whom come from past collective races and its catastrophes somehow.  They manage to stand out via abilities and remembering past lives rather than small insignificant karmic events by the human race in the past or present form.  One thing is known, the earth's pole star must have been Mizor and Alcor upon creation.  The Zodiac must have been perfectly aligned.  When the Pole-star is aligned it can reign as king for hundreds if not thousands of years (100,000 years).  If the poles start in ursa major and end in Cepheus they form a 'a lion's tail' to their given destination, However Vega the creation of the fifth race therefore past 16,000 bce since earth began its polar star alignment via the constellations of Ursa Major first then hercules then lyra then finally draco, ursa minor and cepheus in the future.  So we assume the stars of zeus must be an initiate or a white swan...they most become the constellations of oph, orpheus or cepheus as gemini,tau,cancer and scorpio.  However the bird itself is mostly Taurian within the animal kingdom.  In truth, all the signs are initiates or initiating beings with possible attributes of the aspirant or non-initiate. Initiates tend to benefit humanity or even destroy it in large numbers with infinite knowledge, aspirants though are regarded as saints whom sacrifice themselves in order to teach the mass.  However, aspirants vary from elite to non-initiate.  The prefecture of Japan has a nomenclature art of spying to hide embarrassment or an embarrassing cause, the true reason is they hide the roots or gene code of the nara race, a race different from human which went completely extinct.  The nara, a space fairing civilization, is infact predominantly female, hence this doctrine states the male gene abused its privileges of procreation in the last rounds where this round has the exact opposite occur.  To get the red color, is truly unique in a race for it is a primary color.  However, we presume brown (the african or a subspecies of sorts in lemu) and orange (an alien race or a chinese race of peach and yellow or asian and aryan ie unworldly does not need to be strictly hindi) make up this color and infact the nara are martians indeed.  The Jews are infact regarded as Hindu.  The problem with masters is they can't figure out narayana or maya for that matter, they don't have the capabilities to remember a civilization or city one million years ago let alone 18 million years ago unless instructed, basically it is a goal for a master to reach heaven or to return to it, ie make the form useless and it is a goal for an initiate not to do so.  Here we will briefly describe it as being Nara-asuka in japan (as described many african cities still have japanese origins as well).  These monoliths are remnance of the nara from the middle-east arriving to japan and settling there and are a civilization highly advanced in similarity to Puma punku in technology.  This step requires immense suffering within karma at times, if the civilization has not progressed quickly enough.  Schizophrenia does not exist, someone stuck in the wrong time is infact progressive, or their material possessions, motives&appearance are wrongly just by the elemental kingdom.  One would want to return to heaven not hell (see also the crucifixion of christ).  Whether infact this heaven is a material star or a dream, or a color is beyond us, yet some may even judge the elemental kingdom by the spheres or domes circling our sun, a planet itself is much greater and more highly evolved than the body like an insect to a man.  Higher beings see god as one, and if they were to discover this globe, they would pass it without notice at best where past and future cities do infact lay forgotten.  Yet one does not rape a species of their own kind, and marriage or a union of sorts in some cultures taken to the extreme or given to during youth (japanese eastern in particular, also iranian).  One can not avoid karma it is like trying to avoid the rain when outside or from coming in general.  Yet the seventh ray does hold sway.  For this reason do some aspirants fall or turn to the left hand path.  They are usually regarded as hindi from india with certain powers on earth before they die, and usually after their death.  Here is how the masters determine the yugas.  Each Yuga is an equatorial tilt or polar star of the zodiac.  The truly fixed pole stars must be constellations giving way from the tropical to the sidereal in favor of devastation in reality.  Ursa minor is presently in kali, Ursa Major was in Satya Yuga (taurus-scorpio), Draconis in Treta Yuga (aries-libra), Dwarka or Dvapara is Hercules in line with Vega for example.  Cepheus will come after Kali it seems.  These maha-yugas or 4 million year days must be repeated throughout history.  The earth must have not moved pole stars as much easily because its mass was greater and atmosphere held it in place.  The Cap-Cancer equatorial alignment must be a deva or something not present on earth.  Each yuga is within another to a master however we will assume the yugas just simply repeat themselves via the earth's life cycle or was stagnate once, giving way to death.  In celtic mythology, the ram's island is injunction with a story of earth's polar head leaving ursa major after 3.8 billion years (the true significance of Karna and Rama or Taurus and Aries).  Virgo is regarded as a human form to north &it remains to sprout the most forms or species of flowers in god's garden.  The buddhaic Virgo sign on the fringes of muslimhood holds fundamental laws of the magi, whilst the aquarius sign absurd ones.  Hence the occult closely links the virgo sign with it.
    *Here explains the dangerous Virgo sign, where the 72 mahas are organic nature in a time on earth before it leaves ursa major and goes into the beg of the treta age.  We will assume that the 72 maha yugas (300 million years or 1of14 manus as 4 billion years which in turn equates to the creation of the universe, 4.3 trillion years of age, see HPB references) are older therefore infinitely placed or moved around in a limited place or within one constellation, the taurus-scorpio cross of Ursa Major.  Remember, the Satya yuga (karna of Taraka, Taraka herself was tau) in Taurus comes before you or earth's creation at a time of a whopping 4.3 billion years as one day of brahma (before earth's creation) into the year of tarana (1887).  Many figures in the Mahabarata during the time of karna may seem to be Aquarius, this includes Bhishma and Drona or Droma.  Albeit it is said somewhere the Satya yuga comes before earth's creation, to a well-trained seer or master it must come in actuality 4.32 million yugas ago, before the start of the 4 yugas. A Manvantara (308m years in mahayuga)  or 306 million years in Virgo or on earth is hell to the undead and dead alike (ie 71 mahayugas are 1 manu, 1 manvantara is 308 whilst 1 mahayuga is just above 4m years therefore a manvatara is just above a manu,  BLV source).  To a well trained master, Capella was not only an alien world but a north star which aligned itself with Vega.  Vega was never a North star for the human race yet Capella was also an alien herculean world.  The stars form a pythorean triangle, eg Capella in Taurus however, a sphere with Cepheus and a pyramid with Draconis, two stars whom are not affiliated with the human species.  There was never a star in Hercules or Vega, however the pole stars were aligned or pointed towards these constellations.  The reverse swasi and swasi must both be connected to the 4 suns or creation of our present material universe which in turn are kumaras ie aries, taurus, pisces and gemini (gemini-cancer or creation of lower nature).  The Kali-yuga is an alignment of Aquarius-Virgo in Polaris for instance.  The Lion's tale is actually these triangular forms in earth's life cycle, non-linear and random points. Agartha is the famed city of the Gobi whom resides with greater beings eg it may very well be traveled to after death or at least to the seven islands.  Water inbetween india was once the indian ocean upon creation whom gave land and left the desert region into the region of japan today (city of agartha).  However the city itself can be in Antarctica where lies a pyramid of pure metal.  The fifth race sophia christos is libra, however, the 4rth race sophia christos is cancer.  Here we will mention the 3rd race germ in eden as the isle of java in sumatra with 2 bridges, one to africa and one to india and already upon asia.  The alien 4rth race though is infact the himas themselves aka sumeria where the mts were located upon arabia once and the gulf of kutsch spread its seed unto the world as an island come loose long ago (47-23m yrs ago?).  However, the Himalayas are told to be the Chinese from atlantis, not Japanese.  The Japanese race evolved from the americas or mountain ranges in that area.  They are the closest race to the martians aka race of indra from india.  The european mountain chain is merely a smaller extension of this great belt.  The Dwarpa, treta etc. was dif polestars and the yugas are never repeated.
    Brahma chooses to create darkness, while Vishnu creates is and destroys the universe from no substance, Indra or god (atmosphere) and Siva Destroys hence Siva is the first Rebel (Rudra) who defies Brahma.  Meaning the mind (supreme intelligence), the body (the spiritual soul) and the spirit (the physical world) from a greater source.  Shiva is the lowest plane, earthly, or reality while vishnu is the synthesizer in mantrams.  Brahma or creation is what an initiate must achieve or the goal to become as the nirmanakayas, beings able to transfer prana. The gaseous agnichaitans of Saturn, connected to the throat center.  Brahma and Vishnu (idaspati or idashapti, ishapi for short) act as one, allied as Divine Manasaputras or will and power (matter) or creation of conscience, the Union of two poles.  The Holy Ghost, Son and Father.  The 3 unattainable gods.  Not to be confused with Capricorn, the lowest seventh ray of the three major rays appears on mental levels of the atmosphere.  Taurus goes to Sagittarius yet follows Aries in personality.  Mahapralaya is a day of brahma, when this universe passes, the Great Night, day of the last judgment, or days in the trillions (311 tr), where the sun will be reborn again.  It is also known as the Christ.  300 thousand years is the age of a master at this level.  This is why the christ is incomprehensible, therefore brahmans practice a day of brahma, 100 years, in meditation for the sake of awareness.  Saturn must have run into Neptune under Aries, and Uranus as well under Capricorn as they raced under Gemini.  Uranus and Neptune enters Aries and skirmishes via Scorpio (zodiacal skirmishes are a wip).  From the Hopi, There may be a explosion of the universe which destroyed 3 worlds in the past, during this universe and will destroy this universe or world for it to be reborn in the next solar system or universe.  The reincarnating spirit of matter is indeed evil incarnate or carbon as lower nature.  Something tells us the Dorado nebula, connected to Cancer with the Libra mind or ray is the source of the milky way galaxy in the present universe.  The Future past, system as nothingness, non-intervention or destruction of personality.  There must be a pit of light which we call galaxies as atoms in space (technically there are no atoms in the vacuum of space itself), quasars are the center of that pit, therefore they threw the galaxies down into a lotus (the seed bursts), or spectrum of some sort we presume. So after it goes into the pit it goes out and retracts again.  True Form is born or reborn in another system.  Jehovah or Jove (joseph) is a human christ whom represents the human race in leo or Zeus is Cancerian as a past or dead christ child.  Each yearly tick to the east indicates a past pole-shift which makes up 4 but will make up 5.  Ego is sound.  Light or a star is an inverted propeller in the form of a white lotus.  The magnetic field is misaligned where wind is of a different nature now.  Pegasus is cancerian if not aquarian in the far future whilst Procyon is cancer in its past.  The magnetic aura of the angels is light from the globe at its end whom does not reach the spirit.  The red lotus is of the rose form or alien aura and alien mother, it carries an aura alien to this earth whilst the white lotus or lily does not carry an aura.  Positive aspects towards progressive goals (enlightenment) or spiritual steps to the death of the ego.
     -The beings not of this Earth, Enki the Sumerian Annunaki, Nephilim, or Cheribum hybrids, would look at us in the same way we look at ants.  The Enoch however are the Israelite hybrids, enemies of Cain named Anak in Sumerian aka the Nephilim or Anakites.  Esoteric knowledge is gained here as to the dissension of alien creatures from the top of the globe, the Sumatran island of volcanoes where Anak Krakatau is mentioned alongside with Meru.  In the Quram, Quran or Koran (see also dead sea scrolls) they are mentioned as fallen angels, however they are simply atlantean spirits.  They are great and follow down to the 12 apostles in the bible (see also Jute or Jude the Just as Judas, etc) whom mimick the zodiac signs eg Aries is Peter, Andrew is Cancer, James is Gemini, John is Leo, Philip is Virgo, Nathanael is Libra, Thomas is Scorpio, Matthew is Capricorn, James is Sagittarius, Thaddaeus is Aquarius and Simon is Taurus with Judas Iscariot in Pisces.  John is martyred or beheaded first at age 28 or 29.  Mary Magdelene, wife of jesus in a past lifetime, was a prostitute born or reborn under sagitti for rich subjugation.  Judas is infact a Semite, he was not betrayed, he was merely pointed out as being different than the 8, 9 or 11 jews (Jews have fairly minute differences than older humans, this includes bone structure, flesh and face forms as well as auras at times, we presume James and/or Nathanael to be a semite under gemini, and phillip a jewish-semite or domesticate breed of human).  Jesus infact lashes out at Nathanael indirectly in the gospel of Judas, calling him the 13th demon.  Hybrids are not the Arya or Hindu Cainanites whom survived the flood, however are told to be.  They themselves are Giants.  The creator of dead unknown genetically altered races such as Cyclops, Dragons and Serpants such as the Centurion or the scientifically proven remains.  In the occult dragons are real, and so are unicorns, mermaids and giant 'bigfoots' or lemurians which have been proven in provinces such as china, greenland or the americas ie Sirens must  be virgoan sea nymphs or mermaids.  If a fish man were to exist, it would do so in water via formlessness.  Harmony and unity with these beings are fabricated dreams.  They are tourists.  They Possibly could evolve here by an unknown genetic lineage or a tree branch of life hence the 'moon-colored' or extinct race connected to the Southern Constellations.  Unknown Underground advanced races of the Moon.  Mathematical inscriptions Date as far back as One Million Years.  Jews could be philistines or atlanto-hybrids whom reignited the seed of humanity, they could be much more advanced, along with other dead races then even we are.  An Asiatic Communal integration unknown of, Humanity being too dangerous.  Jews, heirloom of Jehovah, the true aliens of this system.  The Martians themselves must have preached Christianity.  The great change/changes really happened in less than 1000 years.  These beings traditionally have 60 evolutionary chromosomes (basic dormant or radioactive cells which are unable to transform themselves in the occult) instead of the standard 4 or 18 in the cerebellum unto or of the 46.  Water tends to lose its form however is highly destructive.  The atlanteans were pass forms or christs on earth, there were in fact gods whom walked the astral or astral bodies left-over, true gods as giants of your past form or self.  Those who refuse to incarnate, those who implant the spark, and those who form and inherit bodies.  
    What of the Gods hercules, zeus and orion? They say there is one god, however in the occult these figures seem to take center stage. Hercules is the signs Libra, Sag (past), Aries and the Scorpio-Virgo cusp (Oph?) in this galaxy. Zeus is the sign Cancer, Aquarius, Sag (present), and Virgo Orion is Capricorn-Pisces, Virgo (alien), Leo, Taurus and Gemini (future) due to refracted light entering the earth at a certain angle. Both Zeus and Hercules are under Centaurus, however Hercules holds Pegasus as does Zeus. Orion is the sun in our region of the galaxy. Orion means an alien on earth, Hercules means an intruder or alien not of earth, and Zeus means a native or being of earth. If the galaxy is a background image, we may assume that the one god is connected to these gods in different times on earth. However, the zodiac itself means virus or alien intruder, it is infact a virus. We will seem to stick to these to reveal the true nature of earth for this system, Gemini and Aries in the distant future. However for now we will concentrate on its legends. Hercules was invented as a half-human half-atlantean hibred whom was not aloud to enter heaven, Orion is infact the dog sign or star sirius (lepus, monocretis etc). It is to represent a native star system or non-union with matter. Zeus however, is the kumaras or civilization.  Roman must truly mean the northern tribes of india whom came to Romania then Rome this round.  In Roman numerology via the rays, the kumaras whom come before the human race are not associated with the personality signs ie aries is initiation, tau the mind, cancer is mass life, pisces is creation, and gemini is individual life.  It is infact the rounds of humanity so to speak, nature. Zeus is the son of Odin or God, namely akin to Baal, a sea in greenland whom washed away its peoples or judged fifth-fourth race beings at one time or another. Orion however is Capricorn not on earth, or Taurus on earth. Taurus is a christ of 12 lights as is Pisces and Cancer the veil or to represent a lower-nature...taurus is infact 'higher nature' or a master consciousness. The reason why Taurus is higher in spirit is because it represents the lamb of god, the capewa chain of globes is connected to the pleaides (mars is from the pleaides, whilst neptune is from orion therefore occultly speaking, mars must have went into the pleaides from orion or reentered Neptune's orbit somehow. Basically it went from Orion into the Pleaides and back into Neptune or is known as Orion or Neptune's messenger...mars was however born of orion and only orion hence its chaotic light are perfect rays in its upper atmosphere&it came from a comet in origin or star of high velocity hence krishna is crucified under the 'x' or sivic sign somehow.  In ex the sun rotates with an 'X' to the galaxy in virgo, or tail to head, whilst the earth a simple slant) and so is orion, however orion simply means an alien on earth or the dwarf star of nibiru hence earth is a magnetic conscious spirit in gemini.  This was when the christ was born or a proof of a christ. Siva is the Indus river and Ganges as Heaven and Hell however both are to flow the same (Whilst virgo and scorpio may infact be the heaven and hell signs, sagitti holds the key towards deciphering it). Tau mimicks this divine movement as the fixed cross turns into an X around the sun. Fairly rarely do signs change, however it is speculated that Libra over time will change into Zeus due to sin. The Christians are both and all these signs hence the energi beings from orion, or daughters of men, 1.7 million years ago were christian...all these gods are all the religions, christian/muslim/buddhist..the true 3 gods are siva, brama and vishnu...these gods are indeed vishnic.  Our sun is part of the orion arm, there are 7 spiral arms in our galaxy, these arms are in fact connected to 7 monads and the 7 sacred planets, once again connected to the zodiac however, it is wise to know who you are or your place in the immense universe as a small being.  A star named Hercules itself bore our sun through a collision via cancer and scorpio since the dawn of creation. The other god zeus is simply affiliated with the feminine germ or a masc germ as a feminine entity.  Cancer however was possibly a Hercules in the past system whom turned into zeus.
    Much is hidden here where the mongols (lower nature at the time of the last buddha) actually managed to strike higher nature or to punish it.  They are the farthest of all the races to be not indian (with exception to the turks, slavs and japanese however they are indian too).  The Slavs are made up of at least 3 different races, they are considered old and new world hindi.  They are infact a race of cave dwellers from the ice-age& comprise the mongol gene of China, especially in the east, whilst the west retains the old world gene from daitya or a japanese slavic gene.  Dinosaurs destroyed or helped kill off the human race entirely at one time. The asian archeopteryx is indeed a raptor which is now a bird, for one to trump their own race one must accept going through extreme karma.  Therefore as is mentioned by Horus, man indeed does become fish or returns to the oceans for another reincarnating cycle.  Four great continents will arise in the fifth age or sixth age (one smaller via present kumaras or heavenly childish beings or souls).  Gemini will become america (son of capricorn), antarctica cancer (or aries..aries to cancer etc. hence cancer goes to leo, aries to sag; aries cannot go back to leo, cancer cannot go back to sag however the greater the initiate the more precise a calculation), asia taurus (tau looks upon scorpius), pisces south america (aqua goes forwards) and aries africa (or vice versa can to aries; most likely cancer).  The Sixth race will continue the work of the Second. The arabic africans (whom spoke aryan arabic in the previous rounds actually whilst the german arya spoke japanese) migrated from east india pakistan to west africa, as did the greeks go from north africa to south africa and then unto the middleeast.  The continent of India must have expanded like america once had.  They or the Enoch (3rd-5th race beings) could have sacrificed their bodies into matter.  Here we will reveal the exoteric reactions of the zodiac.  Sag defeats Aries a long time ago.  Aries defeats Scorpio whom defeats Taurus.  Tau defeats Cancer (aqua, sag, gem) where as Capricorn is left alone to become Pisces.  Virgo here is an unknown or alien intervener.  Leo a subjector or protector of lower-nature & Libra an inventor.  Here is a result of the past, and a reason to how victorious nations crumble or get small from their life-source over a long period of time (short period for inexperienced souls).  The reason why the equinox changes yearly is because the earth is in a process of moving upwards currently, this process or wobble up and downwards takes 2,000 years to complete.  One revolution upwards is a rotational period of the sun.  At 0 bce when Saturn started turning towards the sun, the earth also hit a point and started moving downwards.  Time is moving forwards because its arriving late upon the equinox or start of spring, which means the planet is going downwards.  Currently it is still moving in that direction. From 0 bce this created earthquakes because the earth stopped moving downwards and was in process of going upwards (the oncoming pole-shift, colder climates or changing of pole stars is different, the stars slightly changed by a few degrees basically, this is a phenomenon we must helps solve).  The mammal age began upon the 18 million year pole-shift of which matter grew out of the ocean.  47m is vulcan, whilst 18m is the creation of the continents of today (which has not drastically changed but for the shorelines and the fall of islands).  However if Daitya split 18m is infact a poleshift of flooding by saturn and not a continental split.  America seems to go straight up then right it seems to roll ocean floor bed (see also cause of the pacific rim).  The same process of the sun making a full rotation.  A few Initiating Beings of this earth choose to incarnate (be born into) bodies at times in history.  All of this is located in Cosmogenesis, the seeds of evolution or the seven stanzas of cosmic evolution.
    The first sub-type of two genes is from an asteroid or comet, its evolution comes from Mars or other planets as a complete unknown.  The second implanted by Venusians or the planet venus where originates the female androgynous species.  If egypt is the 2nd race germ, and Sumeria the 4rth race germ, we may assume sumatra is the garden of eden for the 3rd and fifth race germ.  However the 5th race germ is asian sumatra (as sir lanka&java) and the 3rd race one is jakarta where sin returned to evolve once more.  The smaller the race in genetics or size, the older or more experienced in evolution (unless it is a master race or unworldly).  The Sofa-christos is def the signs of the sephir as libra (5th race) and cancer (4rth race).  The planet's life are learned from East to West or East Asia (West Coast) to East Coast America and Western Europe. Naturally larger with shorter days in prehistoric times.  Therefore the ice age or many cycles of the ice age were occurring before life arrived.  A greater being bore the moon's oceans on the earth, its creation was 4 billion years ago yet it is 1 trillion years old in this system.  It froze its simple life for many aeons more or longer than the advanced or evolved life on this planet has occurred, even before land.  There were many ice ages but only one with its advanced or evolved life, which most recently has occurred.  This is evident in the arrival of the mammalian fur species.  The planet froze over only once in between the intervals of 26,000 years or a full cycle of the zodiac, traveling in space eg completing a polar revolution.  This is because of the four previous polar shifts and its alignment of the sun.  Basically, the earth runs into the moon flings and freezes it, then it returns where we witness the most recent and only rare ice age because over time it moves back and life naturally dies.  If the tigris or garden of eden during Mesopotamia is the oldest river on earth it must have not come from the south but from the Caspian sea, therefore we conclude that the middleeast was not a desert but fertile land and rocky uplifted egypt, a remnant portion of this prehistoric jungle.  If the ice-age occurred 100,000 years ago, first in its organic history then a small ice-age was witnessed.  The Crab nebula unleashes its vibration and destroys the armies of the monguls in japan via 1054-1200ad by a giant alien typhoon unleashed via prophecy.  However, in mohamet's time the earth sinks and the sun turns, it realigns itself or turns back in position during the year 1812 or sight of the great comet, marking the end and beginning of a zodiacal cycle or slow transition from the piscean age to the aquarian one.  When a zodiacal cycle begins, the sun turns albeit once (it needs to move up in space, basically), the planets will naturally go back into position via light, magnetism and the helical motion they are already in.  If stars are helical and planets Centripetal, moons are centrifugal.  The planet now traveling or moving faster in space is a proven legibility. 'The Moon flings the Earth'
    The soft races of all present man and mammal are born and bread differently as well to create species that are complex hybrids and merely grow by evolution and number.  Abandoned specs for a new haven or primitive nature.  The hermaphroditic cat created by Egyptians.  Proof Neanderthals are degenerated into India is they are a arabic race.  The asian is one whom reveals truth through its rudeness.  The genome is not of India origin, but from a giant race eg the cromagnum.  A skeleton of a neandarthal is considerably larger than humans, therefore a species either devolves or changes in its environment, in which case the human sir lankan european changed into smaller human (larger eye sockets and high brows mean one thing, a race which was of the giant form, the dwarka or rama's race).  It is simply a native third-race or nordic martian gene which the asians, jews and arabs do not possess.  However, if it is not asian it is jewish.  It does not mean devolution or evolution but may be a result of a cataclysm.  Neanderthal is a feminine gene from Egypt.  Dogs from Indian origin, the remergence of man as well, eg the greeks are aryan yet new to the colonization of india in this round.  Reemergence of Dormant gene traits from the past.  If the lemurian gene originated from india and all europeans have this gene, there can only mean one thing.  A giant form of the human was degenerated in Israel through some sort of nuclear war or cosmic catastrophe via Sodom and Gomorrah.  The true lemurian gene scientists speak of turned up out of no where in Israel where as Gomorrah's sin was the start of rome upon the rest of the world spread back onto the east from India itself or shear crimes to kill for wealth as a catalyst to nature's entropy (Sodom is sex, Gomorrah is murder).  The genetic hablo-type is a recent product of evolution in nature to@least 3102 bce where all of nature under its sidereal is infact transmuted from the tropical during this time and unto the life of christ.  They were pushed for survival to the extreme.  That is how they turned up in Europe, however the true gene is degenerated completely in sumerian or south african (and parts of india), devolutionairy speaking.  The human race is just a branch of another devolving race whom were human giants eg the Sumerians, of which branched off from the other mutates aka the lemurians.  The Lemurians however devolved into a simian form instead of stayed the same.  Reincarnation of the body is when the head of a plant grows a new head.  The gene in science is merely a radioactive isotope from a nuclear war of the environment.  If humans were exposed to radiation they would devolve more rapidly.  Proof is the fact that jungle areas have the most inhabited simians in the world, small corners of the globe, or island vicinities where survival and over-population is not a trivial factor.  Upon devolving, the human form stopped or gotten considerably smaller in the middle-eastern areas.  The Hablo-type gene they speak of is none other than Egyptian in origin, which is why the precursor giants are a different human, as is a lion different from a tiger, had the earth gotten smaller yet their skeletons remain identical.  However, interbreeding is very unlikely for nature does not allow different species to interbreed in order to create.  The Ice age is still commencing where nature proves evolution, 2012 marks the day of brama where the earth's poles enters its extremities once more.  The Ice age we are in began 100,000 years ago, started once in the planet's history.  The snowball earth is the crystalline structure of the moon which created the tectonic plates.  The Atlanteans do not dream (dreams are a nordic term derived from the term drauma, or drama aka as a play or scene, see also baldr).  These beings were the human locus in song of this world.  Proven stages of higher undeveloped evolution in nature, (nature trying to evolve the organism at a faster rate) is replaced in science by the idiotic term 'genetic deformity.'  Madagascar is Darwinian, it sunk down from a continent on top of Australia to help create africa of which australia was a part of in the beginning of time.  The shear distances it travels is amazing.  Africans are a hive mentality therefore easily controlled by evil forces, however africa itself is a new continent abundant and full of life.  Scientific analysis combined with apathy.
    The Unicorn now extinct, unfathomed, is healer of the animal kingdom.  It's horn cures any aliament whether it be poison or sickness. Chief Okhals of the Druses defines it, the successors of buddha, meaning One Horned or Unitarian for the few thousand in China make up 666 million men. Wisdom will destroy the heavy weight of evil. One of many have existed.  Blood of a Unicorn is alchemic, its purpose divine representing animal cruelty and consumption (considered a poisonous intoxicate more so than the most dangerous plants to many) with the abuse of power in present day society.  The cat soothes the ego for the human race, hence cats are piscean.  The mother of father or what is known as opposed to thought.  In science, the animal body is equal to the human.  Evolution tells us the world can be ruled by anything from cats to monkeys to goats depending on nature's course (sadly a fate of the older populated naked caucasian midget aquarian uighurs in the now so-called west are met with discrimination). The Samsonites masquerade as Herculean Jew yet Centaur is their origin as the adamic race eg a seed is universal yet the godly zodiac still retains form or magi into the lowest of microbes. When something evil happens, the intuition of a meat eater will not work, such as emotion, therefore they are most likely won't avoid death. Meat eaters (hence the majority of reptilians in the dinosaur age were plant-eating herbivores) are more susceptible to illusion, therefore they are weaker, more easily succumbable to invisible or outside forces, hence use of bodily and animalistic tendencies (to ignite the senses possibly) are simple animal senses, and more likely to do harm to others, while the blood of the earth is naturally more grounded of course because vegetarians should be an example to others whilst leaving nature untouched.  Section or sections of race are nothing to the occult.  It is the most logical foundation of science, whilst complex science becomes illogical due to limitations.  However when one eats meat they derive the power of the animal they have consumed or get super-strength if you will therefore it is not good nor evil but yet a matter of choice.  There is no winner and loser, perfect or imperfect, better or worse, strength or weakness and birth is random in the occult.
    -The Celestial Host of India.  Cradle of encroaching humanity.  Which is why we have 7 climates, seas, languages, races and earths.  There is an illusion to the pole-shift here, the black sea must have drained via a Great Water fall (see legends of the Argonauts) yet its sister sea, the Caspian filled or was created.  The Siva Mountain will sink, or has sunken in land, a new mountain chain will rise in Central-North America, the greatest poleshift of the previous three awaits.  The creation of zeus as a human cancerian entity or god.  Here is why humanity sprang from one branch of the same tree.  A Cancerian Aquarian origin of a great mother on mars, connected to lower nature is an aspect of Capricorn as its son (the son of siva becomes siva). When Africa rose, a great wind entered via the atlantic (see Typhoon Set) of which marshy land rose first.  It then helped evaporate the water which strewn out of it towards the atlantic or to be precise, the western sahara.  The atlantean lands of now Trinidad are caused by merging, proof is its highlands.  When Land rises minor floods occur however water must leave the land at a quick pace through an exit wound and in chaotic fashion. Japan was once a Caucasus mountain connected to asia and the himas, today known as Siberia.  They say the river indus created hell or a desert whilst the river ganges created heaven or eden.  It was not regarded as lemurian, however it joined with the lemurian continent eg the ganges or indus river came from the Himas.  Here explains the oceans of atlantis, Tethys was once a mighty southern ocean whom became atlantia & the indian seas.  The provinces of the red sea was a river, however the black sea was not.  The red sea itself may have extended to the dead sea in israel at one time or another.  It and the Caspian made up a body of water called the Great Sea.  The oceans of Triton made up the vicinity between Europa and Africa.  Poseidon was simply known as the Pacific today.  Judging by the age of the flora in cuba, it must have been an island in the north during prehistoric times, just below greenland.  South Africa became Antarctica, two separate continents or pieces of land instead of one (see 47m yr old map) therefore africa but for its northern portion is undoubtedly new.  There is a portion of south africa on the 47m yr old map which is attached to Antarctica of the same location as Madagascar (the tip of india) today.  We will reveal something about the land of North America, it is infact China or connected directly to china upon the asteroid form.  In the land of the Yukon upper reaches of Canada lines of perfect symmetry riddle the landscape.  One would equate symbols like the one at the coordinates......between 68.37 N 135.46 W&68°47'2.01"N 135°49'59.19"W with unknown and inhabitable regions to man, where as no man or civilization live there.  Could these lines along with the Yucatan to Peru Peninsula®ions (nazca lines) be runways or simply put atlantean roads once made?  Or are they unworldly?  Albeit japan was connected to sunken indonesia in the first age, it was formed by Saudi-Arabia, the truth of the race of Rama is revealed here.  The nazca lines themselves are infact geometric city-like formations, not only would this be an airport, but a vast civilization with a complex network of roads. Hence how we have one or two roads for each city 30 miles apart they may have had many. It turns out the weather change because of the coming pole-shift is just high amounts of carbon on the bottom atmosphere.  The rains will turn oval from its circular sphere, flooding its lands. England fits perfectly in the baltic sea area, coincidentally,  so does the notch hold england in the times of Sumer (pre 85k).   In this doctrine air can be regarded as a form of light water. Elementals being alive are known as entities. 
    Here constitutes the remnance or experimental results of past races eg 7000 bce, and the true creation of the human fifth race.  Once again, the fallen angels of the bible are most likely taurian upon the future geminian race.  The fallen angels are mimickers of the tropical zodiac logos whom fell due to sin, their sidereal genetics are still present amongst the races as present deformities.  Christ is hidden occultly because his zodiac chart not from the sun is with Jupiter in Virgo or not of pisces the fish&Capella the true north star of Bethlehem.  They are of course Jews of Abraham therefore this round's aryan populace whom inhabit the most advanced countries of today.  They are the sinful races as will the future race also fall due to sin (the fifth race whom mimicks the original zodiac eg magnetic light from sometime in the future to about 7000-3000 bce or whenever the gemini age on earth and the creation of humans was around).  The pigeon is a sacred bird (dove) whom degenerated into a non-sacred one via race, as is the human.  This is present today amongst the widespread populace, eg taurus is aries or has arien features. Do not forget, the earth is once again aligned with the sidereal, albeit it was always in the sidereal.  The Jews (a white race of 'Aryans' or somehow different then this noble yet unfunny and dumb race) mimick the past races 'accidentally' given the fact that they lie eg Sumerians reconstituted their germ.  A great test to the other races in what they will do for matter fades completely without any evidence within a few thousands of years.  Races in the past had thought the planet was about to die and perished.  Something tells us the asiatic red indians and burmese monguls are not sakas but do have daka blood of the giants as opposed to from the nara whom are japanese mongols.  In Narayana they had an advanced civilization of gold and it was their ultimate resource like steel is ours.  They were christian beings of orion whom reigned 1.2-1.7m bce as energy beings or the most advanced race in our globe.  The reason why Poseidonis remains in crater form, yet Narayana does not is all of egypt was swept under a flood within the course of 1million years.  The giants of Ruta (dakas) and Daitya (sakas) in the last round where race is arabic and asian (chinese were cherib sakas and dakas as well) in facial similarities however the drakos (well dravidians, there are a few silver colored africans in india&brasil, yet we regard them as complete aryan, dravidians are half aryan, half arabic, africans are usually either full arabic, full aryan or half arabic, half aryan or asian eg asian is aryan or scyth..if there apparently is a silver race during atlantis, dravidians have upper bodies and faces which are aryan and lower bodies as arabic or old world hence it gets more complex, arabic means sidereal mutation or from the land of adonai..nagas are old world arabs, when the universe is considered, so is ultimate place of origin) and sakas are mostly arabic or old-body nagas (caucus sakas are arabic arya from gl whom represent the latvians).  They are infact also the cherib race (japanese turks or what is beyond the turks), hence cheribs have degenerated into the chinese or the chinese have the blood of the nara (mongols), cherib atlantean and indian hindi (a dark skinned indian, may be seen in the region of india..a genetic trait also present on the arya).  The egypto-african gene (from its region of pakistan) is fairly hard to indicate though, therefore rare and tamed but for upon this round (genetics lie so deeply, one would wonder the origins of the beard and its curl is, being not by the sun itself but yet by unknown intermingling of all the races in egypt).  Therefore difficult to regenerate into something new in nature.  The maya mimicks the astral plane. The nagas, sakas and jews are part of the kurgan (turks).  However the Nagas are closest to the Dwarka royal races.  The chinese race must be first of the nagas (rakashakras) if they were to descend from siberia into Ceylon (sir lanka) during the third age and onto the fourth.  At this time they must have been christian as well or enemies of the buddhaic dravidian empires in southern india until the fall (the chinese empires are buddhaic upon this round yet hold some Christianized attributes such as centralization, see also tibetan culture turned from christian to muslim?!).  Africans are known as the Locus on this earth.  As for americans being young souls it is because they are not a majority of slavic french as the russians are but hindu in the north and west, french in the east therefore expansions of other civilizations are created. The features of an alien skull is that of water, or tooth enamel.  Smooth and structured, sometimes with elongated skulls.  The past or tribal societies tend to mimic alien culture in admiration or actually scorn and jealousy.  The womb mimicks the cosmos or a double star eg vulcan (the solar logo's mother ie virgo) and the sun (its father ie aries) is neg to pos, or as female male.
    The second subgene is in order to preserve simplicity.  While the first subtype of a single cell from an asteroid originally beings of Orion, the planet of Gemini or the Pleiades's most likely Mars of Juno (creator of Vulcan and Minerva eg Uranus) by fire, or Earth from Pleiades where Rats, Neanderthals, and beasts are made of is far older, the second a domesticate created by an unknown being or force.  These are Black rats, African beasts and humans to name a few.  We are as significant as fish in nature and science.  Interplay, and semiosis of lower nature is relevance as opposed to the Greek Pantheons of life in the occult.  The volcano people are the fourth sub-type connected to the fourth race.  Albeit the shell is disposable and hardens, dna is inside us from past lives which are greater attained or unkarmic lives.  To unlock these DNA blocks which aliens have created is a true achievement.  The African semi-giants of this round or Sudanese must have spread their gene west, with an invincible economy to merge with dravidian nature and an unstompable war machine (see algeria, communism and the egyptian chariot era of ramses or even the cult of ram born in egypt).  Valhalla as ego is sound or the greatest achievement.  Unfortunately, the older races tell this lie from fiction.  The older races did not have games, they did not play.  The past realized or what is hidden revealed. Although difficult in culture and economy, it is not over-exertion or emotion which destroys or ages the body, in reality it merely contributes to the decadence of the consumption of meat.  Lucifer or the lucifer gene is known to be a false god of primitive nature.  The Libra sign in all its glory is infact Venus as the primordial germ on earth or upon the great fall via karma (some speculate lucifer to be Libra or connected to the sephiroth of 70,000 years only hence Sanat Kumara is also a lucifer or Satan in Gemini).  Therefore Taurus and Capricorn are naturally luciferian or venus in a planetary state, whilst Leo is venus in a comet state and Libra the true form of venus or a beautiful being whom never wakes.  Michael naturally fights against survival or against this ongoing battle via form as light on earth yet be as it may, darkness cometh via Satan and not through the good spirit of lucifer himself.  Lucifer differs from satan this way, through the zodiac sign itself is a Uriel figure under Libra and not Gemini whom is directly associated with the great fall where all is the same (the spirit as heat or satan finds the serpent as the sky fast asleep hence michael is wide awake).  Hence Aries as the inhibitor or starter of karmic evolution (planetary progression or phase) and Virgo, the carrier or continuer in repetitious nature. 
     -Contrary to popular beliefs, There is no life which survived from mars, space alone is a vacuum.  A containment of life, frozen in liquid gas would need be required.  The fire of iron made visible, where It is possible the dead weight or heart of a star of light itself is liquid iron.  Heat expands it can not contract, yet mankind can only control the cold.  Hence the atlanteans had roadways that stretched for thousands of miles which were straight from its epicenters.  The Sons of Ares or Mars are the 7 deadly sins or 4 exoterically.  Therefore evil is galactical.  The distant fixed stars of capricorn are a sorcerer's constellation, therefore no galaxies reside in it except one, many get it confused with Sagittarius yet it is not.  It is not as much atheistic as it is many divine movements of stars in one area or condensed space whirling about all directions like a current.  An unborn cluster of stars or star seed nears our earth around the galaxy.  Sagittarius is the christos constellation or god's son on earth, therefore with many distant galaxies.  As is aquarius one movement around and over it, closer grouping of stars as if protecting capricorn, however it has the flower as its form (see also ursa major). Signs are infinite therefore galaxies are so far away the greatest technology by the best scientists can not see them.  Proof the zodiac is indeed an archetype of god eg there is a giant spiral galaxy in aqua from which one can not see and rivals ursa major itself yet with infinite color and divine lotus like spiral or robotic clockwork movements.  For in life, one needs a host which can live extreme temperatures, large enough for some sort of massive environment.   Mercury is a perfect example. The lotus must have its place organically on the moon itself or be of its origin.  Sivic galaxies reside over virgo however the sun must be cooling or cold, not far from a red giant in heat or temperature.  This slightly explains how Gemini is the ultimate form of lord siva.  Sirius is the divine lotus or link to the hidden aspect of heavenly creation.  'The Sun cannot create the gene alone.' Something of Supreme intelligence must have. 
    Earth's age is 12,000 revolutions done more ancient than perceived.  The youngest planet in the system. Perceptual motion with 7,000 revolutions more: 9 is after 7 regarding 'Being and Becoming'  An oceanic sheath on a rock or a rocky form.  Nearly One trillion years of age or years old.  The sun, only half a trillion.  There is a hidden occult law here, Mars (once a sacred planet, more so than earth will be in its future, and far more so than its moon yet not as sacred as mercury) enters its extremities in the human zodiac (hence falls under virgo, destroys life in cancer), for earth 'may not have to' or be opposite thereforeof.  The calculation or variation of the number 399 and 56 of earth from or to mars and the sun tells us or directly tells us of this (science of the travel of light).  Where the sidereal period is just a revolution which happens for every 33 years (a mathematical calculation as relevant as the estimation of the 23 degree shift from the last polar tilt upon the siberian mass extinction event).  In the coming decades our northern winters will become more fierce upon entering another gigantic shift and ice age.  The equator will not change, yet the poles shall therefore revolution is comprehended, there it is a buckling or changing for the clock to tick.  The earth is changing to slide down the clock.  One tick is a great pole-shift of the planets or spheres.  The great bear rock is indeed the asteroid of the earth, or risen land, therefore it is the oceans which are a wound or gap and land never risen, only flooded upon the first age (however land does rise in the same fashion after a metamorphosis or a 'bath' so to speak see Noah's deluge). Oceans are the rivers of the earth.  Continents were here connected as an asteroid by tectonic plate before the moon's arrival.  Earth's sidereal path, of which we are currently in is tilted downwards more so than mars, it is an unusual circumstance, therefore god's reckoning is in progress.  The Upcoming pole-shift will once again create a new world as the last one did, however because of Nibiru which we call Herculeum, life will perish completely.  The earth will be flung into the asteroid belt to outrace venus. Abraham mockingly copies the younger child or civilization as Cain in the age of Aries eg Russia represents Abraham whom copies a younger civilization or soul therefore.  Here slightly unveils the robe of christianity as a younger soul (christianity is a cause for communism, fascism and new religion upon this round in some cases, is it not? a belief of one soul yet not one movement, or breath, say vulcan and the sun is in actuality a limitation) where everything is already done.  The Farmer and messenger or Capricorn warns us of the Upcoming Events by Cain as Aries where sin or reality in nature as a whole reveals itself.  Mars will leave our system.  Other worldly beings eg the goggle-eyed atlantides must have created the human race by going to the south of asia.  Orion is an algorithm which connects itself to a future master named dayus.  The three gates whom one travels to get out of this system is through the first gate which is infact 3 zodiac signs through gemini.  Taurus and Leo are the other two gates for a new zodiac and sun to emerge, however the germ of the earth must prevail and is told for only masters to travel through.  Albeit god has proven his wrath currently, the sidereal Super-Storms are in effect presently on earth or its earthly plane to punish its peoples once more.
    Seven is sacred to nature and science.  Hence the Periodic table's Atomic Weight is 7 and the relation of lifetimes in nature of Man to Insects.  7 Super volcano's are still active on Earth.  10 is the unmanifested universe.  7 is manifested.  The 70 known stars of our own solar system with the many unknown stars around us.  The 7 will absorb the 70.  'The Human Pulse in the morning and death of the organism.'   If a tree falls they all fall due to desert and not entropy, however it takes 10 or 20 years, not 100 (unless its a pine forest, it depends) for a forest to regrow itself.  Realization of the Libran Dragon lily.  The ultimate realization of lower nature is that which is there, oceans spread land in order for organic cell growth amidst it.  Light is perfected on certain locations from the sun due to North and South, a way of penance and isolation.  Sag is Cap esoterically, therefore genetics of the zodiac are comprehended.  Atlantis is part of the east coast of america however it resided near south america hence human civilization comes to south america first.  The earth rotates backwards and turns slowly forward via the polar regions.  It must have been farther back whilst where water was is vegetation grows due to a minor pole shift.  Proof that Every place on earth would have been under water once.  Here proves planets can be older than stars however judging by the distance Nibiru never crosses our logos.  A known fact, the hierarchy is in fact preliminary 7 steps repeated (see also cosmic density >physical<, astral or kama as cosmic liquid =emotional=, manasic or cosmic gaseous |mental|, Buddhic or Cosmic Ether *intuition*, Atmic or cosmic substance -spirit-, Anupadaka or cosmic influence [monad] and Adi or Aditi as cosmic awareness {divinity} planes) in other words the physical plane mimicks the 7 steps twice or is known as cosmic density.  Divinity repeats these steps sub-atomically and should be tread upon slowly.  These are ignited atoms therefore the first-step physical alone repeats the 7 atomic principles.  Delusion means concentrating on the unpure aspects of nature.  Here is a reason why super natural powers are not common or simply put not known to occur when wanted.  Proof of time travel is shearly elemental mind tricks.  The magnetic field or shield of the earth is a polarized energy source in the form of a lotus.  The inner magnetic or invisible shield is of the number 8, the outer one is a lotus for the earth.  The septenary cycle.  
    *432 is the creation and nativity in Hinduism. Jyotisha and Mahayuga is 4,320,000 years, near the age of the current Dendera Zodiac. Here explains the numbers of the kalpa.  The four yugas = 1 day of brama which in turn is a great day in the sum or comprehension of the universe, or 100 years of brama.  Maha yuga is within Kali, treta, krita and dwarpa to make up the great day or 306m human years of which our universe is in. 311 trillion or the maha kalpa becomes a few million to our dim-witted and highly limited conscious. 3-4 million (4.32 Billion years tbp) is within the four yugas mathematically speaking ofcourse which = a kalpa of brama or simply a smaller portion of 300 million or a day to the consciousness.  Basically two kalpas are a trillion which turns into 3 million for the developed human mind and becomes one day of Brahma (306million or a manu) to organic life. The estimates of billions and trillions are exaggerated here, and reincarnation once again reinstituted as a cosmic force.  311 trillion must be past universes of the current 4.32 billion year old one (there must be many universes within 311 trillion alone).  A manvantara is a mortal version of the maha yuga or 4.32 billion diminished into millions of years. 1 Maha yuga contains the 4 yugas on earth.  The sun with the planets are 360 million years old (eg as a complete non-moving formation or order).  Time as a slow micro-element is comprehended.  HBP sites it as intervals from the Satya down to the present day of Kali.  So to be more concise, the other yugas have passed.  The Satya yuga is 1 day of Brama and not counted, it has passed.  However the krita yuga is 1 of the 4 yugas.  994 mahayugas contain 14 manus of which are 4.2 billion years.  1.9 billion years have passed for the mind on this planet and 306m for the elements.  The age of Brahma or the ray or beam of light that dies and is born daily.  A master must actually be in paradise to comprehend this.  Rudra enters the 7 rays of the sun to drink up the waters of the cosmos.  Thor's helmet is infact a galaxy in libra or Canis Major (connected to Libra and Leo).  The southern tarantula nebula of where these alien 'greys' or the lunar races reside are cancerian, therefore located from a different perspective directly to the constellation of Cancer however this connects it to Canis major and sirius or the true mind.  The Cosmic prayala is where one sets fire to the cosmos or 100 years of brama (cited in HPB).  The brain goes forth to life via the hair through race and division.
    1000 marks the amount of species lost due to mankind's intervention and over-population.  A great karma will beset this world and plunge it's species into darkness come 2087.  Eve will return for redemption against her master and competitor, lilith within the animal kingdom.  An Eve can infact be born of Lilith and its deeds carried on to the next world eg if eve is the same in the animal kingdom, lilith is different.  The atlanteans or atlanto-sumerians to even kain are regarded as good people, yet because of ramayana this fact is distorted.  However, they are not ashuras but yet the suras of the bible whom fight against overwhelming odds or a great evil in sumerian europe.  A masculine sign under sagitti reunites in a dream-like sequence against the feminine sign of scorpio or the ashura revealed (lower-nature).  An age-old lilith whom's time is literally up or one whom becomes passed on within the spider's web.  Hence the Cancerian Zeus (altar to zeus built by Rome) whom fell from Hercules is revealed to be an atlantean spirit in Sagitti whom has many wives on earth or a Jupiterian cycle whom competes against Saturn in Capricorn (kronos) as a pin drop.  The Cancerian sign must be Zeus whom does not initiate or arrive to earth, a Neptunian cause of some kind (a being whom initiates or does not initiate ie a human sign) whilst the Sagittarian sign the direct opposite.  Pls note within the past universe or galaxies upon galaxies, the nonhuman Ophiuchus sign will reveal itself as Scorpio or an Eve to its adam in Sagitti towards the heavenly body (an alien eve as seen with the signs taurus and aries).  Capricorn warns of aries, or the tree of life in the present hour and cycle.  The nature of aries as the dragon in karma will show he or she truly did fail in initiation or to represent this world.  However, occultly he or she accomplished the protection of Leo as a pure host. The planets must be cold dead seeds to an initiate.  The stars themselves are burnt out atoms of the periodic cycle.  A boon is a gift or talent (something of value) on the unmaterialistic earth (astral plane) which presents itself towards a brahman under meditation.  Meditation can usually give one boons or benefits to humanity, whether it be a year or 4 years depending on karma of the body.  However urging to not eat and drink may be going to far, hence in reality food is like the elements or abundant in resource ie molecular substance.  There is always room to progress, a practicing brahman (aspirant, initiate or disciple) can remember dust of the previous worlds, a god or true brahma figure (master) can remember the cities themselves erected in their previous states, not only will they travel into other worlds but they will witness their destruction and therefore be in an infinite form or in an infinite state of spirit & matter.  These are the figures whom sent angels to judge these cities.  Unlike in science, 361 is a perfect circle where 1.14 is added to 360, earth was 361 degrees around in the beginning.  There can be 20 boons, 200 or 2,000 depending on the brahman and how much meditation he has accumulated.  As is magi strong under Capricorn are the elemental powers of the ashura strong under pisces.  Tau was once the figure of Orion a long time ago before even the obnoxious greeks took on the legends of the so-called 'gods' or stars in heaven come to earth.  If thor is leo on earth, the figure itself must be sagittarian on other worlds or sagitti masquerading as leo on earth.  The truth of Scorpius, one of the youngest (along with Cancer and Pisces) of the zodiac signs or monads is here.
    Here explains the precise alignments of the nordic continents in the atlantic with its cultural impact on humanity.  The age is great, the islands of atlantis must have been two phases of civilization.  The first phase was in the northern atlantic called tripura (formentioned a few times, see brahma, vishnu, siva or daitya, atla, ruta) from 1.2 million years to about 85,000 years ago (the islands got into position 850,000 years ago, were devastated 85k).  Ruta is infact a larva shaped continent in the west of europe during atlantean times farther up north (to about 85k bce, it may have risen then).  It was the size of daitya in the 47m year old map, so it went up the coast of the west and made it unto the east of the atlantic ridge perfectly, so we may assume, ruta (iceland) was a large continent once and diminished greatly.  It was infact under greenland and soon became on the side of greenland where a rectangular briton was during a pole-shift.  The continent with silver cities resided on the coast of europe's norway.  However Daitya broke off from its tip 850,000 years ago.  It was Cuba which half of was torn apart by flood waters due to the weight of greenland and north america combined however the upper half remains are haiti meaning the continents flipped upside down (cuba flattened though, proof the pole moved is a flat formation of the corner of daitya unslanted to the tectonic crack).  The second phase was in the central atlantic 85,000 years ago to 9,000 years ago (ps leading to 3102 bce or the kali phase of earth's life cycle).  Germanaic Legends speak of the decline of civilization.  Atlantis was a principle nordic continent called atlas or plato's atlantis at that time. However iceland made a path up separately via multiple intervals or steps (indentations in the atlantic indicate or confirm this) from an arctic remnant of lemuria.  Land was lush during lemurian times.  There were many atlantis's or civilizations outside atlantis (eg egypt was a booming hive city before the nile was even created; it was swamp land basically, similar to Louisiana and south america) however the bramic minds will stick to this two-sided figure in the occult.  Continents align multiple times before they are frozen for long periods of times.  Siva and Vishnu decided to destroy brama-maya.  A great battle is waged presently upon the hierarchy, aquarius is first decan siva whom becomes reverse or vishnu to be born. If this was atlantis, outside civilizations such as the hive were examples of lower-races.  Just look at the sin one is susceptible to as a fifth race being.  They murder, kill and have multiple mates or lives in a few decades of times.  The average masc. fifth race male-female has more than two or three mates in thought, love or mind.  One can learn from the atlanteans much experience.  They have had only one mate and were cleansed or unpolluted by lower-nature, time or the mind.  To taint or mark the body so to speak.  The feminine third-race hive however has had hundreds in one life time and their ways or technologies literally no longer exist under god.  Rama must have been an ancient civilization whom was new or turned into cain, cain must have prevailed in the ancient past via 1 million years ago which makes it so difficult for break away nations and their civilizations to prevail today, a lack of support and economy.  For one to leap over the sun is truly difficult.  For a new cain to emerge or to establish a new state or country, a pole-shift must commence, america and south africa are perfect examples of cainanite or new civilizations of today.  However, occultly speaking, the ancient definition of Cain, jew or judea is masculine.  This way of life and continental boundaries were all calculations made during a pole-shift phase and all the continents were chaotic at one time where life was impossible.  These were the largest and most advanced non-human civilizations living under materialism ever on earth.
    The Atlas Mountains of Atlantis off the coast of Africa prove to nature of its existence. The remaining mountains are located and still named in North Africa whilst its true origin is a crater just off its coast.  However, they merged early on pre 18 million years ago or so.  We recently made the discovery of the martian map in south america is accurate.  It is in fact Venezuela.  Venezuela was the missing portion of the island whom merged with South America.  Three great continents, located near Spain at 30 42 16.52' N 19 31 25.72' W in the Atlantic Ocean is told to be the remnants of Atlantis however they are the bermuda triangle or bahamas chain to form a triangle which broke up (in order or stacked cuba, haiti and DR, jamaica, and venezuela where the faroe isle or tip is also included). Africa should be regarded as the fourth age lemuria, atlantis should have a portion near europe, split inbetween the tectonic crack. If you hover to Asia 38 degrees N and 177 degrees south you find Lemuria in the Pacific.  Spain must have been part of an island chain of Africa whom merged with the europe. Therefore these chains on the 18 million year map are indeed African.  Europe was a south african continent below asia.  Fifth-race Lemuria is located near Japan or under it however japan itself is part of the atlantean mountain chain.   Whilst greenland never changed, spain has.  Spain of greenland is not atlantis but lemuria whilst madagscar is the famed bridge to atlantis alongside pieces of africa.  The Polar Artic also a part of a great empire. Oryana and the Pole Star.  Most recent of where England to Florida is made dry. Nor is 13 58 44.58 S 87 03 19.82 E Mount Meru (a southern chain of mountains connected to Mali in Lemuria are but an ancient smaller portion of a vast chain which buckled to its new location or drift, see also australian drift), where it lies North of all the Dwipas of the Evil Atlantides.  The volcanic eruptions of the last 200 years have started or ended in the quiet age injunction with Mayan Prophecy.  If Madagascar was a lock it would be considered a bridge to atlantis therefore its(atlantis's) geology was peruvian.  Minor note the peruvian or cuban terrain is atlantean, an island for infinite time isolated from nature was below greenland once therefore almost alien now in ecology or ecologically.  Underneath its icesheet, one will notice greenland is surrounded by mountains and a large shoreline, now currently as one piece or 2 seperate pieces which collided it is a valley which will reemerge (hence only masters know of a greenland of the future age hidden).  The atlantic tectonic plate or crack seems to have stretched and condensed towards the north (stretched or turned northwards then condensed or collapsed).  Not only will they recolonize your world, they will humiliate you.  A punishment for undermining their control (hence even masters are of greater races then the ones whom degenerate due to sin hence non-human aspects of the zodiac).  They will even rebuild their cities upon your dead.  The ice-shelf of the atlantic ridge itself must have slid and collapsed it seems.  Greenland turned to form or come together across the tectonic plate last most recently.  The Vishnu Puranas state it was below the blue mountains and above the Himalayas extending through South Asia which at that time the Dwipas formed a bracelet.  Half of South America to Russia the Half of North, sideways.  In truth if North America were to Tip it would do so from West to East or backwards.  The large portion wouldn't tip yet the Western portion would compress Florida (see also creation of James Bay) or tip due to the amount of mass on either side.
    -Not to be confused with the Altai Mountains, Ural Mountains (a lineage to a type of reincarnating buddha or successors of, are all connected with the Himas or hindu aquarian uighurs ie the Russian aryan uighurs are the natives of its lands) and other geological faults and tectonic plates. Norway, iceland and germany is the atlantean mountain chain, greenland is of lemurian origin or connected to the creation of northern america which are in turn connected to the himas directly.  Some believe the 4 corners of the world, once the highest peak on earth stood on top of the world.  A portion of greenland merged with iceland after it was carried around during the catastrophe of 85k bce (see westfjords also see the decryption map greenlandatla in the gallery).  Here we occultists will reveal the mythical legends of the sidereal Mount Meru (the twin sister mountain of mount meru in sumatra aka the holy spirit).  It is located currently as the mountain Klyuchevskaya Sopka and was the top of the world, or highest peak on earth once.  The gobi sea (now a factory whom uses its sacred waters in the middle of the gobi as a power source of some kind where it is also known as the nectar of eden or an elixir and fountain of youth google earth co  40°27'45.18"N  90°51'40.73"E) was once indeed the horn of africa or the indian ocean to the west (cite 47m yr old map).  It is basically a part of an ocean that turns into a circular sea whom drains into the east from the west or egyptian border below the middle east.  It ends up above the himas as the sahara desert actually aka the heart of the third eye.  We can only conclude, that Nova Zemlya was a pennisula above florida which was underwater, therefore attached to an island peninsula when it was land.  This island was not Cuba.  Extending through East Asia is actually evolutionary home to red-indians of where nature pigmented their skin.  Imagine three continents near Australia.  Fit India and Australia/Antarctica in the Southern Indian Ocean via india then the pacific and you get Lemuria where Africa represents fifth-race lemuria.  Nova scotia is part of the north americas not the asias to not confuse the reader.  A flip underwater by the plates are found here, it is a well woven puzzle piece.  However florida appears on top of the plate whilst underwater (on top of virginia), therefore virginia was a northern piece whom turned (it was still north when placed in the gulf of mexico), indicating evidence of the ugava bay as a primary collision and the james bay as a secondary collision.  When the North American continent rose to the north there was a great water pressure to create a curve for ugava and a river flowing out of it.  Florida was a layer on top of a layer via condensation hence the older indentation of Ugava is a plate, its the upper layer of a plate, for this to happen it must detach itself from the botton right corner and reattach via a movement going north by adonis.  The james bay is florida or a double layer whom caused a turn after being released from the gulf of mexico.  Laurentia (as the gulf of lawrence, now the tip of the east coast) is infact attached to the position of where florida is now, meaning florida is detachable.  Japan's dragonhead goes missing however it is present on the 47million year old map.  It sunk or disappeared completely basically.  A portion which made the gap of Australia evident in the first place.  Only vulcan could have split the lands so far as to divide them completely, however all of the land is still present but for the dragonhead of japan (once known as a tip of Australia, Australia flips and now only a strip remains). This event transpired underwater far before the 47 million year map! It is sometimes mentioned as asia because of the position and formation of the baffin islands in North America whom followed the Kamchatka peninsula.  The Kamchatka is infact detachable via 85k bce as a land bridge, and even flippable (on the 47 million year map its fin faces russia, it most likely flipped on the vulcan pass to be facing the opposite direction).  Kamchatka is the famed ice-age bridge whom was open prior to the poleshift (given the range of a 400,000 year ice-age this is infact possible).  Cuba looks to be a part of Greenland and iceland.  Super Volcanos which outweigh mount meru itself must be hidden around the globe as great islands and land masses eg yellowstone, greek isles and a few other indonesian land masses are most likely dead super volcanos whom were active before life began, as are the atlantean volcanos still active or dying out.  Super volcanos cooled completely in areas such as yellowstone, greece, and indonesia upon creation or before the moon.  The tail of Alaska itself is an island pennisula which detached itself from atlantis to merge (it slid up with cali, once a region in the south, to merge with alaska, basically america was once attached to Kamchatka see unknown 3rd world map in waterway).  However, during the pole-shift (the 2nd was the greatest of the 4 pole-shifts so far) the continent stopped in hawaii at great speeds before landing in its current position (its posi was in Hawaii upon the 3rd age, note we are in the 4rth age).  Hawaii, basically was attached to southern california to northern california which was infact the Baja Pennisula.  We will sight an error made later about the movement of the east coast americas (see gallery).  The Ungava bay and the James Bay are both made by the floridian pennisula in a backwards pincer movement, we may have stated it was new york or virginia, but its in fact florida in both positions of the great lakes.  Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Antarctica was a part of North America aka the middle-eastern indian sea. It was the S continent whom broke up, therefore regarded as black magic. However, the east coast (the land mass whom conjoined with north america was originally from australia) is told to be connected to greece, so technically it was a part of the 'M' yet Florida was not or it was the 'S' as well.  Greenland was not attached to Australia, but to indonesia on top of australia where the whole of the human race is infact black magi or connected to the S continents.  Earth leaves an impression of clouds, where the south pole is thick and the north pole is thin or a smaller head.  Indentations in the sea floor say north america was carried via the south american tip therefore went eastward.   The illusion of the christ equation here is daitya was a part of north america not greenland so it followed south america eastbound.  The Himas were created through australia then africa it seems.  So our conclusion is daitya is the evil seed of the east whom returned not from atla itself but from north america whom broke off from the tip of south america.  A hypothetical map of what minor poleshifts would do can be found in the maps below.
    The ten Kings of Khamoon answer to Berosos. Aryans and Post diluvians, Gyan's shield, likened to Achilles, against black magic or the sorcery of the Devs. Kaimurath as the Giant Adam.  Koh-kaf present day Caucasus Mountains are of the Persian knight Tahmurath.  After him came Giamschid who builds Esikekar or Persepolis for 700 years.  Armenian tales tells us of Soliman's Ring to that of the fountain in the North, above Sweden called Novia Zemlya and Spitzbergen.  Albeit Atla was unchanged, Daiyta fell completly under water, and ruta (a small island) or a sivic being was split from Atla. Both Ruta and Atla (Ice land and Greenland were unchanged from its source since ancient times) are visible, only Daitya fell.  Damavend in present day Iran, is also a Great Mountain of the usurper Zohac and hero Feridan.  Death of a giant, Huschenk by creator of Babylon, Luz and Ispahan.  Argeak, trophies upon the great Hall.  These are Mountains linked to great continents.  The altai Mountains.  Even the germanic mountains of turkey resemble a giant river chain (see the serpent of atlantis) of which connects to the Black Sea where soft land warps into dry mountain passes.  Shangri-La is the gobi island of tibet, therefore there was a great sea with an island continent which bred the first fifth-fourth race man.  A rocky mountain pass still visible today is Lake Alakol's island of where the first furless man in human form emerged through intercourse after the death of the neandarthal (degenerated cromagnums, basically the gobi sea was connected to asia and sumatra, as are the himas to europe).  Achilles was a hero in troy under the leo sun, however atlas or atla was one during atlantis 85,000 years ago.  The current Himalayan chain is new ie moved from a saudi arabian watermark, however in our 47m map it is stated to be in the form of a river between indonesia and asia.  For marsupial species and organisms to survive a pole-shift they must evacuate into an island continent in isolation only to reermerge as man via the genome or hidden gene traits (one race one continent, a single organism carries all the seeds for genetic material; the beautiful one is multiplied or regenerated see darwinism).  Dev-bend defeats a Dragon. Ancient kingdoms in Kandahar, and Kafiristan.
    Some Westerners say the infamous Mount Meru is in the Pamir region of Kyrgyzstan, albeit the possibilities prove the Himalayas can stretch all the way to Northern Russia by tectonic plate (see also the island of Java and its 7 twins ie kamchatka in Russia).  A gaping wound, a lightning bolt strikes atlantis causing major damages, fires and floods to its civilization and sea-faring peoples.  Just follow the Atlantic plate.  There is indication of a great mountain under the ocean on top of the world just above Greenland.  Italy was a continent once upside down.  Proof is the Giant Inactive buried Super-Volcano in the heart of England at the region of Avalonia and Laurentia when collided, Mountain ranges equivalent to the Himas in western Europe formed.  Mud layers can slide on top of layers tectonically, like water. Florida under water is a perfect example. There are four hooks in the atlantic, the end hook of spain was natural a small island.  The small one was one great hook upon the big one at the dawn of time it seems because greenland or 'atlantis' shows indication that it was attached to norway in the great past or 1st age.  For the atlas mountains to be put in position, atlantis must have fell from the north then rose again.  Rome is infact a part of spain in europe whom split from a conjoined piece and pressed against africa.  The Atlas mountains of africa were directly connected to the bottom of daitya at one time or another.  The giant hook by greenland is connected to Florida so there were two tectonic cracks, side by side once.  Also there is indication greenland was connected to africa hence the tectonic curve above greenland is the first curve, one african curve is stacked upon the other it seems.  If england were to turn in a circle due to water falling because of the mass of daitya then iceland would have need to be knocked out of position to its current one, therefore ireland and scottland are but land masses or remnants merged from Diatya or the faroe islands pieces whom have collided, however changed greatly.  Nova Scotia, Scotland and Zemlya are all connected to the same piece of land, therefore Zemlya and Scotland was once islands off of an African Europa.  There is indentation though, that iceland was the tip of greenland as well so it basically traveled to its current position from left to right after Iceland started to brake off during a pole-shift phase or quick change of the continents.  If this is true, our previous estimates about the east coast creation theory was wrong.  Virginia and all of the east coast was created or pushed by greenland only 1.7-85,000 years ago.  So the himas or the height of mankind is nothing more than arabia itself, where the gulf of kutsch infact came loose from india. The old world was much cleaner once, and this human race did infact spread its filthy seed from Madagascar whom detached from Australia then became a peninsula of india and detached once more into africa with a piece of sir lanka did u spread amidst the world as part of the animal kingdom when Arabia (africa flooded or split in two long ago) was but a province of the himas themselves and the whole of the middle-east a part of africa. This gives light to rock that turns into mud and shale of microorganisms that's found in the rockies.  It also shines upon the fact that it truly is a continent with a young soul or lower-nature.  Before this time there was a desert on this continent and before that, at the time, of the dinosaurs a jungle.  The continents made by the global conspiracists must all have been elaborated during a polar-shift theory.  The tripura map is the most accurate.  Here we will divulge an error made by the so-called Lanka race, they are deemed Nazis or Super-mensch is more accurate as a falsehood.  Europeans can only be higher nature for their continental strip of land is connected to Asia upon creation, not Indo-asia below it (see first age world map for ref) however it was connected to india and not asia (asgard was below orion).  Japan is the area where integration to other cities are for the first time possible, there is evidence of cultural integration within brasil and britain (in britain there lies a martian crater or a crater from mars), the amazon is akin to papua new guinea yet not as great a jungle (more deadly).  These are all movements of the first age islands from an asteroid phase that enlarged the earth upon fertilization or fermentation greatly.  The Atlantic continent simply cloned itself.  A slab of asia (norway) unconnected to finland must have turned, and collided then merged with north america, giving us the illusion it was a part of it, yet it is not.  Therefore alaska may very well be above the slab of rock or asian in origin and america an island like continent in the past.  It is poseidon, now america whom is directly connected to asia in asteroid form.  It was directly connected to the chinese mainland, the island of china whom became the mainland once more.  Vulcan must have literally turned the planet's belly on its side.  'North is the way or where it once stood.'
     'Atlantis slid and collapsed whilst Lemuria was buried.'  A tectonic plate or crack went under another one to create some type of complex knot in the center of the atlantic.  Once there must have been two cracks side-by-side.  One could say Europe truly was a land bridge during a shift, however the beings whom survived in those ice-age lands died in the great winters.  Asgard may have been in the east after a shift, connected to a desert of ice, however Atlantis itself was on the west of the tectnic plate in center of the atlantic itself prior to upcoming events, this is where it always was with evidence of the formation on top of the pole currently today.  Here the occult will reveal the true location of Asgard in Greenland upon ice layers of bedrock.  Its coordinates are  (63°35'35.75"N  40°44'15.62"W) however sunken, the city resided here in what mystics and scientists alike call Asgard Sund, Greenland within the microcosm.  It is therefore the same exact position as greenland today except it was upside down with salvanbald as its tip, and the land or feminine continent itself did a complete 360 or returned upside down, like the dial on a clock returning to zero hour or its current position.  Note it was evident to crash into russia, however its continental shape lies on the tip of the north pole of earth.  The Island of Atla is indubetbly a land surrounded by ice in the northern seas above russia situated upon the north pole of the earth, connected to norway is a bridge called spitzbergen whom leads to the famous continent.  However, the land itself is connected to europe via ice-sheets riddled with glaciers and never truly an island as the scriptures say it was but known as departed land or the land of the north pole.  The sea was known as the white sea in ancient times because it was an ocean covered with ice.  They say Venezuela went upside down as well, it is the lake Maracaibo and Venezuelan bay.  We know this because above it is the bay intact before merging, after merging the small island floated to the right side of the bay from the left.  The two 'knee joints' of atlantis aka daitya or a part of the white island is the Venezuelan bay.  The Azores lining North Africa in Plato's Atlantis are smaller remnants of a more recent age aka the White Island. The continents must have risen then fell during a pole-shift of which they already fell before it.  The Capital was called Tripura.  It was One of three continents in the Atlantic inbetween Europe and America.  Off the coast of the Americas stretching across the Pacific, where the continent Leyon is or the top where Sir Lanka (tip of australia is Sumatra, next to South America, antarctica) remains steadily drifting much like California.  Libya itself was a southern beachhead before Rome.  The Black Sea drains. The tip of mexico looks to be a giant wound connected to Hokkeido.  If Mexico were to brake off from southern america a dry wound would appear or a result of Maya.  Yet the first continent of Poseidon's peninsula was an island attached to it.  It was dragged with it, but was a part of the central american bump and not mexico.  It (the island) would slide under the central american andies.  Chixulub resides in the gulf near florida now.  Something tells us, Daitya (sunken isle) and Ruta (iceland) was attached to the southern tip of South america during the first age earth (see firstworld map movements).  In this doctrine the baffin mountains are directly connected to the pacific dwipa.  On the first age map south africa (not present) was attached to the middle east.  North africa was the bottom-top portion of indonesia.  The Baffin or Odin mts turned backwards, its shoreline along with florida on its edge brakes in two.  One part of the shoreline moves (below virginia to florida) off the coast.  The other (newyork) downwards due to collapse.  Landwise, florida is known to be the foxxe shoreline in canada turned downwards (if you go to the ungava bay, it matches florida perfectly..and again the james bay).  Here we will try to interpret the 3rd age map.  The pacific rift valley went downwards from South america, along with it the continent of north america.  The continent of south america always remained in its current position.  Here we will divulge the fact that the american continent moved, therefore during rama's time the atlantic was a great ocean connected to the tethys or indian sea (see third map progress of the waterway).  North america has indication that it was attached to Kamchatka, New Zealand has indication of being attached to South America.  Lake Baikal is known as the oldest lake of the gobi (on earth) whom's water has been tainted with sin.  The tail of alaska must have created the water way known as the bering strait early on (presumed around the 18m yr event and not the 85k event).  However, an island was in the pacific and is today told to be new zealand whom detached from the north american tail and Guayaquil canal (its remnance are indubitably the french Polynesian isles).  The grand canyon itself was a dry lakebed whom drained into the silicon valley to become a glacier via the colorado river.  The third world map is an unknown and current progress of study (due to our limited progress of divinity from spirit, and limitations in knowledge).  Unlike islands, continents can't crash into each other and deform.  If they move, they do much more slowly without losing form unless the water wills it to.  This can only mean one thing, south america was an island continent.  The pacific ocean was smaller once.  Evidence suggests that Hawaii was directly connected to the San Francisco bay region somehow.  Minor note: we mention the bay of milk as the center of cuba during daitya, however it is called Angostura (22°20'7.78"N,  78°44'36.17"W) an unknown bay whom was a great city port or hub of civilization, much like new york is today.  A Nameless bay in the cuban peninsula's edge isle juncture resided great atlantean cities at a time of daityan giants and humans alike.  The Canary Island is remnant super-volcanos of Atla of which all around the world have died.  
    The African coast island rift valley must have been a mighty beach for Pterodactyls more than 18 million years ago.  Cuba to Mexico, Japan attached to Indo-china or greater asia.  Underwater formation that connects land drifts, strains Australia to a missing continent called Lemuria which then connects to Africa.  The tectonic hedges of what is now Brasil and unearthed steppe of the americas or the crushed mudwaters of atlantis.  The Hudson must have been a river which ran down the americas, whilst brasil was closer to africa.  A difficult interpretation is presented here, Spain was once non-mountainous and stretched across vast territory, it overlapped morocco and the northern atlantic hook.  It was however the line, river or crack which marked atlantis. Condensation of land or Atlantis was an 'M' puzzle piece where greenland and iceland to norway formed a part of it, which is why it fit so well with africa and the hudson connected to the gulf in the shape of an 'S' via egypt towards the east.   Here is what tried to move the ancient formed pillars of hercules and failed for the land had not truly moved but condensed.  If one were to journey to the remnants of atlantis they would go to the dinosaurian continent of spain for it is the reason why africa was created (the only continent on earth's life-cycle to rise from the ocean).  Spain was literally pushed up. Northern america aka canada with Central america.  The genealogy of Florida is a part of Venezuela. With today's current technology it is as easy to spot out as 1,2,3. Atlantis was infact a base on the north pole for celestial beings of the zodiacal hierarchy.  The first Atlantis or the Pacific Island which shrunk or broke off from Lemuria is the whole of present-day West-to-midwest or Western America via the Mississippi line.  The bay of Guayaquil canal was attached to the tip portion of mexico and broke off, basically.  Albeit the first lemurian atlantis is american, Atlantis itself (the greenland landmass) must belong to Europe whilst the other half to the Pacific Dwipa of America. It must reside on the west of the tectonic crack, the plates must have condensed somehow.  North there is a great gap, and greenland is only half of its true size. Iceland however is the remnance of the atla continent island which was bigger in ancient times.  This gap occurred recently upon the merging of continents only 100,000 years ago and is known as a result of the 4rth pole-shift.  Daitya is completly under water, it resembled a shark tooth. Its other remnant are near florida as well and was in the shape of a diamond not a circle.  Iceland is Ruta, Daitya is no longer visible, and Atla is Greenland, presently.  Daitya was a second race continent home of the Sakas. Ruta was home of the Dakas.  Atla, the 4rth race atlantides. All in the Atlantic, once conjoined as one continental island before a giant poleshift.  South africa gave rise to Antarctica.  Australia may have been a part of greenland upon asteroid form, therefore it may have even been in the pacific before going into the atlantic or crossing plates, where lots of movements occured during the shifting or melting of waters from ice.  The tip of greenland ran from norway sideways it seems via the nordic sea or then known as the sea of tharsis.  Daitya must be currently in the position next to england actually, its tip is now the Faora or Faroe Islands.  Greenland had not broke into two pieces yet had collided with an island connected to the Pacific.  Greenland is Asgard, below it resides Atla, Diatya, and Ruta (circular formations reside in the deserts of the western americas ie asgard may be regarded as N.a or the first atlantis).  The Atlas portion of Greenland was inbetween the two tectonic wedges of africa.  The African continent cloned itself twice in the atlantic via ice-sheet collapse.  The Gulf of Venezuela was made via the edge of atlan in Daitya itself.  In this doctrine, Vietnam will be regarded as the china island or northern china.  The volga river itself is directly connected to the east or deep within Russia and spawning from Iran or Persia (see also dev damavand).  Sumatra on the first age earth moved from the pacific into or near india.  Four pieces in the Atlantic is only visible to kings. To defeat the ashuras is impossible.  What happens when the ocean is formed, is it creates a new skin underneath the water.  The penis was a phallic mutation born of fat (which simply grew from female genitalia)in cold climates, most notably the southern greenland island of asgard as part of the M, as was the breasts which carry fat or sustenance for the embryo.  However, the Jewish civilization til this day practices circumcision on it, as does the semite one on the female species' or races genitalia.  Lemurians occupied the North, Atlanteans South.
    Esoteric world maps

    Apparent missing river channels and lakebeds
    Land ice formation and plate collision 
    Crater impact and decomposition
    Entropy and wind erosion 1
    Pole shifts and planetary alignments Continental race verifiability and recent statis 1 2 3 4 5
    Terrain submersion and bay or seas path identification (wip) Continental drift and tectonic shift  Lightning creation and weather composition  Volcanic eruption and territory change  Super continent illegibility and movement 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Farming and agriculture 1 2 3 4 or 4a 5 
    Past future timelines 1 Condensation and evaporation 
    Above are the most recent evidence of an ice age formation, and possible missing landmasses in the Atlantic which science continues to ignore.  The earth is slicker now, every now and then the earth changes its skin as does animals change their form.  Unlike small continents which crash, large continents merge by simply navigating around its shallow vicinities, therefore they never really move, but reform due to its shallow tectonic ridges or sea depths surrounding them.  Less than 85k years ago the continents were less sleek than now yet some were similar with unchanged form such as australia and asia.  Australia was only slighter bigger and extended at those times though.  Indonesia was the missing portion of sir lanka. Here we reveal the secret of the himas, it is infact arabia on old earth prior 1.7m years ago.  When Madagascar was attached to the tip of india, the mountains were located in the middle-eastern territory, connected to it and the gulf of kutsch as the indian peninsula before this (see 47m year map) sir lanka was connected to india as well.  Secret to the old world gods or the fourth race lies here upon eden in sumeria. Upon Asteroid form, antarctica was connected to india, whilst north africa was connected to indonesia&america was in europe with greenland & its isles.  Japan seems to be egypt in this manner (see lostworlds map) & africa turned upside down from australia to indonesia.  There is infact a rock map drawn of a flood period before atlantis aka greenland was about to merge with nymphea.   This map is infact verified to be after rama's time of 1 million bce, between the times of 1m bce-85k where the earth experienced great floods by the melting of the glaciers.  This caused the 85k pole-shift and a great iceage for thousands of years.  The great sea in the bible as well, was not called the med sea but yet the red sea.  Once a mt region in old earth aka the third age where in those days america was a thriving asian continent. Circles across its deserts near a51 actually, resemble that of cities. It says this continent of india named the gulf of kutsch was attached to the straits of hormuz.
    Africa must have split off from the middle-east as of late (see 3rd age 18m-1m). Kamchatka is the bracelet of japan therefore connected to Papua New guinea yet not Japan itself hence the largest volcano on earth (in science named Tamu Massif, however science fails to mention what super volcanoes are which excel in size to form giant lakebeds...super volcanoes are volcanoes larger than olympus mons and present on a large scale around the earth,  they are not considered a part of earth but a part of the previous earth such as malkuth or any date before the arrival of the moon; see also yellowstone or lake toba) is told to reside there.  Mount Olympus in greece however resembles a Zeus or good prevailing over its contender damavadan in syria.  It is an initiating mountain, therefore Zeus for the 5th race aka abode of the gods or 12 olympiads of the 4rth round whom judged humanity or let humanity 'judge' them.  Assyria or Syria will fall due to war like Ashburj did and its civilizations will be buried&will return to dust hence it is shear sidereal or of the initiates whom fell due to sin (will become depopulated like greenland is or the deserts will grow in that region).  Coincidentally, sanskrit must not lie, the city of tehran, its largest city lies right under damavand.  Sumatra is a peninsula or dragon continent connected to china whom broke off and flipped over (the hidden joint here is actually china hence vietnam merged with the island of china in order to create 2 bulges in asia, see 47m yr old map comparisons).  The Ugava bay of the middle-east&india may have been saudi arabia whom broke off as an island, actually.  The hindu space age was passed.  The age of space exploration was much older where beings could navigate outside the star.  Here explains the oldest plant life on the planet, the geology of sirlanka, jakarta or bali, home to krisna was once a part of Sir lanka which was split from the rest of earth in rama's time and head of the earth (ananta shesha is scorpio-libra ie balirama and laxman or king of the nagas).  Balirama must be associated with the wind, or a wind god of some sort therefore the libra sign.  Could the Pillars of Hercules be not the gates of Gibraltar but once attached to Morocco and now its remains to Rome itself?  The african peninsula dragged sideways upon creation?  Was Cuba but a continent attached to greenland just above nova scotia given rise to split and sink from its side? Therefore greenland has a gap with a 'missing link' as two continents, one the island in the pacific and the other the antarctic. In asteroid form, Egypt and half of antarctica (with Madagascar) was connected to australia whilst north america was connected to india, however a portion of north america was connected to the australian continent and not to the egyptian, american and antarctic continent.  Antarctica was a part of north america and not australia it seems.  The virginian rock along with north africa of the east coastal americas was indubitably australia (connected to greenland) and greece.  South america must have carried the north after the ice sheet collapsed.  Here we still maintain the fact that japan was a part of saudi arabia (antarctica and madasgar) until further research is proven.  These continents were known as the earlier S formation as opposed to the M.  China forms the pacific ocean currently, yet south america is its true shape.  It makes up the whole entire pacific ocean.  Here we revisit the lemurian map to understand these three great movements by water.  America split off from its source and went east under south america, where greenland split westward from indonesia (landmass above australia), however australia connected to greenland and europe in the place of africa went east.  Antarctica (Half of antarctica today) was the northern portion of aus at the time of asteroid formation.  However the virginian rock of the horseshoe americas was indubitably australia (connected to greenland) and greece.  For this to work aus needs to be slightly tilted.  Daitya was in actuality a part of the netherlands whilst alaska a part of iceland (some presumed carried across the pacific by west america or what is now the washington state region) if one were to go back that far.  The validity of the christ is tested.  Southern America is Brasil, however if you site the 18million year old map of Pangea, it is on the head of the world.  The tail of alaska detached itself from the south of mexico or california (most likely mexico).  The amazon was actually in place of where the hudson is now.  
    Basically the Atlas mts of Morocco or Pillars of Hercules so-to-speak (see also Ara as material illusion or the south under scorpius) must have been merged with africa for 18 million years during or since its creation (ref here is accurate).  Geologically speaking, turkey is indeed Greek rock or soil and Sumer is the tree or great branch from which is sprung.  In this doctrine, Haiti is regarded as the prehistoric peninsula in the ocean aka cuba or a diminished version of the white island (greenland) whom fell into sin.  Cuba however, in science is actually a the tip of south america and florida aka a crashed continent into the tip (see japan as well, where vacuums in space truly come into play via the pole-shifts).  None of Asia is the western dwipa, currently.  Lower nature is revealed here.  The only continents on earth to have flooded is greece and sumeria, however India is the only continent to have risen from the oceanic depths where til this day even the atlantean continents remain.  So india was south and asia north, india means degenerated nature, its asia degenerated. So america is technically asian yes, but it is india now because it degenerated or became an island. Australia as well. Here we will mention of Japan as a bracelet whom's head merges with Australia.  Papa New Guinea was not an island then, it was part of lower indo-china above austrailia (see esoteric map ref).  Austrailia itself had washed an ocean onto its surface prior 47million years prior vulcan.  The whole continent is infact riddled with the bones of sea dinosaurs, or reptiles whom were abundant in size and evolved within the ocean itself.  Greenland broke off from south america, yes, but it did not deform or get smaller. Asia means undeformed nature eg good versus evil.  Although it is mentioned a few times somewhere the knee joint of south america did a 360 turn (tegucigalpa was once the knee of south america, of where the nazca lines are located, this city was not near the shore), it did not, only parts of it turned at a great angle, the knee itself simply collapsed and merged with the continental land mass of mexico (asgard did a 180 turn then tilt, this is somewhat the same, it tilted).  It had to have slid off of the continent.  The tip of India was a chain of mountains on a peninsula now known as the Himas where the true tip was located is precisely at burma, of where it broke off from its peninsula followed by sir lanka and sumatra..However the gulf of kutsch was connected to the middle-east.  Proof cuba was atlantean is the plateaus in the midst of jungles on this continent, flat plateaus signify a pole shift or flattened mts.  The Dead Sea was the african split into egypt upon the third age, once a spike attached to India (not to be confused with the horn of africa, see also 47m yr old map for ref.) upon the 2nd age is the home of the nara race, now judea.  The known fact is Greenland or atla was attached to african soil or india, europe and africa.  It was attached to the bottom of asia and possibly australia originally whom was attached to india aka n.a. however it split off to the west, whilst North america (and daitya or a portion of greenland, the asgardian greenland didnt make it past the atlantic plate) floated across the atlantic region with S.A. or south america's tip in a southern motion) upon asteroid form (humanity as a germ) and the african germ grew from the famed atlanto-aryan continent itself.  There is some occultic speculation that virginia was directly connected to greece&Australia yet north america was not.  North america is infact india or indian land! Therefore the missing link to the spike of egypt along side it and canada is found as well (see eso map).  Egypt is not directly connected to the eastern coast of the americas where these lands locate the origin of the true 2nd race however it is connected via antarctica and india (austrailia as a larger continent basically), not north america.  Greenland was a part of australia/indonesia yet not antarctica (where south africa is located on map) upon asteroid form.  America split off from its source and went south-east, yet gl did not. Indentations in the sea floor say north america was carried via the south american tip therefore went eastward. Under south america, where greenland also followed, however australia connected to greenland and europe in the place of africa went east as well (earth expanded?).  All these forms conjoined make one large landmass on a side of the earth.  The ancient feminine germ of daitya literally has its implications on american soil so our conclusion is daitya is the evil seed of the east whom returned not from atla itself but from north america whom broke off from the tip of south america.  Hence, small pockets of rare land and large islands (3 great island continents) will inhabit the sixth age, whilst the seventh age will dry up the waters completely.
    If the isle of Jamaica are connected to the bahamas then the inagua island is connected to the tip of south america.  This is relevant because it seems cuba moved inbetween these islands somehow. But how could it unless an island pushed against it? The White island perhaps is a remnance of jamaica and the dominican republic as well as haiti (please note the maps exclaim to be San Juan as DR, and Haiti as its own island), yet cuba is an inner or northern part of south america.  Jamaica seems to be placed in the bahamas somehow (on top of the triangle below the faroe island), therefore it is the white island as well.  In this doctrine, Jamaica will be regarded as a portion of Haiti.  Another puzzle, cuba is the knee joint whom detaches upon the great pole-shift.  They say the Moroccan bridge of atlantis flipped over from the triangle...however this was cuba!  It simply merged into africa.  They say it s the azores and spanish isles.  One even notes the Missisipi splits off into two branches at its southern most tip, one is called the Black river or a branch to the grand canyon.  In ancient times these were named the atlantean isles.  Some say africa fits the americas perfectly yet the formation under water is but a rise of sea level. The tectonic plate of africa to america was attached to an underwater sea since the beg of time where only Mesopotamia aka sumeria, africa and india changed (flooded and was risen) since the 2nd age of vulcan. This sea was created via ice cap. Africa had to rise in order for its land to mimick the underwater structure (3rd world map wip).  Madagascar was attached to india upon asteroid form, proof is a piece of jakarta still resides on its northern tip.  South america did not collapse, yet it did kind of slide against the tectonic plate to give it a formation (to the right), the east coast helped it form as well much later.  It was not the cause for africa to rise, actually but small islands which make up the antarctic were.  Antarctica (at the time above atlantis in the african region of our globe) must be the only continent whom was actually merged via centrifugal forces or the vacuum of space.  This much is known, they say africa held the Moroccan chain, however a small piece belonged originally to Greenland making africans themselves the noble or kind arya race of cheribs from atlantis, more so than other arya whom thought of material kindness in matter.  The small islands of the Dominican republic seem to be that atlantean peninsula which resided in that place as well (break-off islands of a larger continent, see also Hawaii), whilst New Zemlya seems to have been an island peninsula in the place of florida before 47 million years tbp.
    The marked land of Thule is the land bridge hence it is infact new zemlya. The continent daitya which sunk first was a land bridge to morroco spain.  It is now aruba, noord and Maraicabo.  The land is so distorted and condensed it is nearly non-existent in venezuala, yet it is there.   As Scotland later pressed against England.  The Spanish-African Island to Lemuria's Sweden, where evil is non-present (china's plains & poland's flatland steppe press against the mountain clusters of Germany).  England must be a bridge to atlantis via germany or part of the sideways 'M'.  Proof is remnance of the atlantean mountain chain reside in russia, england and germany (asia).  The old formations of the North Sea Archipelago.  Indochina was risen from the ocean depths.  Another below Africa, later made into a bridge in Belgium is Italy perhaps.  Italy's foot and virginia rose out of the waters.  We know 3 pieces arrived(collapsed) to create the east coast, however only florida arrived via 85k whilst the others may be up to 18m years old.  Other formations of the San Andreas fault in California are connected to Mexico, therefore leaving a giant land gap where the Amazon and Florida Keys or Pleiades circle is submerged leaving stone structures in their wake (subject to change). This may be hard to believe, antarctica was an australian continent, the proof in geology is that it is connected to the egypt (sometimes confused with the horn of africa) eg Land compared to sea is insignificant, it buckles to create new land where actual formations of drift are an unknown and estimated ratio to science.  Bolivia is not a Spanish country run by turks yet is an Indian one where til this day Indians mask the blood line of slavia or depart from it via non-integration or descendance (ancestry or old root) of the arya (the pakis hide the race of rama well, however it is also a race connected to the third eye or gobi sea and persian gulf conjoined).  The Black Sea must have split (created mountains via a great river) from the Caspian (The Greek isles must have been mountains whom flooded yet did not penetrate its great wall into the black sea) and filled via Europe and its northern waters rolled on land.  Therefore mountains must have been created before the flood waters 18m plus years ago eg Turkey curled then filled or the veins of the earth as great waters are revealed during a poleshift.  The siberian provinces of japan was once connected to an australian lemuria.  Proof venezuala is a missing continent is actual verification via google earth. If no formation is present in africa but an island formation is present under the water, above venezuala then that is all the proof you need really.   If Brasil was attached to norway upon the 2nd age earth, we may assume africa was never a part of the middle-east but for maybe through egypt.  The Mediterranean as the Great Sea or to become Triton in Greek legends was flooded sumeria and greece.  England is not considered to be a part of Europe (because it rotated in a 360 degree angle almost). It became the Caspian and Black sea.  It cloned itself, basically.  This yet is true, a prehistoric ocean well-pervaded the east coast of america in the first world (map wips).  Iceland is evidence of a valley of volcanos. A pole-shift would create a massive wave vector which can reach outer space.  The Cold waters from the north must have destroyed the greek continent or mountainous region via The Pillars of Hercules or Africa where mountains come before water.  South America must have been directly connected to Asia once, whilst northern america was just an island.  It looks to us Sir lanka broke off from India from what is now the Arab United Emirates to create the middle-eastern continent, however it was never directly connected to saudi arabia. Haiti must have gone sideways when detached from the Faroe islands.  The illusion is Sumatra was connected directly to Sir Lanka as one race, however it breaks into an island to form indonesia, connected to the 4rth race Japanese island.  Origins of the 4rth race in the fourth world lie in the same area as the fifth (so this doctrine will just state Japan and not Sumatra is the garden of eden [see hodeikko for the 4rth-5th hybrid race or sumatra, sir lanka, and madagascar for the 5th race as major island gardens] even if fifth race beings arrived in Sumatra).  If Sumatra is connected to Sir Lanka once, it just seems like the same branch to us.  Plato however witnessed not atlantis fall, but had a vision of the faroe islands (tip of daitya) falling because it was a larger tip or mountain chain then its present state (attached to a corner of Haiti is the corner of the white isle or an larger version of cuba basically).  Basically, Iceland came from the atlantic dwipa and its missing broken piece is Poseidon from the Pacific portion regarded as north america or a japanese continent, the oldest atlantean dwipa actually.  Sumatra is the smallest island and regarded as the true eden if there must be only one.  Nova scotia to Spain as part of europe, here we see a land bridge beyond the great pillars.
     ~ note the pangean split is very accurate except what science fails to comprehend is the missing land masses through time.  Hence, the island of Nova Scotia is connected to Spain or spanish bridge after the tectonic crack.  Before the crack it was connected to the Northern Hook of Europe, located to the left much more near america (see finished map diagrams or satellite imagery).  Missing landmasses upon newly made tectonic cracks and healed ones.  This is clearly visible.  The Baltic sea is also Eridanus in space whom's dead body mirrors hades in scorpio or is the same (some speculate it to be Rhone in Sweden, however there are few major rivers on earth to choose from where as Europe only has two ie the volga and the danube).  The european english isles must have risen and sank multiple times (ireland was the tip of england, england attached to europa and turned basically).  Ireland's mountainous terrain match ice land, Norway, and Canada or has the same chain of mountains (Norway was the 47m yr old notch).  The underwater land and water levels are not though.  This also means one thing, the fourth tectonic crack is a new one from the earlier ones brought on by a natural ice age.  Science shows that these maps are very easy to debunk, except if these lands masses are united or conjoined with a lower sea level it proves very wrong (not to mention the south american scars in the north, and the extension or point of spain as a contention in the east).  This would explain how Greenland, much bigger back then, was indirectly attached to Lemuria in the far North or other side of earth.  Greenland is still in the process of melting, therefore little is left to the imagination.  Greenland is made up of 3 pieces (atla, ruta and daitya with an unknown eg asgard, see odin or poseidon) indirectly yet two pieces directly (a lemurian rock from the atlanto-american dwipa which conjoined to form greenland).  Nothing never changes yet the key to muslim magic is the third eye on the earth, also known as the persian gulf or simply put, purified and isolated water yet in the occult all appear the same.  Norway was the notch in the atlantic, alongside brasil, whom slid next to a lemurian africa (series of european isles) however this doctrine exclaims that in the first age of earth, it was infact Kamchatka peninsula the head or top of the earth where Meru lies.  Iceland is Ruta, some of Daitya is completely underwater (we speculate it is the cuban, jamaican and haitian chain of isles however the bahamas show some of haiti&DR broken off and missing).  Antarctica formed from the white continent, or an island once south africa.  Japan-Australia must have been attached to the side of Asia directly before the poleshift therefore an extension of africa and lemuria. On the first world map (not present), the pacific isle which is now america was attached to alaska, nova scotia was a part of central america.  Australia was attached to america and asia.  The Berlin Strait was not flooded but created via a collision and merging of the pacific dwipa.  Hence New Berlin is an island after the fall (of 85k bce), whom's corner was broken off by greenland and now merged with iceland via rock.  The holy mountain meru resided on top of the world at this time.  Greenland was in the north, attached to america, however the north at this time was Kamchatka (earth's pole was the equator of that peninsula and bolivia therefore the earth was smaller, more condensed before the moon arrived).  Lemuria was indeed land as its present continents attached to an asteroid and without ocean or the wound.  Before Indonesia attached itself to asia it was in the place of the african continent itself (way before this mammoth continent rose out of the ocean and antarctica formed).  Australia was not sideways but merged.  America made up the entire pacific region.  The east coast region of america must have traditionally been a part of australia.  Greenland turned, the pacific isle of atlantis (now america) fell.  There was always two tectonic plates or ridges in the atlantic. The ocean was indubitably land in the south (to create two ridges in the atlantic the earth must have froze then melted and finally gave way to condensation through heat in order to 'crack' its shell or simply put a small crack becomes a large one).  In this doctrine Saudi Arabia will be regarded as Egypt@times.  Therefore a one whole pacific landmass is created where europe is the pole or mount meru and the atlantic always an ocean underneath it, pervading the eastern americas.  
    The Hudson must have drained into the gulf via its southern veins connected to the east coast all the way to canada and midwest 87tk years ago (see the veins of the east merge with the great lakes main jugular artery in a wave-like fashion).  Greenland however broke apart from two separate larger continents.  Collapsed rock gave way after condensing and fell downwards to create the east coastal united states.  If florida were to be in canada, it would fit perfectly in the Ungava Bay (nav to worldmap in gallery) whilst the James Bay holds a condensed Florida.  How is this possible?  Florida was a rock above the Canadian shield which slid off of it (along with the rest of the east coast) by greenland literally kicking it out of place we presume.  The James bay area filled with water as this happened (basically, america just the tip of atlantis condensed into the east coast to fill with water it seems).  To do this it dislodged and slid downwards therefore creating Appalachia.  We can only assume the odin mts itself is newly risen and the asgardians are playing us for fools.  Europa and Africa existed earlier on the fourth round and were next to the tectonic plate.  It is as simple as that, if the norwegian mountain chain were connected to the hudson, and if the Atlantic hook split near or above the Northern Sea there would be land there.  Greenland must have created florida somehow. Proof Greenland was in the middle of the atlantic once and turned is the atlantic hook underneath the sea bed, not only does the grooves fit nova scotia, but the tip of greenland's two grooves show evidence as well!  The tectonic crack must have been next to the americas (see One million year old island map), and the hook itself must have been in the south near the equator hence water shapes rock yet does not conjoin it.  Atlantis had a bridge, now spitzbergen whom was indubitably connected to Siberia or central russia.  It could have been dry when the world was created.  Antarctica (from a small african island eg the white continent is formed) and are the only continents known to have risen last.  The Amazon was where the Hudson is currently on the head of the world.  The hudson was regarded as a great river much like the amazon is today (see location of virginia just above the cuban peninsula on the second age map).  Today it is called the Saint Lawrence River, but that is the true remains of the great hudson river.  It was a part of the western dwipa's coastline.  The mississippi was the inner dwipa's river basin that currently drains into the gulf therefore connected to the grand canyon, however only because it splits in two at its southern tip.  The Mississippi was long connected to the hudson before time began.  Antarctica and Africa must be directly affiliated with the white continent.  Europe was an indian continent above asia for the human its androgynous phase it was above asia, but when the moon (sin) arrived it went below asia into the pacific, both asia and indonesian australia was connected to the north and south polar atlantic plate.  India was once a peninsula and Pakistan was a separate continent in the same place it is now.  It seems florida formed a new eastcoast by sliding down it and creating an extra plate, but retained the same boundaries.  Madagascar is infact not india only, but sumatra or its tip has soil of sir lanka whom then attaches to sumatra where Java was once an island called Mali now.  Japan was once a part of Indo-china, present-day northern china, it was detached from it where China is indeed considered to be the heart of Lemuria (see 47m year old map). The Peninsula of new zemlya was attached to florida after south america fell it seems (see florida chart).  Some of Alaska (such as the tail and canadian ridge) is part of the north american dwipa or pacific atlantis, not asian land mass.  The ice-age is an illusion which never covers an entire landmass or ocean, whilst the odin mts did break up recently, it was because greenland attached itself then detached itself into the northern ocean.  Greenland was indubitably the lost continent of atlantis and remnance of the pacific atlantis.
    *Here we will briefly divulge upon the ultimate secret, the age before atlantis where the atlanteans destroyed the first world of Lemuria to create their race.  The volcanoes are permanent, a pangea or one world land mass is involved as a flat rock with supervolcanos, which may even be asteroids (a theory of malkuth's super volcanos is they were created by asteroid impact on malkuth or old earth itself).  If one looks at the Azores one will find these massive volcanos with lakes in them, however small now since the world expanded via ice-sheet from its asteroid form.  One will also find an asteroid crater as large as half of the island.  Africa must have been created instantaneously or at one time for an initiate.  In the southern pacific where now lies a wound, distorted weight of matter or deep gash is revealed only by ocean.  Europe as the north pole.  Antarctica attached to Lemuria is actually to Australia and South Africa then the other end to a great northern pacific land mass.  A South africa as well (a small piece of land risen from the ocean of the north was split or left behind, actually). Lemuria as a microcosm for its southern land mass and shallow oceans simply redirected its waters and eroded its lands with new lands of or by fire.  These volcanoes redirected the water and separated the continents to create atlantean mountains where the lemurian mountains are just the sea floor or evidence of erosion.  The earth started cooling 2 or 3 million years ago possibly even 6 million as an unknown or a natural ice-age beginning.  Naturally the earth spins away from the sun.  Once again the ice-age explained here is death or a killing of the planet so to speak.  The illusion is the white island was an african continent or small coastal african island above greenland or norway which laid in the antarctic, which makes perfect sense.  If Daitya fell into so-called 'sin' they would have to represent lower or degenerated nature.  Half of Greenland is that nature, while the other half a african chain whom created Antarctica.  An older Antarctica, now greenland, was the mountainous heights of the earth.  Daitya, next to present day florida, sunk completely or broke up.   If Mount meru is the cosmic head of the world above ursa major, the ram looks to it.  Albeit Cancer is the equivalent of a marriage with Scorpius or a female germ, it is the many reincarnations of indra and Lakshmi which buddhism follows.  A secret or psychic war was being fought in japan since the beg of this round beg with Kurukshetra.  However, this was was fought on an island off the coast of japan or began that way, and is even responsible for the turks unknowingly sparking the mongolese invasions or a 'japanese' civil war against buddhism (a way to retain muslimhood or a certain medieval way of life in japan).  If Indra is Mars, it is Aries at this present system, however it is Scorpio and Cancer whom merge to create lower nature.  Cancer is a clone of Indra on earth therefore evil (Meru).  Aries is Indra or the holy mountain on Mars (Olympus Mons) whom pursues the betrayer (Meru is in Java the Rama epic is created, scorpius returns to indra, so does rama..Cancer creates a feud?).  None surpass Olympus Mons in our Solar system, and none has ever yet the orion super-volcanos of our past have come close.  Cancer is the diminished fourth island it seems, remnant of poseidon (son of aquarius), the separate one from the trinity (see tripura map).  Papa new guinea was the north western tip of indochina, whilst indonesia was the tip of Australia.   They must have switched places upon turning greatly.  All land resembled these two islands in the great past.  Little is known about Dinosaurs having been cold blooded, the land formation itself is only sensed by psychics.
    Therefore the rocky terrains do not belong to the americas.  Sinai must have been a part of africa once.  Once again Greenland (Greenland's iceland resembles a miniature atlantis eg The mighty plain of flatlands is now spain or the bridge to atlantis.  The shoreline changed, and the land in the eastern coast was once reminiscent of peruvian soil) is the oldest land of europe.  Haiti/dominican rep, Cuba and Jamaica all make up the white island of daitya, now upside down.  Antarctica, Japan and Cuba are great vacuums on earth or continents whom crashed into large masses of land (see the real cause for the bermuda triangle).  Could Iceland be a larger island directly above the sunken atlantis?  Cuba and Haiti are hidden islands remnance of the white island daitya.  Haiti does a continental 360 turn upon a pole-shift.  The island of Atlantis in the third world was sideways where alaska lies today as a part of south america and asia as well (180, when we say 360, we mean 180 or half of 180).  This proves their are many phases after a pole-shift or complete transformation.  The one smaller pangea was in the south pacific with a newly created sea as one hence the weight of water was always in the southern pole therefore scientific theories are dismissed of land being ever there.  There has always been one.  So we presume the bengal sea was attached last to sir lanka yet before this it was the gulf of kutsch on old lemurian soil connected to the himas. Shredded shoreline formation indicates attachments to land. For instance, Japan was last to attach to asia, however originally it was attached to the tip of china (now conjoined) and before this with australia (its head still lies in australia), even before this the dragon's head was attached to the S formation of the earth, most commonly known as saudi arabia.   A great land stretched from north to south afterwhich it was elevated and the waters caused it to drift and sink downwards.  Sin which we pay for is revealed.  Low level mountains reveals hilly terrain and moon like swamps and low ocean with super volcanos.  Half of this world was land, the other half water upon the rule of the lizards.  Therefore one become two through water and erosion.  A true lemuria must have been brief upon life's intercourse with the moon. Where large lizards evolving on one island or harsh ecosystem evokes possibility and a small tectonic structure is attained or chain reactions preserved.  Land does indeed tear, disintegrate and merge.  The middle-east and atlantic must have been a great ocean.  Taiwan was a part of Japan whom became a part of Australia, once during lemuria it formed a perfect bracelet along with the Philippines as a part of China before this and indonesia as the broken tip of Australia.  Polynesia is atlantean therefore craters reveal an age or pole-shift of fire before the most recent water shift.  Super-Volcanos and mountains were once a permanent structure, not having to do with the rise of the shorelines but the landscape itself.  Mountains created or stacked by dust were once more abundant as mounds or buckled land on a flat plane. Sumatra was a body of land in asia that was connected to an island which was called Jakarta (where lies land of krisna) and regarded as the fifth race garden of eden.  Madagascar detached from india with a piece of this famed continent to continue the karmic 'human' or simian germ millions of years ago.  Greenland must have helped reform the 3rd tectonic plate (this doctrine says a few times that it is from the second cloned plate of the atlantic down, however only antarctica is not greenland itself) in the southern tip of africa or split from asia into the bottom of africa.  Alaska and southern california was dragged upwards like a snake then released to collide.  The whole of california was once a part of mexico.  If daitya and north america is asia and not india, then we may presume as much.  There lies the fifth race germ, and that's what makes them small and finite.  The world before man's form or during martian life is a black magician's fantasy or just illusion. This map is unrevealed therefore marks the beginning of creation or the permanent atomic structure of the rock before 47 million years.
    Here explains the evolution of the islands of atlantis in the fourth round or the power of a pole-shift.  Asgard was situated in an old north pole near the east now russia where the north does change albeit not greatly when a poleshift occurs.  Atala or Saka-Dvipa was atlantis at an early stage, it devolved into Sveta-Dvipa and later Ruta and Daitya, two islands remained.  Daitya was the Island of Saka indians aka the white island which attacked the world in wars.  The psychic blavatsky exclaims of the white island, however it is not daitya the triangular region whom fell near cuba but presumed to be atala, or remnant isles along the morroco and the atlas mts in evolution, it is also known as the bridge of atlantis connected to daitya once (spain was connected to atlantis, these isles are spanish colonies).  The soul at work.  Ruta must be a part of Atla, or atala dvipa (dwipa or island) therefore atala is the mountain of atlas or a fallen zeus in greenland aka ashburj an area on earth where greenland civilization was once great.  If spitzbergen were the tip of the great island aka the white island, then greenland was always in its shape, even during atlantis as the far western north before being dislocated.  One may even go as far as to say remnance of a city would be revealed where ashburj or atlas is if the ice were to melt.  However, Damavand holds a new devil or human zeus as civilization in this round.  It must have been transferred from the Pacific, to the Atlantic to the Indian subcontinent in time as a progression of good prevailing over evil.  The slow evolution or line of the reincarnating persian kings as compared to its 'advanced' feminine civilizations.  Florida is the Saka white island reformed into new land once named Saubha.  Daityas and Danavas were the Sakas against the Giant Devas (giants). Therefore the white island is the island of sakas at an early stage, or aryan sakas, yet not true royal blood, and even it may be elementary.  Triple city is called Hell in the puranas because it was harmonic and invincible.  Therefore the island of Ruta was or became Sir Lanka after it sunk and its civilization was all of India.  A false depiction of heaven to a child.  Anything godly, is named hell in the occult.  Russia is regarded as giant civilization, or a goodness and purity in lower-nature.  850k years ago, the land sunk and rose for 150,000 years.  Europe was not above water in the second round, 47 million years ago.  All of earth became a desert at this time.  However nothing changed, hence large continents of land can only move in mass if it is detached from the ocean floor, so only one pole-shift so far had truly moved the land, the second one.  We will touch upon China and Japan, Japan is originally from Saudi Arabia upon asteroid form however, we divulge that which is part of the 'S' continent.  China is a part of old earth or asia in the lower pacific.  Japan however merged with indonesia to form Australia.  It is actually missing the 'dragon's head' whom is now merged on the side of Australia.  The following is important, Papai New Guinea which is now flipped over was the tip of northern indo-china, now china (see eso 47m map).  It was the North western tip, whilst northern china was the most northern 'spike'.  A portion of old Australia broke off to form the present day form of indonesia.  The first ps just fertilized the oceans, the third one tilted the earth, so the large continents really didn't move until the second one arrived 47 million years ago.  The continents were in the same place upon the fourth round, actually and look very similar to the third one, because the axis of the earth moved yet could not move the great lands of mass.  Water was a factor for destruction, but it was a great factor for movement of the second as well.  
    As formentioned, the island of Ruta sank 270k because of a pass by Vulcan (see the 26k polar tropical cycles from rama's time or true start of the ice age).  The remnance reappeared 10000 bce as iceland.  As rama's civilization died in the third round, so did it prevail later, as did the Egyptian ones against the Aryain the fourth eg krishna's fortified city of Dwarka is underwater.  The martians inhabited the american dwipas and were mysteriously very noble yet tribal.  They were much like the sakas in this way.  Florida was once connected to atlantia, however atlantia itself was a diamond or dome like civilization of gold and jewels.  Something one would see as jewels.  Actually, geography tells us the sakan white island (GL) piece was once connected to asia in the north. The other half must be the nordic chain of mountains aka the Baffin Mt range (a peninsula connected to the americas which turned sideways).  If krishna emptied its armies into the sea or gulf of kutsch, he must have somehow known the land was going to rise again.  We have noted that Antarctica is home of the Lanka race.  So Europe is, however, in the first world map, connected to Australia not asia.  It seems there is an error in the doctrine somewhere here (typos such as sahara as the gobi desert may need to be overlooked).  We mentioned HPB saying the Lanka race was Arya or Asian eg higher nature.  However Europe was lower nature connected to Australia.  Europe was connected to Rama's race actually and the Aryan continent (Antarctica) was connected to the Asia race (to not confuse the reader, the continents seemed to have flipped sides or made an 'X' in the unknown first world map).   Daitya was connected to america and greenland was connected to the tip of south america (eg india was below asia or india and the third race is north yet not, true north belongs to the fourth race).   Antarctica was connected to cuba.  Australia and the Nazi race are indeed lower-nature, however there must be a reason why the Baffin mts are named after famous nordic figures (such as Mt. Tirokwa, Mt Thor, Odin in Nunavut to Mount Breidablik-Baldr&even a Mt Asgard are all below Asgard or on the baffin island now..more proof they or land was conquered by the nords more than 85 thousand years ago...if not for the japanese names, we would say it {america} was a part of the country of asgard even).  Before Rama's bridge reappeared (the martian pass), India was tilted, and islands in the gulf of kutsch became land much later (see oldmap reference) through the gobi sea (persian gulf) now a desert in the shape of a pupil.  If one were to look for evidence of the Ramayana one would go to that region.  Sea life must have appeared 1 billion to 700 million years ago whilst 360 million years did land organisms appear.
    *The sons of Cain or naga are long dead.  The fallen angel or sons of Enoch must have withheld a hidden memory of some sorts.  The delta nile was inhabited for 100k+ years.  The new sons of Abel (abel is just deemed new) re-emerge as fifth race humans!  The Giants are become primitive at that time eg Briton was once arid, savage and regarded as unruly during the sumerian times much as the deserts of the middle-east today are, rebel races gained for territory and fought colonization in deep untamed land (8000-2100 bce after the flood hence stone henge itself is now the sunken remains of a 'primitive' castle of king arthur..a tower for giants and turkey once in the middle-east had many similar towers of a type of degenerated race or medieval age).  So is proof, stone henge and Polynesia are primitive structures that showed a great race in decline.  A race of slaves to lower civilizations.  In the occult, evil can or may be regarded as good.  Therefore Greeks have turned evil in nature through karma and karma alone.  There were gorillas alongside giants whom deemed gold armor at one time in human civilization and were thought as noble equals that fought a great war against the moon.  They arrived in ships of great overbearing numbers from india.  They joined with the greeks to eliminate the Saka civilization whom launched nuclear weapons at the indian subcontinent for reasons unknown.  The Nazi Gold Cauldron looks to be of the Pakistani African-Arab race as far back as 85,000 years in age.  The Greek Aryans and Martians hide naga blood or naga genetics (of the three Daka or Danavas, Naga or Nara, and Saka [Daka, Asian, and Arya] bloodlines) therefore are Canaanites of past-future rounds (see section on past races). The national race of the fourth, known as the European originated 9000 years ago (Jews 6000 yrs ago or around 3000 bce settled, blv states 8000), and has 16,000 more years before europe sinks.  Whilst russia is a Monarchy, america is an oligarchy.  If the Ukraine was a part of the soviet block, the soviet union must be a facade around a central government greater than the newly established moscow one.  The Native Sakas had a nuclear country in the north western dwipa, or what is now the united states, this land (similar in politics and economics to present day Iran) was regarded as a desert and mountain territory even then.  The christian incas whom fell into war are in fact pakistani indians, where Christianity is higher then paganism which means degenerated christianity at a savage state of devolution.  Although the occult doesn't hold Paganism to high regard, it is infact a primitive form of Christianity, or Christian civilization in its first phase or form (muslimhood?).  However, this race was known as Christian or had gold cities and were masters of electricity hidden upon the indus valley river civilization in ancient times.  The chariots of these 4rth race beings are claimed to be golden ufos as well.  However they were Apathythiests or an atheistic society whom only worshiped baal (sons of zeus) as a counter-measure.  One thing is known, the island of Madagascar is a germ where monkeys turned human.  The tip of this island is infact the tip of india.  The plate slid and this continent went from antarctica (minor correction it never went to antarctica, but from india, egypt may have been attached to antarctica though) to africa somehow, which reenforces the fact that the human race's germ is from Java or the Sumatran area¬ from atlantis itself hence small men in the likeness of asian Filipinos were found in the island of cuba prior to its discovery in 1492 proving one can devolve in size within a few hundred years.  The so-called 'heroes' of Kali will be swept under the rug or skin of earth. We don't really know, the female genitalia has a small penis in science. However, the Tibetans know of a mongolian red-haired Cain through the astral fairly well.
    What of the Jewish Sephiroth taken from Sefir or (a) heart of Odin? This sephiroth resembles the 9 worlds except there are ten and midgard (66°23′N 36°53′W) is no longer the heart but a planet and red chakra called malkuth. If this is true, the jews must regard this world as the orion home world.  If earth (aka midgard) is not heaven or hell it must be a gateway inbetween the two worlds above and below it, or it must simply be 'invisible'.  They must have conquered it or know of such knowledge. Carbon in the atmosphere is indeed rising due to an upcoming pole shift. Clouds are indubetbly consciousness's of planets. They are ice crystals or water.  Carbon is gas, Nitrogen is poison ie a dead body, and oxygen is water.  Gasoline and Alcohol are the same, they are made of a carbon and hydrogen atom.  If christ were to ascend, he would ascend from oxygen to carbon and carbon to finally hydrogen, from there to nitrogen.  Essential for life.  Whilst the jewish sephiroth is a feminine spirit or chakra whom discludes earth as a 10nth world (replaces earth with the orion homeworld of Malkuth as a red chakra which also means kingship for they technically conquer this planet), the pantheon of asgard or the 9 worlds of eddas is a alien one whom includes 9 worlds (see section on universes and other worlds deciphering the sephiroth into a map), also feminine with earth as seven in its heart. The evil arabic second race sakas however whom reincarnated at our time, teamed with the martians against the giants whom were good at their time turned evil.  However, one treads magic carefully, and it should be taken for dream. If materialism can vanish and appear so can the soul in the astral. These steps are for secret orders, slowly and carefully of which then atlantis can be truly found within the heart. Hence even to a non-initiate the heart is supposed to guide one in their path.  During this time of the sidereal, of around 85,000 years ago the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius were intermingled.  Some greek Characters in Aquarius can infact represent dione or diana also known to influence the fictional character wonder woman in recent literature.  Therefore some Jews (via the 8000 yr bc date) are Capricious when they appear born in or under the Pisces sun.  Not only does the sidereal effect them, but the tropical effects their traits when they are born eg the sun sign in the tropical will intermingle during the lengthy sidereal period or stars will mix upon the constellations of Capricorn and Aquarius and only those two (aquarius arrived on earth in the sidereal via capricorn, this time can be est@around anywhere from 13,000 bce to a lengthy term of 75k when the sidereal was born or 1.7m...the sidereal is complex, after vulcan lashed its southern belt 18m yrs ago a long period held 10 stars instead of 12 onto the last poleshift where it reverted back to 12, we know 13 was a number which started 18m years ago).  The sidereal however equates to the numbers 3102bc-0bc in the human age or the age of man (5th world, hence we are the fifth race beings with 4rth race features currently).  The same goes for non-jews (such as the cromagnums), except they are only intermingled upon the Capricorn-Aquarius signs it seems.  The consciousness must be a sort of sound vibration which defines each planet from an organism that affiliates itself with the planet long ago.  They could time travel it seems. 
    *Here we will explain how the sephiroth works.  The lunar maria or female side of the moon is fairly new hence the first age is female to male to female to male (current age) via poleshifts.  The fifth age is female it seems or Rama's age must have entered the fourth (male) age.  The age of woman is actually supposed to occur in the next pole shift.  The female side of the moon is actually already aligned though...and the stars as well via the age of aquarius 2012 or 2000 ad.  They are currently 13 but will go into 10 via the pole shift or upcoming fifth age.  Buddhism seems to only prevail when the masc energy is involved.  When the masc energy prevails, buddhism prevails (eg 85k-to-now in the 4rth age earth, 2nd age earth and 6th age earth).  In asgard it may have failed, yet in sir lanka it may have prevailed via rama's time (1.7m years ago).  Gemini is Set in the sidereal.  However unlike what fantasists think, the sidereal occurred 3102 bce and 900 bce (9000 was the flood ending) as quick movements or misaligned poles by planets. It really occurred recently, now actually, in 2000 ad the sidereal begin shifting. The 12 star zodiac is 13 stars because a 26,000 year cycle ended as of now. The tropical was aligned since 85,000 years ago. The sidereal is 36,000 years of age. However it is relatively new. Here is how it works: 18m years is a 13 star sidereal, before this was 12&7. 1.7m equinox changed, the 13 star became 12 again. The 10 star was moved currently, however it has not occurred yet.  During the end of the fourth age, onto the fifth age the 10 star will become a factor.  If Libra has a region of earths with microbial germs, than cancer must have a region of 'Super-Earths'.  This is the true power of the sephiroth. The alignments of the venusian and martian path merely wobbled the earth. They did not do anything to the position but mimick a pole-shift (eg 2nd age masc, 3rd age feminine, 4rth age we are currently in masc, fifth age fem).  It is said the fifth age will be ten stars or zodiac signs and the age of the woman or the female side of the moon. The fourth age was male (1.7m-85k), third age female (18m-1.7m)...and so on.  The draconis pole stars were a second age trait of the map we are studying (47m-18m) before this is the ursa major pole stars.
    -Lemuria of Sir Lanka was a swamp-like forested area.  A low-level land made dry and wet is plausible (see creation of Sumeria turned into Chaldea and a desert soon after).  Mud-like environments are similar to present flooding and Tsunamis. Africa was considered new lemuria or a part of the white continent.  Here explains a formation of southern africa, Madagascar traveled to the bottom of southern africa (it did a flip basically) from lemuria or what is now australia. It detached or drifted directly from africa.  However africa was connected to australia in an unknown time of 47 million +years.  It was connected to Antarctica as well, and helped africa be created.  It broke off from southern africa.  Therefore it is lemurian in nature (see tertiary map).  Antarctica is the origin of the human third race via Madagascar, the darwinian island which has spawned the human race grew a simian caucasian race there. Australia was attached to Madagascar a long time ago, yet a small piece of it (Madagascar) broke off and created south africa (now the horn of africa), afterwhich upon its creation broke off and flipped over.  It became massive than small again.  So it literally returned to its source. The ocean spawned a small island from the Antarctic with a simian monkey of your relation.  Technically, the north american dwipa is or belongs to the japanese race.  The island grew then formed the southern african juncture which turned and was left in the indian ocean. This is the fifth race origin. Basically it was an atlantean subcontinent which turned into a lemurian island at the dawn of creation.  This was before the 47 billion year map, the island of Port-aux-Francais is the atlantean remnant which proves antarctica is atlantean or from the old lemuria.  It was placed in the southern ocean. It first created the southern island of Lemuria, grew big then broke off, simply speaking.  Basically, the eastern coast is technically not canada but was in the position of canada (newfoundland).  Only florida is considered a part of the country of canada currently.  In evolution, you see caucasian uighurs as well as asian ones from tibet because of evolution.  The unpopulated sea of Bayzal must have broke off from Lake Balkash.  However the lake itself stood far north (see 47m yr old map).  This must be the remains of the mythical gobi sea of which blavatsky talks about.  The Siberian mountains are attached to the Himas this way, the caucasian race created as well.  Siberia is and always will be a part of the himas in the occult.  Some may say Israel went far north to spread its gene however the lake shifted into the south then broke off to the north.  Albeit lower nature spread from europe to russia via the jews, it must have spread first from russia (and india) to europe via 11,000 bce in this round to get smaller.  The pacific rift is important to the personality (many souls), rising sign (technically, a soul separate from your own) or soul (a being whom creates matter) of the zodiac, because the belly was once the equator in ancient times or upon fertilization.   There was a chain of continents upon creation which resemble a horseshoe, however during the 3rd age there was a principle horseshoe continent in indonesia ie papai new guinea and indonesia attached as one.  The word 'sund' translates to sound,  therefore it was north once.  The city lies between the Valkyries (many southern cities) and atlas.  We presume, atlas is infact after this city.  When the world turned atlas and the valkyries fell approximately 85,000 yrs ago (100,000k tbp).  The Valkyries are infact north of the city however, before greenland turned.  This can range from 85k bce to around 850k bce when daitya fell.  If Daitya fell, its most likely 85k bc because during ram's time there was only india and the east (sumeria, asgard turned into atla, ruta) indicating a global tempature change in carbon dioxide (as is now).  This was not during the fourth age, but yet the third age.  In 85k bce there is a significant  event that transpired which eliminated the human race.  Greenland turned&merged.  Around the start of the fourth round which is ending.  Science knows this by calculating the results, the occult knows this by precise calculation of the ages on earth.  Asgard, Atlas and the Valkyries were world cities at the precise same time it seems around 260k-85k, the human race thrived and its germanic forfathers the aesir lived for at least 200,000 years.  Asgard was under aquarius and Daitya was under Pisces (of where the old blood of gallic french greeks fused with the jewish germ came from, the copperhead continent..was also the blood of the last christ), however asgard was responsible for sinking all the continents in the atlantic.  Asgard as the east fell approx 100,000 years ago.  In this doctrine, asia is in the south, and India above it upon asteroid form.  The European isles are indubitably connected to the Lanka Race or indian subcontinent that rose into Australia as indonesia went under.  
    The doctrine speaks the differences of lemurian and atlantean nature, microcosmically speaking.  If Ruta was below greenland, daitya must indeed be Florida.  Atlantean is old nature, lemurian is new nature whom is more true.  Lemuria is an Atlantean indonesian or indian subcontinent, whom merely turned lemurian, therefore most all life on earth of human origin is Sagittarian in nature, form and genetics.  Its austrailian nature is dumbed, or indo-african and lemur design, however its remnance which are far older is atlantean eg volcanic mounds and trees of southern pacific isles.  Antarctica must be from the Pacific Ocean dwipa of Atlantis.  Proof India itself must have been Atlantean or old lemurian in origin.  The human germ's origin from a bacterial cell.  This was at a time prior to the 47 million year pole-shift.  We can evolve from phases of the 360 million year old cycle eg atlantean>Lemurian>Now because the true form is old and repeated.  The cell form is 1-5 million years old, but the true form can be 18 million years and even 220 million (hebrew or religious text) and 360 (occultic).  Russia itself is a non-jewish province eg currently being invaded or seeded however the last world war was lost and so the next one may be as difficult to win.  The Germanic prussian empires did indeed spark the world wars with russia and won doing so it seems, however it was in its own territory.  We will stick with this figure as the most precise (eventhough it is mentioned otherwise at times), Greenland did indeed not only create mountains but all of the eastcoast 85k years ago.  2 pieces of rock gathered and flipped after greenland connected and turned.  When it turned it pushed the odin mountains upwards towards the north and kicked or flipped the two plates over the edge.  This only happened 85k years ago.  The condensed mountains of the odin though were created upon lift or movement of the continent via 18m years ago.  That means the odin mountains were pushed backwards (well, the east coast went downwards it seems), and all of the east coast before the pole-shift was indeed flat coastal terrain which resembles the fields of briton, hills if anything (or will for that matter upon the sixth age).  This much is known, florida came last or was the last to be released and bring down the east coast from present day canada (yet nothing has changed, the illusion is it simply moved up and broke apart via greenland 'kicking it').   South African soil is most reminiscent of daitya where the continent split (along with greenland which was attached to the southern portion of N.A.) from that region upon asteroid form.  Italy itself is known to be a series of islands off the coast of spain whom conjoined into one landstrip or strip of land.  To verify this theory, spain condensed greatly or it is a part of spain somehow.  This is how the seed was truly carried to the north directly from India as Antarctica froze or formed to create africa.  However, the american continent went the opposite direction across the pacific it is presumed.  Both attached to Australia, once aka as african soil.  For all whom leave in lower-nature truly do return to the earth or it is their lands as one.  If Africa was the middle-east, it was connected to egypt on the third round via Saudi Arabia.  It was conjoined there, not via Egypt (a broken pennisula once attached to India or the Indian Ocean) as it is in present day.  There are some indications that norway is connected to brazil.  
     This much is known, Africa was once named a province above the greenland dwipa of Atlantis and called Asgard, now Liberia, by a superior race of beings.  In reality, the gobi is timeless and africa new where the alps of asgard are indeed the italian alps, a mighty coastline connected to the hook and spanish isles.  There is a prehistoric gobi unknown to us (see 18 million year map) and a lemurian gobi whom entered a bay from the Pacific.  They both merged coincidentally.  The gobi which entered asia from the mouth of the pacific is where the island resides (the Sumatran island HPB talks about).  A long time ago, before time even began Sumatra was a peninsula attached directly to china.  Lake Zayzla is not a part of the gobi but a part of prehistoric evolution or the older gobi lake not affiliated with the human race whatsoever.  Lake Bakal and Alakol, the siberian lake is though.  Indochina or what is now indonesia turned sideways from asian lemuria (the continent on top of australia).  To not confuse the reader, Japan was origin of the germ.  However Madagascar and Africa are mentioned many times, japan is the first human germ which emerged. One can go to Madagascar, africa, india, antarctic greenland (see why the aryans populated africa), anywhere actually to regenerate a 'human' germ via population growth and migration.  The Atlantic ridge grew large rather than cloned itself (the true origin of sin: it explains how a small crack of ice becomes a large crater; we presume it was because when the ice of the earth cracked it did so twice upon the melting process; therefore it cloned yet did not or the shell simply moved downwards).  An ice-shelf made the crack.  The outer ice casing or shell of the globe rotated or slide it seems.  Saudi Arabia was first detached from australia, however Japan was in saudi arabia first before lemuria, australia dragged it into position for it to later help form china.  Imagine a hook as the horn of saudi arabia attached to australia from south africa, basically japan and saudi arabia detached from south africa.  Pieced together, these lands would form the letter 'S' upon asteroid form.  This island S of Japan (saudi arabian hook, south africa and japan conjoined with australia) was directly connected or formed from the asgardian continent which came from the pacific.  The letter 'M' was the asgardian continent conjoined with europe upon asteroid phase of spreading apart during the ocean fertilization.  This in truth means the origin of white and black magic.  A cat is virgoan, a dragonfly is libran or cancerian via the 7th ray (see darwinisim section or trait relation between races and the zodiac).  When one closes its eyes they see light, but for the white magicians.  The fifth-race germ is Lemurian and only 18 million years old however it is made in phases therefore much older.
     On an interesting subject, it was present during a time where the earth's crust was not uplifted, therefore little or no mountains in this particular continent or land.  The 30,000 year old cities of Kamari Kandum and the Tamil Nadu of the South. The Present Chaos or chaotic waves of the Indian Ocean are the greatest due to the deluge, the alaskan straits as well.  Also sunken egyptian pharaoh statues in the Mediterranean. 'Land does not sink it merely floods.' The true age of the old Australia on earth, it could have been moved far into the Pacific after it detached from India. Oceanic formations is revealed by dry land hence 'drying of the land.'  If Sumeria was the Silcon valley of the ancient past, then we may assume California's glacier or silicon valley once resided upon an area of arizona also known as the grand canyon.  Yet this is not true, the square lake was in New Mexico located precisely at the coordinates at the San Juan valley upon the irrigation canals of that particular state.  As seen in the picture above of the land of Valluvan priests of the Tamil region near Ceylon are mountain tops.  Greenland is russian lemuria eg cuba and florida was combined on the point of greenland.  During the iceage they moved into place, florida rose from its depth and cuba broke off once more.  Indonesia is now China.  Cuba was always an island though.  Japan (gobi island of dead kings) was a southern continent connected to a series of islands and Asia also known as the opening jaw of the bracelet never changing since the beginning of time yet now it is an island and not a part of the great Mu pangean land mass.  Japan was connected to Australia, however the alaska, siberian juncture was where greenland is now, making up the Atlantic notch on an earth previously tilted differently.  It was all a small tiny island, basically. Once again it must have been directly attached to asia's giant island landmass which then there was a series of islands that extended.  The buddini know of this, Greece and the Mediterranean was central Russia.  Atlantis in the Pacific formed Southern America therefore it is its side now and once before connected to Australia.  Here reveals the location of the pacific or first atlantis.  Scientific Proof is greenland is two continents currently, half is attached to america, the other narrow half or 'shark tooth' is attached to foreign or alien land.  The lost continent in the Atlantic is indubitably greenland, for mountains to condense, they do not sink, but rise, condense and collide (basically they just reform) like a scab.  Greenland must have turned on its side completely to collide with the americas and give rise to floridian land. The insect is the human form or ecosystem in the occult and its race microcosmic.  Atlantis of that race or macrocosmic large cranium fat eye-lidded bug-eyed asian dracos is now there as its civilization's remnance.  The bottom portion of atlantis must be mexico.  However the land is in California or moved upwards to create western america.  It is speculated by High-initiates that antarctic Europe lined the second tectonic plate upon creation and moved upwards (there were two african plates in the atlantic), therefore it is relatively an asian vicinity where Asia was indeed in the south below an indian continent upon asteroid form.  From what we know of the macrocosm in the occult, there are no rocks (physical or atomic matter) to be known as big as jupiter or a gaseous planet because intense heat needs create matter and only a dead star can create heat.  Florida was under new zemlya, a peninsula in the atlantic once connected to greenland upon asteroid form, now above russia.  The Macrocosm under the microcosm always appears the same upon nirvana eg frozen, still or not moving.  Proof atlantis was a west european continent is the underwater indentation near norway, which fits greenland when it was a part of Antarctica,  The American landscape was once much like the middle-east today, a desert-like terrain with pockets of oasis.  When a pole-shift moves a continent, it leaves deserts in its wake which takes millions of years to nourish back into large jungles (presumed to be a desert like environment via 18m-1.7m).  Only recently, after 1.7 million years did it grow floresta.  By the sixth age, venus will melt the head of the world.
    The last evidence of these chain reactions occurred in 10,000-900 BC lies in minor events like the disappearance of the Minoans, flooding and major eruptions off the coast of Iberia. The ancient volcanos of Krakatoa and the Lake Volcano of Sumatra. Smaller eruptions such as Santaroni, the island of Thera (hera or nemesis of hercules in tau?).  The Coastal cities of the Mediterranean.  These maps are given by most recent evidence, considering civilizations, the races in par with humanity's 11,000 years (consideration with cosmic catastrophes of 7000-6000 BCE).  The Buried cities of the giants throughout central Europe and Turkey are because of a polar shift (a few degrees only can be devastating to certain environments as is proof of sumatra 2004).  The volcano tamu massif is not a volcano, but a super volcano.  Super volcanos are as large as islands at times (see yellowstone etc). Sumatra for example is a super volcano.  Here reveals the knowledge of the limitations in the Bible itself, a brahman can only perceive time for one million years, therefore he is simply perceiving evolution of this round from the last pole-shift to the end of Kali-Yuga eg 1.296m=864k+432k or 870k years ago.  Geologically, Capricorn is the most deadly time for earth's quakes to destroy lives because its when the earth gets coldest or changes weather.  So far these quakes happened in order and strength via Jan/Dec, Sep, April and March.  The year 1998 spelled doom upon the environment and a great change started upon the earth's crust due to over-population and economy.  The planetary rock, or metal was demagnetized around its last catastrophe or round of civilization.  Atlantis, the island, was connected to south america not north america, where it's shoreline was extended in the atlantic.  During Ice-age or Sumerian atlantis (85k-1000k bce), the african continent was not yet crooked, therefore the world appeared square, even after the americas was risen and small islands in the atlantic remained, eg florida and most of the east coast shoreline remained but yet were dissipated eventually by floods from warming, a square or formed fourth world at its height.  Here quickly sites the bulge of atlantis (cite 47 million year old map) as a land mass before uplifted in the atlantic.  There is a groove on the east coast which pushed the continent into mountains when the pacific dwipa or poseidonis was moved into position.  As do sinners collectively keep sinning until caught, most races lie.  They think florida is a part of atlantis, however it is not.  Florida is a result of atlantic floor rising from its depths.  Its a peninsula connected to nova scotia hence the floridian peninsula split from atlantia (greenland in the south) upon creation.  Proof is another peninsula now named the Baffin islands was just above it once in this turning body of land around 85k.  The Odin mts were probably present since the dawn of time actually, the baffin mts of nova scotia may be new (est 18million years of age).  To Cite errors, there may have been mentions of florida and va as one juncture whom fell together, however florida is in a dif position so they fell seperatly, yet may have been jointed together in the gulf of mexico. Proof is the side of the coast of new foundland, and the side of south america as florida alone, however the side of florida in the gulf coast is infact attached to virginia in the opposite side.  They were infact underwater plates, as well as the newyork nova scotian plate being that whilst maybe parts of maryland are true old land or juncture points.  Present America belonged to the deer instead of human once.  The Bermuda triangle is infact a whirlpool going to the center, mass energy left behind by a typhoon or giant cosmic hurricane from a poleshift, hidden to mankind's eyes.  The Ice Age before this was appropriately named the 'Age of the Deer.'  All of england must be peruvian jungle and floridian foresta.  Older civilizations are hidden. 
    -The North pole in Mexico, the Caribbean with land and the division of america are a few possible theories.  Venezuela as part of a low sea-level missing continent.  The Nazca North.  The Colossal creatures or Colossus of the Prehistoric.  Appalachia was indubitably born underwater via the folding of wet-land via mud.  New Zealand are once below Australia, Antarctica was never directly connected to it.  Basically Florida rose, broke off, slid down and collapsed from Nova scotia/Greenland (85k).  California as the first Atlantis (It is possible less dissipation and evaporation will occur in the 7th age).  Now you know, due to the western coast falling and not the eastern coast...the whole rock was condensed heavily.  All of the east coast was infact attached to newfoundland, the broken area in the northern tip.  The eastern coast forms a perfect rectangle between newfoundland, now heavily condensed meaning those mountains are new or a factor of movement 85k years ago.  Apparently, all of Persia was an underwater prehistoric mountainous seabed and Saudi Arabia flooded briefly during a deluge.  Naturally, Africa (and parts of ancient or emerged north america eg florida, midwest and its desert sands, ancient seabeds) is prone to deserts, the americas (the West) to floods and asia (the East) to earth quakes.  South America was connected to Australia much earlier before its rise.  The whole of Indonesia an up-leveled swamp.  Where Plateaus were ocean, land, river and creek beds once.  Truth lies here, the magnetic north pole is racing from what was 5 degrees to its 25 degree destination (25mph to now 40mph yearly over the last 150 years) in brace for a possible minor shift or solar storm.  A mountainous wound in the pacific, showing great movement indicate this.  Denmark flipped over it, once again a 360 turn or rotation of some sort (old ref map, statement inaccurate here).  So it seems ireland was a part of europe whom was on the bottom of the fin, the 'fin' coincidentally connected to finland and sweden was let loose. Ireland was the top of the fin whom merged into europe again, it was let loose twice, once from the center of europe and another time from its tip or present day position.  It slid down and split, like a leaf giving birth let loose briton from the inside after turning the whole of europe in a 360. 
    This occurred in the 47m year polar shift, then again on the recent 1m-85k polar shift or during the times of sumer, the edge of europe was mass mountain territory.  So Briton as the inner part of the leaf (northern france as the outer parts) is let loose from finland and ireland as well.  Europe's movement is far too complex to understand though, due to watermarks in geology giving way to the full interpretation of christ here is difficult.  Europa and Africa were next to the tectonic plate whilst the americas was further away from it once, 85,000 years ago or after a real pole-shift.  The tectonic plates of earth were here since creation.  Atlantia in the atlantic was regarded as a heaven as well.  It was called heaven because the atlantic river and mountains were similar to a california and the andes of today the way it lines the east coast.  The Odin mts looked like the nova scotian ridge once.  The sign of Gemini destroys lower nature.  If Appalachia was the east coast america, it was connected to african europe, which means it was always risen before the second age (see second age map), yet not in the first age (in the first age, it was a series of islands of where the atlantic plate crack was truly new, conjoined with african europe and earth flooded).  If england was part of the hudson, the hudson must have created florida microcosmically via the ice age and fertilization.  If one were to remove ice from greenland, the floridian continental peninsula would fit perfectly against its side yet it would do so upside down, except it did so in two parts, not one single landmass.  The muddy terrain that is the east coast (that was pushed over by greenland) outlined the ridge or odin mts which was pushed backwards.  Therefore the whole of the eastern coast just above nova scotia flipped and slid as previously thought.  Proof the earth incased in ice rotated is that it's shell is split in the center by another tectonic plate crack in central atlantic ocean, this crack is the major receptor for life on earth.
    As was japan a part of asia so was scotland geologically found.  The eastern coastal americas must have moved up and to the west, or have been a part of central america whilst the nevada deserts of america moved downwards from northern territories.  Atlantis or the atlantean chain was south of lemuria, whilst norway was above greenland.  A result of prehistoric records and timelines in the north americas.  Not all of the east coast was underwater, creation of the Roanoke mountains from the south is proof (1st age island chains? connected to the Canary? whom created a shoreline perhaps?).  The Spanish mountains must have been created through a tectonic shift or slide upwards in order to depart from rome.  There is still strong evidence that northern canada was once connected to the land of the ural mountains near spitzbergen aka the kara sea or land of the lemurias.  Thus it must have formed european mountains before norway collided with greenland. The Mississippi line must hold ancient rockbeds beyond the ocean path ex Colorado etc prob comes from the pacific island therefore the link to dinosaurs (the arien T-rex owned a pacific island it seems, largest of the animal kingdom whom resides only on land as is the aquarian blue whale today).  The whole of Indonesia merges with China to become that continent, technically it does not disappear or gets washed away but merges. The baffin mts holds a peninsula, nova zemlya above the russian continent as is florida one above nova scotia slid.  This can only mean an asian atlantia was a mountain chain which broke off into a north american peninsula island (baffin or odin mts and half of greenland all part of the pac dwipa, along with the east and west coast americas), once attached to greenland whom broke off into the south.  Fl was kicked first out of place when a new greenland whom merged started shifting.  Afterwhich the corner of a block slid into a new position (see also james bay creation).  When greenland's turn made it to western canada the odin mts collapsed due to shear mass of two bodies (N.A. and a larger Greenland, however north america collapsed in totality leaving only the mts in its wake).  Then Florida was the catalyst whom tipped the east coast, then known as a block above the eastern rim.  Florida was just mere rock whom was condensed from the secondary block (still intact).  Greenland lines the side of africa almost perfectly, however so can the alaskan or canadian mountains line asia just above siberia (odin mts as the pac dwipa & greenland as its peninsula above it).  The pole or ice-sheet aka the atlantic ridge however was in a tilted position.  Simply put, the earth must have cloned itself.  The wife of aries in nature as aries must be or signify the end or extinction of race, either/or a particular species as a group or tribal sub-race. Khanka lake holds a vestige of hidden sacred waters seen from space.  We may assume though, there was a union of an unknown Holy Spirit, hidden adam and eve in nature or different personalities after the beg of time and awakening of its unknown consciousness hidden in infinite celestial time. Before Rama there was only Indra and Lakshmi.  Basically, the Kamchatka Peninsula was the notch in the atlantic briefly (1st age unknown map). The continents resemble their shapes but for after the venusian pass and by Vulcan in the fourth world.
    -Ancient Megalithic structures in Bolivia and Morocco are dull remnants of colossal Atlantean buildings.  The whole of Spain was much smaller connected to mountains now in the sea (an small atlantean sea bed or body of water over the tectonic plate) and africa, a land bridge which became a fast drifting island, and a notable part of Atlantis. Its remnant coastal cities of atlantis are Tharsis and Javan still present in Israel today.  Its stones are as resilient as diamonds, its Mayan structures as complex as modern cities such as persian troy as present-day Germany.  Stonehenge itself was remnant archways of a vast structure amidst what looks like a city of giants.  There are infact Enochian stones in the region of Gornaya Shoria, Russia or on its mountain near Sheregesh with passage ways.  One speculates that the 4rth race were really tall 18 million years ago, and highly advanced.  The passage ways are about 3 average 5.7 foot humans high, therefore made by 18-foot giants or what was a common height in those days.  The Hypogeum of Malta is a meditation chamber where 7000 martian residents had perished in a pole-shift.  The extent of co found knowledge is Some Underwater, martian and lunar pyramids, and the Caral Ruins as the extent of the oldest or unknown civilizations as once formed matter in ancient kingdoms. Akakor or Akahim are underground cities whom show the oldest rock in the shape of pyramids, however there are pyramid like structures under the sea bed of ancient sites such as Pyramid Lake in Nevada.  The Older are the unseen flat step pyramids of the nara off the coast of egypt.  Other theories are the triangle inside the Mid-Atlantic Ridge as Atlantis, or the cycle of the four moons of previous earths.  The moon's dead oceanic seabeds or oceans.  There is a truism to these island crumbs being alive with inhabitants in that day.  The middle-ages have since been degenerated by science since then.  Hawaii was a part or chain of a series of now sunken outlying great mountainous islands only known as Lemuria of the previous rounds.  There seems to be a giant land mass elevated in the mid-atlantic near florida off the eastcoast somehow.  Rome must have been attached to Greece, wet-land or mud must have turned into mountains.  The land breaks off into atlantis after a great pole-shift within the fifth race civilization or upon the fourth world.  The civilization of atlantis was a giant 'L', 'M' or 'S' shaped continent with super-cities which broke from North america after a polar shift.  The tip of the 'L' was the white island which then broke off from it.  It was all part of the fifth-age.  Yet it was not the beginning of their world but the end. The fantasists whom think the aryan atlantis is by racist aryans must be delusional for it (Europe was once connected to India above asia via the atlantic rift, asia itself was a southern continent, where the true super-magical beings come from) was connected to austrailia below the indonesian continent (once again, verify by seeing the world map ref of the first-age).  Albeit it was farther north than the asian lemuria at one point (not asia itself). Present day Europe was connected to Asia not Australia.  Meteors were seen to fall as early as 2011 over cuba, japan and america.  It is believed possibly The sixth age will have mountains across the center of north america.  Continents change as phases in humanity from Lemuria to Atlantis back to Mu and Lemuria in Oceania.
  • The continental drifts in the Pacific, evidence that the Amazon was once a sea and Africa a part of the remaining Atlantis. The silver veins which have threaded the earth. The Black Sea fills. The Red Sea drains. Lake Tritonis dries. The more recent ice plates, sheets of glacier as is the Hudson shattered, diverted by impact from the untouched west, to the east coast of america. Alaska was attached to Kamtchatka. The Californian Lake was a giant glacier whom resided in the center of america where mexico is. Land must have rose in Montana however it was pushed downwards (see the hudson lake). Spanish coast to nova scotia was a buckle or knot of land. Africa turned. The East coast of America mostly virginia is risen land for 47 million years. The land of Appalachia is a riverbed which folds, however it folds downwards or from flatland (was created by mud). To not confuse the reader, Legends say of the continent Daitya sank in the ocean, however it broke apart into pieces. Its name was Atlan and present day Venezuela, an island which broke apart from it in shape of a copperhead was the bridge to europe, turned upsidedown and merged with south america. However daitya is mentioned as atlan many times from various sources. Tripura was Asgard as Atla, Daitya as Atlan and Ruta as its younger isle went upwards via the currents of the atlantic or during a polar shift. The Himas is regarded as the center of the earth, although the greeks are said to have conquered the earth during the 4rth age when it was in arabia, the jews are said to have conquered it in the 5th age whilst it moved against india. However, the himas are simply telling us the fourth race origin. They collapsed or moved upon the 3rd age onto the 4rth, so they are regarded as the height of the earth. When mts move they leave behind paradise and an eden was recreated. The magnetic field of earth acts as a battery which regenerates itself.
  • America is known as the 'horse-shoe' continent.  Much like a normal battery under intense heat and cold can come to life.  A secret to organisms and regenerative nature. The gulf of Oman as the river to the first Eden from Sumatra, known now as the Tigris.  Ancient calderas and Ice sheets over cities and within continents.  The radioactively active Phantom Crater.  The Ungava Bay in North America is indeed New York and above it, the pool virginia (virginia can be regarded as new york, the whole eastern landmass was one joint structure or left corner of the horse-shoe hoof).  Africa was a lush forest amidst spreading jewish civilization before the typhoon in which mountains created the spread of deserts. The great many deserts of the world are conjoined by one catastrophic event, created and drawn by a typhoon as opposed to mountain chains, which do indeed spread the climate, as some scientists presume.  Drifts do not really occur only force does, cosmically speaking, earthquakes are caused by the moons contact with earth's magnetic field, whilst relatively speaking is cosmical or macrocosmic on Hindu Mars where instead mountain height, elevation of rock and soil, and dry land do not contribute to the passing body of its 'moons'.  Hence magnetism on rare earth metals whom are already magnetized have no south pole, unlike the magnets conducted by electricity therefore are totally alien and foreign or not used to its fullest extant.  If you cite the 47m year map, the Baffin Mts are unjustly named Asgard and Odin of Africa, connected to the african plate, was once a single piece of nova scotia and Canada therefore the island of pacific poseidonis.  A piece which remains by the Kara sea, is foreign to russia and native to america (see spitzbergen).  The Antarctica are submerged lemurian mountains.  New Zemlya, a piece of finland from the first world whom fits africa perfectly, broke in two they say.  It says florida was a part of Greenland.  The island of the sakas or white island must have dissipated from the bottom of the ocean, not the top portion as the fantasists seem to conjure.  In fact we will go as far as to reveal Daitya is Haiti (aptly named that a region of hell on earth).  Saraka was an old city continent no longer on the map in indochina (or indonesia).  It is a partly flooding presently because of the unknown declined movement of the moon and earth. A great flood came and went 36,000 bce.  The earth must have warmed considerably, and floods must have fluctuated on the earth's globe.  It is possible seas were just able to expand and contract, especially in the middle-eastern region due to the continents aligning slightly and the water levels risen.  36k is presumably a comet come to pasture as mercury.  It may not have effected earth greatly though, and their are indications of dead or drained seas in asia eg california was a glacier, europe and asia as well. Here we reveal an occult secret, where in fact the atlantean mountains of asgard as was most mountains in the world, pyramid shaped at one time.  They did not stand as tall as the Himas do today, however the earth was much larger then and its surface more smooth as opposed to jagged.  There were no mountains that rivaled super-volcanos until now within the fourth age.  Only Mount Meru and Sumeru are the companions of the himas whom ousted them in height at one time or another.  The earth is on its back, its head is sumeru, a super volcano in sumatra named sumeru.  Actually, Mount Meru is considered to be Mount Everest in Sanskrit, earth-form or non-volcanic as a feminized form (see also the Russian volcano of Sopka eg 7 summits are 7 wives of vishnu or the 7 highest volcanos each on every continent of earth).  However the 7 highest mountains on earth (whom are sometimes depicted as 7 gods, beasts or dragons hence the 7 'whores' of babylon hold 10 beasts) are all in the hima chain or represent the hindu religion coincidentally their weather connected to the 7th ray or magic and represent 10 zodiac signs in total (the highest mts on earth are the complete 10 in the hima chain actually, hence 10 is a future zodiac on earth...all of these mts are near 30,000 ft&5 or the fifth race mts are parents to mount everest).  Volcanos are in turn feminized forms of vishnu or its companion mts therefore indra had 7 wives so far since the birth of mt meru (semeru in science, where female or A-sexual beings do indeed turn male & male becomes one spirit persae or one great unknown volcano, hence in darwinism when a male turns female it spawns seeds via fertilization see also wheat grain, if a male does not turn female it is isolated in nature).  Hence the Female version of the cancer signs protects an ultimate bramic being.  We connect Meru to the arien star Fohat in Pisces, as the fallen angel of this system or Libra in Vega of Capella.  Which is now suggested as to why it is a sign of war in nature.  The Sands will spread to create islands without oceans.
    Here we will Decode, Decrypt or Decipher the complex movement of Europe, unchanged since the beg of creation.  Europe itself was a continent and its islands of the Azores are hers whom navigated to its current posi in the mid atlantic after rock was loose.  Spain was a series of islands whom condensed rock and uprooted mountains still retaining its same shape.  The island of ireland was the hook of Sumer or Sumeria, and england was its (europe's) tip (see waterway map).   Germany and Italy were combined rock once in the form of islands and the Baltic sea was once a smaller sea or aka the baltic river as early as sumerian times (85k).  France was a small piece whom expanded greatly like Spain, however it moved England out of the way doing so where England infact is the Sumerian spike or famed continent of the Giants of Cain.  It is not a spike, but a giant fin whom is now closed.  This fin is the shape of the baltic and fits in its sea perfectly, however in present day it is Dutchland.  We may assume it is briton, ireland, dutchland, and northern france currently (more research may be needed).  The fact is Europe is a continent of the ashuras and will be so til the end of time where good and evil are non-existent.  Briton as a triangle shape, slammed northwards it seems, literally making an indentation on the sea floor like cuba did.  Briton is the bottom southern portion of the fin. It acted as a lever to turn the fin from the inside, where as ireland is the northern tip of it.  It seems great condensation occurred in europe, more so than the east coast.  If Italy was not condensed, it must have truly been a part of lybia or newly made africa.  Basically, there was no real 'fin' (loosened rock inbetween sweden/finland), however, germany was a combination of france, briton, and ireland once.  It looks like Europe did a 360 degree (in particular ireland, germany and britain) turn after the alps condensed its form, yet this is but an illusion (just went upwards, sentence inaccurate due to research of wrong map).  The earth tilted so it appears europe had turned, however spain simply conjoined and ireland moved into position whilst germany overlapped or merged the continents.  Ireland was dragged down and became a pennisula injunction.  Then it broke recently 1m-85k years ago (we presume 1m years ago is a poleshift or metamorphosis process, not 85k tbp...however 85k or 74k is a cosmic event within the iceage).  The whole of the skin's earth moved downwards as its pole slid upwards, therefore europe moved downwards as well from the now north pole of the earth.  During the times of sumer or atlantis though was a pole shift in process.  This process is hard to understand because south america didn't really move for millions of years, it just shifted or small pieces broke off from it to form what it is today.  However, we presume the alps were always of europe, a coastal spike or pennisula like the himas whom condensed greatly, overlapping the lands.  Ireland simply created a greater spike upon France & England where both continents were attached.  
     ~ Note that salt and ice are of the Moon so wind is not.  Tides are a violent contact upon its creation of the Magnetic field.  Not to be confused with light condensation, Wind is created by heat and Earth's rotation in the South and North.  The center of water evaporation.  Hence Salt quickens water to evaporate as air.  Helium is cooled Hydrogen.  If water is made up of two hydrogen (the most abundant element in our universe or galaxy at least) atoms and oxygen, it must be some sort of fire turned heavy eg a liquid form of fire on earth.  The rapture simply means tornadoes and heavy winds on earth.  Salt decomposes matter in the water, metal alone erodes and is buried in earth within 100 years, however this is done within 80.  As does the density of water move slower.  Earthquakes are created by one great cosmic event.  Mega volcanos must have already erupted and became inactive and dead upon the earth's surface.  For it to erupt once more is misleading falsehoods.  The continental ice-plate must only be the atlantic ridge on earth, it must have fell and cracked, creating a greater indentation during the melting phase.  The earth's skin was ice and it slipped.  Tectonic cracks may actually be permanent or created and stretched upon earth's contact with the moon, it is therefore uplifted into mountain chains.  Here we are lead to believe, like a pond, water from the Taklamakan Desert or (the eye of asia also part of the Gobi) filled and created the Shallow depths of the Caspian Sea.  All of Arabia but Persia must have been a great sea.  The Himas were infact in Saudi Arabia, and these mountains now dwarf what was the middle-east in the old world.  Great Sunquakes (Chains of Sound, pole shifts, life cycles of stars, chain reactions of life) occur periodically as well, great sound achieved in space. We know there was a major typhoon near japan and in the atlantic.  The atlantic typhoon created africa via a tip of the earth's axis 18 million years ago.  The pacific rift valley typhoon was also in the pacific however this is all due to the power of a red giant whom shards the earth's atmosphere aka vulcan.  Two typhoons chased each other on each side of the globe typhoon set and osirus.  Typhoon Osiris or Ausar is told to die, whilst set kills it, meaning set crosses the vast areas of the globe and goes well into asia (osiris in orion aka the human race scattered as many across the vague globe).   This creates the bermuda triangle, a powerful space vacuum and a vacuum over the rift valley near japan.  While Osiris stagnates in one position over where Japan is now located, it sinks lemuria and merges the two continents of india and Indonesia, this is known as Australia today.  Basically, Osiris must have just been a greater typhoon with a smaller lifespan.  Cosmic forces are unseen by lower man.
    *The illusion here, in alignment of the planets of so-called summer and winter is that in gemini earth is farthest from the sun, in sagittarius it is closest.  Where winter of the north becomes more deadly because it is actually closer to the sun not farther.  Keep this in mind.  The extremities are cosmically opposite.  It may be true in science that the americas was indeed Lemuria and land was greater in the earth's south before advanced humanity (three separate land masses split by oceans one proven great hence south was once near or pointed towards the sun).  The body and its head, or hot and cold of the capricious germ comes into fruition and land is born.  Every 26k years 4 revolutions pass, the earth collapse matter.  The deadly outer core is the magnetic field.  What was a 100k year cycle is reduced.  The heart of the poleshifts are the magnetic planets, not the sun's magnetic field.  Vulcan is the reason why Saturn or Capricorn rises from the dead.  The earthquake in a pole-shift comes after the storm which can or has occured as a few moments of hell on earth, or the sign of siva.  The moon itself is a pebble or small rock(dust particle) to a greater being.  Your earth is rapidly declining for the next one whilst through time all the planets are declining by the hand of god.  A long time ago, when the moon was a planet or super-earth in Gemini under the Sirius star did the true definition of the saka race come into fruition.  These lunar beings once had large craniums and are resemble the typical alien 'grey' in science fiction literature and abduction events.  They are the Geminian sakas whom devolved on earth via sin or an unknown age of atlantis, friendly beings whom helped carry on in evolution.  The core of the moon holds dead oceans and unknown structures.  They are the ones whom even colonized mars, a great race depicted as beings of a bright glare or light are actuality so far advanced, they are seen by none whom devolved into nomadic demons known as the arya and sumerians on earth.  They care not about the moon, as it was once theirs however what humans see is not demons but a bright light or a slight apparition (comprehension of a greater being, see also the astral images left by higher man on the physical plane).  One would see their past astral forms as greater beings.  Once again, proving in the occult, devolution of the body, soul and mind is a far greater and slower process than one has first thought.  They are not of this system, and their world is the Lunar face of Gemini into Cancer.  Yet they are not dying or struggling as is not the christ (as does one likes to think).  If Mercury is Vulcan than its true form is of Sirian nature or mind. 
    -Mercury, once moon of saturn and 8th planet, will go into Gemini as will earth upon cold or true death.  If the human race were to fear another alien species it would be the Plutonians, for they have knowledge of a plutonian star system from Pisces.  If mercury was a dying star its counter-revolution alone of 58 earth days which represents a reverse swasi is enough evidence to guise it so.  The Plutonians claim it too was a planet or base of some sort and have known to kill humans.  Pluto itself is a planet whom does not rotate or it rotates around an invisible point yet does not revolve.  Mercury has to do with the number 88 (88 days around the sun), therefore connected to Aquarius not Gemini.  However to the masters it will become Gemini in the future.  They resemble ashuras and at times venusians or eastern caricatures, have advanced fusion or plasma technology, are very material and have rectangular shaped heads however they have not devolved here.  As does a plesiosaur have the ability to kill the ichthyosaur and start a chain reaction event do other races hunt each other for survival.  Reptiles are similar to mammals, they evolved on land to become oceanic.  The austrailian ocean bed of this dinosaur on its surface tells us it may infact be 4billion years ago, where vulcan may have come 306million years ago and land may have been formed 47million years ago.  However, we state there are two massive poleshifts, and this ocean bed that came onto land may infact be as recent as 85,000 years ago where reptiles do and can infact evolve or devolve into mammals.  If the moon were to go into the asteroid belt, to an advanced consciousness it may even go into saturn or become a moon of saturn.  The hidden links to the masters and the moon as a  key of somesort to the 7th ray or Capricorn in Gemini.  Pisces is regarded as the most dangerous sign for affection for it takes things to extremities & it is a reemergence of a lilith or cain ignited in the great past via personality, however it is aquarius as the 'perfect personality' whom brings back old blood for pisces achieved all that is good.  Ancient religion is to come terms to reality, ie the rotation of the sphere in inner earth as a star (see also hollow earth theory).  We sit on a star which rotates via the 12 signs.  Libra and Aries is a dangerous combination which ignites karma or initiatism.  The earth is also effected cosmically in age for better or worst, where the sidereal (of which we are currently in) are farther away.
    Lost ancient civilizations, life on mars, Moon Cairns, Crystalloid structures underground, subterranean continents and tunnels.  The Faces on Mars in the region of Cydonia or its still standing statues.  The Hollow Earth Theory.  A city of light(much like the planet), advanced civilization in High Brazil or the High Mountains of present time Brasil.  The awkward Saturn moon of Iapetus some speculate leo, however coeus has been banished to tartaras as cancer with his sister in sagitti, pheobe...we presume Iapetus is Libra or 'wound' in hebrew..the other crosser asteroid cruis is infact leo/scorpio? whom some mistaken for an arien being under hercules) is a libran human or humanity's science as father of one whom bore Prometheus, Atlas, Epimetheus, and Menoetius (the unknown aries, virgo-scorpio and aquarius moons).  Patagonia is the land of dinosaur-to-bird evolution albeit Asia is an extended portion of Lemuria to the south americas here.  Vibrational instruments in triangular structures used for meditation.  The Gulf of Kutsch or Kutch is actually buried cities under the skin of the earth (under water) whom were dispelled by krishna himself.  Prophetic visions in-tune with the earth's gases.  This is all proven by science and philosophy from works by peoples such as the prophets Nostradamus and Baba Vanga and are subject for debate upon greater learnings.  The philanthropist, John Dee's use of ancient obsidians and his study of light.  The Russians Nina Kulagina and Boraska, boy from Mars, are psychic telepaths or in-tuned to nature. The Crystal Child can harness elements such as crystals for channeling.  Cities on the moon.  There is a step pyramid indicating the 18 million year old map of an antarctic traveled far north to become greenland aka a nordic atlantis.  Intelligence of the Sixth or in emergence of evolved future intelligence that will be retained and distributed upon or unto lower beings.  Machu Picchu is a fifth race hive city built upon a fourth-third race one and possibly caucus indo-arya originally.  The Incans are in fact Phillipino or filipino and Pakistani Indian natives (closely related to giants and martian hybrids) to those regions, therefore this proves in the occult, a land bridge in alaska during the ice-age and settlements via ships were in fact hindu christianity flourishing from the ark itself (only 3 religions are known in the occult, hindu or scientific christianity (god as man, or an unachievable aspect of man whom degenerates into paganism via spirit or the cosmos; the future), asian buddhism (dharma or earth as blood, the core of the globe as a reincarnating factor; the present) and the muslim pagan religion which is catholicism or unknown christianity (an unworldly science, some state as excepting evolution of a greater god other than man or introduction of something unknown; the past).  Muslimhood treats the occult with inexperience, however it too is the occult (muslimhood-its mind and body, buddhism-its heart and soul, christianity-its spirit) whilst buddhism is its true heir&christianity its future prospects.  The problem with muslimhood and the occult is one regards it as black magic, for one can not prove it other than through the astral.  Yet unknown metals have been found, bones not human are documented and atomic principles of enlightenment in all religions made where only the occult science or native stellar cosmic order is supreme.  The 'kiddish' Occult doctrine can be regarded as either of these 3 religions, esp the buddhaic one for all worship or have a right to worship brahma (an ultimate spirit where space is in fact silent or all the same as the outer leaves of the globe).  Once the human race were master builders and great miners via as recent as 13,000bce, skeletal remains of buildings (reminiscent of modern cities) whom naturally look primitive when aged are found in peru, along with the sites of stonehenge in Britain.  The site itself is older than previously thought, or built upon other civilizations.  The romans must have mimicked wearing capes and suits from the andromedans.  However the dress is arabic.  The Indigo children are evolutionarily advanced empathetic beings.
      Here we will divulge upon predictions of future and past events.  In 2015 a great earthquake will rock California (july 2015 or 2016?).  Upon the month of June 2012 a small aftershock from a giant storm on the east coast of the americas. Another world war will start before the great pole-shift of 2060-2070 more years (before 2160 bce or 2080 to be exact) this can be estimated between 2020 or 2030 and 2040 more years.  A zodiacal age is 2147 or 2160 via the equinox, a millionth of the brahman age 432 where 2 ages equates to 4300 earth years.  Say for instance, taurus or the adamic age is began cosmically (arrival of earthly light varies) in 4294 bc then aries or the abrahamic age would start around 2100 bce.  The last pole position was in 10750 BC, the pole aligned to Eltanin or Draco before it went into Polaris.  Therefore the age of pisces probably started 0 bce and the age of aqua is probably around now actually.  Here is also how we calculated the time of a world wide flood under virgo/leo around 11k bce.  The Nebra disc is older than previously thought, a ufo whom was built for generations and a telling of realignments or repetitions being false.  The sky disk of 1810 bce is infact a poleshift or wobble of venus or realignment of the earth unless seen from luxor, egypt instead of germany hence a wobble would come after a high vibration.  Here we will decipher what is on the disc briefly, it is not the moon but venus with the two horns streaking across the sky (why would the moon be so close, and why would stars be infront of it's lunar side?).  If the poles realign to its perfect state of 26 degrees this would infact not move land.  This means the poles moved in a circle via the 26 thousand year cycle instead of tilt.  First Venus vibrated the lands then as it passed the poles moved forward.  For it holds atlantean swords from the pleiades, proof even troy in turkey had these same designs are ancient swords dating prior 1600 bce has the blade cuffed with its handle.  Hence Orion is clearly visible on the disc itself.  Many ancient swords in the region of turkey have this same design.  These daggers were indubitably the same design as alien swords on earth by the atlanteans and amazons etc.  To have weapons of this caliber from troy though prior 4000bce are impossible, for venus had sunken its metals far deep into the ground via high vibrations.  Geburah or Gevurah as Mars hides 72 virgins in virgo-aquarius connected to the fall of the planet in aquarius or 33 stars.  The jews are of middle heaven.  The truth is a pole-shift is expected.  The truth is, atlantis is almost fantastical to the human race, so much so that greater beings would literally draw and build tools of decor in the form of childish images such as fish and farm animals to teach these young souls born from future generations of aeons beyond their time.  The earth is due for another mass extinction event to occur due to the sin of mankind. 
    The might of the vishnu force, ishapti or 3-step walk every 12,000 years under virgo helps us comprehend this fact.  The Pitris or mindborn sons of brama must be a sagittarian germ of the great bear rock.  The moon as the right brain, the sun as the left where it merges into the sun.   Neptune must have created alien life or consciousness somehow.  There is an oddly designed bud which appears to be a frozen crystallized structure of electrons going down into the center to create an immense magnetic field.  This structure is not the lotus of our sun yet a powerful vacuum of electrons, it is the heart of the milkyway (or its creation after the 7 monads, may even be more alien or andromedan in origin).  A time warp or tunnel.  It appears to be far more powerful, cosmically, and rare even like the lotus however it is a formation different which defines love.  Love is infact alien.  It may even transcend the lotus form.  The lotus however defines life or something organic, such as a native being or a one true god.  The relevant earthquakes or movement of the plates which already happened, the Sumatra, Haiti, East Coast Americas, Japan, Indonesia (in order) and Australia flooding moved the poles at a few irrelevant degrees so the moon looks egg-like, because the continents are more north, or the weather became sidereal now.  A massive or gigantic plate (dinner plate formation, not tectonic) collision may have happened in the Pacific, this is how oceans were created or how sky became water.  Hence the brain is limited.  Hercules resides above Oph which may make a correlation to the Scorpio sign or an unknown if you will.  There are seven logos whom hit the moon's light, if one were on the moon 7 lights would change through its course of the zodiac, however on earth it is 12.  Another key note is the light changes quickly (within seconds), and the moon's sophia christos or illusion is infact a perfect circle and not an egg as some would presume.  The secret of the Hebrew cross or christ's crucifixion must infact be the Neptunian cross at its current state.  This planet is indeed the cross of Aries-Leo (Aries {right equilibrium}-Libra {left hand path}, Leo {pole}-Aquarius {southern pole}) via the equator and pole or once was (pls note the right hand path and northern pole is fairly important to the great spirit or an unknown star above all matter ie it locates the spirit within the globe or the globe itself).  However, it is now the Pisces {virgo}-Cancer {capricorn} cross in ex: taurus would be opposite of scorpio, via the great pole and right hand side of the ecliptic (equator).  A true depiction of the christ spirit is it as the northern pole in cancer under Neptune.  The Great Bear rock is from another galaxy, it was a massive world once broken into two portions (asteroid belt objects came from this galaxy however, the outer-ring is from Vulcan).  Proof atlantis existed in the atlantic is if you site the 18 million year old esoteric map.  The shoreline of ocean depth is drawn from south america but fits with the eastern shores of north america or land created within the shoreline itself.  Therefore the atlantis island is created within north america's land, not the tectonic ridge itself, but within the shoreline that fits so well with africa.  18+ million years ago (see the oldest map found of atlantis from India) asia was connected to North America as one giant continent (all earth terrain maps on this doctrine are basically thoroughly explained in the first frame of the gallery).  The pole-shift must have changed, mountains must have risen and fell, within a few hundred years.  The locus or the Japanese beetle must have thrived world wide, still present upon the atlantean america continent, the most evident migration is from egypt, just as the humans spanned in great times, after great sea event crashing upon the earth or moses' time.  The aryans and africans are sumerian.  The japanese muslim atlantides have thrived or spread via egypt before a great polar shift or earth cycle around 1.2m yrs ago.  However, their true native land is north america.  A thriving world which the Sumerians explain in their own history.  The true secret is that aries is ra or that whom never changes, therefore to prove that the form is not god.  These events are recent to the occultist or just around the corner.
    *There must have been a wobble on the earth which created a mini-ice age via the comet of 1812 in the 1800s.  However unnoticed, the wobble realigned itself immediately and did not effect earth greatly.  Small ps's or events as causes to Cap, Pisces, Leo are said to be told here.  The mini-ice age was probably started during mohamet's time or the transition into the Aquarian age somehow.  The earth must have had a pole-shift during its time, and the comet of 1812 helped it realign.  The ps of ??est 582 ad? then was caused by a descent of the earth's axis via a few degrees.  Sometimes the earth descends for unknown explanations via a cause of matter, or cause and effect eg the sun may tilt or change position a little upon its path.  See also the Mayan realignment of the axis which started in 1997 and completes its sidereal rotation (see the effects of the bhutan dates) in 2012.  Note: To not confuse this event with the catastrophic end of the world or fifth-age scenario given by the Herculean planet.  One must have knowledge of why the earth changes every now and then at random during its life cycle for no reason, not because of inner worldly or carbonic forces but astrological ones.  If Alderaan realigns itself to create a world war, so does small events such as the 1997 wars and the ancient ones.  Basically, its turning into a super-nova or collapsed and dying star.  During the 1940s the star aligned itself and a super-nova in taurus occurred, called the crab nebula in science around 1054 ad.  Both these events are in taurus.  However, the world wars recently had to do with humanity's karma.  Uranus as personality in aries yet Alderaan is ultimate risen consciousness.  Vibrations or magi of the higher natures demanded for change.  The early 20th century wars however were caused by lower nature and lower nature alone eg inexperienced races whom were growing (see the unknown causes by asian pacific wars, such as the vietnamese, middle eastern and korean ones, etc as a way to retribute for territory from the world wars).  Wars are not a part of events usually but random acts of unheeded violence by negative or low vibrations.  Mohamet's time was to bring the savages out of their caves (some have regarded the middle east as still savage or in the dark ages til this day).  If Scorpio falls like a million leaves, taurus does so via a petal on the top of the highest and most isolated of trees.  An advanced race does not war.  If Libra defeats aries, aries defeats gemini or an entity not connected to this world via the great past or alignment of the pole-stars (see also polar star chart).  A minor tsunami and comet, during the 1200s destroyed the mongul armies as well.  Kali yuga however, or active volcanic activity has occurred since it began.  Here explains the real dangers of cosmic or other worldly forces.
    ~The Simian Anthropoid Ape most commonly known as the baboon in eastern cultures, held beliefs in ancient traditions or a traditional symbol of worship and the most accurate one to date has no sign of statues as of yet to modern cultures.  When atlantis's technology peaked, an Atlantean hero named Atlas fell or was defeated by villains or nature personified to become an ego or living embodiment of the planet therefore the Great sea is named Triton and revealed under Leo to conjure advanced man from non therefore ego is the not-self against the self.  Modern Statues are ego driven.  Shorelines dissipate and cities erode completely within 600 years.  The Turans spread the seed of the orangutang lemurian or neanderthal (link to the creation of the human race and/or germanic 4rth/2nd race in egypt).  This regenerates the race and creates the Jews however the Jews are experiments or half-black beings in the jungles of egypt.  The Arabs are simply cromagnums or beings from West Africa and Spain due to the degeneration (or regeneration) of Adonis, Sumeria and Asgard.  One thing is known, the arabs love california so much because it was once a part of baja california, the monkey's tale was once a great desert whom perforated into flat farmland.  The egyptian monguls (whom were the Nara) soon follow through Nepal and settle via West-to-East.  Basically, the Turans create the Uighurs.  The Aryans, the arabs and the African, Asian/Indians and unknowns the Jews.  The Monguls stay the same of whom later leave India.  Unknown Artifacts are billions of years old.  The muslims themselves and their southern races are connected to Martian civilization.  The Adamic clones hence these homos in heaven are indubitably adam's army under cancer as earth.  Aliens and Atlanteans literally did have unknown genetics such as thicker skulls.  The childish ridicule of lower-nature via false personality.  The lone adamic clone or representative of earth race and culture is occultly Cancerian in origin.  Mannerism is the key to personality or entrance of the soul, therefore manners are a past movement which reveal which zodiac sign one is.  Although all creatures are under cancer, they reveal themselves through this artistic technique, therefore their past movements are of a different zodiacal sign such as aries, taurus etc and the sound of the stars themselves under each sign are different.  Like a flower this is how the magnetic field dissipates. The universe and all the stars you see in the night sky are cancer. Their sound is different because they mutated, however, they are under the cancer sign and so is the body and personality.  The soul however is regarded as a zodiacal sign therefore non-human. The known universe is under cancer which means lower nature as a bacteria or germ meaning they can comprehend their actual size. They think collectively.  This is how you should also think.  Hence the Himas were an island chain going into the ocean which moved itself or turned to carry the gobi sea onto land.  The land itself was isolated matter whom gave rise to india from the ocean depths (india rose and reformed).  The herculean jews are simply mimicking their father.  This alone is Proof of its liability.
    Here reveals creation of Mesoamerica, or the north atlantean dwipa.  Here also reveals the creation of mesoamerica and the gulf coast america.  The Bermuda is a simple current with a rogue wave left by a powerful cyclone during the polar-shift or water that literally turns continents (a smaller cyclone then typhoon and Set must have moved atlantis to a region below florida after 'kicking it' into place 85k, we name this event 'Horus' however further research may be needed with storm climates during these times).  The continent before it formed america was Mu, a giant massive island continent whom deteriorated into atlantis.  However the north represented the current central american civilization.  First the joint broke to form the knee in ancient lemuria, than the knee broke to form the hudson and gulf (by giving it shape, it looks reverse now). The Appalachian mountains were born via island chains of the atlantic.  They were defiantly made islands once, however land was risen above waters and fell before.  Proof is the amphibious fossils of the jurassic period found in its sedimentary rock.  The hudson was part of the gulf somehow. It buckled against land.  The illusion here is that the Appalachian mountains which buckled were indeed in the far north.  The corner of central america in the pacific mark territory or indentation of land mass from the Mississippi valley to the buckled Shenandoah mountain passes. The knee was flipped without evidence, therefore it was flipped upon creation of the north american continent long before or was a coastal region of a giant continent as part of southern america.  It must have been shaped by water upon creation of the fourth world, yet must have left land behind as it slid hence the andes are created.  It created a bigger joint basically.  Cuba must have been where north america is presently and tilted or moved straight downwards (this reasoning only exists if you believe cuba to be on the left side of florida).  Greenland than broke up into pieces therefore its land is half lemurian in the north, half meso-american or atlantean in the south with an ocean in the center.  A chaotic fuse or war-like area of the globe with land. The illusion is that the coastal boundaries form the land in the same manner yet the plates themselves never reform.  Due to plate push, water acts as matter or land acts as water would (land masses can detach from their point and float like ships).  Therefore prehistoric fossils are still found.  The north however collapsed when land was risen.
    *If the Jurassic extinction event began in 47 bce, it's length is narrowed down to about 28 million years (HPB source).  The event itself along with Chicxulub ended around 19 million years ago at a precise time of the extinction of the large dinosaurs.   Chicxulub is in its present form in perfect condition.  Here reveals proof that the continents spread 47bce by vulcan and dinosaurs went extinct at the start of the 3rd age of earth.  Hence the continent of adonis was already situated in the north or its present position upon the end of the 3rd age therefore the 3rd age began 18mbce and ended at 850-85k bce.  The fourth age must have truly began 85k bce to not have yet ended.  A crater that large would create a bullet wound on a body and devastate mass amounts of species within hours.  This seems reasonable given the outrageous claim about time which science makes.  Time is 360 million years only on land.  Time moves very quickly unlike what the demonic ashuras whom possess science state.  If man is found under 200million year old bedrock, then it is excavated that way.  However rock alone is much older than tar, and tar sinks deep into layers of bedrock or the ground.  Ancient man and dinosaur must have co-existed from up to 160 million years ago.  However, ancient man was from the stars or not native to this earth as of yet.  Ancient man was martian in origin (see the godly sumerians) however there are gods and no gods. Gods have memory of life on other planets, including mars and possibly even Tiamat (of orion or the great bear).  In Esoteric Geology there was a Primary, Secondary, Tertiary and Quaternary age.  The Primary lasted from 360m (103million years) before the Primordial (171m).  Sec was 36m and the Tertiary was 7m yrs.  The Quaternary was 1.6 million years.   Man must have at least arrived in true form 5-to-3 million years ago. The Jurassic period of which large man-eating dinosaurs (see the tyrannosaur reference) roamed the land could not have been more than 18 million years ago!  However in this doctrine, Science will be stated as written by textbooks eg tertiary was the 47 million year to 19million year extinction event or the center of the tertiary period aka the true end of the jurassic period missed by science with a carbon dating error of at least 15 million years!  As earth changes skeletons tend to sink in the earth.  Radiocarbon dating methods are inaccurate because the bone is contaminated by the bedrock itself.  The earth breaks down the atoms and minerals of a bone to completely decompose or 'digest it' if you will and it appears far older than it should be. Judging by the evolution of the raptor through asia unto the americas, dinosaurs were bird like and originally came from volcanic regions and small jungles.  Therefore they were exotic and large tropical, however with a pole-shift before 18million years and 850k they could have changed drastically into desert creatures then vice versa (see the T-rex as a landwalking-bird & a lion and tiger species with skeletal similarities to a cat).  Excavations have also occurred with skin and flesh still intact on t-rex bones.  The Montana region of the United states seems to be the most prehistorically preserved in nature.  One however needs evolution to have memory.  The sign of Cancer should represent all genetics in this one galaxy (and even for the physical solar or cold stars except in a great past) where all appear the same, however if the body is of one soul, the soul is not (basically one's soul might be different or outside our zodiac).  The body is of Cancer or belongs to the cancerian soul, yet the soul does not.  This would even state that the star is cancerian (where your mannerisms are evidently different yet you stay the same or become represented as mere offshoots, if you will).  However if all the stars are cancer, the stars themselves are all differently mutated because of the zodiac (they were of a different zodiac, now they are cancerian).  This gives one time to progress, however earthly materialism and primitive ways of culture (such as eating meat) will leave one earth bound.  Once again if not for pole-shifts, land erosion and decomposition would have put the earth completely underwater by now.  Lower nature, no matter how small, tries dim-wittingly to control it(s) conscious.
    During a pole-shift, lands do not reshape themselves due to the loss of mass.  They simply break off, yet this will only happen once.  The last pole-shift tilted the axis of the earth, however vulcan spread the lands of the second age.  If Asgard is feminine, masculine energies must have prevailed not 85 thousand but 1.7 million years ago to have the world repopulated or during Rama's time when a part of the indian empire was truly against the world or all its segregated races at that time.  This was known as the true and only fall of man or the human species upon the earth and will be the only true fall.  For the fourth race fall of 18 million years (23 million years in science or its calculations) is so great as our conscious can not and will not exceed theirs in any manner where during this fall via vulcan they were not native to this world.  There was a fall of god 18 million years ago which began the 3rd cycle or lemurian gene, and a fall of man 1.7 million years ago which began the 4rth cycle or cosmic age (1st age earth tipped via ice melting, 2nd age ?a great flood?, 3rd age vulcan came, 4rth age saturn tilted and sun turned).  When a pole-shift happens the lands spread or great continents detach and reattach themselves from the ocean floor.  However, this has not occurred again because the planet was not hit by a star.  It simply tilted yet the continents stayed in their relative position, which is why the fourth age and third age are indistinguishable from the 1st and 2nd age thus far.
    Unlike in Science, there was a Pangean Continent, except it was divided by great waters from the south and connected by land in the north.  If central america was a peninsula, the chicuba or chicxulub crater must be an island and Mexico must be the tip of the atlanto-lemurian continent or connected to the 19million year old extinction event of the giant dinosaurs.  Antarctica is the only continent that can rise from the ocean floor on the earth due to the geo-centricity of the planet. The Chingu meteor was in china and a result of the event with Chicuba.  The remaining fifth race in the fourth round (which we still are in), were the Pangean Peoples.  To tell you the truth, england only has pockets of norwegian flora in the north.  It is considered lemurian.  So is how the Vikings conquered and established America second, and the recent history of its americas established.  Before the Hindu Pangean Descent of Turkish Lemurians there were Evolving-to-evolved Atlanteans and revolving Mammalian Lemurians as well, much greater with greater powers and ancient knowledge of the newest simplicities, old races were more aware of the soul or adapted to the land with greater knowledge than ever before in the entire round of the fifth.  There was never more than one 'super-continent', because It is similarly called like any of the 7 continents a super-continent (there are 7 continents, greenland, russia/europe/middle-east/china, austrailia, america, south america, africa and antarctica with daitya or the cuban haiti chain being ofcourse the eighth).  It is more like the structure of an asteroid as Earth.  It is a metaphor.  When an economy becomes too prosperous it is lower-nature whom dismantles it and turns it backwards, it is humankind whom is not intelligent enough for organization as well eg tesla recyclable electricity turns into oil as a materialistic equity instead of sustainable social energy.  France under Napoleon (The Napoleonic Wars) and Nazi Germany are perfect examples of prosperous economies which were naturally dismantled.  Hence, Wars at the end of the age of Pisces and the start of Aquarius around 1600AD. 
    -Lightning strikes mars through polar static, 40 billion died.  Its magnetic field lies dormant.  40 billion stars coupled with galaxies disappeared in Aries or the primitive spiral thoughtform of the atom is reinvented hence mars may enter the sun through its creative life of change (has entered hence the ray or past thoughtform).  As in Legends, Zeus sends Diomedes (jewish god) and Athena (the arabic deity minerva) to scar Ares (storm god or god of storms and oceans) for his disobedience.  Thor's Hammer represents the great achievements of man or that of the lower races using its forces against its Atlantean 'Gods.' A magic weapon forged by the dwarves against Precosmic Titanic Nature, or what is known as the Giants in Arabic Hinduism.  Esotericists need mimick their masters or greater beings in the microcosm for positive reinforcement.  When asteroids enter our atmosphere giant monsoons occur on the earth, this creates giant storms and is a valid or simple reason for the biblical flood which consumed all land dozens of thousands of years later (85k-13k).  Here briefly explains seasons on Mars or the martian seasons itself, when closest to the sun its fall/winter (during earth's winter/spring), when farthest its spring/summer (during earth's summer/fall).  Its basically the same as earth, when closest to the sun its winter in the north, when farthest its summer due to the axial tilt of 25 degrees.  Even small objects have the ability to create tsunamis and minor floods via the pacific.  The atmosphere becomes vaporized.  A great past, or explosion in the atomic eye of Jupiter, a second sun attempted.  The forbidden planet is riddled with dry lakes now.
     It is birth and death instantaneously, the unborn child of no mother, no thought and little life or the destruction of nature in all its glory.  Many have once known it as an unloved, unknown entity in nature which appears alien yet is not.  The primitive first and the last in matter.  Innate intelligence.  Imperfection or Unpunished Cruelty.  A violent clash of clumsy matter or truth revealed.  The mind in old age, or what is native, known and used to in this system.  The Universe Unchanged or The Undone Atom.  The personality of this being.  He is Vulcan, the venusian kabir of the Kabiri who fell under Scorpio in Genesis (as shadows upon matter and master of the arts, see other references) and achieves the cardinal points in its respect through force or forces of life in matter (good and evil).  The higher being in connection with the lower eg the instantaneous transformation of the astral selves or realization of a greater being in the planet's past (which all of the kabiri or ignited atoms on earth from a greater source, great monads are).  If the family of Uranus and Gaia means the rama epic, Zeus must be Cancer, and Poseidon Aquarius under Kronus.  If gods were to descend from the Olympic mts to mimic a great past, it would be the Rama epic.  The 12 gods are the sons of Saturn whom fit well with each zodiacal sign, eg ares as aries, etc.  However, they themselves are clones of greater beings.  Aliens must be able to control the clouds, zodiacally.  Fire or birth of the planet earth bathed in lava.
    Great catastrophes occurred, the Hellas Basin on Mars, the Shiva crater on Earth, Mercury, the Cyclops crater on Mimas, evident structures of how large impacts occur, directly or indirectly.  Proven lake beds and river channels throughout the system are evident on Mars.  Formation of the center, waves of terrain protrude out like liquid (as humanity knows, the most recent minor pole tilt was in 2004 of course).  A notch near the atlantean hook and under nova scotia presents to you proof of a fallen island.  In 2012 of June the 14th, a earthquake will hit the coastal east americas, at a possible 6.0 rector scale.  The Ice age before had created rapid flooding on land from sea.  Circular in nature and form, the spiral, or universe condenses.  Proof of the oncoming pole-shift is the arctic circle melting where the great waters of ice are disappearing, creating carbon, no wind and heat.  The north pole is going downwards, and the earth is getting hotter.  A few degrees becomes detrimental to the earth's environment.  Vulcan makes one pass upon creation as a hot star whom dies or is killed by the sun outside our solar system, however it cycles into it multiple times as a large comet (comets are also dead stars in the occult) therefore it was a great star larger than the sun once only (the sun has an aura and nucleus) and enters near it.  It hath become the orbiting body known as Mercury.  The magnetic north is moving in an opposite direction quickly though (see the 26,000 year old opposite rotary circle of the north star as scientific proof).  Here is occult secret held by the Jews, which is ignored in this doctrine.  The region of Sir Lanka is directly connected to Jakarta.  The illusion is that it is not connected to Saudi Arabia, directly.  The whole region was a land bridge once attached to india (see esoteric map).  Technically, Saudi Arabia is foreign land to earth connected to the S.  Volcanos release gas, quick chain reactions upon impact.
    Of where the Mountains are chain reactions of greater mountains, and the melting glaciers of rising sea levels in the ice age are still continuing to this day.  They also recede as is the case with India (see maps) and the moving of ocean currents.  Bigger events are cause for great occurrences in the Occult.  Mt kailash is ofcourse, is siva or the 4 corners of the world connected to 4 great rivers. The rivers obviously become streams and raging waters later. From Migrations to war which happens hundreds of years after the event in surrounding cities to the oppression of societies due to nature's laws, such was the case in Pompeii.  Asia itself must have tilted upon a pole shift as waters flooded into india via the himalayas and Africa.  Only in the tail of the Antarctic is where organic fossils will be found.  The Great bear rock itself was literally covered with ash upon its creation where stood 12 mountains on its head.  Sand is from the Moon and Shadows of the planets are infact a form of light or personality therefore the land or false ego lie asleep amidst nature or the great serpent. If there was a true white continent and white isle it would be Antarctica and Greenland not Daitya and Africa yet these continents are remnance of the great continents and with human population.  Actually, Plato's Atlantis must have come only once after 85k when Daitya fell from the north.  North America was attached to half of greenland, but only upon asteroid form where nova scotia or new foundland was a part of alaska once.  Canada is considered to be the east coast of america. One continent formed from Daitya. If there were continents besides the one from the north that formed, it was most likely during a poleshift or quick transition.  A-sexuality comes from the androgynous continents of asia and africa named S and are connected to the second race.  'Everything and Nothing' occur in the occult Abundantly and Simultaneously.
  • Mount Sasha and Sedona are magnetic centers. At-el Om primitive asian race a festival of fire being only 5 ft tall and their journey to Zu through the Red Sea. Crystals of communication. 250,000 years have they lived at the time of the Atlantean Slaves of Aztlan and their Elders and as well sparked similarities to the Native Americans. The collective groups of the fifth. Pyramids are in actuality power stations with crystals or giant batteries whom became active via wireless electricity meaning wireless technology was more advanced 85k years and more ago (radiation of the mind or electric signals to power full houses and transportation devices turn into radio waves or simple ways for communication). A modern production of cement requires geo-polymers ie clay as a substitute bind, the egyptian pyramids as well, yet we require instruments with gears and unknown metals and their cements show no fungal mold (mind over matter? we speculate burns from the pleaides itself or chemical inhibitors for geo-polymer cement binds of clay or magi such as a global flood softening the earth). To say gravitrons, lasers and magnetrons or what have you are out of the question is in its own mindset ridiculous. Even fifth race egyptians used wireless technology to power bulbs without a cord (see the lighthouse of alexandria powered by the great pyramid or the Baghdad battery in sumeria) in the great past, as a more advanced way to get electricity then by destroying the cycle of life via the present economy (birds can be killed in wind power, dams block fish). The first remembered hero as an unknown to the fifth race named Atlas. The Anasazi culture of the west is of Asiatic navajo indian giants before even the Mayas therefore Peru/India (particularly deep southern and eastern vegetation of the united states) is america geographically speaking. Pyramids are time capsules or instruments for warning (ie salt and sugar grains form diamon pyramids in nature and perfect in geometry as if engineered, see also the creation of the giant Naica Crystals in mexico). There they were taught at Poseidia in the Dome of Light by Etkar, a fifth-level initiate. 'The earlier the time, the more close to the creator one becomes.' The human race is sprung or reinstituted once more after the pole-shift because of the establishment of Athens (see Athena as a capricious medusa under virgo where as greece is virgo-gemini) where lower nature prevails somehow. Mayan Aztec catacombs 5000 years old and martian in origin (reptilian hybrids are usually regarded as martian) have infiltrated as far as Los Angeles or Angelos. Off the coast of Malibu is remanence of an ancient city or what would appear if mass erosion by water occurs over a city, caves. In L.A. they reside over these remanences of atlantean cities as well as in Paris, France, which are too infact catacombs of mass skeletal remains buried by an unknown advanced civilization. Hence the prophets say Russia will reign over europe and the anti-christ (translates to obama) will unleash nuclear warfare (in particular New York will be a target) with Russia prevailing in which it will then fall by the west of america where Syria and Iran are deemed evil during world war three as Atla of Asgard was once regarded as evil or the east at the time against Rama, Ayodha in India&the asian race enslaved by the dragon. Israel will reign over the lion (palestine) over which russia and europe united will stand against it, this will come after Russia invades Europe and prevails. Medusa is Scorpio or clone of Capricorn under Virgo/Aries aka Leo/Virgo, however all signs point to Gemini or the Medusa Nebula. The Serpent Mound is a magnetic crater. The evolution of Pisces is freed from its harness. Hence, To owe debt to kindness (sovereignty), father-mother, wealth and all living things. There have always been four continents (infinite to a buddha) on this world. Atlantis itself and the Mountains of Koh-Kaf was a still dry land amongst the watery deserts of the world. The black sea condensed and drained like one pouring a tea kettle. The Buddhists knew of the nine worlds way before man has ever discovered or mentioned nine planets. The goal is to regain the aura in a more strong fashion than your youth only to disconnect from it or enter a peaceful natural sleep. There are those who go on to create. The laws of Mountain Sinai in Capricorn are then achieved in recognition.
  • *Here we will briefly touch upon Super Volcanos.  The Island of Northern Sumatra is infact a giant super volcano named Lake Toba.  Yellowstone is also a supervolcano.  Super volcanos are masses of land which form valleys and lake beds, that pertrude out of the earth.  They are not noticed because over time, erosion and water will have flattened them, however they are geographic locations present on old earth or Malkuth.  They diminish our solar system's mountains by comparison in scale and size ie Olympus mons would be a mere pimple compared to these massive permanent structures on our planet.  Super Volcanos are a part of the Christ consciousness and regarded as a creator or originator of magi or the atmosphere before the moons arrival.  They were present on a much larger planet then earth which spawned earth it seems.  The sivic mountain of 4 corners of asia or 4 valley streams (mt kaliash) which create life is told to be larger than even the one discovered in japan.  There infact was in a union with Capricorn and Aries on Malkuth or a globe turned somehow.  However Meru is the head and once Tamu Massif under libra dominated the solar system 18 million years ago.
    Migrations occur frequently by the 5th race much later with the cursing of the sun's heat.  The African-Hindu 'mountain men' from the corner of Atlas through the Sahara, the Arabic Greeks to England, Germania (Pan Germania) and Scandinavia.  Germania and Poland is infact Sweden and Finland.  The rare Atlanto-Viking Slavs of a Teutonic Poland.  The 'unsung' scattered Gypsie-Slavonic cave-dwellers such as the Volga Bulgars. The Atlanto-Romanian 'old body' or bodily worn cavemen.  The Africans themselves are the greatest of all spies of a past civilization if anything.  The Muslim-German Turks were Hunnic German Russians. Seljuk Turks possibly made it to England throughout western Europe or populated Iberian Spain. Note, the italian slavic turks were driven out of europe throughout history to interbreed with the hun of which the mongols themselves created.  These races are Indian as well.  The Germanic Frank Celts or Gauls. The Russo-Germanic perfectionists such as the Indian Turks or Tatars and Cossacks. The Persian Buddhist Hindu Asian-arabs.  The Syrian okhals as the magical remnants of buddhistic civilization.  Are the Saka Indians (Greeks or Grecian hindi and Scythe humans, the daka as a line of baboon-like bush people) merely offshoots of the superior Turanian fifth-race germ?  Can past races really regenerate the atlantean germ?  Sadly, yes but they will not be as perfect as their giant counter-parts and will be populated by a single caucus germ whom spread into two families.  Is recent wars for territory against europe a major factor as to why we are here today?  Is europe not really caucasian?  Had the hun spread the seed of the race and created europa whom invaded the west whom the monguls later contributed to?  Are the nomadic germans merely draco-dravidians from india?  Is this the origin of the saka aryan now of mixed blood?  What of the East and line of Great Persian kings come to rest?  Not the so-called Indian 'Greek' unknowns of the time but replaced with the Hun. They were called the hunnic persian empire of nomads(origin of Viks) from the east whom created Rome and civilization in the West as well as the East.  
    The Greeks (like the jews) are a term for a result of europe or lower nature into Europe as a great circle away and back towards india.  The Amalekites are italian germanic romans whom settled europe early on we believe (the hindu daityans, supermen from the triangular continent itself, a mountainous people whom possess elemental powers of uncanny magi).  However cavemen look different than their younger due to size not personality.  The east to west invasions are reality where as the Natufians are egypto-hybrids and starters of agriculture therefore red arab turans.  The middleeast was flourishing until a ice age returned via 9000 bce due to unknown cosmic events under gemini.  The africans are not lemurian however simply mean they are newly regenerated via the cromagnum arab race.  They are not connected to india but to belgium europe itself therefore not massive giants.  The  japanese are muslim, it is suspected the slavs are as well.  If India, Asia and Persia are buddhistic then only Southern Asia, Middle-east (not Egypt) and Western Africa and the shores of Europe is muslim hence the continuation of the seed in lower-nature as outlying territories.  Muslim must mean shoreline or water peoples hence water as isolated environments instead of land.  This eventually made up the Baltic tribes of which the Christian Dutch Mennonites are the last Migrates throughout Western Europe by sea and recently resettled to the east similar to the settled or occupied establishments of the Bosnians.  This must mean the Czechs of Moravia is infact primarily Russian in this round (the fourth) whilst they came from the east in the last round (the third).  Hence if one is dutch or has dutch blood they are linked to the hindi of daitya.  Mohenjo-Daro which became Mogadishu is proof the africans had japanese culture and advanced technology in prehistoric times.  Some speculate Lonar Lake to be man made or a nuclear weapon.  However it was a destroyer comet 47m years ago.  They were civilization in India of the African race whom mimicked japanese culture, however something or some other race nuked these sumerian hybrids in the great venusian event of 3123 bce which is why africans show such animosity towards other races because they or their continent of india were nuked and killed (however africa is a karmic precept for spreading the germ of the black magi and making sure not to repeat great mistakes of advancing in arts and technology).  Russians tend to have history rewritten every few decades.  The cowboy or texan culture whom developed a skill to win by losing is actually derived from mennonite farmers of the germanic empire pls note the ottoman empire has degenerated to the present day turkish state, and is regarded as turkey.  They too in actuality are the sumerians instead of clique role-models in society.  Indian sakas are an ancient race.  Prehistoric Dinosaurs were encrypted in art culture alongside man thousands of years before.
    -More concisely known as The Belgish arabs and first African settlers whom were invaded. The English-Saxonite romano greek-arab slavs or Saxon Royal Prussians (as well integrated was the 'grave-robbing' asiatic-scyth aka egypto-atlantean).  The Catholic Austro-Hungarian slavic Romans (Italo-greek sabinites), Dutch-English or Danish 'sailors' & crooks and Austrian 'Protectionists' or Anglo-French Saxons (offshoots of scottish arab or geminian livonians from the Rus, are possibly inbreds without intermingling, eg pure blooded saxons&celts of western europe aka french-americans are purebred caulks, however the Belgian-danish people can even be syberian in retrospect).  Could the celts be grecian circassians?  The dead kingdoms of Albania are the Albanian rebels of German-greek origin and the French Saudis (dutch-prussians basically are originally migrated via northern coastal territory as russian arabs or the red arabs of the flood and not mountainous indo-turks have both spanned great deserts, the ladder more than the former or to have himalayan uighurs return via to turn white and then tint their skin to a reddish-white color once more).  The Germanic asian hindu Aryans, The Iranian Celts or Indo-Iranians in Germany, however the russki hindi are too hindu indo-aryans from Daitya therefore russia and france are indubitably the same.  Egypto-arab Grecian poles or hybrids have turned into european latvian and/or livonians of the geminian curse.  The saka-link are fins whom connect themselves to the arya thor buddha or son of odin and the present unknown sagittarian race.  The belarussians are turks whom inhabited europe, therefore we can only assume...the germanic race, even the sumerians are from eastern russia once fardeep in siberia via persia itself to whom had to repopulate the world.  Whom followed the jews are followed, hence the Jews came last&the phillistian scythe first.  The closer to the himas, the more caucus their origin.  The jews represent the west, however little japanese culture still remains within the middle-east, hence the west is in dire need of the discipline from the east or asian race. They came from Siberia into Russia basically, but for the turks and Jews whom breed the dravidian germ.  They whom come before tibet have to be caucasian evolutionarily speaking are the same mountainous asian half-bred nagan cauks, cossacks or kulaks. The jews had to fake the brahmic religion or at least know about it to unite with lower-nature somehow.  Therefore rabbic or arabic dravidian and scyth in origin or indo-red indian mountain uighur tribal cult.  The Greco-Germanic Mountain Barbarian Swiss and Swedes or Caucasian Cheks are the older Migrating Russians during Latin Rome.  The Celts of the fertile crescent aka polmerians or pomeranians (not the dog species but the prussian race, along with the slavic alanians are armenians or persian degenerates of the pure aryan breed it seems) are the finished product of descent for all the races.  Them and the turks are considered new or young fifth race degenerates.  The Celts of western europe are catholic spanning well into arthur's time of 13,000 bce whilst the pagans are unknown christianity.  All races are indian hindu in the occult.
    The Catholic-Christians in Ireland and Scotland or Scottish Isolationists are Franco-Arabic Scythe Viking Slavs most recently settled in the canadas.  The smaller coldly driven 'humans' or cold-climate evolved indigenous tribes of turks in Russia took Italy and Germany before all else (note: uighurs nt uyghurs are defined as the majority of the present fifth race in this doctrine, If one follows the ob river from the ural mts they will reside in valleys of the altai to the himas themselves eg the spaniards are spanish caulks ie uighur turk from russia to ireland. Persians, basically, upon the fringes of siberia).  The persian hittites of the Odyssey are spanish, their coastal cities and treasures underwater due to erosion.  Persia is all.  They could even be Phrygians or asgard scythian iron workers or builders of the hittite civilization whom constructed mass markets via underground cities and networks.  Therefore the native ainu people of Japan must have been or become the Germanic Vikings.  If Indians from India made it to europe they did so by sea via spain.  The hindu turks must have become the roman empire via india after they were excluded in the gene pool during the time of Egypt.  Race changes once more, the atlanteans have migrated egypt to Tibet, and the red-white race is created via the European himas.  Most americans are indian degenerates or kulaks from europe.  Your enemy was too strong.  If the ice-age existed amongst 100 winters, it must indeed be 200,000 years long.  The first 100,000 years is the age of good, and the second 100,000 years is of evil or hibernation.  The first phase is the soul on earth as a free spirit, the second is death or a cosmic soul.  400,000 is a spirit of atlantis or the ice-age cometh as the first ever cold winter or true death upon earth's lengthy life-cycle (72 maha yugas come or kings and servants of the previous ages, however to the human kingdom this is limited by glamor).  The fourth-fifth race had not yet become human it seems, only the third-fifth as the jewish germ.  Two is the secret to Christianity and is also to dead cloned races of yourself, it is also the secret to finding a god, both internally and externally.  There will never be one, there will always be two (the masters however rally on the great threshold or three as some form of initiative response).  Because of sacrifice, one has the ability to see the enemy or true evil and he (lower-nature or one whom seeks the weak) is severely weakened with a blow to the heart.  The center of the universe or axis will always remain as the mountain of lord siva, or Mount Kailash as the 'seeker' of good and evil.  The mountain itself was a mere stone protruding out of the ground via the possibilities of glaciers in the beginning geologies of earth.  Here reveals The old earth as a flat plane with pockets of many deserts.  Here also gives you perspective of the true founders or settlers of Europe before or early on during the fourth round, of which we are  still in awaiting the fifth, the Mountainous Hindu Africans.
    -Other races include the mixed sea-sailing Asiatic Arabic-Scyth Irish 'rejects' and the Coastal Pacific or Mountainous-Desert ridden French Slavs and the Macedonian rebels.  The Start of orion christianity or false civilization.  The new spread of civilization (a second chance or valid reason for survival and sustenance) by christianized libyan chaldeans (Half of the aryan race is similar to the chaldeans (africans) whilst the other half arabs) through religion.  The Arabic Phoenicians and Portuguese Minoan sailors.  The cofounded serpentine Burmese and older Cambodian tribes are Mongolian Lamas as well.  The whole of the Minoan civilization linked to the Incans.  The Coastal Asian Jewish and Japanese 'Fishermen.' The Russian Visigoths, the Germanic Scythians of Asia (a race whom holds traces of blood from the hittite empire well into russia and europe from syria must be 5th race persian).  The Latter is responsible for the first Gallic invasion of Roman farmers {minor note: former and latter is mixed up throughout this doctrine, most english wording is abb or simplified}.  The olden poles are grecian germanic nords, the slavs originally saxons or mixed-blood rus viks.  The Norwegian fifth race bushmen (small outnumbered tribes) most recently conquered the world continents via seas (with the help of divine races) before trains or tracks were recently reinvented.  The Arabic-french Croatians are the same as Greece and the Yugoslavian kingdoms. Most of Central and Mid-Latin America as a Buddhist precinct or mixed old atlantean and dead Mu civilization eg Bolivia.  The Scandinavian russians of Norway or the West eg 8-500k instead of 260k yrs in evolution tbp. The Sakas are a dragon people  which other races considered demonic whom road horseback throughout the caucus asia via India and back.  These beings are considered royal blood of the last round to this one.  As quoted before, the african cheribs have unusual behavior of non-materialism or high decency coupled with low morality.  The Nagas or lower nature simply followed in their foot-steps (were created by them) via evolution yet this tells us humans are too emotional and fatalistic or fragile in nature compared to the extinct races of the past.  The nagas are cursed fifth geminian race beings whom did something evil in their past life and are aware of it, or are the ultimate form of the fifth race hindi sakas.  They know magic however, their magic is limited or weak (see also loki whom has the cursed blood of lower-nature and luckily of the aesir or in evolution the lama as a slightly devolved camel).  Therefore Russia is made up of all men as is its age. Nazis are a race of lower nature whom held the karmic symbol or sign of Cancer in their grasps, hercules did not yield towards karma.  Every now and then karma is felt not to one civilization but to all civilizations.  The animal kingdom at work, however contrary to popular belief the germans are the most friendly race on the planet.  The Germans therefore are wise beings.  The Geminian or 'boring' arabic livonians into europe are samaritan therefore new with hidden genes, however the leo tribe of Benjamin is also half-semite or not fully jewish therefore has older gene traits as well.  They are but men whom felt cheated yet at the end nothing was there.  Hungary, a province or country of Rome is now Ukraine.  Hungary is the first civilization from the caulks.  It is the first Rome and first to introduce commerce ie capitalism.  It consumed all of the slavic countries and was sumerian in nature yet half-jewish semites reside there today.  If they were as beautiful as they seem, their unearthly presence would be felt through and through which means the first thought is indubitably last or a primeval experience, however they get their purity from water or an immortal gesture, connected to another planet (which means no connection or a dream-like state of material entertainment or materialism, like how one baths at night, has feeling or enjoys fruit occasionally).  Sin of the Kumara is born. The tribe of Ben(leo) and Samuel(gem) are made or reunited as Adam and Eve is regenerated into europe.  Unlike in the Bible, the woman created the man, not the man the woman hence the man was made by god for the woman.  The occult is a fairly old science, meaning your immediate family is not actually your family, but other families and the body is useless or temporary via genetic leaps being involved.  The geminian lifts a gun or new invention up only not to fire, however the arien of Cain will fire and get lost in society or an ecosystem.  The arabs bathe in the fruit of god or divine sunlight from another world, however nothing is conjured in reality but for selfishness or selfish feelings of satisfaction from past lives.  
    Races in other countries include when the sumerians took over israel they also took over the way you evolve. English turks are now in russia. Domesticate breeds will offen differ from their siberian counter-parts. The cromagnum and the scyth alike. England is highly organized in this way because it came first for the fifth-caucus race. First came england then europe then russia. This fifth race path is traced from israel becuase england is part of norway to vikings. So now the caucas race can indeed say they are not a mixed breed but aryan. Turkey belongs to the muslims because it had belonged to the sumerians in the early fourth round. The occult also says egypt belonged to the chinese upon the fourth race, and they had sir lanka.. and america belonged to the arabs. Austrailia belonged to india and pakistan belonged to Sudan. The chinese had egypt after the greeks had northern africa. The Chinese race is also mayan or had connections to the austrian sumerians (offshoots of the nara, a red race whic likely represents extinct minoans) whom resided in central europe and south america.  They were infact enslaved in asgard, much like the africans were enslaved in america.  The Norwegians landed in Israel via sea, via the west or europe.  The fourth-third race upon the third nara race must have had adonis (america) and must have been japanese or some sort of alien.  The occult exclaims that Daitya was hindi sumerian or christo-sumerian if you like.
    As does Abraham betray Sarah, Jesus or an ultimate sivic being is also betrayed in a union or law of marriage with lower-nature via thought, karma or chain reaction in Leo (in the occult we have identified figures of abraham, jesus and even st james etc committing heinous acts of murder and sin, however this is all negated through hidden knowledge and initiation eg others near him may have committed murder or it is generally excepted as an unknown but for the non-initiates or human race and we are basically the clones of greater beings, or a flower blooms under the zodiac sign given yet the body goes through it or sin itself is a chain reaction or simple movement).  He is betrayed by a Samaritan buddhist whom wells for water.  The nation of Israel, which means Jacob in Hebrew is born.  However, Jacob means female so it is Aquarius or Abel however we may say its connected to Scorpius.  The buddhist betrayed him under leo with Jacob at an early age of 17 years.  During the Ice-age 17 human years equates to 30 or 40 due to the harsh climate.  A reincarnated form of Jacob whom was Aquarius and a cousin of him betrayed Jesus.  Some may know the figure as Jude the Apostle, Simon or the aquarian Thadeus from the Bible. Saint Thomas must have been the Saint in Scorpio.  Elohim means Cain or Sumerian Viking, and Yahweh means Abel or Noah.  However, King David only had one wife which we will reveal (or companion in ancient times) named Michel (eg Michael) or Abigail as Ahinoam in Pisces which was also his twin sister from another family and took the path of Mohamet (when one conquers a nation such as jordan, a husband is killed, therefore they befriend the victims).  Therefore there is evidence, through this particular line that it is Cain.  If one was pure enough, they could grow virgin beings without intercourse, the jews were apparently pure enough but we think michael had intercourse in europe and went extinct.  Now you know how the germ spreads, Uriah a hittite or Samaritan semite was accidentally cheated on by King David which bore jesus and her name was Bathsheba in Cancer which secretly weds david in Aries, true wife of david in europe.  Out of the 7 companions in the scripture, here lies the true wife of david via adultery.  The Angelic Cancerian entity remains unborn.  However, the Virgin Mary under Virgo teaches the 70 apostles or aspirants to curse mankind in underground schools of the occult.  These apostles are also known for being insecretivity connected to the schools of Lebanon.  Haggith or Adonai as Leo and Aries betrays humanity in mind or spirit.  Buddhism secretively splits from Christianity or retains its old ways upon its rebirth.  As a child the figure jesus kills or causes the death of a son of david via the mind.  The Libran Adam and Eve story of 7000 bce must have been an event which transpired 16,000 bc or have been an alien visitation.  Essa (under Aries) and Laben (Jacob under Scorpio) are Cain and Abel, Cain was starving in his old age within the desert, and killed abel, for abel did not give him food via 16,000 bce.  Coincidentally, the word essa or issa also means jesus.  Abel is told to work with Magi, whilst Cain with Technology.  Capellans are 3rd-4rth race beings.  The Secrets of Cain are revealed, Jacob must be a clone of himself from another family if the Cain and Abel story were to die out.  The Russo-Germanic south-eastern Amazon warrior tribes of Scythia occupation as of late are connected to the Jewish lovers of Argos (cont).
    Thracian overlords are assassins of archipelago or russian-arabic Visigoths as Saggitti. The first teotonic uighurs and turks of sweden.  Venetian Saudis and Mountainous German Ruskis. The Areas of Slovakia as a principle part of Rome or the Roman city states. The Polish-Livonians are Jewish Arabs from and to Ireland, Spain and England.  Bronze age culture and Aegean civilization.  Urnfields of the Rhine.  English Rome or Roman Celts in England have always had Northern-Turkish blood.  The anglos are asiatic and the italian sardinians are arabic iranians in turkey, now the isle of rome.  The Arabic Lebanese as Germanic French Russians or the majority of turks are just early Romans or previous builders of civilization now scattered throughout the known world, mainly from the mountain heights of Brasil and Asia to the depths of Argentina (hence proof that Europe is Russian and once Atlantis, the extinction of the so-called 'Phoenician' Minoan Etruscans or its civilization, of which mimic the sixth race, is still sadly ongoing).  The South Africans are Sumerian or offshoots of the Chaldeans, however they along with the indians navigated to and fro from africa to brasil early on by ship for trade routes with the turkish peoples as opposed to the ice-age (the coast of africa was once a great civilization before masonry or the masonic age up to the 13th ce).  The Poles are told to be Celts whom integrated systematic measures or plans in nature.  Trade is an invention strictly created for or by the fifth-race, particularly the south african one,  however they are the only civilization to create a hero of the unknown or new race of samson whom denies all and fights the giants themselves most recently.  He is the sumerian Gog of the bible connected to mohamet whom holds the aquarian shield of our globe (the land of gog and magog descended from europe into savagery) for this race has not yet sinned in its history.  For none whom have sinned may rest or leave upon its wake.  The turks were first to arrive in South America via the Ice-age.  The Samaritans, Assyrians and Illyrians create the first Kingdoms of Earliest Europe in the Georgian and Serbian regions, which comprise the African and Asian human lemurs.  Customs and Cultures directly linked to Atlantis such as the ceremonies of cremation and silent communication, what is known as telepathy or mind reading.  The Farming crop circles or irrigation techniques.  As are the roman-greco hungarian sabanites or sabines, still a hybridization or part of japanese culture (of whom Greeks still admire). The amish in opposition with the dutch. The wise non-navigating Africans as older in mind than europeans are turkish hybrids, aryan jews and pure bred non-jewish africaners.  The russian cossacks are jews, not the jews cossacks.  The philistines are saudi arabs as are the Phoenicians, yet germania is told to be their origin.  Here explains the Astral Lemurian Neandarthal, Asiatic Gaul and Persian Cromagnum as degenerates or settlers in this stage of evolutionary europa.  The Sons of Kaleb or the so-called gentiles as the first christians are also a old race connected to the urnfields of the rye and Africa. The foundations of Europe.
    The hidden or evil aspect here is nature.  Hints are also given as to whom exterminated the jews of Yemen in prehistory and during the second war.  Whilst the jews in hinduism&sagitti may worship a great father as a god or have knowledge of one, the aryans in libra and aquarius defer as to not adhering to one where as the root word comes from son separated from father.  There can be aryan dravidians and non-aryan ones for the root word dravidian means half-breed which is infact a hindu half-breed in nature (hindus comprise of the totality of the human race or are in total human).  These 'mischlinges' or halfbreeds the germans discriminated against were infact jewish dravidians or simply new beings of a genetic material on earth or most native of all the races.  Dravidians are not totally confined to India, they are infact present in West Germany and many other regions of earth (Southern Russia, southern India, North Africa as well in devolution, pockets of population where two completely different races fuse into a new one eg arab, aryan and african, african and indian or african and aryan are unknown domesticates).  The gauls are not fully jewish, their father was jewish and mother a gentile, they are connected to the lamanites in the bible (see also Samuel, father of the Samsonites or the Irish Leonite Samson as a giant must be Daniel, connected to David's family or judges of Israel in the bible) whom spread into america in hidden history.  The first caucus race to have visited america prior to 600 bce.  They are followers of the Geminian Abraham and not fully integrated as a race, where all is fully accomplished.  They resemble the races of the giants in troy (the dwarka had long arms or abnormal features) in post-aryan form and are a cause for their dispersal, however wars are won and lost through repetition in history not great events eg monguls or african mongulese Nephites from India were destroyed or devastated, and remained as tribal pockets of civilization after 1.2 million years ago (monguls revolted&lost against the arya in asia some 65k years ago).  In the occult monguls no matter how big or small, are regarded as dravidian or unpure (a mixed race of beings, in particular two races instead of many; the arabic lamanites or arabs in general are furthest from the mongolese, or the most mixed therefore the last of the human fifth race dravidian).  The tectons are tetonic knights or europeans (which mean carpenter and coincidentally a rocky mt range in the americas, once again a connection to judas is made) once in the middle-east as the family of jesus where a poor man (poor is a relative term eg the poor are invisible or poor can mean poverty and middle-class depending on the economy and culture) came from a large family.  When John baptized jesus it was because of an act or artform which felt rejuvenating for the first time and became a calling for others; however he did so because jesus overheard john in a crowd (and coincidentally a cause for his beheading).  He was a jew connected to the aryan poles or egypto-greeks most notably the divine figure of Dionysus.  Due to karma, an evil or corrupt body sinks like a rock against the elements.  Jesus was resurrected which means his race degenerated slightly most recently into a tribe of afghanis in kashmir (jesus travels to india?!? trekked through the desert, actually).  Whilst Sodom in the bible was Baalbek (Helionopolis, or worship of the sun god and Jupiter in the heart of an grecian country in the middle-east next to Aethiopia called Phoenicia.  Baalbek is truly affiliated with the cancerian god beezelbub) and also a future would be Persepolis or Athens, Gamora was indeed Delhi in Persia which fell or crumbled (see also the hair of samson and the pillars of hercules) due to earthquakes and natural causes of the environment.  Similar to the races of today in case of war or nature, they could quickly moved the capitals back to Persepolis in the mts of iran, it is believed.  Actually, if Sodom (Baalbek) and Gamora (Delhi) existed today, it would be Jerusalem and Persepolis (tehran) or small villages turned into booming metropolises.  Rama and Jesus as Capricorn is but an illusion.  The race of Lanka or Rama's race was in actuality a giant mongulese race whom left their astral body on earth (to help humanity) of today's world races.  
    The most recent settled migrations of today are as follows.  The egypto-germanic people and pure bread arabs settled the African continent second before the 'mixed' Indians and after the Black Atlanteans, and Lemurians.  Hidden founders, real discoverers Of which were the true heirs of the world discovered are now intermingled.  Warrior races, Atlantean descendants of Mongols, Gauls, Huns, Greeks, Cossacks and Tatars have minutely larger races of man due to navigation. The Turks are simply Arya whom gain pure morals or traits from the Dwarka race.  The Atlanto-Greeks peopled Asia and found Greece last after even the small newer 'race' of Jews. Serbs are half-jews or buddhic atlanteans.  The Indian Hindu Canaanites were driven from their home therefore created when found the valleys of israel.  As were the Hungarian Turkish Slavs responsible for magic and propagation.  Atlantia as a word turned into Asia.  The Architecture of the Pyramids before the time of Carthage.  Africans could actually be or have originated from German Arabic Jews eg the Belgish people are Irish as well.  Their Sumerian Atlanto-Arabic forfathers qwelled the resistance of their Iranian-Greek counterparts.  The slavic russians must be indian in origin.  The Spanish arabs must have been wiped out from small greek islands ala pompeii before populating spain and the americas.  The germanic swedes themselves are red-white hindu arabs therefore the uighurs are russian. The Great Circle in progress, the majority of the human race now is brown and red-white in color, it will be far later red.  What is now the known world.  Like cockroaches, monkeys or lemur rats must have evolved in their respectable ecosystem struggling for survival in evolution all over the globe (see the 18million year map).  The Western Europeans off the islands of europa under asia once, sirlanka, indonesia etc.  Just beyond africa and europe is the tectonic plate, once right beside it.  This was all during the third age which is why it was created when greenland rose.  However, once again, Madagascar is the home of the 5th germ.  One looks at asia for peace, not island continents for asia was attached to everything but the monkey islands of the bible which grew the hybrid 4rth-5th race giants.  Europa was african island chains for mixed evolution.  Antarctica was not and therefore asian or lemurian once like north america before it.  The Pink asian baboon race.  These are the true heirs of atlantis.  The alans or medieval atlantean indians (moabites aka the hun or ossetians, basically muslim indians) originated from Persia, however they crept into slavia then western europe from southern russia.  The atlantides connected to jesus and Babylon are also half-breeds not of this world.  However, they did so by war hence once again the occult proves farmers turn evil if desired.  They were Turkish Gauls from Troy itself, and simply returned to their original land (These so-called yellow caucus Indians gained their color through the deserts of Africa itself and were in Europe upon giant form far before Troy, and possibly upon Atla itself eg what is below Scythian is infact Scythian or an asgardian offshoot breed of yellow man from Egypt, which came from Noah to the deserts of Africa yet never touched the Mountains of the Middle-east).  For the best of fishermen even, do not build boats that travel through oceans yet can act out wars in the best ways to gain their land back (The Moabites came from Persia, yet went through Africa and Europe first to get near there or to present day slavia prior 6000bce@around 13k from the ark via shem hence Ham cheats and after trying to murder his father, escapes through the Slavic mts into Russia which becomes the great descent of the uighurs through Kazakhstan and back into the middle-east to Saudi-Arabia; here is this rounds true course of the giants before Abraham starting at no less than 9000 bce, thousands of generations actually before 2000 bce).  For reasons unknown, the line of seth is spoken, whereas the line of cain is destroyed.  Hence of seth had a ship, cain had a ufo and did not reveal his departure from the flood itself.  The scandanavians are connected to the sumerians of orion whom defeated the pleaidians, greek farmers or giants basically whom built a city aka baalbek, the capital of the world, they fled the might of orion.  The pleiadians themselves have a planet in the pleiades, an oxygenated uninhabited world with small colonies.  In the hall of giants within the valley of endor, knights are chosen to go to war to defend its country.  As a result their hero is Libra (merope) or good whom prevails over karma.  The asian worm is maya, still evolution or perfection on the globe.  A brief concise history of Europe and the rest of the world.
    In other countries, the middle-eastern 'turks' like the tunisians (arabic moorish peoples or north african moors of whom have the blood of recently diminishing giants from the past of where europe was once inhabited by eg aryan persian hindus and some jews) as do the chaldeans respect its African brothers. In truth their are three major european blood tribes; germanic pole, celtic saxon and slavic viks or turks.  The french and japanese must be muslim in origin or culture much like how the turks and americans are buddhist now.  Ethiopians traveled through russia before Rome via deserts of arabia.  The dutch themselves are nepalese uighurs and turks aka the levites and lamanites.  However the russians are international, a fused collaborated culture or an unknown in religion.  Of where medieval technology was derived.  Once again, Africa's culture was separated from the world for 1000s of years.  Napoleon is defeated by Briton and its world naval powers at the time.  Germans like the russians, asians are mutual to the human race and have been for they are the most experienced where the human tree does not spern far from its nest.  Uighurs (Caucasians) are of Central Asia not Europe therefore the human form is proved limited. The continent of Japan is trying to save its race by colonization currently because of the Mongols and recent wars (basically a deviation from the lotus sutra) or repeating 'recent' past mistakes.  Serbia is a germanic colony, its occupants look fairly bohemian near arabic caulk in appearance.  Proof Bohemia is Persia in europe is that it was a province of Dacia during the times of Rome, Dacia was the northern slavic states of particular Bulgaria.  Germanic fathers of their tribe are unknown. Asians have built cities with the english eurasians since the beginning of its history, from the bridges of Rio, to the world wars to the English-Asian Opium wars have they integrated into culture.  The navajo people or nation must have expanded in asia and settled via Alaska across the americas.  However the inuits themselves are recent japanese settlers of the alaskan banks within Canada.  The Navajo are not and resettled first before kaliyuga.  They are a mighty nation of Asiatic Tibetan origin (from Egypt) whom expanded all the way to the vicinities of greenland, they are not moon-colored or fair-skinned but a Red race.  If Africa chose to follow suite in other countries, it would be the most advanced technologically.  Because of the caucasus islands (the white sakas were much regarded as africans in their old world) use of nuclear weapons in ancient times it does not.  Some africans are aryan half-breeds, most lemurian (see mohenjo daro and links to advanced civilization in the ancient world of a Pakistani-India).   The moabites are a buddhistic sumerian african 'human' tribe whom came from or migrated out of Europe, actually.  They were driven out via a great purge of buddhism, during these times, africans were enslaving the caulk indians and even giants for that matter.  Much more recent in Egyptian times, the greeks exterminated aryan blacks in mass droves via a pakistani india in sudan for which they rebuilt their pyramids with great accuracy yet were unrivaled to the fifth world pyramids of the latter day, 36000 bce (see red pyramid).  Turks are nagas connected to a secret order of Jesus and the Ophites.  This much is known, the africans are the most dangerous nationalistic tribe on earth.  Manco Capac (a Quetzalcoatl) and Mayan Civilization is a time made during Atlantis therefore the seeds grow and spawn for a long period of time.
    -Not to be confused with Germanic Pomeranian Prussians (originally Scyth-Greco or Asian Latvians or how about the Belgians must be prussian because of napoleon) of the Baltic sea, a superior race of Arabic-african Hindu Chaldeans peopled the globe and are completely intermingled by constant war before the age of the Bible therefore goes the fate of traditional non-europeans of the fifth.  The Amish are mostly Sag Dutch-Greek Samsonites (closely related to Jewish-Arabs, where some are genetically closer than others to these alien beings) connected to the slaves of the Rhine and Urnfields of Europe.  Are the so-called mythical or medieval germanic race of orion or the sumer vikings indeed Assyrian in nature?  Soul wise Japanese do admire some English and Uk China, whilst most 'French' hating Germans are killers or murderers of the physical form and their species recently.  The hindu race must be so great as to have jews from another planet to also be under their wing.  The domestics are a fate hidden in nature through time.  Brittania or Britania is part of the old world, this much is known. 'War-like' cultures can disappear or change more quickly by weakness in its economy.  The Russians are muslim turks eg the french nation.  The indigenous turkish atlanto-lemurs fault for the jewish french settler's karma at the time of Israel thousands of years ago, a result of the disappearance of their culture. Natural enemies were the dutch Jewish-Germanic lamanites of the baltic seas and German-Turkish Hittites who evolved just beyond the Taurus Mountains where civilizations frequent come and go, tells the future for the civilized world.  North America, a compromised extension.  Oddly enough the immigrated mixed delusive or 'creative' Americans fear the collective Russians(of which in the latter the Japanese do not care for, and former hate) and not Germans (the physical killers or recent creators of their present karma).  Are the russkis in actuality Italian settlers most recently?  We know one thing, Asia represents higher nature and indonesia (south africa, antarctic southern countries included) lower-nature in the time of Rama and before it.  Amazonians are in actuality a female only tribe of caucus blonde haired blue eyed giants from the south american asian region, they were isolated for a really long time and kept their aryan ways after intermingling with jews in russia (greeks, see argos), yet they are much older and an unknown.  The russians however are indeed masters of the psyche whom defeated their sumerian foes (the persians?!? idk) in the last world war, for none bests or champions orion but for a few.  The french must have colonized and modernized the present world most recently around the 1800s.  Once again all races, peoples, origins and places are the same in the occult therefore a young soul collectively becomes old or stays young as the planet itself never changes. 
     Hence, most Jews care not for the 'late' settlers known as the italian turks. Germans care not for the Poles whom hate the Russians.  The African Sumerians and Red Arabic Turks are not to be confused with asiatic egyptians however but with african blacks and middle-eastern red indians themselves.  The Sumerians represent Lower-nature in humanity.  Albeit the human race comprises abel in its age, the abel age of the fifth round, it is the race of cain where every race such as the narrow-headed neptunians (see stanzas) represent or mimic its past round because it was created before the poleshift way back in the second race eg the tunisians and most other groups of the fifth such as the turks represent cain of the human race. They do so collectively via emotion or group realization of the past and establishment of their culture by these mythical cosmic cainanites.  This doctrine goes far, indians must hate asians because asians represent the most intelligent race, the superior race in karma and black magi.  However, the asian continent along with asgard was attached to the atlantic plate, the indian continent was attached to the north pole-plate.  The asians are truly a southern germ it seems from the once australo-indonesian androgynous human continent.  The Rama race creates a new hybrid race of dravidians in southwest india whom trump capricorn and prove of death, leaving deserts on earth in its wake.  Gemini tries to mimic this event throughout the new world of this round yet fail in the northeastern territories.  The africans simply can not remember history, and deconstructed theirs so far as to it not being present as if they were almost alien to earth or enemies of it thereby of speculated reasons unknown.  North America was always home of the third-fourth race asian continent, occultly it is connected to lemuria and northern asia even still (before the pangean continent or land divided by great waters or seas).  Therefore the asian race connected to the second, not the third is naturally deemed evil due to karma.  Collective Emotion is analysis only to work upon. Karma, The Great Equalizer.  A great start of Karma in this round.
    ~Here lies Danger, realization of which we are like bacterium or bacteria where friends are enemies and vice versa in the occult.   The fifth race's germ state is the tip of india whilst the fourth race is sumatra and its principle continent of the 3rd race is australia hence madagascar takes a piece of land from the old world or beg of creation and isolates it. The 2nd race however is unworldly, and the first race is lunar or from that planetary germ.  Whilst Aries goes to Capricorn, does Cap go to Scorpio. Hence most of the world's races today are considered turkish in descent.  The Germans despise nirvana because they want to have their crown chakra open all the time, when the lower chakras are subdued, one enters the cancerian age of brahma or is subtly aware of it.  This infact means being aware of divine fire as white stars or light that never changes.  It is an emotional body inbetween the high vibrations and the lower ones.  Usually this involves elemental energy of past life-times to possess ones spirit or simply put keeping the old and primitive ways.  The Numbers of race diminish by complicated ethnicity or ethnic science (the ongoing practice or sustenance of consuming frozen woolly mammoth flesh from the ice age may have come from a karmic struggle for survival) where one can not keep up with evolution or the strides of the developed and evolved races.  Northerners can not breath dry carbonated atmosphere's in nature effectively, for they lack lung capacity to process mucus, or the fundamental germ eg the flatlands of odin and egypt are indeed swamps near a mountainous valley and seas of the dry north so to be one with nature is a must for all have mixed genetics. Therefore they must have evolved in or near islands with oceanic passes such as Egypt, and Atlantis.  Once the world was built in gold (gold does not dent meaning, a light coating even would protect it from damage), meaning instead of using titanium as an abundant resource of technology in trains and planes via industry, they used gold.  Gold was abundant, light and indestructible once.  The soul spark may indeed be fish in origin. However, they can not breath in dry mts areas on the contrary.  The greeks from egypt are the step-brothers or blood brothers of cain.  
    The age of pisces as the buddhaic roman empire comes into fruition from Egypt.  The degradation of Europe or cause of war was due to a split between paganism and Christianity when in truth were exactly the same.  The early mayan draka dravidians as a whole must be christian.   Babylon must be linked to Carthage therefore present-day Palestine in culture and decadence eg the old race of nagas of all races mimic grecian dakas and asian-scythe ones as well yet they have skeletal differences of which is revealed in their aligned spine and posture therefore they are old taurian false-jews or pure human (the most devolved or withstained in evolution) connected to the sidereal.  The late tribes of sir lanka is their form.  Here reveals that the Africans are known to be connected to (off-shoots of, they could be arabic) the evil sorcerers of atlantis whom are most recent cause for the destruction of the island, the race whom fears water and uses sorcery such as elementals til this day is the youngest human race whom idolizes personality.  Their weakness is memory.  At the beginning of the sidereal (20,000-3000 bce) before governments were established, The whole of the fifth race europeans were pushed into a corner towards ireland all the way from persia by the arabs (see the great arabic migrations into europe via 2300-2000 bce aka arthur's time), soon followed were the non-slavic arab kingdoms of persia (the slavs made into europe recently around the medieval ages) where evil reemerges itself (the visigoths are slavs whom invaded late, the french muslims or gauls not, Phoenicians also arabs).  Something is hidden here about the mixed scythes against the arabs. The Spanish as well as the irish are speculated to divert from christianity or quander about buddhism in this round. America is told to represent the eagle, whilst Europe is the wolf and Russia the bear, Asia the Dragon and Africa the Monkey and Lion. Fenrir the Wolf is Nationalism or a newly forming government under Autonomy whilst Odin is Orthodoxy or a government under a thriving republic or monarchy.  The dangers of Government are not becoming Republic but yet becoming Democratic with an unknown ruling class.  When great migrations occur confusion and war set in.  One thing is known the closest thing to democracy is a bureaucratic government because it is run by the few elite (as seen in rome), yet only a few run the grecian republics or monarchies of the world's past.  If a government is run by the mass, it is not considered a government.  The medieval kingdoms must be much older than previously thought.  A relevance to the known fact, or abuse of their governments towards their own populace through useless rules and regulations. 
    *This is relative in the study of economy and its relations as opposed to the stars. The fact is when one produces to many arms for the military their economy will collapse, experimentally, however without war there would be no economy.  No television, radio or cars because the fifth race is simply genetically lacking the tools, they are not smart enough and their bodies are degenerated or masculinized into the savage via the ice-age.  They will see god up in the clouds yet they will not be one with him. The fact is the Third Republic by Germany created the Third reich 100 years earlier during reunification (research franco-prussian war).  All of the Western countries today have counties and states from tiawan&japan to the european union therefore regarded as the most microcosmically advanced, materially speaking.  They also created the French, Russia and Britain governments.  The Russian's admiration for the French, and vice versa. Hence the French Celts (mostly just austrians) respect to the East or Chinese in culture as well (Belgish peoples care not for African descent as do not the british arabic saxons with the lower slavs eg japo-danish 'mimes' and muslim indians, a clash of civilization and culture in a growing 'islamic' world rather than in its beliefs).  The british culture itself is fairly masculine or has strong masc traits. The Black Sea Germanic Vikings or Muslims must not care for the Greeks or be enemies thereof due to lack of interbreeding, interdependency and/or isolation.  The Jews whom helped build it in this round's ancient Japan (whom do admire france). The mean or meanness in personality of the Dutch to like the russians is mutual with the English, and the Americans with the Middle East, Japan to Britain etc.  The Japanese must be enemies with the Sakas or Scyth due to collisions in evolution from the nara (see the shadow people).  Are the Arabic Aryan Uighurs or Sakas infact from the Bengal province below Nepal?  Is the sumerian annunaki a result of their white skin?  India and Persia are two different branches of the same tree, therefore persia is older than india.  New seeds such as the migrants of alexander's army whom regenerated the seed are half indian, half black (byzantine or russian is caucus aryan, the greatest army to rule earth it seems was spreading buddhism).  Most now reside in central america.  This was only a few hundreds of decades ago since the tree of life or a single red wood had spawned, yet they had not made it to burma as the germanic phoenicians (asian monguls mixed with arabs) and sakas had (in hidden history or unknown invasions which are unwritten or lost forever in time as will this memory be).  Yet some were red indian.  They never knew of autonomy so well.  The cruel face of reality. It is all relative or for basic needs and desires of country instead of Ego.  A means of governance, revolving around a single point in time.  
    ~quick note or cite, Those who are of a Germanic Scythian nature, (first and/or of relation to the path in evolution eg siva born as fish, vishnu monkey or brahma dog) 'imbred' plaque or early lemurian penetrated or has penetrated most cultures before, all during the fifth.  This is a egoistic fact or result of civilization change and territorial gain, the egyptians care for the french with much loyalty as they do hate with untrust the scythian russians whilst the former do not envy so the canaanites.  The same goes with untrust of Japan.  Nor do they admire the Greeks (of whom due often disengage from the irish), as do the Teutonic Livonians hate the Dutch French and admire Japanese culture.  Czechoslovakia is the only economy to have or give both eastern and western foreign aid.  The Thracian germans in the time of Rome and its many migrations.  The Burmese are blind.  The Mongols have large craniums which differs them from the jews.  The Occult states we are really small, a friend can be an enemy from any nationality just as easily as from a family member such is the case of karma.  Are their tribes of nomadic dark africans with blue eyes whom are connected to the hindu asian aryans? eg the Sudanese civilization?  This is where reading the Aura is significant, collectivity and intuition come to play.  Lemuria as a continent...attached to sir lanka before or during the second and upon the first, unchanged for time on end but for the cyclic passes of Vulcan.  Lucifer is human, where Lemurian nature is diminished and magic forgotten.
    -To dispel ignorance, the nazi regime was controlled or attacked indirectly by black magicians instead of within, for instance there lies German Control in England, whilst England in Germany.  Burmese culture and Thia culture is in actuality nationalistic still, therefore somewhat totalitarian.  The word itself is derived from the Sumerian goddess Nanshe or an archetypical social justice system ie a world government or meaning the athenian empire which gives clues to the sumerians and their forfathers uprising against them in Abraham's time or their escapades in creating world states within countries during the times of David and Jesus.  Nazi means order from chaos or an archetypical system of judicial judgement as the scales of justice under pisces though, not libra therefore fairly exoteric in karmic terms or when one comes to terms with the movements of the sun and evolution of its consciousness (as a separate alien entity from the earth with its own zodiacal travels under leo mind you), the left hand path is the sivic movement of the sun moving left every 28 days so to speak.  The word nanshi though is not associated with a bold cancerian eagle of zeus but yet possibly a piscean pelican and fish design.  Therefore we presume if govs truly are invincible, they conquered and created israel (divided israel from sumeria or israel was regarded as a vicinity of egypt before) in ancient times during a civil war of some sort.  Unlike what is propagandized, the union of Germany was not feminine but completely masculine.  They also established or extended their civilization way into the abrahamic western states as of recent yet failed in dividing that country (see american civil war).  All of the west or its material possessions is therefore from Europe or from the extension of Zion itself.  They were not defending the feminine germ or reuniting with it but struggling to survive as any economy does so does the organism. Similar to Russia's Asmodeus (of Kham aka Ham, Shem the cursed Persian going all the way back to the Chaldean Zu, and the Shamas of Assyria representing Turanian society) and Germany's Solomon or Search for Soliman's Ring (see Seal of Solomon). Either side resulted in their own prosperity.  Rostam during the battle fo Carrhae in persia, iran (the country of Turan as a first brake away region and allied power) even defeated rome with what looks like 44,000 soldiers and 8,000 calvary against a mere few thousand around 50 years before the birth of christ, more proof magi is unknown and the roman empire was already in decline. Hence if Rome had reconquered Europe (the celtic regions such as celtica, see gallic wars), they had ultimately failed throughout history in the middle-east.  Germany, ukraine etc must be secretively muslim countries (it has been researched that 40 percent of the ukraine is infact of a sunni muslim religion).  As for the Germanic Ukrainians or Indo-Sumerians, etc they are akin to the Pakistan race and north african sudanese race, they are the large human or super-human race of the fourth, however all the races are more intermingled now than before, so the genetics will vary ie we are all basically the same human branch whether large or small in size (west and east are the same principle).  America wants to be buddhist but is not.  It is possible germany was buddhistic, and the world turned against them just a few decades ago.  Therefore there is a split in the world.  The danger is India, China and Russia are the only buddhistic countries, therefore viel a primitive nature.  The muslims were infiltrating europe at that time in great droves and migrations from israel because of the crusades.  Africa itself was christian before becoming muslim in this round.  The tribes of Cain are buddhist, yet make up most of the world.  The tribes of Elijah are not. The tribes of cain become the tribes of elijah when the world splits and the winner prevails.  Israel is regarded as a part of Egypt in the occult where communism (experience) in actuality controls capitalism or nationalism.  The flow of Economy, Expansion and Growth in combination with the need for new industrial resources continues til this day. Cosmic forces, Chain reactions, the ancient returns, competition.  Let them (mankind), know the fate of Carthage before they do Atlantis.  This is a fatal result of what makes war become that which it is.  Earthly gases are how Oracles such as the Sibyl allow to prophesize future events.
    Recent History of our world by its educational system is lied upon as well.  For instance, the Romans never have been able to conquer England, for it is still unconquerable.  They have died trying or failed silently and individually by unknown forces, of which the Celts were taught by.  They have succeeded minutely and most of its history is secret.  The Ukrainian government itself is today controlled by venusian entities. The fact is there are only 3 federal states via absolute monarchy from its historical origins.  Britain, US/Canada, Aus Coincedentally, they are all colonial powers yet america is infact an imperial system whom forces resources for lands or is the only country whom do not own colonies.  The only other central banking system is briton, yet they own colonies.  If a fourth federal state were to be created, a world war much like the previous one would be started.  Via an international banking system, or a false entity enforcing slavery ie false internationalism.  Federal states are infact the only true Democracies, failing environments or dystopias in the world.  China is infact similar to asgard in terms of economy where a family lineage to tamper with matter or nature via sex results into a hair follicle soon being removed from earth entirely (Asian Caulks aka the Uighurs are not only western european in origin but deeply rooted in russia, yet the blonde haired asiatic uighurs are tend to be situated to the west of the baltic states in latvia).  Hence if an aryan with the nara gene has sex with a burmese sir lankan the result will be a japanese child.  The height of the fifth race resembles or will resemble Norwegians in general, with stature and form where elements of the fourth will be completely invisible.  Here the Greeks and Germans are ignored, no longer known as human but as barbarian degenerates.  The nordic frisians or albino moon people never saw daylight, they are the architects of the atlantean book of the oera linda and it is referred to as 'himmler's bible' or elementally misused in its meaning via the 12 lost bloodlines or tribes of atlantis in norway (there are areas in norway are left in darkness all day round during the polar nights).  The heroic or 'good' tibetan peoples and 'evil' japanese mongols (close relatives or cousins in race so to speak) have probably invented race, culture, war and all of mankind's achievements in this particular round before all else or even mankind itself.  Cyaxares I or Daniel of the Jews was the father of Darius whom links its family to the many dynasties of the egyptians.  The result of experienced and constantly migrating cultures.  The Dakas or fifth race humans somehow made it directly to europe it seems, unlike the higher indian races and giants.  The african black race must have left africa, they must have fled into sumeria and india during the reign of higher races such as the nara, daka and atlanteans.  Only recently did they reemerge as the egyptian empires with stolen knowledge of the past and its politics.  The europeans as rats or small island monkeys must have descended via the turkish mountains and ascended into the far east via slavic russia.  Only now do the new race of turks as non-jews appear.  Turkey itself, a key principle for good and evil migration through mountains of where the children of the firestone truly are born and good or evil itself witnessed as a collision of matter and death.  Your past life has to be connected to your family's blood line or your blood in a previous life.  A couple of years becomes hundreds, the anglo-saxons are indeed the most degenerated of the species whom has mixed genes of the neanderthals (giants whom degenerated greatly in appearance, see also the hun as a cromagnum giant whom reinstituted the gene into human form, the extinct neanderthal is a left-over branch from the last round).  As does a race obtain a poodle with unique traits, so do they a human (the neanderthal is a product of the human, not vice versa).  The Slavs are indeed turks.  China is a forgotten island country untouched by time.  A majority of The nomadic nordic race came from Italy in this present round. The first truly advanced race of this round established its own politics as the first fifth race which would pave a way for other civilizations.  The problem with conflicts of the 20th ce is they (democratic or communistic governments whom want economic control) go into other countries whom want independence or to be free.  If it were within their country, it would not be a problem however wars are caused when a country deviates from another country which does not really belong to them but to their policies and government.  Great battles took place unmentioned before.
    -This declination of man began after the 4 ages at the end of each Kali.  What is now the Nordic race, of Atlantean or Indo-Atlanto origin, retreated into the forests to watch men stumble upon their own sin eg short lives, war, famine, inter-marriages, family discord, disunion, life discourse and inbreeding of the lower races. This superior or 'advanced' Nordic race never was fully shown or developed.  They are beings whom still possess the power of magic.  Here results to mysticism about the current human race, the nordic germans of the 2nd race are scythian no doubt of asiatic origin but from Japan as well as Atlantean, whilst the Jews are midgets or known as lower life in nature whom settled the middle-east therefore they represent lower race of developed races(or evolved nature). The Asiatic Hindu of the fifth.  What becomes a result of failed intermingling.   Human Beings are not equal but succumb to the ways of higher forces. The steps of evolution.  Technically, we are all alien beings, however the christians protect the male genome so well for one reason alone, mass extinction of the asiatic nara race of where the female outnumbered the male.  Karmic conflict between a Hindu Nordic alien race and the Alien Jews was established on a previous planet. Atlanteans are proven to be an extinct species.  There was an Old Kingdom, and Middle Kingdom of which we are a fall of (the chimpanzee is 97 percent of likeness in genetics to the useless human body, aliens from other worlds up to 91%!).  The end of the sixth age.  No true blood remains with the present race of Eurasia and Africa (If America is the Atlantic or Atlantia with South America, then Europe is Europa with Africa and Eurasia is a part of Russia and possibly China..with India and the middle-east to follow its borders, followed by Egypt even, therefore the greatest continent in the world).  One thing is known, during recent Gallic times as near as Troy, Asian culture completely assimilated itself in the west.  The peoples of the world are slowly comprehending this fact as well, we are headed towards a slight polar, non-planetary shift by 2012 and a large scale planetary shift with venus by 2060, this is non-sidereal, the zodiac constellation's closeness and Ophiuchus are shear proof (stars within the lotus? a greater atom perhaps).  The kulaks whom came after the hun must be mixed indians via the tropical (as are the chinese, greeks and africans), however the hun themselves are uighurs (most asians are of the burmese jungle origin or of sumatra) of the sidereal (once again, capricorn and aquarian stars in the same position).  They appear naked yet seem to know astral magi (to use lower planes effectively eg to switch items, elementary magic etc). Is buddhistic and muslim religion races actual entities?  They say the Amalekites (haters of the 'jews') are new or black peoples from egypt in the bible of high numbers whom descended from a half-jew aka laben in the bible.  Uighurs are pure bred in origin of the muslim-buddha race.  The cowardly africans betray their buddhistic race to become muslim, of which they create advanced civilization in the southern nile, or regenerate the gene.  These martian half-breeds truly are hated.  A true admission to failure, is war savaged civilization and protection of one's ego.  To truly break free of this casteless form. Ares must have been a rejected avatar of rama, strapped to a tree, whilst libra much older than expected.  Buddhists are atheists whom obtain nothing hence atheists may in very well be primitive christians if they know a god well enough (all ideology on earth fall upon 3 religions, muslimhood, buddhism, and christianity).  To quote HPB, 'The disciples of jesus must have gone insane and made him a god.'  Unimaginable Hidden truths of a much larger scheme.
    Note above: there is a superior or super human race yet there is not.  The lineage is as so for magical races whom are great and not great.  This is held in past events, eg the dwarkas (the true aryans unseen and unmentioned in history) are considered royal and extinct, the dakas or dako-aryans follow these beings, they have turned into fifth race giants known as the Turanians.  Therefore the Turans or turanians (turks) are more superior then the Aryas or aryans.  The worshipers of Odin came from a Slavic Troy of the Tau mts and created the Romans through the Hun.  The Aryans are arabic and lack the blood and bone form of the dwarkas.  This is because they have Lemurian features or are half-lemurians.  The Jews come after the Aryans.  A large branch of the jews during the sidereal must be Aquarius and not Capricorn or connected to the tropical for reasons unknown, or because Aquarius was above capricorn whom descended during these times of this round's creation eg aquarian stars are or maybe capricornian.  This is the order of the lineage of the giants in the bible apparently.  Science says Neanderthal became human, but on the contrary human became neanderthal.  The neanderthal skull resembles the gorilla therefore is african and indian in origin.  Evolution is quick so a pole-shift was a possible result of the human into neanderthal in europe.  The Asiatic Neanderthal of the himas and below is definitely human first and possibly a slave in Europe due to man's ridicule and defeat by higher species whom ruled them in the past.  The Africans invented magnetic electricity in atlantean times (taken from the aryans) or know how to retain electric currents effectively.  An occult revelation upon hundred year migrations of races are revealed here, the turkish people whom were small spanish tribes rather than swedish moved from europe to the coastal americas only to be weeded out or destroyed and extinct.  However they were the inhabitants of the great countries of Turicia and Nublimia or Numidia (south african egyptians or the true buddhistic bush people of this round whom hailed from gog) during and before Rome or a inhabited city state of spanish-african or slavic europe, the pole-date of 3102 bce therefore a unified human europe (see trojan war and settlement of the turks and swedes in the americas).  This is Death and revival of culture or realization of permanent death.  Unseen nations of Mu and Chu or Zu are a part of sidereal history.  The tunisians, chaldeans and babylonians are the true fifth-race sons of cain, the turans abel, and the greeks higher nature or the end result of it.  The Chaldeans invent materialism.  The Prostitutes of Europe and creators of slavic Persia are new or simply put defilers of lower-nature (new cainanites and abels) or personality therefore not important in the earliest of this round.  Soon follows is the fifth-race germ, or clones (clones of any object are the same however always atomically different) of these races whom warred with another eg the arabic aryans and the turanians are natural enemies or known as the enemies of man.
    Rama Verana Ramayana (the cosmic bridge), ancient atomic bombs vehicles and weaponry in India from the Vymaanidashaastra and the Vaimanika Sastra.  Technology of the present day existed before 20,000 years ago, relics still present.  Vimana-Vailix and its radioactivity on the moon.  'The Golden Lotus' of the Moon Mountain Sinai (in present day Saudi Arabia) where gold, silver, bronze and iron are races.  Single colored races with unique traits while greys, the paranormal, aliens, and telepathic hypnosis about abductions, a simple human mind trick.  Most if not all crop circles or symbols are unproven or not man made (they are made by aether or beings with radiation guns of which they radiate the plant internally using heat of some sort). The handsome images of its 'heroes' religion portrays to you are false where man is truly atomic and insignificant.  A connection to the stars or heavenly beings is possible albeit irrelevant.  If the world's human race can fit into an urban city it must not be the masters of nature, they must be nature's failed forms. Here we will divulge upon higher nature as a race, the tribe of Jeremiah or judas represents the 4 star diamond as opposed to the 8-star diamond aka the savior and initiate jesus and a race of cain or bramic race of abraham.  The higher unknown races are elijah or the race of krishna or lunar races eg enochian and represent the number 8.   If the world ends, mistakes will be made.  Cain against the east is the lord of the firestone or soon will be (Elijah or the muslim race will turn into Cain basically, will reveal themselves).  Beings this advanced would not coexist let alone interfere with humanity or its structures in any way possible. It is made possible of Martians to be able to reincarnate.  Since humanity has no memory, we will speculate upon the world religions and decipher them for you here and now.  Although saints are regarded as aspirants or yogis, some saints gain initiation.  As recent as 500 ad, saint Simeon did not eat or drink on a pillar for 37 years.  We must confess, saint john was a god and a god alone.  If Hinduism is Christianity, Buddhism is Atheism or Occult and Catholicism&Judaism is Muslim or unknown.  They may speak of a feud of christianity against buddhism and muslimhood as muslims in the past pit itself against the buddhists.  Pagans are beings whom degenerated from christianity, they are not buddhists but yet speculated to be muslim.  The pagan religion such as Sikhs and gypsy retains attributes from all three religions yet is hermetic and heretical.  Sikhism itself is infact christianity in arab muslim garb.  Artifacts left behind are evident of most advanced interplanetary beings' innate ability for coexistence or to its alien element.
    Contrary to popular beliefs there was an Aryan race which inhabited the poles except they were larger, fewer and more advanced, the older race of Atlanteans upon the newer one mimics nature.  Of where real UFOs and its technology come from in matter.  Avalon is the last british settlement of Atlantis in the Euros (once again following the legend of king arthur).  Countries must be run by the elite or royal families of the rich, one whom crowns the poor, however these families are merely tribes whom break rules compared to the great age (won wars, land for territory or prestige).  The pleiadians mention the earth may have rings and a clean atmosphere upon the seventh age, therefore cleansed.  To believe this concept one must give sight to an advanced Hindu civilization and architecture (see also The pyramids of Nubia or so-called present day Sudan in the fifth round or afterwards) and before this an even more advanced Atlantean one. Arkhaim or Arkham must have been near present day Iran.  A Moon-colored Unknown race of the fifth was even before this.  In recent history the lineage of the noble Nordic Germans precede Greeks and Africans in the same manner.  The scottish neanderthals are giants as well for all of mankind comes from the same branch.  The brow of the Cro-magnum skull, and fair features in comparison to the greek is proof of this 4rth race  (The Jews are the most feminine with alien features often slender, which follows the coastal asians as native smooth or masculine mountainous with 'fair' features, basic Atlanto-masc in app.  The Indian slavs are of vulcan therefore not christian but buddhistic now (or mimick a fifth race germ of something 'new').  The Romanians and Albanians are greeks therefore west european now yet slavic before (or vice versa).  The so-called Africans having the traits of all from a previous round being truly alien feminine as well. Culturally, The arabic turks care not for african traits or appearance note:south and north do not effect these traits anymore). The Ethiopian ebonites are infact the shape-shifting russian arkites, connected to the most advanced civilization or evolved aspect of the fifth race.  The prussians must be russian migrants or sailors whom navigated the coast, naturally the spread of civilization occurs this way.  French are muslim, the french-americans or just americans are buddhistic though.  Where as the common human race has its hidden jews trying to assimilate or degenerate, the unchanged older portion has its scythes, 'blacks' and 'greeks'.  Eg the sirian sea-shore fairing peoples are african in assimilated culture. 
    -The assimilated traits effect the Personality of the Zodiack, albeit not the soul and never completely for older and jewish races. Matter creates matter, man creates man where reveals complete assimilation lies differently in subtle features.  Nature mimics nature, the first most intelligent, common and oldest 'human' races on earth, the Jews and the Aztlans (oldest lineage of the indian hindus).  The Unlawful creators of the 4rth race as Atlanteans is proven to be extinct.  The small gene regenerates the large one.  Were the Monguls infact burmese dakas turned into nagas?  Experience tells me Atlanto-Greeks must have had a great war against its arabic neighbors sometime during the bronze age of the fifth and prevailed.  The degenerated greeks must have built the pyramids therefore the Africans must have kept their 'old ways' for thousands of years.  The mythical legend of Ajax was an alien pleiadian working on earth.  We know this because Pleiadians start their names with the letter A and legends speak of his ship being stricken down from the heavens during troy.  The Amazonian scyth culture is backwards from the western culture even today eg the female is dominate in relationships.  The Gauls are connected to the buddha odin.  Even the egyptians and their culture never changed for generations, even since the beginning of time, yet its land had to die.  The Egyptians and Burmese must not actually be black aryan but indian hybrids.  To deviate themselves from culture or prove nature is sound.  The war mongering greeks must be trying to reconquer persia next for persia is the city whom was conquered first in this round after asgard.  Where the jinn truly do want your soul to 'contribute' to society.  In the occult there is no higher and lower organism by the structure of the body.
    *The Lemurian as an old human shows us an evolutionary path or gateway, even they are advanced given a few of their hairless features, which are an Atlantean trait, or a different type of degeneration. The Giant fifth race african humans navigated south after their fifth race sudanese pyramids were built most recently, such is the result of the germanic scythians and vikings in russia from the norden still seas before its creation as well.  Bone marrow must be a form of hardened blood.   The under-water pyramid city off the still waters or coast of Havana Cuba is a perfect example of preservation.  The Ramses statues of Luxor in Egypt is an permanent city of the future and capital much like how we have capitals today.  The statues of luxor was built on these principles: clay, cement and limestone via a kiln.  The clay is used to form a figure, the cement is used to cast the shell (only half of the shell, then put together), the limestone is used to form the body.  The Obelisks as well, using geometry is speculated to be built by giants of an old or unknown government.  During the times of egypt, atlanteans ruled their kingdoms.  They melted the quarry and reassembled it in different locations with mud and clay as a catalyst.  Proof is the use of fire or hot kelms (kilns or ovens, charcoal basically) in ancient egypt ie heated limestone is still used today via micromanagement or harvesting of materials.  A kiln in ancient egypt if constructed properly would be as large as a modern factory building, its body is shear limestone bedrock, its shell would be concrete and mud.  A giant would def be able to mold the rock, once risen it would be lifted or 'cracked' from its shell (much like how medieval bells are made via metallurgy).  Albeit the lunarians can use the spirit or the jinn to trick your mind, their devices if made are barred from man.  Giving time, Soon The fifth race will accept the fact that Asia is far older than Europe yet its races are not as the chaotic path of Evolution unfolds itself from few to many.  As a minor citation, the Jewish people had started this round of evolution as hybrids by interplanetary force, spiritualism, or unknown and incomprehensible forces at work.  Here explains some origins of the dinosaurs or largest lizards on earth.  The Ankylosaur lived in south and central america, what is now appalachia.  Land sinks and slides up and down like a snake's skin whilst the earth's pole-star turns.  Lemuria of the americas must have been asia at one time or another.  The Tyrannosaur is a temperate climate creature whom was found in Nevada.  Therefore it is a northern lizard in prehistoric times because that region was located around alaska once.  The colder and more harsh the environment, the bigger the organism eg the siberian tiger.  Large dinosaurs themselves seem to live in flat plains due to their size and large hind legs (see african elephants and giraffes).  The tip of Australia is broken off into Madagascar, a land ship to form your existence (madasgar became the tip of india then africa) or isolated form into the infinite on this globe.  Light must be formless, weightless, colorless and hot.  One can not feel light.  Only heat.  Jehovah is an alien, the planet as nature far older, more susceptible to the zodiak albeit all life is, was and becomes so is why the zodiac is more connected to the fathers as magnetic beings then their feminine counterparts where all is spirit.  
    The Holy Mountain and the 4 corners of the Navajo, or Orient (or East), Occident (or West), Noon (or South) and Darkness (North) is Mount Meru in Paradise lying within the cosmic ocean.  Also known as The Whirling Mountain and the Hollow Mountain, Sumeru.  If indonesia broke off from india part of australia is the tip of a peninsula aka indonesia which spread and broke from it as land is bound to do albeit the southern tip is african in origin.  Here is a known fact, Meru is the north pole where continents split up from that pt under present day india.  Here is why two triangles were formed when the earth was flooded yet one split apart into 3 great island masses (asia, indonesia and america).  Here we divulge forms of the fourth round.  The chinese race must have all but disappeared into Ceylon from the depths of Siberia during the fourth round.  The asgardian race must have changed their arabic language into a slower germanic race, like the nara did with japanese.  The form must have changed alot since the beg of the fourth round or became more rare, hence the asgardians were super-men with blonde hair and blue eyes, their arms were anatomically smaller, and heads or craniums were slightly larger.  They represented the Hindu man moreso than the arab though.  The race of the Yellow Dragon (East) and Red Dragon (West) accuses each other.
    ~As for the 'progress' of Humankind, there have only been three forms of essential government on Earth:
    *Anarchic - Tribal, Liberal, Nomadic, Isolatory, Colonial, Hermetic, Pagan, Natural, Atheistic, Primitive Christian or Muslim *Monarchic - Idolistic, Communistic, Hegemony, Republic, Dictatorship, Feudal, Masonic, Christian or Muslimic *Democratic - Fascist, Imperial, Corporate, Socialist, Religious, Capitalistic, Economic, Idealistic/Nationalistic, Buddhaic, Scientific, Catholic or Hebrew 
    In actuality governments mirror its own people, civilized races come and go:  The Egypto-Greco Ethiopian hybrids called the Etruscans (the majority of the orange-skinned humans as civilians or population in the Roman Empire) steadily fading are proof of this while the Germans being an old race, Europe itself steadily sinking first.  Usually there is a muslim religion which even resembles the israelites in thoughtform, and usually they are monothiestic or have mononestic ideas of a monarchy.  True monarchies do not exist for the human race, because the human race are too primitive.  Yet branches spread into Hebrew and Christianity.  Yet there are only three governments on earth as religion which are past/muslim/isrealite/imperial or anarchic, buddhist/catholic/present/monarchic and christian/hebrew/hindu/future/communal or democratic.  There are only 4 actual monetary systems on earth.  Federal Democracy aka democracy,  Democratic Republic, Republic and Federal Republic.  Muslimhood revealed by the untrained inexperienced and unelite.  If Pagans are somehow a form of degenerated Buddhism, Hebrews could be regarded as Christianity.  England must be the Abel left over against a cain of the world.  Economically, the taxed Romanians are indeed the first roman citizens, irreverently speaking of course.  When Israel was established it sided with the west, an embarrassment to the soviet union, therefore was attacked (attacked?!? In the olden days war was to gain territory, however now if a country were to expand, it would be suicide of that nation or its ruling party.  The democratic party of nazi germany is a perfect example literally creating the allies or triple alliance 100 yrs earlier) by the surrounding foreign states and its neighbors.  Actually, they decided to invade russia because the middle-east was invaded by the internationalists or allies for economic reasons.  Yet the british empire was in control of the world economically around 1900 which makes the puzzle deeper, for the british celts are germanic indeed and central europe (in particular austro-hungary) still the economic 'hub' of the world for civilization in this round (and britain, an opposing force vying or competing for resources).  Here, we see how the world wars were started economically.  However, both sides of the older brother Gog (axis) and younger brother Magog (allies) were looked at as internationalists at the time if one were to look at the american civil war and the third republic which the 'nationalists' created as the same (hence if the internationalists won they would be deemed axis).  The Italian fleet was the largest in the world during the 1940s once again drawing conclusions that austro-hungary is the center of the world literally instigating progress via presence defeated only by greece.  Maybe it was to test a race for survival in experience with the other races...a common trait for black and white magicians to excel in.  One is or should be cosmically aware of oneself before one is born into this world.  The naked truth is Dominance of the will is being inside the hive in nature where elementals are controlled.  A correct society is a masculine society, for instance the british would arbitrarily volunteer in experimentation against a harsh environment to test or sacrifice their body into the infinite decadence for the whole or collective, unwillingly.  The art of war is to choose of a way to die and play that through.  If the western military does not withdraw all of its forces from all of the continents, world war 3 will be inevitable.  Humanity, a blip in the cosmos.
    -The Death toll inflicted by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, actually an explosion of Karma collected from the past (hence to fight for your country will create bad karma in your next lives, to not fight or let your kind die will be worst) where as a theocracy is simply democratic, primitive or backwards.  The taurian race of aryan hindus (some of which are indo-european 'hunters' split off from two branches) against its jewish enemies are an infinite struggle of karmic will collected in this system, after gemini.  War in lower nature had to be sped up and created due to (because of) sinful (gained selfishness) humanity.  Strangely, whence economies prosper do they last for a short time or few years, such was the case between the world wars (hence the germanic economy made a total collapse or could not withstain itself without help from other countries).  Therefore what started on great islands of Africa (which have not progressed in fears of the collapse of older civilizations) were civilizations, the africans are indeed nationalistic or taught by an older wiser race or race(s).  Matriarchy is least advanced in society, unless governed by a pure 'Eve'.  Greeks look very Pakistani in arya form to us.  To change the old or already established for the new, this represents a false religion or government.  The most advanced society or government that has not arrived yet for the fifth race is a Meritocracy where significance in reading the aura is collectively useful.  This is the definition of an advanced civilization.  
    As for current 'history', American civilization will be destroyed by the Seventh Ray.  Proof of this is written in karmic law by its continuation (a clash of masculine and feminine energies) of the Roman Empire after the American Civil War.  The French revolution because of climate change, crop failure and deserts. The Prussians split from Saxony, evident in the German Civil War.  Carthage on fire (Egypt disappears whilst Greece burns, Rome falls and Moscow is exploited, overall Western Europe controlled).  France, a failed or finished experiment. The Crusades, created by Arabia, Nazi Germany a deception (Frankreich invents Germany through Family inbreeding or what is called 'Royal Blood'), a war of 'milchlingers' or halfbreeds aka non-jews or the growing population in europe.  Zion is an extension of the Catholic Roman Empire or its precursor counter-part the Biblical Israel. The Cosmic Adam is once again the scapegoat here, where sin is involved.   Rome is Latin.  Here briefly explains some of the crimes of government towards races and organisms.  The economic ones are policies not controlled therefore shared nature such as the rainforest die due to lack of conservation, preservation and protection, the crimes of war are not controlled therefore races die out such as the sir lankan race of ancient dwarves during its 30 year 'civil' war.  These asian-indians are a rare breed whom do not intermingle with other races, they are no more on earth, only the scyth may be able to regenerate their gene.  The Cancer sign must hate rebellion, whether it be through actions, acts or simple abuse of the body.  There may indeed be a 1000 year fourth reich upon the end of the world or pole-shift therefore time is great.  The fourth reich spells prophecy or end of the world where as Pakistan, Israel, United States and half of Europe eg Ukraine, england and germany/france yet not spain will go against these 3 massive global powers or countries of India, Russia and the asias (china, with cooperation from africa and latin america in fears of nuclear strikes) in a feud of muslims against buddhists or European union as a central hub against the sovjet asias.  The ukraine will invade the slavic powers and prevail. Turkey and Japan will also align themselves with the west or central Ukraine and Iran with the east.  In prophetic vision, the tribe of jeremiah represents juda, cain or the west whom goes up against elijah, abraham or the east.  Ukraine will betray the world or the east.  WW3 is inevitable if the centralized governments do not withdraw their forces from around the globe.  Higher races control the planet somehow, albeit in times of war or reconstruction, they do still safely play dice amongst the animals whom reside in their domain as if nothing has changed.  This is all suggested via economic cooperation.  If communism prevailed as a world empire or capital it would be located in finland.  The Black Magician's trait to exist or acknowledge such an existence as opposed to not wanting to is a mundane unsatisfactory one.
    **The waste of Mars, Europa and America in fact a part of a greater plan or experiment.  In actuality, overpopulation in a small land.  Cancer as Liberal/Nationalist, Capricorn Capitalist, Libra Communist, and Aries Socialist. The Spiral is revival of ancient spiritualism or evolution of the soul into the sun left behind.  Orion was a homeworld just like earth yet it crystallized.  It was a red planet, yet much larger than earth, which is why mars is likened by these beings.  It had the same physiology as earth.  The Anunnaki are from Orion.  They are primitive and always have been, however they use the zodiac as their tools or mastery of sorcery as opposed to the white magi of earth or the crystal entity which was once the moon, a star turned into a sea fairing fog-like sloped yet still continental planet.  They can basically use water or an unknown masculine source.  They are reason for the dinosaurs on other planets and come from the previous universe.  They do not use the lotus because are fully aware of its feminine intention which is to create life.  Their planet had no atmosphere yet could transfer a type of water form much more quickly than on earth.  They had oceans too, whom were always hostile but for the north and south equators.  Here we reveal life as a universal aspect and unknown cause within the microcosm.  There were 3 major bodies for life in our galaxy via Sirius, Orion, and Capella.  Now there are none.  A result of god prevailing over true evil, an organism being born or going through cycles of birth is actually dying.  They had two parent stars, and one fell upon creation.  Which once, again is the occultly equivalent to heaven and hell or a good and an evil side (Hell is infact a form of trickery or illusion in maya, whilst Heaven is infact a form of struggle or suffering to egolessness hence truth is heaven and lies or forgery is hell).  However one should not mistake earth as part of the hierarchy for it is less evolved than these three planets.  Gravity is just light actually, which is why u hear sound. Sound is the collision of light.  The giants are real and are an angel from another world whom lived over 1 billion years ago.  They gained high technology to go from one star to the next and had treaties, although they did not master the vacuum of space as like the Sirians could travel interstellarly.  Their mountain or sun was called Anar, taken from sanskrit eg if ours is hercules their super sun is Anar a star from the previous universe whom awakened, see also the mysterious connection to capricorn.  See also the dead bodies of Mizor and Alcor.  Mintaka and Alnitak, is a belt of orion whom represents arrested forces, fallen angels from the twin homeworlds. They became fallen angels or dead stars somehow through karma.  When a world is created a mountain is identified yet when it is destroyed it is of irrelevance to the spirit.  Their mountain was a sun, and did not identify with land or deserts, only with creation or dead light because light itself becomes a branch.  
    Taurus comes from the past universe directly through the gate of Orion to create karma or movement in life (esoterically it is Tau to Orion, all we know is orion is a dead body whom collapsed and sunk or the oldest form of a known super nova or taurian monad in this reality).  The constellation itself forms a primeval spiral of gas or separate body from our galaxy.  Once again, our known universe is in a cancerian monad, a dead monad or zodiacal sign alone can hold trillions of stars and galaxies, hence souls and super-souls as monads and galaxies therefore it is in the past yet unlike in science the stars are actually foreign bodies whom penetrate the monad as does a body and its organs have different parts, so do the zodiac.  The zodiac are simply the stars whom penetrated the cancerian monad through a gate or dimension if you will.  However, unlike in science they are not spheres (1 giant sphere in science i propose?!?) but leftover substance from spheres eg the milky way would be considered as inside a sphere, yet it is simply comprised of other heavenly spheres which arrived in the great past via the zodiac and are now located within the constellation of Cancer.  These spheres make up the personality and/or soul of a person.  However dust is a principle above light in the occult and all material things, especially so-called gods of illusion whom cast this illusion upon the world in human form..well..die eg a heart is infact the earth, and its blood is humanity yet zodiacally it is the animal kingdom which outweigh it 10-to-1.  They are 12 left-over spheres, not one which make up the universe.  No longer spheres but dead substance or left-over radiation hence Gemini turns into Cancer which mimicks the zodiac or a past christ child yet gemini as siva would be considered the christ child in the buddhic planes and the bramic signs as fathers.  Here we will reveal the nature of the cosmos and limit your very knowledge of the known universe.  It is Atom (negatively charged ion via electromagnetism or pulsars eg left over radiation from the past universe or gateway via the zodiac) to Ion (Hydrogen, electron or simply light) to Matter (dense elements such as water and carbon, or burnt waste in the universe which is heated to cool or has cooled).  An uncharged atom, negative particle or dead unit in science eg radiation. It turns into a hydrogen atom made via electricity or collision with another atom via a pulsar within an electromagnetic source.  Here we prove death is infact a principle of no rebirth where in fact there is no spirit but illusion and deception or manipulation of reality via foreign hypnosis of an enemy or being whom ridicules nature, this is how psychological warfare is played out for materialism in programmed situations.  The technology which scientists map is incomplete, the universe would be dense, the sphere would be dense light if it were mapped in its totality.  In actuality, our present time the occult proves the closest form of a monad are but galaxies spiraling into oblivion from the great day and an unknown.  Civilizations come and go with little evidence, the occult leaves no interpretations.  The zodiac acts as a virus or foreign body whom penetrates god.  The deadly aspects of the sephiroth in nature.
    -This cycle of the civilized world began with Sumaria.  The first old kingdoms and start of ancient Mesopotamia.  Humanity's split of species is the age of the sidereal zodiac, 5 million years.  The height of the fifth race will be of the Norwegians in enlarged Cranium capacity and structure. The now known world of 6 billion men.  Metal erodes into powder, material things can disappear, water destroys elements such as matter and hides land.  The first great deluge buddha lha witnessed is believed to have occurred on April 1st possibly for 7 weeks to months.  The earth's path is a steady one however it slowly rotates around the sun at an angle in the winter and summer solstice therefore the circle is not really evident yet perfect and lower nature as birth by simply heating the surface revealed.  Agartha is the underwater city off the coast of japan.  Heliopolis is the city of the sun, aka the tower of babel in the bible and baalbek in the real world.  The Winter solstice holds the longest day of the year with an average of 30 seconds longer, yet the occult still holds the fact that the earth travels in a perfect circle around our sun.  The spires of the middle-east are from the nara.   A world government city with classical architecture moved from Egypt to Persia to Greece and finally to Rome it seems eg the temple obelisks of Luxor are the tallest in the world and have their similarities to today's governments.  Older rounds are unknown.  Decadence remains on the top of the tower, like a well woven branch whom's tip is dried and eaten away by the sun.  Personality hints at your soul. As horus mentions, fish (man) must actually return to the sea evolutionarily speaking. Only the Christ sees the sivic pupil of the solar logos via capricorn.
    Previous civilizations existed are proof in Africa.  The Great Ziggurat of Abraham and the Eye, Old Nicosia, Hagar Qim, The temple to Jupiter Baalbak or Temple of Artemis, old Sarum in England, Carne Tor Abbes Giant or other hill figures, Tarxian, Montana Stonehenge, Petra in the desert Jordan, Peruvian crop circles, the Crescent Island Bridge, the Lion, ancient roads, Sungate in Puma Punku, Rapa, ancient Iti and Nan Madol ruins, Black Triangle, The Minotaur's palace a labyrinth in Crete, Sakkara and Gympie Pyramid, the Olgas, Noah's Ark or dozens of spiral minarets come from older civilizations.  Structures of Stonehenge are a booming metropolis city, remnance of the underground dark pyramid however is located in Alaska, remnance of an advanced civilization with material technology far beyond ours.  The unknown machines whom made Tiwanaku of which an earthquake shook to the ground or the temple cities of Herod built by Giants in Israel as well, Sacsayhuaman or Cuzco in Peru may have also been.  Arkhaim in Russia as the super-city of Aryan Troy.  The airstrips as identification.  Icarus as the lunar pyramids.  The Egyptians were initiates or an red race of initiate giants whom built the pyramids for higher races via a spiral network of tunnels and precise math.  The buried Virgoan or sidereal Leo's Parisian lands of troy are under Paris itself.  An older time has created Adam's bridge in India and Pyramids in the Canary islands and Antarctic cities and Tropical Solar observatories.  Underwater cities such as Dvaraka, home of Krishna, hold the Spear.  
    -Civilizations excelled in architecture once before, proof of its many declines.  The known sites of Stonehenge, Polynesian Islands and the Giza Pyramids are replicated many times. Ġgantija and Skorba on Malta are megalithic structures whom belong to Cromagnum giants which appeared in the bible.  The temples themselves speak of the Orinids whom conquered the human race and settled on the island after the flood.  The Sons of Anak are the first vikings or the true remembered sons of god.  Macro-cosmically they are remnance of the non-diminished human race.  They were Farmers and Warriors, both mimicking the Dorians of Crete or Doria and the Arya of the Ark in appearance.  Their civilization is from 850 thousand years ago to an 85k figure, however we speculate the gallic Dorians whom landed on an island next to theirs are diminished giants from Briton via the ice age 20000bc.  The Isle of the Sun is a volcano and isle in bolivia whom has crystal lakes of shear blue shallow waters similar to how coral is born, to show remnance of an aryan race in Chaupi Orca, an exact location to where Noah's civilization is truly from.  However the masters see the island itself as a port to where the ark lifted off.  The Maltese Giants are Saudi hybrids whom interbred with the jews in India.  Basically, the middle-east or fertile crescent and spain were jewish colonies which devolved into turkey, the largest and first integrated civilization on the planet.  This is how Europe was truly created.  The reason for their disputes are that they attempted a monarchy and failed, hence if humans were to conquer the globe they would do so via a monarchy which disputably did occur (and is currently the vestige of the saudi arabian empire).  They are from the German arabic race of giants in a time of 270k did they start to degenerate in form and die out.  They spoke German and only a small group was left that represented civilizations of today.  This presents us with a quandary, the scythian 2nd race pure blood germans may be in fact lying upon living in the great illusion or not using their ego but a divine intelligence.  The island of Malta itself is a civilization connected to Africa and its giant sites.  Humans whom had schools which spread to present races.  Seven pillars, six reside in the ocean in india.  Therefore the remnant of the tower of babel was destroyed by Mars.  Swept away in a great flood during a pole shift.  The tower itself was from advanced civilization, its remnants destroyed in 3127 bce, disintegrated completely or taken apart 1756bce to be exact. The seven pagodas, great temples or pillars are however destroyed by the sea which is proof of a great tsunami as a result of the pole-shift.  The written language or word must be fairly easy to reinvent, like a simple mathematic equation therefore simplified into symbology.  The Sumerians however are credited to giving the world the latin or Aramaic simplified language.  These are native now.  The Cyrillic and greek language are progress or complex and alien and asiatic.  Although Arabs had a Japanese culture once, they reverted back to Indian.  The Icelandic language is Arabic actually or directly from Asgard, a country which once inhabited states with great cities ranging through the baffin mountains.  The Caucus Scyths must have changed their language in asian via the alaskan straits into russia &back into europe.  The Asian languages the true remnants of the past.  Proof are the Japanese barbaric customs and manners are from a failed civilization.  Japan vowels turned Chinese or simplified if anything (see languages reference).  Although the most spoken language in the world is Asian (mandarin) and its race is the most native of earth.  Technology with culture as opposed to the perfected economy in capitalism to the Austrians, or Communism to the Russians. It is well-known the tail of atlantean lemuria is now in the corner of Brazil.  Here is some irrelevant facts of land creation and rise, the virginian north of america is actually a geological flat leveling step of ocean floor whom reveal mountains & will indeed soon rise from the ocean, which is watched since the beg of creation.  The synchronous rotation of the moons of our logos rotate on one side, usually in centrifugal force towards the center or away from it in one time.  The moon rotates with the earth or in the same direction as the earth.  However the moon does not rotate as a result of the venusian pole shift with the earth, it rotates now at an opposite direction than before or exoterically yet slightly ticks esoterically (is impregnable, or not exact upon a lunar month of 28 days (2.5x12 is 30, there is a 1 percent margin of error to attain 28 ie 2.4x12=28.8 or the zodiac is synchronous with the moon basically, whilst the earth is rotating counter-clockwise however the earth is too synchronous with the zodiac), in order for it to keep its female face this has to be so).  It stays on its side forever, from male to female until a new pole shift arrives.  Surviving Pole-shifts have the ability for higher races to maintain 'certain' advances in technology eg vibrational instruments, ufos etc whilst their cities crumbled, some are remade through these tools as an insignificant camps or small settlements.  The Pitris are known to reside within the dead cities of mankind.  Cities can be completely annihilated and dissolved within matter into dust. Total or complete maya is the immortal cities of Lord Shiva, a brief illusion which awakens to a catastrophic reality.  Significant man-made sites before or after Ancient History.
    *The Crusades, distortion of the great age, spiritual torment, lies of the word, or motion of god and religion, the dark ages of pisces.  Eviction of murderers, plagiarists and thieves.  Revelation of the child, non-existent heavenly beings or fervent religious followers within a societal structure.  Good intention to extend the Kingdoms of the Royal Saxonites (Polish-Lithuanians) turned bad due to an acceptance of God in order to spread Religion (civilization or what's called 'the civilized world') or to get rid of the old for the new.  A small event turning into Karma and Bloodshed.  The end of the lineage to Free Masonry, a betrayal of its secrets or a free masonic order.  The black lodge itself must be a new attempt to change permanent society.  A Brief note on exoteric evolution, history of race, lower nature or fungi is a curse from Atlantis.  Hyperborea is indeed a continent in western europe of the asiatic nords or first sea people is also a future asgard (see sixth race) far north connected to the asias.  Atlantia as a continent earlier, becomes or belongs to africa and asia as an extension of Hyperborea, racially speaking.  Lemuria as southern islands of india.  The black race is atlantean, arabic Indian master race lemurian and asian race hyperborean (connected to the second race), the asiatic russian plains racially speaking.  Albeit africa is considered the new hyperborea in our world, it is because they were cursed somehow.  Most Africans are the failed product of the evil egyptian dynasties repeating old mistakes.  They are infact the black magicians of this round whether they like it or not.  Whether Africa was left untouched, they are responsible for the downfall of a fifth race egypt and the dark masters whom side with materialism and social standing in which it established civilization in Europe and India before the caulks.  However, they do this for their ego because races were stepped upon.  European arabs are Samsonites (Samson as a giant of Gog or Russia) to Samaritans to Minoans (persian moors, sometimes confused with phoenicians) of this round.  Prevalence from the ego or Gemini in union with Aries upon the next Ice-age.  The Jews were right in Genesis, Africans are the ego of personality and the prevailer from sumerian civilization aka the giants whom migrated.  The once egyptian edomites are the closest link to daityan blood and the old red hindu race, yet they are jews of the race of moses or alien hindu arabic in origin now extinct.  Jews are still entering Europe to this day because of it.  Europe must indeed be african muslim before the medieval or catholic times.  Russia must be a part of Briton, in blood, race and culture.  The austrians are fanatics of jehovah therefore pay kin to the christ.  Its leaders preyed upon, a hidden occultly etheric meaning to the planet mars.
    The Sumerians were best known to be the hun though, not the hybrids of africa and europe (however africans settled in greece and italy before the turks) but the Arabs not affiliated directly with the Persian Caulks.  They established civilization in Peru as martian hybrids via the Maya in latin america, Europe, Sumeria and Egypt after the last atlantis fell.  A true test of good and evil via the lower races.  The Stone of Destiny is actually a golden chair of which a buddha sat via 1335 bce during the reign of Akhenaten.  It is told this fourth race buddha sat on the chair and kingdoms kneeled to his command, tyrants of egypt were over thrown upon his presence.  He is an unknown or unworldly caucasian figure connected to Sumeria and the Greeks (however was supposedly a masonic figure whom is told to have come from Scotland, yet she wore egyptian garb and was told to have time-traveled from ancient sumerian europe from an age before 12,000 bce).  On another interesting fact, Crete was Doria before Crete, an established atlantean base whom invaded the world.  The Gallic people, closest ancestors, genetically to the atlanteans or an older and more intelligent non-human race aka the Gauls are from this island, and that's how they spread their germ in this round.  However they lived primitively and in low numbers until recently (3123 is recent) due to the fact of there being a god (polar shifts on earth or a cold pure earth in general).  They came directly from the atlantean islands after the global flood actually, and created or gave secret knowledge to the celts etc.  They also defeated a large Roman legion (10-to-1 in Allia when colonized in europe) and created Rome through karma before the Greeks fought them in the trojan war, not only regenerating the seed of the vikings but the races of celts as well.  Establishing bases into Europe and Sumeria (middle eastern territory) by literally being the missing link to the master race or race of masters.  These were semi-giants linked to the age of Abraham.  Here is how they repopulated the globe before humans to finally die out.  Last residents of the Sumerian city of present-day Stonehenge had its name and place unknown by the world or lost forever in time.  Martians used high towers and the collection of wind for their power, they did not rely as much on elemental forces such as the sun (solar energy is the least powerful of all energy, where wind itself is a form of electricity or an electrical current). Lower nature makes a futile attempt to defeat the massive asian second hindi blind race (see thule or search for solomon's ring), yet the past is great.  
    -The Illuminati is weak black magic masonry.  A false New World Order, Secret Societies or a despotic government started in Bavaria.  The cause of woe or conflict unleashed, War and Conspiracy, it is fear preyed upon.  The true buddha would never be seen on earth by any man.  We are all God's Children therefore it is the death of the inner child.  Black magic is high vibration, material confidentiality, a realization of many clones, a young soul trying to obtain something or one trying to attain the soul spark.  Meditation is the ancient form of attainment of water or realization of the self in the massive expansive universe, however it is also the goal to attain a cleansed or clear conscious if be for a few seconds even.  An ancient form of entertainment or mesmerism and temporary establishment.  The truth is, one will never live under ones own star because that star is not their star, nor was it ever or will it ever be.  Magi or Magic must be something which never repeats itself even if it is an illusion, it is an awkward science.  Government control or awareness, so is the opposite of The White Magicians from the Rus (see white magic in HPB references) to even acknowledge it or its existence.
    *Peter Quotes, 'Man are as living Stones, A stone with 7 Egos.'   Basilides continues his work.  Basilides is a super-imposed god upon society with social standing, which makes him a chela if just a learner or knower at best.  Peter is hung or crucified upside down, this signifies the crux constellation upon Centaurus.  A temple is burned upon the obelisk near the holy sephulchre where christ is crucified.  Christ is deemed unfit or a forgery.  The third eye is cleansed via lack of the metal Mercury (algae, seaweed, wheat grass consumption) or how necromancy is truly taught.  To be deemed a true initiate which is why he represented the sign Aries of the 12 monads which christ made up as one of the 12 disciples or initiates.  Peter becomes a master.
    -Here is shown the Saints to their signs, each initiate must pass a planetary or universal movement reenacted by god.  Their comes a time, when little is not known about the universe.  This is why Aries is emphasized, easily studied and figured out in the occult, because of the adherence to the known universe as opposed to the true magical signs, it can reveal all about the individual and subject him or her otherwise to this truth.  The known world as a few souls, or small group, psychology is thus founded and learned.  Aries is easily tested and defeated.  Judas (mainly representing a buddhaic being turned christian) kisses Jesus, Pisces condemns the sun whilst under scorpio, stings it and puts it to death or so called meets it on the southern side.  Christ thus speaks, five stars will devour six, all creation and its creatures will be destroyed.  Here the sephiroth is interpreted, there are 11 planets on the map, however only 10 (malkuth is denoted) are present where Hod is missing in the eddas (Hod, Da'at and Malkuth are so far missing or destroyed..along with Asgard hence the fifth and sixth planets may be mars & earth).  The little relevance or speculation of Christianity with Atheism.  The great wheel turns.  Thus true knowledge, power, creation and control are revealed by he whom adheres to it.  'One moves ahead through him.'  War again emerges from its bloom, Mars enters its extremities and life perishes in Cancer.  Sagittarians are a type of species whom hath gained or obtained super-human powers in nature hence knowledge of long life.  The Persians must be globally sprung from the majority or height of the advanced fifth race germ. If the Capellans are a Jewish species from the north star of once Capella, they must have a super-conscious of genius unrivaled on earth going so far as to accidentally create all the religions of this day and age.  A small tribe of unearthly priests as druids in Northern Italy had created every single worldly religion, especially the catholic one.  Their previous earth was enormous and had a faint dawn, with a massive atmospheric sky that were told to make them invincible.  However, the light won, and a giant meteor via Gemini inside a cosmic wave destroyed their world.  It was created by a Comet whom crossed their system trillions of aeons ago, most worlds however are flat.  They used math as a form of calculus and language.  To them the earth was created 85 trillion years ago.  To our conscious only roughly 8 trillion via the brahmic mind (311 trillion human years or 8 billion via a human mind).  Two continents had great civilizations.  Unlike other civilizations, especially the earthly one, they were a materialistic peoples of herculean aspects.  They are aware of the zodiac and on their world it was a 10-star zodiac under the sephiroth (which btw still controls most of the solar spirit on earth today).  They are also aware of the 7 monads.  They mapped the zodiac on this world, and their planet was near hercules.  However, their planet hails from Sagitti and their species are capricorn or obtained its likeness via the cosmic plane.  Their northern star or fallen angel was Vega, not affiliated with this system as the scientists presume.  By the time of their arrival, the sun moved from Ursa major to Draco then Capella (speculated) and finally Thuban.  It is now in Polaris.  If one were to look at vega, they would see a ring of dust, this is the remnance of their homeworld.  They ended up nuking their world on both sides.  Here is why stars are fallen because in their far future, the matter of the solar logos is affiliated with that particular star.  Stars move and leave matter behind basically, yet the left behind matter moves into another orbit.  Parts of the earth, not all will move into the orbit of our fallen angel or star.  Fomalhaut will bring its (the sun's) matter into its orbit. The Capricornian age must be of a stream line earth, the atmosphere will probably carry the clouds into thin streams at great speeds.  Here when life is barren does the earth change its outer form and the lotus finally unfold.  The light of other worlds and their civilizations do not change or differ much even under other stars, except for during the dawn because a body only needs to be near an equator of the star for it to heat a planet correctly for life.  What does light do when it hits our sphere of influence?  It cools and turns blue otherwise it slows down from a really fast speed through the magnetic field (yet in space between galaxies light would travel slow, like water from a rare radiative or radioactive source.  All of Land will even appear the same under one globe, so to speak.  The 12 lords of light now follow mars.  The angels or aeons follow earth.
    **Agneyastra of 7 is a rocket in nature.  The Indonesian spike above Australia was decimated by the warm waters of the southern pacific into what you see as small islands whilst the under water plates turned to form a new being or world.  From afar, the sun mimics all the stars as a grain of sand floating in space.  The sivic aspect of this star is that it is indistinguishable from the rest, a diamond or grain of sand with no elemental energy or aura is the true reality of cosmic fire in space.  To gain cold depth is to unite with the dead.  Dead square formations upon the ocean floor as a result of mass matter and polar shift condensation with water.  An Ancient Atlantean weapon, parts of an asteroid still active off the coast of Florida and Japan or magic personified.  More powerful than any projectile.  Hence the globe is a useless body or cell, a temporary host or a vacuum of some sort.  'The older the weapon the more deadly.'  
     *Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Vulcan, and Neptune are considered Sacred.
  • The Solar body consists of Uranus as the head, Jupiter the muscle, Neptune the chest, Saturn the body, Sun the stomach, Mars the lower organs and Earth the newcomer or key to the heart. Sun is to turn into a nebula therefore it is spiraling through our galaxy, however the Pleiadien eighth or seventh sister is not the seed of our sun but hidden in deep space far beyond the realm of light itself of which bores Merope unseen as a mortal on earth, or death of a young star. Libra is this young soul therefore Taurus mimicks the movements of the god monkey, Haunaman in Virgo forever throughout time (he was a part of a human monkey species whom devolved into the golden langur under virgo). Therefore the true mother of Gemini is not the sivic son virgo or mother of the logos but taurus and aries as mother and father. Hercolubus, Nibiru or Herculeam did come into our solar logos in the past, but it was vulcan whom destroyed atlantean civilization. Herculeam is destined to arrive in the bhutan dates and be a major factor for the fifth-age creation and major pole shift. The sixth age will have another pole shift as well by a planet called hercules though one is not sure. Venus and The seventh-age. Planets or planetary paths have destined life-cycles and ages. Orion has a face or mask, if cancer is a quadrant of the galaxy, then we may say that god is a form of light, or a sphere as the black magicians propose, however he is not one light but many (dead space or left over radiation) and that one god they speak of is many gods from greater beings. When one can see previous worlds, other lifetimes, and create new ones. Then is the one god truly comprehended. The dead monads are the only true spheres broken apart from the previous universe, only the black magicians return. What you speak of is fohat (fomalhaut or the fallen angel) as god, a divine elastic atom with 7 other worldly principles. This god does not exist to an underdeveloped mind. It is false light and a false human god whom rebelled against the true god aka the christ or an unknown of the previous universe. The precession of the zodiac or what is known in science as the milankovitch cycles happen every 26 or 25 thousand years. The four leaf lotus is a 4 cycle movement which slowed down enormously, however this occurs every 26 thousand years. If they happened every 5000 years, we would notice a constant polar star change within a 100 year history. However this is just limitation of the human mind, for this may have occurred early on in its history when the earth moved faster or was created injunction with the moon. Every planet whom enters the logos forms a lotus leaf, whom speeds up creation for the creator yet moves slower or slows down. Early on in earth's history, it, our poles moved faster in the opposite direction. Your earth seems to be a great wound or a tear to us. The land is indeed torn. Zodiacally speaking through the non-human signs virgo does not arrive until the next system or age of which then it is considered mother of its daughter, gemini.
  • -The Kabalistic atom alone in religion is over 200 million years old, where the three triangles represent Sun Mercury Venus, Earth Mars Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus, Neptune where Pluto forms his own and the moon as the number six.  Therefore Jupiter is a planet of black magic.  The solar body on a perpendicular, ecliptic or horizontal plane as love-wisdom, the three triads of light to the chakra. The planets themselves are droplets of water (not visible) when compared to the sun and greater scheme.  The third initiation as a demonstration or scientific investigation of The cosmic angle and its systematic angle or exoteric incantation and analysis. The occult believes the arc of the heavens to be the zodiac or solar logoi (individually polarized germs in space mirrored by the etheric plane or subconscious atom) as opposed to the plane of the planetary logos.  It is possible in another system such as Sirius or the Pleiades before its birth, the moon was Uranus-like, therefore it is gas before water and finally mass eg the tidal theory.  The sun is huge to the planets and its temporary atomic cycle around it.  It will grow larger in the distant future.  The one divine god, here the halo in religion is true.  The halo is the rotation of the solar angel or moon around the earth whilst its companion the sun rotates vertically.  The galaxy mimics the alignment of the moon in space, eg the solar angel.  The Crown of thorns upon the jesus must represent the planets themselves in the traditional zodiacal or horizontal alignment atomically spreading out in its own axis aka the crown of the solar logos and regarded as such (and not a pupil but for the eye of a galactical center).  The pupil is the lotus itself..a perfect end to a perfected being of light.  Therefore the Christ truly is alien or descended from a great star (a distant alien system or deep cosmic entity whom of which of course had an alien genetic structure or atomic difference in body and soul via Capricorn) and had not arrived fully.  Jinn is sex, astral or lower microbial nature as form.  The Taurian sign has aspects of reincarnation or being seen in past lives.  Heaviness becomes light but for this initiate, lightness becomes heavy.  The sun is a star therefore stagnate.  However it rotates in four directions.  One fast rotation to the left (evry 28 days or month), one slow direction via the poles (evry 2k yrs), one direction in reverse via the poles towards the zodiac (origin of the reverse swasi, evry 26k years) and finally a path around our galaxy, currently going upwards.  If the planet of asgard of the pleiades whom was lost had a spirit in aquarius, then the masters would regard this planet's spirit as being in gemini and its star as a separate body in leo ie although all is under cancer, the spirit or foreign light of the stars are not, nor are they confined under brahma to reveal the true soul.  All these alignments are sideways to earth.  Gravity itself is simple magnetism on earth and space therefore not a factor in the occult.  Although good and evil exist, it should not or not be comprehended by young souls.  Jesus did not want this world.  It is said the sun will grow large before it goes extinct or turns into a cycling comet.  The Sun moves upwards in the deep south to an advanced being.  The planets represent a location of where It lines the heavens.
     *Aries Taurus Gemini Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius and Pisces are the cosmic Logoi or immediate gods of the Occultist.  Planets and stars are the proven ones.  For Instance on Earth's creation, Whilst the magnetic field clashed greatly once, it was the true origin of static lightning left behind.  The atmosphere was at oval shape with the rock, Now the atmosphere is at an upright angle to the rock, turning the rock.  Exoterically, Mercury shows the same face as the moon. The Sun is in the 7th age of 9, age of fire derived from the Mayans.  Osiris is now a dead star in Pegasus whom revolves around a jovian water planet.  Hence Seth brings Osiris therefore than tells of its presence or the star becomes future king.  A human is of its own species, nothing greater represents its finite or fragile form.  The insect is a shadow, so is it to higher beings whom hold the evolving germs of such races.  The pole-shift of kronus means the lunar maxim always enters in capricorn.  Taurus dominates Pisces.  Pisces does so Gemini via to a certain extent.  In the occult there must be no vertical position of the sun to a conscious.  If it were vertical you would be considered a god, here the illusion is revealed that the earth travels sidereal and appears distant or vertical yet is moving horizontally around the sun.  In a great height above the atmosphere it appears vertical though only because of the sidereal or tilted earth or as the eye of siva to the galaxy.  This galaxy must belong to cancer in its physical form, however it's soul belongs to a super-soul.  As well, the andromeda galaxy belongs to the libra-piscean cross north in space yet we much adhere to it (light) as a part of the zodiacs whom penetrates physical form (gives birth or creation).  The jewel of andromeda is purity as a pure host or the universe inside the feminine womb, amethyst as water, connected to the 7th ray (see also aries betrays its twin mate&dies doing so or the andromedan merger of the milky way with triangulum in its outer banks is formed).  Water is a material element, air is not (air is sin or filth, whilst water is an untimely cleanser), therefore to lift objects with one's mind would be a divine experience, to divide clouds would be practically impossible unless one is a master..or water is a beginner's tool for the masters&air is regarded as light water or a harder to control microcosmic substance.  Stars do not spin horizontally, but as a sphere.  Therefore man is not god but mistaken for the true tropical, a god.  Fohat or Fomalhaut is actually occultly a part of aquarius and not pisces as science states.  The moon will travel in this direction, it is presumed earth will fall in gemini.  Hypnotism or the third eye can be dangerous because its so undeveloped, it tricks the mind basically into thinking reality is not an illusion, or into where god truly has a son or lonely spirit on earth (this is false due to evolution, if man were god's son they would interpret things accurately, therefore the third eye is even greater than their knowledge of life of birth on this earth) where foul deeds are truly committed.  Buddhism must have been derived from a superior muslim religion or some type of advanced control of an ultimate reality.  Earth leaves god's imprint in time.
     ~Anthropomorphic Gods, glorified patriarchs, false pariahs, or gods of Pagans, traditionally Old Norse, Germanic and Greek myths, are fairy tales usually distorted as a lie for political gains eg Worship of Odd numbers except 7 which signifies the end.  Oceans expand and contract upon the great breath.  As do stars playfully fight for survival amidst the cosmic center of the milky way to see whom will last longest.  Juno means Jehova in the occult, or the word Jupiter as virgo.  It also means god, and represents the four-faced Brahmic deity as spirit upon matter.  The sophia christos or great spirit is not virgo nor is it cancer but yet libra or a blind being on earth in an unawakened state as the spark, monad or lotus.  As does the christ form in taurus, does it end in gemini or reform in cancer via the human signs.  However, it is not present or fully understood in Aquarius. The Chakra however represents the earth, or circle ie vishnu.  If the asians inherited the earth, we may assume the logoi itself is a form of sound for communication and not only entry of the soul to the infinite.  So we conclude Ahamsa (Ah-Ham-Sah) is Abraham,  that being whom says "I am he" or the four faced brahmic deity of a cosmic source.  The militants of this system are indeed jews.  The father Abraham is indubitably Gemini masquerading as a brahmic god where Enos, Enoch or Adam is an unknown deity and brother to Seth, Kenen or Cain in Hebrew (the ancient adami whom became impure in nature).  Israelites hate Baal for Sag defeats Cancer or wants to win against an unknown victor and extinct race aka Orion on earth.  Orion defeated the African subraces of the second and fourth in the past (see nuclear war in the indian region of pakistan).  Once again, we prove the germ spreads and is stopped.  Jews secretively must hate the Canaanites or Black races (off-shoots of the Aryans) for their karma they created.  However, their karma was sin within society and proves that war is less in number than societal karma of a species.  Their (the jews) mistake is to be like or follow the father (Orionids or buddhists turned pagan/moslem/christian), an entity of libra is the correct path.  The Arya (dakas and sakas) or white-tan lunar races are an extinct race of monadic beings, surpassing the greeks even in monadic appearance & likeness to the logoi.  One thing is evident, Light from Darkness is indeed Satan.  The Fallen angels are beings whom broke through the 7 circles (7 monads) and the word 'Elohim' means Aryan in Sanskrit where the mind is indeed adamic and the earth, a machine of invention.  The moon veils Uranus, it is believed the houses are associated with the ruling planets and the 12 great monads or consciousnesses. 
    The Chaldean book of numbers speak of Death, the archangel as the rings of Saturn.  Lucifer is the life-bringer.  The Hindu Age is Great. Metatron, the messenger angel.  The Chaldean Age precedes our Age as does its age the Atlantean One.  The age of Gold before Bronze hence the moon was indeed gold when entering this system and heated greatly.  The Great Hindus before the Chaldean age..The Atlantean civilization even before this, on Earth.  The true Kali-Yuga was about 432 thousand years long where the sun is changing direction or curving, the cause or intervention of earthquakes.  432 from the Hindu Year in 1887.  Krita 1,830 million.  The 14 Manus is 4 billion years old.  This alone is validity of the extent of Human civilization and its age.  The left path is humanity on earth as opposed to the godly, unreachable right and is susceptible to evolution and karma.  Humanity is nearly 2 billion years old on its planetary chain or by devolutionary life cycles.  A year to a life of Brahma (space and time or creation) consists of 3-311 trillion mortal years.  Cosmic evolution of the minerals only 300 million.  The Great breath or the Breath of Life.  Here we reveal that religion is 3 cosmic influences as solar objects on this world, the moon/earth (muslim), sun (christian) and Vulcan star (buddhistic).  The muslim religion is the oldest, aka decadence and an unknown.  Had Vulcan returned 36,000 years ago more than once to coil the solar system in chaos once more eg 20000 bce?   This is the time of Gemini, its number holds no significance besides the fact that it is an age of gemini.  The slow moving polar regions spin opposite of the equatorial ones which define the Zodiacal year of the spheres.
    The science of meditation and Oneness of consciousness.  Lunar light is never seen in reverse or upside as it should be, so to the mind, the effects of darkness is longer than light.  Days pass into night more quickly.  Atmosphere as the thin sheath of earth.  Pole-shifts are more susceptible to tilt in periodically colder ages becoming hot not due to magnetism.  This is where the occult comes in once again.   The ebb and flow are the moon's light hitting one side of the ocean, either atlantic or pacific in a given year and causing evaporation, hence el nena and la nena.  Where the moon's axel would cause it to dissipate into many fragments 'if' it rotated fast enough.  The occult's belief in two is a rarity, eg personality, our planet, space and time equates to two of the inexperienced aspirant.  Realization of the Great breath.  Hurricanes go the opposite way of which the galactic spiral travels (spins clockwise above the equator, counter-clockwise below it), do to resistance, for the earth is traveling at great speeds yet the cosmic wind or spirit in opposite direction is far greater a speed its traveling against.  Therefore the spiral appears to go to the left, yet travels to the right eg low level clouds are cold carbon, whilst the high atmosphere has warm currents of whiter and exotically formed clouds.  Therefore it is possible our Galaxy was born via Cancer or a Cancerian light star as its origin..via hercules afterwards.  Stars or light of it are memory which wielded the galaxy into shape.  Animal bones usually change into metal or contain metallic minerals of the earth, where only metal is left when great heat is applied.  How can the universe possibly go backwards?  This is simple, it can not yet we can be aware of its history.  The galactic equator aligned 1998-1999, however the earth tilted to a 13th zodiacal sign within the ring on 2012, unknowingly via tsunamis etc.  The solstice and equinox are important because they are the brama or so called god signs of the zodiac eg cancer, libra, cap, aries where the equator aligns with the sun.  The Occult as One.
    -The ancients knew of nine planets before science of where seven are significantly sited in the Vishnu Purana.  Seven is Vulcan Venus Mars Earth Mercury Jupiter and Saturn where Neptune represents future prophecy for the fifth (Mars was a temporary moon of Neptune, and complete cyclic moon of Vulcan way before Jupiter and Saturn entered their system.  Mars is native to Vulcan yet comes from the Pleaides then Orion way before Jupiter and Saturn.  Mars is told to arrive from Vulcan and to attach to Neptune).  Planet Mars, just a close body which recently appeared to man, whilst venus a bright 'red star' at the time when came close to ours to destroy the incan civilizations.  Three synthesizing planets for individualization are Uranus, Neptune and Saturn.  Venus will leave this system first when Mercury will have life and where it (venus) may very well be lost in the constellation capricorn.  Triangles of light where Saturn is center and Mercury of transmuted heavenly manas and Venus with Jupiter magnetically conjoined.  Mana is not only made of electricity or cosmic influences of the 4 elements (air/gas, water, earth, fire) but also earthly ones such as oil.  Europa is infact a moon of water and ice, with oceans under its ice, similar to the moon and earth which were both twins whom resembles an organism's testicles.  The ovaries are the earth and moon at a distance, and the testicles are its birth when contacted.  The egg also signififies the earth and moon as an egg upon contact.  It infact contains micro-organisms, because water infact acts like its own atmosphere much like air does.  Micro-organisms infact need no sun or catalyst to give life from fungus.  An alien conscious could do that.  They infact are or may be the sun.  However, the occult speculates life was given via bacteria or moneran (which is infact a mutated atomic germ or atom via radiation) which is abundant on all planets, even on mars via a host germ within the planetary core through elemental life giving qualities such as air or water, therefore jupiter's heat or ammonia acts as their sun.  The discoveries made by mankind are a lie.  If ammonia was the fate of the last pole shift, nitrous-oxide will be the fate of this upcoming one.  Saturn was once an larger egg shape with small rings and Jupiter with no stripes, etheric like dust after and before.  The blackhole mimics atomic light as well, which is where stars are born.  However, in the occult it is the buds of the lotus or non-moving stars.  The blackhole is infact an invisible vacuumless space with intense light, where occasionally a young star will move into its orbit and create its own black hole or vacuum.  Many small numbers of these vacuums or so-called 'meetings' where one star destroys another created the general relativity of light in science, however the blackhole itself is invisible or not really there, and the light non-moving.  This is how some beings are able to live without the body, in understanding this process of the universe.  Nibiru is a jupiter-like planet with four moons whom personify death (see the four horsemen of the apocalypse) or intervener of the four planets connected to taurus and aries as the number seven.  The Solar Ring around our system, is the Angelic Halo of light around initiates.  The sorcery of animals or the animal power and human strength is however available to all degrees of the animal that being said the tropical cycle of the zodiac is gained so slowly that 4 billion years ago capricorn began on dec 13th.  The sidereal is also the cause for the chaotic shift of the equinox eg every year the equinox changes its time zone randomly, the earth is rotating up and down, or is more let loose from the sun basically, like the moon is from the earth.  Stars are gates on fire of where none may pass.  The central core of a star does not move or rotate but cools therefore is regarded as invisible.  The atom, a cosmic principle of friction, the microcosm is in man or microbe of the logos.
    	*Spiritual division - Atom < Man < Higherself < Nonsacred (Earth) < Sacred (Venus) < Planetary Logos and Schemes  (The planets themselves are atoms to superior beings).  The seven great continents are the souls of the zodiac signs in the Hierarchy (ancient kumaras not on earth; 4 future lands will emerge to be the present kumaras of aries, tau, gem, pisc and possibly cancer) eg Capricorn North America, Aquarius South America, Libra Greenland, Sag Antarctica, Virgo Australia, Leo Africa, Scorpio Asia.  Continents are divisions of land.  There were so-called white cities of angelic beings whom floated on glowing spheres in the sky during the great past, in a deep microcosm of matter, occupied by higher races or sons of heaven and lost in time forever.  When the earth sinks its actually going left to right or realigning to form a cross from its straight one in prehistoric times.  Carbon or cold air hits usually the surface of earth late in the winter (under aquarius) therefore earth cools.  The mystic law of the lotus sutra as the universe is interesting.  The sun star moves through space silently without intervention.
    	**Spirit matter or Manas created the third or human race through the negative pole of Venus during Lemurian times. Synchronous vibration of negative substance such as Reflex action embodies past karma while positive ones create the body of death.  Aries is the true messiah, whilst pisces is the anti-christ and capricorn the savior, cancer/taurus a master or all are collectively as man's form achieved in nature.  ~Note: informing entities of a plane are raja-Lord such as Indra, Agni, Varuna, Kshiti.  Samyaza is the mongols of the nara race under gemini.  The position of the zodiac is simply the line of fire across the earth, therefore the oldest form of cosmic comprehension for it does not change as the earth's sidereal tilt, light or position does.  If the sacred mountain is Sumeru then the holy mountain is Meru or Everest in science.  The wind turbines are an ancient technology developed on mars.  The auroras must have been created by the Andromeda collision or creation of the present universe via the monads and zodiacal doors as are the Perseids. Each zodiacal cycle has an atmospheric or invisible north pointed towards (on a different point of) earth therefore the clouds whom turn in the atmosphere surely mimic the zodiac as well.  Earth has a north and its atmosphere has an invisible north.  The dangers of world glamor or the Jinn. The developing mind, form and entity is fire.
    *The human family divide from a primary trunk to smaller roots and branches where like when leaves fall are controlled by Karma.  Beware the Pantheists or Atheistic war against the fire devas for the sons of man do not comprehend this eg the german pantheons, gods and heroes were ashuras or demons themselves representing humanity or its race.  It is impossible to avoid lower nature, or devas of a lower kind which is the result of fires in reality of where Hylozoism is concerned or divine thought absolute Active contributors perceived by lower man is conceived.  Powers connected to The Use of lower devas from a past system against man at the mercy of the elements.  Incantations such as the calling of Water devas against Fire devas.  Black Magicians or devas of the shadows can utilize devas from all planes therefore manifesting god.  The link which utilizes evolution and bridges the kingdoms of antahkarana or conscious powers such as sub, self and super.  Rain is globular.  Marriage is sensation of the flesh with equal activation of the mind in contact with a foreign body, not elementarily but physically as a foreign invader in evolution to earth or one soul, basically.  If one departs from this activated cerebellum cortex, one is left in pain and agony unless its chakra is healed via meditation or an activated primal source on the globe.  The african knows of this earthly chakra as union with the animal body, for they retain ridges or a larger (more narrow) brain in their cranium.  Which is why virgins are regarded as pure in earthly history, not because they can sustain a species but because they have not activated the kundalini or red chakra of sensation or earthly pleasure in the spine where god truly does remain pure in isolation forever as an unknown.  Here also explains the true heart of eve as a pure being or astral image come to (left on) earth, in case of it being wrongly activated or prematurely awakened do to the misgivings of society or false mannerisms with a persons whom can not activate the chakra in union.  If it becomes reactivated materialistically, it only becomes sensation which leads to a faster death.  If Cain is Adam, Lilith is Eve where Cain's body does indeed become useless or non-adamic if abused or not improved.  The liliths of the world are unaware that it is being activated by one soul individual instead of many.  As does energy move does the body vibrate mechanically via spirit.  Emanation of an unconscious force through spirit-matter.
    *Black magic is made up of persecution, condemnation, dogmatism, and the astral based on the five senses, such as selfishness and egotism.  Stagnation, or not willing to move forward or being unprogressive.  Being a slave to the world or a shift.  Not willing to except the occult doctrine such as the closing of the fourth round.  We are remnants of the fourth or almost on the fifth round.  We are the fifth human race or remnants of the fifth race (mixtures of fifth race bodies with fourth and third race features).  This current fifth race will be shorter lasting and a good opportunity to take initiation.  To be polarized in the astral is to not realize these five senses.  The whole of politics as well.  Lower nature or the ego instigates or agitates sin.  Brigantia or Britannia (Britanium to the romans, the present day country of Briton to the viking sumerians) is older than previously thought. It is a city on the coast of spain but is known to initiates as stone henge prior to 12,000bce, more proof advanced civilization lurked upon unknown times most recently.   As did the Ethiopians reign in egypt recently prior 1300 bce, so did the viking sumerians reign in their time upon advanced culture and civilization.  The European spanish sea-sailing phoenicians must have mixed with the middle-eastern German race and conquered egypt recently or before the young souled fifth-race have even evolved.  The Tibetans must be egyptian and migrated from mideast-to west-to east again or returned to their original land of evolution.  The age of the soul.
    -All races are connected to the Atlanteans, from the Africans and Greeks to the Gallic French of Nordic and Central American countries.  
    	**The Most advanced planets in the logos are Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as nine planets total rotate our sun (cited in SD II and Isis Unveiled Book II).   Fanciful 'Evil' aliens of eden must have descended from the asiatic chinese race.  Mars must be Neptunian and Venus not. Once again, Apophis or thoth is Mercury, good turned into an evil god.  Mercury is told to become a part of the Libran star Sirius in the future as a Geminian entity.  Neptune, an adulteress of Saturn or Capricorn with Venus or Taurus is Arien or has Arien (Uranos) moons.  Uranus and Neptune were husband and wife, both Aries (brother and sister) whom used Jupiter or Sagittarius to defile lower nature (betrays gemini, good is defiled, siva revealed).  Gemini unites with Aries to reign in matter or the future system.  Basically, Aries finds a new mate Gemini, after Osiris (Capricorn) is tricked with Isis (venus and the moon) by Nephtys, sister or then twin of Aries.  Saturn (Osiris, father or Cronus) tries to marry himself (vulcan as taurus) and fails or is killed by Uranos (son) for betrayal with cause for creation of a feminine Zeus (Sag/Aqua or Aries veiling Sag).  The brother goes or ascends to heaven, his sister is left in hell.  Leo as Anubis or mankind as gemini is created and the Virgin Taurus is defeated.  Abraham (Gem) is disloyal with Sarah (Sag) by an Aries disguised as a Leo, daughter of Saturn, possesses it is aka Neptune not intervening but present.  The Heart Sinks.  Lilith is truly born.  Jupiter must be a shadow or spirit world of black magic to initiates.  The Saturn moon of Titan whom is on its way is lead for the cancerian personality of the future in this system.  It is titan, once moon of neptune and a moon whom mimicks earth, will probably become a moon of jupiter.  Titan is a ufo or a lakebed whom turns every 60,000 years as earth does every 26,000.  The race of brama is reinstituted amongst the cosmos.  If Libra is the sister of aries 18 million years ago, then pisces is the one in this fifth age of humanity.  The fact is venus is a temperate planet at 60 degrees far above its atmosphere.  The Sungod, Ra (father of Capricorn, Christ or true Aries) and Thoth (the heavenly gem male twin whom did not fall, is not human, or does not get killed, son of Cap/Os) do not intervene but watch as creation is told.  The Star of Orion is returning to its birthplace in Leo.  The human signs quickly enter and exit as elementals.  Mathematics as the law of the cosmos.  The greeks are so popular because they are a branch of the fifth race, however every human family stays with them in a branch for only 30,000 years.  The greeks are the fifth race, however the fifth race was around in its form 1million years ago and lived amongst the fourth race.  The sons of gaia (as the sun) are the dim light of uranus aka the seventh sun or secret to the center of the galaxy or key to the number 850.  The body mind soul is the brief awareness of the dna, geneii and matter to a cosmic principle.
    *The Rays create the Reverse Swastika. Where the Zodiac unmaterializes and corresponds with its solar counterpart (Ie Taurus with Pisces).  To see Constellations from Planets are invisible to scientists and their instruments due to close proximity and light, also our planets are etherically full of life, with our invisible and useless technics, techniques or instruments of space exploration.  To move forward is sacrifice.  We may hint here that radiation will be a major factor upon the extinction of life for the fourth round.  The 3 wise men must have been white magicians or initiates. Jehovah as Cancerian under the auspicious siva and other zodiacal decans.  In the fourth age, the planets were more colorful, now that they are cycling into the fifth they are losing their color, synchronicity and thickness or the petals of an atomic invisible and insignificant lotus in space widen.  The Aquarian Vaiśravaṇa is the aryan buddha of the saka peoples whom can manipulate reality and move planets.  He is likened to odin in Valhalla and is a purple-skinned alien entity.  It is he whom donned gold armor and commanded armies with thought in the great past during catastrophic changes.  The Greek myths and legends are told to unfold in thousands of years.  The swasi was propagated by the nazi party, it affiliated itself with unworldly spirit and the occult.  It was exoteically tilted towards the constellations of Aquarius-Leo, Tau-Pisces for reasons unknown, we may think possibly because of the alignment of leo with (leaping over) taurus under the sidereal age of pisces in its microevolutionary state or representing a past movement.  It truly means an exoteric movement of the sun or fast rotation of this star to the left of 28 days (see chart).  However, this is an algorithm. The reverse swazi represents a perfect 4 tailed milky way galaxy, whilst the swazi represents the backwards movement of that galaxy, therefore the 4 signs of the reverse swasi of the abrahamic empire.  Also different from the Yiddish, and Western Personality relations where 
      Planets show life, its creation simultaneous, such as when Taurus corresponds with Capricorn (Physical reality's seed spawning relation) in personality (see section below).  Taurians and infinite scorpio (Hades), or compatible Aquarius.  Capricorn, Libra's dominance, in admiration of Cancer (Legend of the hero Perseus) which subjugates itself to Aries; the lower astral form(s) of this sign is very much known in Pisces to say the least.  Gemini's adherence, Capricorn's detriment and Libra's armament.  Aquarian's jealousy towards intuitive Leo and such. Density in Aries, Awareness in Taurus etc. Whilst taurus acts as a mediator, Capricorn identifies, to some sense, the divine hierarchy of the cosmic plane as does aries chaotically not. The Personality wills the Soul. Druidic alchemy.  Hidden messages or the depth of the soul.  The Reverse Wheel and its opposite effects. eg  The Cancer-Capricorn cusp is a way to traverse between soulful planes windows and doors or incarnate by the pull of matter, or form life freely. Libra-Aries as equal Sag-Gemini as ready Pisces-Virgo as savior, Leo-Aquarius as superior Taurus-Scorpio as infinite etc.  Adam is cancer or sign of nature and white magic.  The dakini are consort to the bramic sakas and unknown extinct dakya or first arya to the precursor.  The Aesir are a race from other systems and other worlds not native to our own.  The Vanir (whom represent pisces, as the aesir do aquarius hence being the vanir race pisces is the most poetic of all the signs) however are of an old root or the old world of Malkuth (old earth) before arrival in this system, therefore they are considered a feminine race albeit with masculine traits eg the true origin of the greek race is a feminine penetrating germ whom turns masculine under false pretences ie there are tropical fish whom turn their organs from male to female in the oceans.  Some say the Vanir are specifically connected to the Libra sign and to even Fohat in some regard as the highest form of the astral.  The Aesir are not feminine, however they are of an older germ whom yet does not turn masculine or change sex so to speak (they are masc germs or some sort of ashura from atlantis to even other worlds of asgard).  The Cherib race of the 2nd ie the consort to malkuth as Yesod is infact a masc race whom denies femininity.  Both races of Aesir and Vanir must be alien, however we think the Vanir believe in two gods, whilst the aesir only one eg a star or zodiacal sign and a body compared to a body alone.  Da'at is infact this truth giver or a race of customs and culture.  Gemini is the most important sign.  Scorpio teaches us exhalation destroys thought or evil. Vulcan (Oph), Mercury (Gem), Saturn (Cap), Venus (Tau), Jupiter (Sag) and Uranus (Aries) as 7 sacred planets connected to the greater 7 constellations.  This is credible.
    Taurus, Libra and Capricorn are luciferian signs, the sign of Pisces is the savior one.  Sag becomes the savior in Pisces. There are many correlations such as Gemini in Libra, Taurus to Sag, Aries to Capricorn, the release of Virgo from Aquarius, Cancer in Leo, Leo in Scorpio, etc. for service towards the right direction. Sagittarians avoid the experimental approach.  Libra scars leo.  The Stars of the Great Bear are important because in Sanskrit they are connected to the zodiacal rays to give a valid comprehension of reality eg leo-sag-aquarius for next 50 years as of the year 2000.  Therefore a buddha cannot suffer by lower nature.  Life was around on the great bear as plants and bacterial before the moon germ until later.  Only 360 million years ago did it begin to develop.  7 is connected to Nibiru.  A hot jupiter planet not in our solar system left over by vulcan is infact Nemesis of Nibiru or twin star of Vulcan.  Nibiru must be a star in Orion's belt coming to our solar system yet the constellation hercules tells of its origin.  It may just have to do with the coming pole-shift in the 2061 or 2100 year estimates.  The 12 lords of light are 12 islands of the zodiac on this planet on the one land of the gobi (upon liquid form) which created life.  Twelve become One this creates Pangea or the northern continent of the Americas and Asia as a massive one which breaks up eventually.
    Hinduism tell us of the bursting sun, therefore it may be possible the sun will shard the earth with its fires before it freezes, the unbalanced nature of organisms adapting to their environment by the manmade warming of the ozone layer is therefore eliminated.  The earth changes (metamorphosis of scabs as true pole shifts) yet the body is to be in its place and time, a trifling fact of the extinction of its species due to man made intervention can be made cosmically by a 3% margin of error. If mankind affects the environment by warming and thinning of the atmosphere it is due to its nuclear explosions and misuse of jupiterian technology such as petroleum.  As well it effects the life of its oceans by incorrect disposal of recyclable needs upon the oceans.  A wormhole buffer or protective field.  Electricity, Solar and nuclear energy is the most effective use of environmentally free energy if it need not unbalance the veins and cut off the coils of nature (to destroy species and harm evolution which it has already done so).  The reason the center of galaxies are born light and not black holes is that collisions by the stars whom enter it are made.  The illusion is that when enough light enters a certain space or mass, an explosion occurs and a black hole is created.  It is intense heat and hydrogen which can not be undertaken by a deva or god, whom only a christ experienced.  Eventually the galaxy changes form and like in life, reality or the star's life-cycles move faster.  Dead stars reside there or giants of past stars eg Sag in Cancer or the incomprehensible outlook of Andromeda colliding with the Milky way after it explodes could be regarded as an end to the known universe.  Therefore space and time get vacuumed inside it.  So galaxies do not die to our limited conscious and reincarnation of the monad or the solar pitris is remotely considered.   Poison is to enter the earth from the galaxy.  Many worlds can be recreated in one galactical life-cycle.  When one is reborn it is regarded as pain.  Basically, the earth is so great, the antarctic ozone is the cause for pollution, it would take a collision with a jupiter size planet to redirect that cause.  It would take millions of atomic bombs in the course of thousands of years for an foreign entity, species or lower life-form to kill it.  Something tells me the lotus is infinite until a massive explosion similar to a nuclear one is created.  The result is an atomic release into the one spirit.
    The Unconscious begins passes thoroughly and naturally to a higher evolution or step to study natural law and communicate with the ego, lifetimes then turn into days.  He proceeds up the latter slowly.  The impression, or quick reaction is impression of the Lunar Lords.  Primitive knee jerk reaction based on suppression with Positive response.  Thoughtforms are persistent on desire and strength of desire (for instance the thoughtform of our solar system).  They are created on the mental plain, physically speaking.  The goal to creation etherically into the physical will not work in astral, mental and etheric levels.  Masters are apparently excelling in this ability.  For instance, man is at a time and place.  Its shell the earth gets smaller and smaller, being more susceptible to tilt, these are great spaces and long periods of times.  This is good for the Great Ones to progress the unprogressive.  Negativity of natures sweeps lower kingdoms aside.  Meditation upon the egoic brain daily helps the ego of the shadow man.  None can defeat siva, for siva sends a hair (ashura) to ravage or punish mankind into expediency.  Their karma is great so they must be made an example of no matter what the cause.  Libra must have been defeated by Leo somehow via Karma.  Capricorn is truly martyred or becomes a martyr for good or sacrifice, Aries will collide with virgo in the next universe.  Siva is also the master of thought control, whom is real and not.  It is to make an example to the human race as a sacrifice if a union shall succeed or lie.  In most cases, the example of the death of Sati means it lies.  The leader or father of the tribe is never truly identified.  Automatic and inevitable dynamic responses of the many races.
    The Word for the sign as a form of rulership in each house.  Pisces - Go Forth Aquarius - Desire Capricorn - Ambition Sagittarius - Scavenge Scorpio - Deception Virgo - Matter Leo - Existence Cancer - Isolation Gemini - Instability Taurus - Struggle Aries - Form.  The Great Day must equal synchronicity of the moons before a pole-shift or the tilted heavens after a pole shift.  Aries must be Uranus (father) and Neptune (mother) to higher nature at one time (before the pole-shift) whom briefly warred or skirmished with each other.  Uranus bores Neptune (father marries father aka a twin) and Gemini's evil brother (note the true son of cronus) is sent to be continuously killed on Earth.  Cronus wars with the heavens after a brief skirmish of the two, Nephtys and Ur (see the sumer cities). A long day of peace and sleep between Neptune and Uranus was made under Orion.  Dayus as initiation or the fourth kumara, gemini, is then revealed.  Anubis as Ophiuchus or the hidden god scorpio and gemini.  Ra must be aries, a future or brief krishna with siva or the sun's rays on earth however it is not the exoteric sun sign.  Leo as the sun, native or not foreign.  Sag as the Christ or Siva without contact with matter.  Saturn as a seasonal planet or invention of seasons was once god and is now imperfection or death cometh.  Jupiter becomes the first position over taking Saturn as the primary planet in front of the sun.  Mercury must have been a plutonian object, or 8th planet, after Venus became one with Saturn. Libra as good, heaven or the higher astral plane instead of lower (hence venus sends Mars, indra, a weapon to watch or scorn the earth of sin).  God (Venus in Jupiter) kills a masculine Mars as Orion (Cancer) gets shocked and Aquarius (or Sag) punishes evil.  Mercury is free.  Virgo mimics Vulcan or matter.  
    Matter as rare instead of reincarnating and permanent.  Higher nature and form is becomes in contact or goes extinct.  The forms die in a limited peace or rest with dharma.  The daughter of Saturn must be a whore or a prostitute whom hath represent lower nature itself, a feminine germ as male or female.  She is now consort to Uranus, before Saturn, and before that Jupiter eso reverse.  She will marry Neptune and Betray Jupiter (to return to gemini or Mercury) for forever it seems.  Either that or Uranus must have been feminine energy, a planet whom married Saturn a long time ago yet here it is Venus as an 8th planet that is Isis or consort of Cronus.  Neptune must have shared moons with Saturn somehow, Mercury must have been a planetary object and then moon of Neptune then Saturn.  Mercury must be the adulteress of Uranus with her consort Saturn.  Mercury was and now is or betrays one of the 7 brothers to awaken buddha.  Here arrives the dove messenger, white angel, our moon.  Their mother stays on earth or in hell in this system and 7 as feminine energy is revealed.  True good is androgyny, non-interference with creation or the one.  Neptune (wife of Uranus) betrays Uranus (son of cronus, father of the logos) for Saturn (whom bores mankind eg anubis), Uranus gets Jealous, the hero Horus as Jupiter comes and Isis as Venus is created.  The spirit of Uranos pursues the hero horus, the fish, Nekhan/Neptune on earth.  The whore sends signs or moons to Uranus.  However, like how Uranus can be depicted as Aquarian in some retrospect or spirit form, Horus or Neptune's spirit can be Scorpius or Cancer.  Horus itself is Piscean however, or the moon has Piscean traits under Cancer and past Scorpio (hence the moon is connected to the Gabriel signs).  The occultation of the moons of Uranus are Jewish.  Insignificant Actors of great events.  The Dangers of the human signs in creation at work.
    The tiny planet moves through the heavens in reverse order leaving the astral form behind (as fact in light and space, similar to a blue marshmallow wallowing in space). The planetary bodies move in an opposite direction of personality or aspects of the expansion in space.  It currently spins fairly faster than the alien moon rotates around it.  The pull of Sun's magnetic field, and push of light.  Sound is defined as of the logos.  Like a serpent eating its own tale, large quantities and of tons dust particles come and go via an invisible ring within the earth's path, which was more prominent in days of old.  Since the North Stars do not drastically change position over time, this tells us that the sun is moving away from it in the heavens once again in a loop, possibly away from the center of the galaxy and towards it very slowly.  In the end, the emotion of kindness prevails against all creatures of the animal kingdom.  This Hindu knowledge tells me the sun will not make a full path. 
    If the pole moves down and magnetic north moves up, the fifth age will most likely be of the same continent, pulling land masses up and creating a smaller american continent and south american island. This inturn will divert water onto africa to create a tectonic shift.  Basically, the true fifth age will look the same, except europe may be underwater and continents will shrink, and continue to do so in the sixth-age.  Matter will not collapse like it did before but turn upwards to form new mountain chains via a new water path.  As with the andes mountains can be created via shear force, land can rise and fall yet bacteria or the germ will always be present (until it crystallizes in the seventh age at least, see life-cycle of the moon for lunar crystallization of its shell and preservation of its continents and life).  If you notice that your earth looks like the fifth age already its because its becoming true, as time progresses the lands are turning into islands via water (see india connected to europe and the east coast).  South america will merge with california therefore california collapses completely (turns into an island).  The knowledge of your bibles and all you know of religion will disappear into infinite due to karma. The earth will not have drastic movements of the poles in its life cycle any longer due to its age eg south america was once the north pole.  Remnance of The belt of the earth during the second age will disappear completely.  We are in the late fourth-age therefore if the pole and magnetic pole moves, the globe will follow the magnetic pole, then re-align itself.  Imagine two poles, then imagine one following the other and finally circling around to create a new north star eg cepheus then cygnus as was thuban then polaris aligned.  Neptune and Mercury are planets of Mag hence they may represent the pisces sign occultly speaking.  Vega as the sixth-age star?  This much is known, If vega is the north star, capricorn would be in the east or southeast in the jewish homeworld.  The crustaceans of the earth mimic the crustaceans of the land.  One's soul is either cold or hot.  Venus is not the one responsible for the tilt of the planetary equators within the inner planets.  This scheme is great, its stellar position unheard of.
    -Possible theories excavate from saturn created by light, vulcan by ether (metal), earth and mars by dust (iron), uranus by gas, neptune by a dead star jupiter by darkness and so on.  Earth was a lonely planet, mars was moved by Uranus.  Oceanus as the Great River or land of water (water-world) encircling the earth.  Stars and planets see 4rth dimensionally.  They move at speeds far greater than the movement of man.  Their forces as well. It is probable. Before the Sidereal, the solar system's body and all the moons of the planets were tidally locked differently than the present, therefore moved faster and science is put into effect over spiritualism.  We see with distant light from dead stars.  There must have been a few@least 3 micro pole-shifts.  One during 36k via Vulcan, one during 3102 bce via the intrusion of Venus, and one from another dead planet via Mars and its floods around 900bc.  Now poleshifts are common around a few thousand years with their neighbors or inner planets.  This much is known, the earth will slow upon the next shift.  To be precise, 2087 must be a minor poleshift.  Proof is the recent micro earthquakes of Haiti, Sumatra and Japan.  There must be a direct affiliation between the african race, Thoth and Mars albeit not as much with Venus.  Vulcan is the companion star in science however it is long gone.  
    Only hidden dwarf planets following the sun remain.  During a devastation event eg 26 million years ago, stars cause friction in their orbits.  Hence Eris is considered beyond the ring of vulcan or not an actual planet of the nine.  If it is, it is a 10th planet beyond the known halo.  The star creates a spiral around a central point and atomically create dna via mass manipulation.  They orbit a central point and cause lots of devastation.  For instance, Chiron is a Centaur whom cycles passed the outer ring and beyond pluto...supposed to be released recently actually from Saturn itself (via the 1800s).  Once a moon of Saturn, it resides there beyond our sphere of influence.  Chiron is acredited to the sagittarius sign, and so is Centaurus itself for reasons known about the zodiac and its alignment since creation.  However when a star is born it does not rotate, nor do they when they travel as comets do.  A lotus must be outside the planetary influence or atomic light of the planets.  The african race of giants whom settled peru first and created the mayan civilization dates 2160 bce (sometimes mentioned around 2060 in older ref. here) as the mayan polar shift or great metamorphosis and 2087 via the bhutan date theory as 2012 in their calender of vulcan returning within the 36k year cycle.  2012 is called the complete realignment of the pole because of the 26 thousand year cycle of which the planet moves it self and messes up its magnetic field.  Fifth race Human life on earth has a mere 5 million to 1 billion more years.  The Herculeam Super-Sun will destroy the planets and represent the heavens or seven in nature, this pole-shift will be the worst ever for the sun will move in martian orbit.  This orion giant will literally move the planets, for its home was once vulcan.  Judging by the distance in nature, it will take millions of years for it to realign itself from an ice-age into the fifth world.  Venus will then outrace the earth.  God denotes your evolutionary stance.  This will be the ultimate cleansing of humanity.  To not confuse the reader, sidereal is not new, it is lower nature or the plane of ecliptic around the equator (once aligned upon creation) as opposed to aligned with the sun, whilst tropical is the equatorial cross however the sidereal is indeed changing unnoticeably eg tropical is alignment of the sun, sidereal the earth.  Proof of sidereal recent change or movement is the new sign Ophiuchus recently being rediscovered.  Vulcan brings a Jupiter from Pegasus, whom aligns itself under Hercules albeit the origin is still Orion.  Higher initiates may reveal the truth. 
    As is the logoi Aries god, Taurus god's will, Gemini god's collection, Sagittarius god's judgement, Capricorn god's feat, Aquarius god's power, Pisces god's death.  The limitations of the human signs, eg Cancerians are just cloaked degenerated forms of the non-human zodiac. Simply made as Aquarius the sign that never dies, or Sagittarius the truthful sign and so on.  Not only do we not have the third eye, but if we do our third eye is damaged.  That means no comprehension of reality correctly, static, and at times distortion.  However, even if we did have the third eye to manipulate reality as so correctly and control it, it would lack a comprehension or 'power' a greater being has eg a hawk has 20/20 vision.  As for our solar system, it is young compared to others (a branch of the youngest in the galaxy, hence the pleiades or outer-ring).  If Sagittarius is a galaxy whom degenerated into a sphere, scorpius is indeed a sphere.  The arms as Gemini to a powerful ashura or cosmic being.  Atlas carries the spiritual universe (Taurus or the voice, first sound) upon its shoulders.  It is not Taurus that weds Leo but Aries in actuality via the great past. The Orion herculean super-sun is an arien monad. Two monads (aries and tau) revolve around the christ (an atom), then come forth five others.  The light of scorpio changes movement or rapidly morphs time and space.  Exoteric Personal knowledge for study by Chelas (esoteric students).  The Centaur is Sagitti and past Cancer.  Jupiter must have been brought here via vulcan from pegasus and orion as well.  Sag is the god sign, however if virgo spawned from taurus it (sag) has spawned from virgo somehow.  The god sign has its own father, taurus is speculated to be the god sign on earth or in the vicinity of our solar logoi, however cancer is the area the galaxy it is in and aries is the cosmic god of brahma, with libra as control of a spirit.  Hence the atlanteans speak of stars that are colors in 3-dimensions from red to purple to blue to even white such as our own sun.  Of where magi is from.  It is said once, tethys is a moon of Uranus whom intermingled with Saturn long ago.  Enceladus, once moon of Uranus was an ice planet fertilized under Saturn, hence an oceanic world resides under its ice or its dead body is reborn.  Once again, we are barred from the prev. universe and even this one to a certain extent.  The Svabhavat is a conscious union of the soul/matter and spirit.
    	*Uranus, discovered by the ancients, was scared by Saturn resulting in a crooked orbit.  The father of Kronos is also the founder of chaos in a war still going on between Zeus, Prometheus, Jupiter and Saturn against the children of the blind.  The competitive forces therefore retreat.  Matter vs Spirit. The 'Great Urinator' or reason for the evolutionary arc. Uranus was a spirit of Aquarius, however it is likened to the god sign of ra or aries in matter (Basically, there is an occult theory that uranus is not fully arien, or yet belonged to aquarius for if a planet enters a system it must align itself with the pole of the star.  Here the personality or mundane is truly revealed via something that precedes the christ spirit even eg venus belongs to the logoi of libra early on yet transmutes into taurus, leo and finally capricorn).  Uranus infact travels faster than Neptune which is farther away.  In spirit it is Mars as personality.  Hence the spirit of Gemini remains to be earth.  Uranus itself is a 90 degree turn with a 60 degree axial tilt.
    Knowledge held in secrecy, in order to leave the physical into the Spiritual.  The body is a microcosmic photon, however the rays of light or cosmic radiation which hit the body are infinite and have immortal aspects.  Uranos is a dead body scarred by Saturn inside this system, however it has Aquarian qualities via the zodiacal alignment with Aries itself.  Uranos is killer of the holy spirit, namely that of Neptune whom turns a blind eye or is transmuted via the poles and equator to the signs Leo (as first place), Aries under its path and Leo-to-Pisces as the outer logoi in an axial tilt of 28 degrees to a polar tilt of 47 degrees where both resided on the same path once as twins.  It represents 10 or the death of a body and refertilization by Saturn.  There is no good and evil within Uranus.  Only Occult. 
    	**The 6th Ray (see above) will last on earth for the next 200 years until the 7th magical ray.   Phobos means fear therefore ares (mars) wills it to leave the system first ie no phobos means no fear or first to leave upon the next pole-shift.  Phobos is a rock whom entered the asteroid belt, yet it is speculated to come from Uranos and Neptune.  The fourth race being Aphrodite is mother of twins to Ares whom betrays him for Adam (adonai in Gemini or a future sun, unknown logoi or star) in a family tree where race or species becomes brother and sister.  Deimos however, comes from Saturn eg the relations of masc Aries to a feminine Capricorn.  This is the paths they return to.  Occultly both spring from the asteroid belt in origin or are told to become a moon under the venusian pass of 6000bce where Troy, the greatest war in all history of the planet took place for thousands of years unnoticed by lower-man.  The unintelligent Martians do not adhere to Aries or Uranus yet they do to Cancer for they lack complete evolution or fourth initiation let alone the adherence of the fifth race. 
    -This ray is blocked by the Cancerian Moon.  Of where the element of water came to being from this dead body, the first elemental race of moon-men (by that time, possibly bacterial upon the moon-colored race) into the second (ethereal) as well. Condensation of light drives the tides.  Sickness is to be possessed by elementals, to cure it requires strength and knowledge.  Magi, powers of the unknown and life after death would therefore be plausible (see Zoroasters).  The Moon must have rounded what is now eastern pacific and southern asia via a great dish and complete rotation of the tropical.  In truth, the planet does not need the moon to survive, for it does no function after fertilization for life to exist.  It does not in actuality control the rotation of the earth as some are convinced to believe because it is too small of a body and too far away.  If one force acts on another to coerce it's movements in any way, it must be within a distance and of equivalent heavy soleid matter or simply put, still alive or the atmosphere does what the earth is expected to do for stabilization.  What science teaches you is the moon rotates til this day, this infact is a lie.  For since the dawn of time it does so in intervals and face via male and female.  Only the female side is seen in its lunar cycle watching our globe.  The moon's evolution is much quicker than our evolution, proof is the land, when flooded creates a non-violent trigger or catalyst for heightened evolution and its senses.  Hyperboreans is another branch of the human race which devolved from the polar regions, a Germanic fourth race connected to the second which could control northern winds.
    -Rays from the logoi affect Earth differently at this time, Ie Cancer in Libra, for the next 50 years.  This is not to be confused with solar rays.  Rays from the 12 logos differ from the 7 Rays, affecting Earth's planetary scheme instead of the aura. Vitalization or appearance of the logos. The Manasic, Fourth and Egoic groups in union of the Septenate or solar cycle as pos to neg manifest appearance from older cycles. The struggle between them and the etheric and physical/dense fifth (3 groups of solar angels).  Sorcery is one whom gives the spirit possession of the 7 monads or returns the spirit to it.  The Pisces-Leo-Capricious soul signs excel in sorcery.  Brief Possession of the life of god against the Union of the Older Septenate.  7 is of the sacred non-human constellations, or the first zodiac stars before all else.  Capricorn defeats its son Gemini in its great past therefore a cosmic Gemini will retribute for karma.  The earth itself rotates via the sidereal or ecliptic slightly downwards yet travels upwards, this pseudo science is difficult at this time to locate because of the recent 26 degree increase or turn.  Aries to Gemini, Sagittarius through Pisces.  
    -The realization of corrupt matter is a dead one, therefore the Sun is alone in our solar system.  360 million years of age, only a few million do it inhabit the dust particles or greater spheres in its life cycles.  This is a brief interaction where a vision here lies.  Behold, the sun star trifles through the cosmos alone for the remainder time period.  The older age cycle is briefly envisioned here.  No planets inhabit it, death comes to it as a common star whom dies when it runs out of breath.  If it were not for the Sons of Jacob the royal blood line would have not existed or descended via 7000bce.  Lord siva is gemini whom consorts the mountain, mount sumeru of which the image of Sati his first and only wife lie after his betrayal on earth as Pisces or an archetype of the holyspirit.  It may also mean the union of great human races such as dravidian and turkish indian.  Germs are naturally created via the plant kingdom first whom then turn into animals from the plants themselves eg fungi.  The earth would be spiraling in the sun if not for the polar forces of magnetism within the great machine however a master witnesses it doing so therefore he does not come into contact with matter.  Here the masculinity of our solar system is truly revealed for where are the planets in this great vision of spirit? Mercury makes up the inner petals of the lotus to our solar logoi.  The elementals or failed ones are in control of lower-nature, which is infact to be young again or to remember feeling and importance (emotions).  If the zodiac does hold an archetype under a different star, it is sivic or lord of the dance eg an illusion or lie, however it may because the universe is so grand that one can defy god in this fashion yet all universes are infact the same with a different etheric goal.  And again, flowers can traverse the zodiac signs and die, yet be born of the zodiacal sign given.  The limitations of an initiate, a false spirit or egoism at work is to give and not receive.  As to race aligned to the chakra or ray it is the sephira with asgard as the fifth, and da'at as the third with malkuth as the fourth and sva'at/midgard as the second-third/seventh (binah as the first and neztah as the eighth, with gevurah as second and hokhmah in pisces as sixth with chesed as 4rth-5th or 2nd-5th and hod as 4rth-6th).  These are speculated forms of the rays ie leo is non-present in the sephir.  The light or star of a zodiac can enter the body of another, however this occurs upon creation see also the creation of the milky way galaxy.  The christ is the 8th, or the god on the highest pt with all the chakras aligned.  Midgard or middle earth is not regarded as heaven or hell (venus being the lowest form), but an aspect of heaven.  Once again magic is parliamentary tricks, christ powers of no resource and use or just elementary acts.
    Saturn controls the third race, the ruler of Karma in this system.  A world not yet born, there is no atmosphere or ether on this planet.  Saturn-Binah, the Great Cosmic Mother of all forms, is the godhead which represents North as the body of space and time, crown chakra or sephirothic tree, the hexagon is its northern head, orb or chakra.  It is responsible for the ice-ages. Pan is the ufo-like asteroid whom spans the rings of Saturn in search for error.  In truth, Mercury and Saturn lie in opposition or were opposed once before. Like Mars (a now dormant magnetic field, still active upon its surface) once was, its magnetic field is immense. 'One time Neptune and Uranus was on the side of the sun, where Saturn was center or a central force of movement for the planets.' Saturnians make up The thin line between good and evil. Note: Lower nature's problem is to see or seeing reality in more than one view where God is truly unknown.  Saturn of Jehovah represents Satan or a protector of lower nature therefore is dangerous and known as an evil planet (satan represents lower-nature or a being whom fell, ie defied god).  It is estimated Saturn alone must be 33 trillion years of age.  The largest solar body in our system.  A young gaseous planet in its life cycle from star to egg birth alone is infinite.  Saturn is probably est. around 33 billion years old (3 billion in this system alone) with its form(s).  The Cell becomes the egg, therefore Nature clones itself unconsciously with the astronomical nature via the environment.  Mars is worshiped by Saturn because of its lower nature prevailing over astronomical nature or the environment in germ form.  The eye of Saturn is scarred by Uranus, therefore no longer visible like the nucleus of the fish's egg bores the fish.  Cronus is the son of Uranus (sky) and father of Zeus (jupiter) therefore it castrates Uranus in the great past.  Saturn represents the numbers of 3, 4, 8 & 12.  It even holds 12 moons as its own system speculated to be greek gods of the zodiac itself.   273 earth days rotate under Taurus alone during its cycle around our sun, where each zodiacal date varies.  On the head of Saturn's calm celestia ocean is a red spot or open chakra which cycles its wind.  It is known as the great red eye because its color is vivid red.  Saturn holds 12 moons whom were 12 gods sent to tartarus as the solar logos in its own system.  Mercury caught the orbit of Saturn, it has to do with the number 8 as the 8th moon of saturn, a dead star whom once was in form of vulcan, gemini recognizes kronos basically.  Saturn has a new set of rings shaped only 1 million years ago or upon the formation in evolution of the human race from the simian form or body.  Hence the inner planets of gaseous and terrestrial globes rotate at a face, the outer planetoids do not ie the moon rotates, yet only rotates at a face instead of planetary like the earth and its sun.  Saturn in the occult is speculated to be from the alpha-centauri system in origin, our closest neighbor in terms of constellations.  It is ephemereal or ephereal therefore of ghostly or elemental spirit on earth from its great dead body.  Saturn is infact a 27 degree tilt in the great past turned into a 33 degree axial tilt.  The north star is guided by extra-terrestrials.
    The Sun is said to be the eye of Jupiter (see below). The science of the sun, our sun or sol is infact a purple star.  It is depicted as white to the hierarchy yet it has purple rays within the logoi.  The theory of relativity is infact confined or restricted to the milky way galaxy, therefore within the milky way galaxy the speed of light can not be broken, only away from it via plasma, faint heat, radiation or radioactive signals.  Due to its heliosphere or oxygen rich atmosphere, the sun travels at a different direction than it rotates.  Helios or the fix'd chariot appears yellow and orange from afar.  The sun is spinning North towards Leo-Virgo yet helically, which means its head is spinning forwards towards space, while we spin around its belly or equator.  One thing is known, its spinning up and to prove this we take the zodiac and level the milky way galaxy horizontally.  The earth has no influence upon the sun in the occult.  It does not spin with its equator helically.  The planets move in a chakra-like formation rather than a helical one.  It is helical yet, the are not aligned to its equator.  The earth and its planets spin horizontal with an invisible equator, the sun spins with the zodiac itself.  This is deep occult knowledge that even the best scientists have not surpassed (see diagram).  Scientists say the DNA helical pattern is correct, however it is simply a science taken from the way the moon moves or has arrived.  Hence the left hand path is hard to decipher, the sun turns right towards the zodiac every month, and its polar regions turn every 26,000 years.  Science mentions it may have a speed of 483,000 mph with 1.3 million mph.  However the occult believes there is a push and pull.  The atmosphere of the sun is a fog of light.  The true magnetic formation of the sun or heliosphere is far outside it in the form of a lotus.  However scientists may fail to comprehend that it moves sideways or vertically while the planets do not.  They even fail to realize it is still cycling tropically like the earth did thousands of years ago.  Its equator or belly is the rays whom heat the earth and outer planets.  Oxygen is noted as the lower atom.  The Sun cycles through 13 stars or zodiacs.  13 is a number before 7 upon creation, connected to Libra (28 days, 18m yrs ago to even 47 million ago in ancient times we had 13 months with 28 days in each month exactly).  13 is also the sidereal that showed up recently upon 2012 and 3102 bc and is currently once again in progress.  The great biblical alignment of this round from the kali was a mimicked or brief sidereal alignment from the great past which is why the jews hold it to such esteem, because they are sidereal or future sephirothitic beings ie a new breed not of this sun or earth in mind & body (esp because of venus) or so special as to be actually born on a different globe and living here instead of that perished world of light under capella which the greek semites held so dear once when they ruled the precursor round. They also breathed oxygen, obviously.  The planets move in a helical motion upwards, or simply put it will align for a speed around and within the galaxy.  All stars are red through a false color or dim-lit spectrum. Therefore the sun can not simply fall or be regarded as a falling angel because it is fixed horizontally and vertically.  However it does travel a little helically upwards and slowly which is as complicated as it gets.  The sixth age will come where the eye will be no more.  Jupiter is basically simply made to study as the all known science of our solar system.
    Eternal Spring, a mixture of hydrogen -1 something impossible to science, where hydrogen is mixed with an unknown element. 
    -Ammonia at the lowest boiling point, the liquid fire effect at pricesly 88 degrees.
    -A critical planet managing its own sun. A molecule compound not known to science. A combination of liquid and gas critically organized.
    -The foundation of which Pisces leads evolution. Jupiter is the Bringer of Egoic death and its vacuum acts as a protectorate of the earth. 'Hesoid founds the male Adam' therefore it will shrink like a condensed atom.  The buddha must be taking his source from a great breath, or realization of the breath of the sun, eg solar flares and sunspots increase and decrease every so and so years (dozen years).  It mimicks the Eye of Ra (Neptune) and Horus (also Neptune) under human form, hence it is the instigator of Karma.  It has one cyclopian eye, and another forms falsly through maya next to it in every direction through the zodiac.  The spots change through each cycle of the zodiac, or the belts simply learn how to navigate and form around the large eye.  However fast the clouds move, the matter is light or fog.  Taurus exoterically dominates Aries due to intervention by karma.  There are dozens of known galaxies in the constellation leo whom mimic the Milky way (m66, m65 etc. ironically located in the lion's intestines which makes sense in the occult, that the bigger one becomes the more destructive their spirit is, ie initiates are stars whilst non-initiates are galaxies or dead matter).  However, the etheric color of the lion's spheres alone are of a unique or godly nature in magi hence atla or atlantis was born of the 9 mothers of Heimdallr (see also 9 daughters of aegir) which in fact mean the sun and its 9 planets have microbial life under leo. However these 9 beings are stars in the Leo constellation which bore life on these globes within our logoi (9 stars make up the leo or the lion constellation from its dissension from ursa major itself where Urania, first wife, sister or granddaughter of aries watches its clone or Leo minor, injunction to how aries watches the great bear..originally known as Ra is infact mizor and alcor as the north star in aries, see charts).  Here is how the naga are born via neptunian spirits within the great oceanic depths of time.  The closest stars in the sun's old constellation, Regulus and Denebola is a perfect example.  If the soul exists, it would be in Leo, however material matter in this universe is Cancerian and should be regarded as such, temporary (eg capricorn is glamorized crystal light, Tau a material or structured star system with given quadrants or areas, Aries dim light etc is confined to the soul of a person or memory of a great past& the zodiacal stars inside our galaxy themselves, intruders whom penetrated cancer from each given logoi).  The milky way must be in the cancerian constellation as fact, not fiction and it must have collected dust from other logoi via unknown monadic collisions outside of it where reincarnation of one's self can truly be a fantastical or fabricated dream (the aspects of reincarnation however are true, it is what drives man to create under a greater being).  Your god truly is cooling.  This is how we know planetary races from afar, movements of hercules are rare however mirrored like how the moon wobbles and its planet the earth does as well around your sun.  Air is simply light water, when asteroids enter the atmosphere they light up a blue color as if day in a dark night.  Gaia as the krishna signs in the past to present.  The fact is that the same zodiac is present in different forms on other worlds and this is the true nature of buddhism.  In reality like the cricket, insects breath carbon through their skin, and humans are actually not in need of the appendix or digestive system. If Leo is Neptune, Pisces is Jupiter.  Saggiti holds a truth or sivic being as its center, not known to this galaxy or earthly plane of existence.  Since 2012 Jupiter was seen without its stripes, it is also tilted in the sidereal or no longer a tropical cross.  This much is known, proxima centauri and the southern cross is a constellation in gemini in the great past, therefore it and orion is the origin of jupiter.
     Realization of The true path of the ten directions is to move away from its source hence the 12 solar years in correspondence with the influence of the zodiac.  As in Legends, Zeus overthrows or overtakes his father Cronus whom then spirals out of control, merges with Neptune and scars Uranus.  God depopulates the earth via the Great Trojan War.  The planet of Dios becomes first planet in front of the sun, overtaking Saturn's position as first place.  Pisces is the youngest of the 12 monads.  Jupiter becomes a holder of matter in the occult.  It is matter with Spirit or white magic as illusion or not arriving yet. There were slaves in those days whom built good and evil.  They were sent by the seasons or the 12 star zodiac.  Seasons were heaven or heavenly beings.  Here reveals where Jupiter truly came from, a rogue system in orion, is destroyer of Alcor and Mizar whom also reside just above Earth in the great bear.  It was called Marduk and a cause for their destroyed homeworld.  Here proves birth or a unknown and unborn entity is violent in dead space or something not born yet.  It took billions (we presume it took 3-6 billion yrs to travel to our sun from the death of their planet, remember the earth as our earth and their earth is one trillion years old) of years for earth to arrive from these stars at the speed it was traveling (we consider factors of earth being in an outer heliosphere and traveling inwards, if the earth was traveling@67k mph it would take 38,000 yrs to reach proxima centuari; our nearest star).  There was a male and female earth, a heaven and hell, Alcor was the male aspect or hell and Mizar was the female companion or heaven.  Alcor is a masculine remnant of earth.  After their system vanished it was carried or drawn by vulcan to our own. To get here, it was flung by Proxima Centauri first though and hauled by jupiter.  The planet technically belongs to Proxima Centauri in the south.  Although it was born of Orion, It resided in the Gemini constellation when it was born as a planet or in birth phase.  It is the truth bringer.
    An occultly secret is taught here where saturnian prometheus represents lower nature, or the nature of a time after the magnetic pole-shift.  Hence Prometheus under virgo gives fire to mankind (war&weaponry to impose or depose of slavery).  The trick is to not be effected or part of the environment, for reasons of conquering the ultimate fear or the shear unknown in microcosmic nature. Australia is the bottom portion of two great lands once conjoined, a very long time ago.  Indonesia was the top now connected to asia broken in pieces it molded or formed indo-asia and the himas and resides in the same place today (see map).  Here we see nature as inverted, where fungi such as mushrooms were the tallest plant in the world once, hundreds of millions of years ago.  Well, actually it slid downwards from the pacific to form and then bulged out yet the indentations remain due to the weight of matter.  Deformation, distortion and illusion or just condensation of the land.  This is what truly makes land or swamps rise out of the ocean.  Neptune rotates around the sun in a slightly angled position.  Uranus is tipped on its side and Saturn at an angle as a dead body.  The pacific rim looks like earth or matter literally collapsed devastation under pressure or too much weight and folded.  There could have literally been dozens of Atlantis's but always only one atla.   Jesus himself is directly connected to Baalbek, the city of babel, a arya grecian city in the middle-east whom migrated from egypt and fell. A perfect example of what the power of a polar shift can do.  The nymph Callisto under Scorpio/ Capricorn of the alien arcadians was also a moon of vulcan.  However Nymphea is the isle of the nymphs which resided above adonis as america, it is land whom merged with greenland via mud.  Gemini protects or speaks for the seraph, the seraphim themselves must be mere jinn, an alien mind or a ufo.  The Seraphim or 'good ones' are burning angels or beings told to be left on earth.  If indra means bull it must be a union between taurus and scorpio on mars, however indra also means vishnu, so aries uses vishnu on earth somehow. Azazel or Azrael is condemned to earth by higher nature.
    *In definition from scripture, dust in space, or the earth was formed dense and cool.  Fragments from Venusian design, chaos implanted the seed by Venus, passes around jupiter's orbit and finds its path around the sun's magnetic field. Subjective to earlier, unknown or later objects such as Venus. The tundra of climate change. A sphere-like object finally forms of volcanic rock from nothing to hide the frozen seed, Earth, was aligned with the great bear and the sun, not Jupiter (therefore it must've moved faster, single celled organisms in life were on earth after the moon, whence it cooled, and younger in creation to the asteroid belt to finally have evolved slowly into bisexual ones where 350 million years shows that life does progress on land).  Finally, the ice from the planet cracks, the moon arrives and runs into the earth creating suitable environments at a faster rate than 6 hours.  Monera find its alien hosts later upon the virgin ocean.  With Realization of etheric Chaos and coincidence, The frozen seed is fertilized.   Black magic of or from the Great Bear may indeed exist and effect the form therefore it may possibly be used by egos whom indeed think they exist or are god.  Pressure creates heat, friction, movement and environment. 
    The heat draws the ocean in oval form to create an atmosphere.  And finally, the fire and air becomes a natural release, an environment for alien life.  A water molecule in space where air will be a destroying or deciding factor.  'The astral plane descends.'  The Earth vastly expanded or a skin was formed (hence earth before the moon as heat and then ice, afterwards as ocean).  Mars must have been colonized by martians.  The Lemuro-human is born and its kingdom of hermetic hill mounds turn into soulless cities.  If Peru were to be connected to Asia somehow, something tells us the seventh age or race resembles the second.  The cities or remnant structures on the moon must have been of a dead world, or previous planet.  The sidereal tells us Capricorn-Aquarius as tilted was not a full part of this world or logoi but other worlds (see the jewish star Capella and its vegan north star).  What scientists do not equate to in astronomy is simple.  Any object within the range of the moon will come hurdling down to earth, esp if it is an object of the southern pole.  The motion of Mars was atomic.
    -The Sun, "Rejected Son" condenses to a smaller size and expels heat which drew its "brothers"
    		(possibly collapsed stars that formed our planets) from afar.  A fixed star to the ancients which is more than 30 human years (trillions of years maybe 25 trillion since birth and only half a trillion since the creation of this system) of age (Its age a rarity because of its long lifespan as a comet yet the Earth is older).  We use the term lightly as a star upon a greater star (a collision with hercules creates a nebula), however the sun itself is only 33 billion years old (within it is 7 billion years of it being life barring and 12 billion for it to hold planets) yet younger than the earth.  Earth as Malkuth is so old as to its core to be comprised of many cores of dead stars.  Since the beginning of time did the center of the galaxy in Cancer move to its current location in Scorpio, yet the great monad was Cancerian in design and therefore resides in such a place, its youth is still in the night sky.  Therefore the position of the sun or its origin is orion of Hercules, via leo.  The black hole, or heart of the solar system is Cancerian though no longer.  The stars of Scorpio are born in it.  Awareness of a star, the heart pulses color then spurns spirit (wind or breath) via the astral plane.  If the zodiac moves, so does its stars therefore it is a map if anything at best rather than a power source.  Asteroids must not effect earth because they are simply not large enough and they go in a lotus pattern or are the true basis of the lotus sutra as a present time under polarization.  The Sun itself is permanently positioned in Leo, Rotating via Cancer-Aries-Capricorn-Libra through 12 cycles by night and day.  The star is from leo because of its position, when the super sun died, a giant star created the sun by crashing into a star from leo which formed an herculian nebula inside the galaxy.  The leo star itself is the nebula however it has herculean qualities.  To be more concise, its formation is via the herculean star which collided with a smaller star from Leo upon death.  A large nebula of a dead star creates a smaller one. The leo star itself is the leo stars and remnance of its constellation which formed from the herculean nebula however it has herculean qualities around our galaxy.  Basically, the herculean nebula creates a smaller nebula with stars from orion and leo which merge or have merged through a collision or chain reaction event.  Therefore the star from Leo is not completely Orion in origin but of Ursa Major.  The galaxies themselves are on the leg and intestines of the lion, therefore the lion 'stands on the sun'.  Its alien mother is Leo and father Orion.  The consciousness is so large as to know exactly how long it would take for a soul to travel but a few seconds through the universe from a nebula would equate to millions if not billions of years. Our sun is like a great soul around silent flies or small bodies of light navigating in silence.  Made up of Helium, 'Helios drags its chariot across the sky'
                   *Remember This, The Sun was a zig-zag star or on a destined 'fish' path formation.  Any star is The Wanderer or Wandering Star, a sphere of light similar to reflection of a soul.  It is of Importance.  Stars are complex, not only do they rotate via the equator and slowly via the pole, they tick or turn via the path.  So as it spins rapidly navigating around our galaxy via the equator, it also ticks in the opposite direction to make a full rotation via a silent path presumably every 26k years (2k year tick).  If the sun got to its fixed position it was in today it must have traveled much faster upon a greater time where stars were all moving across the intergalactical center. To do this it went the speed of light and stopped.  It is unlike other stars whom were fixed because speed is gained when driven away from the center.  Now it is fixed, therefore we may presume Vulcan is the cause for planetary creation and disturbance in this star, the sun.  Vulcan must have originated from Pegasus and moved or flew south pointed towards hydra to enter the sun's orbit.  The Phoenix or fire denotes or demeans the diamond.  Osiris is a dead king or star in Pegasus as well. When a star comes close to another star one or the other die and heat escape.  It turns into a comet born entity and finally a planet or planetary core.  Its 'son' was to visit their mother and father.  Therefore Mercury is connected to Sirius and not Vulcan. The closest planetary bodies in the zodiac lie in Aquarius, Aries, Cancer, Gemini, Leo and Taurus.  The birth of Planets in our solar system correspond to the personality zodiac.  Plasmic fire (liquid fire known as cosmic fire) is thermal atomic forces of electromagnetism (the great ocean of cycling magnetic plasma).  The Sun is from Leo opposite of Taurus in the Alcyone Spiral therefore imposing its will upon us (opposing its will upon it). The 12 rays where the first is Mahadeva, a destructive force where 2/5th of humanity perish and the Knowers accept and understand, the 3rd represents man as spirit of the planet and 7 planes in the cosmos are rotary poles and spheres.  Iced rock can not form spheres in space, nor can create life.  Pulsars are dead or left-over radiation in space, they are the only known source that can exceed light in the universe.  Pulsars are so greatly magnetized in the vacuum of space they limit the conscious, magic and all of reality in the known universe.  They are called Ions, as opposed to hydrogen from where light is derived.  Ions are not as fast as light unless activated by a heavenly source, like a previous universe. The sun from a zodiacal consciousness will appear going differently then from a christ-like one.  The christ must have known the sun appears to go to the left of the center of our milky way galaxy every 28 days as a quick sivic rotation or fairly quickly and to the right as a slow internal rotation around the center which its aura or body is also moving to the left if aligned as the fixed star whom navigated to its current posi.  It is for them To build forms and create the developed machines of the electrical atmosphere in order to heal the physical body.
    Krishna as the yellow rays, it is the color of light from stars.  All stars are white.  The illusion is that the ray expels onto a plane dimly or invisibly on the upper atmosphere and the lens reflects or mirrors color.  The color of light is seen as phosphorous, fire or gas aka condensed light by the sun therefore color is the reflection of light.  Occultly, siva has no relation to vishnu, only brahma, cosmically as well.  The sun is part of two out of three solar systems or in the second phase of within the 7 star lotus.  Venus must have had life because of its own high carbon levels.  A bramic being must be in some sort of process of decay or death if alive.  Libra must somehow control scorpius on this veiny body of rivers we call earth.  Cancer deters Sag.  The earth is sinking from left-to-right or right-to-left in personality.  Some say the sun may be dying, although this may be true and it moves fast through space and expels heat more than a normal star due to its collision, a star is much greater than thought therefore if it is dying it will be reborn via a christ or the one spirit.  Smoke travels slowly from a nebula in the infinite cosmos to give you mind and quickly in the lower oxidized planes yet monads alone are many lifetimes from a beautiful being whom's mind is much greater than yours and the body, a clone. The son is the mother, because Leo is injunction with orion it must be the product of creation, like how taurus-scorpio is infinite, leo is the son of aries (a birth of the prev universe? may not be true), cosmically speaking.  Aries must have created Leo somehow through a monad in space because the galaxies in leo are all centered in one position (it is stated capricorn is the son of aries, however capricorn is non-human or from the prev universe therefore left as an unknown).  Therefore this much is known, it is a product of Ursa Major & Orion or galaxies as star dust or particles of monads.  This can only mean one thing, a giant explosion occurred there, and monadic stars became cooled galaxies.  There also shows significance of a divine end.  This much is known, it always wins.  However, it is Taurus or a past mother whom helps or guides through purity or initiation, Leo is something of the next solar system apparently, yet speculated to be destroyed in this universe.  Aries is an unknown or dead matter whom moves first, however Leo (cap and pisces) is a starter of war where first becomes truth, or a powerful ashura or a loser figure.  It is in fact an unknown where first returns after a long journey of forgetfulness. Organically we are all the same in the zodiac, humanistically or non-human.
    -Neptune is an alien star system not of this solar system.  Nowhere does it connect with the sacred planets as the others do.  Known to the ancients as a planet of death, is a holder of the sixth ray energy or sixth principle and perfection.  It deals with a silent or hidden psychic cause.  Orion may have been its origin, this is much speculated for it was its own solar system.  A hidden occult meaning, aries represents ketu whom brings its souls to the underworld or south (Rahu or Neptune via Cancer's house in Leo eg silence and lack of vibrations, gray matter or lower nature as the milky way galaxy).  A personification of death, therefore esoterically scorpio admires aries, exo or personality (in the animal plane or kingdom) wise it does not.  Rahu sends its own version of judgement.  Note: the capricornian ocean world regards the sixth ray as bad or something we must transcend.  Rama conquers the Demon Varuna aka Neptune.  Horus under pisces may as well be regarded as a future neptune albeit horus is Ra hence Amun Ra.  Horus and Isis in legends are either Scorpio-pisces, or Pisces-scorpio, however the occult states Isis as Tau whom betroves Osiris with the Set-Osiris feud similar to that of Hera against Hercules.  Only initiates may further elaborate upon this order.  Therefore the sign of Pisces is Jupiter or Anubis currently, a sivic entity named after the sea peoples or soon will be.  The key to the cross is Saturn must have merged with neptune before it ran into uranus somehow.  Saturn must have hit Neptune first, giving the reader intuition that neptune was indeed a second planet and not a first one once.  Basically Neptune must have moved back in the so-called war of the heavens.  Neptune has two eyes, like the dragon eye on titan.  It's one dragon eye lies in the south, whilst the other does not.  Earth clouds even conquer its neptunian moons such as Triton in dream, however it is jupiter which is cloud-like in formation to earth.  Uranus, out of jealousy ran (got in the way of) into Saturn becoming one with it (alongside it eg 5th planet saturn, 6th planet would be neptune!?!).  Clouds are technically a consciousness or awakened conscious.  If the World is truly over-populated war must have ended and civilization finished where what is known is accepted.  Neptune is told to have drowned the 7 dwipas via psychic thought.  This was told to be the true hidden cause of the global flood it seems fairly recently at around 11k bc.  One thing is known, the moon is now of a female face hence the fifth age will be a feminine one.  Neptune's moon(s) now travel in the opposite direction or to and fro, evidence of a great catastrophe.
    		-scientific law is interdependent on the Sun which in turn is interdependent on another star.  We are just shadows of the logos of a higher superior being.  The Sun was diffused in space, like all primordial matter, in a nebulous condition or from the same nebula.  It revolves around a sphere or spherical cycle opposite of its rotation in the north much like the earth does, and is regarded as the same (see the 26k tropical cycles where matter collapses a little without help from matter outside our solar logos).  Aditi is adami or atomic unit in science.  Basically it is or was going or turning in opposite order from the spiraling galaxy.  A similarity is that of what the planets do.  Rotate in an opposite direction yet moves forward or to the left.  Planets are stars which quickly die out from similar-like nebulas.  The direction of the center of the Galaxy as the Pleiades and its zodiacal opposite in Scorpio.  The turning of Saturn is present at this time, where its largeness is becoming more evident, condensing with similarities to Jupiter, where the slippery planet is growing.  If one were to turn the invisible S like a swing from the indian ocean tectonic plate to the present pacific one, it would fit perfectly, something (vulcan) deformed the earth's lower side completely, the power of a star passing the planet and greatest pole-shift ever witnessed was the third pole-shift from the second age 18 m yrs ago (1st ps 306m ice sheets collapsed&melted due to moon, 2nd 47m-18m vulcan passes causing saturn to feud against the planets, 3rd 18m yrs ago saturn tilts or its orbit changes into an atomic state causing massive storms, earth too tilts in a process which took 18 million years, 4rth 85k mercury&inner-planets pass due to jupiter cycling our inner planets whom were outer planets such as venus and mercury, the rains of neptune cause a global flood it seems, 5th age onwards not happened yet, told to be nemesis/nibiru and the 4 horsemen hence the ages of entropy speed up whence matter and gas is released from the earth).  Galaxies are born when they die, hence if they die they turn into nebulas (not black holes, Nebulas are infact dead stars or bodies of dead stars, eg collisions or gas that blocks off light, never near the center yet as random events away from the center...hence if a star collided near the center a chain reaction of some sort would occur therefore it can not do to a strong magnetic repulsion by that star) whom give birth to stars (dwarf stars) ie a universal change may actually be the same! Only during Ragnorok will stars change into black holes or light into great speeds. Stars simply can not die within a so called black hole, the science and the occult states they can possibly die indirectly away from the center.  Hence only the star or a sphere can change into a black hole, and even then...the quasars which are black holes from the previous universe still remain as spheres of intense light where its monad is unreachable light (a vacuum is a drawing of energy in space to its center, however it technically can not destroy or make mass disappear into another reality etc, what happens is the light moves so quickly as to create a vacuum, which creates a collision...and the thought of creation is repeated once more, or there truly is no end).  Here the most accurate descrip may be given.  Lower-Nature must have not been deformed before the pole-shift or under the sidereal.  
    Ursa Major and Capricorn mimic Orion's belt, therefore no longer visible in its exact position as of 2007-08 (Ursa Major is Orion's belt in the north sky).  Orion's belt was no longer visible a few years ago when one went to the equator now it is very visible.  The earth is a ball of energy whom never dies however it will run out of energy eventually and simply changes form instead of dies.  The deformation of land cracks as rivers tells us this.  The skin of the earth must have slipped somehow.  Something tells us the asteroid belt was formed via Jupiter therefore Marduk, Nibiru or planet X (remnants of the orion world) reside in its path or labyrinth.  The scheme is great so we may presume, Jupiter's pass from Vulcan caused planets to crash into the sun.  The Orion homeworld, now called earth, which came from the great bear itself broke up into fragments to create the asteroid belt.  Something pushed it into the sun.  This something must have been Jupiter flinging rock from its body.  A second and third world is born.  Rock breaks apart.  Remnance of the previous planet earth are located in the asteroid belt.  Only a piece of it formed by liquid magma made the earth.  When rock sinks it can come from other worlds, and even other galaxies however it follows a path or spiral of collision. Therefore Vulcan once again, forms the outer-ring via a crash, pass or skim by light of the two systems. The cause for creation of lower-nature was indeed Jupiter.  The planet of earth itself came from the great bear as rock or an asteroid belt of a dead solar logos.  The collision the conspiracists make are two planets in another solar logos and under another sun.  It is dubbed the 'son' of the master (Alkaid) or Mizar and Alcor (brother and sister) of tgb rock.  A female and male sun of orion or the great bear located within the heart of our own galaxy.  Mizar is infact the rider, and alcor the horse (.04 light-years apart).  Near your system lies Proximi Centauri (4.24 light-years apart) whom hosts an oxygenated world with very little life, yet bacteria life is indeed found on this world of light-oxygen under gemini.  Where as on Mars it is not.  Here we see why these masculine planets are aligned in solitude and why the masculine outweighs the feminine gene.  The feminine is the universal atom, the masc an unknown.  The taurus sign achieves immortality or polarization of the zodiac via an awareness of the magnetic field as the lotus.  This is why the Cancer sign fails or proof that the form fails or goes extinct through the germination process because nothing foreign enters or exits the earth without failure or a greater christ form or that which is old becomes new again (or the experienced become unexperienced eg libra defeats taurus) albeit briefly.  Astral plane (water and technology) simply mean emotion and the clouds in form of spirit whom descend on earth are in fact the dead body of greater beings.  The elemental or central light must be atomic.  This proves a true center may be unknown, connected to or far greater in the galactic spiral.
    	-Astronomy tells us stars live and die, this is a lie.  Sacred planets such as jupiter and saturn are fourth dimensional. Death is an anomaly.  Our solar system is spiraling or weaving our planets through space at thousands of miles an hour.  If light is sound there must be some form of chaos magic which the black and white magicians use.  They must reign from even further than atlantis in the occult, good and evil must reign from the days or worlds of Orion and its great past.  Ursa Major are great leaps or steps of Siva or a god from a previous system to the present one.  It does not live in matter but resides far above it and skips our system completely.  Therefore Capella is known as the window or widow to Capricorn or a powerful empty space.  Vega is in the south. This is why ursa major is not directly connected to matter.  Superclusters in our galaxy are dead stars of great monads from the zodiac and other constellations or greater beings not of this system therefore the consciousness is realized via the alignment and trajectory of these great forms of light. Galaxies and superclusters are outside this system, This is why stars belong to a certain zodiac.  Stars can also be infinite times larger or smaller (electron light particles which vibrate at a certain tone or speed hence soul essence on the buddhic plane of where the ego is derived) and are more advanced then some planets.  They merely exist as Monads or Pitras of which 7 holy spirits created the race by descending from the heavens. The interesting thing about the zodiac is that the holy spirit takes exactly 24 hours or a day before it begins to transcend from the sky.  Therefore the matter or ether when someone is born in conscious is much slower to descend than light, which is precise and instantaneous eg if light of the equinox hits march 23rd, the ether will have started to descend from the sky, 'heaven' or sky god exactly 24 hours before it because it is much slower moving through space and it is fixed from a movement which occurred a long time ago with the equinox as opposed to the solar light or pitris of heaven.  Light of the closest star from the zodiac, lunar light or ether basically, is so far away that it reaches our earth around a cycle of a few hours via the planetary logoi (8 min from our sun to a few hours from entering pluto) or the vacuum before a session begins.  It jumps from planet to planet, or arrives from our planets first, this is how consciousnesses is made (solar light is the soul, lunar light is the spirit; see natal charts).  We or our own galaxy has had more than one black hole (scorpio and cancer), a giant star creates a black hole, and two stars can easily create a vacuum.  Energy is unactivated hydrogen particles.  If hydrogen were not activated one would get electricity.  Even our solar system has created a minor or small atomic black hole hence DNA and genetics.
    	**Hierarchy is the outerlayer, Shamballa is the core.  Of where Elementary spirits reside.  Sometimes to take possession of one being with weak defenses, the key is not to make it reality.  Hence, comprehension of Siva.  Orion holds Taurus, becomes cosmic judge of humanity (our soul) and present destroyer of lower nature.  The devil goes back to his own house to discover noone there (sin), therefore the ego (sorcery) is discovered by the atlanteans to mark their demise. The mark of the age of the five-foot tall beings. The sun makes a slow voyage through the milky way, its position changes noticeably every few thousands of years, proof time moves forward.  Here is why many are jealous of the virgo sign as a victory sign against the mass or lower nature.  It is the 12-step sivic sign whom holds dominion over the 46 stars in the northern constellations.  This feminine aspect usually means victory over the mind or sensation above a godly pleasure from the unknown after arrival in its form on earth (awareness of its form, therefore it stands alone and is true good or purity).  Gemini is known as the 'good son' of the zodiac, as is libra the perfect one or dawning light, so is aquarius the disputer ie the uriel signs are in fact in possession of divine magic or have memory of the universe from a monad not as a crystallized nonuniform thoughtform.  They bring with them the power or control of nature in all its glory (tornado seasons in late may, hurricane season ends in libra, and aquarius is cold carbon or the height and deciding factor of survival through winter to lower-organisms).  Zodiacal light is therefore comprehended via the light of the logos and ether of stars and revealed as the morning dawn in its equator and dark so to not exist is to ascend. 
    	**The end of the sixth race, which represents crystal pellucid beings, is the beginning of time.  A phase where individuals can perceive Earth before life begins as an asteroid.  Giant hybrid red-man becomes human or devolves on earth or of this round.  The power of Taurus as a martyr must be unfathomable and infinitely overwhelming the Aries sign completely.  In 543 ad a minute polar shift shook the continents as the paganized star of david proves in astrological data via the horoscope and chart signs.  This star is a sign in libra, nt aries and affiliated to the star Sirius aka as the morning star (venus) in libra to most biblical scholars.  As well this is Proof of Kaliyuga. As Leo cares not for the Saturnine germ, so does Tau not for earth but for the venusian or other planetary germs, one more mentioned an enemy of krisna.  The bounty hunters of Yesod are nomadic beings, some say they are cheribs of divine order, however they just attain balance within the astral or somehow have full control over it, unlike the jews.  If Cancer is of Orion, Aries is alien with traits of Orion or the great past, yet not truly Orion. Aries is a constellation which has no galaxies, this can only mean one thing, no life or a great explosion occurred which wiped out all the galaxies since creation.  Adonis in gemini is derived from Adoni (a new form of atom or lower-nature, basically evolution of the body conquered as a permanent state on earth, coincidentally also a district in north-east india of where buddhism in this round was on the rise to word of islam or muslim society ie small repeated events by the mongols from ramavara in Vijayanagara) or 4rth-5th race beings, which is the new age christian cult of the flower or lotus where all knowledge and experience of the known universe is gained through simple meditation upon the central atom.  This much is known, the third world was mountainous and desert-like.  No more progress will be made on it.  It is a non-sacred planet, a testing ground in favor of a better planet in millions of years.
    Here we will also mention the outlying continents during these times of the fourth race&third world where countries were as they are today, with comercial travel and jets. Tripura was daitya, atla and ruta or a part of an atlantean nordic civilization aka locations for novasgard and other harbor cities and its mt ranges etc.  Arica was south america also inhabited by the nords&martians, Adonis was America of where cain left or the first adam had built cities upon its path and crossed the alaskan bridge when it was connected once, where the arabs originated.   It is the island of the sun where Noah's ark left (building site:16° 0'42.95"S  69°11'28.66"W, size .10x.04 miles), and coincidentally the once bedrock of virginian's plate (as new foundland collapsed it was merged with virginia whilst florida went upwards as well against south america).  The Virginian peninsula is a plate connected directly to Ecuador (however when south america fell, mountains were created and the spinal column of south america moved downwards along with the lake and upwards).  Basically, San francisco river is a clone or coincidence of Sanabria river (the Tocantins River above the san fran river in Brasil holds an occult secret, the 47 million year old map shows a water mark or lake, and the lake matches the one below the amazon hence only 3 rivers run through brasil and all three are on the atlantean map), it is infact the lake on the atlantean map injunction with lake Titicaca.   All of the water from Poopó Lake went into lake titicaca in order to create it, basically.  The red, tan and yellow races inhabited the east to mideast territories of today.  Near area 51 large circles are seen, this location was the famed poseidonis city, a fourth race central hub of the world. Madagascar or the island of the moon is eden as formentioned, and ayodha is the province of india just above the tethys sea whom spread far into chaldea. Diminished Sumeria had occupied all of europe at this time and europa was what is now norway. Its city is tartarus, once connected to europe is now england and ireland. Aethopia is a province of atlantis's daityan and asgardian continent, however ravana's empire had reached the middle east of saudi arabia. Now egypt & ethiopia. However what is israel once, was called Narayana of the mongolian space age race, the most advanced in the world. There was also a province above Ayodha whom allied with them called Ishwaku, and was considered all of asia. Mogandishu was once Pakistan, relocated back to african sudan. Mu was a lemurian island in the shape of the moon, and lemuria was considered austrailia or what was there africa with its tribes and economic problems.  These countries were around more than 1.7 million years ago as a fourth race civilization.  Ishwaku was also inhabited by the nords whom retook egypt.  The reason why matter can be destroyed via a pole shift is because of elements.  Metal is heavier than bone so it would natural sink to the earths core yet materialism plays an important factor in the occult as evidence.  A key in the occult, their symbol was not the square as it is today but yet the circle (see nepal map).
    	**Vulcan is a planet of Metal between Mercury and the Sun.  Larger than the sun, and Bearer of the children of the firestone. This planet is of sacrificial death, therefore it shatters the cosmic cross where once it came into opposition with Neptune (cross-paths).  Connected to Jehovah along with Saturn.  Creation started when vulcan strangled our sun when it first arrived after it died (hence one star survives or circles outside the heliosphere creating rotation and dna around an atom or invisible matter, it turned into a cycling comet which acts much like planets do, the oblong orbit of mercury is proof and the result of what can happen to a core of a hot red giant.  The planet decides to briefly enter Neptune.  Mercury enters saturn to cycle the inner rings. It is believed asteroids are flinged by it currently towards earth or to be a cause of quickened evolution.  The end of pralaya for this system or coming to as the densest planets reverse synthesize hence sleep, or lack vibrations.  There must have been a 17,50000 story version of Rama's bridge before a poleshift or in the third world where repetition is truly revealed.  Rama's bridge must have been made by deva force, greater beings or mankind.  A dying or once deadly star must have once coiled its body around the sun via creation and created minor pole-tilts ever since.  Catholicism of the Jews whom integrate to find new religion like their own.  Vulcan is now Mercury in the vedic scriptures.  It must have made regular safe orbits around the sun via the space between Mercury and the sun every tropical cycle.  Other planetary body's such as tyche (meaning fortune and prosperity or god's law, a star in tau? possibly aka vulcan's twin dwarf star nibiru& its planetary jupiterian system, nemesis) recently discovered by scientists probably were drawn by it a long time ago, and until even today finally noticed.  The deadly and unknown outer-ring of the solar system as the lotus or water to the advanced man.  Like a well oiled machine, Jupiter deflects the rocks from the asteroid belt after the comet vulcan enters its atmosphere or the light of the logos.  The giant sun compared to invisible dust and atomic planets is the eye of siva whom hath already moved.  Unlike what science is taught, there was only one movement able to move the planets, and they are still in the process of moving.  Jupiter deflects its rocks going into it.  The result is Mars is pelted by rocks.  Venusian clouds are more liquidy, martian clouds are less dense and more foggy, earth clouds are thick and full of volume or more dense.  Clouds on earth are naturally more dense in the northern and southern poles.  It is told to be in a two star system once long ago, it was let loose in taurus whom's companion star is now a dying dwarf star named Nibiru/Nemesis or the Dark Angel of Virgo in Orion.  The comet vulcan no longer has had the power to move objects once it entered the sun's heliosphere or halo ring.  The Saturnian rings and Uranian moons bare its mark, birth and simultaneous creation.
    	**Comets such as the Comet of 1811 passed at a distance closer to Earth than our Sun.  Its size and length were millions of times greater than Earth.  The alien comet didnt effect Earth's orbit like science tells it would.  Comets such as Phaeton (most possibly a descent of the older Saturn to its brief heir Jupiter, venus is venusian in design, 'a bull strikes the heavens' where the goat lies victim) however, struck by Zeus (lightning of Jupiter), is now a dead comet circling our solar system to once bare resemblance to our sun.  It is a reminder of a catastrophic celestial event or heavenly spiral following earth to give it amber or ambrosia, the 'nectar of the gods'. Where as two or three percent of the elemental planet earth is comprised of organic matter and still non-moving dust. Psychic intuition tells us of a sinking upon the head of the earth or moon, caused by the turning of the sun in no time, past, future or present. Venus unclings, or unhinges itself from the orbit path of Jupiter.  Planets revolve around our sun esoterically via slow and invisible opposite polar cycles.  Another Lie made by Science is the comet ison recently around 2013 being 3 miles long.  Its in actuality around 50 miles at best whilst sagittarian Ison is infact a destroyer comet, science once again puts its garb of cowardice and 'non-truths' or sabotage by a weak dying cell inside the government upon the media.  Yet Pollux in Gemini still manages to hold the hand of its child or non-initiate cancer or a cancerian being aka 'lower-nature' or the untrained ie they still know very little or are out-matched like ants to an elephant.  Even if the planets were more aligned the lotus would still form.  Mercury perfectly reveals the nature of the inner lotus around the sun in an oblong fashion.  It is not Virgo whom protects cancer yet gemini albeit virgo has the qualities to protect a christ child or is known to be the protector of the zodiac.  For earth, every 26,000 years of a tropical cycle a pedal of the lotus is drawn and a new north star is made visible eg earth has fat pedals as opposed to narrow ones.  On other moons such as the large numerous amounts of saturn moons, due to the ray of the sun, certain outer moons such as Iapetus lose and gain moisture or melts ice seasonally.  Our solar logos stops moving here for an initiate under the sun (life and time as well does not move or give evidence of being here).  Venus sinks into the southern vicinity under planet earth in the far future.  Iapetus is not a saturnian moon but yet a uranian moon of the distant past aka son of the god uranus.  The Children of Centaurus in Neptune become Capricorn or Saturn (occultly understood, saturn is connected to venus presently, animals have their traits as do we in this elemental body).  The great wind is an atomic piercing substance unknown to us whom hits us or our sun from another star or Andromeda and secret if the capricious 7th ray.  During this time in the 1800s leo was actually above taurus through a constellation alignment of the hindu year in cosmology.  The hindu year finishes every 26,000 years on earth.  It finished around 1878 when the wars began under napoleon and cont. non-stop, blavatsky says this relates to the start of aquarius (on earth), yet much research may be needed, so we will stick to the 0 bce marker.  The sun enters aquarius around 0 bce tbp.  Therefore the moon of titan is the earth to lower nature, lost in time forever.  On the contrary unlike jupiter, its (Saturns) heat dims within the center.  Vulcan creates the moons of Saturn.
    The occult is currently of study to this given order.  Our Sun revolves around the galaxy at its edge by Alcyone which nears its center of which the Great Bear revolves around the center to our sun to Hercules to the center of the Galaxy.  It is speculated to revolve reversly every 26,000 years, with a polar revolution of 2,000 years ie an atom.  The sun on the outer fringes or in the ecliptic plane of Alcyone, its upper spiral as Heaven.  Revolutions are older as they spread, therefore Hercules is a Spiritual star or a great wheel.  Here speaks The truth about feminism and masculinity.  It is of no difference except for old age, greatness and youth.  A younger star to its elder.  The stars revolve around the dark rift in its galactic center (upon billions of stars condensed or conjoined), our sun spirals through space in a helical motion.  The big bang theory is dismissed, the known universe far older and greater, of many so-called 'universes' from a 'god'.  Eg the energy released is much greater than the planets.  This was proven by science recently, because there were so called 'many big bangs' found, greater than it and elements outside the scientific elements. The cosmic germ is considered not to be within our space or comprehension due to evolution. A great change occurs or is evident when the environments or atmospheres of other planets start to change shape and form (which currently it is doing so). Pie must be the golden number or number which does not exist, an alien in mathematics whom complicates things greatly is from a more advanced race.  Elementals whom control you are not of your blood but the enemies of past races and families blood eg the egyptians and scythians etc yet to counter this illusion the form becomes final or the finalized product in nature separate from the self.  They are foreign or foreign germs whom want to destroy the body via karma by believing you are part of or for them eg the same form returns after death yet it will not albeit the nature of elementals is Cancer revolves around the galactical center in grouping.  Galaxies themselves are too immense within the occult, something mankind will find incomprehensible, it is stars within galaxies which are of focus or studied.
    -Mercury is identical with Mithra, it is older than the Earth and therefore more wise.  Mercury must have been a temporary moon of Saturn, possibly briefly Jupiter and/or Uranus with no relation to the other two planets for due to weight large moons are loosened upon the gravity of planets.  The Veins of the North Sea poured its sustenance into the Black Sea.  When the planets form a lotus chaos ensues.  Therefore the planetary chain becomes chaotically out of control and out of place due to the realignment that will occur eg this can simply occur by planetary collision, not by the sun or extra-solar event from another system or galaxy.  Mercury, the planet representative that forms the narrow lotus leaf most common seen on earth.  Fire is water in the occult, meaning our sun mimics the flames of earth itself,  putting it in a godly position.  Saturn must have released mercury 85,000 years ago.  It must have went through the asteroid belt causing its craters to form and asteroids to hit earth.  It must have been connected to the destruction of atlantis and the meteors in the northern continent.  Its oblong orbit must be realigning or diverted to past electromagnetism from vulcan as a comet.  
    The electro-magnetic or etheric pulse of the past vulcanized comet path making its turn around the sun must still be between mercury and the sun, basically.  However, the planets are considered to be merely cooling atoms or a fallen body compared to a star.  The Magnetic sphere is a shield which regenerated from the earth cooling by low solar activity 1.7 million years ago and a tipping 18 million years ago (all the planets tipped slightly at this time, and their magnetic fields were boosted as well, outer not inner.  It was entering an ice-age, however unlike in science solar flares do not effect the earth, nor does the earth ever move its fixed position.  Nor do passer planets effect its magnetic shield, only a sidereal tipping does (the inner magnetic field of the earth was not boosted, however erosion of a smaller earth via the great breath shows that the core never changes but land and organisms get smaller (due to water).  Magnetic field simply means center, or divine flame piercing the core and outer edges of a planet.  Not only does the earth have a shield, but the sun's outer aura itself is a shield and this or these qualities makes it invincible.  Bathed deep in white light is a crystal aka as atom of fire, or oceans of plasma this is a star in the cosmic ocean.  Planets or material matter is often considered older than stars themselves or Remanence of these extraordinarily abundant phenomenons.  An invincible collision of the elements, electrons, solar atoms and particles.  The hearts of the zodiac must be aligned with the belly of stars for its rays to hit earth via the sun¢er of the milky way ie a silent sound is created via light as the great memory of the fourth race.  However, the zodiac itself has its own faint signals of plasma through these vast barriers or oceans of time.  Mercury is aquarian in nature, however it holds the soul of Gemini.  It is infact an initiating planet or holds the sign of Raphael in general as non-human.  A true secret mentioned briefly to how the soul moves or its origin is in actuality from a sphere or star regardless of existence of form in nature.  The planet's numbers are 3,4 and 8.  If Phaeton is venus, and the Moon an earth, than Vulcan was Vulcanus when it entered the solar logos.  A red star whom died and carried a foreign solar system turned into a comet than a planet now known as Mercury.  Hence all is Cancer or Centurian in design, especially Neptune and the moon yet it is not.  It is a feud between Satan and God hence the planet of Uranos held specific aquarian moons when it arrived here or before its tilt.  The older brother of Michael-Satan is connected to the creation of the non-initiated fifth race.
     *Earth, Mars, Pluto, the Sun, and the Moon are Non-Sacred
            **Earth mimics one of the Rishis, oval in shape like an egg where the head stays near the equator upon the beginning of its life where the ocean's water life essence was once drawn. In it is the magnetic draw of solidified liquidity.  Nativity is the mother womb born or a woman shape in likeness as Earth. Cancer is in truth, the positive pole of the egg here.  South and North form spirals of winds at opposite directions from space. The universal ray, or true color is hidden or unknown yet to us.  Of likeness to A blue diamond which slightly gleams (iron liquidity of the moon or henceforth liquidity of the spheres), Watery Earth is a silver globe whom falls into orbit in Taurus, its life begins in Cancer. Mythic or Mystic truths.  The earth is a cycling atom, if an atom is a lotus when it cycles, where the water of the south has subjected the ice of the north to create land, eso speaking.  It melts from South to North, or to the South does the ocean reveal land drifts and mountain merges upon tilts or the changing of skin aka the rolling of the great waters upon land.  Days are shorter on certain parts of earth or comet, hence when the rock enters the west with the moon it travels, rolls or rotates faster.  Africa was created by water erosion or formations of great rivers as the earth gets smaller.  There is some science here, where 8 is the energy of sun radiation deflected by magnetism on earth (Saturn, Venus and Earth are of great importance to present time).  The earth is letting loose the moon.  When land collapses via pole-shifts, the process or transformation takes well over 2000 years and is the true def of a zodiacal cycle.  Aquarius is the Ultimate personality on this earth or the physical plane.  The cancerian feminine gene must be the true mother of form or a hidden great past.  The moon blankets the earth.  The illusion to the last pole-shift is the land was briefly flooded (or rolled on upon) from the south where dust ran or rolled upon the land to create Africa.
            **Mars represents the primitive forces of good and evil, day and night.  It is also of where generation, nature, art and culture are derived.  Its etheric life still active, is known as a destructing planet.  Magnetic dust storms triggered upon its surface.  Made up of Carbon and Iron.  The mundane female, and exotic male. The 12 lords reside on this planet, sages of light govern it.  Sirius and Orion accompany the so-called 'wolf-star' in the night sky, Eris and Antares watches over it.  Mars was once more sacred than Venus.  Like Earth, a clash of Magnetism and Light.  Earth's winters and ice ages are because of Sagittarius hence the comet speeds up via distance, a great object and lack of magnetic pull.  Earth infact had many ice-ages before the tectonic plates cracked to create africa and its cloned north pole.  The earth's tecnic plates require a slide rather than a melting via the skin or a complete snow ball earth.  This requires more than one ice-age during the fertilization period or before the actual cracking.  These ice-ages were unknown or a fertilization period, before microbial life even it seems, eg the rock turning or the holy ghost.  Mars must have been struck by a meteor 4 billion years ago, here is an unknown.  This event or time must have been a direct impact therefore life is born and dies through a giant meteor.  It is however a settled planet.  Venus's intrusion with mars must have been recent therefore lightning struck mars via venus recently in its stead.  Here, the Hellas Basin was a massive ocean.  Mars must have destroyed the crops of civilization in the aztecs once therefore creating their fall hundreds of years later.  Water must be abundant in the universe. 900bce is a proposed path.  Movement and death of 10,000bce and 4 billion years is given.  Jupiter kills mars 4 billion years ago before alien civilization can prosper.  However, Vulcan gashes earth (see the deformation of the Pacific Rift or Rim via 47m).  Only Vulcan and Mars could be the cause for the pacific gash, not the moon mars and the moon of earth for it is too small to effect the earth's form.  The Behemoth is a dinosaur, therefore coral reefs are new.  Once again, we are in the great deep or fragments of a greater whole.  There were many previously inhabited or dead worlds which are not remembered.  Magi must mean inexperience.  Mars has or has had crestaceans and sealife similar to earth and its oceans, if one were to navigate on mars one would find what one would find on a beach of earth in fossilized form, however its planet had a fresh water system and its life on land didn't evolve above the form of scorpions and insects.  Its evolved organic form is amphibian instead of reptillian and mammal.  Mars's atmophere is red.  The Masters do not acknowledge or recognize Mars and its illegal astral forms, nor do its moons belong to it.
     	**Pluto has sacred qualities meaning it absorbs the unwanted excess (negative thoughtforms, etc) of the universe and Malkuth (the true undogmatic 7 polar Earth not 2) is in the Process of becoming Sacred.  Hod is a planet of Metal and reason to believe to be the murderer of Malkuth.  Its magnetic sound is infact a fast spinning star of metal for reason's only known by the lotus sutra.  The color of Pluto appears to be a dull yellow similar to the arabic deserts on earth.  Pluto does not rotate, nor does charon, it has an atmosphere of frozen Nitrogen.  It even has a region of carbon within the 'heart.'  Pluto is riddled with secrets of occulthood.  Esoteric Decans arteries line the surface floor upon the heart, a great desert it seems its atmosphere must be miles long, larger than earth. Black&Dry ice and death eg a crystallized landscape, pluto must be a diamond shard upon the cosmic ocean.  Therefore the occult signifies a planet different then science. It must contain 1.) geological activity 2.) an atmosphere 3.) an orbit around the sun. There are infact 9 planets within the heliosphere.  Some say Pluto is an unknown, or has an oxygenated atmosphere of where even the highest technologies still yet can not fathom to capture its true existence.  However it is a remnant being of Hod from Andromeda, a crater-like moon of dark energies which prevailed against good on the feud against Netzah in the great past...its basically scarred in its center, some say it may be a sort of lightning strike which occured similar to mars or a melting of its physical body do to intense heat.  Its vapor atmosphere or aura is infact larger than the earth.  Pluto still has blue lakes of ice in its central equatorial region.  Blue Ice and Golden land connected to Pisces as is its neighbor charon of hod known to Gemini and in particular loki has regions of Hades and Loki combined.  Charon once represented Hades in Maya is a lower region of hell or Hod.  Pluto is a world of mountains, for pluto to occur or any world with mountains to form, lava is a factor.  It is a planet because moons in our system is not influenced by the sun via light, their environments or atmospheres are influenced by their heavenly bodies such as the planet itself.  Yet one more trivial fact, poleshifts are also a factor via water.  Once a moon under hod alongside Loki (a moon of gold), chokmah became a spirit messenger to this system in Pisces.  Pluto may become a planet of scorpio or possibly was one hence the surface appears as if the ice melted.  It is presumed the moons of pluto charon, nix and hydra are also zodiac signs. Hydra being virgo, nix cancer and charon also scorpio (along with Hod) which infact translates to sleep.  The evil planet of Hod had four moons it seems and mimicks a past solar system.  Nix, Charon, Pluto and Hydra. Pluto will become a moon of Neptune, and is in the process of entering a great cycle of moons to planets.  Ginnungagap in Sumerian text is infact a part of Niflheim or Mars (in the future?) aka the freezing soul with magical attributes.  One thing is known, Loki was a moon of Hod made of fire and material gold whom was mined. If a moon were to go against the planets or appear in various locations it would be lost, however hades another moon of hod is now pluto in our system. Bifrost also an ice planet under Gemini. Jotunheim is Jupiter, so we are assuming if ragnorak commences, planets are able to change into comets and rapidly move from one system to the next eg from andromeda to the lower bowels aka the milky way galaxy.  Odin wishes baldr to return (to find his way home or is lost in the immensity of the universe itself), occultic significance between the signs aquarius and aries.  The gods punished Loki for finding Baldr still alive it seems.  Hyperion is leo/scorpio, or a union of Helena (leo-leo) possibly turned scorpio see also the Aethra-Hyperion union in Scorpio as Helena-Oberon in Leo under the moons of Uranus.  Ceres is infact a moon of oval shape therefore not considered a planet but yet a planetoid hence anything smaller than the moon and egg shaped is considered alien or it is indeed the Olympian Scorpion sign in the guise of Virgo hence the harvest of the year ends.  Hence Scorpius brings its own messenger from the virgo constellation under brahma.  Only initiates know of its (pluto's) true form and color.  Therefore it is reason to be connected to the Pisces constellation and Andromeda.
    	**the Moon is a dead remnant of form.  The Source of evil on our planet, the cursed mother of a forgotten child.  Jehovah, Isis or Soma most commonly represents the human mind.  Mountains and oceans of life where unlike the globular Earth of T-G-B, its connected to the Pleiades-to-Sirius-Blackhole chain.  The moon is atomic, whilst jupiter is molecular or vice versa to initiates.  The Great Plan (TGP) upon the Venusian germ which represents feminine chaos.  The nature of life.  It rotates in a centric motion (upwards and downwards, near and far, a deformation of the scientific atom) of which cosmic wind is not a factor (only light and heat) which effects earth due to size, distance and speed.  The moon is falling or declining in its orbit.  The moon must as well, follow the zodiac.  It is told a civilization of enormous achievement conquered the moon, not the nordic dwarves of the pleiades but the 'grey' aliens of Proxima Centauri.  We use this term lightly yet Grey alien is a form of a different conscious level, hence we have permanent crystallized conscious levels due to karma and evolution.  A sofia christos or thoughtform to us, we do not fully comprehend the nature of alien species yet can conclude what they are hence diseases and bacteria (flus etc) can wipe out 5% of the human race on a globe, 4 more percent then perceived in the great war, yet can still not destabilize an economy.  Binah of Sirius had no poleshifts or wind, quickened evolution and was a diminished star of a quick life-span when Sirius was in Gemini.  This is a key note to creation.  It bores earth via the equator during creation.  Its orbital or polar tilt is in the sidereal at precisely 6 degrees (6 degree equatorial incline, 2 degree polar tilt) hence the moon must have recently became sidereal from a tropical cycle it seems.  The lunarians are infact a species which adhere to the astral plane therefore their goal in spirit is karma.  They come from Binah Jehovah, an oceanic world in the great past under Sirius hence the moon has a magnetic field to this day, and it's 'sound' of light is regarded as the spirit of these beings.  This world was made of salt and soft winds with no mountain tops.  There occured one pole-shift (@2 degrees) which devestated their planet into extinction.  The logoi as well, was alone or held one planet in Sirius under Libra.  The cancerian planet was infact an evolutionary leap towards materialism, and therefore deemed unsacred or resulted in the fallen ones, or angels whom fell via genetic material of the body.  Hence they adhere to no soul, or a being whom is different, rather than the same.  Their planet became small because when the atmosphere evaporates into space it condenses the core through magi or unknown alchemy.  The continents flatten or leave 'water marks' however their world was considerably larger in size.  The dark areas of the moon are severly condensed, once deep vast oceans and this is why it is smaller, because it enclosed upon itself like a crab's claws clamp shut.  Some plants of their world which appeared on earth are the lotus, and the drug salvia.  What one sees on the moon is infact not only the dead shell, but the result of fertilization with the planet earth.  They are commanders of the sixth ray under cancer, or lower-nature.  It is the result of an arrested force (Moon's Satellite is the Earth for without it there was no life meaning light reflects from it, hence the full moon phase reflects elementals or dead life towards earth) 
    from the previous system.  It is of the last system, of where civilization already stood with life. A Younger part is Earth, yet more advanced than the entirety of the human race, and still an experiment or personality if you will.  Water spurns from its core, bathed in salt.  The occult knows the geology of prehistoric earth for an ocean was between the desert of the americas once (see hudson).  Off the pacific are two indentations of a great continent however this was because of vulcan, it is the moon's southern tip whom was scaved by land or scar via the equator.  The moon creates a giant dish in the atmosphere no deformation but a egg shell cracked upon fermentation or ice thawing after earth carried it into an ice-age (africa is the only known continent to have risen from the oceanic depths).  Sirius itself is supposedly on a path from the constellation Gemini to Libra where the zodiac itself is revealed to be traveling left exoterically or galactically speaking.  The two faces who watch, craters on one side are the darkside male and the other, female, which came to be unscaved upon its creation.  In truth, the orbit of the moon is steadily moving away.  It should miss this system, its mystery tells us it broke away from the earth in the cosmic fix.
    -The Moon of the previous solar system was from Sirius and Mars from the Pleiades to this system as that and of earth to the Great Bear, running into the same swirl as earth.  This is found out by the Old Hindu calendar which dates 850,000 years for every 33 of a sidereal. With this theory, There is no up, down, left or right in the occult.  It arrives in Cancer, much like how the Zodiac defines most other planets or real births.  The wanderer does not belong in this system. It's of the eighth sister, or known as the alien moon.  Millions of planets and star systems can exist in the occult from one area.  This planetary chain is 2 billion years old where earth moved 66k mph. If the moon is 2.4 days via the zodiac, saturn is 2.5 years.  At one time it was a perfect 30 year cycle.  2013-29.5= 9 - 2.5 = -1 ad 2013-29= 12-2.5 = 2ad saturn in pisces however the decimal point fluctuates and leap years are considered. We assume Saturn hit a maximum in the year 1 ad and started going towards the sun via the jewish hebrew calendar of 3760 (now we are in the year 5773).  If a planet collides at a velocity of 10 hr days it will hit a max limit and start rotation closer to the sun, this happened fairly recently.  The Christ's birth is closest to 0 when doing this equation by rounding out 29.46 as simple math. No matter what though, Saturn is getting closer to the sun due to the collision it had.  It was 30 at 1 time possible on 1 ad when all the planets hit pisces.  Now it is moving closer by decimal point at a tilted speed of 10 hrs.  Unlike in science, the occult states its moving closer to the sun.  Note: the lunar dove or holy spirit, is most likely just a water form of a halo and not a second water moon as the example is given but many spheres made of water. Even moons can harbor life, a moon-like planet in alpha centauri or centaurus is proof, it harbors life due to its awkward rotation and axial tilt within a jovian planet.  Moons are proven to have life and oxygen, proof is only mars, which was once a neptunian moon.  However,  if the variations in temperature are too great, its only requirement is oxygen (water) and nitrogen.  Most planets are infact moons first when they arrive in a logoi or under their sun.  Animals of this round are from the moon by venusian design as are the shape-shifting alien 'greys' (see extinct race) by Sirius, its orbit's a deviation for it to reside here is yet unknown.
    -Potential force factors of death and sex (man becomes part of the animal kingdom, elemental or cell) as the shell disintegrates, much like the form, dies...withdrawing its form into other planetary bodies briefly until final dissipation Heretofore the mental plane or greater self predicated anent to the logoic thought form or obscure astral body connected to the death of the solar system.  Contrary to popular beliefs, an advanced being's body dies negatively.  Negative Thoughtforms come to being to an untrained mystic.
     *On thoughtforms, they can be evil or good resulting in karma of either or, benefiting the group or harming it in someway if maleficent or destruction and good.  Thought as creation impedes upon desire or impulses of anima-mundi (thoughtforms of elemental life, cosmic, manasic or solar lords, and lunar lords with similarities between cause and effect).  Physical forms of the future reproduce via energy and concretion as embodied.  The positive mental and negative physical forces redeemed and purified (two merge into the One Energy). The impending destroyer lawfully upon the instantaneous creator for infinite.
    Crystal Earth, a emerald with clear waters, the negative and positive poles.  The lens of light acts like the appropriately named 'Key' to the elements or life terrain under light.  Or the stream of fire in the dawn, and its morning light.  Endowed with Conscience, of where the Pyramids are center, 4 shifts coincide with 4 elements. It evokes peace and harmony.  Spheres Paved in White, Hercules is the Plane, Great Bear the Ray (a hidden occult meaning to its past, hence Hercules as Ares the planet mars, Gabriel as well and Michael as Venus (the negative charge to earth's positive pole) where it pushes Mars onto earth to destroy its peoples). The Uranus moon of Miranda must have been Saturnian in the great past.  However Gaia (Neptune or venus against Jupiter and Earth) and Uranus bore Tethys, named after the ocean inbetween Atlantis and the North american Dwipa.  It was once a Uranian moon.  This moon is in Saturn now.  The earth must be rotating atomically.  If it rotates or turns within one revolution all of life dies.  There is a law in geology which says mountains collapse last during a pole-shift (see creation of east coast).  Minor pshifts inhibit or are a sign of the rotation in progress however this rotation is slow, even for planets without an outer atmosphere or aura.  When planets shift, moons shift as well, away from its center albeit moons and planets rotate faster atomically around the sun than planetary cores themselves made of iron, metal or gas.  The planets have their own astral plane, this includes mars and the moon.  White magicians are from earth.  The Cosmic Flame.
    The Illusion here is the concentration of light defines color, the less the more color.  The more light the less color for instance 7 is white in order.  Life is not crystallized, except to a superior being do we so seem to be.  The Rays effect the planets.  In ref. to Esoteric Astrology of Rays and their effects on Sacred to non-sacred planets.  The illusion here of the physical world, is the moon speeds or moves faster than before.  Capricorn as Satan.  Nature's stasis towards the environment.  As for the last poleshift, Both planets helped vulcan cause the outer asteroid belt to achieve its form and venus caused the moon to lose its orbit i believe. Venus created ambrosia on earth basically, it stilled it from rotation, whilst the others scarred it. Therefore when the earth and moon align wind is created via El nino/la nina or simply rotation and condensation (another lie by scientists is this event, a relatively new phenomenon observed since the year 2000 has shown up but a few years ago due to the oncoming pole-shift), or the dying out of wind in the Pacific (accumulation of water as matter) esoterically speaking.  This creates a dampening effect, every few years earth cleanses itself from water that is high up in the atmosphere.  Mercury created craters, and mars fires on earth's equator.  However, all planets and moons have already been made or have cooling or cooled volcanos (hence the moon has rich mineral resources) and no atmospheres but for maybe IO and earth.  Personality confuses us, The solar cycle says Saturn was in Aries via 0 bce.  On November 23rd 2009 saturn enters the sun, well from earth.  However, it also says via the sun it was in libra october 30th 2009.  Some sources say the serpentine zodiac of Ophiuchus or a past christ is neither capricorn, sagittarius (sivic or an unknown) or aries but yet cancer derived.  If light is bright enough, it will not change shape, form or size.  The natal chart of jesus is 0 bce so it was in pisces via the sun.  Personality wise these are random lengths of years, up to a dozen sometimes.  This is why they regarded him as the sun, because all the planets were in pisces via the sun (from the pt of a being on the sun).  However it, the earth, rotated once more via a Venusian or lunar pass near the equator creating the leap year much earlier on (around 3102 bce).
    Nature of all laws such as law of Analogy, is the interplanetary law of the cosmos.  Transcending science where occultism looks for the first effect in the perspective where vital energy is the energy of this cause.  Fluctuations of time that is was and has been, or the vital energy of cosmos and nervous energy of the body in circulation.  Prometheum exists, its the form of black metal and exceeds all elemental properties of which the sumerians regard as more magical than gold.  In science, it is applied to phosphorous and color, it is a part of plutonium as well.  The Study of Unknown Elements.  The study of Bodies of celestial stars and atoms within the body from interstellar down to interatomic where attraction and repulsion becomes awareness as well.  Law of periodicity comes into play.  Involution and submergence of matter, effect as evolution and obscuration from the responsive form.  This is how true good is discovered.  The human, planetary, and solar wheel is divine alchemy such as magnetism, experience, life and initiation.  The great spiral where human intervention (rotary matter) is not cause of.  This all forms a link between two worlds.
    -In lower Nature, Cancer was once bramic and cosmic connected to the zodiac sign.  There is a karmic connection between aries and cancer which means the ebb and flow or the negative and positive.  Cancer is the christ of the past world of whom is destroyed by the aries constellation organically speaking eg aries or the father rejects his love for lower nature due to sin (see great cosmic or solar war in space, the venus movement through the cosmos, 12 lunar lords, death of the messiah, the hellas basin on mars).   The nagan greeks (cite ref reason for death of christ by the judes) are not barbarians however, persae, they went as far as reinventing the monitor and the television set (unknown technology which could span for millions of years in age on earth).   Aquarius as Siva where Capricorn is not present or alien to this world or system ie Tau mimicks haunaman in its great past under virgo.  Once again, acknowledgement of The dead child, personality or matter born on earth.  The human race is indeed sorrow or suffering under a solar christ in leo.  An unconscious mistake repeated perhaps.  Personality wise, it (Capricorn-Virgo-Cancer or even numbers) is told to be one of the evil signs.  Cancer most represents the past, the dark masters of lower nature, the sephiroth, the giants or clones, spirit on earth as proof of existence, degenerates of the dual aspect in nature eg gemini, lower nature itself even, yet it is not.  It is the disciple of the zodiac of whom destroys evil by gaining discipleship or re-instituting the past correctly under one god.  Aries is only the father of Leo in this universe or galaxy actually,  the sign itself is hercules whom respawns leo, however the monad of leo existed before it (the milky way galaxy ie the pleaides are of monads in design) via leo-virgo or the human signs.  Aries does not spawn leo upon the great space, non-human signs of the 7 can not truly spawn the human signs but yet create them via force that is drawn.  So is how monads are created via atoms or force which is drawn in essence from nothing or extreme cold.  The universe is so vast leo exists in its own universe, as does every monad. This constellation is in actuality the warners of future events eg the sahara is currently in the past 30 years undergoing changes as it did before the last pole shift. Tritonis is or becomes the Great Sea as Triton, currently the Med Sea. Wind is carrying sand grains upon the steps of the east coast americas. 
     All spheres from atom to cosmic rotate simultaneously.  The Vishnu force or the descending arc as a comprehension of the soul. 3 fold aspect (Energy, Will, Movement) in the triangle or the purpose of the Son.  Cyclic, Spiral (imperfected), and Rotary activities of Brahma.  The state of imposition, the angel attracts animal man for coherence.  The process of returning to the source.  In initiation its the three worlds, outpourings and inner-channels.  The Flaming Diamond of Kumara, a Rod of initiation and its precursor Bodhisattva.  All motion is called by the collision of atoms.  A small unseen impact of positive charges upon negative charges.  Modification of atoms is actually a force greater or a multitudes of greater impacts or forces passed the ring.  Effects of strong rotation setting off chain reactions unto other atoms.  Spiralic activity creates reversions, backward pulls influenced by forward activity (repetition).  One may cut the head off a tropical plant and in its place, two heads will grow under one branch however to cut the head off an organism whom is more complex and has no roots will cause it to die permanently.  If Scorpius prays for libra, then the cancerian milky way must be inturn near the leo constellation.  Therefore Matter (the weight of) constantly weighs down the soul, or simply falls into place.
    Sirius is the guided intelligence of the above for-mentioned.  For instance appearance and disappearance occur because of Sirius.  The key to the illusive maya we call temporary illusion.  Nature and Science combines the fact that everything lives within a sphere which holds true to its belief.  Law of Expansion is the first of the four laws.  A law of Relativity, that man can not comprehend.  Light of the stars and its solar effects on our system.  It is not a sphere in as much as it is light which forms a sphere.  Waves of Light, the key to unknown constellations being transmitted as attractive and repulsive.  Each man, system, universe, god is an atomic unit...The planet Earth (our moon) is of Sirian origin after its true father the Great Bear, therefore Gaea and alien life is comprehended.  Ashura simply means mother nature in the occult and sanskrit.  A photon (sun light) is the size of an atom 128 km away from the human sight.  Taurus is the venusian or unworldly personality.  Upper heaven is different in shape and form than lower heaven.  The moon itself even rotates egg-like through space of where the top curve is the comet's head, now wobbling and almost motionless.
    -Souls are atoms, meaning only a soul is an atom.  Deception is the principle of manipulation.  Atoms are inseparable from spirit.  The manifest of God.  The elemental is an atomic principle. The sphere the ultimate physical atom.  A sheath formed of our solar system.  Aquarius as the god or source of healing and magic.  In truth, there are such things as divine love or magic where the zodiac is remotely realized.  Matter is its vibration which makes up intelligence.  Where the Sun (a blue star) is 3 principles as Cosmic, Solar and Entity driven.  The power of the upper atmosphere and the monad, the highest most upper atmosphere must have really powerful yet microscopic winds.  A christ looks at the earth not from a zodiacal or horizontal point of view but vertically via the shivic aspect and not the bramic one.  If the galactical logos were a pupil of a greater being which would indeed prove difficult even for an aspirant or initiate can only see inside its movement.  If Sagittarius as Christ goes inbetween Capricorn-Aquarius during the sidereal it must actually be going inbetween Aquarius Pisces, therefore venus stops the earth and the christ is martyred for Capricorn-aquarius is one constellation during the sidereal.  The atom as the lotus is a massive cosmic explosion in the vacuum of space or a shear unknown.  18 million years ago the continents slid. The M represents Male and the S female, or white and black magic. The androgyny reptilian form was eliminated, and sex was indeed two different races.  What is interesting about stars is they rotate via their poles, which means no matter what position a galaxy is in it will always be aligned with the zodiac due to their great distance injunction with the zodiac and the tropical in the immense space of the universe (however stars do not, so the poles of non-life bearing stars near pulsars are not aligned with the zodiac).  Galaxies, even background galaxies reside within the zodiacal sphere of influence, a flat plane as the equator of the universe.  The Sagittarian lunar lords of the moon (mind) are light or ego driven of this ancient wind.
    *The moon is heavily emphasized in the occult.  Here is a reason why.  The moon was an oceanic world, where land was truly a rare occurrence, however it grew organisms like our world. It had a life like our world. For when dinosaurs grow smaller, they need less land. The dinosaurs thrived because they had lots of land. If life were to grow on this world, the moon, it would grow in the same way. However the moon was once a star, so it just diminished into a planet and therefore civilization or materialism was made fairly slowly. The sakas or grey alien dwarves popularized in science fiction are from the moon and it belongs to them.  It is androgynous, however it lacks wind or the wind current and relies on a solar current.  Oxygen is an element of fire, with oxygen one obtains this element through hydrogen and water aka ice or simply put cosmic fire.  The moon was a star once of sirius in origin.  It was derived from cosmic fire.  Proof is salt is from the moon which is crystallized minerals that do not melt.  Salt is infact etheric oxygen.  Certain plants such as the lotus are of lunar origin which means this planet had a great magnetic field once.
    Here explains the functions of a star in space.  A star mimics the heart of the lotus and the universe.  The sons of god are atoms which reside inside the star.  Each atom is burning out slowly from a collision with another because of a mimicked movement to greater stars (atoms mimic their creator).  When stars are created they mimic galaxies and black holes, there is no central atom and the atoms which created the collision, combustion or explosion in space time are dead black holes whom burn out slowly.  There are only a few atoms to each star created therefore reside on the inside core(s), eg sons of god, of the cosmic fire is not present or is simply dead cold space.  Here arises the theory that galaxies are greater stars from which spawned from a greater universe, and stars simple dead matter whom cannot created a universe.  Atoms mimic a universe therefore can be created by a higher angelic consciousness in touch with the monad.  Therefore true light stemming from the present self or homeworld, if you will, is rare (as is growth from the atom to the present form in evolution).  When a star explodes it creates a chain reaction as light spreads or many smaller stars which then can become planets.  However Capewa was a slowly pole moving star, and more fixed than our sun.  Their planet was much larger.  If a future spirit were to exist or come to the earth, it would be left behind.  In reality, it would not be able to create either.  Altair is aquarian therefore a personality of Uranus.  Here is why Aquarius is identified with Uranus.  3 is an important number, it represents 3 human gods, it also represents 3 religions and 3 continents in the atlantic.  A relevant connection to a geminian Dayus or secret christ may be raphael (krishna in union with siva left alone, or elemental).  The real reason why our earth is in a 10 or 13 star cycle currently, or 13 going back to 10 is because the sephiroth is 10 stars, every 26,000 years in which the earth reaches a maxim around the sun, it reverts and small quakes are felt.  It actually went into a cycle early on though, because of the passes by venus and mars around 3102 bce.  However, the hindu year ended sometime in the 1800s as the mark of aquarius.  So that is when it truly ended, and why we are away from the tropical, because we are getting ready for the next age. The fact is that the ancient times of the bible aren't really permanent polar positions.  The tropical and sidereal are though eg 12 star is tropical and was here for 26,000 years.  The 26,000 years before that was a sidereal pole star.  Simply because the earth goes up and down around the sun.  Not because of colliding planets which for the first time in history has misaligned the axis at times, in particularly vulcan.  The 85,000 year event was the true alignment of the tropical though.  The sidereal was truly aligned 36,000 years ago and planets misaligned the north so it appeared to be in the sidereal temporarily for a few hundred years.  The sidereal before this was aligned 260,000 years ago.  The earth doesn't align to the stars when it moves up and down.  The stars need to also effect the earth such as the solar solstice (the earth goes about 5 million kms closer in the winter, so its technically an oval, but its so unnoticeable the light is directed at its belly in the winter due to the direction of a sphere so it does not influence weather), hence mars is a perfect oval. The reason why it changed back to the sidereal, is because of the magnetic field tipping.  When a pole-shift occurs, all organisms big and small go to its center or pit.  The fact is the earth is going into another pole-shift via 2160 it is presumed.  You could say it just entered the fifth age of the woman or ten demon daughters of the sidereal in stellar terms.  With this in mind, theories of elemental delusion and dream are put to rest.
    -Law of Monadic Return is number two.  They are transferred, via the spiritual sun to the heart of our sun through the triangle which is so explained as three different types of energy (fires) or suns from each logoi.  Cyclic revolution, is actually of the solar system and inner-self via individualization, initiation of higher conscious, and planetary impulse which forms the solar atom.  The central core of a star does not move or rotate but cools therefore is regarded as invisible.  Stars are considered god or a divine force whom has unknown principles.  They are gates on fire where no heavenly being may pass.  If one passes a gate, one obtains progress, yet unlike planets stars are not known in there principles of scientific law.  A planet is much colder than a star, yet may work of the same principles.  The comprehension of The 7 suns (which our sun is one connected to 3 and one greater) which set fire to the cosmos.  All stars rotate via two directions, the poles and the equator.  The light of Llia is the moon albeit Vulcan is its origin. 
    -To the Next Law..the secret Law of evolution such that the confining walls are broken down, this law inhibits the form to grow by reaching a point of vibratory activity.  Active in all the forms of gods kingdoms or organization of the true forms of vibratory activation.  The Radiatory elements of life still active, the law of absorption in matter such as the end of a solar system, planet etc.  The disorganization of the shell.  The emanation of thought by the logos where it remains and spirit acquires intelligence.  We are the force (energy) of the logos.  Radiation is the etheric or pranic merge of the true form with the greater body or greater pull by the internal atom or greater body of essential life.  An interplay of atoms, or awareness of a magnetic pull from a greater force it evokes positive response of the nuclei of the atom and no response beyond the ring in the same nature.  The dense form is expelled and its central life finds its greater magnetic point.  The positive life of the atom becomes negative and turns into a positive life of the electron aka group realization.
    Process of Atonement, is the deva atoms in association with lower atoms or greater powers of beings leagued with less advanced beings in the 5 kingdoms.  Atonement of Man is the most important to achieve where the final atonement of the divine self is found.  The interesting germs of the five kingdoms.  A stimulation of the internal rhythm is therefore found to become radioactive.  Greater lifeforms cause dissipation of such forces. The process of liberating the spark.  The attributes of the monad to mineral evolution is the progress of divine life or heavenly war in its kingdom, rapid radiation.  The forced individualization, in Lemurian days as the Venusian 5 rounds linked with the Sun.  The triad, and its corresponding four logoic quaternary.  There are those whom dread life, and those whom accept it with open arms.  When one perpetuates karma into evil acts, no matter what the cause if one does so to someone else, and that person succumbs to karma or gets someone else to succumb to that particular karma, the intervener perpetuating the event's karma will be many times more severe (the karmic lords say bad deeds are collected upon one single life-time).  The Radioactive human is the same as its mineral counterpart.  Every life has a monad from mineral to solar which then becomes a Sum total, transcendence is the awareness of form.
    Law of Solar Evolution, is a sum total of all other laws.  The planetary atom rotates on its axis.  Millions of atoms are a result of it, which rotates planetarily.  The results of volcanos and earth quakes.  The planetary centers mimic the human chakra center.  The moon for instance, its karmic pull has a greater effect on its entity than on the heavenly man of which it has no effect on.  From atom to planet, all revolve around the solar center, truth lies upon its central magnet.  Chelas practice this by 'grabbing' or pinpointing the exact intermingling of currents on earth or by carrying it along its orbit, this effect embodies drift.  A warning to Ashuras or clones of the Great Bear, to return to Indra is death.  We must be a fraction of the universe in equations eg 4 billion miles of space is equal to an air molecule.  The body is the earth, therefore it eats its own carbon or dead waste like your organism does, a repetitive action, here is why light is important to attain.  The Evil ones will struggle with the astral and die or burn out by fire when left on earth or upon the time of judgement.  Those whom die with sin or inexperience will return in memory of the false life they committed.  Math itself must have been redeveloped thousands of years ago in India.  The movement of the stars must not differ or be noticeable greatly but for millions of years.  Once again earth is a grain of sand, or diamond in a deep ocean.  This diamond is infact lost within space/time and of no purpose.  Seeing or believing is how light hits form.
  • Scientifically called Carbon, the first sin in gaseous form releases or expels in the lower planes, a blockage effecting the course and organic life on the planet. It is only natural that we will become the fuel which was used, the dead waste. The lower elements of science, connected to the first 4 kingdoms, where 4rth is connected to its root race as the superhuman. The psychic strands or strains of atoms must be in the north and south poles of earth. The eighth sphere lies hidden in connection with possibility of the 4rth root race. Power-Love-Activity connected to the Mahachohan uses different rays with different planes for activity. 3 minor rays, nature-wisdom-science is connected to the lower kingdoms. Cosmic black magic is most likely derived from the non-human signs if it exists (eg not to be taken literary, the children of light are capricornian, infact dark or magnetic forces derived by will, power or 1st ray is from the reptilian species, the conquerors of land aka the dinosaurs, so when scientifically analyzed, earth may indeed fall in the non-human signs). Something tells us it was heat of the sun which turned the earth last. The Ice-age must have ended or turned the earth first 870,000 years ago then the pole-shift must have happened by chance. The earth fell due to heat once more, the sun directly aligns with the planetary surface, the ice age did not begin 100,000 years ago but ended or was in the process of ending due to too much water and resulting in a deep freeze and nonalignment of the cross. The christian cross is esoteric in nature or reverse to earth rather than to the sun. The skin of the earth slid downwards and collapse via earth's magnetism and the sun's light. Nowhere upon the 3rd pole phase let alone the second and first is a planetary collision unless it be Vulcan told to happen. Aquarius or the Aquarians of this age must truly be alone, one whom comprehends nirvana completely. Albeit Orion is higher than Thor, Odin or Zeus hence Taurus ousts Sag, Cancer and Aquarius. Nature, a true test for the devas, and its lesser builders.
  • The permanent atom and atom resides in the heart of the organism.  Light reveals the atom or atomic universe.  The crystallization of the mental plane.  Dogmatization is to touch upon these matters therefore useless.  Mutation, an endless shifting, The DNA strain, where lines a start of a chain towards complexity of races and transcending rounds and worlds to them eg the magnitude of the scheme.  The atomic shell is the atom of the earth aka the magnetic sphere as well (a form of a lotus like sphere or hexagonal formation as the number 8 eg the octagon as the magnetic sphere).  A proof of creation or the creator is atomic.  The goal is to see 4rth dimensionally which is virtually impossible and even the highest minds see or sense it remotely or for an instant.  The ripple effect or strain as the spine. The dual of the negative and positive rays, or what is now the slight slant of the ring on earth around our sun in combination with certain orders.  The density of spirit, monads of love, and reflective egos etc. 7 chains of all is the key (it is impossible to strike spirit, for true elemental spirit make up the Pleiades).  The truth means everything is just soul, from the deep water ravines of the ancient water world we know as the moon to the flat plane of earth, the atom as matter or organic germ (combined with geneii of the sun) every once in a while changes with the solar system to become more and less complex.  To the unknown spirit in matter whom has not arrived yet or become born yet on your present world: Not only is your sun sinking, but the earth is sinking from it as well in a helical spiral.  These facts are all fractions and minutely noticed.  The male is wrong because it is inexperienced.  Why does a flower blossom at times and not at others?  Occultly it is not because of the seed alone.  Now to remind the reader The devas are long gone.  Once again, we are like lice or fleas in the occult.
    	**the Earth is of middle-age (the planet alone is nearly One trillion years old) in human years hence middle earth ala Supreme World.  The 7 Holy Spirits reside here of which die by sacrifice eg Siva is the one before their responsibility to lead their followers into 'the divine flame' or the solar outer shell upon earth's true magnetic field, the invincible inner one.  Here I will briefly mention how the magnetic sphere of the earth and sun work. The sphere is a shield basically that is polarized. When the last pole shift occurred 18 million years ago, the planets tilted. Vulcan caused this to happen. This creates a very strong magnetic shield upon a weaker one. However the inner shield never changed. The inner shield was once in equilibrium with the tropical as invisible solar rings around the planet. Now, they are flames that spread out more. The flame of the earth basically tilted then cooled because of vulcan. When the sun entered the outer current of the arm in our galaxy 1.7 million years ago it grew silent. Basically the sun does move through space, albeit unnoticeable. Unlike what is taught in science, it is impossible for solar flares or past solar novas to effect the earth's climate without completely destroying the planet. The earth has never changed position from the sun since creation, if it were to change a degree or 2 all of life would perish. The earth grows smaller due to erosion and water, as the magnetic field stays the same. A true habitable zone is fairly rare in our universe, however their are billions of stars.  Since the sun is caught in the current, this is also how it dies. It will keep turning with the galaxy until it cools, in science they say it will become a dwarf star or comet.  The sun is basically traveling with the galaxy, however the galaxy's speed is much greater.  The sun and its magnetic flames heat the surface of the globe.
    -A supposed good thing for elementary spirits to move ahead, where elementals can not take control of your being. A plane rotation, ray vibration of spheres.  The separation of the soul from nature.  Jehovah is a dual god, both sun and moon are worshiped.  Derived from the 36 drekanas or zodiacs of the sidereal.  The earth rotates via 235 degrees from the north pole via the pole star not through the equator as science presumes.  Mars and Saturn is connected to the eight race, also known as death and reincarnation.  There was a nordic atlantean continent of europe.  The 'M' connected itself to norway.  The present tectonic plate in its atlantic is completely new.  The atlantean teacher Uranos gives the second race island the knowledge of cosmology and science.  The reason why the occult currently has trouble in finding out the true zodiacal cycle and accurate dates is because they have not gained knowledge in the solar zodiac, only in the lunar zodiac via personality from earth.  The solar zodiac would depict a sign under a constellation and follow that sign to a specific event eg time travel.  It would confirm even the fact of the milky way being in Cancer, and our world or its galaxy not as the center of the universe (which is already confirmed eg if we were in the center of 12 rays or sounds each sound would be different, but we are in fact lost in materialistic space or smaller beings of a greater whole).  If Saturn is in libra via earth, it may have already entered libra via the sun (ie nov 23rd 2011 saturn enters libra via the sun, which means saturn is in libra 1ad upon the birth of christ if christ were the sun itself).  It would still be in Libra via 28 days, when 30 is used and .6 subtracted (saturn decreased by .6 percent since 0bce, in the future it will reach the number 28).  If jesus were the sun or 'son' as humanity claimed him to be, saturn would be in libra spatially.  The personality is strictly lunar, therefore limited.  The Ophiuchus sign will be regarded as a month with a full 28 days via this hidden knowledge.  With this knowledge will will know the time of jesus, and all of its events.  It will also confirm an accurate number (est 2000) of how the poles move.  It has already confirmed the sidereal spanning millions of years ago as opposed to a few thousand.  It will reveal Aries as a sign not affiliated with the sun.  It also confirmed the earth and sun are moving faster through space.  The universe is great, aries is actually not in aries via the sun. The sun itself says that it went faster from 4, 12 to a sidereal 13 which the earth also does via the number 6.  Some personality signs say saturn enters libra via 0 bce exactly, others say it enters pisces.  The trick is from the sun, it would enter a zodiacal sign a month earlier, therefore if it enters aries it most likely would actually be in pisces via the sun.  The number 8 as libra, gemini, scorpio and all the logos but for virgo, aries, aquarius, and presumed to be maybe leo is the end of the universe or remaining logos. Gulliver's travels are an ancient hindu epic.
    -Similar to Mars, white and black Magic devastated the planet.  Both white and black magic are a scar on the planet of what made the continental plates.  Fantastical elements or fantasy fiction as a truth in nature where Elementals in Ether still hold life on the planet.  We may theorize, the comet Venus, an older planet, skims Mars, and reduces Earth's Atmosphere and later the Georgian craters in gemini is of where multiple collisions occured.  The earthly sphere wobbles as does it tilt.  The slow destruction of Atlantis occurred in 4 planetary shifts.  Mercury tilts the earth with impact 85k at the ice age followed by Vulcan 36000 years ago (a great cycle of 26-to-18 million years ago) whom recreates heaven and venus stills the earth to create a new-age of the fifth race at 3102 bce.  Mars enters earth's equator during 900bce.  When Vulcan arrived or started cycling our system as a comet, it could move the asteroid belt, but not the position of the giant planets.  It caused the inner lotus or asteroid belt to run into jupiter, therefore killing mars 4 billion years ago.  After Mars turned loose, it was a born planet with lower-nature and colonization but it was pelted by rocks from jupiter.  It was in a bad spot, basically.  Karma via Indra, or Venus-to-mars hence Mars-to-Libra, destroys the African race germ once inhabited a large rocky concave of the Americas.  The astral plane's descension here is involved or Libra as higher nature recognizing Mars as lower nature. If our souls are iron substance, the moon and earth are separate bodies as is told that the magnetism of the moon is of a pin drop to the earth.  While in fact, we are maggots whom are told to be revealed elementary magic powers so to reveal it (evil) as your being.  The future bramic father of the logos, Libra, recognizes his son, Aries.
    A master or appearance of a hermetic being is appreciated.  Capricorn as Osiris must have returned to or became a part of Orion somehow, by following his true father Aries as a messenger god or Lepus (son as illusion), Isis (Tau as a diamond via the sun or cosmic angel of light) prevails on this world as one.  Here jewish folklore is denounced by means of the occult.  Only the (a)Christ can conceive, create, control or be aware of previous and future worlds, even initiates can only briefly grasp of the concept.  Tales of Black magic, Sorcery, Entertainment and flesh manipulation is pronounced before 200 years of the christ's appearance in the first Hebrew bible or near the provinces of Egypt.  The human race not only looked for the christ, they wanted to kill him in envy.  They searched for him in jealousy because jesus could do what none had the ability to do. To kill the host of a christ whom comprehended other worlds or touched matter with it. This was a way to pardon sin from their ego or themselves, actually.  One did not want to accept the eternal soul in infinite or was wanted of limited cause for sin and accident (to not burn up karma or commit sins).  The earth has moved more than 10 inches in just a few years due to polar shifts, proof once again life on this planet has yet not changed since the beginning of time.  Proof is the sidereal summer storms increasing their winds at a quicker pace yet its current stays a steady one or harmonic flow of angelic dharma. The wobbling of its axis is due to repeated space and time.
    On the Moon, the advanced life on this planet did not exceed bacterium level except did on another alien solar system of which mars is still older.  Martian life knew of the three hierarchies on this system and exceeded aspects of which became the fourth of Atlantis.  Mars is not similar to earth but in this regard, it only sustained microbial life with its visitor colonizations.  However, the time-line of large organism or large organic nature on the earth is very small compared to the bacteria prehistory, evolution or lifespan of its history.  Fertilization was a long process for the being to be born in large form.  This is why the occult worships the stars of the Great Bear, because before the moon's arrival, microbial life was not apparently existent for the earth was too hot.  The moon arrived a mere 4 billion years ago.  The great bear earth 1 trillion.  360 million was a reception of advanced life and 5-600 million of land or insect life, before that an ice age completely finished thawing the planet from being frozen for billions of years.  Venusian or alien life is 220 million years old only.  The Moonstones which reside on Earth tell us this.  Cancer's exaltation of Orion.  Earthquakes are probably because of a pole-shift or turning and pushing of the plates rather than the moon yet tornados are more frequent to brush across the country side when the environment changes (as is proven currently as well).  Geocentricity or geocentric forces are simply a form of trying to comprehend a godly revolution in time.  Mercury, Venus and the Moon will make a transit at the same time on 2012.  The media has not noticed this, but mercury will make a pass on this date. If gravity doesn't exist it must be a force which pulls matter towards its center.  The fact is the noise in the atmosphere must be the magnetic shield bending, as well, currently we notice fast moving storms, much faster than before happening on earth eg a rain storm in 1996 ad would last a few days, whilst the ones currently are much more fierce with hail and yet last but a few hours.  The sounding of the trumpets.  The sidereal as one god instead of the 12.  Intelligence was reached before and During Atlantis, technology more advanced achieved.
    -As for the Hypothesis in science of the moon, it will not collide with the earth.  Vibration is felt from the moon upon creation. That is why earthquakes are so alien to us. The moon must have been stung or struck by gravitational pull suddenly and robotically when once a planet not of this system via orbiting meteorites a very long time ago.  The moon is steadily moving away, and the earth is moving away from the sun therefore the speed it is in will slow albeit it goes faster, than slower.  Eg slowly, it moved through space and now it moves faster due to mass yet will eventually slow down. The moon started left then forced itself by the earth to the right.  The moon is falling, therefore it skimmed the southern portion of the earth to create lemuria or pockets of ocean before the continents could actually form oceans.  High tides are at the north and south, low tides are near the equator of the egg or east and west, which is why the oceans are actually shallow bodies of water compared to the poles.  The skin of the earth (pockets of wet watery land) folds into southern land or dry continents before it creates its northern ones by polar shift.  The thinner the atmosphere, the smaller the organism.  We are simply hidden or wedged inside its skin destroying the facet of materialism, the body and war all together.  The earth creates immense energy, 54 percent comes from the iron core itself.  Atoms on earth are recreated via the north and south polar opposites combusting when they meet on opposite ends via poleshifts.  Evaporation forms ocean which creates possibility for drift, a pulling or stretching of the skin and the first of the tectonic plates.
    *The moon could once again hit earth at a distance if not for its size and rotation (another ex of a 'rich man' in heaven or it 'may or may not work' theory, 60/40% tbp Given the amount of space and debris from earth and moon@such a great distance this theory, unlike the earth gaining insignificant mass from debris and losing it greatly to heat/escaped oxygen or depleted energy theory, must lie in the .000001% of the 60/40 (an asteroid field fragmented 'impact') 'idiotic' category, which upon the phase of a dead solar system to new one hence rocks are rocks and are bound to impact one another again somehow).  Its size, speed and lack of orbital rotation (due to the recent impact event), tells me it will shoot away from the earth into the asteroid belt no matter how great the sun's meek magnetic field (to the earth and other planets) will have on it.  Scarred due to impact and due to be lost in the asteroid field (in darkness) forever.  The earth adds weight yet loses it more rapidly, the galaxy is going left or opposite to our sun via cosmic wind but the sun will become non-fixed and slide away.  One is not mistaken by the true laws of science, the moon can only go forward via a centrifugal force, therefore into the sun.  If it were to go backwards due to a slow speed it would need a stopping force or giant body to do so.  None or no 'planet x's' are expected within our inner body or logos.  No large body can effect earth unless it is permanently there, as in near its path.  Like any star or planet, The earth acts like a slingshot actually.  It can't move the moon backwards because the moon's mass is too weak and speed too great even if its slowing, wobbling (losing equilibrium and moving back.  The law of the cosmos.  For no magic or god can bring (spin or have it once again generate heat) it back to life, will it die in darkness alone.  Its speed in space is too fast already and will not slow from its present course.  Immense space and the faster speed of the moon (without opposition and towards the sun when 'let go') to the earth (an already dying rock of iron metal, to re-enter its path with its current rotation or without objection?).   The Lunar impact theory of Theia is infact a lie, it is a false representation of your system's true origin.  A planet named Theia infact hit malkuth during an ecliptic rotation around mizar.  It is a fallacy like the ecliptic orbit around stars (life can not hold an ecliptic or near and far rotation around a star).  This cut Malkuth in half to create your earth and its asteroid belt.  The moon's basin must have cracked like an egg.  The great bear rock is going to die as a mercury like object in our asteroid belt then navigate away, supposedly as a new or future moon into gemini actually where the number 3 is significant to a new logoi.  Its evil will be great, so it will not rest with life in the far future nor become part of other worlds but simply die and turn into dust.  
    -The Life on this planet will reach an estimate of 2-5 million more years.  Eg The distant relatives of the human, the amphibian is on the verge of extinction, a species next to be extinct, which soon follows the end of life on earth.  To share the ecosystems.  This type of science is relative. Contrary to scientific belief, the moon may hit earth once more as a mathematical calculation. Exemplica: Only two surviving humans on earth on opposite sides may once meet theory.  The occult tells us to stay away from confusion, and at the same time keep an open mind. As you know the moon rotates very slowly now, as does the earth travel slower than it. It's body will slow down as well.  We are at a perfect balance of age to the earth.  The earth is about 4.5 billion years old (from its asteroid, rock or volcanic form) with Two billion years remaining. Like the Big Bang theory, this is much speculated by Science, therefore it is limited to our galaxy as there is only comprehension of light expansion, creation, life in the universe or the cosmic fire in space.  The universe is so vast, life would not only be possible on planetary moons, but on twin planetary systems under one star as well.  Earth is 30 years of age, whilst the sun is of middle age.  This holds into account, the belief of the age of the moon to the sun, it is older than the sun.  Earth, at a time not within our system, is older than the sun.  It holds into account the nature of materialism, where the moon is younger yet it is older.  It is a dead planet, therefore the chance is dim or not fully comprehended by scientists or even occultists.  Earth is an asteroid made of debris and dust of which its true age is undefined.  The moon could have cracked upon the earth, albeit it must have been a cosmic one or brief collision from venus and in the great past.  Evidence of a collision or marriage with the earth's equator 4 billion years ago upon creation is seen on its south polar region, aka the south-pole basin. May not be accurate (Scientific Research TBA).  
    *Billions become trillions, the sun is moving in space at a declining arc (see chart in next section), depending on the intuition of the master from the vantage point of its logoi this might be true eg virgo's flat-plane..still more is to comprehend about this motion, it may be of Sirian origin.  Therefore the fantastic age of the sacred and older non-sacred planets and stars are a true test of time in this system.  Such is the term of 'dwarf' stars regarded as comets yet they are merely stars being born or young stars without rotation.  Whilst the Big Bang theory is just expansion of space and time in one universe, possibly billions to trillions of years in the making (a sort of incomprehensible collision of old galaxies with new ones, hence the whirl pool effect is a process of dying stars in orthodoxy).  This or these facts are widely taught by science and overlooked by the occult. There are many universes in the occult.  When the moon contacted the earth, it first created a spiral friction around the earth starting in the north pole, however when the shell of the moon, or seed contacted the earth it broke and created a bowl or giant explosion upon the surface of the ocean, however this caused the moon to repel itself from its northern position of mount meru to the southern oceanic one it is presently in today.  Evolutionary or extraterrestrial light refers to the path of venus, earth and the moon therefore differs from the light of the logos or genii of the sun which is truly why the etheric form is miscomprehended, too great, a true birth, or not of this system. Hours naturally past by like days or minutes in the occult.  Synchronicity comprehended or the 27 day rotation in the axis and revolution of the moon. A mass simultaneous forced impact made it spin.
    Here explains the origin of the physical germ or organic seed from the chaotic spirit known as Venus.  Libra is a golden aura as stars or light unknown (there was a star called Mizar or sister of Alcor whom was made or collected to form a sphere from dust within Orion, often the atlanteans will mistaken earth's creation for it, however earth spiraled downwards via a narrow path not wide one like the moon had, also we noted earth as a transmuting object, which means it formed via collected dust from this spiral [now the asteroid belt], as opposed to magi or the unknown memory of this female consciousness).  Not tbc with Altair, which is a close 9 hour star affiliated with aquarius near sagitti whom leads or is ahead of the sun.  The Great bear rock was not one piece, but many small pieces merged together by magnetism in our system from a dead world.  We have no recollection of the orion worlds, only the gods or godly aliens do.  The venusian planet unleashed itself way before it arrived whilst still a thriving world in the Pleiades, an object passed the rings of jupiter upon a 'creation' or phase (Life cycle of Jupiter upon entering) of the solar system in the same manner alien planets do pass.  The Cosmic germ was carried and formed itself, hitting the rishi of earth.  An aged Jupiter flings its objects infront of our solar system, whilst Saturn subjects other objects to create the outer ring. The inner ring is toiled, forms earlier material, and most of the collisions are because of Zeus himself, for if Jupiter had not been, we would not as well.  Little is known how the rare seed became a part of the rishi or dead asteroid of earth itself, yet fully explains how the feminine egg (moon) fertilizes it.  For everything which passes the 'god' is flung in front of it.  Saturn and Uranus is of the last solar system, Saturn going in front of his father. Therefore Chronos has created the son Zeus himself in a steady path at a time of nonhuman intervention and invention or non-organic nature.  An 'alien' planet to our system, the so-called 'mad titan' (Titan actually, Mad is the Light of Saturn!) is formed of darkness itself where its sun is its guide.  The Fallen Titan is Prometheus.  Therefore humanity must go back a mere 8000 years old under the promethium germ or curse of the fallen gene.  Whilst Saturn is of alien authenticity to Mars, Jupiter is the same to Earth for it is widely 'believed' Martian life may have came from many sources, as well as venusian or pleiadian (Venus soon follows the germ path) and terrestrial life not (note: Martian cosmic evolution of organisms was much quicker and more short, yet its body is older than the moon, it's true age of the solar body in this system has, also known to be inhabited of godly or cosmic intelligence, see the atomic principles of initiation).  The older universe of Orion upon the siva aspect where the star gates or signs are closed. Late upon arrival to a well trained seer, early and at the same time to a master.  Venus will return to pursue earth because of its slowing orbit.  Jupiter, the true speculated god of the occult.  
     *Sirius is the center of the current 7 solar systems from where the Great Bear is the Masculine, and Pleiades Feminine of which the sun revolves around Alcyone in Pleiades while Sirius is inbetween it and the North Star or towards the center of the galaxy.  The far future son, sun or solar dynasty (solar system) is the virgo-aries cross instead of the libra-aries, sag-cancer one currently in alignment.  Our galaxy in general is a one spiral thick armed galaxy in the corner or background of nothingness to the zodiac.  Elija as the unknown.  Alien life, a rare treasure or diamond within each zodiacal sign in order to create via brahma.  The matter stuck in life as the serpent, a test where the form is useless and not represented.  Science itself, A perspective of how the solar system is being made or how its in the process of growing.
       -This star mimics a soul that controls and sees every aspect of your life and thought.  Our Solar system is the fragmented individual of a greater being. The pole-shifts must be due to the weight of the earth sinking or turning and not interplanetary intervention.  All four poleshifts have sunken the earth in declining degrees.  These must be metamorphosis's of the insignificant land plates against the enormous mass of water.  It may not even be the sun turning as stated a few times but the earth simply falling into place.  Its equators turn and fall eventually. The mass which sustains it, collapse and matter becomes deformed.  The ocean waters of the pacific during contact with the moon must have been in the north, where the 12 islands and gobi once stood.  The first ethereal, second microcosmic and third Lemurian maps of the world must be limited to the humans in our brains or knowledge.  The sun's magnetic field must not contribute to the contact of earth.  If the sun turns, it does so silently.  Harmonic Sounds in the center of the milky way are great due to the close proximity of stars.  Aliens are known to tamper with human genetics to created deformities or deformed creatures on earth.  They have intelligence that goes so far as to knowing how to place a star in space.  Sirius, the two of the Pleiades and the triangulum is the power of the 5th masonic energy.  Polaris is of the 4rth.
       -Cosmic Evil emanates from the alignment of two stars, one in the Pleiades and one in the Great Bear.  When all the stars are heavenly aligned this Evil will perish. The Great Bear is not considered black magic yet the life within it is.  Time travel in the occult (even by higher beings) is but temporary if not illusionary and deceptive.  We are made of deva substance or many parts of a greater being.  The earth sinks from TGB to create life than starts turning atomically after fermentation is involved.  The idiocy of science will be destroyed, eg the one armed spiral galaxy mimics the water spiral on earth's hemispheres, if it were different like science presumes we would have four armed whirl pools which spiral towards its center.  The stars must be high-beings or soldiers to destroy the wicked on earth.  The Cosmic mother native to earth must be Aquarius, hence cancerian, a non-god or organic poison and an unknown continuation, albeit its alien counter-part pure eve is Taurus.  Was the being Jesus himself of the old race of Cainanites with royal blood?  Once there was a female only race and culture of the third world whom exceeded the current space-age.  They had many instruments and were considered a hive of one male per a tribe of countless females.  Where the sinful human race is one female per 2 or 3 males (however siva seems to reject union or make an example of mankind due to this act of adultery).  The Sons of Cain or daughters of man born of the hive were forgiven.  Are the Arabs a youthful race?  There is not one zodiacal father, but many fathers, all the pitris or dead spirits of the past are fathers.  However, there is one god eg there is one divine sivic breath, this source is truly an unknown upon the last universe and may be upon countless ones.  There is usually one sivic human christ every 1000 years in earth's history.  The Atlanteans are not hated by humanity, but humanity by them.  Given the population of humanity, against an individual with the christ nature, it is very rare.  Magic is temporary so not enough proof of god or a divine source.  Scorpio enters Sagittarius in the sidereal by mid-december therefore a false christ is comprehended and divine magic or nature appreciated.  
    Judaism (oldest fifth race religion) is the history of mankind from a muslim perspective or the one true religion (a one god religion as opposed to the trinity) for muslim sorcery equates back to buddhism once more.  Does god exist as one?  Yes, they lie, there should be a one god religion, but there are in fact 12 sources to god (a belief in a god will always be an unknown).  The one who is the source of all twelve sounds or events is god, therefore light of the heavens is creation which is once again twelve sources (one's spirit upon death returns to the corresponding sign of 12 it was born under).  Light of the heavens creates its own via the twelve instead of the one.  To have sidereal traits of a jewish alien, one's mother or the female host must be jewish.  The occult teaches us that we are indeed an archetype of a god or once were, however a one god (heart or pulse) beyond the 12 gods or solar logos (sound, eg god is a christ child, to find a one source that controls all twelve sources most likely means death of your soul; beasts bare no relation to each other or his time has come to past) is inconceivable.  To not follow the one of the 12 sources under your birth sign for knowledge and experience is finding a god in error (a god will most likely not find you, or even know of your world's existence). The past universe had seven gods, the present 12, the next will have 8.  To spark god, one must have a companion or an equal, therefore the reference of two is given to god for with creation one must have matter or substance.  The jews mimick personality so well (non-initiation or steps towards personality control&initiation, karma basically, eg taurus unites with sag or leo mimics aries) simply because they are new here on earth.  If Sag is god, aries is its son, a monad whom it bores after which aries bores or spawns none from its body (sag bores aries, whom bores cap, then spawns gem whom later recreates cancer. Cap spawns tau (however may be an unknown) which make up four then seven (aquarius is god the new unknown god, cap spawns gemini and finally with tau does pisces appear) presumably.  Aries spawns leo, libra creates, and virgo destroys (becomes son of taurus).  1 turns to 7 and nonhumanly becomes 9 (cancer, scorpio) then 10-to-12 humanistically (a leo, libra, virgo trinity appears, finally scorpio becomes human when virgo-leo are joined)...or the serpent secretively bores the unknown god sign of sag whom truly borns cap (in union with aries? male fertilization or the unknown?!?).  A God though is of one being whom creates the elements.  There is one source to 12 but only greater beings may know of that source.  It may have been placed as an unknown, but once again it is a sivic child, ashura or that which does not move.  Libra must have been created from random spheres of a past or fallen universe (maybe there was a god outside the seven in the prev universe whom fell, much like the constellations outside our zodiac) hence the more distant galaxies signify older zodiacs.  Hari Krisna is a consciousness or mantram for he whom moves illusion (in third person?) or the movers of illusion.  We may presume, the one god of the 7 all points to an entity or unknown element in Sagittarius to us or our perspective of things (1 created 7 which becomes 9 then 12 or fem became masc). Aquarius is an oblong deity who's spheres either go up or down, left or right.  God does not return nor does he go to the right as the devil does.  In the occult, god exists as the number 12 or twelve divine sources (basically 1 turns into 12, a master is met or felt) as opposed to one unknown or a source which leads to one.
     Planets are born and die as do stars.  Planets were drawn into our solar system in its dawn of creation, many spiraled into the sun.  The symbol or story of the fish with two heads, or horus as a future aspect of venusian design, venus gives chase to jupiter whilst jupiter does the same to earth whom than gives chase to venus.  To create a Horus as Gemini.  In reality, Earth will become 'pluto-like' slowly at death after which 2 suns appear. The egg will become circular and then globular and the zodiac will have no effect upon lower nature, only its masters where small sidereal pockets of civilization reside and the ocean becomes vast (it is swamp-mountain-sand-rock in elemental time or clouds thicken then thin).  Know this, the reason why life exists on this planet is because of sag regenerating the earth upon revolutions around the zodiac, otherwise a dead world would create life briefly to finally fade away.  Mars and Venus were ancient planets once with life and dense atmospheres, now dead as earth is. Sidenote or cite, Mars may have been a moon of Neptune before it was one of Vulcan, albeit it may have also come to our solar system separately, or alone much like the newest addition, the earth did. Except it was to impede upon the paths of these higher sacred planets. This much is known, the moon will enter the sun due to its impending centrifugal force opposite of that from the earth, it must only go forward and the earth back (see the section on refuting the ridiculous claim of science saying it will hit-the-earth).  Mars has returned upon entering or even before (or after) its organic life and occultly visitations (life and time on other planets in the occult may be speculated).  The animal kingdom can sense the many deaths in their next lives or rounds.  Sag creates taurus whom creates virgo.  Scorpio enters sag to show no fear of the soul for fear causes one to lose or make a mistake, as is the division between the experienced races with the none experienced ones.  The experienced races go through a pain or threshhold/ of where the piscean cat was domesticated and the White Dynasty of the Han (Libran Qin Dynasty of white magi originate in worship of the dead spirits called the 'Jin' or past, future-present races eg races of Jupiter, the 7 islands of the gobi or the 4rth race or the 1 million year old atlanteans are 100,000 years old incarnated human souls).  Like worms lodged deep within the earth, the aryas inhabited Africa at one time.  The astral plane is an illusion of divinity, therefore it is a machine made of water.  The head as a brief cloud.
  • *Black Magic more dangerous than materialists of which are good, evil is from the death of rebelling against free will (eg in offense of man's ridicule of the self in nature). Parliamentary tricks. It is of Abundance. The word 'Magi' just actually derived from Old Religion. Pride (7 sins), Violence, Murder, Harassment are indeed cultural sins against kind. Drugs such as heroin or deva substance is of a prehistoric time therefore its weight not fit for lower nature. They are opiates found in the opiet plant family, of which is why sins are alleviated through the aquarian saint jude on this matter. Subjective nature rules man. The Atlantides never dream. Anarchy simply doesn't work. Druids kept the knowledge for themselves. When the body sleeps it (the spirit) heals or goes through a healing process regardless if there is an ice-age etc. Yet these modes of death do not guarantee reincarnation. Black magicians tend to run into matter with force basically. On an interesting note, water (if in a circular form or non-globular) ripples or starts to ripple away from the center as do the planets via the mirroring of unknown magnetic forces, electric currents and chain reactions, most notably vulcan. If the Sikhs are able to traverse decades of time, so are anyone whom becomes good at a certain practice or skill such as meditation. However a morning still rises the same throughout every day of the year, as does the cell of man become finite amongst a greater scheme. So we accept greater beings and races than even buddha and christ actually, however they are an unknown or unworldly. Black magicians are actually connected to misunderstanding or misuse of ether at an early stage via vulcan or the spirit as a pole-shift, not the astral plane because in the end a shadow is still a shadow, light is still light hitting an object. If one kills an animal, the spirit of that animal does not haunt him or her, actually it leaves. Beings who are confused it seems or use neg or exoteric forces at an early stage of development via control must be elementals actually. Hence if one is helped by its enemy he in turn is its enemy, therefore communism (nature) only works without the help of capitalism (materialism) so it is rare for the former to be above the latter yet it is defined that way. One should live with nature not against it. Futile man against nature. If Leo is the anti-christ or 9 anti-christs whom started the Crusades, then libra is lucifer or the one whom succeeds them. Both black and white in reality is a war against self. The dangerous law of action and reaction.
  • In the occult, gypsies are dead races which still have the ability to use Magic or herefore know knowledge of.  Ganesha as the figure, deity, one god or pantheon is of hindu martian origin.  They are semites on the verge of extinction.  Non-jews defer from the Jews in simply looking Non-asian, however they are both asian bodies or indian in origin and therefore Human.  Taurus must have been sixth to first ray in the last world, whilst Aries 7th upon initiation.  Events such as global simultaneous earthquakes (small poleshifts like the sumatra one except on a global scale or a minor shift or movement of the plates and continents) are hidden from the public throughout history.  Past civilizations of races from beings such as the greeks are highly ideological and fascist for the zodiac only belongs to the Sumerians or the direct descendants and clones of the greeks not the greeks themselves, black magic or the ability to fool someone should also be confined to this case.  The Asian race on earth is the most intelligent where as the caucasians are only second to them spiritually as well.  We have deduced the trimurti during the time of atlas or the atlanteans; the islands in the Atlantic of the three gods. Brahma is Daitya, Vishnu is Atla, and Siva is Ruta.  It is said that siva destroys the continents of Maya-ashura (these are words as simple meanings or emotions) or brahma whom helps vishnu which went to war at a time against its enemies in Lanka. The Russians may indeed be european.  If the jews are one tribe in belief of one god, so is the rest of the human race.  They are remnant tribes of greater races whom degenerated only to return to its primeval source, yet they are less experienced then the alien jews whom are regarded as illusion or pos as opposed to negative or temporary.  An island sub-species becomes a dominant world species somehow.  Here is why the seed must sustain itself and the human race of earth is regarded as intermingled filth from one sub-species.  Basically, before the human age countries owned other countries in those days, were able to conquer the planet and were ruled by a one world empire.  
    A second Rebellion from Rama and the dravidians or the new mongul race from the south caused a chain reaction and downfall.  An Asiatic Thailand was conquered by the Sumerians upon this round first, however they were weeded out of whom repeated the events of Rama and Sita with a twin of its zodiacal counter-part far into the burmese age of buddha.  Soon afterwards came asiatic or Turkish-Japanese fifth race culture.  As well as nuclear war and weapons were unleashed on the sinful human cities as penance for their behavior or non-progression in its states.  Fifth race humans were arcane to magic and medieval tantric beliefs throughout the sidereal.  In those days they were semi-giants and affiliated not themselves with the other worldly races whom occupied or controlled the globe (remember humans were around from 1-5 million years depending on their stature, fell to and fro from evolution yet were small in number or very medieval).  These events unfolded after the rama epic about 250k-85k years ago.  They did not master the sky, during the sky cities of Arcadia and were fallen so to speak, even more so now yet humans finally mastered technology by themselves without much help in this age let alone from the sorcery of the sakas.  Maharashtra was a capital for the dwarka again, yet their enemies the Pandavas had achieved unworldly territory, these beings mastered the martians and are an unknown now. The capricious pandavas ruled the world, blue-purple reptile beings with yellow eyes were unworldly as were other races with high technology.  Only hidden traits of small elementary acts are found by the fifth race in the sidereal.  When time passes through a critical point it is natural.  When a race dies they die collectively, therefore it may be impossible to find bones on an island or under a mountain, mostly if they have ability to burn or disintegrate upon death.  The Dwarka had won previously, 1.2 million years ago in a world war with the hive.  There is one being of light for every million but for this race of andromeda (the pandavas) whom operates the black triangle and left this world uncolonized and untouched (unwanted). They created cities or conjoined with the royal Saka race.  The age is so great, krishna (a white silver skinned being whom degenerated into a purple pandava half-breed) simply managed to reincarnate into the human kingdom via 3102 bce yet the mahabaratan or Kurukshetra world war truly occurred 85,000 years ago with a race whom had no territory, therefore the pandavas naturally won against, at that time, remnance of rama's race whom, like the monguls of today, ruled asian territory or lands at that time.  The appearance of krishna is infact named in science methanaglobenemia or a condition where the skin is born blue, however it is unexplained to the chakra of the body.  The fact is, whence a pool of water under the sun becomes frozen or doth noth crystallize the same pool next to it will, it is smaller and will not stay frozen because its light is in the path of the sun.  The alien Arya are of Orion or Meru, dwarka hybrids with the original capricious pandavas and geminian sakas.  If the father of cancer is the newest form of siva or gemini, then we may presume the father of sagittarius or zeus is virgo where when one goes forward it returns to the beginning and a true god or creator is not revealed for god must create or be creator (a part of creation whether cosmic or not), even if sivic and from infinite universes.  Judgment will come to the human signs in this world of nature if it fails, hence white and black magicians or past and future.  They are neither white nor black magicians but, like most organisms, parliamentary beings. 
       -The Last Deluge occurred sometime before 948 BC however the great deluge occurred 11.000 bce for forty years was the world incased in water. The Great Deluge of many is told to have occured when every planet except for Saturn aligned itself on one side of the Sun.  Mādhava, an aspect of Mars as Capricorn, son of Rama and before Krishna's arrival.  The White Island must have been attached to England once yet not during those days, before our ice-age, therefore there was more land there and South America was not where it was during this rounds fourth world map. A major aftershock after the 850k pole-shift must have misaligned the continents a little and sunk a few great islands during this fourth world.  This small shift was caught off guard by the races and death came from the east.  This minor pole-shift must have humiliated not only the anunnaki, but the fifth race whom were fighting them.  It must have been caught off guard by the human giant eaters or sons of cronus.  Remember, the fifth world has not arrived yet.  Greenland must have been more North just a few dozen thousand years ago. Yet this was one of many minor shifts or misalignments from the 850k, 85k, and 10k chain reactions or pole shifts.  Between these intervals there were no ice-age yet between 75000 and 10k there was an ice-age.  We are entering a warming period  which will cool or realignment will occur until recently due to the sin of man.  100x 4 must have turned into 26x 4 in the turning of the planetary poles, mathematically speaking of course.  Earthquakes are sharply on the rise, the nights in winter will become colder, the days warmer.  The whole ocean sunk or rose under the pacific rim.  Kali is a union of Virgo-Scorpio, or imagination as the first savior of Eve-Lilith upon this time.
       -Of where the Earth's East axis was in the North and the Sun in the South.  Zuni Indians look at North and South by color.  Water must have briefly slid down the straights of north america. Sumeria must have been under water due to a minor pole-shift eg North is Yellow South is red, East is white, West is Blue the color of the sun ocean and skies. Winter is the head and Summer is the body.
     The 4 sacred rivers feed Asia from Tibet.  The 4 elements of the sacred Tibetan mountain, Kailāśā.  Siva destroys evil.  Sacred is the herb cannabis upon entering in nirvana.  The white lotus turns back into a seed from whence it came at dawn.  The lotus itself must be greater than a mountain, or even a soul somehow.  Still evolution in the heart of asia. Only white magicians can comprehend the Zodiac and lower nature as one.  The underground ruins of Agartha in Tibet is where evil spirits are drawn by unworldly forces eg the fallen of previous worlds.  Membranes or other planes do not exist in the occult, however they may exist to a super-conscious in the future eg one can not see the inner workings or organs of a body without the necessary vision activated all the time where the past remains dead and unborn, the future not known.  The angels in heavenly bodies use unknown rays of light emitted from the heavens to activate the aura or crown chakra.  Rays from unknown sources of the universe or divine movement, eg e=mc2 as energy equals massxcircumference squared which is circumference of the light traveling around a sphere's mass times 2 aka sphere light travels around or the result of the mass of unknown light sources colliding with an object will be usually deflected at a different speed.  This theory is dismissed in the occult because it believes there is a 4rth dimension&light has not traveled 3 dimensionally or on a plane (see also the tachyon theory in science).  The only problem we see is that it was in the great past, and his theories are infact onpoint to the present time (exact point in time from the sphere one resides on, or its movement through time) of how the universe works, or atleast our galaxy.  Vulcan is the 4rth dimension.  Siva is real or of a non-elemental form.  Four sacred rivers feed the Indus and Ganges in India and is a secret to its creation.  Saudi Arabia has a massive ocean (wetland) trapped under its desert, proving marsh land can turn dry since prehistoric times.  Mass changes through light every second (or light parsec eg lightspeed time) an organism moves.  In a more broader sense, the Ganges slide upon newly sought creation and evolution, the Nile stills whilst the tibetan mountain nourishes.  The christhood understood.  
    -Right is the path towards Heaven, eg asteroids enter earth's atmosphere due to ether at a certain time spiraling, right, towards or away from the center.  The coarse of destruction.  Impact craters are never on the poles or always in an area where convulsions of heat occur.  Krsna as the avatar on earth.  One of the four inter-planetary moons escapes its path or orbit around Jupiter, and nearly destroys earth.  Venus, Mercury, the Moon (earth) and Mars are considered moons or particles of microcosmic dust fragments to greater beings.  A centrifugal force where, unlike in religion, the gyrations of stars to planets are not.  Mercury, the Moon and the Sun must have formed a trinity in Egyptian times of 250,000 years ago.  The ice-glazed moon must have made three or four passes before it contacted the earth's northern hemisphere, possibly even magnetically turning it to its current location before fertilizing it in 6 hour days.  The age of water is the prehistoric or orion age of earth where the pole-shifts are magnetic and simultaneous.  It may have taken earth 4 poleshifts upon one movement.  Parts of the great bear or earth as a previous dead globe or rock may just be the asteroid belt.  Jupiter may not be as well known to venus, Neptune may be a consort of the then early moon, mercury (before venus's arrival) with the number 8.  Vulcan must be a returning star or dead planet.  During a pole-shift, small continents can be pushed and turned like sailboats across the sea yet large ones are harder to move.  Whilst Uranus may be older than Saturn, its phase, change or life-cycle may be younger or cut short.  Only occult and secret knowledge is within it.  If angels exist they must via the solar agni under aquarius, however it is scorpius whom speaks to the unborn christ child.  The divine movement must have come from afar as well as the life-cycle.  The sound of Osiris. The zodiac must not be real or dull matter.  
    Vulcan must have made one pass or movement to get near the sun upon creation of its birth, however the sun was young then therefore the other passes were vulcan as a comet.  Mercury enters the asteroid belt on these dates of 85k, responsible for being a moon loose by saturn however it turns back into vulcan as the inner lotus petals (..or pedals) realign its oblong orbit.  Vulcan is a periodic outer-ring Comet which caused destruction of the Egyptian race 850k and 260k, and an inner-ring comet via destruction 36k.  Metamorphic poleshifts require two factors, a lunar transition (large size object within the sphere of influence or orbital moon) and solar turn or atomic metamorphosis, therefore planets alone can not cause an earth to change.  It is almost a chaotic and blind sense.  Here are the following poleshifts...vulcan comes and brings the planets pre 4bce, prefertilization or no life beyond the bacteria (4b-306bce) 1st age=moon freezes earth (306bc-47m), 2nd age=vulcan paralyzes earth on its second pass inside our logoi (47m), 3rd age=saturn feuds with the outer planets and tilts (18m), 4rth age=vulcan/mercury/venus/mars become the inner rings by jupiter (occurred 85k bc-now), 5th age=nemesis of nibiru's moons hit our logoi (in 1000 years fast approaching), 6th age=sun+nemesis (1 million years?!? may even be as close as 20,000 ad enter the system, mars leaves our system so its est around 428k ad), 7th age=unknown or the sun simply turning away due to a slow orbit (couple of millions of years, the moon leaves our system, this time is so great as to the dwarf star nibiru even orbiting our star).  220 million years ago is a germ introduced of alien life from venus by the sons of orion, aka the jews whom destroyed a planet in their sphere.  Within 360m however there was a martian germ which seeded life somehow (science may say different however carbon dating lies therefore this will be the correct answer).  Lemuria or simply put, land was created 150 million years ago (this doctrine may say different however this is the correct answer).  A 1 trillion year old Earth like asteroid enters Ra 4.5 billion years ago.  Earth's transit or corpse however came from an Orion planet of the Great Bear rock within that very age.  On Mars, an asteroid object hits its planet 1 billion years ago (it must have gone into the asteroid belt because of earth).  Planets will probably fail to catch the sun so to speak.  A Collision of Saturn with Jupiter draws the inner ring.  Once again Vulcan is thought to be the cause for decline in this solar system albeit without a ps this planet would be a watery sphere.  A cold or frozen pond stays frozen and in darkness, however light heats a portion of the pond.  Earth is said to be here for 1 million more years with organic life and 1 billion more as a body in this system.  A macro-cosmic poleshift must have occurred by Vulcan 36k in the start of earthquakes (or non-synchronized moons, may have just slowed the moons) and with Venus via Jupiter using Mars as a weapon.
       -Sirius controls the most evolved aspects of the human race through Venus in Libra of which streams of light is shared unto Earth with the sun.  The laws of Cosmic Karma on its subplane and its effects is of the Sirian parent system.  Simple relationships to cosmic truths for masters.  A planetary guess to its system, for even masters do not command the laws of planets until they have become them.  The gene of the Atlanteans are 360 million years old, where as the jews are 250 million years of age from the simple cell, the human race's gene is 47 million years old (eg a hybrid in nature devolving is 5m-1m years of age, only 260k years ago did your race even leave africa without interbreeding from jungles, leaving an imprint or learning to migrate) albeit they have atlantean genetics via higher nature therefore it is 360 million years of age minus pole-shift evolution.  Seth as Lepus (kane, Cane or Cain in the bible) is a group of stars or a constellation connected to the false king and prophets whom ascended and of whom were defeated on Earth.  Grand or Greater Gods reside in other planetary logos such as the Sirius one of which our rays are shared.
    *Dwarf planets known by Science are made up fabrications.  All worlds with atmospheres have the lotus form, for a magnetic field or shield is required for life on a planet.  Planets such as Ceres, Makemake, and Eris are a lie made up by science, possibly low resolution two-dimensional photographic images from other solar systems intended to confuse you.  Hence Makemake has no moons to begin with, eris is too far, and ceres has no moons, therefore not a real planet yet known as a dwarf planet.  Pluto however has a system and is far inside the vulcanized ring of ice.  'Dwarf' means small, or elementary so it is considered fabricated and slow moving even when fast, preliminary learning to most respect.  Most likely asteroids or planetoids (ceres cited SD pg 500 vI, 9 planets p 432).  Pluto is not a dwarf planet, nor was its actual size incorrect.  Triton's retrograde orbit must mean it belongs to Saturn.  Before the last pole-shift, moons rotated much like the planetary cycles in an opposite direction and were non-synchronous.  Planets acted like solar systems basically (8 hour cycles, 6 hour cycles etc depending on the planetary spirit).  The planets must have become tilted or are now in a tilted position for the moons to move the way they do.  Planets are not cellular but Collapsed Stars.  Pitris at work in the etheric make up its life and forms.  Proof of the deep freeze on the moon.  Civilizations must have went to war 1.7 million years ago, or far before the polar shift in knowledge of such.  Lesser builders build up the law of karma. Stars are created via prana, atomic, and/or Astral light.  Eg Of familiarity to christ, is lucifer, the physical man. This is all known as form building or active cooperation.
    Creation of Planets expand as a known Nebulous fire mist.  This creates a certain firemist of the planets and systems.  This creates condensation at great speeds.  Which in turn creates planets which are connected such as the 7th rishi to the 7th planet Uranus.  Cold fire is a star or atomic. The greater the condensation the more excessive the gravity.  Chaos and violent energy created the heavens.  Hence the rolling effect which creates the mental, astral and dense planes.  eg condensation creates solidification.  Supernovas are nebulas in the occult, therefore areas of birth for groups of stars.  The ring of each sheath from logos to solar to planetary is a sphere.  Its shape, This Is One reason which defines earth as a young, or developing planet.  Solid forms may be ethereal.  The mantram of where a man speaks, eg sound vibrations.  This is how the world is saved.
    -There is no outer ring called the Kuiper Belt, let alone the Asteroid belt being in close proximity.  Ice objects from some previous time reside there.  The helical ring of Light. The Solar Cosmic Ring, and its rock forming planets within.  The inner body is the etheric body of our solar system, it passes through the four most inner planets with relation to its triangle.  The vast circulation system of the next proceeding etheric body. Namely mars, mercury and earth is in connection to this inner round in order to create a new one.  All 4 is life ether here to create the One Planetary Lord of the future system.  All planetary bodies, big or small, are analogous in its rotations and cycles in the heavens.  Absorption of the triangles are for expansion of conscious, negation of form and radioactivity.  The chaotic trail(s) of microcosmic evolution.  Vishnu and Siva as One of the Same.  The Divine Examiners absorb the triangles.  Magic is Uranus, Magnetism or living stones is Earth, fiery stones is Vulcan, education and knowledge is Jupiter, aspiration and growth is Mercury, Venus is teacher or head of the schools, Mars (albeit from Pleiades, revolutionarily speaking, could have been a moon of Vulcan, actually Orion, below Taurus in nature and origin whilst vulcan lies in an opposition constellation such as Virgo) is warrior in conjunction with the destroyer, Vishnu with his sons of desire reside with Neptune. The Draco constellation connected to Aries and Scorpio through some unknown collectivization, loses fairly securibly and easily. Sagittarians (first natural man in this round) represent the great achievements of man against lower nature or its great struggle through time as a deciding factor upon its (mankind's) idol.  These schools have passed therefore are not relevant.
    Is there a red star named Vulcan. Latin for Vulgate and called Lucifer or the christ conscious? Some may think it is so. The star of vulcan represents Mercury.  Saturn is called Satzel or Satan which means ialdabaoth in hebrew or future jehovah aka siva connected to nature. However, vulcan is connected to mother nature or a divine entity.  Did a red giant pass our logos 6 times? Inside and outside? Did it create havoc with the inner asteroid belt and outer one 3 times in our logos? Some luciferians say it is so and is why Mercury has an oblong orbit. A giant red star named vulcan passed by the sun depriving it of oxygen. Before this it was known as death or a dying movement. It passed the sun 3 times from the south in our outer heliosphere (aka the sun's aura ie the sun appears white inside the heliosphere and yellow outside the heliosphere or in its grouping of stars). However, the first time it passed the sun it literally got killed and the second and third times it was diminished greatly. It got small enough to enter the sun's solar logos. The first pass almost caused it to strangle the sun, and planets were destroyed and created. The outer ring was formed. The planets from its solar system was brought into the sun's orbit. The second pass caused a gigantic gash on the earth only to create the third age 47 million years ago (as you can see the star makes a really long journey of millions of years), this gash is known as the pacific rim (see esoteric map). Note: here we will remind the reader of the sun's cycle as atomic.  One most know earthly physics or basic concepts of rotation to understand polar movement of a clockwise rotation such as the dead circular 26k tropical movements of our earth going into or towards the sun.  It (earth) traverses through space sideways and counter-clockwise.  Its North was once towards the sun, now its away from the sun.  It was at 26.14 degrees a few years ago with low carbon levels since the industrial revolution, now its in the sidereal at 26.26 degrees with high carbon levels indicating presence of an ice-age starting possibly whether it be a hundred years from now or simply a few thousand (one would not see evidence of cities from space or true nirvana, yet the gobi shines like the sun...kali yuga truly is great).  When doing so its cycle is the halo or ring of the zodiac via the ages where every 2000 yrs it goes from pole to pole, every year it goes from right to left.  The galaxy though is spinning so fast, its in a fixed position on the outer ring, it will reach a non-fixed position when it dies or turns into a dwarf star though eg mother nature means ashura in sanskrit.  Saturn is moved backwards, it moves so far backwards at a high velocity that it runs into Uranus and almost neptune. Neptune sinks, and uranus kills saturn. Saturn is in the position the same today, its orbit is linear and represents the number 4, 8, and 12. The moon was a glazed diamond like the sun. Mars is a moon of neptune from Orion. Venus comes in 5th from the sun and a moon of jupiter. Then earth comes in as last of the planets to fertilized the moon etc. Mercury comes into position recently 85k-36k. Mars passes the earth 900bc. Venus then has recently come infront of the sun 3123 bce. This one movement transpired billions if not trillions of years ago. Mercury was a planet 8th from the sun. Satzel means Satan in ancient Hebrew which is connected to nature. However, vulcan is connected to mother nature or a divine entity.  We repeat these events or order frequently because it may not be concise.
    First we will start with Uranus, Uranus was let loose from vulcan and saturn soon followed then Jupiter via pollux and possibly vulcan. Neptune is from Orion and alien, no one knows how it came here actually. Uranus and Neptune come in first. However, Uranus briefly skirmished with neptune and they move backwards as brother and sister. So, Jupiter comes in last, it jumps in front of Saturn, whom was first under the sun.  Saturn is moved backwards, it moves so far backwards at a high velocity that it runs into Uranus and almost neptune. Neptune sinks, and uranus kills saturn. Saturn is in the position the same today, its orbit is linear and represents the number 4, 8, and 12. The moon was a glazed diamond like the sun. Mars is a moon of neptune from Orion. Venus comes in 5th from the sun and a moon of jupiter. Then earth comes in as last of the planets to fertilized the moon etc. Mercury comes into position recently 85k-36k. Mars passes the earth 900bc. Venus then has recently come infront of the sun 3123 bce. This one movement transpired billions if not trillions of years ago.  Mercury was a planet 8th from the sun. The third pass was crucial to the events of earth's history recently. The star cycled into a lotus form and became drawn to the moon to planets phase. It first entered Saturn's orbit as mercury, then was released. Mercury ricocheted off of the inner asteroid belt. The lotus form was wide and narrow basically, like the lotus leaf. This destroyed atlantis and brought a deep ice-age. However, once it broke through the inner lotus 36,000 years ago it caused glaciers to melt. The sun's orbit caused it to speed greatly. It pushed the earth back into position, many historians recall accounts of seeing a red object constantly pass by the earth. There were a total of 6 phases by the object. Since this is such a broad topic, we will mention the order of the planets coming into the logos in the comments below and it will reveal the number 8.
    God speaks and sound is made, is the essence of form building.  To build forms one speaks.  Energy streams through the spiritual sun all the way down to the causal body and atom finally to electron's nucleus or elemental energy as it is called.  Deva and Molecular sustenance. The magnetic sphere, not only resembles the core of a star, but the lotus on earth past and present however, current it is wide and narrow, whilst before or a long time ago its leaves (magnetic wavelengths) in space were short and stout.  There is so much time left on earth, that its wings have yet to spread and dissipate, or simply put unfold yet when it does it will be quick done or a quick process instead of a slow and arduous one.  Words from the heart are expressions of synthesis.  The seven heavenly monads of men do not effect us.  They are of greater cosmic planes therefore have no contact.  The blood brothers of the moon chain do however.  An occult secret lies here where The earth dies slowly in the night.  Jupiter represents the forces of evil to lower nature.  Evil itself is the cosmic being's digestive system.  Rama is a being connected to a time which reigned the divine or Great Kings of Sumeria in an evil past of a grid of maze-like cities.  The head of Ketu (Uranus or fish) as Aries is enemies with the sun, moon and Jupiter, the ashura rahu (Neptune) as well (particularly Saturn).  Neptune must be a southern planet now.  If Pisces represents evolution, then Leo & Capri instigates evolution for Cancer to evolve its form.  Taurus or this cosmic 'Eve' is Vulcan, the sun is still Leo or the Christ however Capricorn is only limited as the god (not creator, master or initiate) of lower nature.  A Piscean Neptune must have failed in creation on this system or in personality, a Cancerian white magician must have initiated somehow in the past.  Much is hidden here upon the karmic slaughter of animals which non-initiated man commits.
    *Mercury is known as the second sun, its etheric body extending 600,000 km around, taking up more light than earth and venus combined times four, older than Venus and Earth combined, is of the oldest. The moon of Vulcan is of the oldest alien lunar body and origin in our system.  Mercury is from the constellation Sirius as well.  Once a star, Mercury's path was a narrow one.  It is possible Mercury was a satellite of Venus albeit for it to occur would be temporary much like all small objects during a path or turning of the system.  Saturnian in origin, venusian in its future, its scar is an unfinished transformation or synthesis of heat from a dead core, instant heat and cold. Hermes of Set is told to have the power to 'rise the dead.'  This masculine planet is praised by the masters.
    -The god Nebo (Medorach) ruled and worshiped once by Nabin from everyone except the Jews, an 8000 year old nationalistic tribe from India of which god Jehovah, the female male moon was worshiped.  In the occult, Horus is not the fish pisces but yet a bramic figure aka Ra or the race of the vishnic Nara.  Here a secret occultly hidden link between the nagas and their supernatural ability via the chaldi germ of race spread are given.  However, Jehova is a feminine entity or future human race of christ.  The mother is dark water, the Nari and chaos as vishnu or the soul signs whilst the son is the fish or siva.  The animal body is not a star, yet its consciousness may very well be.  Creator of the 4rth and 5th race (note once again, estimates are given eg intervals may be off by integral numbers).  The evil sorcerers survived the Deluge of Egypt in order to penetrate the Asiatic Race.  Buddha, the awakened one, is also worshipped by this race.
    *'Earth was formed dense and cool.  Heaven was upon Earth in Great Mass before water'.  Luminous, like a newborn, then gleamed water turned violent (Plants were before water. Organisms can thrive without air.)  Cloud-like Veins flame the earth through space as a vishnu descends from the heavens.  Allah and Christos may be interconnected or interrelated. The Moon must have had orbits around earth of 21 days instead of 27, better yet 11, 9 or 6 days!  Time moves quickly, currently the earth's continents or ecliptic went southwards by 26 degrees within 20 years.  A spiral is formed to meet the earth.  With Libra under Venus and earth, the consciousness enters instant heaven or a second as a day or even a lifetime...connected to the sophia christos and deva substance.  However, earth follows Gemini or Horus (the bermuda triangle? a event of asteroids upon the canadian ice-sheets 85k+ years ago?) where all is known.  He is great merely because of the fall of Satan.  The Age of Gemini was 78000 bce when these events transpired it seems.  The Sun watches it, the Sentient Lords of Karma govern it.
    Malkuth, Nibirus, Marduk, Planet X have all been sited on Sumerian iconographs as a destroyer planet from this system. A 10th planet. An Alien destroyer planet early on in this system possibly from Lyra. The rotational period of 2012.  Aztec alignment with the center of the Galaxy or blackhole occurs in 2012.  Planet X in the occult however is likened to Hod (intellectualism or genius) or the missing planet in the nine worlds, like how malkuth is the degenerated or unconfirmed planet in the sephir (the sephiroth is infact only 10 worlds, where cold hell is regarded as a dead spirit or highly denoted as the red chakra).  However, the age of aquarius will start approximately at 2500 ad.  It is said throughout this doctrine an age is 2000 years, but the light that hits the earth from a zodiac sign is said to be 2500 years.  An age is 2500 years, its precursor age started exactly 0 bce under christ, the aquarian age will start 2500 bce, scientifically speaking.  Read carefully estimates are given usually if not corrected.  The sad truth is nazi germany was an extension of ancient sumeria or greece, and russia sprung from western europe however it is widely taught in history lower-nature spreads from east to west and dies doing so.  If it regenerates the gene, the gene gets smaller or becomes a new race (the dutch and czechs have hungarian-romanian russian names?! the illusion is they are germanic words, once again greeks are dravidian).  There can be new races within races because a gene is a finished product. World war iii of India in late May the 20th of Taurus.  The first theory to be taught was it as the systematic planet Uranus.  Also Irrelevant.  If it happens, it happened.  Earth-like planets are located in the direction of the distant constellation of Libra, far beyond our galaxy.  Where the zodiac once again, due to invention, is readable (eg Virgo to bright stars and galaxies, Aries to dim stars or galaxies-to-stars, Cancer to stars, Aquarius to stars and planets eg dissension-to-ascension, Scorpio to giant stars and our galaxy eg galactical center or blackhole, Taurus to evolutionary stars, pisces to dead planets and stars, gemini to close collective stars and galaxies, leo to sun-like stars, or the sun-to-neptune, capricorn to collective stars and galaxies, sag as the gateway or portal to other universes etc).  Phaethon in greek is actually Jupiter or Dios (god) protecting the comet venus, not the comet venus itself.  The seismic magnetic-shift is changing, therefore 2 great shifts occur at a time.  A magnetic one and a physical shift eg iron compositions are evident in the sahara for the 30 years civilization has polluted the earth, therefore a pole-shift is once again in progress and may happen quickly. 
    *If Yggdrasil is a tree of life or map to other worlds, the Dwarves are Jews of Capewa or the homeworld of Da'at.  Yesod is the orange chakra (Monguls are usually from Yesod and they usually take any form on earth and/or yesod.  Here is where culture is truly adhered to as well), aka the world of the Cheribs near planet malkuth (it is told black aryans aka dwarves eg dwarves are homo sapien in genetics, still inhabit this world) or aka Alcor (hence Mizar and Alcor as the red and orange chakra) which was destroyed by Hod.  Mizar was the red male chakra and Alcor the orange female one (eg the black ones of Alcor are female, therefore male is female or dominates the male form or mate).  The male orion world whom was destroyed is Mizar, now a part of earth.  Mars is Niflheim or Gevurah aka land of ice and twin to its sister planet venus aka Hesed.  Hesed or Hod represents 4 and we may presume there is even an asian alien world or possibly worlds of the Andromeda as far back in time as Venus on this map.  Netzach must be a Zeta world of the Southern cross named after a 'Zeta' in science-fiction, however pluto or Chokhmah may have even been a past world in the occult.  Albeit Jötunheimr may be Jupiter and not Venus we know this would prob make it Venus anyways, for Venus was a main moon of Jupiter once.  Muspelheim&Vanaheimr or Hod of Andromeda is also a world, it is the world which destroyed the Orion world of Malkuth (Hel or Hel-heim however there are two hells where as Mulspelheim, present day pluto, destroyed this world is aka cold hell, and Hel-heim a hot one) and was destroyed in the process, (however it is not found in space, Jotenheim joined Mulspelheim to destroy the orion world of which is connected to the pregnant male chakra and can still achieve christhood).  Vanaheimr is regarded as heaven.  They are the two different worlds which are represented in the Eddas.  Here we will divulge the spirit of atlantis as Yimir where as Yggdrasil is indeed the ancient pole-star or tree of life not for one of our worlds but for all of the worlds.  It is thereby an unknown or more distant then the pole-stars which are seen.  Pluto (Muspelheim or Chokhmah situated on the right, however one is next to malkuth) must be shear evil, it must be apokolips or a world whom is associated with destroying malkuth.  Malkuth (kingship) was caught in the middle of a planetary war with chokhmah and vanaheimr (not cited in the Kabbalah, a virgoan planet and god of fertility, may be connected to juno).  Heaven and Hell are told to be said here.  In the Kabbalah, Binah (our moon) and Netzah are both affiliated with each other therefore also connected to once again, virgo.  Therefore its considered a casualty.  Chokmah and Hod as pluto are the same therefore the jews have it that you go to hell after you die, however Chokmah may have been a planetary moon of Hod.  Dvergar is a norse world of the pleiades and so is Asgard, however dvergar is missing from the sefir and eddas altogether.  True masculinity is of a feminine nature it seems.  If Yggdrasil is not a far away pole-star, it is a good planet whom turned evil and full of iron a long time ago.  It represents michael and its sin for killing Yimir or another planet in its orbit.  
    It is said Yggdrasil turned into Hod or Hel aka 'Hell' of Andromeda aka Muspellsheimr.  Not to be confused with Jötunnheim which is a venusian, jupiterian chain aka the cain of this world (cited as Hesed in the more recent Kabbalah).  The Sumerians are from Jötunn and Yimir.  Yggdrasil may be divine space, Fomalhaut must hold dead matter from these worlds, once far above our world in this region of the galaxy.  There must be but a few life bearing worlds to a dozen upon the billions of stars in each galaxy.  However, Jötunn can be fashioned in the imagination as Hod and Yimir Yesod (Yesod or Yimir is Malkuth, whilst Hod is Yggdrasil...although there can literally be thousands of inhabitable worlds in the occult, a galaxy is told to have but a dozen).  The Shinning ones occupy Yesod or Svata infact, a sister planet of Malkuth (a Sudarshana or pregnant male chakra, not actually hell but a 'divine night') where they are gods themselves.  Therefore Cain was a planet whom destroyed another planet aka abel or the first heaven and hell.  In fact in the eddas, jotunn is jupiter replaced with venus or hesed in the kabalah.  Venus was clearly an orbit or moon of jupiter once and the true cain of this system.  However, the planet of Virgo or Vanaheimr prevailed in this war, which is why virgo is told to be the immortal sign of the zodiac.  Here we will state the obvious, our milkyway whom has stopped rotating as a circle (like all else in the universe) is spiraling into andromeda as if it were a black hole.  Earth, Tiferet or Tiamat is actually regarded as an asian homeworld to other planetary races.  Pluto may have been a purple andromedan moon of Hod, actually but in our logos it is now remnance of the evil planet itself.  One thinks of pluto as a friendly moon, which is true albeit in another star system not this one. For we know this because moons are simply lost in space due to their size (or greatly diminished).  Charon or a small globular form still rotating within its sphere of influence may indeed be the true pluto.  Netzah is fertility connected to Virgo and the southern cross in Sirius. The worlds associated with the right are evil.  Asgard however is a nordic world within the pleiades dominate over the female form as so is Yesod equal to it.  Yimir could be the slained alien world of malkuth but these eddas also speak of creation or how these worlds were created within a 1 trillion year cycle.  This much is known, Aesir or Asgard is of the Pleiades.  Only the occult knows.  Whilst Vulcan and a second sun is or can be located in the Southern boundaries of our solar constellations, Planet X is of an actual Earth in a constellation from across the other end of the galaxy.  Larger and naturally more advanced.
    -Neptune and Mars are 6th ray, Vulcan and Pluto 1st, the sun and jupiter 2nd, Uranus 7th, Saturn and Earth 3rd, Venus 5th, Mercury and the Moon are 4rth. The ring of fire, our native planets, or the incredulity of Vulcan is of wonder where it may be the true red planet of our system..where time and religion is derived or put into effect via force aka the first ray.  The Cult of Aries must actually be just the Moon injunction with dharma or Uranus as the atom in its present age or pole-shift.  Leo-an Neptune is connected to the children of the blind and the psychics however its age to Uranus is unknown. Neptune has no real moons but for triton, once again proof to reveal that which was a great collision is no more.   It must have fought with Uranus much earlier upon entry of the solar system for position with the sun.  It must have been second or in entry as the messenger of the dog star, albeit this is debated.  Its age a rarity, an alien or odd planet to the war bringer or planet with no third eye may have just been late upon arrival.  The 7th heaven as Nirvana is here.  Aries must have been 1st-to-7th ray upon initiation in the Martian world.  True dream ambrosia, no death, immortality in the atom, heart or god is revealed.  Venus was in fifth position from the sun, possibly even in 3rd before earth and mars arrived however 6th (behind Saturn) is the true position it was in after Mercury came to being.  Saturnians respect Mars, as does other exaltations respect each one or other not for this reason, the ray but for the appreciation of a great past.
    Here quickly explains the polar revolutions of the planet.  It is not the outer core of the planets, but the inner metal lava core must slide until it collapses upon itself.  This creates a chain reaction with all the planets.  They all slide depending on revolution.  Eg the earth's one revolution is jupiter's 4.  The inner core is poison to the atmosphere, it will reach a point where all matter weighs down the core and buckles.  This happens to all the planets with polar revolution, however it is noticed since the dawn of creation with the gas planets.  Before the dial decreases it revolves, and keeps revolving until matter collapses, eg 4 times.  This should only happen to the moons.  The outer planets do not change.  Time is great therefore only black holes can destroy stars.  There must have been a Jewish world and worlds of orion, three in total whom were destroyed by the galaxy, or vastness of time before ours was even born albeit not for it links to a pole-shift and previous earth.  Black holes are the death of stars and light, not single stars but groups of stars.  Therefore there must be a black hole whenever a star big enough collapses, our sun is not large enough.  To avoid typos, the arrival of planets in our system was in order and placement first Uranus>Neptune>Saturn>Jupiter.  Jupiter outraces Saturn, Saturn heads towards Neptune, runs head on into Uranus instead and barely misses or merges with Neptune whom then sinks, judging by the scientific speed of the planets Uranus runs into Saturn, basically.  Neptune and saturn must have mated (traded moons) in order for it to be seventh planet permanently.  Now we know Uranus and Neptune are first and second planets.  Jupiter is highest near or aligned with the sun.  This is the Solar Birth.  The Shadow is lower than even elemental where it perceives a few number of years.  The goal is to perceive 7200 years let alone a few 1,000.  Stars behind the sun can not be seen due to the immense intensity of the UV rays from the sun blocking them.  Here lies the introduction to the interpretation of a monad or heavenly body from which created the heavens, our galaxy and the earth.
    To other planets in Science our Galaxy is West of Sagittarius next to Scorpius (near its galactic center; of liquid plasmic design or appearance) facing Pegasus North above Aquarius true north where the solar system lies inside Orion's Arm part of a primitive or old sentient system, once again circling near Cassiopeia and finishing with Sagittarius. There is no prevalence here.  Such as the Neptunian winds driven 600 mps, earth's speed is rare to reach 300kmh.  There are monads in the shape of atoms which exist today that are closest to the source (radiation or the previous universe) and are unchanged for trillions of years.  This represents the adamic god of the logos, however it is only present in Cancer as radiation which in turn is magi that makes all other signs...well..dangerous.  The science of thoth states geometrically, the sun is not traveling horizontal with the planets perfectly but is failing, the planets represent an 'X'. The planets are not traveling with the globe, especially not the inner planets.  Sound as light or distance.  Like the sidereal earth it does not travel equatorially any longer.  However the sun is risen, and whilst falling it rises and moves against the divine flame or light itself.  The Galaxy of the zodiac is 14 billion years old. The Universe must be trillions of not quadrillions of years in age. The goal for initiates is to not be hit by an elementary particle. Therefore Cosmology simply does not know, we mirror logoi of a greater being. It is eventful in science, fragments were shot at us by another dying galaxy yet speculated because Sagittarius is too far, even if its the 'closest galaxy' it would be a random insignificant event, and earth heals craters like a skin heals wounds (once again galaxies are ruled out, their size is perception, numbers, and life hence true awareness). It is possible the sun resides in Leo and its Super Sun upon Hercules of where three (Leo, Pisces, Capricorn replaced with Pleiades, Sirius, 7 rishis of the Great Bear) great logos from the 7 occur or manifest 10 (see above).  Sirius is no longer connected to this system.  The sun whirls through the fish design around the galactic center possibly every hundreds of millions of years (see 7 become visible as 12). The Occult states Capricorn is actually North and Cancer South Libra East and Aries West (Earth's North and South) while Earth is at a right angle as opposed to science...the earth rotates as a dead body near sun slanted in the same position eg far away in summer; close in winter or slanted which create viable reasons for climatic seasonal change.  Rotates backwards and travels forwards via the Zodiac. 
    *Our father leaves heaven, hence the cross and the circle, the circle as the zodiac or god, and the cross as the ecliptic orbit of the Milky Way Galaxy to our present solar system.  The great slanted lotus and its bud where 4 equals 12 and finally one.  In position of the unformed/unfinished cross to Capricorn or the finished cross to Aries or flipped as the perfect cross risen from right to left via Libra to Capricorn.  If the former is true, upon death of this system it will be at a triangular tilt into Aries.  The expansion of the contracting spiral may also be or expands into unknown realms of light via center (spectacle or scientific fact, rudimentary knowledge of this may change eg unknown elements unseen forms, the two become one for masters to see, know and mirror).  Our Galaxy is not young, it is old, therefore galaxies are connected to a massive simultaneous creation of the universe.  If our galaxy spawns, so does other galaxies from a greater source, therefore occult time is comprehended by how the galaxies and stars look.  If they are moving like comets, or lines of light naturally the galaxies in the expansive universe would be dying, except they are still and have enormous mass (they are still born or look the same where millions of years in evolution do not change the way stars act or look).  There is no great and small galaxy or young and old within the occult (with only Virgo being the exception due to the nature of its expansion or expansive light spreading to the unknown in unique or creative forms eg leo is dust whilst virgo is dust and space and libra space).  In the sixth age, if water is dust the land's fruits will be larger and flora more tropical once more.  The lotus itself is like an old and young soul, the inner leaves which surround the sons of god are small, sharp and inexperienced like a thorn or youngling, whilst the outer ones are round and well defined.  All is connected to the monad.  All galaxies were born at a same time whether you think the spawn of creation was a quadrillion billion years or trillions.
    *Archangels Gabriel (scorp/can/pisc), Michael (sag/aries/leo), Uriel (capri/virg/tau), Raphael (aqua/gem/lib) as the 12 logoi trinity scheme after the polar shift, great change or metamorphosis.  Maya is of what Rama sided with, Zeus is the grandfather of mankind under Sagittarius.  The angelic Zoroaster of Libran principles are infact zodiacal. The Sagittarian or muslim-indian turks must be degenerate defects from or as a result of the sidereal (planets and stars in different position or realigning itself after a massive pole-shift), for example the human siva in taurus instead of gemini.  Mankind long gone before Andromeda arrives, vehemently spiraling towards its center.  The Moon is a hollow planet or shell, like the earth is therefore proves our point that it is a planet with an atmosphere once. The concept of the ozone layer is exaggerated to fit mankind's childish needs.  The ozone in fact is just the skin of the earth eg oxygen, without oxygen there is no way to hold in light on the globe, so it is the result of a pole-shift and weakened magnetic field in combination with diffused light entering it.  The colder the atmosphere, the easier way light escapes, as well the atmosphere doesn't move in the southern pole which is why its in the antarctic.  It is a left-over wound or black hole as a result of a pole-shift by the comet vulcan which is still present til this day.  Everything inevitably comes to an end, eventually.
    The Vega Star system was once home of worship to the Jewish consciousness and is the transmuter of thought.  It's moon stood motionless around a Jupiter size planet, its solar bodies now dead (radiation).  A dust cloud possibly resides there now.  The Star Capella is where they once resided.  Hints are given.  Hence the similarities to the constellation Capricorn.  These beings are the alien fallen angels of biblical texts connected to the 10 star system or physical form and of no relation to Jivas, Christ, Atlanteans, Moon-Colored Aliens, Lunarians, Martians or Monads, Orions, etc (not to be confused with).  They were able to create technology which could travel interdimensionally or through a large amount of space.  War was unleashed, Gemini struck Capella of the Pleiades, its tragedy or casualty has occurred.  What makes the jewish consciousness stupid on earth is their planet was pointed north towards vega as its star.  Therefore they must be pointed towards the sagittarius constellation somehow. and leveled on the galactic plane with capricorn, therefore away from our system and nothing really to do with it in terms of spirituality.  Their south is a north, yet most stars started in the north or is considered a northern constellation via the galaxy to earth.  Its northern head would be our south or pointed somewhat in a southern direction.  If our logos has orion or ursa major as a supreme god, their genius would have hercules in sagitta.  The 'Fallen' North star descends by polar alignments.  Even so, the true initiates as well plunge into deep sleep.
    As for readabilities or believability, We have 3 North stars aligned in history.  Pole Star, Thuban and the Great Bear from future to past Cepheus being a candidate is very unlikely making the triangle go back to Vega in which another Great Ice Age will possibly occur.  Vega is a star invisible on another planet, possibly Mars, or at least once greatly 'elevated', not to be confused with the Hercules's Super Sun.  The Super Star in Hercules inter-revolves around the Pleiades which inter-revolve around our Star.  There is a triangular curve going downwards as we travel back in time here.  The alignment of the Pyramids marks this, the reverse swastika in Hercules upon possibly near Ras Algethi as Mu Herculis reveal it (a real sun behind its shell or glowing sphere), the true center of the galaxy, what will be a powerful magnetic blackhole is infact condensed light or young stars being born.  If Quasars are the most distant objects in the universe, and brightest..then they are from the last universe or not born yet.  If this is true, they are what a black hole has created and if this is true, black holes are not present in our universe as of yet.  They will be present when a star devourers another or a total collapse of light occurs (in the far distant future ie if a galaxy runs into another galaxy...and even then there would be a region in space with a galaxy to bore life).  A true aspect of reincarnation is told here, if the soul would reincarnate then the radiation from these quasars or edges of the universe so to speak would not even have arrived for that soul ie Quasars are the only known remnance of black holes in the universe making the 12 zodiacal signs of god a shear fact compared to atheism.  If one kills or commits the ultimate sin one is still that being, or will be reborn as such...pain and elemental bodies are a burden at times basically yet they pass.  The universe though is so great, it guarantees a greater spirit of yourself whether you sin against the environment or not (do excess or commit accidents via emotion or against culture eg the inexperienced are tricked).  What is definite is our sun's heat and light is proceeded by a greater sun.  A Nebula similar to the M13 in Herculium of which stars (our Sun) are born puts it to practice.  Above Ophiuchus, a substantial Theory which leads directly to the heart of Scorpio, blackhole, zig-zag Lightning bolt path, or center of the galaxy.  A direct correlation to why The heart rises whilst the body falls or how will is broken, hence why Scorpio is a new constellation because we are aligning with the galactic center.  The heart as a muscle or the planet Neptune.  The great spiral expands then contracts.  It expands to Aries (West) where the 7 Constellations held it, and contracts to form the three extra human constellations.  During expansion from its center there was different life, and elements or other alien worlds which ruled hence life before life (fast life, and close elements), or the 7 upon cooling.  We are now contracting, the three constellations are new, or the 7 crosses connect and conjoin as the completers of movement eg sag and gemini whilst cancer to libra are invented, expanded or seen. Mars as the reciprocator of truths from its past elemental life upon this solar system, hence simple math where One is made into Two, 3 destroys itself and 4 is attained.  It is the oldest known form of advanced organic (elementals, devas) life in our system, surpassing even the Moon in age, and oldest form for the worship of the One God or the great serpent (Accurate or Precise Research TBA). 
    On to other worlds via our map the sephiroth and the eddas.  If Alfheim or Da'at of Capewa is a jewish homeworld then others must reside below it.  Midgard is earth, then it is Tiferet or the world of man aka the holy spirit.  Below this world is Malkuth a destroyed world of orion as the red chakra.  It is known as Midheim & midhaven (earth), hoch or hel (hell) where the giants rebelled and therefore related to Orion.  The map or chakra also states there are other worlds, however they are not affiliated with this doctrine and thereby an unknown.  If the destroyed Malkuth is a world, most likely the moon of Binah is also a world on this map.  It is not on the Sephiroth, however it is mentioned that a feminine world like it and of the pleiades is the head, and it is called Asgard or Keter.  Yesod is the land of the giants, the Cherubim, therefore giants dwell there.  Svartálfar is actually a planet populated by the black ones. Aliens whom are of a dark skin and matter like the africans of this world.  One can find more similarities to the westernized empire on earth to Yesod then any other culture, of why judah is emphasized because of the monguls from yesod.  The monolith from Da'at is inspired by Yesod in masonry.  Yet these cherib-like Monoliths can even be found on mars somehow.  So it said, Yesod brought culture to Da'at.  The Chaldeans are the last race to fall into christ (become christs whom fell).  The Taurian worlds of Helheim and Jotenheim were defeated by a Virgoan Vanaheimr or Netzah. 
    On the edge of Orion, where it omits its own heat.  Like Draco near Ursa Major or how Cassiopeia shares Cepheus next to Ursa Major.  Ursa Minor controls under its own will as does Boötes in the 'North', or Sirius and any other constellation in the 'South'.  There is an occult secret behind Hercules, and its beginning by Aries in the olden constellations where the Super Sun enters the Milky Way after its creation or upon the heart of the Spiritual Sun, our star and its Leon mirror.  Light is invisible representing light and dark. This is the astral plane or the Hebrew world of light, the Nebhaschim.  Alpha Draconis is the Dragon star. Let earth go forth, lest it moveth into Gemini.  Chronus must have known of the previous orion homeworld or a split of the rock into the earth's form somehow.  Perseus defeats the wife of aries/virgo? or the hydra, a great dragon in greek legends to free andromeda (have her escape a collision unscaved).  The center of the Galaxy inbetween Libra-Virgo is actually scorpio in the great past of this system therefore cancer is an unknown.
    In societal views Gemini is civilization, Aries is culture, Taurus is industry, Pisces is religion, Capricorn is society, Virgo is generations, Aquarius is performance, Scorpio is stature, Cancer is tribe, Sag is feeling, Leo is people and Libra is life.  This is of no relevance.  These are primitive terms (not in order).  The Quaternary stands for the mineral kingdom so naturally it is a rotary transfer of universal energies.  For instance, Aquarius-Taurus-Leo-Scorpio or Pisces-Gemini-Virgo-Sag.  This is of some importance, the sun's atmospheric light changes as it cycles the zodiac, yearly repetitions of minute details to help reveal a greater perception or god stays the same while illusion shows change.  It is possible, the jewish invention of a star giving birth to the planets or solar system by two suns (a comet colliding with a second sun) is derived from their own (they traveled from another system).  Large Planets are not made, they are drawn due to the diverse nature of their elements.  Given this system's nature and size it is very probable to be the youngest of many (upon billions to trillions, to quadrillions to inf).  Capri tends to lie a lot.  Occultic phraseology, eg The taurus sign as an intermediate being between the sides of 'good and evil' is in fact between Aquarius/Aries, and Gemini/Sag/Cap as well, where good is incomprehensible from its evil counterpart, Orion being a far more primitive constellation than Sirius where advanced civilizations are still yet primitive.  The Asuramaya of the previous round is a great race bound to fail, vision is crucial for an initiate therefore to realize the Lemurian mountain, Sumeru or within Paropamisus, is now a diminished Mount Kailash of lord siva located near Afghanistan, requires some etheric sight.  The true aspect of god is placed in the here and now, therefore limited to lower races. A Mother and Father are but an aspect of a cleansed mind, when in reality of no relation.
    When Virgo is South and Aquarius North a great catastrophe will occur, the cleansing of humanity where Africa will prevail.  The beginning of the 5th world will emerge, two splits in Africa will be inevitable and America will be a tropical continent.  Of where America and Japan will fall into the ocean, only 'Great Brazil' is untouched (tilted and/or split).  Solar Angels are forever more powerful under the virgo sign, elementally speaking, albeit in pole-shifts even they perish.  For the Earth common geographical shifts of Water and Fire in the past will now be present (If pole-shifts had not existed, land would have completely eroded into the waters).  Its fog lines the planet's bodily heavens.  It is inevitable. Meru, a pole star towards heaven or true North in Aquarius will indicate this.
    -A pole shift or impact would be catastrophic to life.  Most organisms would die violently in a chaotic clash of matter.  The Mayan prophecy tells it, if it be true, creates a dismantle or movement of the Earth's crust with heat or unknown forces, so most likely the earth would shear and crack new plates to heal old ones afterwards.  A mighty river which created mountains in present-day europe dried after the newly made black sea which split from the Caspian was created, here explains the great serpent of the bible.  A massive river across europe apart from the crack that was the atlantic.  The Universe itself was a collection of stars before the spiral galaxies were formed (death of a star or movement).  Waves would reseed and contract continuously upon force.
    -Tradition of the Hopi and its Mesas aligned with Orion speak of Cepheus, incongruity with the Mayan Prophecy, The Blue Demon Star (Comet Tuttle, Comet Holmes) of Cepheus and Cassiopeia drags Andromeda towards the center of the Milky Way (Scorpio) in Capricorn.  In league with tradition of the first deluge, Poseidon swallows the Phoenician Ethiopian Queen and her lands.  Blue Star Katsina from kachina Dolls, the starman kiva.  Mira of Cetus, Agamemnon, king of Mycenae lops off its head in Aquarius, hence Nordic aliens are most probably of cetus near aquarius.  The Purifier of Indian Traditions.  The son of Capricorn/Aquarius (Father of Zeus) as Cancer.  The reason why the Floridian continent is mentioned as atlas is a chain of mountains runs from greenland to florida via atlantis or turns from atlantean to lemurian which is undoubtedly connected to england.  The tropical of the 3 weeks is in fact simply air (brahma), fire (vishnu), and water (siva), eso its fire, earth, air within the buddhic plane where air turns to water, and fire breath.  Although Rudra or Siva means the number 11, new age theorists are limited to practice or control of illusion through the astral plane (its water, the mass is usually at times as smart as the individual or to find the absolute).  Glamor is a part of the mainstream culture. It just means obtaining mass amounts of culture and materialism, however one looks for the midway.  Theories such as Vega, or Alpha Draconis as the Pole star was most likely in the Great Bear.  New Age Hyperbola.
    	*Elements on Earth such as certain plants and rocks are of billions of years ago, Lunar in origin.  The moon seed itself, a dead planet, was a shell of ice incasing its nucleus. The lotus as well must be connected to the greater mind or monad in developing the third eye (The heart of Krsna or upper heaven is the distant lotus in the center of the galaxy actually). These elements have magical powers which heal the aura such as Amethyst for the Crown Chakra.   The Second Galaxy is not Hercules in origin but Andromeda. The eye of ra is a clock for an egyptian city during the cosmic era.  Taurus has its own logoi in another star system it seems.  Except this logoi is still the known universe. Every zodiacal sign is represented as a different lifeform in another star system or planet, eg a bull could be a deer on another planet under taurus, or a fish a rat under pisces. An ancient space age, each age of humanity is where the clock rotates through the zodiac therefore there were many space ages. The moons or planets of our solar logos are freezing.  Albeit planets may have aligned in different junctures or positions, the sidereal began 26k years ago (36k with vulcan or a great warming period tbp; humanity just around the corner, 16k-11k yrs ago began in its fifth race form).  Therefore water was a crucial part of civilization.  Darkness doth not shineth through the globe, meaning when the earth enters darkness no light reflects from it, as does the orb of the sun reflect below the equator during summer and above the equator during winter.  Here lies more proof of the illusion, in science one would presume that the sun's direct light goes near the equator during the summer, this is untrue for its light nears the equator during the winter, however it is also farthest from the earth during the summer.  The broken illusion here is that light heats up the earth during the summer because it goes directly through it's body as opposed to piercing its northern shell or head (the higher the globe the more chance it will pierce the north face, this immense amount of light loss due to lack of absorption causes cold temperatures).  The moon rotates up and down the earth every 2,000 years, however it moves around the earth every 21 days.  
     The atlanteans may hold a secret such as Mercury becoming a moon of earth in the seventh age.  There may have been an island of a sacred germ in the gobi of which only atlanteans know of.  This island germ from its seed separates itself from all the other unworldly races whom settle on earth, including the tame human one therefore they (the atlanteans whom settled in the gobi) are the true sons of god whom spawned the fifth race germ into human form (after which the island disappeared under water and a human lilith in human form reemerged) hence shamballa.  The africans were not White persae but Gold-skinned or asiatic resembling the japanese yet arabic with diamond eyes (some cross-breeding evolution from egypt & india must have gone in the way of migration for the dakyas and/or sakas were indeed white).  The Diatya race of the white island was primary of a japanese gold-skinned appearance, at least those whom resettled the gobi and reconstituted the germ were.  The sons of Sveta-dwipa are the sons of the 7 islands (continents? ex greenland counts) on earth.  The Toyambudhi of the 7 kumaras once on earth (7 hierarchical zodiac signs scorpio, sag, cap, aqua, libra, virgo, leo) judge adam (or the present 4 kumaras (cancer, aries, gemini, taurus, pisces). 7 will become 4 continents?  The Magis or Magas were the chief sorcerers of the atlantean continents (worshipers of the sun), held in that regard, superior to the brahmins (eg none can out-perform siva, esp in evolution even the other worldly races whom can go to worlds already settled in our time such as aryas of the venusian pleiades are new or repeated in a small worldly time frame or section of the universe's great age).  Krisna somehow visits the nordic continental city of Narada in the great past, therefore we may presume yogis worship the vishnic Narayana, one of the chief yokals (divine teachers) whom was responsible for destroying atlantis.  Siva outperforms the human or man-made life once on other worlds or other galaxies such as venus itself.  If japan and cuba has drifted thousands of miles, let alone madagascar then we may presume small pieces of land can detach from the ocean floor and crash into large continents.  Large continents must be elevated permanently from the depths or held up by cliffs.  However, the ruins of Odessa in Turkey show an advanced civilization with cars, roads and economy around circular temple structures via astral vision.  Sagittarius must be the famed daitya continent in combination with pisces and cancer.  The Atlanteans had some sort of economy and technology similar to the technology we have today.  The 'S' continent must be where the female species was derived and the 'M' where the male species was derived from reptilian androgyny more than 18million years ago (see esoteric map).  The black and white magicians must use some form of chaos magic or simple hypnotism.
             **Unchanged Plants found on Europe in Africa and Coastal America are of Lemuria. The Combustible Eucalyptus of Australia.  The Aquarian Pineapple and/or common potato as well.  Yet like the silicon valley, so too was sumeria tamed after a great flood so all its worldly goods and its inventions could have in actuality come from one place, economically speaking (see coffee and tea or its already established origins).  England and part of the Hudson extends Atlantis, once the major continents departed by a river.  The two lands of Antarctica much smaller.  Its possible even Hawaii was a great mountain. Spitzbergen looks to be a part of greenland, finland as well.  Therefore Norway is an unknown mountain chain to atlantis as a hook and Greenland a two part island, one in the pacific and one in the atlantic.  The norwegian mountain chain passed through the atlantic ridge onto the island of atlantis with the help of greenland's rock path formation of whom overlapped it (was beside it via the north american dwipa).  Morocco must be a part of this norwegian chain as well.  Indonesia and Australia split into 2 islands connected to south america and africa. Florida and Washington DC were rivers and beaches once.  An impact crater between Mexico and Florida (There is a ridge in South America attached to Florida as well..which can mean only one thing, a river inbetween a 'sunken' land split the south from the north), Alaska attached to southern Russia and India to Africa.  The Northern east was an ancient shore, whilst florida itself underwater, has dense or heavy indications of  the astral plane on earth.  The Hudson to Europe.  All connected with the european hindus of ancient Lanka.  The giant one earth landmass continent of a pacific lemuria separated into smaller continents and islands through flood waters of ice from the south.  Although during the first world man lived with the animals in the next the winters will be longer and the summers shorter (via the ps) or the globe will speed up.  Lemuria was just melted ice that flooded the southern belly of the earth of which islands appeared.  This is obvious.
     Before all this, two continents arose where land was connected all the way from east coast america to japan.  It is possible Poseidonis was a pacific mountain either or Meru the Atlantean one admist the tectonic plate in the Indian Ocean (see mt Semeru as Indra or the top of the world, now in the word sumeru is connected to sumeria where all is the same) or a 2nd age mt in russia (lakshmi).  This doctrine notes both are of the fourth race (vice versa, described as either or) yet shows the more accurate calculation here.  Sumeru itself is a mountain still visible just above the Himas (son of Indra is sivic born).  We will call this mt for now Lakshmi, wife of indra.  The illusion here is Sumeru could have been in the north, and indonesia was india at that time.  India was actually connected to present day Yemen in the North.  Saturn was larger with thin rings once in its future it will be as Jupiter is with no rings.  The Sea of Triton was possibly the Mediterranean sea as the Caspian and Black sea once.  Ramas bridge was not Indonesia but India where four continents will always inhabit earth.
    -Science has unknowably proven this with Flora from Japan to the Southern United States.  Such as the Holly Tree, green 'Prehistoric' moss,  mushrooms and certain vegetables without a seed (Hence Veganism is recognized in the occult, for instance Bees represent the ego where honey is used rarely as a medical solution).  Grape juice or wine are an absurd jewish invention.  Lysergic acid or its poison is a fungi (in illegal drugs) told to be so powerful as to awaken the living dead or simply put, your brain will become dead or aware of death whilst still awake and breathing.  The germanic race values sleep of the organism in practice and peace, or a type of balance where all seeds sleep through a course of thousands of years.  If an organism stays awake for a certain amount of time (a week rather than a few days by certain experimental means), it will become psychotic and will devour its own body, not be able to sleep or enter the great sound.  However, masters are able to obtain these powers via the slow and arduous burning of karma through intense meditation.  Sickness is a disease, and should be treated slowly or without life's excess.  The generic pomegranate tree is speculated to be the forbidden fruit from iran.  Honey is a type of yellow gold (unknown tree sap? and a flower of which bees devised chemically to form gold) which nature guards whom crystallized like ancient fossilized bed rock when heated greatly or turned into a liquid state.  New plants blossomed as well such as The Iris in (connected to) Scorpius.  Only Sirius grew the alien geneii called Wheat possibly from the Nile.  No botanist can explain its origin.  
    Sites and Flora of gate architecture evident in Japan, Polynesia and Rome hence Japan was the tip of Sumatra or an ancient continent turned into an island.  Land and culture of the Lemurian celebrations in the Pacific still continued to this day.  Europe was a temperate climate in the Miocene or constantly Spring time. Also are the eroded and calm underwater structures of the Bimini Road and Okinawa landmarks.  Saudi Arabia as the precursor land or remnant civilization of the Giants.  Lazeria is infact the lemurian side of atlantis or half of greenland aka the position of the north pole of earth (see also the merging of asgard into greenland pre-85k bce).  The lost city of Dwarka is last of many cities built upon one another.  A great flood was as well the fate of Ramu Setu.  Giant stones are aligned underwater to prove the bridge's structure is made by a greater race than man. There are dead cities lining noah's ark, the dead city of sivis and other structures surrounding it, this can only mean one thing.  The red giants moved into Europe first as Jewish hybrids from Babylon.  However, the Aryans and Arabic Cromagnons must have went into russia, soon followed was jewish hybrids in their places.  The African Arya with nationalistic tendencies spread their germ into Pakistan and then later Africa itself.  The Atlanto-hybrid family lineage in the Temple of Solomon. The dead city of Karachi. The giant structures built by giants named the Buddhas of Bamiyan.  Ajanta Caves (see next paragraph) are created via a master builder, for like the african hairless martian race in south america, giants could manipulate stone into water.  It is infact a clay that turns into shale or stone.  The whole mountain was clay at a time during the ice-age. The Gauls or Indians have bought the indian culture to europe.  Indra represents the creation of lower nature or the third race. The human race must have truly colonized america into a hive within the 1800s (see next). Capricorn is Romulus or the dog of Rome whom nurtures its kin.  Hence Aries must have a cosmic 'son' in this universe or leo briefly uses the powers of hercules.  Others are the seabound Sphinx and the unknown structures of the Pillars of Hercules and the still present seven wonders of the world such as the Grecian Colossus of Rhodes.
    -Asian Atlantean architecture is still prevalent in most cultures today.  It is more resistant or resilient and durable than its western counter-part.  Proof of this is seen of its 'unscaved' housed designs in Asia, Mexico and the southern americas against weather, rain, hurricanes and storm.  The environmental friendly housing is unchanged in Asia as compared to its more vulnerable western counterpart, (medieval architecture and technology of or from the Aryan Hindus in Orion during the time of Sumer itself though is a mighty contender in this microcosmic science or the sidereal, is unknown in natural origin).  A western geometric style continued in the houses of today possibly.  The earth must have not changed drastically for hundreds of thousands of years. The ice age alone is 100,000 years old, Rama was a being here 36 thousand years ago, where land bridges minutely sink and erode to only return with creation (minor pole-shifts).  The Buddhist kings of india made the Ajantha caves in 7 AD therefore Buddhism is reinstituted, reinvented and recreated as the supreme religion of death.  Mount Semeru must be a Mount Meru upon earth's creation, however this is much speculated to be an older Meru when super volcanos occupied the world before the moon arrived hence home of indra.  The fourth-race meru is in Russia as a female deity hence aries has a twin or holy spirit whom inhabits the globe.  It is speculated to be on top of the world during the first age or after the moon arrived.  The world must have not changed since 850,000 years ago.  300 winters must be an ice age. One thing which is true about this current round of humanity is it has a poor caste system.  A Kronus was crucified in russia during atlantean times and masses revolted early on in its course of mankind becoming unsavage (albeit the ice age occurred only once, man has degenerated into savagery before).  These events are all speculated, and abruptly unknown even to initiates.  Due to bodily karma in matter one can only locate its past self to a certain extent when in meditation, its not permanent and limited.  If a Brahman in the great past is to remotely appear in its heaven (the great ocean), it is therefore to signify a coming cause or truth eg to strike down or punish evil for those whom have done evil deeds or the past becomes the future, esoterically speaking of course.
    During the Atlantean era unchanged continents such as Greenland go as far back as when a part of Antarctica unto Australia from India (a still present Lemurian landmass of the coast as part of two different times, or submerged conjoining parts), parts of a new Africa were connected to Europe.  Africa was fertile in ancient israel, however the Red sea was a lake whom was not drained or in the form of a river.  Africa must have been completely fertile in Atlantean times before Typhoon set.  This was before Africa fully emerged and are still present in a continent when it was underwater.  Basically the Nile was the red sea once.  The Caspian sea connected to the Gulf (Sumeria), was the two branches of eden in the bible.  One river from the Mediterranean, another from the Caspian then known as Triton and the Great Sea.  Only Northern Asia is older. Sumerians are Afghans (advanced 5th race hindus) therefore once linked to both the Indian continents of Persia and Sumeria.  A seed regenerates only once, a flower blooms in nature as a gift to never bloom again.  The Kingdom of Jericho is the first human fifth race city of which enoch and higher 4rth race beings such as giants are not involved, this can only mean exoteric insignificance towards mankinds material possessions and insignificant change through a lengthy amount of time.  What's wrong with secret societies and masonry is that they are not open to multiple roles in their cultures therefore discriminative amidst certain abilities and hidden talents. Capitalism collects karma for a civilization via wars, therefore its only option is to progress in order to burn up that karma or save a species eg to revert plans of environmental friendly energies would be going backwards.  It just says one is not smart enough to sustain a plasma or unworldly source of energy and/or has failed evolution for the next round, completely.  If lemuria exists and its continents exist or are connected, the world must have gotten bigger.  The true creation of the West, or intermingled races (where mountain men mainly inhabit the fifth or end of fourth round), was infact the creation of the African Peninsula to the present continent of Rome.
    The known world of Lemuria, derived from the product of human evolution the Lemur (the tail, emotion, short waddling stance, long arms, skeleton of both Human and Lemur being proof), is part of Green Land, India, Siberia, Sweden, Madagascar and North China while Atala of Atlantian microscopic mountains are part of seven dwipas.  The age of the 'golden face' or kernel of wheat.  Daitya the last remnant.  America is part of the ten.  Atlas represents heaven and hell named after a hero and his 7 daughters connected to Pleiades of which the 7 races are born.  The bottom forth frozen in time by the dark forces of the 'White Devil' near the tropic of Cancer just by England.  Even gods note the relevance of capricorn and cancer as tropical zones inbetween the equator, hence cancer is the farthest rays from the sun, and capricorn is the closest point (see clouds image in gallery).  The island of Dev-Sefid went up against Mount Ashbur.  NTB confused with Daitya where the faroe islands and jamaica make up its tip.  The Africans do not fear death, or the unknown is greater than death.  If Odin was a buddha, the son of Odin, thor was the race of Gauls and Sagittarian during the deep ice-ages of atlantis.
    Once at war against the daughter of Mount Ashburj.  Black Magicians, clans, Nagas, Asuras, Lower gods, warrior races, human race aligned themselves against the white, Suras, 4rth Atlantean race, Gods of Wisdom, where nature through karma allowed them victorious.  If man is 18 million years of age in its fourth form, the human giant form must only be five million years old, then his fifth form must be one million years old as clones of us.  Finally this giant survives the pole-shift as a germ and ice-age, degenerates through harsh land into the thousand year cycle intervals via Africa of which minor pole-shifts arrives.  The minor pole-shifts cause mass degeneration as if an unknown weapon from the heavens stabs the beast.  North american nature must still be in the process of degenerating from the white island catastrophe.  It mixes blood and race here to degenerate into our mixed germ and spread.  The head gets smaller, the arms longer.  Pockets of failed evolution in the fifth world never truly change shape or migrate.  They are all the same.  The greek circle spirals into hell so to speak.  The declination of evolution can be found here.  Hence the astral plane alone is actually a poison. Lower nature prevailed over astronomical nature.
      *Two islands of the Nila Mountains (whom are currently underwater off the coast of southern india, connected to the Blue Mts, it is rare yet mts do or have sunken only here in earth's history).  They are currently Australia and Indonesia (Australia merged into indonesia basically to form its current state).  Older than America which was still not yet a nation come to being but before Europe.  Where the War of the Heavens, a war against the astronomical being or self, occurred.  The one becomes many or the present becomes insignificant to the greater infinite past and future.  Only Oceanic Devs (giants) will make "The Dry Land" visible once again. Macro and Microcosm in nature. "-The blood of the earth is the head, North, mother and dragon of which waste reappears."  Greenland or Atla fits the Northern Pole perfectly in a tilt where its top is the side of norway.  Africa is created, not only by typhoon set but via an enormous asteroid near the congo river inside the victoria crater, this is a giant basin where gold originated.  It is also a foundation for life and micro-organisms of an unknown.  However, it is Asgard whom colonized the jungles of the congo and migrated to brasil from india to show its primitive peoples the way.  As is the amazon the heart, it is africa whom are its, the earth's, intestines.  Occultism uses the world as his cloak, garment or robe.  The torch is our sun.
    All is alone, if there is a collision under aries with uranus and neptune there must have been one under capricorn with saturn or cancer with neptune however all is the same in the occult so we are aloud to presume.  Something must have moved or became alive somehow.  Every 200,000 years the magnetic field flips, a poleshift is because of the weight of the earth when this happens however it has never occurred by this event until now.  The earth's pole strains or turns more and more on the tip or edge of the cliff eg 4 cycles of 26k.  The fourth cycle strains the earth, however collapse happens due to its or other worldly forces such as a sinking of the planets or movement of the sun therefore it is rare and its polarity is not held eg an explosion, movement or chain reaction of stars.  The magnetic shield won't protect the earth when it reverses or a galactical event occurs.  If the planets are weakened, then a pole shift is a transformation due to radiation admission upon so-called sacred life.  Lakshmi is the mountain in russia, the second mt in Kamchatka, wife of indra or a second mt meru is found here (see 7 wives of indra as volcanoes on earth including the indonesian one married to everest).  The 4 stars upon creation of the milky way are kumaras or part of the hierarchy as 7 therefore Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Pisces where as Cancer is truly alien or told to be the cause of a deva force still on earth, false deeds or 'bad luck'.  Virgo must represent 7 in our Galaxy or in Andromeda as a star or god upon our great past (it is love achieved or the 7th ray turned into the 6th and 2nd one for future initiation or sacrifice).  Scorpio must need to defeat pisces (the universe being continuously born) via initiation therefore comprehension of the 7 suns in the galaxy are achieved.  1 trillion equates to at least 4 or 5 planetary advanced life-bearing cycles in one galaxy alone.  If cancer is the galactical universe moved and pisces the alignment into it, it would be some what understood.  Light must be a movement through space.  It must not be stagnant as the luciferian delusionists presume but a phenomenon in combination with oxygen and water.  Only in the ozone does it do so filter through space without being trapped.  The four devils are the greater or older sacred gas or dust planets and the four smaller moons, venus, earth/moon, mercury and mars for reasons known.
    Cited with 'Atlantis' as Atala of Atlas, 'Ashbur' as Ashburj in the Puranas, Mount Hermon of Mizpeth as Mount Armon.  We may assume the herculean Mount Hermon in the puranas is the infamous iranian mt of Damavand which in its great past represented good against evil or the civilization of Atlantis aka Ashburj (Gunnbjørn Fjeld) or an unknown material world of black magic in general.  Ashburj was indubitably this mt in the puranas if it means buried mt on lost island we can assume so much as a defeated zeus under snow covered peaks.  However, if war emerges once more it will represent evil or the dragon in the future see also the mythology of the three headed lizard which turns into zodiacal signs as a result eg where as Ashburj (a mountain in Asgard) was a dragon on the island in ancient times, above eden lies the new dragon which represents evil, mount Hermon.  The two Americas, North Africa, as once fertile land, seabeds create land naturally similar to modern Greece, where cycled savage deserts through war referred to as Contests of the Giants.  The oldest and most accurate source of language, land and its creation.  Obviously, The sheath of skin which makes up the water of the deepest oceans are thin compared to its iron body.  Note: 28th degree in the North is the white island, not the 50th degree near England where land is changed and oceanic land ultimately never changes, only in position, prehistorically, primevally or primordially speaking.  In the trojan war, giants of atlantis whom went to war with the populace, before the Mahabharatan or first fifth-race war began and against its own kind, had built a horse and snuck within the castle walls of the greek aryan turans.  The trojan war was where an advanced civilization prior to the pole-shift of venusian pass invaded and massacred the human populace through gained knowledge of the event itself. These beings had used advanced technology to heighten their progress, yet the fifth race germ was greater in number.  Thus is how Sumerian civilization began or became colonized by royal blood and lunar races whom reigned over them for thousands of years massacring the fifth race germ or slave without warrant.  Asgard and Egypt under libra was a buddhistic empire with a population of millions of people during its height.  The western races particularly the saka french tan hindu race of the island of daitya must have been easternized or had eastern asiatic traits.  The world was known.  Civilization was an experiment in Sumeria whom interbred the human germs which were the remaining defects of nuclear holocaust victims.  The Nara establish a greek aryan race 1.2 million years ago as a single cell bacteria however experiments with mutates had begun during recent ancient times.  The ego of the human is established here permanently as a selfish thoughtform through embarrassment in nature rather than experience.
    The Logos or Christos in religion, dubbed destroyer of Saints for the sake of humanity (evolution) or progress, its purpose keeper of the elements. The Occult believes in The Manu or Dharma is the first king as the progenitor of mankind, Sanātana Dharma or Hindu Revivalism more than traditional or ancient hinduism.  An abode of virtue, Nature's laws are immutable (the ying and yang symbol means opposite forces attract, however it truly means dharma or elemental forces at work).  Krishna as the Reviver or ancient revivalism.  To an illumined Seer all of the Heavens are traveling together around a Greater Star (Rishis) of which Six constellations reside, its feeling and truth as a general drift in the same direction which eventually, like a map, forms the spiral or great wheel.  Seconds are displayed as days-to-lives in advanced men here.  These events compose the cosmic wheel, or many small ones to much larger one(s), the true fourth dimensional sight.  To great chohans these mysteries beyond the ring are yet to be unveiled. The unknown function of Draco, Pleiades, and Great Bear.  Scorpio must be the perfect circle  Aries as the true connection to the deep southern constellations, via native Virgo.  Sagittarius the alien one.  Beyond this kin of man lies logoic karma.  The unseen four Super Stars of the Seven sacred ones cycling our galaxy.  To its fate, cosmic rain springs karma, harmony gives disharmony.  The three long days are connected to the higher beings (eg greater logos or scheme) traveling too or arriving on earth via the zodiac.  The unseen mental sheath of the cosmos.
    *The Logos have their own Rays which affect Earth every 50 years.  For instance right now Cancer's Ray affects Earth during Libra.  The sway of the Monadic Ray is buddhahood or the way to Nirvana or atomic distribution in a plane of perception where planets do not really die.  Unevenness of Rhythm is an illusion of time therefore doesn't exist in the cosmic center.  Deviation of nirvana is an entangled course therefore not susceptible to inprogress where we move on forever and ever in eternity.  The fourth scheme is in connection with the fourth Creative Hierachy of the fourth subplane in league with four divine kings, esoterically 9.  In connection with the center of force, 2 streams of tangible reality which inhibit the true progressivity of man. The morning light as cancer, pisces is colored balance, taurus achieves darkness at its pole, aries true balance or magnetic darkness of its poles, Capricorn and its light dawn, Aquarius becomes dark with brief light/Sag turns to darkness, Leo as equilibrium, gemini fast darkness, libra lighted balance of the poles, virgo dark-light, and scorpio false or brief darkness.  The effects and proof of the zodiacal light.  The Jewel in the Lotus.  Triggered by the Quaternary (see also).  Gemini as the perfect form of siva is the monadic son of capricorn in this universe, however not the last.  In the last universe one would state Virgo as its son.  In this universe, Taurus bores virgo and Sag gives birth to Aries (Urania as the Holy Spirit).  Scorpio activates the Christ, Maya or the Godhead in another reality.  In the last Universe, the gods are born from nothing.  These complexities are often touched upon to understand briefly the concept of two universes or a cosmic order within chaos or life within the sphere.  The 12 monads are complex though, they belong to two universes, the present one and a past one.  The past universe and only universe diminished stars into galaxies.  These monads were born and reborn.  The order are different, but a smaller entity might have been born of the 12 in the past universe.  The present universe has 12 as well.  However, the one god source they look for is from the past universe under sag which is said to bore all the signs.  The past universe bore monads from nothing.  The present universe did so as well in a different order.  However, there were 7 in the past and 12 in the present.  The present universe has water or life bearing signs, known also as the human signs.  Note: Capricorn and Cancer represent the eye of siva in the past solar logos, so we may assume the eye is tilted vertically as the human eye of a great body for the solar logos from these two perspectives, reincarnating aspects towards life are then desired.  The three obstacles are the human logos (leo-virgo, libra, scorpio) and the four devils are the planets in buddhism.  By the laws of science, the true mental sheath is atomic, production of it is magnetic, and energetic.
    If the magnetic sphere is changing position, it is the cause of the pole-shift.  What happens is the polar opposite moves north with the magnetic current.  However it is moving in a spiral to the unseen eye, therefore the 26 thousand cycles are moving matter or the crust upwards.  The sun is liquid fire ie plasma however its center is hollow or empty like every star whom ignites.  The illusion is that its plasma is withstood in the vacuum of space by magnetism or an 'aura of friction' eg magnetism of the self or body is infact a movement of the past repeated in great accuracy.  The winters should be colder and the summers warmer.  If the mass of water stays in the same position it will reroute its cold water onto land eg North America by moving even more rapidly downward not upwards.  In the fifth age, the land should collapse albeit not entirely do to the lightness of the earth.  The sixth age will be riddled with minor or small poleshifts.  The union of the great bear dies.  Vega however must be the star of good or angels whom triumph in the far future fifth race from its curse or a new and illegal wedding (spiritual union) by lilith (lower nature or a cosmic eve to be reborn) with god (Gemini).  The water will move yet the land will be a boat or a stationary object whom gives way to pressure.  Mountain rivers are evidence of where continents merge inbetween oceans.  When there is a veiny body or mountain chain that resembles the path of a river, does it give evidence of land masses merging.  Even gods have bad karma.  Gemini goes up against Osiris or Capricorn in the near future in this system just as in the homeworld.  Therefore it makes sense that Sagittarius whom goes inbetween aquarius and pisces is killed by him (see the venus pass stopping the earth during this time).  Jesus himself must have been a sag paki as are some mongul caulks half-Thai or asian dravidians therefore egyptian or of the third egypt female race of burma origin, and the inner-workings of a body a bacterial lineage or slow moving threaded city.  This much is known the spirit or cloud formations is evil, barren and desolate sound.  Uighur is Slavic civilization still, they must have failed in conquering the planet somehow.  Here tells us of the vulnerabilities of the Mahayana or great vehicle (worship of the body in maya, or a jewish vehicle, germinally speaking).  Atlantis reemerges.  This will happen when the pole meets Erai in Cepheus or Gemini marries Aries hence Cepheus weds Cassiopeia. 
    Here briefly describes the secret to lightning creation and the passage or control of light in technology.  Lightning is implosion or a collapse.  The electric ether of the planet is more active and potent in higher planes, therefore the higher the electric field of light the greater the effect of light (scientifically known as photons, electrons and protons) upon the magnetic field.  eg static electricity of god, neg is the ether (creation of heat, light, electricity near the equator) and pos is the magnetic field, much similar to the bipolarity of the stars.  Frequency is the same manner, where activates the bonds of electric signals (lots of power required for a larger space), fragments are copied from one area or point to the next by pulsating waves of electro-magnetism (defined as radiation or a heat emission).  The waves can slow down through bombardment of transparent matter and height in a plane for better transmission.  The signal curves and spirals into a receiver as it is shared from the transmitter once received or copied.  The control of Static is reality here by fragmentation of its signals.  The true method of teleportation or cloning lies here. To mimic the electric signals involved.  The dealing of atoms is far greater.  The Atomic weapon is the secret of how stars are made.  Satan must have been a common thief.  Plasma must be a type of hot fire or ether from a star therefore light must be a false form or aspect of the mind.  Electricity has a grinding effect against the atmosphere, therefore if one gets struck by lightning, it would crush them internally, not burn them.  Our spirit often goes to the center or core of the earth (downwards, not up).  The large illumination of light you see (in technological and spiritual terms) is a negatively charged one.
    -Like a vein rerouting blood, lightning can deflect itself in any direction by a stronger current of the same source or by building up energy.  Basically going upwards, downwards or spiral and curve through space to put short.  The occult slightly adheres to science given the nature of the soul, eg Quantum Physics and the idea of substantial matter made out of energy or matter that does not exist.  The atom whilst etheric and movable to the trained occultist, bland, crystallized and frozen to the non-initiate or human.  We will quickly divulge upon the science of hurricanes, heat rises and enters a whirl pool yet when it gets high enough the atmosphere gets light.  Divine esoteric wind is evident where as the hurricane will lose momentum and travel backwards.  2012 must actually be a present course as a slight sinking of the moon and earth unnoticed by lower nature eg turning downwards.  The constellations are in a different position because of this however 2087 is where a pole-shift will occur whilst this sidereal sinking is in preparation or a preparing phase.  If anything 2012 is the polar direction speeding up until it reaches its maxim in 2087.  The brama astra is indeed some archetype weapon or destroyer made by mankind against its failed evolution of the spirit, it along with mankind (and its heart or pulse of a 'one') may have degenerated.  Matter can not exist without water.  What became a 100 year movement turned into a 10 year cyclic one.
    	*The seven Rays are Sushumna, Harikesa, Viswakarman, Viswatryarchas, Sannaddha, Sarvavasu and Swaraj to the advanced man through discipleship in the chart above.  Rather able to see the movement of a tree man can see the reactions of the sun. The lower under control of the higher, or fohat energy in union with the mind.  The five initiations and three major stages.  Gemini is two-faced or repeats progress, therefore they must have knowledge of a cosmic spirit in the cosmic plane or a great shadow.  Although they have knowledge of two spirits (the spirit and the body) their number is connected to 3.  The greatest disaster is the 8th sphere when mind is so detached to form its own sphere prematurely.  A Power of the buddha is given to practitioners.  The seven portals of lanoo or the golden gate of Upayna or Upaya (wisdom) are faith, charity, harmony, truth, oneness, perception and patience. Kshanti's essence or the word of truth as the world soul or oversoul is the life as control of the pilgrim or pupil within the darkness of mother earth.  To truly go to hell is to be consumed by the fire not the cold.  The triangle in the brain is in essence the solar electric and friction triangles of fire in activation of the third eye, solar is connected to the chakras and friction to the past (sight connected to the sideways miniature brain) while electric is the future.
    -To Cite chart at top of page: Individual life (matter) is crucial for the kumaras yet not so for the hierarchy, therefore the sixth ray is a love or devotion ray to advanced beings as with AAB astrology, Harmony through Conflict is a form of initiatory response or sacrifice within the hierarchy, not to be confused hence double meanings or correct word phraseology is not repeated there.  Virgo is the lawgiver to libra where evil establishes itself.  Death is outer-space where the zodiac is external and not internal and the vacuum not survivable.  In order to evolve the form via the macrocosm and not microcosm (eg a different color tail, etc) one must understand transition in nature via radioactive evolution where the dead dna cells are past sequences and dna itself must be completely manipulated therefore devolution here is also possible.  The geminian buddha or divine vehicle must have left this world unimpressed with no impression.  This is a result of when the father leaves his son the kingdom of man, he warns him as well that no one or nothing is relevant materialistically speaking on this plane of existence.  The Cancer sign retains a photographic or great memory.  Immaculate conception or birth without a mate is done via cosmic forces or a pure spirit.  Masters are simply of a higher nature then the physical personality realm or known to burn up karma therefore are not 'drunk off the wine of earth' and do not fully realize the germ (black magic) which spawned off of/from the Great Bear.
    -666 is evil using good, IE no memorance, past or future. All power used by the first 6 spheres for a man. Impossible to comprehend for a mortal man eg the inner atom and the permanent solar atom (giving form to the deva).  Cyclic Matter.  Different levels of atom existence.  Relative permanency is therefore enacted by heat becoming obscure, known as a destroying factor. The awareness or adherence to planetary vibrations.  The lord's permanent atom, and his unknown three lower ones or subplanes of the vortices is in a central plane of harmony where electrical phenomena and pure light is derived.  7 planes of heavenly beings are the second are unmanifested, three in the first.  4rth is etheric of fiery lives or producing the Sons of Light in its battleground known as Kurukshetra.  Three lower sheaths are mentioned thoroughly on the dense physical or logoic plane.  Masters are 1 in 10,000 to 100,000 years, may be devas or fallen titans eg adepts whom fail, disciples are buddhas every 1,000 years theres a buddha or god as enlightened, initiates are progressers of humanity spiritually speaking@ a level of 500 years comprehension of consciousness, aspirants represent the human race at a level of 100 years yet they progress, the dalai lama can be considered an aspirant working for initiation. Non-initiates are humans reborn every 100 years and lower lifeforms whom kill their own species are considered elementals below the animal and vegetable kingdom whom are reborn constantly.  Devas are gods whom fall, therefore the highest form of ashura, they die via a fall from matter during being an adept of somesort whom fails along with their master...however cosmically speaking a master is aware of greater forces, they are alien to earth and come during a catastrophe only briefly to be forgotten.  Objective productions. Agni as solar fire and physical fire.
    -Fields are in basic concise terms divine monad spirit intuition (conscience) mental astral physical.  Differentiations of fiery are father son holy spirit and buddhi (intersecting points)as air mind as fire astral light as desire physical as ether.  The Chalky white substance is volcanic magi of the Great Bear rock.  Indriya is based on Sound where as Rama's son is one of the divine kings (Mars aka Capricorn whom walks the earth or splits the great bear rock) before Krishna.  The planets do not rotate around our sun.  They form their own lives which create its own helix formation as the sun moves through or around the galactic center however the sun travels or rotates with its center horizontally, not vertically as some may think.  Comets also rotate around the sun in a defunct motion, as does the sun in its slow galactic pull.  Therefore the planets are but insects around this body.  The sun is traveling straight yet upwards.  Or the planes as 7 logoic six sons 5 monads and 3 worlds of human evolution (not to be confused with spirit as conscious aka matter), Brahma vishnu and shiva mimic the nature cycle of each zodiacal sign, a more accurate definition of Decans. 
    Man was Divine, this is proven as a fragment of the world mind or soul.   Collective repudiation or progress is divinity.  The future science of Radium or electricity will become more apparent.  Vibrations in the human kingdom will be considered.  Redemption, evolution redeems man in the conscious sense.  The atom can be susceptible to advance from 2 to 3 etc.  Psychology is indeed faulty of error in this generation where science will become revolutionary.  For instance Cancer constantly changes form, this is a given such as how scorpio is sacrificial death.  These elements are nature veiling itself in personality and/or greater beings thereherefore (see 12 Monads of consciousness).  Divinity strictly subjected to heavenly man is very rare.  Black magicians are not shy, or unaware in the environment.  It is a process of becoming or have become a planet or a star.  It is possible the 12 heavenly monads are left over radiation from the previous universe(s) or dead bodies of gas which make up a spiritual wall of some sort.  Dimensional gateways or tri-dimensional portals of some unknown sort.  We are like fungi or mites in the occult.  Once again the greeks could indeed be asian therefore all of eastern europe migrated into its territory from india as did africans migrate from india as well (at least in its human forms). To win against an opponent your opponent has to agree with your actions eg your first move wins, and your plan is carried through effectively.  If your enemy reads you or your plan you will lose.  If one were to die violently due to karma in a past, previous or future life they would simply have to 'go with the flow' or return to the flower formation so to speak.  You need to have a strategy that works which is why defensive tactics always wins wars.  The Economy currently is backwards, its cars are gasoline powered and its cities are run by dams instead of electric towers as was the case in atlantean times.  To take out a relevant function of the enemies eco-system.  All man is the same or from the same branch.
        *Vibrations through waves emanate from the Great Bear.  Vulcan and Neptune are the lords of sacrifice and death therefore not a receptor to these vibrations.  Vulcan lies unseen between Mercury and the Sun.  Science has proven all of the above with hypothetical alignments, primeval species of homo such as homo-erectus as a lemurian and a 'Super-Earth' near Scorpio as fundamental unattainable laws in the occult, or illusive unproven space.  Like how Aries revolves around the great bear, much is to be learned from a broad chaotic perspective for the chelas. Leo as the human god creator, solar christ or Anubis as Gemini.  Libra as the sirian dogstar, evolution or things to come eg libra goes to gemini as number 4 or sends a divine weapon of siva to strike mars (lightning wraps around the planet) as true krisna's indra (latent in aquarius) or fourth world heaven eg anubis.  God's word is made sound, The beasts of the air and land will all perish.  Ares and Aquarius is punished for its karma. If michael defeated a golden race, he must have created a new one in ancient times, however this much is known of the spheres, winter is summer on mars yet not, or it spins farther from earth in the winter therefore he defeated the invulnerable sign of Cancer somehow to prove god is spirit or greater than the form by mimicking its movement precisely or of non-failure from illusion.  Global Dust storms on mars during the summer are proof of this cold movement which rises in heat by 25 and 23 degrees.  However, to be more precise, its seasons are late eg the winter solstice of mars is march-june the 1st.  Due to the angle of the sun (the height of the sun in position with the planets, basically), inner-planets will always be seasonal or the same.  The earth is composed of refracted light therefore its physical plane is a planet of shadows, as are all inner-moons&outer-moons, however the sacred chain has no shadows, which is why it is regarded as sacred..because of cosmic light.  Once again, we are strands of hair in time or space to the occult.
    ~Like all lifeforms, our planet breaths.  It inhales the sustenance of the universe, and exhales the waste.  We (humanity) are the grime, bacteria, much like the mucus in ones lungs (insects have no lungs and are opposite, we do or are its guides). Microcosmic Life is mimicked throughout our solar system.  Capricorn is the great analyzer. Buddhism or religion understood.  To use or misuse deva substance creates good or bad karma eg to sin excessively or not learn from ones mistakes or to kill cows, help evolve plants etc (hence cows have really large pituitary glands or third eyes, humans extract genetic material from it to control their own organs from failing eg bst, etc).  The cretaceous organisms of land mimics the plants and life of the water.  If Orion is deemed the stream of the galaxy in the great past when its formation was different, its size much greater than the jewish homeworld of which was older in size and origin then earth is the lost diamond or merely a 'fool's gold'.  The race of Capricia (a world near the capricorn constellation) is regarded as the good son or the sun of Orion, cosmologically speaking it resides under those worlds.  The dayus god must be connected to the unknown, or a different position of the galaxy.  The dayus god, is Orion, Sirius and possibly a Jewish star or the known alien worlds with organic life around this system, however it is only revealed by the Christ in the future systems.  It must mean three of something or something unknown which leaked into this universe.  Lower nature usually repeats cosmic events subconsciously or blindly due to territorial survival rather than ego.  Ganesha is an alien god form from Mars which made its way as a form of the primitive hindu religion on Earth.
    	Prehistoric evolution prevailed over bisexual organisms naturally like green algae on the surface of the ocean is eventually washed ashore (algae can survive no oxygen ie space, cold, and darkness alone). A fact here lies of how ancient mankind is, we came from the moon and developed from frozen bacteria of a dead world in the oceanic waters of earth by the sun and its equator to earth.  Some are older than the physical or perceive it completely, therefore experimented within the mass by consciousness alone, hence the gene is created or understood by the physical alone.  Contrary to popular beliefs, the sixth race has made a brief appearance in Phoenician and Minoan culture during their time on the coastal boundaries and within the concave farmlands yet was wiped out by the great waters or by smaller pole-shifts and volcanic activity.  The silver or iron buddhic aura as adam.  Beard growth in evolution must have directly been a result of a cold environment or the ice age.  Giant Beings must have been plummeted into the ice-age, the race of giants, and fourth race civilizations must have come and gone, technology of the higher races mastered before the 85,000 year pole-shift. There may have even been small pockets of races in the north before the ice-age whom can withstand temperature via magic and smaller ages of freezing via the tropical cycle in prehistory.  These elementary black magic powers are retained today by the masses, eg pyrokinesis, or Cryokinesis is to melt an ice cube or freeze water with your hand. Reality on the moon is perceived by higher beings and is created thereby.
    *Large Theoretical events in example, such as 'All planets but Saturn will fall in this Solar System.  Eventually Saturn will fall under Aries.  The Milky Way will fall in favor of its Spiral Galaxy.  Only then will capricornious truly be free.  Or Japan will start world war III. 2012, 2060, Planet X, Nibiru, Marduk, Tiamet, etc. (see above)'  Like the sustenance of the blackhole, this is much speculated by science.  Its light lies invisible in the sky.  The occult leaves open events to a higher initiate. The reversal of a magnetic field (a great opposing force) has occurred in the past and will most likely occur again.  The Dragon in Sagittarius as a use of cosmic force and precision for magic or super-human strength.  Artificial and natural causeways on venus and earth.  A temp heaven in Libra. A catastrophe is bound to occur to the fifth race by heat, the fifth shift where the heavens will melt by heat.  Lower sea levels.  The seventh shift will occur by coldness with evaporation, creation of land and ice.  Naturally, The 'neutral' sun's light magnetically tilts (as do others) or turns the planets (where a star's natural events in its life cycles become a poleshift, judgment of life on earth).  Material objects and organisms such as civilizations may last centuries but not a millennia therefore the atom of the physical becomes useless and dull.  There must have been a water halo invisible around the sun or a creation of a ring of ice particles before the cosmic fix for the earth is too small to create a belt of any kind without close contact, magnetic draw or evaporation eg heat then oval form then fertilization, various impacts or final destruction or the earth grabbed and flung the moon at high speeds.  There is evidence the earth was 22 hours and there were 400 days in a year.  Love simply means good thought or pure memory or motive, hence the unknown, without love one dies many times eg love is different yet may the light of the logos conjoin in union for this unknown to some respects or the feminine gene dies somehow.  If one cannot see reality one must be banished into hell.  Aries goes from Winter to Summer.  The big bang must be an explosion or massive explosions in the present universe which form the lotus flower somehow.  Proof the earth recently sunk (then rose back into position) is the shadow or eclipse of the moon no longer hits the north but does so the southern hemisphere. 
    Solar Angels exist in the occult.  They are Agnishvattas (Agnishwattas) or advanced beings and modes of expression upon the earthly plane. Fire Dhyanis or fire devas of the mental plane.  So far we know it is the light manifested of masters, connected to the holy spirit.  A light form of colors from unknown sources or fire as possession of the triad in Pleroma, nirvanas from a previous Mahamanvantara, in higher planes of permanent atoms.  Part of the lunar deva, which is connected to the gaseous forms of the logoic body, hence they help the heavenly man.  The highest of the Solar pitris, connected to the fifth principle.  Planetary spirits, Asuras connected the pedal of the lotus to the logoi.  The Brahman Aditi or those who lived long ago and gained knowledge through suffering.  Hence forth human individualization (see also) or spiritual aspects of the physical plane. A hell must be cold because cold vapor is heavy and sinks whilst heat rises.  Solar electric phenomena or a cosmic Tau reflected on the 7th plane.  If muslims are jews (and even greeks or asiatic in origin) then we may assume buddhists are beings whom have knowledge of an entity or star as an opposition to christ hence vulcan.  Certain of the personality signs have a Venusian hatred for Vishnu. Solar Angels inhabit animals as well as humans which protect them from harm.
    -The Apocalypse of Saint John is followed with adherence to YAHWEH, Jehovah the unknown or the town of Judea as a collective face or personality.  The Ain-Soph of Mercury's creation (Gaia on Earth) by Jupiter called Jehovah's Witness. The calm before the storm, hence increase in solar activity and magnetic storms.  'Neither Hot nor Cold but Lukewarm should be eliminated by the Thief.'  This is told to happen upon the sign of capricorn whenever the planet gains momentum it collapses upon itself eg a pole-shift.  Saturn's frozen head must be a movement by Uranus killing his father. Gnosticism is a form of pagan christianity or history untold.  There is no Brahma under the sun's light in Pisces only siva in combination with vishnu.  Taurus or the so-called 'fallen angel' in religion falls under Sagittarius.  Neptune must have went under Saturn and sank, Uranus must have pierced its head and tilted.  If Saturn squabbles with Neptune as Uranus has, a great event would become simply a chain reaction.
    *Germany's Lyrans, Pleiedians of Orion's Belt or Plejarans, Beetle-like astronauts, the Bird paradise, Martians, Alpha Centaurians, Venusians, the 2 suns of the Zeta Reticuli alien grey star system.  These may be ancient races connected to the stars, dead for eons or not.  Infact an electromagnetic device is easily built from a magnetron and microwave. If this device were downgraded, one would have the most powerful handheld weapon on earth.  There are many worlds and they are from many worlds.  Even the alien greys from the sixth heaven (evolutionarily connected to the moon and the cancer sign) whom small minds similar to a child often fear of when astral projected would have to be deemed lower-nature or of some useless event somehow.   So technilogically advanced these beings were, to have made guns that shot radiation out of magnetronic devices (one can make this from a microwave, however the plasmic powersource without a grid is unknown).  The greys are infact super-intelligent, they have abilities to acknowledge other planets, and are overly positive, so much so as their spirit to be cold where as their inner brains are sirian or smooth in nature yet our brains have devolved to a state of rigidness around the seed, however the devolved inner brain's smooth cortex of a human is still present and extra-terrestrial.  Here is also why monogamy is condoned&appreciated by these aliens in their culture or these beings whom wear the robe of christ himself (dress robes or dress decor of the jews were thereby invented by the jews, once used by male and female), if one has a dozen partners for a long term they naturally fall into karma and it is considered a divorce of our earth more than it is a marriage.  Africans are newly evolved desert mammals of hindu origin, arabs from India presumed martian in origin or mixed genetics.  Some of which were darker or dark-black (not orange-pink, white-red, purple-black or marsupial monkey colored) and from the previous rounds eg the planets represented races once, the greeks were once suras, the southern races ashuras connected to the southern cross.  Here is how Virgo holds or hoists the world's past on its shoulders via Centaurus.  The Jewish world's northern sphere of Hercules mimicks Orion's belt as does Ursa Major and Capricorn.  However the belt or 3 stars of Hercules is the brightest to earth in that respect.  What we see is Lyra as your unworldly origin and Orion or a female male race your union and father.  Therefore their was a race of true south africans like there was one of true nordics ergo Africans do not consider the lotus sutra as ancient therefore it is derived of the bowels, or the southern antarctic/pacific and not pacific ocean side of the world.  So we say Land was ocean as ocean land.  The past personality of the jews is that they are premature.  Marduk is Malkuth and the Sefir is of Odin origin.  True Nephites or Black people do not originate from this earth but from the world of Yesod in Hebrew literature.  Io, Callisto (see also the black bear Callisto and Capricious legends) and other moons must be from Hod&Netzah or plutonian in origin, as does uranus absorb light, is pluto regarded as the last adam.  They act accordingly to the zodiac as new entities on earth and follow ancient paths as a means of communication.  Eg Taurus goes to Sag exoterically or Aries goes to Taurus, Cap, Aquarius is co-mingled, Virgo stays the same etc.  Sag and Cap/Aqua will always go to each other as will Taurus enter Leo upon initiation.  Fake Aliens do not exist in the occult.  Another deception of Glamor.
    -Nazi UFOs and the discovery of Hindu Vimanas from Orion, Russian Cosmonaut encounters with Ufos, and conspiracies are for the sake of its own societies and invent the state of western technologies.  It is possible ufos exist in the occult, where a pixel based technology turns diamond or grand technology, therefore you briefly witness a great presence in a distant path as unity or illusion have arrived at a certain place and time, brief apprehension from the logos.  Aliens have the ability to use materials not foreign to this galaxy such as metals and such. Some cases have shown them embed it in humans.  They are far above jesus,  They do this for their ego as do they burn trees with lasers or conjure crop circles for the good o the human race.  Mercury with metal and electro-magnetism in a vacuum by unknown entities at certain points in time. It is not relevant but for the use of weak black magic, eg an amateur tunes his guitar with weak reverberations or to be more concise a non-initiate temporarily awakens his senses with no motive involved.  Magnetism, or free energy, attraction and repulsion is a reality.  Atlantis must have moved upwards first alongside the coast of africa before south america shifted downwards. The goal is to be aware of the mechanism or great wheel, spiritually.  Here we will divulge the technology of nazi ufos, or military ufos whom can only navigate earth's atmosphere and be used as an advanced plane almost.  The craft uses a simply corona effect, basically, they built a fusion reactor whom levitates the craft 'upside down'  It is a simple lifter.  A primitive form of ionization out-performs the most advanced form of human technology which includes the diesel combustion engines.  The Capellans used rockets and was secretively uncredited into the development of rocket technology here on earth during the last world war, certain nwo figures such as goddard was a jew, proof is his mothers name was hoyt meaning Chet and Yod (meaning life) and most saxons are jewish immigrants.  The Pleiadians use light crystals or some sort of temporary time travel.  A Vril is an indian ufo or gold motor whom runs off of solar electricity.  The lower atmosphere drops in pressure upon this phenomenon of the astral.  Science is not magic, yet gives one the ability to dominate their enemy.  They (the human race) can not reach them or are stuck in maya, consciously or psychologically even hence limited by the form.  Ufos are not accessible but free energy is, mankind has yet to learn, a single motor can run forever given the battery used is only used as a starter, and a magnetic coil such as a throttle regenerates it via iridium magnets.  The first form of anti-gravity propulsion and secrets of the bell experiment lie here.  Italians must have prevented from conjuring infinite technology via the gyroscopic spiral.  These man-made Ufos or IFOs are ionized and not fully advanced.
    -Etheric UFOs are known by the laws of science in warping the vacuum, using natural forces from the magnetic field of planets with centrifuge, as Kraspedon has such proved.  The Merkabah, the chariots of the gods, are jewish aliens with advanced consciousness.  Fairies, Devas, are the lifeforce of matter. eg the planets etheric field uses key levels of different vibrations in the craft as it heats up the rear to repel gyrations as well as speed up.  Movements of the molecule and insect, Mind over Matter or vacuum technology.  If time moves so does space.  The future race of Adami is why the ark of the kovenant is important.  India, china and russia may indeed be the fourth reich against the western powers.  The third reich was made up of Roma or nordic races of the gypsy which reside in the americas.  However, races have had arks, and most do in case of a pole-shift.  Whether it be ship or space craft.  The renowned ark of the jews is taken from the planet of Yesod in their scripture.  The Cherib race are the first civilization to be renowned for their space ark on another planet. Here is what is known, the star of Zeta Reticuli is an alien star 15 light years away whom holds advanced life where our sun is hot compared to theirs.  Connected to Binah, it is a host star system therefore our galaxy and moon is far more native then there own where they are returning their consciousness and body to the source of the milky way, el dorado.  They have female and male organs just like humans however mostly are androgynous or only female.  Elemental technologies are not available to the human race or are forbidden, a young soul will be controlled and will take it apart if discovered.  Advanced beings and their races are far greater than man.
    Constellations are backlit to signify a location in time.  Logos are higher than the monad.  Man can see in the dark.  The soul is the speed of sound not the speed of light.  The monad or the mind must be the speed of light.  Therefore it took long for the soul to gain form yet not the mind to gain thought.  Aldebaran aligned with the crab nebula in taurus was the direct cause for the world wars.  An illusion at best, or the heart of krishna revealed.  If Sagittarius is the coming race, cygnus or northern cross whom arrives upon lower nature, then there must be a southern cross in centaurus, and cancer is infact centaurus located or born in mensa.  Therefore something tells us centaurus near volans is a cross to another system.  However, Capricorn shows a cross below it, falling through space as well, is known to be the tail of pisces.  Scorpius must have initiated somehow.  This judgement infact pierces space and time in Cancer, bringing the constellation as supreme god to light.  Sagittarius arrives on earth via pegasus not centaurus or the past as Cancer and Virgo do.  Stars in Sag go directly towards its the crosses center via distance.  These crosses are aligned with the galaxy for a reason of location rather than purpose.  The Southern cross seems to be a distant dead portion of the outer milkyway whom reincarnates via sag in cygnus towards the center or the northern cross.  The orion nebula is its own system and do not belong to this galaxy, however the crosses do.  Therefore orion is older and more mysterious.  The crosses are however more distant aka stars rather than a dead remnant of a previous galaxy or solar system.  A nebula in cygnus seems to have bore stars, however the black hole does as well.  Therefore stars do drown and move at great speeds for survival.  The galaxy is created via a black hole (a dead star?!? or monad? Cancer, now scorpius, future pisces..the age is great), and light as matter whom condenses or moves close to its destination.  Nebulas (collapsed stars) around the galaxy create the stars.  Collapsed stars are all a part of the Cancer constellation as is the galaxy itself in the beg.  However, if not aligned with the zodiac sign are considered fallen souls of the previous system eg renegades, stars without forms, constellations; all part of the galaxy, yet there are told to be stars in deep space or non-galactical stars.  The asian greek stories hint at the fables of these particular stars eg cetus and cepheus, coincidentally always connected to the non-human 7 star zodiac or a tree of illusion in space in a dreamstate via scorpio to the pleiades as a young inexperienced soul of the mind.  For even distant galaxies reside in the monadic 12 step zodiac.  The solar angel is harnessing electric fire.  Here explains some relevance of constellations.  
    *Technologies such as the calendars, the Antikythera Mechanism, or Stone Henge are ancient in origin.  Square energy conduits.  Old Sarum was an Atlantean city below stone henge, where neanderthals had been cornered in england from lake alkhol via the invasion of the human race and within a few thousand years.  Hence the Neanderthal knows England well.  The moon as an Axial tilt.  Archimedes apparently builds the first computer using a pin in place for the 10 year cycle of which is completly sephirothic.  The pin must move every month up and down.  However, with a pin in place, the number turns to 8.88 degrees or a simple lotus formation as opposed to a full tilt by the heavens.  Yet it will always eventually arrive at 8.88 degrees every 256 years of 18 (223 is equal to 27, 19 and 53).  Therefore the true number of the moon's rotation is unknown.  The earth is 88 degrees as well.  The First Computer, however the rotation of the moon around the earth is not perfect and inclines at 5.14 degrees in error or the moon was perfect 85,000 years ago without inclining and declining in a random path via the ecliptic plane.  Therefore like most computers, it is a form of time or a clock.  The moon's northern tip tilts towards the earth at 6.68 degrees and its inclination and declination is 5.14 degrees from the ecliptic plane where none truly know of its projected path due to venus turning its face, and the 85,000 year old pole-shift destroying asgard and all of its civilizations.  That is over 10 degrees of shear randomness.  Its apogee and pedigree was infact oval upon creation yet fails to be so any longer.  There is an underground city under Egypt, this city is used as a space port for divine masters called the Neter-khertet.  The coast city of Tanis in Alexandria is also under waters, yet well preserved (it sank below sea water via sand foundations).  Million year old Electricity from the Nordic cities was harnessed as was their electric cars, proof is written in Old Germanic Pagan Myths and Religion.  As well, There is Persian Sumerian Civilization as spiral concave maze-like housing structures, this is noted in areas such as Odessa in Turkey.  Old electric conductors and batteries similar to the ancient iraqi ones still here today.  The light bulb in ancient egyptian hieroglyphs are proof of a stolen temporary light source used, also the antenna implies free electrical energy can be gained.  The other worldly races built the Sumerian Tiwanaku city as evidence for the remains of the last non-human civilization.  Ancient astronomers with spacesuits such as the Paatuwvota flying shields or UFOs contact with the Hopi Women (thousand year old Native American tribe) and Kachinas from Orion or the etched astronauts of the hieroglyphs.  Ion Engines and Plasma were used before for interplanetary travel.   Super powered humans exist in india.  Hence, the jews themselves are experienced from karma of a previous planet.  To return to the sky are Gods whom leave behind uncourse matter and dead spirit, therefore they are not the fallen angels but humanity is.  Mercury is a metal as small spheres which revolves around magnetism.  As for the appearance of ufos, you're probably seeing illusions of the past races through your genetics in combination to the mind (the mind can create, and even make you feel atomic objects which are not there). Yet one controls these demons or black magi with the fundamental laws of science and intelligence.  The black triangle, Nano technology, Anti-Gravity (heat resistance/elimination of air flow), stealth or cloaking technology, Magnetism is alien or capricious and the Nazi Bell experiment are man made.  More recent such as Einstein's Atomic bomb.  The greeks must have invented the television, the computer to even artificial intelligence.  Words have occultic meanings, mostly the powerful words in our elemental system, eg plutonium is from plutonians, or pluto, whilst uranium is from uranus, cainutronite or kainutronite is from the mythology of kain.  Plutonium is a scarce material from super-novas. The time calculations of thoth is math to comprehend strictly for non-initiates.  The anarchist tesla was ridiculed and bankrupt at the end of his life due to competition and sabotage, however he invented free energy which the mass ignored.  A simple antenna can generate electricity from the air or radiation (ether) as to power a car.  The philadelphia experiment and vice versa (Devil's pass) were infact experiments conducted by the government with alien technology.  The aliens know of time travel, however this capability is temporary and will fuse and burn atoms upon its wake, leaving very little evidence.  Meaning the atlanteans too knew of it, and traveled to its future via wormholes (magnetic field disturbances within the astral plane).  Wormholes are infact abductions of somesort, or a means of vacuum propulsion by the organism and may very well be technical or material in existence.  A Ufo is a spinning disc, it must be a material object however so.  Radiation multiplies positive energy through the neg or magnets.  The Tunguska event is a show of military force from a foreign power to the earth hence other worlds took notice of the atomic bomb (the explosion was 15mts, the tsar bomb is 100 mts, a nuclear device can radiate the skin and its casualty rate can be much greater then imagined).  Condensed Photon Lasers, Fusion or Tesla's Deathray (Ionic Sphere disturbance) are proven yet invisible and not controllable to the eyes of Man or God.  Mayan technologies are far more advanced than the present day East and West.
    -Pagan festivities, such as the Day of the Dead in November or the Wiccan Walpurgis Night in late April may have astrological meaning.  Such as the first full moon rotation of late May aka Festival of Goodwill in Gemini, Vesak Day or Buddha's day of birth in Taurus.  Worship of the Cancerian birth star in nature is marriage, Ayilliam in India.  However devout marriage is Sumerian.  Unjust Laws in this world are enacted by a hungarian europe or a degenerated sumeria as well it seems.  Hungary is infact the first medieval europe of this round to depart from a sidereal slavia before europe became europe then rome.  As does the sidereal decorate witchcraft, pagan or wiccan holidays, rituals and events.  Memoric significance or respect of the all.  It is said Christ will take over work of Buddha.  Buddha witnessed the Deluge of Gemini.  The Great Bear's younger brother bore the earth.  There are moon plants in india which create hallucinations.  Jesus visiting Egypt may have been because of childhood experience.  When the Royal family visited the heart of Cairo (in particular in Mataria where a fourth race pillar stands), a tree was named after the Virgin Mary and was called a sycamore balsham shrub or the Virgin's tree which has not died for 2000 years, or the tree died and respawned many times it seems.  Some spec Tiberius Pantera, a roman soldier to have bore jesus before or after his death.  It is possible she was a master, and her mate was not her cousin joseph but yet a being in the cosmos under its own sign, or from a past life.  Lysergic acid or fungi is a cause of death to small rodents which puts one in a state of death while still being awake.  Oil is from the depths or core of the earth which is why it is holy or purified to a super-consciousness or master.  There is an occult esoteric significance to this as Yantras for the Moon.
    *Seven is a sacred number (7 nations 7 oceans 7 planes 7 years 7 planets 7 ages 1 leo (ice age), 2 cancer (age of the great mother),3 taurus (age of agriculture), 4 aries (age of heroes), 5 pisces (religious age), 6 aquarius (space age), 7 capricorn (fall of man) ages of man.  Only advanced beings can see the aura, eg if a plant is born in September and the same seed born in January does the light of the plant differ.  The plant itself is genetically the same to a primitive species and complex to a non-primitive one.  The Phoenix is harnessing fire, earth, water and air (electric ether) with three unknown elements.  Sagitti defeats cancer in this way through pride or capella falls hence mekonin is sag and its aurons whom create auroras on earth is gemini, a connotation or facsimile of aquarius whom outdoes cancer as the north star (hence libra out does aries in a span of millions of years, etc).  In ramas time the little dipper was in the shape of draco's head where sumatra is jakarta (of which sir lanka or the masc gene is not) and Madagascar.  The tilted crown of thorns as its logoi as personality is aries.  The masc gene is revealed here, sir lanka was discluded as true eden (note Madagascar is a part of java&sumatra, not sirlanka) and a feminized antarctica (atlantis) was isolated via africa rising.  Germs can not just appear, but yet travel through the waters and the land, most notably through africa itself to gain its skin in a non-human or devolved form.  These forms were harnessed by god or higher forces via the reptilian kingdom of draconian nature ie japan.  Representing it are these seven primitive ages as races.
    7 of earth 7 days sabbath 1 = brahma).  Math is important to Cosmogony in finding the correlation between stars. Ie seven aligned with capricorn at the source of the Nile or Spirit Earth is 14 years of age. The seven stanzas are briefly noted here,known as the oldest book in the world and incomprehensible or to advanced for man.  The heart as a star is a diamond center which has the rays of a lotus.  Taurus must have used the 1st and sixth buddhic ray to initiate in the last phase of this system eg the father son aspect was once not rare or aka vishnu-siva where brama is a phenomenon of movement or androgynous being.  Here lies the difference between the deva force and white magic, the deva force is a great cosmic wind whilst white magic is elementary microcosmic particles such as light and electrons around the upper most layer or atmosphere of the earth.  If the sun is going towards the summer triangle or away from Sirius and the Pleiades it must be going the direction of the galactic rotation.  Some say it is going the opposite direction or not in a straight path via the milky way galaxy.  Orion must be a dead portion of the milky way's tail itself.  It must have passed Sirius and the Pleiades in the distant past or its headed into the final straight away from the loop in the fish.  That's why the occult states it travels up and sideways but is still traveling downwards.  It is not traveling up fast enough.  The Sattva Heen (the Devi sukta meaning sutra possibly?) is a cosmic prayer to Lakshmi, some may speculate it is the lotus sutra, of where the world is saved.  To pray this prayer morning and night is to retain the treasures of the earth.  This means that the world is saved simply because these cosmic beings will not forget it.  If these cosmic beings (Indra and Lakshmi) forget the earth, not only does it go into hell, but it's masters and all whom inhabit it go into hell with it.  There was once a union of two souls before the earth was created and possibly when mars was formed.  It is said they are heavenly or alien beings whom built a city here named angkor wat via 600bce.  There is a circular city under taurus as christianity which assumes the remnants of an atlantean city named the eye of the sahara in africa (21.1269° N, 11.4016° W).  This cosmic union was of Aries and Scorpio a long time ago.  God hit Libra or drowned him, the human germ, so to speak.  Evolution is initiated and falsehoods revealed.  So speaks the secret doctrine.  If the pomegranate was stolen by eve from a garden held by a greater being such as a sumerian giant, we may presume that the beings had the ability to control nature, eg lower organisms such as birds etc to attack the thieves.  Trade and Economy must have been created via some type of mutual cooperation or understanding, for the stone apple is a rotten fruit compared to the pomegranate.  They must have thought humans were a type of pest in their presence.  The true father is of an unknown origin, form, force or entity much like a God where the lower kingdoms are susceptible, controlled or created by him or his will.
    Stanza Summary. The first speaks of the Dragon and the Crest with the Right against the Left.  The left, representing mankind dwell beneath the Dragon's feet as the wheel turns. The Great scale where all perish and only the chosen pass through and the Work of Saturn is seen.  The Sons of God and the Sons of Man's indifference with the Liberated One to turn his back upon the door of light is his offspring..a greater disk becomes apparent.  The green flame is rare and hidden. The adepts are known as Son of Compassion.  The Green left, and its Red Right Scale few in number gleam the eye of fire.  There is a smaller Sagittarian galaxy within the milky way and a nebula as well, this is proven however it is only visible on one side of the milky way and space is vast so they are most likely as close as the moon is to the earth, therefore near billions of spheres.  The consciousness sees a certain perspective more clear via the zodiac one is born under eg to libra earth appears to be venusian going forwards or right, to an aries it is going backwards or left.  Light rare in a vast spacial concept.A greater door is open, identifies with lesser dragons,an uprising or cry of the children is surmounted.  The earthly service.
    Stanza XVII the Path of Magnetic Work, or the Master's path.  The Master enters blindly afterwhich he becomes unholy through the Wheel of Fire.  He follows the Sons of Gemini through the Wheel of Fire (The Sun through Gemini).  Passing through a new magnetic field, The Portal (heart) of the Sun is open. Stanza XXXIX  The Eye of Shiva opens, another sleep is of vision is awakened, with hearing and depth perception.  They hear and see without adherence.  The worlds speed on as they sleep, this is where the cruel deva lords of maya come to being, lust, desire and illusion is played or played upon.  The Dim of lustre or Sin.  Which is why the Lotus Lords sleep yet not so deeply.  The Ring which rims the Great Illusion is therefore revealed.  It is how forms are held together.  They only see that which is above them.  It effects the course of matter not.  Light is reflected upon this mountain top.  The three-fold see and hear not.  7 and 12 multiply 5 which weaves the solar system through sound of Cosmic Words. The planetary logoi.  
    Stanza LXXVII is the path to Sirius.  The mother and father forget their son, slumbers or retreats into fire. All is silenced. The 12-point above the sun play their part with one of the sisters (7 wives of pleiades). The points become dim.  These stanzas mimic the great cosmic paths mentioned.  The orb is the aid or point of blue.  The Ray Path is the path of Silence.  Only those who have seen darkness descend upon the five sons of flesh have heard the sound.  The scale descends.  No meaning but dumbness falls upon the lips of the sons of man.  The sacred blue scale ascends upon the Great Adjuster of the White Island.  The Prince of Doom.  Peace is then attained from its sacred halls.  He whom speaketh mystic words follow, he who holds his speech finally fails.  They escape the fiery eye of the great adjuster and find their path.  The direction of the Lord of Life upon his path.  
    The Great Path of the three vibrations (Solar Logos) is from whom that seeketh life from out of the great seven, the two becomes the one lost in the primary.  The mystery dissolves in time.  The process where the Son becomes the Father by meeting his brother and contacting his mother. His sacred name is hid.  The major fifth now carrieth the vibration where the hidden name of the cosmic lord seeketh a form in a sphere to veil, the dense gross matter that hides inner light, crude material veiling life, and dense darkness lost in the heart of being.  The major fifth includes the minor third where a greater scheme of a major third is revealed, the great sound.  The second becomes the past, the ring becomes one, and is lost for aeons.  Earth comes or arrives into our solar system as the seventh planet.  Eris, Nibiru or Vulcanus the lava moon and 10nth planet of our system was a planet of fire and was a large planetary moon whom accompanied Vulcan and briefly Jupiter.  Timelessness is attained where it ends and space disperses as a central calm.  The wheels turn not, the fires burn not, barriers no longer exist.
    *Here we reveal the connection of the stars to the zodiac, each group of stars protruded outwards upon the creation of your galaxy.  These stars traveled from far distances into the center of the milky way after its creation.  Like a whirl pool, the center of the lotus flung the stars to the outer limits in supreme condensed matter, space, and speed.  The stars themselves were atoms whom either came from other galaxy's or were born in its center.  There are Billions of stars born around a zodiacal trinity in your thick lite one-armed galaxy.  A few turn into zillions therefore a blackhole is actually condensed light, currently and reincarnation (past lives, glamor of lineage or realization limited.  A smaller being becomes big, or realizes a greater plan possibly a physical plane within that plan eg the travel of light from far distances effecting matter or the soul.  The inner-lotus is mercury with 7 rotations or petals quickly turned into 8.  These stars came from (7) greater stars, therefore turn with time like water turns the tides. 
    Absolute Sonship is attained.  The father and son become one, the mother praises that which she deems god and lord. Where the heavenly lay to swell the cosmic fire resides the truly unknown.  The Sons of Gods adhere to the mastery of gold.  The triple cyclic word, AUM.  The one whom chants a note with the cosmic cord.  The one above the son of Violet Hue he shineth in the galaxy of stars.  The 3 father-mother-son, the great creator is the past future.  The marriage of the heavenly man commences, all becomes harmony, Synchronicity blended with Symphony, Vibration ariseth, and echoeth.  Gautama buddha, a representative of the fifth race, will leave earth when the sixth race arrives.  Sobek is also Gemini whom represents a sort of healer or reincarnator towards the human race (a chronos under the fixed cross, his son is gemini, and this leads to confusion as to what sign or who jesus truly was).  Here, we will reveal an unclean spirit from a clean one, as taught by christ through reincarnation.  The unclean spirit is one whom moves in the astral plane.  Metal as water.  The clean one transcends.  Arcane methods or influence such as anticipation are avoided.  Perfection is achieved.
    -Science have a misconception that the universe is round or as an oval, pupil or somewhat of an achievable space.  This is untrue.  The Universe is of many old and new universes, infinite and unknown.  What is our present universe is compared to the galaxy of a different order, far older and explosive.  New elements and atoms outside the known universe which are being created compared to the present time.  A new earth, billions of years into the future in our own galaxy.  The perception of the union of the lotus, or visualization of actual space instead of the monadic and atomic one, aka the spark  eg the seed turned egg, or the new moon is indeed just water in space colliding with a dead object (once incased in ice, warmed by our sun) and making contact with an asteroid or bigger object, indeed the illusion here is the asteroid is not a comet but the comet an asteroid.  Here we will reveal the secret to lower nature on mars or the third initiation.  For example a star is an impeller or advanced propeller which forms a lotus.  The organisms on mars die every winter, because its winter is far stronger than its summer, however it reaches an orbit above earth so the summer ray ultimately blooms with the spirit of the sophia-christos as the sign leo.  The maxim enters its extremities in the summer even if far from earth.  A Violent Mars in the summer is proof of the spirit no matter how short the form's lifespan is made to be.  Nothing small survives upon its environment past or future.  A key note upon where lies the origin of the Archon Kings or those whom test the resolve of weak conscious (young souls) with illusion and mind tricks is here.  The solar system may have had different crystallized forms or phases then today.  We can not see the order of the planets in the past-to-the-present, only a master can.
    -We are in Pisces starting around the Birth of Christ, 2012 marks the age of Aquarius as a time around a planetary pole-shift.  Greeks, Canaanites were present during the fall of the Atlantean brown giants of which where Sin is born.  Therefore Hercules' use of shiva to destroy, defeat or 'free' ares is a great event, or mimicked past of a adamic being whom prevailed through the zodiac and its tests.  Jupiter hurls earth into celestial darkness.  The Saturnian moon of Neptune.  The ocean is a cycling comet, however so is the stars.  Sagitti is reknowned for chastity of the human race, except it can not penetrate the mind.  Black magic is someone with secondary intentions, a hidden agenda which culminates to sin in as a path of their chosen lifetime.  Evil doth stay whilst good vanish. 
     Evil planets are good here, they are spread out farther then before therefore judgement will come to the inner planets eg the realignment occurred where Gemini struck atlantis via Mercury 85,000 years ago to create an ice age.  Sound made into spirit or reality.  The hudson floods the east coast atlantic and the ice shelf or glacier in a partial ice age due to polar alignment is shattered.  Then 36k during the ice age vulcan comes in briefly to realign the continents in a pole-shift.  Silence of the stream, Brasil is moved forward (downwards than forwards), rama's bridge is created etc.  Saturn loses its eye, Uranus appears on its side.  This causes venus to come and still the rotation of earth and moon.  Afterwhich Venus brings Mars whom spurns from its path, heaven and religion created, a new planet to civilization to burn the earth's equator and its peoples, particularly of South America.  This is all sighted in Velikovsky's books, in actuality turning of the sun into a new path or age from wet to dry.  The Serpent Snake Satan or the Evil of Apollo, Gemini, fights the Good God or Piscean being Osiris. Atlantis is destroyed completly.  Gemini becomes enemies with or defeats the sign of Pisces not Leo.  Christ's true son lies dead on the battlefield, his new son is born.  Aries becomes the Dragon sign or one whom deviates from matter.  Sagittarius, the godly one whom descends.  Aquarius the observer.  A new eden was created, however it was after 850,000k bce during lemuria or after a magnetic shift of the sun, iron and soul, did the fourth world truly emerge.  Cancer is the sivic sign of rudra or apocalypse commeth.  It represents the numbers 666 as the astral on earth or water.  Cancer means siva comes or apocalypse due to the light of the earth changing its form under dawn.  Earth is in actuality representing dawn light which changes throughout each zodiacal sign in form, color and substance ie the 7th ray.  A dead child left here as a skeleton is the serpents gift.  No spectacle should be pronounced for we are an amoeba to the greater god in personality yet all are the same in soul.  Here we explain how its quickly entering upon the fifth and looks of that nature. The more advanced planets are too spread out now fortunately, good is comprehended as advanced planets.
     The Ancients speak of the Mountain Valhalla, the Hall of Giants, this is where the astral plane of the physical form is tested before the hall of heroes was a hall of giants, the Kalewala fights a serpent, Yimir, Asgard, adventures in the Far North. The Ravines of Odin, thought and truth become reality.  A deep allegory of the true gods, or pagans from Atlantis.  The Gods played with golden discs.  The Aurora or magnetic north.  The root or root race of Eden from the North extends to Mexico.  The Cromagnons know of life after death and connected to Ashkenaz giants of Scythia or the Black Sea which are beings of Odin before they became jews.  Rudra is a being connected to Ruta aka iceland and south east to north east india, nepal aka lord siva as lower nature.  Russian and Cyrillic is in fact an Indian Language.  Giant trees or roots of the old world or days when the North Pole was capped with ice in the Atlantic.
     Eg Signs are numbers, triangles connect to symbols earth is connected to 4 kingdoms which make up a circle. Space is vast, Energy is created by force, time and Physics do not occur in the Occult.  The Divine Lotus, where purity equates to strength and knowledge is the temple to the soul.  The pedals of strength are, like in a plant, emanating streams or flows of energy via the stem.  Fusion of soul and body, or the atomic lives make up the transfer of man into living soul.  Through these petals one sees the lives of the individual, past, solar and otherwise. This reveals the self or personality to the seer as aspects of Higher self, monad, number of Rays, etc.  The lower lunar, ego or love and monad or sacrificial petals are key symbols to understand energy flux.  The lotus jewel is then revealed or dynamic force of the heart of the solar logos, focal point of life for planetary logos.  Suns now play the part of atoms in consummation, the many become one or form the All by vibrations.  True mergence is being lost in beautiful light, where constellations form all instead of planets and atoms.  Each circle revolves around the jewel, opposite and forward as if in motion, secrets to electric fire.  There seems to be a small enochian brain within our large brain, it is the center seed or root, akin to water.  It has no defenses and is smooth, however the curves or sensors of our brain are intertwined with nature as deformities or limitations, animal senses to alert us of danger. What proves man of his superiority to the animal kingdom is the brain, it is of a complex design in awareness in science and the occult, for the body is useless and primitive.  Something tells us the height of the massive ice-age's time was with nature once, the sun must have been under orion in its prehistoric past at one time or another, only to return to leo.  33 stars under aquarius or fallen sparks caused the destruction of mars billions of years ago.  Geburah fell in a polar alignment of virgo-aquarius or a repetition of events via venus.  33 fallen angels of 288 caused its destruction.  Ntb confused with libra and the numbers 19 or 9 which equate to 13 fallen angels of this system or the 9 gateways.  Organisms such as the hydra are aged immortal until killed.  Like a foreign plant in the cold, one is strongest at the final moments of death.  30,000 year old seeds are buried and are able to germinate even today.  The belief in buddhic Pantheism.
    -Noone if not None can obtain direct guidance from the monad (a heavenly body) or the mind (impenetrable space) in their physical, here is a reason why.  A monad is a dead or dying star which descended from the heavens.  If it can not live in matter, it can only spiritually 'possess' or guide those who can see (by possess we mean meditate upon the energetic form of the sphere to create temporary light).  The 'jewel' is a fabricated aspect of the inner soul, lotus, inner permanent or atomic unit which mimics the light from the heavens.  For a master it is ascension of the spirit, descension of the soul.  The vernal equinox and ecliptic is most likely the north-south and east-west cross however it is not the same path as the earth, and has not been so for since the beginning of time therefore the earth is rotating, atomically.  Therefore there was a sidereal or 'leap' year between Makara Sankranti (January 14) and Mesha Sankranti (April 14 or Capricorn-Aquarius-to-Aries) or the equinox in September and March of the tropical.  The beings left behind are most likely after the jewel of a crystal earth eg north and south as pisces-virgo.  All upon creation of the past universe, god is sought.  The ageless secret is that Capricorn holds twelve gods as moons under Saturn whom literally commands the human race.  If Aries kills Adonis in Gemini under Brahma via betrayal or a remarriage of aphrodite in libra, the adamic man is but less than a few million years old in mind and Pisces indeed follows or takes credit for these steps where Rome is indubitably the color gold (creation of autonomy or government) in Leo-Pisces.  The Sag monad kills aries whom it (an invisible god) creates out of nothing or atoms and sag invents or bores taurus somehow, esoterically whom bores virgo exoterically.  The cyclops moon mimas from the constellation of virgo.  Virgo is simply the ceiling of the known universe brought or flung here by taurus.  Pisces somehow comes from Capricorn (virgin ocean or sea) and Taurus (gaia, holy spirit or mother nature) therefore is defeated by such (taurus), however mimas is virgo.  In sanskrit, Anubis means the human race so it is capricious, thoth a master of gemini, osiris is capricorn, seth aries, and nephthys is leo with horus as pisces.  For Sag to go inbetween Cap and Aquarius in personality is an event which will transpire in the next system.  We enter the age of aquarius in april 19 of 2011 where all the natal charts went into taurus and aries.  A clear definition of the earth, light and time in the greatness of the 7 monads.  
    *The four Dimensions are created upon each other through matter which inhibits Clairvoyance (sixth sense).  The Sun a shadow of the central Sun.  The play of shadows and light are indefinite.  A Maya, where Gods live and die (abstract nature) within the Astral Light (ether).  The occult states the black Sun, dark matter is faint or unseen light.  The Astral self is the higher portion of its lower self, naturally more powerful and is guided by evolution. For instance astral, solar, buddhic and self emanations of the plant.  Our system is the only which is able to regenerate, eg regenerative love. Will opens the pedals and reveals the jewel, aka dynamic force.  This is also true to our 7 fold sun in its emanations.  Polaris is the star of reincarnation for elemental life.  Our Son is representative of even a greater deity.  The advanced soul can comprehend the krita yuga effectively, with clarity, because it mimics the satya yuga.  It is the first or in other words one day of brama which is equal to the previous day, 4.32 million, a fraction of 4.32 billion which makes up a year or 411 trillion human years.  The atom dies and is left on the physical therefore mimics the stars.  However the atom is reborn on the spiritual, if one loses its soul it will be reborn in a greater being of the life it has taken.  Sound however is taken from the logos and connected to your higher being, whether it be human, alien, a star or not.  Science has proven to go faster than the speed of light via neutrinos (basically unactivated electron particles), however the speed of light is atomic matter which is activated.  If the speed of light is activated, it will hit a point and collide.  If it is not, it will become an unknown.  Here we reveal electricity does indeed go faster than the speed of light and it is proven by science as well.  It is known as the speed of electricity, energy or thought.  Electricity is dead atoms, or unactivated light.  If it is activated it will go faster.  As do rocks not reform until judgement day, so will the ego of man burn or die out quickly.  Atomic Man's tiny reflection says he too is god.
    The Sons of God do not sleep, if they sleep they die, and enter pralaya, the worlds end therefore they are far greater than the plane of matter and man (see Atlanteans and its precursor races of the last round).  There are other worlds other than our own with life.  Sirian minerals covered and bathed the earth long before life's prehistory where the shell or fossil is created before time itself.  Gold itself must be conductive as the sign of Libra.  Aries is told to turn into taurus via the physical plane or sixth ray after death of the body, the lower or failed form (ie elemental body) transmutes into something more beautiful.  Universal or Cosmic Energy via the zodiac is then comprehended (solar taurus, electric aries, magic leo etc).  There are thousands of planets with life, water and oxygen in our galaxy.  Capricorn is known for knowledge of the seventh sun, a future star or monad in our system and is the most glamorized of the zodiac signs because it holds hidden truths of glamor.  However, The vedas specifically say, one falls even when enlightened by planets from the very heavens themselves to not rise again.  The moon is indeed a spring let lose from heaven (gains magnetism) whilst the earth a coil whom gains heat.  Water marks are in actuality, flooded land which leaves indentations like fingerprints do to the human body.  To realize this Man breaks their gyrical instruments, machines become useless, color in the spectrum is dried, the plane left flat, their primitive spirits return, magic is destroyed eg the rarity or career of, water deforms or mirrors the beast of evolving nature therefore man has witnessed or knows.
    *Whatever happens on Earth happens on Venus.   The older sister mirrors her younger brother. The Venusian Comet.  Its the only rotation of which is forward via opposites in every other planet and where static lightning is no longer near its surface, the shallow oceans, crystal lakes and clear waterfalls spray no more.  Hydrogen marks its upper atmosphere as its legitimacy to an ancient life.  Venus burns the nature of the Earth in this system by controlling its weapon Mars, whch loses control and is struck by a jovian 'Zeus'.  The One Holy Lord, Sanat Kumara, 22 million yrs of age, is the last Venusian who resides on Earth in Shamballa, home of the Kalki kings under Gemini.  Venus must have been bothering earth since its arrival as the second planet during the last minor shift or close pass of 1460bce where it is actually aligning in a race with it or to catch up with the earth.  Here will be mentioned the siva sign of virgo or Astraea again (a statue in russia named Mamayev Kurgan which represents the great war is this figure as is the liberty statue a female form of aries or babylon), for she is the mother of venus or the gemini personality.  Siva as a Brahman Jehova or god to survive this system and be reborn into hell in the next as Cancer, its clone, has this one.  What becomes younger in mind comes last or later.  A lord of astral light, Akasha or what is simply known as phosphorus.  It is the creator of Karma on Earth.  'Lucifer is aware of every sin.'  The sister planet venus, abundant in carbon monoxide, must have had a blue oxygen-rich atmosphere sometime in its past.  Planets do not die easily, they can survive with atmospheres in deep cold albeit, The colder the planet, the more susceptible to cosmic forces. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous cyanide, therefore called nitrogen or poison to the senses. The clouds would streak upon its atmosphere once in heavenly principle.  Venus like Uranus does a complete polar turn, however it is not mentioned in the solar planes graph, it turns 90 degrees whilst Uranus turns 100 degrees, however it flips at 177 degrees and Uranus is estimated to have tilted at 90 degrees (magnetic turn vs polar tilt is infact the polar planetary degrees from its magnetic field only or sun's tropical north, hence small planets can not tilt or they die).  A small planet can only have a magnetic tilt from the sun's true north or basically it can not turn without catastrophic results hence mars still has an atmosphere or looks relatively the same whilst venus metamorphosized completely.  There is definitely a threshold on planets, and their poles never truly faced forwards or towards the sun when tilting.  In better terms a sacred planet first has an oblong path to find equilibrium then it turns then it tilts.  Unlike Mars and Earth, whom represent 12 and 10 in the zodiacal cycle of clouds as seasons, it represents 3.  Like Mars was to it once, the planetary body of Venus, a non-magnetized leveled comet spiraling in orbit, is still a major threat to earth and its life in the far great future.
        The Catholic Chaldeans of the Babylonian kingdoms worshiped the light personified by the sun.  Christian Orthodoxy in Libra.  It is relative exotericism not to be taken critical, nor is it to be taken critical that Theosophy may refer to Satanism here.  In conjunction with Taurus of Aldebaran in Haydes, is 'the leader of his sisters' meaning this star wills Pleiades.  Virgo as something dead like an old fruit or berries whom are poisonous (see also the snake in the garden as siva or the stone apple tree aka sagitti or a glamorized future incarnation of gemini some how), yet alive like lilies whom spring in the late summer.  Flowers are naturally part of the zodiac or a holy spirit, ie dandelions and red blossoms are leo.  Leviathan is purely occult in meaning, which translates to dragon, Job is an initiate on trials being tested to say the least, is father of magnetism.  The alien adam is undoubtedly taurus.  Tura, at the time of prophets or during the reign of The Gemini-Sagittarius Solomon.  Satan once again a subject to reveal a false-hood or denier, Eden as civilization whilst the Fall of Man as subjective science and Arcane Wisdom. There you have it the greeks created the west, therefore the jews created the greeks.  Therefore realization that the europeans degenerated in evolution moreso than the africans themselves are gained.  The asian race will (do) inherit the earth, hence the ego is made into sound (invented) via lunar sources. Scorpio is infact still regarded as the christ child or inner region of the milkyway's blackhole where infact it is the bud of the lotus or of young non-moving stars, yet this space is even too vast for young souls.  Scorpio at times has up to three worlds with life around a single star.  Elihu, his teacher, the neophyte is a blind man tested upon petroma (father) of Hindu Brahma Buddhist theology during the age of the prophets as formentioned.
    A Venusian Comet, 6th in exoteric nature, possibly behind Jupiter (a saturnian planet, the only of the inner ring, flung by Jupiter, the cow-bull, 'phaeton' itself is similar to the Greek word for Saturn) above Saturn came near Earth as Mars did (?venus, an oceanic alien world thick of heat, lightning, soft wind and mountains once???).  Its light was shared on Earth at points in the form of the Pentagram.  An Alien Comet which once held life here long before Earth, spiraling from the heavens above Saturn, finally entering Jupiter to make an orbit with Mars 2-4 thousand years ago.  Its vapors turns the elements, the slow mists glorify the planet.  In Sanskrit literature, a demon has been born of the Pleiades.  Witness to movement is gained.  Higher nature (the christ spirit) wanted to be king, in no matter what form, of israel..however lower-nature (the human race) prevented it.  The last name was what we use as middle names eg Yeshua bar-Yusuf or jesus joseph.  Jesus had only 24 chromosomes, or was born a-sexually, and bled on ark of the convenant which was in his possession and he bled on.  Christ however becomes Christian as opposed to Abraham (gemini) whom becomes buddhistic or finds the middle way (libra and cancer to even aquarius represents muslimhood).  Whilst Jesus is an initiate, The alien entity Christ is a perfect copy of Vishnu. ~Minor note: Jesus taught worship of deeds rather than thought (contemplation) or no death to matter eg to build civilized cities and instructions to mankind by Hermes. 
      Note: Venus is a sacred planet therefore possibly linked to Andromeda or another galaxy before the Pleiades..once again, in the occult galaxies are ruled out.  Where as the Moon was once and always will be more magnetized then the earth.  The Herculean Super-sun's path is somehow born of Orion as is the jupiterian star connected to it.  Jupiter is the creator of all the inner planets in its life, anything which comes before it is flinged by it.  The occult has reason to believe it (venus) was in its orbit at one time or another.  The lunar moon is definitely an exception, known as a passing object, and possibly the earth's rishi before it was not in or on its path of which objects may have or not in some form used its orbit directly or indirectly.  The seventh age of earth will be crystallized, no clouds will inhabit it, whilst water becomes land for maybe one, two, three or four inhabit it..due to lack of moisture of course.  The small leaf spurns the human kingdom of prometheus where a god's love (a mother cancer, molecular or gaseous entity) comes to being.  This much is known, Venus was a planet whom arrived at 5th position from the sun.  This much is known Venus is clearly a once orbital moon of Jupiter.  The Satanic Eve is probably cancerian to the human kingdom and sagittarian upon the non-human one.
    Pleiades are the seven daughters of Atlas.  Taurus is the astrological sign of the zodiac whom ignites chi therefore spurns from a great cosmic influence or wind into a small solar one.  Most recently in the age of man, the ecliptic of leo overshoots taurus in favor of ursa major in conjunction, or goes over the ecliptic during the sidereal.  Leo bests the sign of the tau as a solar christ sign.  A greater event causes a chain reaction into a smaller one, personality gains notoriety,  exoterically speaking.  This is a mere repeated event which spans millions upon millions of years ago.   Astral memory perhaps.  Astrology and distance of the stars tells us it came from Capella and then Vega where our star in leo runs its course on its, the galactic core's outer or upper ring of where cancer and gemini's border resides, the non-human from the human, the true north enters the south, the right is upon the left. Therefore it is hydrogen before helium, the circle is made or expanded.  Atoms are thinner than air and can go through walls, here is how wireless signals work or clone themselves.  This form of energy is also known as Radiation or ether.  A cancerian entity ignites chi on earth by achieving it from the southern cosmos, karma is comprehended via meditation.  
    Mars is the son of Rudra. 600, 666, 777 years (Tau, Can, Aries) where a Kumara of each century reveals Apocalyptic truth.  'Each century of Naros is of six serpent heads.'  Connected with Polaris, the Lodestar 'the star which expiates sin' Aries is beneath Pleiades in order to evoke suffering and liberation due to the close proximity of the Teegarden star.  The Arabic star which dates before Christ and invents time or the start of spring, is in fact the constant star in the path of the sun, Hamal.  Hence the sign Aries falls or loses to non-initiates.  There is no recollection of the first dinosaurian continent and these gentle passive-aggressive dinosaurs (giant desert lizards of vast plains and arid landscapes) or giant lizards upon human consciousness.  Buddha talks to a crowd revealing an unfinished plan in his sutra.  For even the initiate, before the secondary human germ, has had none.  The oldest world of the four rounds was older, slower, larger, safer and more territorial hence more advanced, pure or less violent.  This is fact, our skin resemble the scales of an age which has moved on.  The dead spirits of reptiles resides here and within us.  There are rounds before our germs which evolved from the second moon colored race into the physical germ. The kumaras follow this order pisces-to-cancer or first to last where last veils christ or Pisces-aries-taurus-gemini-cancer or yellow as aries, red tau, green cap etc. via the chakra. In the occult, these beings were part of the hierarchy as well once.  The cloned Human beings are only one-two million years old (Aryan Giants are 5 million) from germ development of its fifth round.  The third race before us is older and so on.
    *The Seven sisters controls our 7 planets. They all work for Pleiades, especially Mars, which then controls the animal kingdom on Earth.  The sirian logos to our logos is like our divine ego to personality.  The Cosmic mental plane is the logoic goal of attainment.  The Pleiades are the seeds of evolution which have not yet sprouted.  One must choose evolution, yet does not have to.  If it is right to progress for the organism.  The holy spirit has not happened yet.  Their must be one thousand petals of the lotus flower which represents a star as the divine ego or the lotus spawning new leaves. Races of ra or lower nature are zodiacal therefore they must be connected to a zodiac sign that changes every climatical cycle of the sun.  The Kalpa where the spirit of organisms will become gods.  Judging by the fourth world maps, there must be constant micro-poleshifts which warp continents during the fourth age we are in eg the island atlantis as atlas, the eastern coastal mountains of america which formed near a shore (mountains form near shores first).  The whole of eastern america must have been underwater more than 85,000 years ago however the esoteric map is 47 million years old!  It also proves land does not sink but condense into different shapes and sizes due to mass of the earth.  Like a scab which dissipates under the skin, one can heal yet needs magical or cosmic awareness to do so.  Yet, the scabs on earth or land are picked (deformed greatly due to pole shifts).  Micro-poleshifts probably occur every 26 thousand years (of the 26 million) as a natural event of the earth turning on its side or changing poles slightly.  South America must have been closer to africa.  An Island the shape of an 'L' must have formed an Atlantia or Atlas and the 10 cities of sephiroth of which one broke off when the advanced martians and ancient atlanteans (of whom became 12 years of age in spirit) ruled the planet.  All of these metamorphosis occurred during the fourth age or after the destruction of rama's world (870k yrs ago).  Small masses of Land floats off of seabeds and crashes into continents.  They never disappear but reform and merge.  Only small islands can actually move great distances though.  The left against the right.  The true planet gaia has yet to arrive after a few trillion years.
    Here explains a brief description of the background star hercules, and its connection to native races in our system, it is of a gold orange-yellow hew and extremely bright.  Of which this star evolved from.  The supreme super-spiritual sun of the rig veda is here, located in the constellation Hercules.  It is centered around many other stars of the same from a great distance.  Hercules is infact connected to this grouping of stars more so than the pleiades, therefore considered alien (it was there north star like how mizar was ours) as compared to orion.  However since it is in the cancerian constellation this sign wills it the most from earth.  Hence Aries goes to Capricorn and Capricorn scorpio.  This star controls the sun, yet in the astral light it is a background image like none other.  The star of Leo mimics higher nature.  The civilization of the pharaoh people (red indians with long faces and black eyes or the first of the atlanto-lemurians whom had simian traits, see once again the time of rama) intermingled with other races (see creation of the lunar aryan or indo-caucasian germanic scyth race or the so-called 'barbarians') like the one before it created them, however their experiments in nature caused one-half or roughly 1/6 of all the life on earth to perish.  The fact is jehovah means judea, a country of Jerusalem, however it began with the word Jericho and extended outwards into civilization.  The turks and uighurs are originally from adam and eve in the fertile crescent or cradle of the fifth race. They had 20,000 years to devolve in the ice age though.  The Chinese language is made from the Japanese one (the nara spoke with no spaces inbetween their syllables, they also had no sentences hence their sentence structure was fairly long and hints at how they communicated fairly fast, also they had cities on the moon it seems making the present asiatic language almost barbaric).  The pole-shift occurred due to the great progress of black magic.  Race must become extinct through great events which stagnate them completely in evolution, basically god swats the fly and it does not return (as was the case with the female atlanto-lemurians).  As Peter quotes once again, a great sound (nuclear weapons) ended their world.  The pole-shift is a greater sound, magnetic fluctuation due to a close star, the laws of matter upon the organic path of the planets or a heaven on earth. If jesus is a sagittarius or simply one in a million whom is different, then we may assume his powers are natural and ghosts do not exist.  If they did it is due to inexperience of the mind.  The solar system must be playing ping pong with our world via the asteroid belt. Something alien is unknown therefore a christ.  Saint Matthew dies as an unknown or reveals the tropical eg death.  A factory explodes on Capewa and starts a chain reaction and no one knows of its cause.  The sivic sign of Taurus is known to observe the known universe and cast it in ultimate illusion or black magic via sorcery yet dinosaurs simply can not cooexist with man and instruments are unknown thousands of years ago, as will a technology fail in the deep past, so will it not be present (be reinvented in a different form or art eg the popular computer, a car, jet or printer have never existed within any dimension in its current form) today.  As well, Old technology will be abandoned for its lack of usefulness or purpose in higher civilizations.  Animals however have a psychic or non-materialistic sense to avoid or be present eg if one walks a certain direction in  a certain manner, an animal will appear if it's soul represents that of how way you walked.  Once again, To an advanced man the sun spurns a vertical path where it is presently fixed at the beginning of the right-to-left edge (or vice versa) of the loop.
    Much like the true form compared to Earth, through dispossession, numbness and cold depth, this is easy to comprehend.  The etheric form as a double and a brief whole.  We are unable to see (eg the ancients knew of 7 planets before Neptune, Uranus and pluto were discovered).  The egg principle part of the sacred cosmic egg, oval in shape, minerals formed in heat, mirrors dual feminine fertility of the breasts and nature or the horizontal line of 'inner beauty' with the embryo being now circular. The difference between the zodiac on earth and in heaven is that in heaven nothing moves and all appears the same.  The similarities would be that both earth and heaven house a soul, yet some can read auras whilst others not where one does not suffer in heaven.  The zodiac, cosmically speaking is breaking free of the great illusion.  Agnichaitans are divided by seven like the manifestation of the raja-lord plane, kshiti 49 groups and fires.  Kalki is the taurian avatar of vishnu whom walks on the earth and brings heaven with it, therefore it is the healing time after a pole-shift or the end of Satya-Yuga, but this pole-shift must have been before the world was created therefore we conclude it is in fact creation of the world.  At the end of Satya Yuga or a day of brama, the earth was created around about 4 billion years ago.  Where as the Lotus Sutra pervades all time and tune unchanged or the heavenly universe (3 hidden become 7 revealed) is occultly understood in earth's present history as well.  Divine beings who left systems millions of years ago.
    We are 3-dimensional beings, unaware of super-senses.  Development of the sixth sense, is constant meditation and prayer in a temple, shrine or sacred site.  As with Sacrifices, these passive-aggressive acts or traits do not necessarily define the soul in reality.  The Monad shines via the logos through the physical plane. Solar logos for a master, usually planetary for an initiate.  Desire of human service, is evolutionary or act of will.  Creation Mayavirupa or Solar body require much more effort than the adept in its manifestation.  Eg creation or appropriation of physical body, and pure creation of heavenly body which require the logos.  Egoic impulse, solar and lunar angels and karma at the time action plays in producing effects is the key.  Here explains a valid reason for karma or certain inaccessibilities (such as magic) within the animal kingdom, karma works as weight, the more weight you gain from past lives of sin, the most susceptible you are to karma and the more inaccessible you are to certain privileges within the universe.  One can not be born and gain magic in one life time.  Jesus was infact born in the wrong era or a primitive state of mankind.  Some beings are unfortunately stuck with this weight or great burden the universe plays upon itself or its logoic dharma or inexperience at play.  These beings are murderers, thieves or sacrificers in war...however even they will return to the embrace of a greater being.  The egoic lotus is an orange hue at the center of it where solar angels reside or inner 3 pts. of light.  Possibly physical to abstracted forms, as a yellow hue.  The center of the galaxy must have moved since creation from cancer to scorpio somehow. In the occult even galaxies move through the zodiac (see the following).  The galaxy must collapse in order to move through the zodiac, it must collapse or tilt every 200,000 year to an even greater or unknown number via the tropical in combination with the weight of the zodiacal stars in its center.  Here lies awareness, the stars of pisces are a deep distant dark void whom traveled farthest for life, therefore Pisces is the sign one follows for awareness or true comprehension of the spirit.  There is a significant occult quality about Ophiuchus and Pisces inbetween Cancer and Scorpio hence the true messiah is born.  The 36,000 year tropical cycle is actually the sidereal cycle which makes up 1.4 million years multiplied by four.  If this is true, the pole-shift must have occurred over one million years ago, however 26kx4 estimates are given. A perfect year or great cycle as the end of a yuga and beg of a leap year.  36k is an observation of the sidereal year in evolution it seems eg 36k years ago a fifth-race humanity emerges. The sidereal dates of Scorpius must be on dec as well, respectively.  Electric fire as white, solar fire as glow, and fire by friction as a burnt glow, all with faint red glows near the nucleus via center to former.
    The evolutionary race is divided into 7 cycles.  Representing the triangle and eternal life, 7 being the capricornian race and 5th the human.  We are remnants of the 4rth brought to its fullest expression of which the 5th will show fruition or Not, yet is to be known of the 5th. The first 2 races are ethereal to disappear in their progeny eg fish, animals; born into flesh to die while the others are born from a race of the previous globe.  The more advanced to exist '300 winters' earlier upon the fall of Atlantis, 85,000 years ago.  The moon must have had continents similar to earth once.   Humanity has been tested and so will be via mantric adaptations. Africans are the famed 'soul-eaters' connected to the Nephilium in the bible whom know magi.  The Jinn are invisible forces or elements that are not present on earth.  They are elementary unborn spirits or dead bodies, which is why the human race is disregarded with such despise on earth.  Because they are known to harness the powers of these dead unborn spirits which in fact are of abundance or known as natural sin.  One can not simply walk on the elements or not breath for long intervals as they so demand.  Jesus christ had evolutionairy large eye-sockets, he must have literally stopped or inhibited magic from being used by the human race, eg siva is the halo around the moon in winter from sag whom turns into osiris or no halo upon capricorn. Capricorn is the child whom mimicks higher nature.  The Egyptians however spawned hercules to counter their sin of acceptance.  Being tall bald telepathic Caucasian and Afro-American beings with large Craniums of considerable height, The 5th are only One Million years of age.
    -There are only three great races - moon-colored, red-yellow, and black.  So far we know, Before the first shift 350 million yrs life begins (1st race sexless), 120m 2nd shift (A-Sexual), 18m third shift (The Great Fires), 870 thousand fourth shift (The Great Waters) to 85-to-9 thousand as evident chain reactions in the destruction of man.  If our calculations are correct, Three more catastrophic shifts should occur.
    *To be more concise, The Sons of yoga are the yellow father and white mother of the first as elementals, ranging from millions to aeons in age.  Second were the buds which expand.  The Sons of will and yoga are the third or the Simian and its Second race, from the third aka Dakini (narrow-headed), fourth being results of Civilization and Death (fire and water resulted in 7 lower races where semitism or arabic and mixed is truly derived) upon its cycles of evolution with Beasts, the round of beasts extinct upon the fall, while the fifth (rudimentary collectivization) is now or has merged with the third, grown from the fourth and the tribe of Jews (and the divine kings whom taught them aka humanity eg moses whom spoke to jesus 100s of years before his actual birth) as well.  Some sources speculate his brother Aaron in Virgo simply 'died' and moses carried on a human branch, hence aaron had wed miriam, a reincarnated aspect of the virgin mary.  In between the fifth and fourth lie the elohim, or fourth race beings with fifth race features.  The true or first Saints of humanity.  Note: 100,000 and 10,000 are the same or a result of chain reactions, ages of Hinduism, intermingling and old races with new.  In non-human terms there was a great shift upon creation of the world or before 18 million years.  In backwards or barnyard science the primitive organic cell of oceanic life (non-intelligent life) is 600m years old, the occult does not recognize development of the 700 m year old primitive cell.  It would be like pinpointing bacteria, the origin of the great ancient god, weapon and destroyer siva or old, useless bacterial lifeforms in the animal kingdoms and the oldest rocks on earth.  Once again, Shakyamuni (a title or position)  must mean the current fifth human race or propaganda of the human race in order to devolve however the gold-skinned buddha is indeed Gautama.  To await for an arrival which never comes or live in illusion and fantasy.  However, if the consciousness of capricorn arrives to a world, it is derived from a formlessness that pervades space and time.  The Ravana race of atla died out 36+ thousand years ago. When races intermingle and lord over the world and its creatures with supremacy do they truly die.  This is how past races died and how future races will die.  Therefore unknown to occultists and psychics or aka a scheme of seven greater ages in nature.
    Black humans are sinless without karma and evolved from the third Canaanite race into the human.  Cain of Scorpio (Once again as Aries, Mars or Ares as human Scorpio) was with Judea (Israel) in arms.  Races 1,3,5 and 7 are the evil races.  Scorpio rests at the end of the world. Kingdoms of Ham and Cain or Ethiopian degenerates (during the times of Abyssinia, Arabia, Chaldea and Babylonia) in its murky swamps.  Not to be confused with the unknown Alien Race of the Egyptian empire ending circa 20,000 bce or beg. nearly 400,000 or some years ago is the race of Babylon and Sumeria come to fruition.  The Germans are farmers, but other civilizations in europe such as the gauls had medieval viking technology and elements which progressed mankind greatly.  Both created the turk and uighur race, and some would speculate the asians themselves are uighurs.  The Sumerian story of babylon from the Bible is older than the bible itself! However, the story of sin takes place around that time before 13k bce.  In the future/past krisna aligns itself with siva against mayashura aka brama maya or heaven.  39,000 years ago is Libra however a number is not remembered but a symbol.  Man is not god, nor is he forever or divine yet man likes to think of himself akin to god or even a powerful ashura.  If Noah was a giant human, there must have been giant humans all over the earth similar to the small ones prior 12,000 bce, and not much taller than 9 feet!  After all the ice-age did technically last 400,000 years after a polar shift circa 1.7 million years ago ending at around 859,000k bce and collecting moisture all this time in its melting phase for a biblical flood for us to mention while we are here. The occult itself is not affiliated with scientology or cultism.  Its melting phase was half of that cold front period for roughly 100,000 years.  The world's technological progress would be halted if these events did not take place.  These recent events of false progress simply could not be avoided, for over population, not anti-semitism is the culprit.  The result was reunification of the economy.  If Nazi Germany chose economy for food, the outer nations would need to heed to their will, however instead they margined it off into a smaller country, only to make it stronger.  If it had not tried reunification, world war i would not have occurred.  Its only option was a war economy or militarization.  However if the jews were to have migrated to russia, extermination camps and death would have followed them there as well, for they are the newest race, and not all humans but a few have obtained mastery over matter.  There are natives to this world or one soul.  This is a given eg proof is the asiatic features (flat forhead, relatively large upper bulge) seen in only a few germanic and chinese human beings today.  Micro-evolution as opposed to Macro become very evident over thousands of years within the human race, proof is the DNA in the chimpanzee and the human.  Vulcan must have passed earth 36,000 years ago, or 26000 bce upon the invention of the tropical zodiac, the Great Change must have occurred once again 850k years ago and will occur again with the movement of the sun and natural death of earth due to multiple factors.  It must have entered the system and flung fragments towards earth 85k years ago, destroying atlantis completely.  A unseen vertical movement must occur at the end of each tropical cycle.  Unlike in science, large objects enter the sun via circular rotation when large enough.   The Sun is a brief light whom mimics the primitive spirit.  Comets however are too fast.  Earthquakes are on the rise.  The earth's mass must have slightly moved or sunk (in 2008) recently via the 7 polar rotation scheme.  
    *The golden atlanteans had no elbows (first of the species and 18 feet tall, are the dragon of the zodiac under libra), or at least their wrist was an joint whom evolved into an elbow.  Their eyelids were also fairly heavy, however they are extinct now like the dinosaurs and were probably more aware of karma than any other creature on earth.  These hairless creatures crystallized like a lizard, they are also made of the generic large cranium.  Their sorcery was to manipulate matter, however, they used it conventionally for material means.  They could basically melt matter under the zodiac and were a race of Indra from Libra.  They were reptiles and evolved with other civilizations from Mars, communally.  Their forheads were dented inwards with a third eye, their age is more than 18 million years and bred the nara or created sex.  We think they conjured the lotus mind to teach humanity the true awareness of the finite and infinite forms or to awaken its mind.  They are responsible for the egyptian races, therefore are a liability towards sin or movement.  They may be the reason why certain races do not heed to others.  For a long time now, the Japanese race is thought to have technology far beyond any other race.  They are thought to have ufos whom can save them from any situation, whether it be a pole-shift or a war.  They are thought to be the race above humans even, whom grew too emotional.  When the form evolves it does not fly or attain unscientific properties via the brain and its imagination, the human atlanteans like every other being took showers using high velocity pipes for sanitation exercises.  One thing is true, they have great control over the mind or astral body as to make the universe as their true bodies.  They are also able to conjure dead matter as stars.  However, the elementary tricks the humans have (ie walking on water, or through walls) are but childish parliamentary acts of manipulating time and space.  They are not too impressed, for it is reality and control over it that they desire.  An old form of sorcery in order to destroy that which is unsuitable in nature.  It is told that they or their consciousness are a great universe or deep space by now.  It is also told that micro-economies are a result of their action or brief movement on earth.  These movements created a chain reaction somehow.  Their legs are arabic or gigantic though like a dinosaur leg, made for traversing rock.  Mushrooms in prehistoric times were as large as trees.  Their tricks are simple, as to make a tadpole grow into a frog within a few seconds by mesmerism or to make an illusion of the body detached in matter (head comes off the body).  The japanese today still retain some of these traits or abilities.  A key note is that they were isolated.  Here reveals the height of the fourth race.  Sorcery itself though, is an astral illusion or a demon which should be abandoned by the spirit for we think maybe they aren't aware of such a germ or earth in the present day.  As would a dinosaur not come back, so to the body of atlanteans.  A long time ago, the earth was larger and made for larger life forms in nature.
    The last remaining Atlanteans have been proven upon discovery of Peruvian tombs, whilst many are ceremonially cremated, some linger in evolution towards the East such as the Cro-Magnum and African near the West such as in Newgrange.  The Pakistanis of the Mid-East have the closest lineage of the 4rth race as well.  Fifth race Egyptians are turkish australians therefore Lemurian.  The average enochian human being was 8-11 feet tall in average, today we are 5-9 feet tall.  Therefore there is new genetics, and old ones and the sum of 60-20k evolution becomes much greater to humanity, albeit it is where you as a human are today, mixed with lower species genetics.  The fact is the fifth race was exterminating atlanteans before this time, up to 85,000 years ago because of environment.  A cleansed 4rth-5th race must have appeared on earth 85+ thousand years ago, making the human race 1-5 million years old in evolutionary gene variations.  Cremation or the mimicking of the true fathers was ruled out then.  So explains genetic science.  Inca Stones, Metal Spheres and so on has been found which date past 1200 to 12,000 years bc.  Prehistoric coral within The Devil's sea or Dragon Triangle.  Fossils of Dinosaurs and Man, or six fingered Men are supposedly Atlantean in origin.  There is some occult significance to this, the atlantean age of the Hungarians, during its reign is ultimately connected to the ancient unknown egyptian empire.  Timbuktu was the remnance of sumerian civilization in West Africa before Western Europe.  This may be hard to fathom, but technology like dravidian tanks and dakan planes have existed in precursor times.  A Minor cite, HPB foresaw the prominence of american civilization as well.  The Nephilim are not serpent nor star in origin, but primitive 'giant' men (of the eternal dark), from three polar regions, who bread lower subraces also known as the dumb races which populate the very world of today.
    ~The prophet Balaam of Baal, an Atlantean is of relation to Satan, or God's treasure was a Serpent.  The Pterodactyl as the first Satan or Snake in the Bible.  There were many Edens.  'One must leave Eden to Return to Paradise.'    Some skeptics say a karmic link between Rama and Krishna's death was established in a past life yet entropy is taken into more consideration by these unknown events.  Basically, Ram turned buddhist however krisna turned muslim.  The jews have also made an effort before this round to penetrate europe through the iberian peninsula, as well as Greece, yet not Italy itself, however slavic europe and russia is non-jewish.  This created a great war recently amongst both sides in confusion.  The jews allied with centaurus the adamic race and lost.  The world split in two.  The humans once again allied themselves with the giants which was deemed good by nature. This is hard to accept in the occult due to karma and glamorizing lower-nature to its fullest extent.  It (war and experience) creates antisemitism amongst young souls and elementals.  The world was split in two thirds because of the occult.  However a diamond travels far and a new race is born.  America became a new jewish civilization whilst russia stayed the same as a land of khem (present-day thebes, renamed by the greek race in the country of Aigyptos) or unscaved by lower-nature's seed. A struggle for evolution or higher state of consciousness is fact and often happens in other worlds, albeit briefly, it becomes forgotten with change.  The problem with the jews is they tried to dominate the world with a belief of one god, which is true and the christians followed suite, however there are many gods, and sources of god.  The one god is simply limitation of knowledge and experience. The one divine energy is incompressible, from the same source, yet this source is split into 12 movements or sound(s). Glowing spheres, cosmic awareness and superiority.  This is technically the left hand path albeit it is in reality harmless. Here are the outer workings of Ra in lower nature, aries marries its self (as leo?!?), then taurus, then gemini.  Albeit, The herculean initiate marries the human signs therefore it was leo whom was the cause of karma against Capricorn.  There is a female and male source or aspect of god or a star even.  The first Adam never Returns, nor is he ever coupled.
    - The Old Commentary speak of Red and Blue skinned Races interbreeding with Lower races.  Natural cycles of fast and slow evolution, Atlantis and its spiral downwards. The lotus grows abundantly in canada near the alaskan province so one may assume the masters hold it in high regard, for that land was once literally asia, located above the atlantic on the top of the world. Evidently, the Neanderthal is part of the third race and race of apes in sunken Lemuria.  Proof is they came from the germanic race in Egypt intertwined with the Nara first via 1.7 million years ago.  Not degenerated persay but created a new human form where the cromagnum retained its old.  The White bearded race of for-fathers changed forms from walking on all fours to standing stone-like, a true legend of the formation of Adam's rib. Unrevealed is the history of the 2nd race from the 1st, this race died or were succombable to death all too easily (the unseen decadence of man during kali is now present).  The deva's perception of one human or solar year becomes equal to one day. Some Narrow pin-headed africans and germans still have these 'alien' features, where large craniums and brain are due to the environment, atmosphere, and youth or small body.  The sun flickers as it goes out, Dayus the unrevealed god merges with brahma.  The island of the dakas, Daitya or the remnant white island of iceland next to greenland is home to the ashuras yet it was much greater once and its remnance are near florida.  Kingdoms of evil kings such as the Sakas arose in India 79 ad (see the migration into american civilization).  Unseen numbers of man and animal naturally decline daily.  
    - The Elohim in the bible are overthrown by the 5th race. 
    - Enoch, a race of instructors, lies between the 4rth and 5th. 6th being dwarfs, precursers of seven (giants, devas). 3rd of physical strength, athletic prowess and endurance. 8th are primates.  9th is most likely an evil spirit while 10th is perfection.  
    - Race before division and separation before union. Evolutionary species will soon once again become intermingled.
    - Thoth of Khem, prevailer of the Philosopher's stone, one of the Immortals invents chemistry from alchemy and teaches it to man.  'The Wise', or 'The Atlantean' is suggested to be a teacher of the emerald tablets in the island of Undal.  The passive aggressive peaceful controller against the universe, martians, barbarian hordes and lower races.  The Aryans must have invaded India to create the civilized world via fortified cities and square structures as the basis for today's civilization hence arrival on 'land'.  Where as the remaining semi-giants of Europe were exterminated or wiped out during Rome and the last world war.  The Greeks are latvian.  A Helen/Athena must be a sidereal capricornian and Sagittarius being however human wise it is virgoan (virgo goes to libra or the asteroid athena strikes mars a libran being, or mystical germ as a degenerated clone) and geminian connected to siva, relevance for the start of human civilization in this round or the fifth race germ aka the greeks and connected to the number three and the dangers of a feminine mother as a germ or cause for karma.  Atla of an african aryan atlantis is america or the east coast.  The 46 initiates were italian christians.  Energy from outer-space is impractical.  One can lift blocks super-humanly simply by charging the block with electro-magnetism and water.  Once its super-charged and magnetized it can simply float as if a pillow.  Ophiuchus or Orpheus is Opium aka sleep however Lyra is Libra under Orpheus and Scorpio under Oph. However some translate scorpio as the god morpheus and iris hence a god of dreams and illusion.  The Aura is actually a magnet, all objects on earth have magnets actually.  In those days, airships and submarines were common like cars are today.  Here we go to a known fact in history, the livonian arabs whom the greeks masqueraded with no prejudice are infact the saudi kingdoms of the muslim race of where kronus is personified.  The tectonic crack must have been smaller in those days of a deep root or ancient old.  A cause for completion.
    *It is advanced, alchemy includes herbal medicines such as the mandragora plant, or rudimentary herbs are a diversive or 'dumb' way to transplant time or that which is not really there.  It can cure sickness, be psychological illness, or should be able to do so  (Once again mentioned, Eating meat was developed or contrived from the old indo-european aryans or nomadic hunters as a means of survival within the ice age, a total fabrication of the human function is to carry on this process).  Salvia is a moon plant or lunar plant of the moon from Iran.  Codeine is cocaine, however cocaine is infact a flower.  Coffee itself, a bean whom's origin is straight from africa of which many regard as a poison or an amphetamine plant, helps the bowels to absorb food correctly, holding in nutrients for days if not weeks if drunken often.  This may help, without evil there is no good, therefore the ego must not really escape into reality, the echoic chasm of the subconscious but only with the help of sound does it help hear. It is good for lower nature to rule the planet, for advanced societies will protect one or give one progress even if not experienced or karmically right.  If not made one would still be in the stone age.  In The seventh age beings will not be in contact with matter or the elements on the earth.  Life on Mars was seeded or penetrated by a feminine germ or virus whilst earth was later a masculine one.  Triton or tritonis is an unborn consciousness as son of poseidon on earth therefore leo and aquarius (the moon triton was tritonis in the great past or leo turned aquarius as a consciousness).  Direct sun-light is only seen in the morning because the earth aligns perfectly with the sun in its direction eg algae or land moss grows immediately after a freeze and does not change (plants usually are known to die) therefore a native organism of the great bear rock whom needs no oxygen to live.  Like a plant buried deep in the earth or compost, we are just cosmic seeds buried deep in space.  For reasons unexplained, most emotions such as intense happiness is avoided in the occult.
    The 4rth Atlantean race is "aware and awakened" gigantic Race 2 A-sexual buddhist Androgynes (ethereal). Race 1 is of elementals derived into the first fish (stagnant sexual race).  The Warrior race fell into sin before the Age of Iron, against the meditative race.  Where repeats the fall into sin at the end of the Iron Age for the fifth.  The Land of Nod is an industrial city of Giants.  Older Giants of the nordic started a new cycle of evolution, Stories of Zeus and Cronus inconjunction with the older Frost-Giants of Norn and its future men of Midgard.  The moon must have frozen the race of rama (a spacecraft found on the moon) upon escape.  Proof is bodies even today last 100 years (some nun's bodies are preserved for even longer without chemicals).   Real Repeated Events in time and history, The 7th race will only rise when the ashes of war are purified.  Here we will reveal the true nature of the atlanteans in old phase and why they fell or are considered fallen, the atlanteans were being controlled by other spirits in elemental form.  These spirits pervaded the body and mind and caused them to sin.  They were elementals connected to the past, present and future lives of mankind.  They are those whom want to become christ or of some importance to beings as high as krishna but they are infact a lie.  The adoni or adamic race of arabia is here.  These so called 'gods' hold bare the seeds of man upon the ocean shore and find nothing, only a heavenly being of advanced power or providence can reinstate or animate matter once more.  
    Minor citation: Noah was a jewish atlanto-hybrid whilst Adam was not, hence Kabiri, the hybrids in the bible the fall into Karma from Noah and the Titan father named Lamech's murder of Cain.  The buddhistic red-indian atlantean turks brought with them their empire and religion.  Basically, unlike what is propagandized, the caucasian degenerated or turkish fifth race is completely if not all Jewish (split into two branches via male and female).  Hidden Genetics recognize innate Jewish traits in most if not all northern territories of the fifth (which depending on lineage and blood can dominate the features, with size dominance usually being medium in height).  We must have been an Atlantean clone of the self therefore the europeans and americans are degenerated from russian fifth race hindus eg the austrians.  The occult follows the breed of the dog or wolf before the human's circular path in evolution.  Therefore the spiral goes away from its center instead of towards it.  Time is vast and slow, advanced Souls integrate into the bodies of major races.  The hungry spirits, animals, ashuras (fallen angels) and humans reside in hell. Discrimination is not a factor.  Culture is an important role in society to put an end to war and gain peace. Genes and races are irrelevant in the occult.
      At the time of The Giants of Samothrace, before the Argonauts or Chthonian divinities (cambodia, asia, india).  Once again formentioned we are all Aliens.  A minor exoteric coherence or irrelevance. Only god knows its lengthy or infinite outcome, future, past and present.  The Hebrews are known world-wide as the builders of this round of civilization eg the Hebrews are infact Christian or from a Christian civilization. Physical family curses are not adhered or recognized.  A subtle argument for those against the occult or to relieve biasm, dogmatism and racism from the reader or simply put to broaden the mind. Misinterpretations, races come and go or vanish without a trace..If we (races) must die, we do so at the height of the tide, it is sadly a natural or nature's fate of karma and evolution in great times of destruction.  These alien genetics are As relevant as the Lemurian from India aka the Neanderthal genetics which was also integrated upon us.  A fact is known of which the second race and asian ancestry is connected to North Asia.  As for discriminative Western eyes, the Holocaust was made up of all men, a fate of country or religion devouring each other and hatred of each other or one another whilst the Nazis, thousands upon each other inscripted or enlisted as Jews.  The fact is the germans executed the jews as civilians during the end of the war in fears of losing, hence their army was a fraction of the size of america and russia industrially speaking.  The axis powers were a third of the size of the allies, yet nearly equal during the middle of the campaign (romania, germany, hungary, croatia, thailand, argentina, burma, japan/vietnam, italy, Yugoslavia/Greece via 1945 and onwards, china, slovakia, iraq/iran, finland/norway, albania and france were fascist before 1942).  In america there are small groups of civilization as opposed to communes or pockets of civilization within farmland.  The truth of the matter is mankind splits off in smaller groups as more land is taken.  A family of thousands turns to 2 or 3 people where cain is truly interpreted.  This is how the illusion is made in space, where when land becomes valued or conquered, this is but an illusion on its own.  A small country has the ability to defeat a large country with under-estimated factors such as small population, size of territory, and lack of organization due to this illusion being underestimated in one of these categories.  When cain enters a new civilization it is the result of two groups in evolution intermingling with one another to create something new.  The magnetic age hasn't arrived yet, however it should have but due to the sin of mankind they themselves limit their knowledge hence once again repeated, the earth is more magnetized now and fossil fuel are a plasma technology over used or degenerated (eg a drop of expensive fossil fuel energy is a gallon) or in reality, thing of the past races.  Sadly, technological advancements of this kind is known to the occult as false progress, unmoving or unhalted (economic gain or collaboration).  Where war is a fate of ignorance such as what actually became the new Western Jewish Immigrants hundreds of years before.  A sign of the end times, generation, or social change for the personality or false ego.  The result of serfdom, harmony and peace.
    -The Transmutation of Consciousness lies within the newest race.  The Trinity is of likeness to the Jewish people, which came to earth upon the light of the cosmos.  Theorized as Vega to the Sun which came from Venus where 5 became 2 then the moon and earth.  Venus, the Moon and Earth make up a smaller triangle of Capella.  Very little is known of their past.  Therefore Venus may very well have its own moon in its near future as it evolves in its sacred qualities once more, or becomes (transforms into) an orbital planet of our solar system.  The occult states that there is a higher form of ourselves (the physical) at every given time and a oneness to achieve.  The Ancient star of Vega is far older than Capella or a star as God worshiped in its religion, their Northern ring must have been far greater, therefore here to burn up karma on Earth.  The achievements of perfection are that the earth is moving at an inclined angle through rotation or revolution and straight through space around our sun once briefly known as mother vulcan or the star bringer in its prehistoric past.  Leo achieves the light of Virgo.  The Scorpio personalities' jealousy of gemini. The Christ leaves earth in late may before Gemini and in Taurus.  The reverse swazi is the four horsemen or four moons of the jupiter-like planet outside our solar system, Nibiru or Vulcanus.  Unlike what scientists think, the revolution of the poles due to the distance of a pole star goes minutely off center (see also milankovitch cycles or precession in science).  It is the collapsed weight of the earth that moves the position.  The equinox or tropical in the occult simply turns its position along with our sun eg fall will be long or have a long rotation, right now actually prior to our pole-shift we are seeing a longer winter it seems.  A full circle rotation will always be in the same center under their pole star.  The Fallen angel lead into matter is far more complex.
    The White Bushmen of the 5th are born to die more quickly due to Karma for the more advanced man of the 6th in evolution (10,000X10 yrs) therefore are intelligent, moreso than the third yet not.  Aryan's were 200,000 years old upon the fall 850,000 years ago (science tells us it is the first human tribes of bushmen in africa or savage subraces of the fifth).  The 4rth 4.6 million, the third 35 m. etc.  The Aryan fifth race is One Million years old.  The red, brown, black, and yellow third races on the verge of extinction.  Tan races are closest to the moon-colored yet fall under the yellow/red categories due to degeneration and/or mix.  8th is grown from the 3rd.  Aged lemuro-homos as compared to Unaged crystallized Gaseous Martians.   Mixed evolutionary races of dead civilization.  The Adonim are the first sons of five races. Spirit, Human, Androgyne Aeons, primeval, and dust.  If Samurai are capricious then ninja clans are piscean.  The reincarnating factors of becoming either or man and woman of the same race (eg The Dutch Samaritans are father to non other than Samuel and the royal muslim beings hence The Germanic or Iranian british truly did spread their seed throughout the west via England).  They must have penetrated burma 1800 bce at the latest and are Mongolian via 12th century.  The sumerian blacks whom became the famed greeks are far older in the human kingdom.  The fifth race in its fifth element or round has not yet arrived.  If Ufos were made of brass then Rama's time may be understood with patience.  If the third race or the Adi-varsha or golden race is from an advanced civilization in sir lanka whom navigated to china to spread its germ, than we may presume, a fifth race germ is older than previously thought.  The gorillian dakas of ruta are the sky peoples of the icelandic mountains and reason for their (the human race's) pale lunar colored skin, evolutionarily or devolutionairy speaking.  They have recently remastered ufo technology with the help of these intelligent beings (Light is a form of plasma, and lens refraction, therefore the ultimate engine or motor (plasma forms electricity or generates it somehow from a liquid, for instance radiation and electricity is the principle of controlled light therefore light is useless in technology it seems or is the only known substance in the universe to not carry a nuclei eg light creates lasers and the color spectrum or expends too much energy).  The earliest third race humans existed 47 million years ago however its probably 18 million years ago when dinosaurs truly went extinct (hence a change of geography). The third race went extinct with the dinosaurs hence adam and eve from the fifth race emerged (see SD vII pterodactyl and Zostar's flying camels). There must have been four cycles of Maha yuga where this is the fifth since the Satya ended.  Albeit we say it ended 306million years ago, it ended 18 million years ago for advanced man via awareness or its time spent here on earth, evolutionairy or karmically speaking of course.  This is the fourth cycle of Satya yuga since mankind first appeared on earth.  The yugas of mankind represent the ages of devolution on earth and the yugas or manvantara.  An adam and eve from the bible created via the stone apple tree and the pomegranate in the master's garden. They united two races basically, Adam from Sumerian race and Eve from the feminine dakini race of Noah via 7000 bce within asia after the world was destroyed in Libra by Virgo, macrocosmically speaking.  Mankind was born 16k bce presumably under scorpio though.  However, it is difficult to interpret a time frame of mankinds arrival, hence population growth via tribal pockets etc.  Amphian-Essumene and Vannanin-Lamer
    -The hairy beast, a lemurian of athletic stature and tall form still present in bodily hair beneath the waste.  Unlike the second, The east asian's athletic strength through america to europe navigated throughout the ice sheets and aryan's of the middle-east both have big feet and square-to-round faces.  Earth's primitive karmic adherence (retardation) towards these beings are simulated by the suffering in the past.  The contrasting attributes of China/Middle-east and Africa/Japan/India are Aryan in nature.  The Elohim (dwindled to the Africans, Ethiopian Germans, or rare Arabs with high forwards which protrude outwards on the upper skull, retains telepathy where there is no anatolian bump or occipital protuberance, scientifically speaking eg the persian jews as giants) are humans linked to the arabic race.  No where does African 'alien' nature correlate with the Americas, as only it takes likeness of a prehistoric dawn.  The asians have mutated skeletons from the ice age.   Low forhead is a sign of race degeneration or becoming more feminine.  However the low brow of the cromagnum is not.  The Jews are more Lemurian than the other races.  The Asians are more unknown.  Atlanto-Lemuria or Ethereal features in Millions of years of unfound evolution of small numbers before Dynasty and Unity.  Man, the scavenger, has ran or stood as evolved with traits because of evolution, or not walked, like how a lion prones and squats.  Same with the plant such as the prehistoric tree fern, it's leaves now small because of wind.
    *There are possibly three major evolutionary branches of lower nature in the human race, half-ape (human, baboon, marsupial or monkey hybrid), half-gorilla (jewish alien or human hybrid) and half-orangutan (aryan or ape-human hybrid) hence the oldest, wisest and most intelligent, the height of fourth race human hybrids currently, naturally dying in number or nature(all with marsupial and/or other precursor genes, hence unknown atlantean evolution, see the lemurians in science).  This is presentably found out by the shape of skull and ridge around the eye socket.  The psychic or simply known as the blind ones are the psychic elementals under aquarius whom no longer need earthly senses and indeed prove the body is below the soul.  The crustacean is a giant compared to an atom whom navigated the ocean depths of alien nature.  The insect (eg dragon fly) took millions of years to evolve into a smaller species like the human form albeit the form is older via capricorn occultly understood.  The grasshopper is new.  If one kills an insect that evolutionary chain or cycle is broken, and karma is put into play via the ecosystem, the same can be said about the animal body.  The size of the organism in its environment is also suggestible.
    Meaning The Elementals will become men as well in this world of dust.  They are nothing unless they obtain personal individuality. Elementals exist as the forerunners of sin (ethereal spirit, left-behind emotion, that which will reincarnate, or that which will commit sin) in the 3 lower kingdoms.  The moral laws of Synthesis.  A cloaked manifestation of emotions or what is left behind (remembered from a previous life incarnation).  The elementals work with black magicians, the higher planes cannot interfere with earth's organic progress, especially the logoi, where time travel does not exist. From the cell or atom does one move upwards in evolution.  If they fail they will start again from the cell or atom and not elementary as some may presume for space is far colder than earth to harbor life upon the next pole shift, will they fight for evolution to become a form hence a cat or dog will become a jesus christ of their own, no matter what the karmic progress.  The human race alone must be for some unknown reason or cause in love with the astral plane whilst infact it is a dismal place full of sinful lies and deceit.  Ghostly Spirits do not exist within the occult, only past-life incarnations or dead spirits of the past.  Egos represent races where a great war is waged of spirit in matter and matter upon spirit (Spirit over matter) or evil vs good eg vortex of obscurations, personalities representing ultimate triumph.  Evil has intention yet good does not, so both must work in unity.  If a tree root or a flame is deeply rooted however, it will not die out.  Nature will control everything, nature is the prime essence of power in buddhism.  If the sun didn't exist, the soul wouldn't exist.  Cancer must be the son of Satan under a spell or illusion. To be one with nature or a part of this nature, or to return to the essence.  Lusting and sinning are okay for the animal body unless one pursues that lust and sin.  The occult wants to divulge to you something, Eve is in actuality a Lilith or a clone of all races.  The jinn or dead spirits of lesser races will see images or illusions that they want to see in order to comprehend reality, like how to know how a tool works however at crucial times primitive tools from hammers, pulleys to the human body even are discarded as relevant as a leaf on an immense tree whom never regrows its roots.  For a new eve to take place or be found, one can not return lest the spirit return to its primordial state.  Some esoteric mysticism will be revealed here, Indonesia and the Pacific is aligned with the Pisces and Aries constellations.  Spirals are activated by the Rays hence personality to ego to soul and so on.
    The tetragrammaton, in contrary are a triangle where the cosmic forces of evil are good, eg the odd numbers are good and the even are evil or when the manifested logos spiritually reveal the unmanifested logos.  The sons of God could control weather via the zodiac.  The zodiac causes genetics and creation of lower nature, however lower nature resides in the constellation of Cancer for all creation til this day, therefore is not needed to be repeated of great movements but like personality will be repeated and mimicked upon life and death.  To reach the unknown or break from the shadow is sometimes needed in order to avoid karma.  A spirit of illusion or evil(suffocation) is merely heat and carbon.  Light is weight which creates wind which moves the earth.  True Reflection is grey matter in human perception or the organism.  Creation itself is accidental and random.  The upper triangle is the root, Parabrahm through Nirvana of an advanced being.  The forbidden space.
    *Planetary races ruled the planets known by the Assyrians in the same way the younger Indian Chaldeans or a more youthful comprehensive reference to Chinese Astrology and Hinduism of older relgion is told.  Mars Virtue, Saturn Throne, Venus Principle, Mercury Archangel, Sun Nations, Earth Angels and Jupiter Dominion.  In the occult planetary collision's are not rare but expected and frequented.  Eg Mars, Venus, Vulcan and Saturn are considered known planetary enemies of the earth whom pass it to create war with its peoples and civilizations.  The seed reenters nirvana via disintegration of the shell, this actually means reentering the inner core of the earth for unclean spirits whom tainted matter.  Earth must be an alien outpost or path of transit to other races.  However, Stars are but dreams or false pictures.   A heavenly spirit does not however do so and therefore does not reincarnate. To know if you are a heavenly spirit you must realize karma accurately.  You have to not only be above matter but eliminate your past self in the present life or other past selves in previous lives.  To be above matter is to liquify into a soul form completely and then fall, not fall then liquify into a soul form which once again proves man is not as high as a christ, and if so is parliamentary to them for they have died (and are remembered, constantly) and he not.  The unclean spirits reside within the earth, the nature of karma and illusion. The body in reality is never cloned again, its never repeated nor is a new race truly created.  The tropical either takes control of the sidereal or vice versa due to genetic leaps in evolution.  However harsh, the occult believes in evolution ie the inner sun or globe of the earth rotates to each corresponding zodiac sign (see also the hollow earth theory).  There are spirits going to the moon, and coming from it, these are the real spirits of the occult (and a true method of contacting other earths), negative forces of unseen ether in space.  Lucifer represents invisible stars, or the space without divine end.
    Rhetorically speaking in reference to Chaldeans and Hindus (Nagas being wise asian hindus) being young, they are born of the older Serpentine Zodiac which is 75,000 years old.  Math is order amidst chaos.  The national adoni race of arabia was the last remaining lost tribe of the chosen or mohamet (an atlantean being with white hair, african skin, and piercing diamond eyes with the power of fohat as well).  They are known as the fifth world arabic race now yet were persian jews and giants.  Whilst Israel spread into the eastern hunnic north from India or Sumer civilization, egypt stayed the same and asia or old egypt degenerated.  If the world belonged in arabia then the world had not become arabia.  The sad path of degeneration comes forth into fruition here, the 'Greeks' created the egyptians and lower evolution as did the 'jews' the french peoples of indonesia and africa, except all are mixed breeds in the fifth.  The Mayans state that our sun is in the 7th age of fire, again noted.  Their civilization must have become accomplished and destroyed via a small minor pole shift.  The Incan Hindus of the Sidereal and their cooperation with advanced civilization.  Ravaged by plagues, sickness and death.  The nations strived to survive a great famine.  The Amazon marshes no longer held water.  The Great Lakes in the Southern americas drained.  Inexperienced nations left to its fate through magic.  Rockbeds and icesheets grow new forests, dry land becomes fertile, deep sorrow of isolation in nature conquers its people.  Once again the soul was at fault where it once again abandoned the new ways of progress through experience.  It was in decline for thousands of years actually where only biblical wars amongst their nation tore it asunder.  The White magi and its obvious predictions or outcome.  Sin rebounds itself yet none notice or take care for it therefore to keep their culture hence the bird's monogamy.  The Aryan or Germanic Venusians had a planet in the pleiades called Venus.  Their planet died via naturally.  The elements simply crystallized the planet and it turned into a comet when it came to earth.  It is an alien planet, however its native to the logos and belong to the andromedans.  Venus is the Pleiades and Pleiadians (fairly short humans with fair features) inhabit the world powers.  They use body language, the mind and the chakra to communicate.  We may even think they have another planet they currently occupy in the pleaides however this knowledge is as high as the Syrians whom occupied the moon on a previous earth.  They have the ability to use amethyst, a rock from venus.  However they do not intervene due to lack of acceptance with the human race.  Their god was odin and are told to be invincible beings.  They mimick the culture of earth in all its glory.  The martians though have no memory and lack emotion.  They know not pagan witchcraft or sorcery.  Mesmerism or illusion and deception is their skill.  In the Occult other worldly races are a deception of Glamor until proven, however instilled sorcery in the mind itself is an illusion.  Hence the precursor of Lemurians have no ancestral hierarchy or rulership. 
     The Neanderthal is actually asian, whom body resembles an egg and at that time considered the ultimate species whom ruled or populated the globe to the occultist eg they are found in Spain to Europe yet are Indian in origin and unlike in science African or Black in europe.  The soul is a form of a glowworm not unknown but presently alive.  We evolve into the ultimate form to move ahead, yet its form is older and more ancient spiritually (see lemurians, africans and similarities to the second races).  Jews are often mistaken as the elohim or sumerian gods in the bible, the sons of cain could control weather yet were earthly creatures or giants of saudi arabia however they were not.  Before them were giants whom genetics often overtake the newest regenerators.  Either the european races were placed there via evolution, or were helped to re-evolve by a biblical race.  As each round has a great race to regenerate them, this great race was of the latest named the jewish peoples.  1000s of years can populate a land but as with how the asians know, it needs an older host.  The outnumbered race is probably the jews.   If thor's hammer ever existed it must have been born or began as a karmic reaction via india.  The universe is massive, proof is the nibiru disc depicting constellations in the heavens, the pleiades of the aquarian age is actually older than previously thought.  It is a celtic disc from the age of 12,000 bce depicting the inside of a ufo.  It is thousands of years old, showing the spirit in a transition phase into a higher lifeform aeons of years later via civilization and progress.  The swords alone are 20,000 year old metal.  Even the pleiadian arya of egypt had the mixed blood of the monguls.  These glamorized pleiadian beings must be greek in origin if true.  The older or fewer world races are an unknown.
    *Magic is created from the instruments of nature (as with the form), for instance, poison in the brain for psychokinetics as for a snake to defend itself with in the tail.  Gravity is entropy upon magnetism, or the planet's magnetic inner core.  Sex as a natural defense where societal division is a crime or lie to self.  A physical form of primitive energy depletion. Alcohol damages the pineal gland (connected to the third eye, yet not it) if over consumed, which takes time to heal.  Yet alcohol is a cleanser.  If the Muslim race denotes alcohol as haram yet fish as halal then it is only because of inexperience ie fish live longer than humans at times.  Fish are organisms whom one returns to upon death therefore enemies of the muslim race.  However, the calf does indeed have sacred blood, and alcohol is infact a contaminate whom replaces blood in the bloodstream.  Flesh or newly derived organism flesh is haram however consuming flesh does not effect a being, family tree or generation in karma.  For instance, fuel is flesh.  The reason why god truly avoids these things is because of shear practice towards ascension or to dispossess the body and make useless.  Hence the flesh is weak. However, alcohol is not affected through life, hence wheat (virgo) is a starch which absorbs the bodily fluids, whilst rice (libra) does not.  Galstones are created because of lard and salt.  Even insects are vegetarians made into carnivores.  The small becomes the big.  Another benefit of vegetarianism.
    -In actuality exhaustive forces, arcaine methods of healing are made through metamorphisis as nature intended.  The same species of insects die in mass within their ecosystem.  The celts know of good and evil, therefore there are sacred qualities to a herb which heal and make sick.  However, they believe evil outweigh the good which is a type of fear upon the final form eg the irish are russian, therefore the last 'atlanteans' to migrate into america via the east due to famine.  The spider is connected to the seventh ray, therefore it transmutes its form (sheds its skin), mimicking death.  Death can happen at mass as well formentioned.  One could regard the same fate is drawn upon humans, collectively in their habitat, actually. It is natural or a natural occurrence.  Magic to an occultist is defined as a higher nature controlling or being able to control a lower one. When one makes enemies within their own house they become the enemy of thyself.  For instance, The 7 deadly sins as six in extremity where for example lust, perversion or sex is not used for family creation.  It is condemned.
    *The Mundane Egg and its female creator is told to be the God of astrology.  Man was born from a Comet (tbp only alien man of the third round ie the jews are born this way, the native man is born via an asteroid belt whom put the world together both by Mizor and the Sun hence the guru of Ram or Aries is Gemini or Mizar of the Orion homeworld in hindu mythology it is regarded as Vashistha (see also other relations such as the big or small brother of Aries is eso/exo Cancer).  The meat of the earth bore mankind and it became phallic.  Connected with the 4 kingdoms and 4 sacred animals (bull, eagle, lion, serpent).  The Pentagon is a spiritual symbol indicating secrets of the Yogis from the 5 primitive elements including ether. Gaia does only exist as an experiment or a jewel in the Garden of Eden known as the Philosopher's Stone. Jehovah-Cain as mankind (or supporter of evil hence of the manifested universe aka physical evolution), Abel as the virgin.  Lord siva is told to be a Gemini-taurian sidereal in marriage or union with Pisces as an alien or outside gene whilst Cancer is the mentor of Virgo secretively and Aries marries itself where the past repeats itself and a father-mother of exoteric nature on earth is created and the closeness of aquarius or lower nature achieved.  Therefore explains love to past personality or/and its alien or native origin in the zodiac and gene pool.  To lower nature, evil is Leo incarnate as the Scorpio sign with Personality (note: the pole-shifts are read as 4 therefore 18 million is repeated as 47 million or 34 million in the age of lemurs, 1 million as 18 million frequently for purposes of the reader to understand the mass amount of unchanged time and the cause of repetition in life as the same or insignificant).  Soap will cleanse humanity via the sidereal.  The Cancerian sign is considered a god or god of the occult or cult (all of reality), basically.  The pyramid indicates the form of a jewel or diamond which has 8 sides instead of four.  The Jewel itself is or has been stolen by Lilith, humanity continues its unlawful work.
    *Matter - degree of density - (of which our sun - mother substance, the preserver, vishnu, the heart - is the lowest state of 7 is the breath of Vishnu, the reverse sun, Mithras, Sabasius) has no form, organic life does not die.  It acts as an outlaw who unequalizes karmic laws. Light of the Angels forms against the physical fire of the Demons.  eg light repels a planetary body while magnetism attracts it creating that which binds the planets or opposite forces in heaven, not including satellites.  The whole of the solar system changed course and took 870,000-3127 bce to realign itself.  When moons are dead they do not spin, as is the case for our solar system and vulcan however they spun the opposite direction once in ancient prehistory.  They were spinning rapidly.  Our guess is saturn was brought back to life by Vulcan recently or Vulcan made a pass in our galaxy upon creation and much later.  If the system were to change course or direction, it would need a great force as equal to do so, so is the laws of the weight of matter (see einstein's theory of relativity ie Einstein's theory of relativity {space bending time} is infact the bowl and the dish in the occult, looked at backwards or from under the earth (naturally the personality signs of aries and pisces would see the earth under the sun).  Mass does not bend the vacuum of space or in it for that matter, mass rises through movement.  The fact is the sun is risen so its mass bending time is infact a forgery to explain the functions of the universe where matter collides with matter).  If space is greater than mass then mass can not bend space or time for that matter.  If there is no mass it can not bend time.  One greater being of light or star devours the other as a fight for survival in play.  Centripetal or Centrifugal planets and bi-polarizations of stars (to denote abstract thought of other planets or planetary gases, an example here is the sky on Mars is clear, therefore iron oxides or oxygen still reside on the upper layers or strata..a clear sky appears blue to the human eye almost always with oxygen).  Venus must be connected to heaven in the occult. Only the Gandanta or karmic knot show moments in time as infinite (godly on earth) the natal birth of godly beings is why illusion casts its spell daily if not by the second almost.  There are 49 layers of the astral plane, however 7 are divine and 7 are etheric.  The Divine layers are most likely atomic.  The etheric levels are the lowest, they are gaseous states of matter, carbon or elemental.  Time can slow and at times stop even.  Devas must be over 1,000 years old to 100,000.  They are the fallen sorcerers of atlantean myths.  They are at master level at times.  Devas are chosen. 
    *Bronze Metal of the Taurian Bronze Age before Iron was a more advanced age.  Bronze, scientifically, is a more complex metal than Iron. In science the Bronze, Iron, Fire ages coincide with the astrological ages.  The aggregate of the ages.  Deva lives are far greater than the sum total lives of planet earth.  For instance, the elements form the caverns of inner earth, deva the water. The solar logoi early upon our system, once mimicked the electrons of the atom.  Gaseous sheaths sheltering inner life, this forms the gaseous portions of deva manifestation via the upper atmosphere (a water molecule is a lifeform).  Both forms are hollow, for instance neptune controls the great waters of our planet by Varusa. The emanation of Raja in its astral. Water far exceeds our lands, therefore of more relevance.  Here is the reason why the buddhic plane of the sixth subplane is able to be minutely controlled by certain bodies (see wind currents).  Man is too small to effect the course of the planet in any way (they can only effect their species) or higher aspirations for spiritualism, a reciprocal response to the sixth subplane.
    The Earth was less magnetized once, which is how we differentiate the iron age from the bronze.  The more abundant the mineral, the class it resides in.  Ancient Petroleum (blood of the earth, or decomposition of dead organisms) is prometheum star fuel, or fuel from the not drain the earth of its life line.  Use of it correctly is gained by experience, hence plasma is more powerful than gas motors.  Technology is lead by or of the age we are in. There are two points, north and south to contribute to its (the moons for it is true earth) rotation.  North and South mark the equator and its magnetic attraction and repulsion of water through space as well.  Its as simple as knowing the fertile red lands of South America from the Dry Deserts of the Northern Winds. The bible only covers the area of 3102 bce upon the contact of heaven or venus.  900 bce is the martian pass of the equator, around 85k though the ice age has had a run in with mercury or giant meteors whom redirected or deepened the already present ice age with a meteor collision on the east coast (specifically virginia, atlantis and georgia) and a glacier on the western bank of the hudson.  However, vulcan passed at around 36,000 bce, it would have destroyed the planet but just tilted it into the sidereal.  This major factor is explained in the vedic epics.  Here reveals the fact that a pole-shift doesn't change the continents much at all.  Land detaches itself from the sea floor and creates scars on the seabed, however like a microbe in a deep ocean it's body is hidden under the skin and not of importance. The only great pole-shift in earth's history was of the creation of the third age where continents are in the same position 18 million years ago as they are today.  Vulcan must have entered the solar ring in a few cycles which we truly presume it was 36 million years ago, and took approx 10 million years to realign with the sun.  It spread the continents fairly well around 47m bce therefore we currently do not have an 47m-18mbc map. To comprehend this number (1, 2 or 3 times in earth's history?) completely would put an initiate in the master level.  The fourth world alone was created via a magnetic poleshift and light 870,000 years ago which made the planets misalign or come to cosmic passes and heal or realign.  Basically, in Rama's time, Saturn tilted on one side of the sun and retaliated against the other planets.  How it did this we presume the sun changed its course.  The light became a factor on birth and death and planets became non-centrifugal (a jewish cosmic event?  A nova or ray under vulcan?!? only 1.7 million years ago?  a planet finally dies? who knows, but we may presume it was a galactic event which we know not yet of).  The sun became a fix'd star, the sidereal from the tropical becomes apparent.  The evil brother of Osiris, Typhon or Set is Pisces and Aries or Thoth and Apollo as Gemini and Leo in union with Capricorn for the future to come.   Fantasy leads us to believe a world of heaven and hell existed in a system which this so-called 'pin-hole' we call a star may be able to see or has mimicked with Mars and Earth.  Two worlds battled for dominance once.  Heaven on Earth and Hell on another world yet this is still just illusion or occultly connected to Orion.  The bible states virgo as the incarnate son, libra redeemer, scorpio sufferer, sagitti conqueror, capricorn sacrifice, aquarius living water, pisces liberator, aries crowned one, taurus the judge, gemini the king, cancer the protector, and leo the victor.  These are the roles of the zodiac one plays by entropy and god.  The Sidereal earth is worshiped by lower nature due to the tilt of the earth eg the human race of the east, therefore the east must be more human than the west and more spiritually advanced.  Cancer must be a burden to the Aquarius sign somehow, overthrowing it at times.  Serapis must be a cultic sign of Poseidon or Cancer under Aquarius.
    Awareness, aggregation of lesser lives is dangerous to man.  Its futile attempts, or direct tracing of its collective egoism. eg the electric spark.  Reflected astral light, false light.  The dweller on the threshold.  A large thoughtform of evil desire.  The old stream vitalizes the evil form therefore it must drain itself. The nurturing by the new stream. These streams branch off from the old and vitalize the evil forms of man, therefore must be arrested.  Eg wrong thought, abuse, wrong action tends to swell this portion of the evil entity.  It is reversed directly or indirectly to the abuser or source of cause.  A new agent destroys this upon entering the lodge from the vein of evil.  Young civilizations tend to repeat bad mistakes of the past or past-time reunification eg the law of moses is repeated throughout history in the judicial system.  You must dislodge from the brothers of the shadow, or its fostering care.  It is felt by ancient vibrations, older systems, and dead planets.  To not do so, emanates rapid crystallization.  The Great Ones, help men break free from these self-imposed forms.  The human kingdom and their ways are mere jinn or unknown forces from a divine movement and we are simply finding a way to correct them or this failing behavior or world ego.  When civilization dies, the son of man will be judged.  They will be terrified like two planets running out of their orbits, like their fathers fathers and their fathers before them.  For whomever is left on earth is considered the criminal of its inventions or past instruments.  They are inturn reverted in their roles to become the murderers of all the other races.  However, the far proximity of the stars can not do injury to mankind or earth, ever and because the sun's equator or path is angled to that of earth is why winter exists, not because of the perfect symmetric circle or path it takes around it.  To break free from the psychic vampire that they so nourish for millenias and destroy their constructions of barren desolation, death and destruction.  
    *Parabrahmam is absolute reality (all that is present)From the logos (a center of harmony)while Mulaprakriti is the veil of reality, illusion TO the Logos.  The Pythagorean triangle and its weight upon orion's shoulders, where 'false' legends therefore speak of The mystical taurian lord siva which reside upon the mountain tops.  This illusion temporarily manifest Pagan Gods. Eg the vastness of space and the universe itself.  The third eye must be internal or an ignited atom within the cranium, if however it is ignited outside via water it is recognized as an evil force, stolen powers or mind manipulation of the upper cosmos with the lower.  Only light to a well-trained seer can distort matter a little if at all.  Masculine and Feminine energies. It is wise to balance these energies.  Whilst blood from the left flows downwards, blood from the right flows upwards.  Because of its old age as 777 there must be oxygen in space which now equates to 1111 whilst our solar system remains at 777.  Helen is Libra and a volcanic Mountain in North America near the Pacific.  The Conscious level of higher beings is high vibrations, humans were advanced enough to dilate their pupils (the germanic 2nd-4rth race egyptians are pleiadian or extra-terrestrial time travelers) and to evolve their bodies into a water form.  Bṛhaspati is Jupiter or devotion to struggle albeit it is mentioned to be aquarius here.  Parashurama is Taurus or Rama with an Axe.  He is affiliated with creating nations or countries.  Aries is abruptly named the star seed of the given zodiac.  Manvantara is Absolute reality for the Maitreya.
    *We evolved into every form of matter within the Microcosm of the Macrocosm.  Roots never die.  Animals are the mirrors of man.  The soul is a carnal body with luciferian traits transmitted to the child from the father.  Shadows are light.  Every star has its genii (dna) of which we are imprinted upon.  Aether, (Ether in science) is as much a illusion as to the illusionist.  Eg density and electricity of the magnetic field.  More info on energy.  Gravity does not exist.  Pie or 3.14 is the circle in math turned into a sphere and the speed of light not totally comprehended.  The Pyramids on earth are made of iron in some cases, and have some esoteric connection with this number.  Some Beds of wind must trail or hug the ground.  This must be the reason why things inevitably fall down.  For instance, a wind chime will fall by force if on the ground for no cause because beds of wind trail from high heights.  When the planet collapses onto itself its weight slowly aligns backwards in the planetary rotation and into an ice-age.  This has not happened ever in prehistoric times because of the lack of a strong magnetic field among the planets and the planet has an atmosphere, so theoretically your absurd theories of the north rotation (Milankovitch cycles or science in general) tell us it does not really move for a really long time.  E is for energy m is for mass c2 is the distance around the object in both directions, left and right. If one were to say E=MC2 in laments terms they would say Energy=Mass X Circumference squared which means the distance around an object in both opposite and right directions.  Or the occult revolves around a single point of time.
    	-Evolution in science is similar, except physical relations depends on different planes of consciences. For instance Capricorn is the head of evolution for the Mara, the dark side of Venus, of the crocodile Makara speeds death up.    Lower nature competes for evolution or karma.  The great bear or rock is bore of Alcor aka Mizar therefore the seventh sister is indubitably earth for this star, Alcor, is too distant from the Pleiades to be it.  Its possible there is a Great Bear star closer to our sun to it which make up a triangle of it and the Pleiades.  If the annunaki are to return to earth for the fifth-age, there must be a polar shift or a solar storm in progress.  The sun must be turning for the coming polar shift and its changing environment on earth is forewarning it.  Something tells us, Alcor the wife or sister of Mizor aligns with the 8th hidden sister in the pleiades, whom from earth's position cannot be seen, as the feminine germ of goodness or pure thought.  There must be a human eve under Libra whom will or has arrived.  Only Eight shows the regular breathing of the Kosmos.  
    *To practice something wrong one would be reborn as a demon, therefore they would descend and be reborn on other worlds.  They would be constantly at pain from birth.  They would reside in the sixth realm of another world even when a galaxy is reborn via the zodiac into a new entity or love of their own.  This matrimony can be deadly if you were to be born again through illegal circumstances or selfish means of which sin is created.  It is the 4 sins of buddhism or 5 sins of rebellion in society you're living with today which mark this, and the 7 sins which inhibit it.  Therefore, If you were to rebel like the atlanteans have you would fail as a white magician.  Obviously they had rebelled, therefore they or some of them fell into older mutated form.  Hence reincarnation or nonacceptance of nature and its laws come to fruition.  To go against the law of unity or dharma via a great pain and suffering by the individual is as simple as it gets.  Karma is the act of retaliating against the environment, therefore everyone, even black magicians can burn karma.  Gemini is the transistor into masonry, it is the bringer of future events far before they happen whom makes a transition from buddhism or Aries and Virgo into Pisces and Libra religiously speaking, as well as in the form of science and mathematics, it dominates these factors.  The bringers of something new or new civilization, creates an occurrence of bad or good karma way before it occurs for its species.  Once again, to save yourself so to speak.  Not realizing this pain you created yet being a direct part of its creation will make you susceptible to karma and reincarnation.
    -We are of the fourth round, not yet the fifth, where humans fail to recognize the past Atlantean structure as a superior complex and far more dangerous much like the greater beasts of the ice-age are to them and draconian dinosaur of the prehistoric is to the lizard.  The realization of Relativity in a cold environment towards its animal sustenance (eg philosophy and evolution, why do we not have fur in evolution, yet recently obtain such?  It is presumed because of a higher nature or declination of such, why are two species of the same fish from different continents such as Africa and America, result of catastrophic environments, or why does Africa nurture its herds more critically or fear of such microcosmic ones?). The ocean waters must have been heated more by the sun once, and warmer than today.  The cold ocean is relevant towards the comprehension of a great body dying via etherically or by the etheric shells of black magic.  The feminine Pleiades whom created the earth or earthly spirit as the seven sisters must have an intimate connection to the earth via black magic.  The ocean world of ice coldness spawns slow creation via the one divine movement turned violent through time (note: time does not exist in the occult).  Capricorn is the earth's crust as heat, virgo is falsehood come to fruition.  If the earth's crust dries via cold, it creates earthquakes however it needs heat or humanity.  Like bacteria on dry skin, it (midst or ocean currents) devourers dead matter or carbon as if water.  Too much bacteria means cold skin therefore more susceptible for earthquakes.  Therefore the poles are moving downwards.To know our time and place, so to speak.
    	-Infiniteness (where the universe stays the same) is for one day of Brahma which is why we have the Sabbath. Petals of love, desire, and sacrifice (low desire) is the egoic force center.  Being and Becoming, substance and central nucleus or pure spirit bringing the spiral out of latency and into potency.  Hence karmic and vibratory response.  Direct Solar Radiation is etheric ability, or the personality working above the 3 lower godheads.  Building blocks where the personality absorbs light of the ego, or ego takes control.  Eg vibration of the planets, are the 3 higher spheres.  To awake the dormant, or become a 4rth dimensional life.  The throat center vibrates to its evolution, the wheels turn.  The Pineal gland is development of the third eye, esoterically therefore it is evidence as physical matter descends, a receiver to the transmitting cosmos.  The causes of the 4rth are being healed by the fifth. Where the three god logoi reveal its human logoi gods in creation (siva-cancer, brahma-scorpio, libra-vishnu, leo-twine) or its childhood. The lotus as a pyramid or hierarchy.  All the planets but uranus (whom is the eye or pupil of the solar logos itself), venus and pluto have the third eye.  The mutated third eye must be a faint memory.  Hence the third eye is active, where man sees the universe (through the veil of matter and time) as we see matter.
    	-Laya state is a state of the atom within.  While inanimate and materialistic in the terms of science, elastic with friction and etheric in the Occult.  The Astral atom is a spiral where the etheric heart (permanent atom) lies, the buddhi a figure eight or double spiral conjoined connected to human evolution. Forming the energies within heavenly man as opposed to the superior beings and their Solar Atoms.  The revealer of the causal body is 9 spokes (lotus) in the wheel of fire where when initiated will be eliminated. Physical incarnations of great entities hence the 10 or now 9 star derivative of the egoistic 12 star lotus aka zodiac. 16 will then be revealed via the Sacred Tetraktys or primordial 4. The inner 3 complete 9. The great sphere releases the permanent atom.  Ex/the sun is composed of incomprehensible outer forces.  The Lower lunar planes and higher solar spheres.  The ancient atom as well.  Here the idea of light is told, the sons of light descend the four corners of the pyramid to the four corners of the globe to return once again to light.  Light brings forth the cosmic gene while the planetary germ resides on earth.
    The manifestation of an unknown force, appearance of some kind is the arrival of the three spirals above the manifested atom activating the 4rth spiral or 'sight' of mankind.  Activation of energy in some manifested form.  Unawareness causes fluctuations towards the lower from the higher.  This is self-centered therefore not born yet.  The Pitris say the spark hangs from the thread of the most divinest form of fohat. 4 wicks, 3 flames or 7 macros and planets.  7 Globes, Chains and Logos.  It goes from planet and whirls into animal via 7 forms or beast becomes spirit than god where true thought is derived.  Lunar pitris are fathers of material forms, while solar are spirit.  Completed by Lha.  Fish, Sin and Soma, Fish as life of man, Sin as Involution of Man, and Soma as the lunar pitris who provide bodies.  Moonstones for emotion.  Evolution does not progress as does the ocean carry its majestic currents through a greater good.  Defense of the step towards the soul, the right versus the wrong, or the right to kill with evolutionary purpose.  Once again, Gravity is a form of magnetism from the central core of the planet in the occult, evolutionarily speaking.  If a dinosaur weighs a lot and grows big its because the magnetic sphere is weaker.  Darma is heaven, whilst Karma is infact hell.  The already mentioned and known winner against the loser.
    *Pagan Gods (personified patriarchs, feminized creations, and/or false images of the real divine ego) are derived from Hermetic people.   The goddesses Kali the dark mother born of Durga is connected to 6 as 3, is a fearful goddess.  Durga must have been a moon goddess under the leo sign whom followed the lunar pitris to even being a pure sura to feud with indra in scorpio or a savior of samsara as constant rebirth (samsara is sleep and may even equate to a great sleep, whilst nirvana is ultimate birth or heaven as being awake).  The West is always first in history to establish civilization, yet in reality always in a tribal state.  In the occult goddesses are devas, solar, cosmic angels or developed astral/physical/cosmic forms (see next section).  Only that which is alone and of no color, matter, body or form is real.  The background image of the universe and astral is a fabrication.  Buddhist, Muslim and Christian religions are infact correlations or Present, Past and Future.  Taurus is buddhist, Gemini is Christian, Cancer is Muslim, Leo is Muslim, Virgo is Muslimic, Libra is Christian, Scorp is Christian, Sag is Buddhistic, Capricorn is Buddhist, Aquarius is Muslim, Pisces is Buddhist, Aries is Buddhistic.  Other religions like Paganism is simply a transition from buddhistic to muslim etc (the occult simply thinks pagans as degenerated christians or infact muslimhood in some sort of extremity hence the greeks are looked at as pagans).  The major problems with religion is that which it propagandizes, the childish ridicule of our Father or Cronos (religion is infact a term for saying old government, and government can infact pamper its people too well, hence due to overpopulation churches in villages for the rich and middle-class become random poor hospitals etc, see also nativity of jesus).  The unconscious spirit must in reality be in a deep coma.  There is infact an alien eden in taurus and an earthly one within nature in cancer. God is divine or not proven, Spirit is.  The goal is to not crystallize and get rid of all thoughtforms. 
     Birth and death is a fallacy if not spiritual.  The seed of woman bruises the head of wisdom, known as the Serpent's seed.
     Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva are the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer, all can appear to the soul for seconds.  We came to the conclusion that all is present which includes stars and the lotus flower as the magnetic field of the earth has yet to blossom or change.
    *All is organic, a sphere of condensed protoplasm (etheric liquid, water) swimming in the deepest oceans and highest sky teaming with life. Absolute life ALWAYS produces life.  
    *Masc. Fem.
    *Countries like individuals have consciousness for instance: Russia and America are Feminine
    while England and Germany are masculine.  From an economic or a material point of view this is true. A false personality in culture and architecture in coloration with its real ones as matter, individual, cosmic, gaseous or infinite space.  In reality, every country is the same and temporary.  Such is the fate of secrecy or the unknown.  The 12 star zodiac, eg Judah as Leo, connected to the 10 tribes of the jews, were propagandized heavily at this time. Pleiades in Libra, Sag as the master mason.  Individualization and the collective signs eg Sag, Libra, Taurus, Pisces, Aqua and Cancer, Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo.  The Aquarian Zeus of Poseidonis and its pegasian-sagittarian union.  Cancer to Gemini is highly connected as a personality transition into lower-nature. One would not feel a polar shift.  Omaha must be the fifth race capital in the future, there must be micro poleshifts every few thousands of years after the collision of the great comet which create deadly forces upon impact. A pole movement in 8800 and 5200 would destroy civilization in 3102 via cosmic forces eg steam and gas from the inner core of the planet. Nammu as Uranus, the times of gilgamesh and the odyssey during the great floods.  Sadly, like the semites, the Jews are a degenerated species as does the atom not move in the cold so does the organism or child of the 'astral' cherub fall into matter, dream and die.  Ireland was the first full-scale invasion and war by country in this round via 2300bce.  If an Israelite mining colony was established ?1100bce?!, the house of arthur lived around 4500bce (historians say 500 ad!?! albeit recolonization of britain in this round occurred well over 12,000bc see following paragraphs below).  However, the Israelites unlike the atlanteans were not mining for gold.  They established civilization during the age of iron which is why so many catholic european settlers in the americas are half-jews.  Most of which their genetics were over-run with greek asian blood (jews are not arabic water people but hermetic sand and earth indians or aliens from southwest india-to-egypt whom were dispersed, see greater persian races of Cyraxes-Darius via 7th-4rth ce bc).  They were saudi giant-hybrids whom failed to colonize the eastern wilderness beyond nepal and were killed basically (not to be confused with the hun or saka race, both vegetarian actually, some incognito are Himalayan as well yet are more asiatic and lack lemurian traits or are over-written).  Israel established itself worldly (into Europe) then upon the middle-eastern invasions somehow.  Only recently during the last world war did they finish the migration period (see also colonization of africans in the northern americas during the civil war).  The Germanic nagas of the black forest are in actuality russian Visigoths therefore persian or indo-persian swedes.  The tunics are older than the jews and so are the irish celts and saxonized scythe albeit Sagitti reveals virgo (celts were enemies with the anglos or anglo-saxons).  The so-called present day arya.  They are mud people, in reality not needed of their predestined tricks or ruining of nature.  The Russians, Africans and Japanese must have somehow felt the sting of karma in this round.  God points out the rebel whom needed experience from lessons of true survival and an unknowingly controlled invention.  Americans are gallic french or the newest of the dravidian race (most mixed of the hindus) from europe therefore the inbred 'loophole' in lower-nature whom seems to penetrate the developed countries re